global warming

global warming

4/27/ 19 the weather continues to “be different” than it was/ colder and wetter than normal. Which will then establish the first phase in a changing global picture of what our earth is going to be. Global warming has changed the air temperature at this global latitude where the massive population of humanity resides. Do to the heat release by humans in all ways and things. That causes upper atmosphere jet streams to move and accelerate/ which then pulls cold air from the Arctic arena further south. Which now meets the warm wet air flow from the equator warming up and evaporating ocean air. We have changed the dynamic constant of our globe. And will soon cause the entire atmosphere of earth to begin accelerating due to loss of forest trees. A reality that will soon reach, a point of no return/ because like so many threats, we have absolutely nothing to stop it from accelerating beyond our ability to survive it.

Global warming is NOT about what is happening in your own backyard, during one simple weather event. Global warming is primarily about global ice, and how this earth maintains a balance in the summer. ICE makes the summer possible for life to live here/ because the sun does in fact create a very significant amount of heat. To counteract that heat in summer/ ice melts at the poles, ground temperatures heat up throughout the colder climate area’s; and the earth maintains a temperature range that is both good for creature life and plant life. Outside these area’s of known “survival rates”/ the earth becomes a much smaller place to live. That means: IT IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL;  to retain sufficient ice on the globe to counteract sun radiation. I happened to watch a portion of a television show called because science: a person who does a lot of math. Their or his calculation is that global warming melts per year:  the equivalent ice cube at 0 degree C.  measuring 31,000 kilometers on each side: due to the excess heat we generate. More distinctly for America  19262.507 miles on each of three sides. (cube)!  It is also necessary to retain this ice, or the seas will be empty; because it is the only refuge left from the big trawlers. The ice at the poles is also responsible for disrupting the circular wind patterns of this globe. That means the straight line winds that would intensify into “common one hundred mile per hour” wind across the globe is redirected, and weather patterns erupt to bring rain across a much wider area; which benefits all forms of life. Can’t believe it, your own scientists disagree:  because wind on planets without life, or similar conditions of ice; as are in our solar system : is found to be at roughly 700 mph. Jupiter has a “big red spot” because like rotation here on earth; in the northern hemisphere the water in your toilet bowl goes clockwise/ in the southern hemisphere it goes counterclockwise. same is true of the wind; when those two distinct forces meet, “there is a hurricane” at the equator. the different visible belts on Jupiter is caused by different speeds in that wind/ which separates the atmosphere into categories of speed. we have now begun the phase shift of creating different categories of speed on this planet. The reality is governed by excessive heat found in the belt over north america due to human heat release. That hot air rises higher than a balanced state allows; pulling cold air from the pole. The excess volume is then accelerated by global centrifugal forces, and separates atmospheric conditions, as an environment of its own. more simply the cold that belongs in the arctic is being sucked closer to the equator, as in N. America.  As heat release causes changes in the atmosphere, that band of cold air being drawn from the Arctic will go farther south. As ice is lost from the Arctic, the cold will influence all the way down to the equator. At which point you have crossed the line, and the Planet itself will be forced into an ever increasing heat environment, that will soon be “unlivable”.  A reality beginning, that will now dramatically increase global warming; because you refuse to care/ until faced with certain extinction.

The winds of our own planet are mediated by trees; as wind passing through trees must lift their weight, and the fluttering of leaves provides wind resistance. It is an indoubtable truth, that the earth used its original plant life prior to Noah’s flood:  to bring the wind down into a survival, attached as the planet revolution, to atmosphere planet. Once accomplished, a new variety being far less aggressive was needed. Noah’s flood has been proven true:  as NO other possible method, could have been used to gather and bury the plants and life we know exist today as fossil fuels. It is absolute proof, of a world wide flood/ happening at the same time; because of fossil fuels, some buried thousands of feet beneath  the surface. Global warming is also about the base food group, for ocean life that incubates under the ice shelves;  “all gone/ has consequences”. It is about weight redistribution of water, and how that affects tectonic plates causing volcanic activities and earthquakes.  It is about water rise, which breaks off ice shelves; to make icebergs/ and accelerate global warming. It is about islands, cities, coral reefs, and more. All of which cannot be undone past the point of no return. A dead brain, knows nothing/ accepts nothing/ and insists, “we won’t do nothing” until the reality of life ending on this earth cannot be undone.

The current reality of cold in the lower 48 states of America will cause many to discount and disbelieve that global warming exists/ even though the north, as in Alaska is experiencing  warmth. Or more distinctly, the earth globe is sucking the cold away from the polar regions, and making to accelerate toward the equator. To do that there must be a rise in atmospheric heat and thereby pressures in the equator region so as to create a greater centrifugal force in the atmosphere. That equals global warming on a massive scale, that will soon dramatically impact our whole earth. Causing horrendous effects , because this also means the acceleration of wind itself is increasing due primarily to tree loss. Or our atmosphere is becoming “unattached” to the earth rotation/ and like other planets in our solar system; the atmosphere will then rotate in accordance with the actual speed of the planet at its equator. On earth, that is over 1,000 mph.  The cause, human activity; no old forests and more!  That includes; The cause, human activity that is the extreme and excessive burning of fossil fuels. And of course the resultant cost which is more oxygen is being depleted from our atmosphere than this earth can release: so we are asphyxiating the future as well! Humanity is, its own worst enemy: that includes you; with only a very rare exception.

8 billion people cannot do, what 4 billion people fifty years ago could do. consider what you use every day; then multiply that by 8,000,000,000 more people doing the same thing. Every day & every year for their, as expected by most:  100 year life time.

Pride is an enemy that will leave you destitute. It is however, the very worst of enemies, as it will not surrender until:  you have surrendered it. That fact revolves around the truth: do you desire to share and care/ or claim winner? Or even loser; because a loser has rights, “to seek revenge, jealousy, temptations, and even violence” to prove “I WILL win, over you”.   More specifically, pride is the cause and consequence that leads to selfishness:  “I AM, the only important one here”. Which then refuses to share (that takes something from me), discards caring (you ain’t worth my time or effort), assembles disrespect (how dare you deny my right, to discard or destroy these things), and denies that love should rule this world.  Because love does NOT recognize “my superiority”. It is a descent into self/ that ends where no one can go, except you. The consequence is loneliness designed as “hell”. Because lost in an entire universe of nothing alive,  means void of love. Love is the only truth that ultimately keeps all life alive, because it is the very foundation of happiness itself.

Pride demands “there are excuses, delusions, or whatever I want there to be; because I insist”. Making I, again: the only important thing here. Now who among you would ever argue that? Until death comes and proves you wrong! My dad WAS a loving man for half his life (more than the rest)/ but pride tried to consume him for the last forty years or so; various realities contributed; just like so many more. Facing death, and being pushed to open the door to all his delusions about what he did or did not know to be true; “brought him back to life (pride will kill you in eternity; “there is, ONLY ONE  GOD”; NO exceptions);  just before he died. Pride is a terrible enemy, as I too had an extreme problem destroying it all/ and could not do it, until “I” became less, in my own head! It is my statement to you, that all the basic premises of “the Christian” bible are proven true:  pride is bad/ want is bad/ failure to forgive when honesty allows is bad/ judgment other than law is bad/ worshiping other gods as in “university knows” is bad; etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera. The religion itself as in “this is what we want”/ is far less useful.

Our world requires a vast reduction in pride to survive:  economic realities, when the fantasy fades will provide that setting (the demand for you too, “to face your own delusions”). If you are willing to accept truth decides instead of your want:  WITH GOD, and by truth, we still have the potential to come back from the edge of complete destruction of our world.  IF NOT, every prophecy of the bible as our world, including humanity; ending in complete chaos will come true. So says all the evidence! The most blatant example of that being:  those who are deliberately trying to bring the same fire here as on the sun:  a nuclear fire, which means it “burns the bond in atoms” for fuel. Turning this planet into a sun, once ignition occurs.  Even you, can understand the consequences of being WRONG!  Yet the entire world sits with their mouths closed;  because this means confronting “your university gods”/ to make it stop. The cult worship must stop, or reality itself as we know this world to exist: will stop. Because that is what the evidence says. Want is absolutely irrelevant/ because truth will decide!

The reality of a planet lost, will soon be over. Can’t bring it back/ therefore your pride no longer matters;  death is death, even if it does take a little longer in time. Pride will insist as it always does:  THAT I DON’T HAVE TO DO NOTHING/ you can’t prove reality when I won’t listen, and I won’t accept any truth by the evidence. So there! These are lost, consequently of no value or worth to the planet. What is not yet entirely lost is:  your voice/ your actions/ your assertion, WE DARE NOT BE WRONG ABOUT THIS. because there will be no going back!  Consequently we must do, what we must legally do, in order to keep this planet alive.  By the law, because war with 8 billion people will only accelerate planetary loss forever.  This is not a game;  your child is not a toy, whose future you get to play with. Their assassination, by planetary loss;  is YOUR fault. Simple and plain.

Something for farmers, as they would find “global warming of interest”

The price of corn in particular is subject to transportation. This example is used to identify what has gone wrong with a portion of that transportation. An elevator which I know of:  found itself with a million bushel bin of corn that had spoiled. Recognizing at a time when corn was much higher; this would bankrupt the facility and have a consequence to the farmers whose grain it held. They chose to “ship on trains” as much of the entire county worth of grain as possible. Because to avoid the docking fees/ only 3% of the grain is allowed to contain “foreign materials”. So one million bushels of grain became as close to 300 million bushels of grain, for overseas markets;  as possible. Contaminating the entire shipload, during the 3-4 week period it was on the ship. The consequence of course is:  NO foreign buyer, wants an entire shipload of spoiled grain/ so they don’t buy again. Now they have to decide “how many lies, or misinformation must be applied to this disaster; so as not to go bankrupt themselves.

The reason for the spoiled grain is less simple:  the seed producers of that corn sold more of a single number than they had seed for/ so they mixed in about ten percent of another number (variety of seed) to get rid of that seed which didn’t sell. That ten percent was roughly 30% moisture at picking/ while the other ninety percent was at 15%:  which did not need drying. Since it was an identifiable reality in the field: ten percent or so was added to the top, so it appeared in spots.  EVERY farmer then began trying to hide the wet grain in the load, where the elevator would not test it. Because “didn’t want to pay for drying the whole load at 30%; not fair”.  Since the elevator tested it at 15% these loads went straight to the holding bin, and were not discovered until spoilage was undeniable.   So we track down the true cause for endless consequences to the greed of, one or more seed corn producers. Because they wanted to make a little more money. This is the reality of greed, throughout the world.

The reality fix is:  no more “foreign materials” allowed at all/ or you are docked payment. Current methods of testing moisture allow for testing the whole load; just like combines test the sample as it progresses through the field. As far as holding the seed companies responsible (or the others involved) for starting this disaster: they cannot survive the hundreds of billions of dollars in cost they created; so its mute. IT IS, A reality that plays out, throughout the nation. The consequence of a failed corn market; is then primarily due to those called “agriculture”.

The elevator was sold, and again another million bushels was lost to spoilage; and again another 34 million bushel train loads had to be mixed to hide it. far more elevators are involved than just this. which means the ability to sell overseas is ending.

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