We must ask:  what could give us a better life, as society born in unity for the purpose of justice for all, in an environment which will not be allowed corruption, collusion, or conspiracy to destroy what is important to us all!

The fundamental answer to that is:  without an adverse power to achieve tyranny, we can achieve freedom. With world law, we can control our leaders; by enforcing that law on those leaders, who must then obey the rights and realities of what we the world have chosen for ourselves! A world military force untied from all nations;  based primarily on aircraft carriers, which will be confiscated; and formed from the best as put forth by all nations equally. To achieve that end: one world language (something new) must be implemented; that is consistent with sign language so as to achieve the greatest possible communication. With world law ruling our leaders, there is NO CAUSE for weapons of mass destruction or large military forces or extreme weaponry on any side. Let the law rule for all. Simple as that.

A society born in unity gives to every citizen their right to be free! That does NOT include the endless rules of the righteous/ but it does include the liberty of the masses to enforce, “this affects us, our future, or our environment; MORE than you have an individual right to do”. With the creation of our own “one hundred laws”/ as short and plain as possible!  WE CAN, AND WE WILL DEFEND OURSELVES; because we know the law, and when we know what the law is because it is plain and simple;  WE CAN defend our nation or world.

The most corrupting, conspiratorial, and collusive reality of our world is military, violence, & money. With world law, an appropriate military will be formed; and those resources returned to life. With limited capitalism, the appropriate amount of control per individual shall be recognized as our freedom through democracy to control the world or nation as one people: who will then defend themselves against intrusion by money or its effects. We DO have a democratic and thereby LEGAL right to demand FAIR PLAY for us all. With limiting resources, NOBODY gets the upper hand, to force slavery or starvation unless you obey. However failure to recognize nature and this earth are in themselves LIMITED/ will prove to be catastrophe and war.  By choosing to separate those lost to hate/ from those who can experience and express love through its values of respect and dignity for all. We end the violence of society, and begin a new journey through time as one people living in harmony through peace and equal realistic opportunities.

By understanding all major religion is, at its core:  the intent to recognize  WE DID NOT CREATE OURSELVES!  The value and possibilities of a chance to gain knowledge through gathering what is best from each, and gaining wisdom for all:  becomes a true journey for the majority. Of religion: NONE should be allowed, that did not recognize “THIS IS A WORLD FILLED WITH MIRACLES OF LIFE”.  Because liars do not belong. When established at true:  the Christian religion stands alone as the guarantor “OUR CREATOR,   DID NOT ABANDON US. Proving the purpose is love!  Establishes by fact:   GOD  remains as part of our lives, and potential future beyond time. It thereby leads/ but it is by no means or reality;  “god”!  Just people trying to understand, same as all.

Do not believe in the university religions;  as is “university knows (we are gods)” or evolution (we built ourselves one piece at a time); it is for fools.  Do not allow them the playtime of believing they can travel in space, etc:  as that is merely their toys, at our expense. This is the only world we inhabit or ever will. This is the only resource for life, that we will ever be able to gain for our existence:  so take care of it.

To review humanity, is to understand that life, is not self! To understand humanity is to learn, each and every individual begins as self; and the vast majority never conceive of anything that approaches life/ because they cannot get past the limits called self.

The examination of process, by which the elevation of elements becomes the disciplines of a relationship born in intimacy; is to understand how order is the influence that achieves composition. But it is balance alone that intensifies and creates. These simple truths construct the evidence, that our lives are more than self. Or more distinctly, what appears to be self, because it is unified in a separated instrument under our control as a body. Is more distinctly consistent with the composition of all things thought recognizes as an ability to organize because the values created by each individual unit, are distinctly capable of living together as one. The summary effect of body, as in self; organizes by the values it achieves, to create the definitions of what we can be together; as one entity. The essence of where does our balance take us into destiny itself. Life is the discovery, of what we can be together as one discipline, organized by respect, ordered by the effects of love on our relationships, because we accept the balance that is:  truth decides what our reality can be.

Humanity largely hates truth, and accepts only want as the primary factor in what life can or could be. The net effect of that is NO balance at all/ because only self matters to the individual standing alone. Loneliness then sets in, anger erupts; and the decision to play god or manipulate, tempt, etc come forward accordingly. Leaving behind the framework of chaos, and the reality of tragic consequences that all start from a simple devaluing of the others; so that you can appear to be the image of,  “winner”.  Images are then a fundamental of human decision. An image is the illusion of knowledge, as constructed by the evidence of a two dimensional plane. Or more simply, the assumption of value without depth or dimension is little more than an advertisement, for purposes that are selfish. NO, don’t understand the reality, question relationships, or answer with discipline; just assume, fear, or believe as is consistent with this picture. Self is then a distinction of the image produced. An association conceived without relationships, needs, or values essential to life itself.

The question is why? The answer is: simplified, to isolation/ existence means; the only thing that matters is whatever I want. So the real question is:  why do you feel isolated to the extreme? The answer is:  because humanity itself makes me feel this is so! They isolate, they entrap, they use and abuse and answer the question of a relationship with “how can I use or abuse you, for me”! At its core, this is a decision which means:  “I want to play god, over you”. And that establishes isolation (no one will help me) and insanity (there is no escape from my life), when fear (I cannot defend) is added to the mix, that is my existence in time.

The critical question is:  how does this base elemental, scenario occur? We begin, each one within an extremely close relationship with “mother”. Being born removes that relationship to a much more distant reality of choices, as formed by the reality of what we will or will not receive as an infant or beyond. This reality is then further extended, as the distance between who will, and who will not become an “honest friend”. The answer to that is:  very few! Because want rules the life of nearly all human beings. So, the real human question is:  “what/why/ when/who/ where/ and how” will want overtake our existence as self: and then if the repeat may begin as “what/why/when/who/where/ and how” will life overtake self?

We have identified want as a relationship with self, which overtakes all other realities of existence. Selfishness then becomes the exit from isolation as a reality governed by the existence of “me within me”. Or more distinctly, as the inner voice, which lends itself to whatever we are willing to accept as our relationship with self, as self. Want is then the freedom expressed, which never has to answer for the reality it creates:  because it leaves every real decision to the life within you. Do you see the difference? Want constructs a decision/ but only life can make that decision, and thereby set into motion the realities of an action or reaction and what that will do to existence and humanity itself.

Therefrom we begin with the concept of freedom:  to live or be without restraint, and assert whatsoever life or time desires to be, is without cost. A reality that living NEVER agrees with, and proves in its own ways; time after time after time.

We thereby identify: that time and its natural processes on earth as a living organism among the many: IS A TEACHER. The subject is:  freedom has a price, and so does life. The definition of existence would then be: is survival worth the price? While the relationship to living becomes confined too:  “will love or hate” be your answer! When established by life to life:  every decision is based within either love (I do choose to be friends, or at least friendly with you)/ or hate (I want only to be “the winner”/ and that requires me to enforce; “YOU are the loser”). Survival by its concept: is the opportunity to make that choice, and enforce that decision again. Love is never enforced, it is offered with every opportunity to “choose for yourself”/ because I will never make you love me; it is our gift to each other. While hate never lets you choose, the loser must know YOU LOST. Those who believe in the middle ground do not search for life; they live only in time. Time ends.

We search for life itself, by denying the boundary that is self. Therefrom we initiate the demand, that I ask to be more than simply “me”. It is one step outside the lines of humanity, that will either ascend into the disciplines of love/ or descend into the chaos, that is “I fear this”. Fear is a terrible thing, and it initiates the spiritual development of a life inside that can then control you with hate: the worst of the worst that is humanity runs here.  Everything that descends, is hate.

In complete contrast to that is the ascent of love into its own disciplines, which isolates fear (GOD, is my everything) to remove it/ and in so doing finds the second step which brings us into the light of what order can be. To understand, and be moved according to what is true; assembles the law, to remove the rule and its line in the sand “so to speak”. The law keeps us within the balance of critical thought, that then identifies what can or cannot be as we learn how to exhibit and live with love. The rule, (what want does to enforce I can play god) identifies and creates the various tragedies that will ensue, should you turn away from truth to follow what is constructed by those who do not accept only truth, by its own justice, can decide. In the essence of love, and the validity of truth, whatsoever you are able to understand grants passage beyond what is plain and simple into the complexity of what can become your destiny. If you let want interfere with that, you will find yourself trapped in a reality that cannot be controlled by you;  unless you do understand the realities of where you are at in life. Or more distinctly, while everything that ascends into creation itself is governed by love; everything that is true to life itself, has its own power to control, so that truth is allowed, to keep it pure. Discipline extends order, but balance knows only truth.

When we search want, the reality is:  I have become a participant in what freedom would do! When we ask why:  the reality is, I believe even if I don’t want to be god/ that I can make life better, even if it is not my own:  by making this decision in the expression of love. “Always wrong for the individual/ but sometimes needed because of the others”. OR, as hate would say: “I am god, over this, and over you”; so I have proved.

The distinction of where would we want our living to be:  answers the question of price, what is love or hate worth to you? Because what you are willing to pay in reality, does in fact become the foundation of everywhere you will go, as a description defined by your choice. We choose, when we make a dynamic decision that then imparts a reality of choices which cause other life, and other lives, to be impacted by our result. Until you make that initial step, that causes a ripple effect in others: the reality of your life is only you. As is consistent with isolation. We have now isolated the cost of a failure to make an impact on your world as a living participant:  “I am alone”. The relationship called how did this happen, surrenders to the truth:  you did not actively participate with your own design. The reality of why understands:  others with more force demanded they will decide/ therefore I must lose. The consequence of that becomes: an isolation to me/ and the assertion of winner to you; initiating pride. Pride demands life is a game/ and removes its value as an identity beyond description as is the essence of “miracle”. Thereby initiating “we can play god (hate intensifies)/ cause we are winners, therefore we can make our own rules and definitions now”:  {The university is born.}. The realities of self, as is want, controlled by pride, and destroyed by power, or as the university desires it to be “arrogance”; then finds itself discarding all consciousness of life itself, as “the ruling class” results.


The intensities of time (life or death) do not belong to anything past love (the essence of all things valued) or pain (the result of hate, by violence, established in fear). The critical question is:  when loneliness makes you choose, a life with or without love. The answer must be: what is true to your heart or soul. Because anything less will result in selfishness, and the loss inside of what a miracle can be.

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