To build an individual life, you must construct the paths from which your life will or will not succeed. Success means: to escape loneliness/ body/ and self.

The path beyond loneliness is soul. Soul means, to accept the fundamental acquisition of thought, a path beyond what is distinct; to understand what is a miracle of life as defined by reality itself. Thought requires the essence of a decision, that is too abandon the limits of time, and search within the relationships that are evident by the truth of what these miracles of life represent. “GOD” (a reality beyond comprehension), designed this work/ as is proven by its relationship to thought, the transition of thought into process and time, the fundamentals of discipline, balance, and order that are so obvious they cannot be denied by anyone capable of thought. And the realities of respect that give us the opportunity to search beyond ourselves for that CREATOR. It is a path, because this is an individual choice/ and bears NO resemblance to the assumptions of religion as identified by “amen (we agree)”.

Loneliness is the creation of human experiences and expressions that prove “we will not share with you”. Those who use loneliness to cultivate power, pride, use, abuse, hate, fear, violence, and so on:  construct these things by assembling “a mob (the herd walks together, as one)”. We trust no one! Or, we have a right to believe so; because you didn’t do what we wanted you to do/ you weren’t what we wanted our lives to share with; or we needed this for ourselves, and simply don’t want you here (there will not be enough, for everything I want).  This is a reality of people so wide in assembly, that is does conform to, a road. Those who experience the personal realities of “we will not share with you”/ have an individual journey, which requires them to understand:  I must, be what I must be, to survive this life. Here life separates into those who accept love will be their answer/ or those who accept hate will be their answer; each is a path.

The inner voice is, your relationship with body; as it does in fact define itself by wants. Those wants are then translated into whatever you believe those wants should identify for you. Consequently your wants as a body, determine the voice you believe is self inside. In contrast with that is the reality of your life inside:  the essence of freedom, and the realities of identity, by the conscious decisions which become your own relationship with thought, as an individual life force. Time is a body/ life is a force; they are not the same.

To identify an individual path:  the body must be disconnected from the life inside. You cannot go beyond time, if you carry want alongside with you. You will die/ or more simply you will fail! We then identify time as the distinction and the distance from which you create your own choices regarding eternity. Time ends, which means if this is your choice/ then you will end your existence as death (given the parameters of what your CREATOR allows). LIFE on the other side of time, recognizes that the values which give an individual existence “its treasury”/ are not formed by time, but by decisions. The decision to respect life and CREATION, are absolutely essential to survival beyond the meaning of an action or reaction as is time.

Here, we assemble the concept of self, as being very different than time or its want. To separate them, a different name might be “soulf (just to keep it simple)”. While soul means to accept a relationship with your Creator/ the individual path to get there, is slightly different. The quest beyond self, to encounter the possibilities of eternity itself; requires that you accept the disciplines of an individual journey “a path” beyond the consequences of time which are “action and reaction”. To conceive of more than that. Energy constructs the links between an action and a reaction/ thereby time. As a consequence to that we must then construct an energy that is not related to an action or reaction; but consists of the values we assert life can encounter instead. Or more distinctly, for there to be an eternity, then there must be an energy that does not create destruction. More simply, time is removed when an action or reaction does not exist; unless it is chosen by thought.  Consequently the relationship governing life itself is found within that form of extreme energy governed by thought, through the existence of what can or cannot be true.

While people argue, as to whether this can or cannot be/ the greater reality is, “whatever you believe is absolutely irrelevant”/ what truth can or cannot be will decide. Therefore to assemble the disciplines necessary to give order its due: only truth does matter, and that is what the spiritual world resides within.

Truth creates laws, because only what is true does in fact survive. Consequently we know that in terms of eternity; NOTHING that is untrue, shall enter therein. Simple as that.

We then begin our journey into the great divide:  the separation from time, into eternity. The quest is simple: to survive the distance, requires trust! Humanity itself will want an endless discussion of “convince me eternity exists/ and then, I will believe (accept whatever I want as true)”. That is useless, as your want has no meaning to life, it is only time! The building of an individual life requires the ascension into trust. Therefore we will discuss the concepts of trust, and the identity of those who can or cannot trust and why.

Trust eliminates fear/ even if reality will prove, RESPECT for the consequences of time remain true. Trust isolates loneliness, to conceive of soul; thereby a relationship that is with GOD  our “father”.  Not as if we were “human friends”/ but as our relationship with truth and its realities of law, can define.  Trust elevates and ascends the values of humanity, by gathering the essence of love, through heart. Heart lives or dies, because you chose to care/ and you are willing even if unable at this moment;  to share!  The essence of love finds in a moment, a value that can be eternal. That value grants the ascension beyond time.

We depart from that journey for a moment to discuss energy itself. The reality is NOT as university demands:  either an action or reaction. But consists instead of the development that is force either contained or unleashed. Energy contained is “quiet and uneventful”/ energy unleashed is violent, because it has no limits beyond its own. So we question force, as the essence of energy by design. Force means:  having collected the ability to move or contain something else. While thought means: having formed the reality of what truth can or cannot be, a decision can be made. Combined together, energy becomes disciplined within the boundaries of what time will allow.

We then ask: WHAT, will energy itself allow? The answer to that results not from its violence or its containment/ but from the difference that exerts a change in reality. That reality is:  beyond the limits of time, energy remains a force. Beyond the descriptions of self, life remains alive. More is unnecessary!

It is constant among humans, “to understand, life is not fair”. Most “blame GOD” and then declare HE does not exist. Obviously can’t be both.  Reality declares, the majority of human considerations about “not fair”/ are directly related to human beings themselves, in all manner of their own decisions. But they will point out that predator and prey are not fair, because it is a violence of one species onto the other. But the foundation of that is fair, because the world must be kept in balance for all life to exist/ or all life will die. Consequently what is fair to all life on earth (as is necessity requires), is not always fair to each individual life on earth.  The reality of excessive births creates survival of the species. The reality of controlling those excessive births: is given to chance or disease/ and the end result of this is to impact the others, and lead them to respect.

In humanity however, particularly due to the “university knows influence”; reality is blanketed with fantasy and delusion, and the intent to control everything so as to pretend humanity is god through the university; all bow down. A fool’s paradise!

The critical question of our existence is:  how does all that explain, what can or will happen when we die?

The answer is:  RESPECT THE BALANCE, that gave us this nature and its world. Understand then, that everything real, has a good and honorable purpose. Even if you don’t like the result/ or fall into the hands of a predator: the possibilities for life beyond the grave do exist.

What are these possibilities?

Answer: where there are real and true miracles of existence, plainly more than would ever have had to be “just for life or living”/ then love is truly in evidence here. The body is just such a mechanism, defining and creating an expression and its experience far beyond what is simple or plain. We have choices, and those choices exist because of the miracle within which we live as a body of life. Clearly and with absolute certainty:  every body of life is a description of intensive and true thought released upon reality by the construction of principles and laws which govern our existence and even our experience within that existence. Love or hate is our decision alone/ as no other can make that choice for us; even if they can influence how we see the world itself. The value of love is insurmountable for life. The reality of hate is the destruction of everything, including you, as a value to life itself.

It is JESUS that enables the relationship of a valid description: “that we were not simply created and then abandoned by our Creator”. Rather we have the opportunity, to express our love: as a gift returning to our Creator/ as did JESUS prove, was the true value of our lives. While the theoretical elements of life beyond a body are extensive, the simple acceptance of miracles as evidence beyond our grasp exists. The life of JESUS, suggests and enables the quest: “if we turn to love, and follow that love to its origination point”/ then we will find our Creator; and HE will find us. Beyond that simple and plain statement, is unnecessary to prove:  because the essence of thought itself is to think within the laws of this universe. If you have done that, then you will recognize the reality, of a possibility that literally lives beyond time. The body is a house/ the soul is a life. The difference between them is your relationship with time will end. Whereas your relationship with your Creator need not:  thought is the eloquent reality of a soul searching for a home. When we find it, or GOD finds us;  then we are home. With or without time (measuring experience or expression)! Love is not a measurement in time, it is an existence in fact, beyond the essence of time. Where only what is pure enough can survive.

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