Discipline reminds me, to tell you: that it is clearly and certainly NOT my job, to expand or communicate this message to humanity. It is only my job to bring the message/ it is your job, to expand. The cause simply:  so none can be fooled into thinking I could even remotely be tied too: “your savior (love, caring, sharing, and respect;  brings the possibility called eternity)”. I cannot give you any possibility of eternity/ only the certainty without change, YOUR OWN EVIDENCE convicts you of ending this world!

This is the certainty, of a message that seeks to save this world, by reviewing your reality with truth. Then Challenging you to “your own change, for the sake of all life”. The ability/ even possibility to survive as a world;  in fact could be a “second coming for Jesus”. To save us again from the tragedies of hate, power, pride, want, selfishness, lust and arrogance. The evidence of our complete extermination is real/ and needs no other proof. IT IS literally “his words, identified by others”,  that made the difference “for two thousand years”.

As to me: JESUS IS, my teacher (biblical stories do account for lessons in life)/ my savior (I accept eternity is real because of JESUS, and seek it by truth)/ my friend (discipline, truth, order, balance, love, courage, and respect are all realities of living that come from the knowledge, GOD IS REAL).  Only a true friend can teach you that, or me!  Even though I like you can testify to that fact. Reality gives to me, the need to deliver this message. NOT because I am involved beyond being a messenger/ but because you, as a world;  at this moment in time:  truly need the information. It thereby becomes a true duty to ALL life itself. JUST LIKE YOU, a duty belongs to all who will understand the difference respect for this whole creation demands.

The only difference between me and you is:  I never gave up trying to make a difference for life.  Is that not, the single base reality a messenger needs?

It does occur to me, that the resemblance “of same”/ is not quite correct. Fifty plus years of rather constant education, including spiritual developments, and the realities of my own change; as is consistent with opening the spiritual door of women (to ask how would you   “save this world”). Makes the claim of same a bit erroneous. We, as compared too, the vast majority;  do have different ideas about what is truly important. The reality of “a spiritual woman inside”  does make me different than all the rest; it is a strange combination. A reality which has proven to be “just what was needed for this work”; even though that is not what I expected. I can’t/ I won’t/ and I didn’t let this world continue on its course to extinction “without a fight”;  unlike you. No hiding from truth or reality; it won’t work.

The religious of course must worship their book; it’s what they do. The others worship their want. While the rest are basically confused about everything but death;  “don’t want that”; unless its suicide, because nobody cares for me. What you believe does matter; because it guides you into a pattern of behaviors that takes your life away from truth. Truth alone is the guide, while reality is the teacher!

Given that elemental development of time, by its own constructions in human existence; I have asked the religious book of Christianity: what is your prophecy? The purpose is to remove the religion, and ask for what can be called truth. As to other major religions; you have never been studied, and I find no need to do so. Religion means:  “we agree to want this together”. While faith means:  I accept what is true shall decide, even for an eternity!

The Christian bible includes the Jewish Torah or Judaism; which includes a number of prophecies of the last  days, I have already sufficiently diagnosed years ago. The primary one applied here however is the countdown of days; as is Daniel 12. The great abomination is clearly and without doubt:  the deliberate intent to ignite a nuclear fire here on earth. A nuclear fire burns the bonds holding atoms together, which makes the atom its fuel/ and cannot be extinguished, because everything is then literally fuel. That threat became a reality on the first day, that a machine capable of igniting that fire began trying to do so:  April first, 2012.  Making July 9, 2019 the day hell begins.  So the question is:  as a Jew or a Christian, do you believe or do you deny the prophecy is true? Because if you do not accept your own religious book, your own religious teaching:  then you are nothing at all, but a lie. Simple as that.  Prophecy is a prediction of probability/ NOT an absolute; but a description of what humanity WILL let happen, because this is a result, of what they want. End want, and the prophecy itself dies;  because humans changed.

In that same vein Christianity has its own lengthy prophecies about the end of life on earth/ and the choices that will be made accordingly. While it is my intent NOT to create anything that will cause you to panic. Because panicked people cannot make “thinking choices”. It is literally necessary to insure you don’t have an excuse for destroying this earth. No longer a fight, the removal of force within me “to stop your insanity, to respect this Creation”. Developing or altering concepts instead as:  Female inside aligns with, the realities of “no real strength to fight”/ therefore I must accept the only method forward is, the development of your education to prove what is, or is not true.

Given that limit and boundary enforced on me, I will summarize the basic prophecy that is Revelation.  Adding only the basic premise or third prophecy preceding it, that is “people will be giving  themselves in marriage and so on,  basically believing nothing is wrong; when suddenly, they will know their entire world is lost”.  A pillar of nuclear fire (just like the sun) that rises above the atmosphere of this planet, is such an indication; and your machines to do that have been running for years now.

We then begin with the book of Revelation is divided into two distinct parts/ they divide at Revelation 12.  The first portion of the revelation prophecy is what happens through the decisions of men. The second prophecy is what happens if women are given the chance to rise, and attempt to keep this world alive. The third prophecy from JESUS,  combines parts and portions of the two;  redesigning them accordingly. It has already been distinguished in a separate work. Again prophecy is prediction, NOT an absolute fact; it can be changed, by changing humanity itself.

Revelation 1.   It begins with the person John trying to convince those who read this that he cannot be wrong. His assertion “the time is near” proves that is not so accurate. He does however do a “good job”.

The  seven churches are the Christian realities of religion through time. The first church is from the time arising after the death of JESUS. The seventh church is the last few decades or more as in today. The seven spirits are what has and has not been true about these religious partisans and their followers, during that period of time.

The seven golden lampstands are the elemental truths the followers of Christianity are now required to learn. That education is provided by someone “like a man (something more here)”. It could have been me; believe it or not; unless you prefer the fantasy. The reality is completely irrelevant to me: this first prophecy is discarded because the second has been established. The sharp sword out of his mouth is an ability to talk in ways that affect both sides of any argument. The seven angels are whatever was found to be true from the individual churches over time; as in this is “their contribution”.

As to the verses Revelation 1: 17-18  the only real question it presents is:  how does one, enter into the spiritual realm between life and death; and then come back into time? If alive beyond the limits of time/ then eternity has been approached (not time). As to the keys,  to death and hades (eternal torture). The reality of your evidence against life on earth is unanimous;  fail to change, and this whole world goes extinct. CHANGE and it is possible, life could go on. The choice is yours! Try not, to believe in fairy tales.

Revelation 2 and 3  require a history lesson, to recognize the various stages of the Christian church throughout the centuries.

Revelation 4 the possibilities of eternity take on a “different view”. The twenty four elders are the universal laws, which hold all life in their hands, “so to speak”. The sea of glass is purity. The rainbow represents seen by the intensities of color rather than shadows. The four living creatures represent all life on earth/ the four planar directions, everywhere; and the summary suggests that all begin to see “life and death by a new description”.   We were created, “MIRACLES”.

Revelation 5  depicts  JESUS as the only one, who can understand the basis and reality of what   GOD  has Created for life, that fails . HE assembles faith by his own works.  All wait to hear what that will be.

Revelation 6  horses are depictions of war, the first to come forward fights for peace & for life through religion, communicating as best they can. The second is the color of blood; which is a sign of those who want nothing of peace or change. They are a violent group. The third is black “or hidden from the light”/ the balance scale is for justice to be measured, which means the rider is “JUDGE”. This prophecy indicates a time of significant trial. The last horse is death and its consequence to those who earned that penalty. A time of grief on earth.  Life then reveals, that the violent have proven to be overwhelming, and those who fought for life on earth to survive, for peace and justice;  are being killed. A great earthquake is then predicted; as would be the Yellowstone super volcano erupting. The effect of which would “blacken the sky”, and alter the reflections we see as color. The stars in the sky which fall are your satellites.  Everyone knows fear, because of the violence of this event.

Revelation 7  nuclear war, with other weapons of mass destruction:  breaks out, those who to be recognized by their contributions for life and peace are found; demanding better. Limited World war stops. Those who now want peace on earth, organize and pray.  When they die, they will have earned a new life.

Revelation 8  the decision is made to let this world die! That will become undeniable by the seven major events which follow. REVENGE erupts, every nuclear missile made is suddenly released. Nuclear packed missiles in submarines are hit, exploding them, and thereby creating enormous tsunami waves. The consequences of these nuclear events include making the water undrinkable. One third of the earth’s surface will be devastated, along with so much dirt and debris released into the air, the earth becomes dark.  Reality then gets worse!

Revelation 9  the gigantic furnace and smoke is again the yellowstone super volcano erupting. “it won’t be, just a momentary explosion; the consequences will last for months or years.” The consequences will include earthquakes, other volcano’s, tsunami’s and more;  that will destroy drinking water aquifers due to the poison you placed on and around them, and more. The plague that falls “like a nature in chaos” are biological weapons released. Disease flourishes! The consequence of what genetic research and experimentation has done. Life itself, becomes “horrifying”. Humanity itself realizing there is no escape from this horror:  becomes completely insane! Few are left.

Revelation 10  the little scroll does represent genetic manipulation;  to the people “it sounds great”, so they do it. But none accept the consequence of what genetic alteration means:  as is true of the horror and hell conceived above. Genetic chaos erupts throughout the living bodies of life on earth; mutilation as caused by the decisions of men in leadership and more; changes everything. Because nothing, can be put back as it was! Playing god has a price.

Revelation 11  we then go back, to understand “witnesses” existed; who said to the people do not do any of this/ but they were treated with disdain and a lack of respect. The people wanted, what they wanted, and failed to respect reality! Even so, this is as far as this prophecy goes/ because revelation 12 has begun.

Nonetheless, the ending of revelation 11 is as follows:  the seventh trumpet; all that has come before is a reality of what men did or did not do.   Now,    GOD ends the torment, and removes what is left of life by mutilation;  on earth.


Revelation 12.   Can there be “a second chance” for life on earth?

This begins with the presentation of what can only be called “something unusual”. Heaven is conceived as “the place GOD meets people, or soul”. It is then the soul which reveals  “a woman which cannot be seen (you can’t see into the sun, she has no shadow: means spirit)”. With the moon under her feet;  “something seen with mass, but foreign to woman; since the beginning of life on earth”. {simply put, the spiritual woman stands on me}.  And a crown of twelve stars on her head:  “which does represent a knowledge, understanding, and wisdom that will not be undone. She is pregnant and cried out as she was about to give birth:  “something as yet unseen by time, is growing”/ the reality is not gentle, but consistent with the common life of woman.

The opposite version appears, producing lies from the beginning as is constructed by the assertion of “heaven”. More distinctly, where those who hate descend too, prior to eternity devouring them. Nonetheless here on earth they have a life in time:  presented as a red dragon. Red being the color of blood for violence/ a dragon because it represents nightmares and shadows in the dark. Seven heads are conceived as controlling this world, ten horns are weapons to enforce that, seven crowns indicates a reality that will not be easily defeated. The tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky;  which means this entity has destroyed a third of what religion expects to stand for, and believe in. These rulers; intend to destroy “the new life” about to be born into this world as well.

But they could not, and a fighter is born out of the common people (iron scepter) who live on earth.  This new life must rise above themselves to accomplish the  task of changing this world. “the woman” who has now done her job, is required to flee while the law to be declared by humanity itself, decides if they will pay the price for peace on earth. Initially the law wins, and humanity begins its journey into life/ rather than extinction. But those who hate want their own world back, and seek or use violence to make that happen.

Christianity and religions of other orders will arise, people will have faith this can be done. The cost of that redefines those who hate to the darkness of shadows; and they try to eradicate this new threat to their own decisions by attempting to end it by crucifying “the woman” who began it all. She is not found, until the day when deception tempts with extreme power or wealth. That ends with humanity that is now being changed:  says no, it won’t work. Violence is then redirected to others involved in this change.

Revelation 13  the sea represents power, or more distinctly water represents the power of life to rise and live. The dragon “a nightmare”/ becomes a beast “something real, without discipline once aroused”. It is still the same reality as the dragon, only using violence instead of threat. The blasphemous names are now recognized as the true nature of the beast and its purposes. The beast represents all facets of humanity that preys on the others. The fatal wound is:  you are now known as a threat. The healing is:  humanity wants whatever it wants/ regardless of the consequences; as always. So they forget the threat, and begin again to avoid and refuse to change. The beast and dragon are the same basic elements of extermination:  it is consistent with “a university diploma and all they do, and have done;  to create chaos on earth.” Even so, many of the people worship them, and believe; because that is what they want to do. The power to make people believe is derived from “trinkets and toys, much like a magician” (how is this possible).

The universities then:  become completely arrogant, assert they are god; and nothing else matters but their decisions. Nothing matters, but the belief they are gods, “the university is, our savior”;  to their followers. They will prosecute, and jail,  those who oppose them. Claiming treason; to hide they are themselves “the terrorists fighting to destroy this entire world”.

Verse 11, as their power to control begins to fail. The university conception of/ arrogance established that demands we are gods:   call on a new threat; one with a greater level of deception. There will be a demonstration of power, that makes “humanity on earth fear”:  potentially a nuclear bomb dropped to enforce that fear. Which then returns power to the universities:  because they are “THE CREATORS OF THE BOMB”/ and even what is worse, the mutilation of all life. Thereby giving no chance for survival on this planet. So the people fall down, because the reality of destruction by the hands of a very few; becomes undeniable. They surrender the world to chaos/ because they fear chaos. Without a fight for life, there is no future; even if the risk is incredibly high.

Revelation 14   “with GOD’S HELP, through JESUS” humanity can survive! If you are true to that purpose and desire. You must however trust that the price of your sacrifice “of everything you want”;  will be worth it! It is a choice, only you can make. This is the difference between whether this world can survive or not.

The first angel represents a truth that is revealed:  “accept with your heart, the reality of GOD, and respect both HIM AND HIS SON   JESUS  as written of in the bible.”

The second truth:  the place where universities first arose in power, “dies a little bit”. That would be this USA.

The third truth: those who refuse to let the universities fail (removing all threats), are reminded of the damage done, the consequences of HELL on earth/ and the realities of fighting for “the devil of destruction”.  Not an easy fight!

Verse 14  the harvest of this earth, the lives which can exist by love in eternity; begins. Understanding achieves a new height: the demand is BEGIN FOR LIFE. This harvest is, for love, and brings peace.

Those who had no use for love or eternity are gathered and separated as hate from the rest/ they fight themselves. Because the harvest of hate knows nothing of love.

Revelation 15   even if humanity shall live, the price of what has already been done cannot go unpunished:  you did this to yourselves, because that is what you wanted to do with your freedoms. The people who have been on the fence their whole lives, must now choose; while love watches their plight. Faith arises for some. It is from this time; that judgment arises for this earth. What will come is determined by what humanity will choose. It is not sealed into reality, until that time is over.

Revelation 16  if you fail life and respect, then these are the curses you will face.

The first curse is disease intensified by the consequences of university decision.

The second is a dead ocean, without life: no respect.

The third is drinking water all become deadly; from the poisons used.

The fourth is a combination of global warming and radiation from ozone loss. Our world becomes intolerable from the effects of heat.

The fifth is the Yellowstone super-volcano erupts, causing massive problems.

The sixth is humanity goes to war, because the weapons of biological destruction, as is the reality of all genetic engineering & mutilation:  have had consequences.

The seventh is nuclear war, and all its consequences coming at once.

The consequences as listed above:  ARE entirely up to you!  You do have the means to dismantle and refuse most every one. Although some of it cannot be undone.

Revelation 17  the seven angels with the seven bowls, represent the fact these threats of university decision are not yet done. They begin again in a different way; which means “one way or the other will occur”.  In this version: a great prostitute is identified [a prostitute lives by selling their body of life for survival], a great prostitute then exists as a person or entity, who sells “the body of all life” for the sake of a “greater power over life”. Many waters represents the reality of power she controls, by more than one means.  This prostitute then represents the university itself; as they are the people intent upon controlling everything on earth.

In contrast to that image of what is happening in full view of humanity. Outside the view of all but a few, the revelation turns to a woman in the desert (essentially alone).  The scarlet beast is a description of threats as are assigned by university decisions/ they are filled with the weapons that bring destruction. The woman is dressed in an attire that can only be interpreted as “royalty” adorned with knowledge/ OR, she holds the evidence or the essence of greed, and all the trophies collected. Her abominable things are the evidence of threats being displayed. Her adulteries are the cause of many problems. The mystery:  IS SHE, “a woman of royalty, demanding change”/ or a depiction of the cost, of university delusions, identifying a crisis?

I have changed my mind regarding this prophecy; and now accept the latter. Due to the constant rhetoric that is evolution and all its prophets trying to bring doom to life on earth.

The astonishment is:  “how did all this happen under our very noses”? The explanation is: through leadership and weapons of deceit and death, these few did take over life particularly in America (the depicted Babylon). What once was is an unlimited power, due to the introduction of the atomic bomb (your world)/ the demand called evolution (your religion)/ and the antibiotic and vaccines, which led people to believe (we are saved). Those essential developments in the power to control life; has now pasted the point of true control. Instead of control, the universities work to bring chaos to the planet itself, and will succeed or be stopped in their entirety. The people who have been worshiping the university as gods/ will now face their own reality, as truth becomes apparent.

The mind with wisdom. The seven hills are seven obstructions/ so the seven heads, are minds of those who are leading confronted by realities they cannot control: but believe they can surmount. Kings have power beyond what democracy allows: they rule as they wish, until an uprising takes them down. Of the powers that rule this earth, five are fallen:  which means, change is beginning to occur, and that which did control no longer has control. One power remains, “that of weapons called mass destruction”. A new power will soon emerge, but not survive the test of time.  That power is called a beast (no orderly discipline); and represents the most likely scenario which is a genetic mutilation of life changed. As would be the university congratulating itself “we made a new life, that then dies”.

The ten horns and ten kings are the people waiting for their own possibility to take over power on this earth. If the beast is a mutilated life form/ then those are elements of the universities which intend to call themselves “gods (we don’t need nothing, from you)”.  They bet their place in this world, on their decision. In an altered concept:  the beast is the machinery intended to create a nuclear fire on earth. Either way, the reality gains worldwide attention for a time.

Verse 15  the prostitute who is successful;  does everything for the benefits to life, as are possessions, for “herself”. Not survival anymore, but a decision “life for me, is good”. The beast (universities without discipline, who fail life) regard anything but their own pride and arrogance of playing god as worthless. Consequently those who want anything to do with life itself, are an encumbrance. The war that is university arrogance against life itself:  will leave all want without a home, or a desire that is happy. This continues until:  power is given to women to rule this earth.

Revelation 18  the world witnesses, the economic crash of America because of everything the universities and leadership, along with the worship of university gods, that they have done. A world filled with the threats of extinction, by a university hand! The extent of just how bad this will be; is yet to be determined. It could be VERY BAD! The merchants, and the wealthy, cry! The warning from those with a voice in religion is:  whosoever belongs to GOD;  be prepared to move out.

Revelation 19  the world rejoices. The question for America is:  will they repent, and change their ways? Stopping the true insanity of leading the destruction of this world.  The prophecy says they will. The bride is:  an obedient purpose and desire for LIFE COMES FIRST, for this entire planet. \

The wedding is:  how we marry our reality, with our truth; as the desire for respect and the purposes for justice deem it necessary to do.

The messenger is “just like you”.

With that accomplished, at least the beginning: a new day is born and the world itself prepares to bring to this life a new way. A leader will be recognized. His reality will be:  an understanding of humanity, as has been lived without the benefits of blindness (this is the truth/ this is humanity and life). Reality is therefore, his education. The war is for “the world”. The reality is: whosoever demands this world should die instead, shall not be tolerated. A sword that comes from the mouth, is an argument that has consequences, & cannot be defeated.

Revelation 20  arrogance, pride, want, power, greed, and fears are gathered up and defeated; not to return once more until the earth has given its last.  The people who were discarded by university and others because of their acceptance:  GOD IS CREATOR. Will in fact be returned to leadership over this world. At the end of time: when the earth has no more resources to give/ so that life can be sustained. Fear will arise once more, and the consequences of impending doom shall take over some lives on earth. Judgment day then arrives, when life cannot be sustained here anymore.

Revelation 21  EVERYTHING will be changed! The spiritual world, and the physical world shall meet. Those who are pure in heart and soul, will enter the spiritual world of life beyond time.

Revelation 22   eternity arrives for some.


Discipline translates/ order arranges reality/ balance produces evidence from reality/ and respect understands the difference between “being right (I know), and being truthful (the evidence proves) to the work”.


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