1. YOUR PROVEN ENEMIES, “the universities” created the disease, released it in or to sell a vaccine for trillions of dollars and the freedom to mutilate all of nature; AND ARE RESPONSIBLE for every true threat of extinction we face. BECAUSE you believed “yes we can”/ had no consequences for the future. Because the universities are not god, merely your former classmates: The difference between a ruler and a democracy is: a ruler makes rules, and invades “one grain of sand” at a time, by using rules to inflict damage on freedom, liberty, rights, truth, and justified realities; becoming a monarch when NO evidence is required, the constitutional law is abandoned (only obedience, belief, and ultimately fear; so you don’t investigate or question the leader). Because “they know” ; as opposed to the masses; who are too stupid to understand “they are gods”. A democracy identifies freedom, liberty, rights, truth, and justified realities as a public demand of office, in order to inform the public and communicate the value of a decision that they will then be required to make for themselves. By the extension of evidence, that is fair, untainted by lies, and ultimately without fear of reprisal for the choices we must make. Only when truth identifies tragedy; and the real world evidence (more than one percent truly affected) proves “a pandemic”; can a true public vote describing the consequences for this change can be taken. Proving none are gods; but we all have a stake in our nation, our world, our future, and our freedom to exist as independent lives you shall not touch: as in we decide, the law of democracy itself. The difference between pure tyranny and absolute disgrace for a nation; is the cult worship of so called experts (the universities are god). THE REALITY IS: PROVE THE TRUTH, and identify the risk of being WRONG! SO THAT we the people have control. As in the case of small pox, and its vaccine: NONE had to be told the risk, or the reality of that disease; because it was plainly obvious throughout the world. MORE than one percent of the population was affected; identifying the risk, of a vaccine nature helped to create was justified. NO SUCH EVIDENCE exists for covid; and their fraudulent vaccine: NOT created by nature; has more risk than even the world itself can accept; because the universities are not god, and genetics are beyond their comprehension. As is proven time and again by pharmaceutical and chemical lawsuits. Collateral damages are not welcome. REALITY MUST DECIDE. The invasion of business; “to make soldiers of them all”/ thereby forcing the public to submit, in order to survive. proving “hitler” has a NEW name/ as nazi continues to seep into this nation.  [The mark of democracy is dead; as the third amendment (you cannot make soldiers for you, out of us) is denied, by using business as a weapon of force]. That, IS THE MARK OF A DICTATOR; whose only purpose is to prove he or she is now god. Only what they believe is important; and all the rest: will soon be ordered to die (the secret police are coming). As is the reality throughout history: we know everything/ you are nothing. Proving the righteous were born to rule; as you; were born to die. Democracy is the opposite of that, THE DEMAND TO BE EQUAL! Until society is consumed by FAILURE as is: “FEAR DAMN YOU FEAR/ BELIEVE DAMN YOU BELIEVE/ DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD; you miserable worthless scum”. The result of “university led (FEAR), media propaganda (BELIEVE), & manipulation”(OBEY). Thereby destroying democracy by an insurgency from the inside. Corrupting by counterfeiting the currency, and destroying every reality required to survive. By using bribes, lies, theft, betrayal, delusions, and terrorism.
    2. You should bear in mind: that crime will NOT fix your problems;as there will be another day, or you’re dead. And that means; you must do crime again and again and again. WHAT YOU/WE NEED, is to resolve the cause of crime; by removing the realities of “desperate people”. Or more simply “limited capitalism” will replace: those who want to take it all, with our own decision about how much you can get.  Beyond that, it is a simple matter of justice; which begins with we do owe each other a job, with fair pay. So that desperation does not need to be. REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES: IS DEMOCRACY, BY THE LAW OF CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT (not employees betraying us) ENFORCED. Nothing is more utterly tragic, than belief (I want, what I want)! Nothing is more utterly a failure, than is fear (panic ends thought, the impact of wisdom)! Nothing is being a fool, more than cult worshiping those (universities) who claim they can be your god. The evidence of all three; in America, nothing is more deliberate, than obey, believe; and fear anything your universities say. Yet reality proves: we stand on the edge of extinction, by what they have done. The caustic sewage of fantasy media has enforced. Throughout this work, that evidence has been used to remind each reader: communicate, and inform; use our democratic authority under redress of grievances/ our first amendment law; our constitutional government; “does not employee kings or queens; they lie, if suggesting they are the government”; they are not. IDENTIFY THE COST OF BEING WRONG; and FIGHT FOR THIS WORLD WITH LAW! Or lose our world, because your former classmates are not gods, and you know that is true. Changing nature, by mutilating our genetics is Armageddon (nature in chaos). Losing the drinking water supply will erupt into the apocalypse (war for water; or we die). HELL is coming; as trillions of tons of ice used to cool this earth in summer; are gone. Making this earth 20 degrees hotter, and accelerating higher. HADES; consumed by fire: as your scientists try desperately to ignite atoms on fire; on a planet where everything is fuel, “just like the sun”. Soon a dead ocean, soon a humanity so overcrowded, “they eat it all”; and then turn to cannibalism. To world war with weapons of mass destruction. Courtesy of your university changes; as is this death march into extinction. In America: they did steal all your money/ and by removing cash from existence; they now get to control, record, and observe every aspect of your lives. They claim electric cars are pollution free; but the reality is: every excess watt being generated is being generated by coal; and coal is NOT pollution free; and in fact produced far more pollution than the gas driven automobile. They claim “have a vasectomy; nothing will change”; but the reality is, removing the testicles is removing the chemicals that make sex desirable. And without them, your sex drive will end/ and your partner will have no sex either. They claim “we will dry every tear”; but their reality is: IF NATURE DOES NOT HEAL YOU, then there is nothing they can do. YET YOU choose to let them throw nature away. Failing to understand: just because you want more/ does not mean in a hospital you won’t be taking less. But don’t worry, THEY STILL expect to be paid; an exorbitant rate. Go beg. OR GO TO COURT, EXAMINE THE REALITY OF OUR SITUATION, THE EVIDENCE OF WHAT IT MEANS TO BE WRONG. AND STOP THE INSANITY OF WORSHIPING THOSE who literally cannot play god, unless its SATAN (lets destroy this world).And the religious say; “GOD” will never let anything happen to this earth; WE KNOW! But alas, your book (for many) tells you this can happen, and here it is! Yet you refuse to believe, what you don’t want! OR, they say: “it cannot be stopped; this is written”. YET the reality of everything that threatens us: COMES FROM HUMANITY. Or more simply: WE ARE OUR OWN WORST THREAT; as is proven by the evidence. WHICH MAKES the consequences for those decisions: entirely your own; and that means YOU ARE MAKING THE CHOICE. USE REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES: ITS THE LAW! But since it examines the employees of our government; which is run by the powerful and proud. YOU NEED AN ARMY OF PEOPLE STANDING ON THE COURTHOUSE DOORSTEP; to prove you will demand your legal rights; as this nation called WE THE PEOPLE: AS A DEMOCRACY ENFORCED:   WILL DECIDE NOW. Or you fail. letting nature be destroyed; earth go extinct; and the vile existence of those who play god, constrict your life “to a coffin”. These are: the days of judgment. The distinct difference: between choosing GOD as LIFE/ or letting “university Satan”; ruin this earth! CHOOSE! “Like me or hate me: I am irrelevant”. YOUR DECISION, is LIFE OR DEATH; because delusions, imagination and fantasy are not enough. In America: remind your leaders of what they say; “numbers don’t matter”. Which means debts don’t matter, NOR does wealth exist by the numbers. Then ask: where IS: the reality here! And all the people say: “its NOT my fault, I am innocent/ I DON’T have to do NOTHING”! But reality says; as a human being on this earth; you have made your choices, and this is now what we face as extinction threatens from all around us. Therefore YOU ARE INVOLVED; and every decision you make, or refuse to make, or hide from: EITHER adds to life/ or to death. When war (we are under attack) demands your choice. The reality is: either you choose cowardice; traitor; or what truth demands.The middle ground is already dead (you can no longer hide there): because without true human changes/ NO possibility of survival exists. And that reality will define our future, and determine how long we can survive. CHOOSE, BUT KNOW: there are no second chances. YOU WILL either change to protect life, nature, planet, child, resources, and more; OR you WILL go extinct.  Because the evidence proves that true.IS NATURE LIFE? OR ARE, THE UNIVERSITIES (nothing more than your former classmates); your new choice. Reminding you: look at your media, (the puke and vomit of their “alien creations”) and learn “who has true value; to our world”. NOBODY GETS TO MUTILATE NATURE/ OR DESTROY THIS WORLD, BY GAMBLING THEY CAN PLAY god. THAT IS “A SACRED LAW”; that you will enforce as true, and irrevocable; throughout this world. OR, everything nature and planet are; will be lost. As is the reality of lies, betrayal, theft, terrorism, and more of what your universities do; behind closed doors. Using media to cover the grave, they have lowered your body of life into. WAKE UP OR DIE!
    3.  The relationship between fear and reality: DEMANDS that we do accept a definable risk, in our lives and our world that is NOT “absolute safety”. The end result of that is: life is not a game, and the disciplines required to sustain a living relationship with life itself; requires order rather than fear/ balance rather than beliefs/ and purposes that are consistent with the values which make life happy; more so than obedience to any constructed propaganda that is used against us. REMEMBER the truth of media: which is, their attack “women are dying of heart disease/ its a pandemic; GIVE US YOUR MONEY”. BUT since nobody dies of old age anymore: they fail to report, there is almost NO deaths among females under the age of 50 by heart disease/ and very few until old age sets in. SO: DID THEY LIE, by failing to report the reality: TO MANIPULATE YOU FOR MONEY? Or, did they not? Remember the reality of pride and power: which is, a motorcyclist died in a crash; which was then reported as died of covid. I am told; when questioned this person replied, that she was instructed to report anything she could as covid related deaths; and the rider had tested positive for covid. Which may have contributed to his death, by instilling fear, and a failure then, to focus on the road. Within that demonstration of “education” is the statistical realities of what is true; by the evidence of an unbiased investigation; as must be proven in public court; with all eyes watching. OTHERWISE; you give to the criminal, all he or she needs to extort and control your lives with fear. MEDIA is not your friend; they are marketers, determined to be rich; by manipulating your mind. Propagating lies as is (the difference between reality, and what they believe); as power pays to control your fear. The most deliberate intent to take away your choices, and remove your freedoms: is covid.a cult never questions its leader/ they cannot, they have no brainSpecial thanks to media for that; as the propaganda arm of university plays god: seeks complete control/ absolute obedience in you. Discarding all respect for life and world and reality; denying all responsibility the end of truth; destroying democracy, by conceiving of the expert; constructing the tomb of failure that is university leads by delusion, lies, theft, and fantasy. And every diploma shouts; “we are gods”! But all the evidence shouts: “’Satan” instead. So, pride and power scream: “we want what we want”/ and reality dies; as hell begins instead. You are reminded in a world of 8 billion people; with a population rise of not less than one percent (80,000,000 new mouths to feed each year; 219,178 per day/ over deaths), and more likely 3%. AS IS: “kill a billion people every five years”/ just to keep the population;  where we are. WE DO, need people to die/ or we all starve, thirst, and this world goes extinct. Historically, over half of all claimed deaths: are over the age of 65/ of those left dying over half are those with complications resulting from other medical causes. Leaving the actual population of heathy and under the age of 65 people impacted by covid; a small percentage of the total. YET THEY CONSUME your lives on the claim:  “its not flu anymore/ its covid; its a pandemic by testing;  yet those tests do not differentiate between the common cold and covid.  DO NOT BELIEVE:  GO TO COURT AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE, WITHOUT THE BIAS OF THOSE MAKING TRILLIONS, by making you fear.And the people say: we are doing great! But like a party, that demands “we won’t care”/ and then allows everyone to eat all they want. Tomorrow brings: you ate, or destroyed “next years seed”, the very foundations of our survival: and now there will be no more crops. Cannibalism, war, and extinction will follow.In testimony of our reality; little is more telling, “I live on a farm, which use to hold the best drinking water around”/ after the cumulative effect of: “fifty years of farming chemicals being dumped here”. In the last month I gave up trying to drink the water; it is too polluted. And bought bottled water! Looking around farmers continue excessive drainage; which means the aquifer does not recharge. Water survey people say: only one inch of rainfall per fifty inches; enters the aquifer. Yet the people say: “ain’t a problem yet/ so we don’t care”. The dust bowl soon returns, ending that farming area production; loss of irrigation. Water threats so severe; they cannot be mentioned because of terrorists. Phosphate ONE of the three fertilizers used, nearly gone. Nature mutilated, ocean life destroyed, planet overheating (when you can’t melt “one trillion tons of ice” to cool it; anymore); energy “Just like the sun” (can’t be controlled), media failure, corruption, bankruptcy, fantasies, OR MORE SIMPLY. I live in a time clearly orchestrated by “the very stupidest people who have ever been born”. None before you chose to kill life and world; as have you; by worshiping “University is god”. To your shame! And now, with endless fears, tragic beliefs, and cult worship obedience: you destroy the nation as well. Preparing the end of this world by war; because everything needed by life, is being intentionally ruined or destroyed; by your university gods. Making this humanity itself: the most foolish generation to have ever been born. You fight for nothing; but lies!
    4. True is: you let the universities create a biological weapon to be used against you/ and they did: collecting trillions of dollars, and everything pride and power could claim as their reward. They did create “their pandemic”/ and they did release it; to collect everything they wanted; by using fear against you. Belief to alter the reality of evidence, and demand obedience: in order to enslave, and destroy everything you need to survive; as terrorists do. Watch TV of the damned? Those shows that create “puppet people/ are what geneticists are trying to do for real”; they are preparing you, for their insertion of all species intermixed/ your genetic mutilation in taking their vaccine; is just the start/ and Armageddon (nature in chaos) as predicted will soon arrive. YOUR “university gods” have poisoned the water, more than you can imagine. Mutilated your food supply to push it onto the precipice of catastrophe in all manner and ways. Created weapons of mass destruction/ extorted healthcare to bankrupt you personally/ inflated US currency into fantasy land/ destroyed resources/ and in all ways: is a terrorist organization deliberately trying to make life on earth collapse, “with america in the lead”. Such is the reality of your acceptance; and joining “the cult of whores (only money matters)/ the priests of the dead (no life left/ only arrogance, and its sewage)/ they weapons of fear, believe, and obey; to make you beg; and the cost of leaving reality and truth behind. In absolute submission to “university knows”; even when all they have is imagination; a liar’s grave.
    5.  The constant curse of human existence is: that every time people are willing to trust something or sometimes; “someone”. There is always a liar, thief, traitor, and more trying to get into that description of trust. So they can hide what they are really doing behind closed doors. That is true of religion throughout history/ governments get corrupted/ universities, sink into arrogance/ marriage refuses respect/ science confuses knowledge with fantasy, or beliefs/ and anything else that earns even a little trust such as money torn apart by inflation and more. A curse changes the future, by injecting a consequence that will not be seen until it is too late to change; the cost of why is: because people want what they want; they simply believe. A three percent rise in population with 8 billion people already here is: 240 million people more to feed, per year. On a planet already hungry and losing its entire ability to feed anyone/ or provide drinking water/ or a future; because these are the curses you chose to allow. The realities of hate, hiding behind closed doors. And everybody says: “we want what we want/ don’t do NOTHING”/ because we don’t want to pay; period. Even when they know this is true! So they choose to sacrifice “Life/ planet/ and child”; to avoid saving this world. Because all being; a few years old say, {NOT in my lifetime/ so I don’t care}. Alas for you: the destruction of this entire planet of life, because you didn’t choose to care/ WILL have eternal consequences, because you cursed yourself.
    6. YOU believe; without the evidence of real life proof, TO YOUR SHAME/ giving away your face, your world, your future, and your child to extinction: simple as that, giving this nation to civil war, and worse. In contrast, democracy is built upon: do not believe, let our laws decide. The assertion is: as with all cult believers, “whatever the university says/ is true: NO QUESTIONING THE LEADERS”. NO questioning their zealot priests of media. NO questioning the takeover of democracy. NO questioning the courts, who have evicted the constitution; as has been proven true. NO denying “Marshall law (we are gods now, fear damn you fear/ we decide). NO options but to let democracy itself die: because the universities are god. But the herd moves together as one: only when each focuses on the ASS; and repeats exactly the same behavior. But even so: the animal then believes it is in control, because it is doing something to protect itself; shouting “we are a mob/ an army that will trample you, if you try to separate us”. A human being alive; does not do that. So the real test of humanity is: can you escape fear/ can you remove belief, to focus and demand the evidence, by its own truth shall decide/ will you choose, to make your own decision, or fall into step with your face in their ass? The choice is yours; but being a living human being requires work, and realities beyond “follow the leader”. Every tragedy of human existence apart from hate; is determined by the righteous, who believe they are the superior ones/ therefore they have a right to judge/ and as such; decide most are then worthless/ and “attack the trash”. As is the current: “we are gods/ covid is a pandemic without the evidence/ you are slave: OR enemy, if you fail to do what we say”. The most current simple description of that in evidence; was Nazi. But history is full of it. Competition pushes, and the mob forms: because they all want more. Religious indoctrination (university is god), claims we have a right/ and when fear is formed, the righteous have a war to be fought: because they believe rather than learn what is true. It is easier to blame the leaders for what you want (this is all your fault; even though the mob pushed)/ than to accept: we did make our own decision (we are the murderers), following the leader:  only “to take their stuff/ even their lives, to remove that competition”. As of course did the American immigrant to the Indian nations, and so many more. The second amendment knows that is true. The difference is: today, we all stand on the edge of extinction: meaning nobody will escape. OR humanity will change, and let truth decide.
    7. In america: the curse of the dead, is upon us all; led by the essence of death itself; as is universities lead to extinction. They have formed a ring of threats so severe; it is far more likely extinction will come for us all/ than anyone on earth survives. They have gathered information: to attack anyone who can threaten them. They have removed coins (no shortage exists, except the one they created to push electronic money only), and attacked money (hidden inflation has destroyed the reality) in all ways: to remove your choice to do anything but beg; “with the push of a button” your money is gone. With any reference to reality; your money is gone: but with inflation those who did this do get to play “king or queen” over us. Because someone is spending trillions, and claiming we the people will pay; bribing armies “to believe”. And this nation says: “give me more”; because we don’t care. To your shame. You throw away your world. You throw away nature. You throw away resources. You throw away your nation. You throw away EVERYTHING; even your own child. Because that is exactly what the universities who do lead: have chosen to do. And as their mob, you are their power to do it; making you as guilty as they. Proving that constitutional law is our government, IS REQUIRED. OR, you lose the protection of independent freedoms, clear and distinct liberties, and the value of legal rights that refuse anything but justified law, proven when challenged by public trial. Establishing, that we the people do not owe our allegiance to an employee who is no different that we are. Instead he owes us: that the constitution rules/ NOT him or her. Within constitutional government: legal redress of grievances, is the LEGAL method of removing the vile and corrupt from influence by pretending to be “our government”; they do commit treason. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the “free press” anymore: they are marketers intent upon manipulating the public to believe whatever the highest payer wants humanity to believe. They fail life, nation, planet, child, world, and GOD. But then, when only a very tiny handful of the richest people in the nation own the media: what else could you honestly expect?
    8. LIBERTY means: we all have a say/ we all have a vote: and our government of the people, by the people, and for the people cannot be betrayed by those who claim they are “the nobility (we decide/ not you). FREEDOM means: unless you can justify by undeniable evidence, that reality itself commands our acceptance of this truth; is proven true. NONE have a right to interfere: your fear/ your belief/ your obedience; belongs only to you. JUSTICE means: we have proven a need to be true, by the real life evidence of life, survival, reality, respect, equality, courage, responsibility, freedoms, truth of death, cost of being wrong, and ultimately: whether any other living person has a legal justified right, to interfere “in this way” in my life. The realities chosen by society; AS OUR LAW, defines what that is or can become. Without the law leads this democracy: those who attempt to change it: are anarchists, surging to remove the law from their own attempts to play god over us all. The cult of university worshipers; is one such group. IF they were indeed superior: we WOULD NOT be on the edge of extinction/ surrounded by threats of horror; that are proven, by real life evidence; to be true.
    9. TO BE; a living human being, requires us all to achieve our own definitions of self/ our own decisions of identity/ our own conception of values/ and our own chosen desire for life or hate. The herd (cult) mentality removes all of that; and commands only the leader has a brain. The incessant plague of propaganda; as is media produced “covid fear/ believe/ obey”. This seeks to remove individuality; and force the uniform of an army (you have no rights/ you have no claim to a decision/ obey the rules we set; or face the consequences of our wrath). Consider the cost of being wrong; and understand, “nothing, in the entire history of this world is more vile than complete arrogance/ and nothing is more arrogant than a university claim of expertise”. Nothing is more arrogant than trying to ignite a nuclear fire you have no hope of controlling; end of the world. Nothing is more arrogant than injecting chaos into genetics: end of life itself, as immunity fails/ your face is lost/ your body no longer functions/ EVERYTHING DESTROYED is the cost of being wrong. Nothing is more deliberately hateful, than those who destroy everything we need to survive; wrong is the assassination of every child/ every living thing. Yet the masses worship those who are the worst history ever conceived of; as a cult (we cannot question our leaders); to your eternal shame. TO BE HUMAN demands: we will not fear, produce the clear true unbiased evidence of your claim/ that we shall then for ourselves. TO BE HUMAN demands: we will not simply believe; rather construct the value of your claim, and surrender the right: WE SHALL decide for ourselves, BASED upon what truth will allow. TO BE HUMAN demands: we will not obey, simply because you believe whatever it is your believe; the conception of government is NOT you are right in whatever you demand. Rather the definition of freedom is YOU MAY NOT choose for us. Instead your job is to inform as a democracy demands: so that we can decide as a society, within the liberty of our own guaranteed legal rights. Anything less is ANARCHY, and seeks an insurgency to remove and deny, THE LAW assembled to protect: human dignity and respect.Again: one trillion dollars is equal too= ten thousand dollars per each of one hundred million workers. Only workers support society. Making 6 trillion dollars “to spend in one year”= equal too, $60,000.00 per each of one hundred million workers/ on top of what has already been spent. “not to worry though”/ universities have it all figured out: “numbers are wealth, for the nobility (university rules)/ and debt for the rest (slaves)”.OR, in secret: They can redistribute power; by simply driving those who have built the nation into debts that cannot be paid. Giving that power over to their own army, as the means to take control: because “the university diploma” controls the banking, who gets the job, taxation, and all the rest. And they were trained to mimic and memorize; not think; “In the university version of a religious school (believe, never question)”. So long as the children do not revolt; and simply lay down to die, by lies, and liars, and thieves: “nobody cares”. After all: being human means, “you can take anything you want”. to HELL with the rest.IF the disease released by “university is god”; continues NOW,  to become a true pandemic. That simply means they failed to contain, what they believed could be controlled. Their vaccine has failed; and now threatens life. Nature is, your only solution; and everyday, the universities corrupt it more; “with your blessing and your money”. GO INVESTIGATE; and learn “not from China, or any other nation: IT IS “from UNIVERSITY,” and their demand to play god, take money, and release themselves from consequences of law for mutilation of life.
    10. The righteous cannot conceive of being wrong [the thrill of being “cult”]/ therefore no trap or traitor exists; unless it points to those they judge. Rather they believe, and what they must believe is in obedience: to their rules. Those who do not accept fully, the rules of the righteous: shall be feared. Because they are not “one of us”! But reality is not “righteous”/ it is, whatever truth and consequences require reality to be. Fantasies are forbidden/ imagination is an enemy; because delusions, theft, & lies, are common among all of these. Rules are not laws! Rules are the boundaries and limits, used to indict “the rule breaker/ for punishments”. Laws are: the elemental knowledge of a combined humanity intent upon creating an order for us all to live by/ a discipline needed for freedom/ and a balance, between respect and reality; as truth, and equal treatment, tests the limits of who we are. The human animal wants; and attacks. The human being alive, shapes life and society as justice will allow. Each version is dramatically different: alive means truth, love, and respect shall decide. An animal; as history repeats continually: means war will come/ as reality proves more than the losers can bear. Life is not a game/ but humanity wants to play: ending truth “to win”. But as with all truth, the consequences will not be dismissed or denied: adding into, the horror of extinction; past the point of no return. Media has no value to the living/ universities have no value, except for the living dead (arrogance killed them)/ government has no value, other than to leading into hell/ religion wants what it wants/ and the courts are sold to the highest bidder. Making the reality of life or death for this world: in the hands of those who do, or do not: communicate and inform/ DEMANDING a courtroom for absolute public forum, and clear evidence presented. Because unless truth begins to lead, and the consequences are understood for being wrong: every child is assassinated, and few are those not scheduled to Hades for an eternity. The price, you chose: for destroying this “creation of life, on earth”. And religion says: “you ain’t enough”, to bring this message to us! But I reply to them: I am not the important one/ I am simply the messenger. Your decision: is then to discard the message, and “the one who sends it to you”. A choice. While this world was filled with diversity, and every living thing had its place. The cost of life in time, is death: because we live on a finite world. Predator and prey are elementary solutions, which value the life of all/ instead of the life of any single one. Your choice is: the life of a single one, is more valuable than the life of all/ by making universities your god. Most all of life, is now facing extinction; because of your choice. Even humanity itself; as the consequence of extreme overpopulation; becomes an inescapable truth. As for religion: I am neither for or against you/ but remember: religion began my own journey, “to search”. As for universities: you have failed life and planet/ choosing disrespect. As for government: be true to your purpose and help society; instead of cult worshiping university. As to the courts: justice and life, are not games. As for media and entertainment: your pride consumes you. As to humanity, history repeats because you refuse to change. As for every child: I did do, the best I could/ even if it failed. As for me: I was once allowed to “look inside people”/ and asked never to see that again. The consequence being: “you want what you want/ even if “it should not be”. The evidence predicts, I do not. The evidence of life predicts: eternity, and I do accept. A reality we all share.
    11.  Years past, “a friend” experienced a medical issue; and desired “let’s just be happy”. I could not; because an entire world of life is at stake. That has not changed. Even if you can “just be happy”; the cost of failure is extinction for earth. The consequence of that is simple: until the point of no return has past, “I/ we” must continue to communicate and inform; “this is no game”. Reality does not care, truth simply is, what it is! That is, “the description of my life, in time”. The difference: you want to believe, “we can’t all be wrong”/ and align your lives to accept that goal. That is a herd decision, and it does require “fear, obey, believe, [the life of an animal] and do not step outside these boundaries: we are all same”; or you are abandoned. YOU must fear; that is control (we are in this together, you are not an individual, we are an army). I choose faith: to understand truth, as the foundation of our reality; and accept the evidence does prove GOD our CREATOR exists. The evidence: JESUS is the guarantor of “we are not abandoned, and the cause is; to find those who can live with GOD in peace and joy”. That is an individual decision, and it does require trust, love, respect, and values. The herd wants, what this earth can deliver. The individual must search, for what life itself, can offer. The difference is: an animal can never find eternity; it is chained to time. While the journey into life, must find truth, and identity: I was born to be “me”. As were you. The individual accepting the price of life: must NOT fear, or truth will be surrendered, and panic controls. LIFE is about energy, and energy obeys only the laws which are true. Therefore to achieve eternity; you must accept truth decides, not want. Skeptics will argue (what a fool)/ but reality knows: we are built from atoms; and that means, we do live by the laws of energy. Complexity begins, thought arises; whereas the animal cannot understand. Universities offer only want, power, & pride: the participation of war.
    12. The universities claim knowledge of genetics: by mutilating life, literally causing the destruction of order, disciplines, and balance; to crucify any and all types of  “living body”; by introducing a change to the genetics. A LIFE, Which is then watched to see what mayhem will result/ what will fail and how. Therefrom they believe “if we do this/ then an arm, or heart, or lungs or whatever it is they have destroyed” is considered to be a result of “this change”: so they then scream to the world “YES we can”. But destruction is not the same as building/ and they offer chaos in worship of their religion evolution [NOTHING proven]. Chaos literally means: to reduce complexity to the simplest possible condition: THAT AIN’T LIFE. To learn more (by claiming “saviors”): covid has released an army of “now factory formed mutilations”, intent upon attacking every form of life on the planet: with genetic changes/ intent upon playing god with the results. They are too blind/ too horrifying/ too arrogant and disrespectful: to understand life is not the result of numbers. As is their concept of genetic constructions in the body of life. Instead: each of life and body and mind, are independent structures aligned within a very specific range of truths, that by laws then govern the fundamental assortments of what can and cannot be. Changing the genetics does not change the law; but it is hate applied to the destruction of life and body and mind; as governed by the minds of men and women: instead of laws which gave us life as nature defined. Armageddon is nature in chaos; and your decision to allow SATAN (we are gods now) to destroy life, body, and mind; is YOUR decision to follow, fear, believe, and obey that traitor to life, human, and world; as its slave. Choose truth instead of fear. Choose investigate the evidence, instead of believe. Choose to respect nature and world; NOT simply obey. Choose for the value of NATURE AND WORLD, as did bring us EVERYTHING called human and more/ NOT those who crucify, and claim they are god now. You want “to be safe from death”/ but death will come, and then begins ETERNITY! Those who choose to kill this earth and mutilate its life as is “university”; gamble “life itself, is just a game. FOOL, as is the truth of infinite realities in genetics (not one trillionth of which the universities can understand) yet you follow! Again, consider the reality of your own truth: every single bone in your body was individual made to very clear specific engineered requirements; they were then delivered throughout the body; and placed where they belong/ tied together, and function perfectly for all but a tiny few: as is the truth of nature in charge. EVERYTHING the body is: is extremely complex, and no game to play with. But universities say: “its all an accident/ and life just picked whatever it wanted off the shelf; and presto it worked”; without even a brain. Your cult of university, wants you dead: TO DELIBERATELY DESTROY, EVERYTHING WE NEED TO SURVIVE/ is that reality. Including: as is the process of medical research now dedicated entirely to genetic manipulation/ every penny: a method used to mutilate nature into chaos. You believe; as with covid, the constant media surge: “the flu disappeared, as with all other disease; only fear covid is left”/ so when we ask why? The answer is: FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY, become our puppet on a string. No media cannot be trusted: they are marketers, and nothing more; cult worshipers. Hired only to infiltrate, tempt, and control. And the people say: “never”/ but reality says, “the universities have sterilized all the food plants [hell what could go wrong], ended diversity in plants to make genetic alteration easier, poisoned all the water supplies (its coming), poisoned all the insects to extinction (its coming); a base line food group, for an extremely wide variety of life (including fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians, small mammals and rodents, MORE), ended habitat, attacked and polluted the oceans killing coral reefs, increasing the heat will cause plants to die, and more. Changing weather patterns; the list is long. But don’t worry, your elders all believe “they were the wisest people who ever lived”; because they took everything they could want/ and then threw it all away, just to prove “we’re rich”.
    13. your great gods, who cannot be wrong”: have shown you their expertise. Claiming evolution “yes their claim, chaos accidentally corrupted itself with order/ violence accidentally changed to discipline/ destruction of everything complex accidentally changed to balancing truth to sustain a living law”. Yet you know: LIFE CANNOT BE BUILT “ONE PIECE AT A TIME”/ you need all the parts and pieces at the same time; or death. What good is a heart without blood, or muscles, or valves, or lungs, or a billion more realities. YOU on the other hand fear acne, or losing hair, or a tiny cut: and YET you let “your former classmates”; under the disguise of “university”/ contaminate, mutilate, cause extinction, lead life into horrors, lie, cheat, steal, betray, terrorize, and more. Because that, “is what cult worshipers do”! Can’t believe that is true/ or just don’t care? Well consider this: somewhere on the planet, someone and more; are mixing in “spider DNA, into human sperm or embryo’s”/ or any other combination they can “imagine”. After all, its just “evolution”: right? And the people say: HOW would they get it into a human? And the answer is, “ a thousand different ways; including fertility clinics. Disrespect is disrespect/ liar is liar/ thief is thief; etc. “Want to prove you can play god: mix in chaos, till something lives”. After all, its not like they are working on your car; with “a monkey brain”. But hey: with covid, after giving SATAN genetics, trillions of dollars, and free to do anything they want; you get the credit too! Well, we should not forget your contribution to SATAN physics; where wrong is the end of earth “Just like the sun”. Or, SATAN expertise; where global warming does not exist/ dumping trillions of tons of poison onto the water supplies/ end of resources/ end of ocean life/ overpopulation; “and another thousand or so; critical failures”: all courtesy of SATAN universities, and their cult of worshipers. Hell, don’t worry: you don’t care! How is that not: your response? As a herd of human animals (no we will not think for ourselves: WE WANT, instead): “you can’t all be wrong”; right? After all: since stealing your face by declaring the release of a genetically altered; biological agent against humanity. The cult of university insists: YOU MUST be isolated and alone/ you MUST insure everyone else is isolated and alone/ you MUST abandon your lives, and huddle in fear crying “we believe”; or be discarded by society/ you MUST OBEY your leaders; as they pretend to be gods, fighting to discard the nation itself, thereby giving it: “to foreigners”. Because you believed, civil war is brewing; arsonists are destroying; and failures are leading with lies. But don’t you worry: quadrillions of numbers, representing “your promise to pay”; can’t be inflation. Cause the media, “is your pal”. Quiet; the children don’t need to know; “you condemned them to HELL; bankrupt, and without food or water or a future”.
    14. And all the people said: “yes, with universities; we can”! In the last one hundred years; the evidence knows, “yes, with universities, you did”! Today, the future of life on earth can be established; without even trying. Endless pollution/ complete resource devastation/ extinction of all creatures great and small/ no drinking water left/ an overheating world, the atmosphere losing its grip on the planet/ no life in the oceans/ habitat ruined, ravaged, raped, and destroyed/ humanity turned into war and cannibal, with no place to run or hide. And that is only if: the universities do not ignite a nuclear fire to consume this earth just like the sun. or have not succeeded in completely destroying the balance, order, and disciplines of nature; as universities are doing throughout this world. Surging to destroy all resemblance to the realities of life; so “their imagination can rule”. Unfortunately what they imagine is a world run with lies, theft, and fantasy; as all currencies die. And the cult of university worshipers scream: “we ARE gods”/ but alas “devils” instead. LIFE EXISTS, ONLY BECAUSE OF TRUTH; AND ITS ABILITY TO CREATE ORDER, DISCIPL.INE, BALANCE, AND RESPECT; within the assembly of thought, as it builds with harmony because of love. While in contrast, chaos: destroys, as is the god of university religion called evolution. Simple as that: CHOOSE! Do not, believe/ investigate and let truth decide. Because anything less, is the end of this world. EVEN YOU, can understand that, by the evidence already assembled.
    15. Throughout the last fifty years of my own work, to say STOP: your only contribution has been, “get lost, hasn’t happened yet/ we want what we want”. Today, as fear sets in; and the universities play god: your only hope “of proving what is true”; is quashed by media propaganda and the mob who believes whatever they want. A mass of humanity so successful, they consumed an entire planet of life, and went extinct; because “yes they did/ as university and media closed their eyes to reality; to evict truth”. Regardless of the evidence or the consequence of being wrong. To your shame; you are the assassins of your own child! Go to court; investigate the evidence; assemble the cost of being WRONG; and understand, there is no going back beyond the point of no return. The reality of hope is simple: with true change, and distinct respect for life and planet; we might survive. Without true change and true respect even for GOD your Creator; you will cause this earth to go extinct. I have no say in either of those decisions, they belong only to humanity on earth. My message is not believe: instead investigate and learn as best you can; what is true. No matter where I got my education, or how I am described: the evidence of pending extinction; stands on its own, as a reality you will not avoid/ or it kills you. My only real advise is: let truth decide, ; unbiased, and untainted/ not want, power, or pride. As best we can. The foundation of WHY, must we investigate: is best summed up by those trying to ignite the same energy source here as is on the sun.
    16.  if you fail to change. Www.iter.org  IS; An earth on fire, just like the sun”  Universities have promised “they will ignite, the same fire as on the sun here; yet have not one conception of controlling it, other than “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”. A TRILLION DOLLAR+ MACHINE! They will argue “like cheese in a rat trap”/ that all they have to do is remove the fuel, and it goes out. But science predicts a 4,000,000 times expansion of the energy; and at www.iter.org they do declare an intent to use “at least 50 million watts of power” to initiate that energy release, “a million mile long flame/ just like the sun”. EQUALS 200,000,000,000,000 WATTS of power.  Which is more than enough to create a self sustaining uncontrollable plasma; THE PURPOSE of a tomak reactor, but atoms burning free, to make earth itself, “a sun”. by collapsing the laws, which hold the bond in atoms. EVEN YOU, CAN UNDERSTAND THE COST OF BEING WRONG.  And believe it or not; their entire science theory is based upon fantasies which cannot be proven true.  NO GOING BACK/ one ignition is all you get. “a nuclear fire: flames a million miles long/ burns your skin in summer from 94 million miles away. A radiation release, sufficient to melt rocks; “just like the sun”. With no possibility of containment; “a nuclear bomb” upon ignition; in a major city, With suction from the flames, “to make people fly”. They have already scientifically proven; their claim of fusion was completely wrong 2012 (they surrendered it: to burn atoms instead)/ but media did not report that; and the power of money too strong to give it up. The power of propaganda; would be injured, by that reality: silence.
    17. The only way to remove a cult army; from its invasion and control over your lives: is to remove its opportunity to counterfeit. Thereby revealing the lies, theft, betrayal, anarchy, and outright fraud. Critical, to the realities of all that disregards life and planet, is a university too arrogant to not believe it is “god”. Critical to understanding the disgrace of university is god; is the realities of covid (never proving a pandemic/ only propaganda; as is “the medicine of every cult”). There is no vaccine (nature derived). There is “a fools vaccine” (man mutilated genetics, without nature involved): there is literally no way to know, “what or when the consequences of their decision to play god” will be. What we do know: is the endless manipulation, with intent to control by media mass hypnosis of society. What we do know: is they got everything they wanted (trillions/ pride/ power/ more) from a “pandemic they created”. A reality: they defined, they paid for by taking over your lives, face, and nation. A consequence for all the rest; enough to begin a civil war. CULT means: NEVER question the leaders/ just believe; fear what you are told to fear; obey what we say, as if god commands. The evidence does not matter, you have no say; just believe.consider the inflation between 2000-2021 to achieve these numbers; media refuses to informIn case you missed it currency and credit derivatives are the claim of assets: which rose by 503,729,112,797,587; 503.7 trillion dollars in 20.5 years. Divided by 330 million US citizens (babies and all) that equals a rise of  $1,526,451.85 EACH. Did your assets rise by 1.5 million dollars (per member of your family, church, etc): BECAUSE SOMEONE IS CLAIMING THESE DOLLARS/ AND EXPECTS YOUR WORK AND RESOURCES. Or, more simply comparatively those who hold the numbers are king; you are their slave. And every child pays with a dead future; because nothing will be left soon. THE REALITY IS SIMPLE; either those who betrayed the nation continue, and everything goes extinct because of the consequences! OR, WE TAKE THEM TO COURT as a nation under first amendment redress law: to decide for ourselves, what we are going to do now! What we will change by our vote: letting truth and reality decide. NEVER forgetting: these insurgents took control by buying your vote, by counterfeiting your money; to give you numbers without reality. Alas “the rats” built their own trap/ and you fell in. To those who believe “let it die”/ CHAOS is a friend to none; and there ain’t enough wildlife left; for more than a tiny few people. COURT OR CANNIBALISM AND EXTINCT: CHOOSE!
    18. THE PATRIOT, “human being alive/ instead of enslaved”; assembles and marches and demands: that constitutional law; does not accept anarchy. DEMANDING THE LEGAL RIGHT, to an purely open; public courtroom: whereby REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, a first amendment law will decide, when society must. NO EMPLOYEE is allowed to vacate democracy, to enforce their belief the universities are god. NO TRUE EVIDENCE has been presented; and that means; WE HAVE been invaded/ and the horde of failures and fools; “want to take everything; they want”. As is always true of every invading ENEMY. CHOOSE THE LAW, AND ENFORCE IT. DO NOT SURRENDER DEMOCRACY ITSELF; that is why first amendment redress of grievances exists: INSTEAD OF CIVIL WAR. The liars, failures, traitors, and thieves; have the power of propaganda/ YOU have constitutional law: communicate and inform.
    19. THE FREE HUMAN; understands WE THE PEOPLE, is not a reference to herd animals, who shout “they cannot stop us (the mob) now”. Is not a reference to predator packs, whose only focus is taking what they want (thieves, like university; anarchists). Is not a reference to the righteous, who want to rule the rest (the invading army). Is not a reference to the believer “who knows it all (religion, the superior ones)”. Is not a reference to slaves (nothing we can do). INSTEAD, WE THE PEOPLE means: WE, have given ourselves irrevocable rights, NO RULER shall take. Which we must protect and defend, as it is our duty and responsibility to do: what is rightfully our individual liberty, to participate in redress of grievances. The demand for evidence/ the right to judge for ourselves; those who are employed to govern, by our law, and their own sworn oath.
    20. Contrary, to the claims of pandemic; no such thing is proven, beyond a doubt: true! “Healing you from a pandemic that did not exist; is not proof of anything but extortion.” REALITY, describes those who were yelling pandemic; at the instant a tiny few people became sick: WERE IN FACT, watching for that disease. REALITY knows: that no vaccine would have been “almost done”; WITHOUT the disease itself to test with. REALITY KNOWS: the people who released” intentionally or not”; a true cost to the others. ARE LIABILE for their actions. Which means: instead of paying them, they should in fact be paying us. It is the cult worshipers, who do not know that is true. A blind and subservient political and media machine: who simply do, and believe: whatever they are told. IN contrast to that: MEDIA has yelled “FIRE/ FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY” THROUGHOUT this society. IN direct religious obedience to their god “the universities know all”. Which does construct a deliberate; aiding and abetting the enemy (they want our freedom, even our democracy). Which does exist as: “stealing your face, family, job, business, future, living, happiness, and more”.
    21. FIGHT BACK; “WITH REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; FIRST AMENDMENT LAW! A REALITY THAT CANNOT BE DENIED. A fact of law. STATED AS: “congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech; or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” US CONSTITUTION.
    22. THE GOVERNMENT IS; WE THE PEOPLE, and that means we must petition ourselves! By establishing the legal right, for a public trial in our courtroom; to discover what is, or is not true! TRIAL begins: in court, by affirming in jury trial: that we the jury accept our duty to know. THEREFORE we ask the public to vote on REDRESS: to question and determine and judge, if our employees have kept their oath/ if your nation or state, NEEDS CHANGE; as is consistent with ruling this democracy for ourselves. BY VOTE: WITHIN CONSTITUTIONAL GUIDELINES. 
    23. To decide for ourselves, what we will allow: the universities to take from us all. Our state or nation allowed to demand of our freedom:  ESTABLISHING THE BOUNDARIES AND LIMITS of what must be/ prior to any claim of authority, or right. To decide for ourselves: if we will allow experimenting with nuclear fire (burning the bond in atoms, JUST LIKE THE SUN. a truly immediate need). If we will allow, “the hitlers/ devils, of this world”; to achieve their ultimate goal: NOW, we can genetically attack INDIVIDUAL GROUPS, with biological weapons. “Wouldn’t that be better than the holocaust”? Well unless they target YOU. TO DECIDE; if we do nothing, as is the university way/ and let this earth die. And so much more. Deciding lesser things, such as a complete change; to the methods used in combating forest and grassland fires; FROM the arsonists who cause it. Being prepared to catch them. There are suggestions here, if you look.
    24. The very foundation of this USA is: that we unite for the singular purpose of refusing to be subjected to; A RULER! That we SHALL protect our individual freedoms; from those who demand to take that away. That WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS NATION; and it shall NOT be taken away from us: by any purpose or desertion of our constitutional mandate. As an employee of ours: YOU shall NOT disobey our commands, to stay within our constitutional contract; as is “we the people” law. YOUR fear/ YOUR beliefs/ YOUR demands: are yours alone; they shall not govern us. OUR DECISION is: no one shall rule, constitutional law decides. TO PROTECT THAT, AND INSURE civil war does not erupt: THE LAW of redress of grievances exists: “we the people will investigate the evidence, for ourselves/ and decide, as judge for the nation ourselves; what is, or is not; true”.
    25. TYRANTS ALWAYS: seek to prove they can make you do, whatever they say; by removing your freedom to say no; with force. They then seek to prove they can make you do whatever they say: again and again and again: until you are willing to war. Because war, gives them the power to remove all those who don’t do what they say: with murder, mayhem, and chaos. As is proven throughout history. That tyranny commonly starts, with: “we will take from the rich/ to give to the poor”/ thereby forming an army to prove power. But the reality then changes to: “the wealth is gone for us all/ and now the army shall enforce slavery on the poor”; because we the powerful, will NOT support or provide for ourselves. SLAVES will do it for us. The poor shout: just give us what the wealthy had; so we can be rich. But alas, they will not accept the disciplines, boundaries or order; & consequently do not know how; and so they fail. WAR comes now.
    26. There ARE:   “ALWAYS TRAITORS, TO DEMOCRACY.”WHO do not accept, the reason for democracy is: “your decisions shall NOT control my life/ MY OWN DECISIONS, choose for me: I have RIGHTS, my LIFE is mine/ it is NOT yours”! While the righteous, all demand: “we alone, are god’s superior ones/ WE decide, NOT you”.  The traitor hides, attacking from behind closed doors: shouting through puppets “make them war; especially among themselves”; and we will own their lives, or watch them die.
    27. Democracy is: the deliberate decision to rule over ourselves, by establishing what the justice of true freedom (I have rights you cannot legally, not by any means: take away) actually is! Liberty (the majority has rights, IF they stay within constitutional restraint)/ provide for the common defense; is NOT surrender to fears, or cult worshipers (religion: we believe/ is banned). The evidence must prove/ and democracy demands WE THE PEOPLE VOTE; wherever freedom is threatened. Insure domestic tranquility (means, your vaccine protects you by your belief). Therefore your life by your belief is not threatened if I refuse. So the reality of violence distributed (WE will make you) by government intervention: IS TREASON, ANARCHY, THE BLITZKRIEG OF AN ARMY formed to destroy democracy itself; by its own employees. The righteous scream: “we want what we want”/ as they always do; yelling obey the rules we created. But providing for the common defense: IS ENTIRELY DIRECTED TO THE PROTECTION OF FREEDOMS, as are inherent to life itself. Thereby securing and promoting, the general welfare of a nation: reforms the construction of any claim “to law”, must create a more perfect, and stable union. EVERYTHING “about covid” HAS BEEN DEFINED AND DESCRIBED; as a war against this United States itself. By destroying the foundations of currency/ propagating FEAR DAMN YOU FEAR/ commanding BELIEVE DAMN YOU BELIEVE/ and intentionally committing treason, in order to fall upon the citizenry (we will make you OBEY) with the violence of destroying democracy itself. BY Asserting and commanding: among those who demand “we are the superior ones/ WE RULE here”: NOT democracy. Proving, without question: TRAITORS, TERRORISTS, LIARS, AND THIEVES: WALK AMONG US/ AND HAVE INFILTRATED OUR GOVERNMENT!
    28. Failure, is the creed of “university leadership”; AS PROVEN again and again by what they are willing to believe. An all electric vehicle is the worst polluter on the road: because every kilowatt of electricity EXTRA/ as is required to keep the grid operational. Comes from fossil fuels. And because that Is steam driven: it creates more greenhouse gases to refuel that vehicle/ than a “gas guzzler”. As always: they lie/ or are just plain wrong. Bear it in mind: when believing what they say. Bear in mind: world population growth, is between 7-8 babies born over deaths, per each second, of each day, throughout the year; rising each year. BELIEF IS DEAD; WE MUST ALL SEARCH FOR SOLUTIONS:  as men have only one:  WAR.  WE MUST turn to writing the laws ourselves; choosing by vote ourselves: NOT voting for someone to vote for me.
    29. DON’T you worry now; because university leadership has the solution, “lie/ cheat/ steal/ betray/ hide/ run away/ believe/ curse the children/ destroy every resource/ etcetera; and pretend “its all magic and imagination”, as is the constant university is god, solution: nothing real matters. OR, “life is a fantasy, so long as you are deluded and have no brain.” Unfortunately, this world goes extinct; because that is reality, without any delusions. Don’t worry: ignition of a nuclear fire; will end life and earth, in just a few weeks: as is their intent “to bring the same energy source here as is on the sun”. Even lying, about everything: to insure you don’t wise up. After all, “that, is how we got here; surrounded by threats of extinction: EVERYWHERE”!DON’T YOU worry now; after all, the universities have been diligent in their corruption of everything: destroying jobs/ destroying business/ destroying democracy/ destroying the constitution in court/ mutilating media into propaganda/ consolidating every form of need into the ownership of just a few/ removing every small business, and destroying every trade (ending the opportunity to do it on your own)/ fighting to destroy everything we depend upon; so that they will own you/ and you will beg and plead to be a slave. Destroying every student with religious indoctrination (university is god)/ and as with covid: now using their religious (university is god) persecution to force “man mutilated vaccine”; NONE should escape; or, as reality could easily become: let them ALL die, when this goes bad. They can’t, fight bad then! Selling the nation/ bribing foreigners to take control over every property and value in the nation/ creating endless debts internationally, to enslave us. Forcing all food sources into “the slaughter house”; of what happens now. Attempting to inciting civil war. FORCING CHAOS INTO NATURE, now on a massive scale. Destroying the securities of this nation, by inflating the claim of assets; that absolutely do not exist. Functionally fighting: to destroy life and earth/ because you believe, and never question a single reality or claim. To your own shame! Well thank goodness: WAR, CANNIBALISM, AND EVERY HORROR YOU CANNOT EVEN IMAGINE; will solve all that. Because universities playing god; is great: right? Don’t you worry now; all they need to do is ridicule me; “and it all goes away”; RIGHT?OR, you can be like the university elite; and understand, “at this point, it is almost impossible” to keep this earth alive; so either you kill billions/ or you just believe life is not worth the price; and extinction follows. Won’t believe? Well even in the seemingly little things like killing insects: the base food group, for a wide ranging category of life; brings extinction to the rest. No insects; few birds/ no insects no fish food, ending life in the streams/ no insects no turtles, frogs, etc/ no insects, no pollination/ no insects, no reptiles/ ocean life will notice; no survival food for mammals. And MORE [because we don’t know, what base elementary chemical compositions are required even for our own lives; as does occur when on life form eats another]. One tiny insect, of a very specific size and type; are the only ones who can pollinate a fig tree; how many more? Contrary to a university education: REALITY MATTERS, imagination does not.
    30. I remind each one: as is truth refined by consequences/ means your choices will entrap you in those consequences;
    1. our nature destroyed by chaos, on purpose; every child dead, no resources; a world overrun with people, who then choose WAR.  Every single PART OF THAT; a reality of universities in charge. Every single follower shouting, “we, can’t all be wrong”/ but these know nothing at all of the truth. A liar hides/ those who live by truth; never fear an investigation of the facts. If your universities had the intellect of a monkey; they would not tamper with genetics, or energies that cannot be controlled, or remove resources that life needs to survive, or kill a world: functionally threatening extinction for all.
    2. But alas, as is a consequence of many religions (we believe/ we have rules/ we have a book); the desire of humanity, “to be more than you are”, is never ending. Therefore they assume and imagine knowledge they do not have/ risking death, as a demonstration “you can’t make me fear”. But reality will often prove: YOU MUST FEAR THIS! Without respect for the cost of being wrong; you die, or receive tragedy because of the choice you made. The genetic body of life is sacred; NO, nothing valued will be gained by genetic engineering. BECAUSE WE HAVE FAR MORE TO LOSE/ than a university/ humanity, will ever gain. EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR BODY is engineered “to the highest standards”. HUMANITY can only destroy that. For instance; without a pancreas you cannot dissolve food and you die/ but without a stomach lined with life that replaces itself every four days; that acid from the pancreas would eat through your stomach and kill you in a week. But if it grows too fast; that is called cancer, and will kill you in 3 weeks. BALANCE is required. 
    3. Without all the automatic functions of a LIVING BODY OF LIFE WHICH BUILDS ITSELF; you are extinct. The list of what we have to lose is: literally endless. The promise of universities to accomplish anything genetically or otherwise; has no true value/ even if you see small successes. While it is true plants like corn have produced higher yields with genetic manipulation. It is also true those plants are able to produce that by abandoning fertility/ by discarding immunity’s and safe guards/ by using fertilizers that will cause the plant to fail: when phosphorus for instance is no more. All of that opens the entire plant species to extinction. Or more clearly A SINGLE DISEASE that proves to be a “plant pandemic”: can now destroy “rice, corn, wheat, oats, and MUCH more”. BECAUSE humanity decided to change genetics; and like everything else have screamed: TO HELL WITH THE FUTURE/ WE WANT WHAT WE WANT: RIGHT NOW. LET THE CHILDREN DIE! Making the true cost of “university”, an extinction for all. Wake up, or be dead.
    4. Only a very tiny fraction of originating plant genetics remain, as fertile; as the base source, for what is then mutilated into the crops of today. “inbreed to itself, a thousand times already (humanity wants what it wants); HAS made it weak, and in jeopardy. When that NATURE dies; that plant species dies; because you took too much/ and like everything else; just because a body looks “Normal”/ doesn’t mean it isn’t dead.The living growing body of life, is built upon atomic energy, and the transfer of that energy through the generations. It fails, unless it builds. It cannot build, if there are no new resources to use. To be fair: only a very tiny fraction of one percent of those involved in genetics, are there to learn or support life. The 99%+ are mutilators/ crucifying life, with only one intent, “fear me/ I am god”. Even less, in physics; as being willing to gamble this entire world, “to sun fire/ and other horrendous things”; does prove.
    5. This is america: where the constant cry is, “none of that, “we don’t want, what we don’t want”/ can happen here: I will just go get MORE. But alas: the new version of “american nazi (we are the superior ones/ we know, “all we need to know”: obey us.) leadership; same as in Germany past; as the insurgency of university rules demands.  Constructs: That reality of anarchy; has risen up/ and through the propaganda of media. HAS BEEN SEARCHING “for an enemy to organize society into a mob”. WE DON’T NEED NO DAMN LAW/ UNLESS WE MAKE IT.
  1. The invading horde [the war of university to take control over this USA; and the world], is now moving to enforce: WE, and our followers ALONE, are the POWER.  [First round: GOES to biological weapons; and the fear they cause]. Freedom is dead/ liberty is ended: democracy failed:  OR THE COURTROOM WILL BE FOUND.  As the term “university, NAZI (god, should be like us)”, begins! By demanding: they are the superior ones/ their followers “the chosen ones”: as are intended to command and rule as god…!  While media, “plays the devils henchmen: the air war (Luftwaffe: we cannot be stopped)”. And reality knows, “this is a war: to destroy democracy”;  just like  in Germany, when “nazi (we are the great ones, and we don’t care)” began to rule. THE MOB shouts hurrah/ while the people hide and run away. That has now concentrated on covid vaccine: same as “we are the righteous/ and we want what we want: EVEN IF YOU NEED TO DIE”. So, get a vaccine/ OR WE MAKE YOU FEAR; by, the death grip of people who do want to play god, and form a mob to vent their hidden HATE. So that YOU CANNOT make us fear: like media does. As is the price called: “this is genocide” for you. So the media PUSHES, and the reality of hate forces a decision: promising. The reward: we steal your stuff/ enslave your life: and get MORE.
  2. By establishing: “bankrupt/ forced out of your own business/ lost your job, pay the universities/ NO inheritance for you or yours/ funding immigrants/ and promising ANYONE, who does not have a proven stake in this nation: shall be funded, by raiding those who do. Are all part of insuring: this war, against the people who built, this USA; succeeds. ARE THEY NOT, “building an army/ and destroying yours”.     BY MAKING YOU FEAR/ by making you believe, “you can’t question the university gods”/ by enforcing with governmental control:  DEMOCRACY IS DEAD:   FALL DOWN AND BEG, FOR FORGIVENESS;  that you did NOT immediately OBEY your gods.  As is, “hitler in charge”.
  3. And the world, of university is god, replies: “we don’t have to investigate/ because we are gods (we can’t, all be wrong)”/ the universities are our leader; and nobody else has a right to make a decision. “nothing has changed, except: the university is god”/ AND WE WON’T surrender that, because the universities of this world; are the power now. WE WON’T investigate ourselves/ and WE WON’T change ourselves, not even for a world or its life/ and WE WON’T let humanity rise back up, “to have a brain”: THEY ARE SLAVES.IT IS A FOOL, WHO FORGETS: THOSE WHO SELL YOU THE CURE/ HAVE THE MOST TO GAIN, IN EVERY CONCEIVABLE WAY; if they can just, make you sick. IT IS the insane (university is god): who refuse to know, people who are making a cure/ ARE ALSO playing with the disease itself. IT IS DEVIL: when those producing a “pandemic”:  is  in fact, used to release an attack on nature itself; by presenting genetic chaos (university is now god, let the mutilation to all biology begin) to life. THEY CAN’T stop us now. Which means:  Armageddon has begun!  the attack on life, by human arrogance as is the end of order, discipline, balance, LIFE ITSELF.     by university chaos.   THIS AIN’T NO GAMEThe dead want your soul too/ therefore the intent to mandate covid vaccine; and make you their slave appears.
  4. GO TO REDRESS COURT/ AND PROVE DEMOCRACY IS NOT DEAD; as is their head. PROVE LIBERTY AND FREEDOM, HAVE NOT BEEN SACRIFICED TO FOOLS; WHO WORSHIP AS THE RELIGION taking over this America, claiming “THE UNIVERSITY IS god”. Next will come: tattoo “the forehead”, as their search for complete domination continues. Don’t worry, “the number 666” refers too: the total domination of a brain, by cult leaders who have removed the will of people; who then believe anything they are told.  Of course, “that could not be you”/ after all, YOU aren’t sacred of examining “the university gods”; now are you?
  5. THESE LEADERS, AND THEIR HORDE OF TRAITORS: sold out the nation, putting every single citizen into bankruptcy/ every life threatened with horrors. By creating an army of fools for bribes. NOTHING LESS THAN TREASON has occurred, and is attempting their final solution:  MAKE ALL, “bow down to the god of university”. THE “american gestapo (we are the law; we make our own)” prepares to enforce/ as all dictators do: but don’t worry, the gas chambers shall be quick. After all, who better; than the religion of righteousness: all screaming “we can’t be wrong”. Their gods have spoken; the mob screams, “we have a right/ WE BELIEVE”.
  6. THE ENTIRE PURPOSE OF DEMOCRACY: IS TO REMOVE THOSE WHO WANT TO PLAY god WITH OUR LIVES; THE RELIGIOUS (university is god) who believe/ AND fully intend to MAKE US DO, whatever they say; regardless of what they believe, that we do not. THE ENTIRE PURPOSE OF LAW IS: to insure that freedoms remain (I decide/ not you)/ liberty (we decide/ not you) IS SUPPORTED WITHOUT INTERFERENCE: BY THE EVIDENCE, NOT PROPAGANDA; USED TO INVADE DEMOCRACY ITSELF. WE THE PEOPLE THEN JUDGE FOR OURSELVES. By our 2/3 vote alone, change is made. OR, the worms have crawled inside; and the disease of hatred; consumes this land. The arrogance of people playing god, WITH OUR LIVES.  WAKE UP, or be damned to HELL. IF, you cared about your child: THEN, YOU WOULD fight to protect the planet, fight to insure nature survived, fight to protect the resources they require, fight for world law and policing of our leaders, fight for every chain of life/ habitat/ and all this world needs: that is under attack, by what universities have changed. IF, you cared about your child; you would defend democracy and freedom/ INSTEAD, you seek revenge against anyone who does not obey what the universities, and its media mayhem, have taught you to believe. IF you cared about your child/ THEN you would seek the purity of evidence, and a courtroom open for all to see as clearly as possible: what reality is. INSTEAD SELFISHNESS; is the curse of fear upon you/ & the parasitic invasion of media has invaded your heart, to kill your soul. The damnation of obeying “university is god”; THREATENS THE WORLD, WITH EXTINCTION; and YOU have become their army to do it. Because you sold your courage, for a damn bribe: OF COUNTERFEIT money. TO YOUR SHAME!consider the inflation between 2000-2021 to achieve these numbers; media refuses to inform
  7. I have gone as far as I am willing to go for you. Either communicate and inform/ understand the PRICE FOR BEING WRONG/ investigate and examine the evidence for truth, rather than fear: think/ rather than believe, as a world; or fail: choose for life and planet or “it all dies”: resurrect your children from their grave; you made, by the resources you stole: accept the price of reality, rather than delusions, fantasy, theft, or betrayal! Or, the price of failure will be: face eternity as the people who crucified an entire creation of life; by playing, and worshiping, “university is god”. “your choice”. NO second chances!  you should congratulate yourselves: by your immersion in the university is god cult. You have proven to be the curse (what you need in the future, no longer exists) of a world. By worship of university knows everything; you have proven to be “the devils horde”/ providing the weapons of extinction, without so much as a question of why. BY proving the university owns your soul: the arrogance of disrespect, grants you to be SATAN along with the herd, you scream “can’t be wrong”. Yet nothing in the evidence of your time; suggests this world can survive. BECAUSE of you!AS IS PROVEN BY; trillions spent to ignite a nuclear fire “{burning atoms}/ millions across this earth engaged in genetic mutilation of nature/ trillions of tons of poison, and pollution dumped each year/ life threatened with extinction, “in a thousand different ways”; all courtesy of UNIVERSITIES are now god. “covid” the excuse they needed: “to run a factory, of nature dies now.  BY INJECTING CHAOS.     So, I ask you simply:  WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?   ANSWER THE QUESTION;  because your news media belongs to the “university cult”.
  8. In a nation of 330 million people. Claims (NO substantiated evidence) of covid death USA, THIS YEAR.   search through who is dying Humanity desires a reason: the reason is, NONE should die/ without knowing who deliberately chose to kill; by playing god with life and planet. HEATLHCARE; is a five trillion dollar business in this USA; that’s fifty thousand dollars per each of 100 miliion citizens. YOU don’t suppose its “media marketing” do you? Paid for by counterfeiting assets. “my oh my: what a tremendously sick nation”/ after all:  HOW ELSE, could all that medical debt occur? Or is it: how to build an army of followers, with bribes? WE ALL deserve the opportunity to know, the price of being wrong/ and the realities of evidence to support or deny each extreme risk; because truth AND consequences are real. To then: by our own choice/ decide for ourselves! NOT, just a few claiming, to be “gods”/ but ALL.  By the elements of human understanding, defined and created in world court! The conceptions of knowledge, “shaped for all to understand”.  Choosing: the foundations built upon what we know, as truth: will decide.. AMONG THE WORST OFFENDERS: Your physicists are deliberately trying to ignite atoms on fire www.iter.org Regardless what they claim, the tomak reactor CANNOT do anything else. Its entire purpose, trillions spent/ universities from around this world participating: IS STRICTLY AND ONLY TO IGNITE ATOMS ON FIRE. Their claim is: not enough gravity here to sustain the fire/ so a nuclear fire, 4 million times greater than a chemical fire: “will just extinguish itself”. Not true. The geneticists claim: evolution gives them the right to do whatever they want to life, “because its all an accident/ made from chaos/ over billions of years”. NONE of that is true; “life cannot be built, one piece at a time/ you need it all at once to survive: heart, blood, vessels, lungs, organs, ALL OF IT, or you die. Proving evolution is a fraud. Geneticists are deliberately injecting chaos into nature [TO DESTROY ORDER/ DISCIPLINE/ BALANCE/ AND RESPECT], in an attempt to ignite evolution, to prove their religion is true. Your acceptance of covid: gave them the opportunity: to mass produce chaos in nature/ by factory methods; along with the trillions, of dollars to make it happen. Purpose: to prove they are now gods (the superior ones)/ OVER you. LIARS MARKET, by using delusions mixed with imagination/ traitors tempt you, with claims of fact, that are littered with illusions, rather than truth: demanding you must believe. The righteous are absolutely certain, “you did not obey their rules”; so they can judge you as less/ but the foundation of power is fear, because without fear, YOU cannot be controlled. BEAR IN MIND; the universities set their price for “covid vaccine in this USA at roughly 5-6 trillion dollars (AND complete freedom to genetically alter ALL OF NATURE]”; WHICH EQUALS: PER one hundred million shots, $fifty thousands dollars [5 shots, for a quarter million dollars]. OR THEY GET YOUR MONEY, FOR EVERY SHOT they give. And MEDIA gets their money, only if they make you believe (don’t question), fear (panic, don’t think), obey (do what you are told) and worship (give it all away; to your university gods); so you get that shot.                “it will be great”!  so sorry; too bad.               CAN’T BE  ? there is no reason to feel safe about drugs/ it is an illusion of advertising Whereas the wise: DEMAND PROOF OF EVIDENCE, UNTAINTED by whores (only the money matters). So they can make their own decision, without being led to believe; whatever, they are told. NEVER forget: “apart from humans being animals, instead of alive as GOD intended”: EVERYTHING BAD, comes from a university! Resist the dead skeletons (life used to be here/ now only arrogance): FIGHT for your world. Resist mass hypnosis; as is the constant of media advertising, and news; “the talking heads” of TV constantly yelling: “listen to me/ I know everything you need or want to know”. As is DON’T think! I remind each one: as is truth refined by consequences/ means your choices will entrap you in those consequences; if you fail to change. An earth on fire, “just like the sun” ; our nature destroyed by chaos, on purpose; every child dead, no resources; a world overrun with people, who then choose WAR. And all the people said: “I don’t need to know nothing; from you”! And yet: they haven’t been told, every new vehicle with collision avoidance/ is producing enough radiation for a tooth x-ray. Because every sensor requires a reference signal. Nor does your precious media report:  the fraud of US accounting, debts, or realities to come. “cult (university is god) worshipers”! And all the people say: “WE WANT, what we want”/ therefore we believe in what we want; even when It is a lie. And the earth says: living is not a promise, it is a reality governed by the laws which make life possible; an understanding sufficient to survive; a value, that brings happiness, so desire will flourish. These are compounds of truth, aided by law, to achieve the order, discipline, balance, energy, and opportunities time achieved. Humanity chose to discard all of that; so your universities could play god/ and by their counterfeiting, fraud, and corruption led; to the vast majority ransacking, raping, and ravaging the future; so no child would survive. Making you responsible; because you aided and abetted, those who attacked life and world. And all the people over twenty shout: WE WANT/ WE HAVE A RIGHT, YOU CAN’T MAKE US STOP! And I reply: I will never try, truth will decide; but make no mistake; the consequences will be real. 8-9 billion people “change all the rules; even the world itself”. Making what you want; absolutely irrelevant. Because in another decade: you will easily be 10 billion people. Already unable to feed a billion without robbing the future. Every chain of life threatened/ all ocean life on the brink/ poisoned or no water/ extreme threats, prove “extinction all around”. OR, more distinctly, everything you need to survive; will be dead within a  decade/ and weapons of mass destruction will be used; as each group attacks the other. THINK FOR YOURSELF:  1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11, 12, 13, 14, 15,
  9. By university leads: WE DO, stand on the edge of extinction (got to have a diploma) to make a decision/ so says media and more. But then what can you really expect, “from fantasies, and imagination”?  Answer: “we, played god”/ but never once respected life or planet or child. NO, you don’t have to believe me: but I remind you, “truth is truth”/ and it will never care what you believe.  It is, what it is. PROVE me wrong; in public trial, so that you know the facts, the price of  “when you, even all;  are wrong”!  Evolution invaded your lives by cult worshiping universities (never question the leaders):  but every single one of you knows, “your body cannot live without all its pieces at the same time”.  Which means NOT a single life can be built “one piece at a time”; not even one. And that fact identifies and proves evolution to be a fraud; even though the herd of human animals said, “we believe”. Proving your belief is a fraud as well. GO FIND TRUTH.   And the people say:  the real GOD, you have disrespected entirely; won’t let that happen. But alas, “it is your decision to make/ or your decision to change; as your freedom proves true”. Reality says: yes you can lose everything.“with a nuclear fire/ with genetic chaos injected into nature/ with resource and environmental destruction/ ocean life lost/ global warming/ ozone depletion/ loss of trees will equal, the atmosphere detaches from the planet: to dramatically increase wind/ the list is very long; and even with change, there is no guarantee of any kind your best efforts will not fail.  What you are guaranteed is:  WITHOUT TRUE CHANGE, you are “the living dead”, right now!  The wise among you, “will cry”; because that is, what you did choose.  “like quantitative exchange”; or whatever the expression of the US federal reserve said:  it means, they are covering up INFLATION; with fraud. or, more distinctly, this USA; has been ransacked “for every single penny”; bankrupt, to the extreme. Or, the lies are dead! REDRESS IS AGAIN: THE ACTION THAT NEEDS TO BE TAKEN, “WE DECIDE TOGETHER” AS ONE NATION;  determining what is true by the evidence/ and then judging what is to be done; by our own vote, and democratic authority: as owners here.   NO FANTASIES ALLOWED, ONLY REALITY DEFINED BY TRUTH. and the traitors all say; “you can’t stop us, because the price is too high/ we are, the law now”. Consequently: the rule of law is, those who took the most/ shall pay the most; and in a reality where “a billion numbers are not greater than a tiny few numbers”. YOUR promise by leadership betrayal, that:  “we will pay you” with our work and resources/ ENDS.   the money is dead/ work and resource is not. But the decision to be fair and justified: is no small feat.  And the people say: “we are doing fine/ everything is great”. NOBODY has to pay, except the future/ because we don’t care.  So, I remind you again: “eternity is watching”. THIS WORLD IS DYING: BECAUSE OF YOU:  “want to guess the price?”   GO AHEAD. The disgrace of the damned is: “they want everyone to pay; for their mistakes”. DEMAND PROOF, beyond media: that cannot be denied/ because the evidence is sufficient, and the people who collect and present it, are plain. In the case of money: it is ONLY A PROMISE/ it is A DEMAND FOR RESOURCE/ or it is the claim for a real world exchange of work; not a plague of thieves. When you have made the laws, by vote: as WE THE PEOPLE; in charge of this democracy now! Thereby removing the power from leadership. You will have also proven, the military, nor policing; shall not defeat you: because every soldier will know, what is in their own best interest to choose. When you have chosen limited capitalism to guide your economy, and your society: then all will know, they are equal/ even if not the same. THE USA, has been invaded and overrun by the greatest insurgency, ever conceived; they have taken the securities, properties, values, democracy, and legal rights (as identified by “pandemic”) protecting the citizens of this USA; to destroy them. Additionally, they have CREATED THREATS SO PROFOUND AS TO BE EVIDENCE OF OUR OWN EXTINCTION. THE CORRECT CONSTITUTIONAL METHOD OF DEALING WITH AN INSURGENCY FROM THE INSIDE: is with first amendment redress of grievances/ as our constitutional duty to defend this nation or state, by true investigation of the unbiased facts, as is consistent and identified by the evidence. Putting our employees on trial: So that none can say they are above the law of this democracy. YOUR OPPORTUNITY as citizens here is: TO BE HEARD, IS WITHIN THE FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. WHERE THE EMPLOYEES IN CHARGE OF “UNAUTHORIZED ACTIVITY” WILL BE QUESTIONED BY THE LAW, held to account within constitutional decree; AND BY OUR OWN DEMOCRATIC AUTHORITY: TO GOVERN OURSELVES, BY OUR CITIZEN VOTE: WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE within the realities of courtroom evidence: WHAT IS TRUE.  as is the clear intent of constitutional protection of the nation; by the people themselves; as a balance to their power over us! The deliberate protection of our constitutional foundation for government as a democracy: within the decisions of our constitutional contract, as did create the union called:  WE THE PEOPLE, of this UNITED STATES of America. MAKING all citizens equal; under our law!  NONE ARE “the government”! EACH hired employee: is merely our worker; sworn to constitutional duty!   Which does mean: penalties, for breaking that oath. EVERY tax payment: supports the insurgency against our democracy/ by allowing every threat to go unchallenged. The critical test of whether the actions and decisions of our employees is valid and true to our intent as a state or nation: IS THE PUBLIC OWNED COURTROOM, wherein we test their decision/ against the reality of the evidence. To prove WE HAVE, the constitutionally provided LEGAL RIGHTS of REDRESS, as is the authority of democratic; we are the owners here; government: THAT COURTROOM must be provided, or the tax must not be paid until it is. DO NOT assume; you will not pay the tax/ as that is errant and false. Do not assume I will lead you: after forty years+/ it is YOUR TURN to lead. YOU SHALL LEGALLY fight for your state or nation or world or child; only if you do, would I even consider joining. I did do: ENOUGH. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE; the payment of that tax or its claim upon you: IS LEGAL GROUNDS, for the distinction of open door/ public redress trial: communicated to all. Democracy enforced, by our own decision: to determine for ourselves: IF, this is or was, a decision our employees are constitutionally allowed to make. THEY HAVE ONLY, the authority our constitution provides/ and that is subject to our own interpretation as a state or nation; by three quarters of the citizen vote shall agree. WE THE PEOPLE; in order to protect ourselves: MUST now defend ourselves from the insurrection of those who believe they are superior. Thereby without the need to obey our laws, protect our lives, listen to our words, or defend the authority of our freedom and liberty to choose for ourselves. IF IN FACT, we will allow the gambling, experimentation, and risk to our world or nation: that is now a true sufficient threat, to cause our own lives, nation, world, or child; to die!      Extinction is at our door. = “the first cause”.   The proper method is: YOU SHALL demand democratic authority as WE THE PEOPLE. thereby using “as the constitution provides” in protecting this state or nation or world. Which is: OUR EMPLOYEES SHALL KEEP THEIR OATH TO US; as is encapsulated in the words of our constitutional preamble! Where that has not been done: the investigation to determine, if in fact our employees have committed anarchy (tearing down what we built) against this democracy: must occur. BECAUSE THE LAW IS OUR DEFENSE, rather than any other method of war: “WE DISAGREE”. The foundation of evidence presented with truth, in a courtroom:  as is required to assemble the purity of our own decision shall be in fact: “the BEST WE CAN DO”. Presents all sides with the nation, state, or world they did choose. We the people, by our constitutional protections: shall NOT be forced into chaos or war; because we could not be heard. Rather THE LAW, AND OUR VOTE: DECIDES OUR FUTURE. Not the failure of employees, the arrogance of universities, or the assertion of power: WE THE PEOPLE, are the owners here! The law, which proves that is:  Redress of Grievances: the legal investigation of facts, by the evidence/ the decision of we the people shall now decide for this state or nation. Thereby: when confronting our employees, regardless of their position: THE DEMAND OF OWNERS AS IS WE THE PEOPLE, HAVE A LEGAL RIGHT. To take control over our government, IN A COURTROOM.  Thereby through our own decision: to protect our own state, nation, world, children, lives, future, etc. WE DO DEMAND THE LEGAL AUTHORITY: to require an investigation of these facts: WHICH THREATEN US ALL_. WHICH DOES MEAN: by the evidence presented, as pure and unbiased, as it is possible to be;  in a courtroom of the people, for the people, and by the people: WE WILL DECIDE FOR OURSELVES, if our constitutional law/ which is OUR GOVERNMENT: is being adequately kept/ our nation is being protected. As it is your job to do. Because anything less is an insurgency, a rebellion against this state, or this nation called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. IT IS OUR DUTY, AND IT IS OUR SOVERIGN RIGHT: TO PROTECT OUR GOVERNMENT,    BY ENFORCING THE LEGAL CONSTITUTIONAL LAW OF FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.   THE LAW, which protects democracy itself; by confronting authority: with YOUR OATH REQUIRES YOU, TO OBEY!   As is OUR ASSURANCE OF OWNERSHIP. The protector, by courtroom investigation:  of the people, by the people, and for the people:  against the corruption of government or leadership or the take over of  our lives, as has been this claimed pandemic.  FAR MORE SERIOUS OFFENSES INCLUDE:  this participation in the ignition of atoms just like the sun; this complete catastrophe is as the universities inject chaos and mutilation into nature itself; as is the end of resources/ the corruption of money/ the fantasy of debts/ the failure of world law (weapons of mass destruction removed)/ the poisoning of water/ the overpopulation of people/ the death of oceans, habitat, species, chains of life, global warming, atmospheric catastrophe/ food destruction/ immigration insurgency/ loss of property and control for, trillions of tons of poison released/ pollution generated/ a future destroyed; UNPROTECTED, for the citizens of this USA. The cost of courtroom corruption (didn’t have to be)/ failed legislatures (dead weight, a war against us)/ BAD schooling, with religious indoctrination, enslavement, failure of truth and reality itself, as in numerous vile things, such as: evolution/ extortion in healthcare, schooling, and more (the cult of university worshipers; playing god, with life and world; and USING OUR NATION TO DO IT). IT IS OUR LEGAL WAR, OUR CIVIL AUTHORITY AS OWNERS HERE: TO THEREBY CONFRONT AND DEMAND. OUR EMPLOYEES SHALL IN FACT PROVIDE AND PRESENT, to we the people as evidence demanded, threats expanded with information, risks being taken by the price of being WRONG!  So that we the people in defense of OUR STATE OR NATION;  WITH THE EVIDENCE OF THEIR WORK: THE REALITIES OF OUR TRUTH, THAT NOW PRESENTS AND  PROVES A THREAT,  shall be IDENTIFIED, with THE COST OF BEING WRONG! 
    1. IN SUPPORT OF OUR CONSTITUTION, AS IS THE PROTECTION OF OUR LIVES; OUR AUTHORITY AS OWNERS. The democracy of this USA; shall now be established with:   WE WILL DECIDE NOW! This evidence of investigation will be AS INDICATED by their own decisions. PARTICULARLY sworn too is: THE PREAMBLE and how that is, and is intended to be their directive for their participation in the work of governing OUR STATE OR NATION, by their oath. NONE of the above elements we now face as threats which can destroy us, our state, our nation, our world, every child, or every life: IS IN COMPLIANCE WITH THAT DIRECTIVE, OF OUR CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT. As such, every form of leadership is subject to investigation, review of our reality to assemble what is true, and the foundation of democracy which is: WE THE PEOPLE SHALL DECIDE for ourselves. What happens now; by our own vote: AFTER THE EVIDENCE IS PRESENTED, IN COURT; as proof of untainted, as best we can.  NONE are granted the right to refuse; to prison they go until they do present the information accurately: that we need to protect life and world and nation or state. Take names, choose house arrest: DON’T go in/ but DON’T let them leave; until the police come and arrest; and charge “with treason [let the jury decide]”: anyone who has failed to, OR REFUSES TOO: support constitutional first amendment law. WE GO TO COURT! That LAW: is REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; OUR LEGAL RIGHT/ TO GO TO COURT, AS A NATION OR STATE PROTECTED BY DEMOCRACY: “the law we created to protect, and to govern: ourselves AS A DEMOCRACY!  By insuring “no employee” shall own our decision!  NO LAW EXISTS, unless it honors and obeys, the foundation of all government authority; which is our constitution. TO PROTECT OURSELVES, OUR NATION, YOUR CHILD, AND THIS WORLD FOR LIFE: we the people, thereby require an oath of office (which does carry penalties); for all those officials, who do become employed to protect our state, our nation, our world, our future, and every child. As they swore: by the preamble of the constitution: “yes, we do know how, and what we have sworn too: because the legal description of government, as is the purpose of this nation, has been proven in that preamble, and in its furtherance as the law we hired you to protect: in the work of governing by law, this nation, or state. Those words are: short, simple, and clear/ OUR CONTRACT, with each other; as the foundation upon which we unite ourselves as one state or nation. SHALL NOT, be destroyed. “WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”
    2. Love shapes the elements/ life divides those elements into the foundations that become your existence in soul. The question is: are you alive, as the essence of life expanding into eternity/ or dead, shaped by hate or failure, into apathy, arrogance, or its disrespect? The answer recognizes, caring, sharing, respect, values, courage, trust, truth, discipline, order, balance, happiness, joy, and honesty; as your decision to desire life. There are ONLY three distinctions in time: love/ hate/ or simple survival; one of these, controls you. Opposites NEVER follow the same path. HATE demands control, fear, believe, and obey. LOVE accepts only respect, when truth allows for trust: it is honest and true to life and hope, same for all. Survival is simple life or death is at the door. Do you see the difference?  their pandemic demands fear/ their media demands believe/ this government demands obey; and the intent of a so-called vaccine is: “they will do anything, when the curse goes bad, and we are their only hope to survive.”  As is the constant called CONTROL.ENERGY is a force, not a friend. TRUTH AND LAW, are friends if you respect and honor them as value to your life. Therefore the lesson is: while freedom IS a necessary element of happiness, unless you are able to contend with force, to retain value; your life will fail. The necessary battles of time, then prepare you for eternity. GOD IS “watching us all”; believe it or not. LIFE or death for our world! Depends on you. And the universities shout: “they don’t need no damn freedom”; they worship us, and do whatever we say; “disease kills”/ nature is dead, the universities are god: FEAR OR DIE. Belief is a prison (everything else out) they choose for themselves. While: Counterfeiting, lies, and media control, is all we need; a bribe for fools, to make them obey. A court that will not care, and a government lost to greed; because everything else has failed. Reality does not matter: “the universities have a plan” the claim of savior is used by university as satanDo you see the difference? Humanity not only threatens itself; but this earth as well. Do you understand: the power to mutilate genetics, is the power to individually decide to release a biological weapon; and then sell an antidote, “a vaccine”; or just let the people die/ scream because of mutilation/ or lose an entire world of nature; because YOU didn’t care enough to accept:  LIFE IS SACRED, NOT A “UNIVERSITY TOY/ OR CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE, they can now use, to control you”. And the people say: “that won’t happen”! But covid already proved you wrong; and with a million or so people educated around the world in how to mutilate “the LIFE BODY, that is genetics”. with almost no possibility of finding out who did it/ and endless possibilities for distributing disease around the world from anywhere. YOU HAVE chosen to allow; “Armageddon (nature in chaos)” on earth.  And the people say: “they will save us from death”. But reality says, “just like covid”; they will only endanger your lives, and rob you blind, naked, and afraid; as they have done. CAN your geneticists: “build you a hand, eye, heart, blood, put your bones in place [FROM DIRT AND WATER]= ANYTHING that compares with what nature has already proven it does”? ABSOLUTELY NOT; BUT YOU RISK IT ALL; THE ENTIRE BODY OF LIFE ON EARTH;  in the most horrid of failures possible, you chose to let the universities claim they are god now.  Which makes YOU, “the devils child”.  And, all the people say; “you can’t make us afraid, we believe the university, media is our savior; we can’t all be wrong”. But you can all be FOOLS, with so much apathy and disrespect for life: YOU WILLINGLY let your cult, destroy it all; as believers do. Because truth does not matter, and the evidence no matter how severe, is then worthless. The law is a complete and utter failure. And your leaders are a sewage drop on life. NOT to worry, soon you will be extinct, as is facing extermination by your own hands. NOT to worry; ignition of atoms on fire/ mutilation of all of nature/ destruction of every resource/ overpopulation; is just the beginning of HELL:  “as your university gods, chose it to be”.  For forty years I have fought with you, “look at the evidence”: today, I will simply watch you die (YOUR CHOICE); as you DELIBERATELY DEMANDED it should be so; as your now reality sets in. And the people say, “you have no right”. So, I reply: “don’t worry” when your mutilated bodies fail, and your children look “like mr potato head toys”, and the entire world is in chaos:  you can just buy “more”; right! After all, here in america, where the media tell you everything: that 593 quadrillion dollars of currency and credit derivatives; will pay, right? Oh wait, they only gave you trinkets and toys; SO THE UNIVERSITIES could have absolutely any trophy they wished; what a shame: GO BEG. alas, it was not enough; so they “needed a pandemic”, cause it ain’t no fun; simply stripping a bum already diseased with cult worship belief.  yep, its you, but you knew that; cause media tell you everything. Really you should congratulate them: after all you trained the greatest group of LIARS, AND CONARTISTS, this world has ever seen. And that doesn’t even include the mass hypnosis of cult worship: couldn’t be done without media.  “So, saviors baby”; right.          after all: YOU KNOW, everything you need to know: PERIOD/ as I have been told for forty plus years.  TRUE!   But hey: with disguised corporations and all forms of foreign buyers taking control of every resource and property, “even the anarchists and insurgents; disposing of America, through currency and cult control”:  to prove they hate you;  WILL LOSE. JUST like Israel did to Palestine: they bought it, and then the ships, and guns and tanks came into port; filled with Jewish immigrants.  Suddenly, “its all gone; great times (its all free) were over”.  but Don’t worry; HELL, media tells you everything/ NOW AIN’T THAT RIGHT?  After all, the mere fact, that your leaders having no brain: fell into the abyss of a pandemic scarce:  TO PROVE THEY WOULD TAKE EVERYTHING CALLED “AMERICAN”; and give it away to foreigners. BY DESTROYING JOBS, BUSINESSES, AND EVERYTHING TIED TO OWNERSHIP;  couldn’t possibly be evidence of a war against us all. HIDDEN IN THE CLOAK OF A MEDIA BARRAGE:  FEAR, DAMN YOU FEAR/ BELIEVE DAMN YOU BELIEVE/ AND OBEY OR DIE, YOU DAMN DISGRACE FOR NOT BELIEVING, IN LIES!
  10. LIFE IS, the greatest demonstration of what thought can achieve. That the conception of miracles; will prove, by the purity of evidence;  the reality of our own existence demands/ thought did this; love, respect/ MORE! NO, other possibility is real, or true. LIFE is thought controlled by boundaries, subjected to limits as are laws, identified by love (we respect) or hate (we play god, as animals do). LIFE is expressed in truth, elevated by trust, and accepted only through the desires of our own decision, to identify each separately. That freedom of choice, is not enough/ instead, thought translates time as the value, we share in a purpose of caring. Explained as identified by the trust and acceptance of miracles; each constructed by respect, is a choice even for us (didn’t have to be); to become the gift we did receive. That reality of living, cannot be given to “simple (I know nothing) or plain (I am animal, death awaits)”: instead, life is sacred (not you/ your gift). Because life is shaped by the courage of our love, our own contribution/ https://www.justtalking7.info/2021/06/24/help-wanted/or the disease of want, called hate; our own failure of lies. To live means: to shape the journey inside of our own Creation, “where love arrived as truth defined”. Being ALIVE: is to join the relationship of that soul (thought shapes the life we share), by the heart we create within ourselves. The joy, we were intended to be. The VALUE of this work is FOR LIFE AND LIVING/ but the reality of this work is: identifying the threats that will take our world away. I remind you: there is nothing more blind, than a believer/ because you can literally “believe ANYTHING you want”; locking the door to truth. REALITY SAYS; truth first, by the evidence we can agree “is the best we can do”. In that constant, the search finds us; “if we agree, to let truth itself decide”. Stay away from their vaccine; they offer no proof/ only greed and playing god! NO, SECOND CHANCES: WHEN IGNITING A NUCLEAR FIRE “JUST LIKE THE SUN“! because if it does not extinguish itself; this earth, made entirely out of atoms for fuel/ WILL BURN, just like the sun.  ONCE, is all you get: life or death instantly; and like fusion; the universities, have already been proven wrong. But they lose their pride, power (trillions to spend), and everything they want: will stop, if they do. Even insanity fails to stop them; from the most primitive (no brains) gamble, this world will ever see.  And that, is only the beginning. Alas; for forty years, you have been running away from reality/ or with absolute arrogance, reminding me: “the universities cannot be wrong”. BUT, Only a cult refuses to question its tiny few leaders who actually control the university decision, and spend the money: when this entire world hangs in the balance. Shame on you, truly. The constant failure of men, the reality of fools is: “I am god, I want what I want, and I don’t need to know, NOTHING else”. Women are not far behind, given any amount of power, and they fall into the very same pit! NOBODY is god but GOD; simple as that, which means you own no right to judge; because only the law of life, the essence of truth; can do that honestly. Want is a liar, as are its children; pride never equal; or power, I can make you fear. Truth establishes the decision; because only truth knows. Humanity hates truth; because it removes want, and without want, pride, or power; “you are not allowed to play god”. You, are only life: the essence of a value so far beyond your own comprehension; as to prove you are fool. To rise beyond animal, and recognize that fact governs us all: requires you to let truth decide the decision; NOT you. Therefore truth assembles and controls acceptance, which then builds trust: the validity of a life beyond animal: to create “human ALIVE”. Cult worship of universities; has proven to be your abyss, the encroachment of complete chaos, and its horrors. Failure, fool, fantasy, liar, cheater, thief, traitor, terrorist. Even the extreme of that which is absolute arrogance, apathy, disrespect, and disgrace; to the life given to you as is Satan; HAS emerged, in the sewage of what universities have come to mean. The curse of playing god with life, and planet focuses on you; judgment circles like a vulture. The terrors of a mob unleashed; gather to make war. FIND YOUR BRAIN, SEARCH FOR YOUR SOUL; or heart shall leave you without substance or worth. Then the graveyard will open, and swallow this earth. FIND YOUR BRAIN, GO TO COURT; AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE; THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG; because too late is already hanging in the balance of your time; as life or death of this world. And as every lynch mob says: “we can’t all be wrong”[righteous]. Political parties are certain, “we know all we need to know”[righteous]. Religion, a constant “we don’t need to do nothing” [righteous]. The courts/government, “nobody questions the university; they are god (they wrote a book)”. But alas; truth does not care what you believe: it is, what it is. University is your god;  reality does not care either: dead is dead. The price for being wrong: after all, its just the difference between a nuclear energy, and dynamite energy. “science says, sun energy is:  a million mile long flame on the sun; 12 million miles solar flares”; so WHY worry?  Its just a pillar of fire  from this earth; that will ignite the moon, & a radiation level beyond your comprehension, as the fire sucks you in: and the atmosphere is ejected.     HELL, university is god; right? WELL, they haven’t killed us yet/ SO, we don’t have to care; right?   “its just a nuclear fire”; just like the sun. WHAT, could go wrong, its nuclear fire, not a nuclear bomb! And as university experts say: “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”; so it will just extinguish itself.  “no need to worry”.and the people say: “I WANT what I want, and I DON’T need to know NOTHING ELSE; BECAUSE that makes me god (I know everything I want or don’t want; and nothing else matters, to me)”! BUT this earth is bigger, than just you; and the realities of 8 billion people all demanding their wants, are all that matter: do, THREATEN US ALL, with EXTINCTION; even you. LIFE, is more than want; but you don’t know that, because you are busy playing god with your time. And the righteous say: HELL YEAH, JUDGE THEM ALL, they didn’t follow our rules. But alas; LIFE is more than your rules (we, are god’s children; we are RIGHT). Unfortunately for you: “breathing, does not make you god’s child”. As is the constant of miracles: “thought did this”, the validity of respect, the realities of truth, the constant of discipline, the construction of order, the value of balance, the essence of LOVE, and the courage of acceptance, that trust equals life, and life is a gift of GOD to each one. Are all signs of: “this one has been invited” to try. But never as want, and life by truth, not rules are elements as well. I shout, “look at the evidence”: its all fantasy and delusions! and the world shouts back, “the universities are god/ we don’t need to question nothing; media is all we want; they are savior”.  Trillions spent, billions of hours: soon, we will know what is true/ but unlike everything else in university:  ONCE, TO IGNITE ATOMS ON FIRE;  is all you get!  THEN, its life or death of our world/ entirely dependent upon that fire extinguishing itself:  as it sits on an entire world made out of fuel.

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  1. YOU, are the difference: if we change this world for life and earth to survive/ it is because of people who chose that truth, is more important than want: respect returns!  If you fail life and planet, and let want continue to destroy everything we need to survive; assassinating the children, by your apathy, pride, and arrogance; then it is because you have no heart left to heal, hate  (I am all that matters) consumes it all. Even to the point, “of    burning the planet itself”, just to prove how powerful you believe you are.  www.iter.org A trillion dollars spent/ thirty five nations demanding “ignite this/ it is our solution”/ no turning back, from the largest machine: to use the most energy: TO DEMAND, ATOMS (plasma) WILL IGNITE. The only actual use, for a tomak reactor.  VERY SOON, IN USE! Which literally means:  if YOU, are going to fight for this world (no matter where, or who you are) it is NOW, or never.  Because when atoms ignite; they either extinguish themselves/ OR, they burn just like the sun.  iT IS, A nuclear sun fire; as reality proves true.  Ignition means: HERE ON EARTH!  NO GOING BACK.I have cared, because this is no game; the evidence is real, and so are the consequences of truth. And the people scream: I KNOW all I need to know/ the universities are god (vipers), they own the schools/ and the media is our savior (venom), our protector/ our sort of god: cause our television tells us what we think. WE WANT, what we want: damn you for not obeying the universities/ we will not listen/ we will not care/ we will not search: because they are god. ALAS; the dead speak, because we both know: that you cannot survive, what the evidence clearly proves. And as always, the very instant fear overcomes you: as a world, YOU WILL come screaming at me, “THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT/ YOU SHOULD HAVE MADE US CARE, YOU SHOULD HAVE MADE US OBEY: this is all your fault (when even being BURNED AS AN ENTIRE PLANET becomes a sun. Could not remove you from your cult.)”. Proving never once did you doubt your god called “universities”; but want them innocent. SO YOU CHARGE ME, WITH YOUR CRIMES, FAILURES, AND DISRESPECT FOR LIFE, EARTH, AND your true CREATOR! DON’T FOLLOW ME; go to court and prove what is true/ the price for being WRONG. I am not your excuse. Life or death for this earth, is NOT dependent upon me. YOU, are the threat/ therefore life or death for this earth is dependent upon humanity itself. To make the changes necessary, or face extinction: because the evidence is clear, “that is all the choice you have left”.I tell you the truth; “nobody gets everything”/ each must pick and choose what is truly important to you. Just as I did choose: “this world shall not die, without a fight; as best I can”. That decision cost me “40+ years, of nothing else can interfere: death of a world, to lose/ or its survival comes first before love, life, all of it.”   NOT, a game: reality is truth. YOUR reality is simple: communication means we have a chance/ YOUR failure means we don’t. As to how: the internet brags, “in a few weeks, something important; can be seen a billion times”. Because its built, “to spread the news”.
  2. And the people say: “we want what we want/ and we don’t want to change”. Even though the evidence all agrees: without true change, you will soon be extinct. And the people say: “you are nobody/ you cannot prove that is true: so we will NOT investigate (we DON’T want change), because our gods at universities and media/ say it isn’t so”. In contrast. But alas: what you believe has nothing to do with truth, it is only what you believe; and truth does not care. So the foundation of my demand/ my message to you if you prefer: IS YOU CANNOT SURVIVE, THE IGNITION OF ATOMIC FIRE, just like on the sun! It will not be contained/ and there is no going back; because it is as on the sun “a million mile long flame or fire”. Regardless what the imagination of a few universities say. LET THEM PROVE THEIR CLAIMS. Because the ignition of a nuclear (this burns the bond in atoms/ just like the fire we know burns the bond between molecules: only with a 4,000,000 times increase in energy expansion) FIRE; that cannot be contained; an instantaneous bomb to start. I thereby throw aside all the threats of your extinction, as are so many: and remind you, the price of they are WRONG; a nuclear fire will not be contained/ nor will it extinguish itself; is equal to HADES (eternal fire) ON EARTH. No, you cannot escape it; yes it will eject the entire atmosphere/ burn every ocean (atoms)/ produce radiation so intense it will be like entering a million microwaves; and you will die/ but not completely, “says religion”. Since YOU are then responsible for destroying this entire creation of life on earth. The cost for that, is high. And no matter how much “you, or your leaders, DON’T want change”/And the nation of America says: “we won’t pay/ we can’t be destitute/ we must lie; and let them play”; because anything else is the destruction of our lives, our hopes, and our own future.  THE PRICE, is too high! Yet truth says: if you don’t pay/ then this entire world dies; with horror: RESPECT AND REALITY ARE REQUIRED. If you do/ then at least the possibility of happiness and hope, does exist. EASY is over/ LIES are dead/ TRUTH DECIDES, not want: the children will be protected/ the earth will be returned to “the best we can”/ the universities will die out (all but what does have value, and never threatens extinction again)/ the laws will belong to us, by our own choice and vote/ limited capitalism will rule/ population control is mandatory/ LIFE COMES FIRST, “FOR US ALL”; AND THAT INCLUDES THE PLANET. Which does mean: as nature defines it necessary: the individual has little merit, if the world itself is in danger. THE WORLD knows, it will follow that same path; or die. I guarantee, YOU DON’T WANT your universities to ignite a nuclear IT BURNS ATOMS FOR FUEL; FIRE, to consume the earth itself. As is their own statement, this is: “the energy that powers the sun/ here on earth”.   Www.iter.org    the biggest, soon to be running; of many/ all the little experiments are abandoned. Iter is expected to use 50 million watts, to initiate the energy release (they lie in the public papers expecting “ten percent expansion (which would be worthless, when trillions are spent): because people have become afraid, and then interfere; if they know, the reality; of risk“)/ but in the science papers the expected release of heat is: a 4 million times expansion[the difference between an atomic explosion and TNT; is not ten percent]. Which means: their expected change due to ignition of an atomic fire:  is literally 200 trillion watts (3.41 btu per watt=682 trillion btu of heat)Truth is not a theory/ it is an undeniable fact; produced from the physical evidence that proves “this law” exists. EVERY part and piece of university theory, as to how the sun works; is derived from the assumptions of people “playing games with their imagination”. NOTHING is based upon fact, and what little facts they have collected; are contaminated with lies (as is the temperatures, of the sun). NO “hot core” exists within the sun/ because that would mean, the entire globe is involved in the flames, and being consumed. Which ends in a very short lifespan: we know, that is not true. Their assertion of solar gravity is: a GIANT ELEMENT must exist: but nothing in reality proves that true. EVERYTHING, “just like fusion” was proven false/ is false about university conclusions with regard to the sun, and how it works. And yet they are so arrogant, even when they know better: than to gamble this world on lies.  They do it: Because if they quit: they lose their easy job, with lots of money, endless perks, and total pride: the power to make you believe. So they lie, in order to keep what they want! Or as the pandemic proves: lies get you all you want: so long as the people NEVER question what is true. That is the job of media marketing: KEEP THE PEOPLE, BRAINLESS. Feed them fear, shit, and bribes. And the people scream: “WE GOT MONEY/ that make us RIGHT”. But the reality here in America (and more) is: YOU GOT NUMBERS, and promises to pay ten generations, and a dozen earth planets can’t pay back. SO ALL YOU REALLY HAVE is debt, and lies. And the people whisper; DON’T tell our lies, WE DON’T want to pay/ let the children die, instead. To your shame: you followed, and allowed “university leads”. After all, according to universities: “fantasy, lies, delusion, and imagination; are just as good”: as they took what they wanted, and stripped you clean of everything you needed to survive/ are turning your world into chaos and HELL. Still the people shout; “all hail the cult/ cause they can’t be wrong”. To your shame. PROVE, WHAT IS TRUE. if humanity can it will; history is certainnot including container melt;  of power released in an instant; FUNCTIONALLY;” a nuclear BOMB, WITH extreme radiation”. Which will create a self sustaining plasma; that simply keeps burning; just like the sun. SO IF YOU DON’T WANT TO INVESTIGATE/ THEN YOU DO WILLINGLY ADMIT: yes we will burn, “in HADES”; if they/ thereby WE, are wrong.   I remind you once again: reality proves “WANT” is the basis of every lie;  because without:  “if you don’t want____, or if you do want____”;  there is no reason to lie!       And the people say: “our universities CAN’T be wrong/ they would NEVER gamble with our lives, our earth, our nature, or anything else we need to survive;   they are “our gods”. EVEN THOUGH, all the evidence points to failure, liar, cheater, thief, traitor, terrorists, devils; and more.  With media shouting: NEVER question the universities; you can’t win. Because the universities own all mass communication, handle the money, politics, courts, schooling; and propagate only what the universities want!  Ain’t got a diploma: you don’t belong: because reality, law, consequences, truth, value, survival, duty, courage, respect, love, and anything beyond : “FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY THE CULT”;  IS CALLED WORTHLESS. And the sound of silence is broken, “by the whisper, you can’t blame us; we didn’t do nothing”! While the reality of that is repeated: YOU DIDN’T DO NOTHING, even when you knew, nothing was more important than this! So this message to humanity on earth, repeats: you did know “life or death is real”/ and had your chance to do something/ but you refused. To let your universities play god, while you deserted life and planet to worship “lazy, liar, and greed”. Or the religious version, which is: GOD will do it all, “for a few, shouting amen (yes the mob is right)”. Which makes the result of life or death by extinction; the curse of universities which is NOTHING SHALL BE SACRED, kill it all with chaos; “we are gods”! ENTIRELY your fault too!your world is dying/ your water is ending/ your choices will soon be gone; and greed is all you havethey are gods/ they know everything” [alas, only people, your former classmates]. believe fear obey; or we make you pay/ like nazi to the jewSo, I say to you: THEN they won’t mind, being questioned for truth and the realities of being WRONG. Their answers, can only increase “your beliefs”; is that not correct?  PROPAGANDA IS NOT EVIDENCE/  it is merely marketing lies, and innuendo. EVIDENCE lets us decide for ourselves! Reality knows: “like cigarettes; bad effects can take time” to be found out. So risking an entire population “to Armageddon (nature in chaos)” is insane!  A VACCINE IS NATURE DERIVED; their genetic concoction, of university playing god, is not. thieves, liars, cheats, traitors, terrorists and more "oh my"
  3. OR, if merely human; then proving truth: is life or death of our world.  WRONG is: The greatest abomination in the history of earth; as proven by the consequence.   THE universities WANT “the energy, to solve every problem”; so they believe.universities are not infallible or wise; instead one finds something/ and fifty million say: "we did it". Because massive societal change must occur, if they cannot; or this earth dies; and they know it. So they gamble; to avoid that reality/ as all addicts do! But belief does not make anything true; it merely points to what you want to be true. WRONG IS: earth becomes a sun; because contrary to their “imaginations”;  the bond holding an atom together, can be burned, and we know that atomic fire can exist [as is the sun]; unlike their theories. And that fact, is:  HOW the sun works. The universities know that fact can exist too; because their tomak reactor (the only kind in use) has no other purpose or possibility. never doubt a miracle, and the diversity which deserves our respectTheir theory is:  “not enough gravity to sustain the fire”; so it will just extinguish itself!  “that is everything, there is nothing else; between you and the ignition of atoms on fire” continuing to burn. IF it fails to extinguish itself: YOU BURN, as does this earth; everything (the price of being wrong). “the religious rapture: people sucked into the flames”. And the universities say:  “solar gravity proves, our theories:  must be right”. But reality says: unlocking the  OPPOSING energy that holds a spinning atom (KINETIC) containing extreme energy, in balance:  causes or allows, the kinetic energy of spin to expand, like a bomb. But the opposing energy also released:  is that solar gravity. Because, the dark  or opposite energy “as seen in a dark hole, universe spot”. HOLDS that atomic energy (Logic) in balance to create atomic power. Opposing energy goes in the opposite direction (does the opposite thing), to become solar gravity. And the people, just like the courts said: “we can’t tell if they are lying or not/ we DON’T know what they are doing; we aren’t educated to understand”. EXCUSES won’t protect you! But just like the courts were told: YOU KNOW WHEN YOUR LIFE IS THREATENED/ OR WHEN YOUR WORLD IS IN DANGER/ OR WHEN YOUR RESOURCES ARE ATTACKED/ OR WHEN NATURE IS BEING CONFRONTED WITH MUTILATION! YOU KNOW WHAT DEATH IS, OR BURNED IS, OR POISONED WATER IS, OR MUTILATED BODIES OF LIFE ARE! AND YOU KNOW WITHOUT DOUBT: THAT TRYING TO CONTROL THE SAME ENERGY AS IS POWERING THE SUN: IS FRAUGHT WITH DANGER, AND ONE MISTAKE, JUST ONE FAILED THEORY; AND ALL OF US, ARE DEAD/ BURNED ALIVE. And that means: what you are hiding is the excuse, we want what we want/ and we don’t want TO PAY for NOTHING; so we lie, and claim we can’t know, so you [OR REALITY ITSELF] can’t make us change!
  4. MORE OF THIS          https://www.justtalking7.info/realities/