In the concepts of a world that can survive, “filled to the brim with humanity”/ there are foundation elements which cannot be avoided.

  1. Drinking water must be protected and divided properly. NO water/ EXTREME WAR; as would be “the apocalypse; blood running like water”.
  2. Every resource is the means to a future; without them we are extinct. The children are dead/ and you know it: without true change.
  3. Every food source must be respected; it is life or death for us all. Currently its “we all live or we all die/ because if I have to starve so do you”.
  4. NO YOU CANNOT HAVE EVERYTHING YOU WANT/ nobody can. NO you cannot do endless things you do; because the world and its nature cannot take it anymore. NO you cannot have air conditioning. NO you cannot drive endlessly; which is why “small town living” must return to eliminate that driving.
  5. IF WE DON’T SHARE/ nobody will care; and that means a world in chaos and war. A competition that turns to violence and revenge; because there ain’t no more, “I will just go get more”.
  6. IF WE DO SHARE: then you will learn to share what is good with each other, so that all can enjoy “the fruits of our labor, as society joined” in the discovery of peace and happiness. That functionally means: far more society owns and we enjoy together/ than the current I own, and you can go to hell, or get off my property.
  7. HATE must be divided out; so that the rest can live as life was intended to be. Consequently you will vote; on the descriptions that you will form: regarding who does represent hate/ and you will isolate who does represent anger (because anger can be healed; if you are listening/ and they are fair). The disease of university (fantasy, and delusion leads) must be exterminated/ and whatever left that has value must be enhanced, as a method of presenting evidence for the rest of humanity to decide upon.
  8. By the law we live/ by chaos we die: everything about weapons of mass destruction must end or we do. Everything about university is; chaos comes now/ their leadership is dead. As is confronted by the evidence: In nature mutilated and at risk/ in energy “lets ignite sun fire”/ in resource loss, children be damned and then dead/ in chains of life destroyed; we don’ t need nothing/ in ocean life extinct; who gives a damn/ in everything there is extinction; as the universities, have led for decades. And this is the evidence they presented us with; as does point to our own extinction; extremely soon.
  9. Knowledge, NOT theory or imagination; is the beginning of truth/ and only truth survives, and can alter a future by what we know. NO GAMBLING/ NO GUESSING: WHAT WE KNOW, and accept as the price we are willing to pay. NO MORE FANTASY OR DELUSIONS OR ILLUSIONS; HIDING HELL!
  10. Healthcare assembles the truth: nobody should die of little things/ but we do all have to die of the big things. Old age is one of them; and in a world filled with humanity: so that a child can be born. Those who are old will be allowed to die with dignity; NOT trapped in a nursing home to wither away in tears. CHOOSE, and then vote: on the reality of life or death for us all; because it cannot go on as it is. Don’t want that? Too bad!
  11. Power, pride, and want are the enemies of human life: all three you worship as a value/ instead of a curse. That must change to survive. Power goes to whoever accumulates the most: causing armies to form. LIFE SHARED does not allow for that to any great extent; we all have needs/ we are all equals, even if not the same. Pride makes life into a game/ and forms judgments as well: neither supports life or love or peace. Life is not a game, and you must learn that. Judgments are elementally: you deciding you; are god/ and therefore can do anything you want with what has been judged. Leading to murder, and every form of individual behavioral tragedy there is. Want is the abyss of “never enough/ I WANT MORE”. Consequently the earth is attacked/ life is attacked/ the future is attacked/ children are attacked/ people are attacked: etcetera.
  12. The foundation of happiness is: LOVE SHARED/ BECAUSE WE CHOSE TO CARE FOR EACH OTHER; BY EXPRESSING AND EXPERIENCING RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER AND OUR WORLD. Giving time its greatest gift, a human being shaped by life, into a passion for living within grace; as a blessing to all. Fundamentally, that is commonly constructed with marriage; and if marriage is grand; then life, child, and society is good. Consequently the values of marriage between male and female in love; are elementally the path toward, a greater and lasting world.

Without happiness, the rest will die/ so then will you. Therefore the search for true happiness must begin. That assembles the realities of behavior common to both male and female: so the values of what does work in the best interest of life can be enhanced and accepted/ while the tragedies of what does not work in the best interest of life, can be removed and exterminated. BUILDING WHAT TRUTH WILL ALLOW/ by removing what want, pride, and power take away.

That is a distinct change, from what humanity is today/ into what humanity must become in order to have a future on earth. Since your choice has always been “ I WANT WHAT I WANT; GIVE ME WHAT I WANT”! The quest for your survival, thereby all life on earth kept from your extinction; is extremely unlikely. Because IT IS YOU, humanity itself: that must change/ and you don’t want too. Because want is an animal, and you like, being an animal; until the predator bites you/ or the herd runs out of food, water, patience for each other as competition will create.

Nonetheless, hope MUST survive; as such we must prepare for at least the possibility of survival; and that means, you must attain the knowledge inherently necessary; to even make that choice.

We therefore begin: with the primary element of survival. The balance of male and female, sharing life as one existence supported by two. Other things are more elemental; but unless you are able to accomplish: “the grace of happiness, as presented by the blessing of friendship, respect, and love”. Nothing else will survive as time; without the option of being animal. SO STOP DESTROYING THIS EARTH AND ITS NATURE/ AND START BEING OF VALUE TO EACH OTHER. Unlike the dead meat of university through its media; fearing everything/ sacrificing everything/ letting universities steal everything/ bowing down to fools, failures, liars, cheats, whores, tragedies, traitors, terrorists: AND ALL THE DAMN REST; ain’t going to get you anything but extinction. SO WAKE UP/ OR HELL BEGINS.


Fear IS: the overriding factor (for the vast majority), of a teenage female/ the unknown, how am I going to live, survive, eat, be free, get what I want, and so on; determines nearly everything they do. The fear of male is also a major factor in every decision they make, with regards to a relationship. The discussion of every female; to identify how best to control or define a male is constant. The concept of baby keeps me from being lonely, or accused of not accomplishing something of value; is the third primary factor. Pregnancy removes and proves where the limits of sex are. The reality of hormones forcing a young body to consider sex is the fourth.

Chemical addiction is the primary overriding factor in every boy/ as the penis takes control; by presenting itself as a new happy toy; and then to be a man: he will learn the cost of reality is: the penis is NOT a toy, but a tool that can do as much damage as it can good. Even becoming a weapon, or enemy/ instead of a friend. That presents the problem: of how long does it take, to go from “toy to reality”? A few never grow up, some way too damn long; and that causes fear in female: because the animal acts or reacts to chemical wants/ regardless of the cost; as becomes rape. Which then turns to violence; as reality again proves: whatever is true/ you WILL live with for the rest of your life & now you have a witness. So the critical question of male change is: CAN WE FORCE a boy to understand his penis is not a toy? The constant concern of boy “with a new toy” is: how much more can this be? So to answer that question instead of letting him play until the cost of failure proves this is no toy: is to put him in, or build a simple machine/ that will not let go until he truly screams “enough”. Ending the desire to know, what the ending limit will be: by letting it prove itself. [yes it took me 2-3 weeks; to learn, this Is not a toy; and I never forgot/ but some take years, and a few never grow up]. WHAT WAS IMPORTANT however: was the instant change from boy to man; where recognizing there is a cost, this is no toy/ I became utterly disciplined, and determined: NOTHING controls my life, except ME. No chemicals, no want, no anything but the life in me. And moved to establish full, and complete control over a penis; and succeeded.

Secondary to all, young male endeavors are: I must find my way in this world of needs/ by accepting what I can do to accomplish a living for me. Marriage is never considered in that journey from child to adult/ unless female forces it. Because the foundation of a living is work/ and work does not assemble around whatever any woman wants: it requires your full attention. Therefore separate from woman, and must not be entangled: because that will alter the future of what can I become. Young women hate that, and fight desperately to intervene; and make themselves “the only important reality of your life”: CHOOSE ME/ CHOOSE ME/ DAMN YOU CHOOSE ME. One way, or the other, female demands to be first/ refusing to consider any other reality of survival. They even go so far as to “chain the male to the wall (I can’t leave now; a reality woman can face as well, in different ways)” with sex, and other“female wiles”; in order to capture, imprison, and control, with all manner of mind riddling games. Men use: abuse, use, threats, force, jealousy, and the reality of how will you survive without me, to control women. The most critical LIE, surfacing in both male and female is: “all is fair in love and war”. When by the facts already known: both know that is not true/ as nothing is fair in war, except killing someone who is trying to kill you. And only truth is fair in love, because nothing less can sustain it.

If successful: the woman/ girl, gets what she wants/ but has destroyed the relationship she was hoping to build; by removing freedom of choice for each; lies and more. That displaces love with hate, or a lack of desire to continue; and that blessing from which we began is now a curse of what we can become is now dependent upon forgiveness, as well as the acceptance; of what my, your, or our lives can be changed into. Or, more simply: sex opens the door, to all manner of want/ and without discipline that want invades the world of man, with a clear intent to control. Every invasion has its cost. Some relationships survive/ many die in divorce; because “you stole my youth/ or my options, hopes, plans, purposes, future, etc/ or whatever it is that is the cost of; taking away my choice”. Men or boys then learn “how to manipulate women for sex”/ offering “trust me”, by hiding their intent. Offering lean on me; by offering bribes, for sex. Offering limited respect, in order to lower the defenses; to obtain sex. Or whatever the woman wants; because “she wants what she wants”/ is that not so: those who are devious learn what you want. Giving bits and pieces in order to bait you to their hook.

On the female side of that coin is: instead of forgiveness, or forgetting the cost of their own decisions. The rebuilding of respect/ dignity of making decisions together, is dead for many. Other women find themselves in charge of male now, and thereby wanting whatever they want. By learning how to manipulate male, they do achieve considerable; such as; in today’s world, as most credit card holders learn. The concept of debt is unlearned/ the reality of repayment, is unexpected/ the assertion of “the government will pay for me and this baby”: is a demand; that removes male and complains “he didn’t do enough”/ when you intentionally stole his heart.. These are all reminders of what you should not have done. The male faced with being enslaved now; often rebels/ chooses to fight his way out of this trap/ looks for happiness elsewhere/MORE/ and some learn to hate. So the cost of sex: is a reality, that must be earned within the cost of life/ or you will be sorry.

On the male side of that coin is: they have now learned not to trust women (ulterior motives_)/ not to be kind or sympathetic to your needs (who knows if you are lying or acting; no trust). Therefrom he is not likely, to consider the future, because it is trashed (promises mean nothing)/ not to want your child, a contrast with “our child”; (ending respect) and MORE. Some of both male and female: fall into the abyss of wanting, hating, judging, abuse, use, or revenge; and then some let disaster decide. Destroying their own lives, and sometimes yours. Because want decided/ sex enabled/ caution was thrown away: because truth was not allowed to decide what was real, and true, a foundation: to life and living.

So while male is the primary cost of why “romance barely survives”/ due to the failure of respect, and a toy, that makes chemical dependency a failed reality, that can now take control. More strength/ more focus, to take sex: Leaves female defenseless and frightened. A reality of hate. Therefrom the intent to manipulate and control men is a form of fear, created from panic. Establishing blame, but reality knows, what women do: contributes. Even more so, as it starts the domino effect; falling, where all other things are equal.

The reality of fear placed upon society, however as a primary source, especially in the youth: as is directly attributable to “university in charge/ the purpose of an education to fail humanity itself”.

By not educating for living, or loving, or life, or justice, or happiness, or work, respect: OR ANYTHING OF VALUE to a young human being. UNLESS they are willing to be indoctrinated into the university cult of religious worship; by mimicking and memorizing what they are told. As is the reality of: NEVER THINK/ only believe; taken from, the motto of hell. LET THE ROAD OF “WE CAN’T all be wrong”; lead. That of course leaves every individual (debt ridden and with few options) without family to fall back upon (we went bankrupt for you): vulnerable to endless consequences, and fighting to survive. Or enslaved if they go to university; DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD/ OR, you get no job: only endless debt. While 75% never receive the job they paid for; they still comply, and remain absolutely silent; so as not to be noticed as a dissident. “whatever you say/ GIVE ME MONEY; I WANT IT”.

We turn to young adult instead of teenager: to find nearly everyone has been bruised and battered by male and female relationships. Making it much harder, to find romance; among the crowd/ who are afraid of you, interested in you, too damaged to begin again; or just don’t care anymore. OR at the outside edge: I WANT, something utterly different, THAN YOU. But that does lead to a more measured relationship leading forward for most: as the complete arrogance of “everything is about me” is largely gone. Unfortunately so is most of the time, money, and energy; unless you are in college (where the games begin more deliberately, and the attack from both sides is more educated to gain success for sex; with lies).

We begin here; because the mountain of failure between male and female; and the consequences of belief are so large/ that is you don’t start chipping away at something functionally small; earth including you, are dead. And the dead don’t need no hope.

THE PRIMARY COST, IS LIARS LEAD/ and animals prowl: disrespect is rampant, and the value of life is replaced with the vomit and puke of “university media”: fantasies and delusion in control/ manipulating every life that will listen. Mass hypnosis instead of thinking for yourself. CHANGE THAT, and reality will improve greatly.

NO IT IS NOT “nude pictures” that cause trouble: those are merely an elegant reminder of what nature is/ WHAT GOD OUR CREATOR has done for us all. Even if you don’t quite measure up: stop judging you and them. Because life is not lived from “pictures, or what eyes want”; THE VALUE of life, is more than that. In contrast however: is the tragedy of porn/ making pictures and videos, that limit life and body to what animals do. Suggesting hypnotically: that you could do that too, by accepting LUST. The other person does not matter; YOU, just want; “their body”. To your shame!

it is noted: a primary cause for “fat”/ is to hide from the opposite sex. Which of course fails badly, when someone from the opposite sex you desire to attract comes into view. As with all poor decisions; it is hard to retrace your steps, back to where you belong; as a life formed from disciplines, and shaped by the order of your own desires. Balanced with honest romance, so that each knows, the price of love: shapes our lives as a treasure to each other. You cannot do that: by living in fear/ or refusing to take a risk. Risk is inherent “in every adventure”/ and romance is an adventure.

NOBODY can predict the future of their own lives; unless the evidence is absolutely undeniable. As with extinction of this earth, without true change. My own life is a case in point of that: one single decision, “turned out to be a price beyond anything I could have imagined”. I have been acquainted with the spiritual world (where only truth decides)/ and finding no solution in men for saving this world from extinction. I looked for and found the female dimension of life; ONLY TO ASK: WHAT WOULD WOMEN DO, to save this world? But, I was shoved in, or trapped by that choice; because in the spiritual world: UNLESS you understand/ you cannot escape any truth you enter. “its complicated”. Nonetheless, point being: just because you want something or need something or believe something or expect something/ the reality is: YOU CHOSE. And you will have to live with that decision: Just like me. As with every truth: “it is, what it is”/ and what you want, is absolutely irrelevant. Don’t choose with your eyes, listen for what is true. Without trust you have no possible commitment. Without respect, you have no true relationship. Without love and its desire to share and care as if we are the same life: there is no future, in the treasury of hope.

THE university is god CULT; as always, will look to my description of the spiritual world, and in particular my claim of entering the dimension that belongs only to female: and scream, “liar/ fool/ failure/ and more”. But reality states, that I am educated; and without any functional assistance by universities. So, either they are worthless/ or I had help to achieve what I have achieved, in both knowledge and understanding. The conception called wisdom! Religion will say, “he ain’t one of us”/ because they too, want what they want, and use imagination to fill in the blanks.

But I am, “a messenger”; and the message is clearly stated in my work: that you will either truly change humanity itself/ or you will go extinct; soon. Universities counter with: WE WILL NEVER allow an investigation of ourselves/ NEVER. While religion offers: “we will only believe what we want to believe/ and you can’t make us do anything else”. But that is not my job; as I am literally only the messenger/ CLEARLY NOT, “your savior, leader, or other”. I gave my lifetime to that work; because of all the tragedy coming, as the consequences of what you chose to do. As is clearly viewed in the evidence of your decisions/ the realities of this day. Some of which even you can see.

As to the spiritual woman and me [a prophecy come true in Revelation 12 & 17]: without her to balance me/ the first eleven books of Revelation would have already come true. With her, to help me accomplish this work: it has become at least the possibility of hope for you to survive. Where NONE existed prior to her participation. And the people scream: “he is MAD”! Because the universities own their soul. The evidence however supports: what is true, is true, and cannot be changed. Not even by a “mountain of lies”. In contrast: evolution is the god of fools, as is clearly proven by the evidence of reality. The ignition of atoms on fire just like the sun/ is literally the end of earth itself/ and all the threats we face; come from “the universities lead”; for the last half century and more. Making the universities: a god only by “SATAN” standards (to destroy a world).




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