We MUST assemble: the methods of changing society in order to keep it alive. YOUR lessons from history, are confined to island life/ and the realities of this is all we have.

Some of those islands chose cannibalism, and war, and rape/ some became a primary lesson in “paradise” on earth; others simply survived as best they could. ALL were governed by the human population, and whether they would learn to limit population growth. Because the end of resources is the end of life.

The critical lesson to be incorporated: is the constant cost of university leadership is, THEY HAVE NO RESPECT for life/ planet/ the population/ a single resource/ your security/ your job/ your anything: because they live only for themselves, intending you are going to be their slave, with no option to choose for yourselves; or dead. As is the constant war, to destroy every job/ to eliminate every option but what they control/ replace you with robots/ make you die, in one way or another/ confiscate everything you have, and make you war, by giving away every form of property to foreigners. In order to hide what they did do, especially by counterfeiting assets to claim currency and deny debt. No greater enemy has ever been; because the war hides, and the insurgents are elusive, hidden by media mass hypnosis (no don’t worry, this will be great)/ they are gods. OR fear they may let you die, with disease/ if they don’t take all your money, and make you slave. They have discarded constitutional law/ denied reality in favor of fantasy and delusions/ pretended to be gods by injecting chaos into nature/ and have prepared to turn this earth into a sun: with impure lies. Such is the cult, of university is god; that you worship. So either evict them from leadership/ remove the curse of propaganda by evicting mass media/ deny them their numbers, by returning to only reality and truth decide (investigate the evidence); and then we could begin.


The lesson of more is simple: HUMANITY FAILS! The cost and consequence of MORE/ DAMN YOU I WANT MORE: is a reality of playing games, instead of living or loving as life would allow. So the end of games (pride) is elemental, to a new way of living. The end of power is to replace: RAPE/ RAVAGE/ RUIN/ CAUSE EXTINCTION/ ASSASSINATE EVERY CHILD/ DESTROY/ POLLUTE/ POISON/ COMMIT HORRENDOUS ACTS AGAINST NATURE AND EARTH/ AND IN ALL WAYS INSURE EXTINCTION: AS IS “the proven, university way”. Replacing power means you must take away their right to assemble an army with a minimum of effort (money). To control the money ANYONE gets to claim: you must construct boundaries and limits; just like nature did do for every plant and animal/ for every predator and prey. So that the maximum amount of individual life, could inhabit this world. EQUAL/ BUT NOT THE SAME. When in balance as nature does, all things are fair; because nature does not confine its population growth, which means death decides if life will go on. No predators and the prey will eat themselves out of “house and home”. No prey and the predator will starve. “balanced, for life itself to survive”/ by letting the strong (most capable) survive.

In human terms: limited capitalism does most of the things we need to do as a society to remove power, and retain freedoms. While it is not the most desirable method/ it is the only real method of controlling human animals mixed in with humans being alive. So it is, first choice.

Want is the other ingredient in MORE; proving to be the most aggressive, and most vile in many situations of behaviors gone bad; because I want RULES human life. Consequently the elemental descriptions of want must change. INSTEAD OF the constant competition to take all you can get individually/ YOU MUST CHANGE to building what we can build, so that all can enjoy the same basic levels of happiness and hope for life on earth. Constant competition denies friendship and compassion: by pitting one against the others/ failing people steal, plot, plan, and in all criminal ways assert revenge; fail into jealousy, abuse, use, and more. The winners yell: LET THEM DIE/ while the losers yell: LET THEM DIE/ and all the people in between yell: LEAVE ME ALONE.

TO BUILD rather than deny the others exist, or want revenge: REQUIRES, that you accept limitations and boundaries/ with an allowance of a little more for those who will train their own competition. But as every business knows: the more competition you have, the less you can get/ and the more work you must do for what you do get. Making all competition bad/ unless you feel so overworked; you just plain want help. So the key to a different life: is to change both business and competition into friends instead of enemies. IF YOU ARE NOT competing to get everything for yourself/ and have chosen instead: to build for society, and enjoy a foundation upon which society accepts itself, and joins in to build for you too. Only then do you get the values of what we can do for each other. And the winners shout: I DON’T want to share with them/ they don’t act or behave as I want them too; so I don’t want them in my world. While the losers shout: IT AIN’T enough that I get to have some fun, and live a life that is pleasant or more: I WANT what they have or had/ and nobody gets to shut the door; UNTIL I GET IT. While the majority just try to survive in the middle (where I want, “both love and hate”; controls them all).

So the real question is: are you human, or animal?

Because human knows; the value of life is its love, and the realities of sharing and caring, form the respect which allows truth to change our lives over time; even though every day will bring us closer to death. Human knows: that every miracle speaks to death: as a possibility beyond our own conceptions/ and that makes it tolerable; and even the potential for life eternal; among those invited, into joy. To be invited: requires, “the temple to be completed (respect), requires “your love to be pure”{the value you give back}, requires “truth must decide/ NOT want”/ because only truth survives, even eternally.

The animal knows none of that, because want is its life; which does allow for I am confident/ comfortable/ happy enough/ controlling hate, and tempting for love/ predator or prey/ etc. So the difference is: a human being alive must think/ while a human animal needs only to want, because less than want recognizes a loss in value, as time goes on; facing death, by creating beliefs that can be tolerated, so that fear does not overtake.

MORE DISTINCTLY: the elemental course of every society is determined by its resources. The more resources you have, the less want you will experience/ because more, have access to more. The universities have sought to destroy that completely: by removing EVERY resource; and throwing it all away, poisoning it, polluting it, denying reality, destroying nature into chaos, and all forms of “AN ENEMY AMONG US”. As is the reality of the evidence.

Society without resources, is either enslaved by a few who operate to keep some resemblance of order, usually by fear/ or war.

Instead of the constant curse of university insanity; as is throw everything we need to survive away; DESTRY every option to survive or be happy/ as is the evidence of mountains of your garbage: as is TAKE IT ALL/ leave the children DEATH, MAYHEM, CHAOS, WAR, AND CANNIBALISM; as is the truth of this reality. You must accept the cost of life now is: take only what you need, recycle/ reuse/ replace/ rebuild/ NO YOU CAN’T/ CHANGE THIS; and so on.

And all the people say: no, I don’t want that/ I want what I want; and you cannot stop me from taking all I can get. Just like the realities of trying to save life on earth. EVEN IF someone does leave the best behind to repopulate a forest for instance: SOMEONE ELSE will find that tree, SCREAM, the damn fool left the best for me/ and war with anyone else scrambling to take it down; “for a few pennies more”: that disappear in a heartbeat. Ending the future; to claim I WIN/ the damn fool loses, because I got the best.

So, your odds of survival are as pathetic as you are; nothing more, or less.

But hey, who cares right; after all this is America, where nothing bad happens because the universities are god; right. Well except for food allergies/ autism/ medicine related disease and catastrophe/ bankruptcy/ fantasies rule/ delusions are “the essence of god on earth”; and so much more. I mean: just because the universities have given us over 80,000 new chemicals/ or genetically altered our food supply/ created “super diseases”/ or established endless radiation, beyond what nature would do/ or exposed us to medicines that do more harm than good; demanded acceptance of anything “University, without proof of value”. Manipulated with media/ controlled politics and law/ discarded democracy/ and invaded our world, with their intent to remove humanity from the workforce, and the military coming.

Or used mass hypnosis techniques through media: which is “every ten minutes, on and off throughout the time a television is on: YOU HEAR, AND SEE; LISTEN TO ME, listen to me/ listen to me; or with covid: FEAR damn you fear, obey, believe: because you cannot be allowed to think for yourselves.

They’re really “just buddies” right? Oh wait, I forget: the universities cannot be questioned; “its against the law: SO SAYS THE COURTS”.

And then we have the skeletons; who are determined to infiltrate television, media, news, “anything they can”: to get into your brain. In order to claim, “we cannot be depended upon to see what we see or hear what we hear, or think what we think: they must do it for us. In the message: you own, a dead brain; you must be indoctrinated by university! You must allow them to lead us into the grave of true vomit as is “a university slave/ a zombie of their chosen belief”.

This is literally: THE TRUE INTENT, to take control of your brain; by infiltrating and hypnotizing your right to think for yourselves. after all; they just like robots better!

They are like parasites; and operate in the same way, “just a tiny insertion at a time, hidden on your back; until they have multiplied”, to become a true threat, trying to take over your life. To their purpose; a host for all they want.

While this sounds doable; the reality is, with immigration it is not possible. Because others come to take advantage of what you did do/ even though they contributed nothing to that effort. They demand it anyway, and that causes competition to rise/ ending what we did for our own future. The critical balance scale: that decides what can or cannot be done, IS POPULATION CONTROL/ BORDER CONTROL/ AND GROUP CONTROL. Because too many animals, means you cannot control the limits required to sustain a future you chose.

Population control is a decision ONLY women must, or can make/ and men must support; which includes financially. ONLY women produce babies; while liars, traitors, thieves, and terrorists demand a vasectomy, that ends all sexual chemistry in male, and without the chemistry there is no true happiness in a sexual act. YOU should sue; those who represented it in any other way; because they lied, costing you, your wife, and even children “by divorce”.

YOU should sue; those who tempted you to believe that breast cancer was so deadly/ or heart disease is so deadly; to women, in order to get your money. When the facts do not support media representation/ or pharmaceutical advertising/ or medical compliance; as does create the venue for FEAR. Clearly demanding believe, and obey; in order to enslave. Causing untold grief, without a true cause. As always “a little bit of truth/ is overrun, with lies”: because media news in particular, “is a marketer”/ whose only real job is to make you buy, borrow, or consume. BEAR in mind, but without considerable mercy: that the average doctor leaves school with a half million dollars of debt/ and half his or her life potentially over. Which brings us back “to university”.

Border control is not possible without population control; they are interlocked. If you achieve population control: THEN you can demand, you stay on your side/ and accept the consequences of what you do for you and your future are yours alone/ NOT ours. Fair is fair; little mercy is allowed.

Group control is required: because as history proves again and again/ once the easy life is over, and nature or environment have been destroyed by population increases or plain horrifying failures of respect; in men and women. SOMEBODY HAS TO DIE, OR MOVE. Now that the earth is completely full: you cannot move anymore/ because it ain’t fair. YOU CHOSE/ the consequences of that choice is YOUR OWN. Simple as that. But in so doing each “basic community group”; turns back, to scream “WE ARE TOO MANY/ somebody has to die”. And in that refrain: groups divide into recognizable groups/ so they can kill the other group “why should we die/ let them”. When war is obvious: if mediation fails. The international community of policing should identify a battleground/ provide the weapons; and initiate “you chose it”: so that the means of survival for whoever is left: ARE NOT torn down, by the war of others. Animals CANNOT overcome the reality of groups “like me”/ versus groups “not like me”. And the majority are not “human enough” to rule.

And then there is: lead us, to where we should be & tell us what we should do; so we can be happy. But alas, that fails when population expansion takes control; as it always does; particularly with immigrants who come looking “just to be happy”, themselves. IS THAT wrong? NO, but reality will prove; this earth is full, and that option no longer exists: build, share, work, choose; and accept the consequences of your own actions/ as your own life and future. And like people say, “they got more”/ but as with looks; as pretty women know, more is not always “good”.

The cost of leadership is: you are dependent/ and dependency is the first form of slavery. Consequently: to be as independent as possible, in order to be free as you can be/ it is elementally necessary for you to do your own work, and make your own choices. Some people shout: “I DON’T need or want to be that free/ I WANT STUFF, and easy”. Which is again where leadership fails, because there are thieves, liars, lazy, fools, failures, whores, traitors, terrorists, hate, a little love, and human values without purpose or desire or truth. Which means this will not survive. So no leader can tell you where you should be; only a real teacher can tell you the “truth and consequences” of what your choice will bring: so that your decision is based upon facts, not fantasy or delusions; as with university leads.

To establish truth decides, reality informs, discipline is exercised in the investigation of values and truth, the order of evidence relies upon balancing what our real choices are. Thereby making our own decisions, based upon OUR CHOICE to build a future we would cherish; thereby accepting the price of happiness is within our own control. Or throwing that away, for immediate gratification: THE CURSE of “winners”; as has been the university is god/ and nothing matters but this moment, right now: GIVE ME WHAT I WANT, NOW! DAMN YOU ALL, GIVE ME, what I want. As is the demand for a leader.

The reality is: as is formed by every society that succeeds to any extent/ and as every immigrant knows. The people who came first, built whatever society has built by their choices, and by the resources that were available/ and by whether or not another group was attacking them repeatedly. Or more simply: wealth is built one generation sacrifices and works very hard for very little “More”. While the next generation does better; because the hardest work has been done/ providing a little time for rest. While the next generation becomes stable and secure; because they have learned the price of success; and don’t want to ruin that. While the next generation becomes lazy, with more than they need; and find no excuse for doing more. The immigrant wants to reside here: where life can be easy/ and they do demand their share; as is “this world wasn’t built just for you/ we deserve more”. And society divides, into those who claim “they are right/ and those who claim they are wrong”. Reality however knows: if we were to come to their nation and demand the same they demand from us: the very same realities of possession and work for its reward; would put us in their shoes. Same/ same! Which brings us back to: borders and groups alike/ so that each society can work that out for themselves: without the extra competition. In this world: reality would demand/ every citizen goes back to its originating nation. ONLY the nations which prove zero population growth or less, are allowed to immigrate. And international law determines what that will mean; because you cannot divide and conquer by war/ as has been the constant and only solution of men. WE MUST choose for life, and that will require realistic sharing and caring: BUT ONLY AMONG THOSE, who prove to respect our laws, and our realities as a world in crisis. Because we are “seconds”, from an ending nobody wants or desires. As the reality of “university is god”; will soon prove true.

And the people say; you can’t make us believe that/ you can’t make us do that/ you cannot prove beyond a doubt, anything bad will occur; IF WE JUST DON’T do nothing at all/ but what we want!

To which I reply: I have never asked you to believe anything: INVESTIGATE THE EVIDENCE, AND PROVE it is not so, by standards of reality that are known to exist. Such as: how do you survive population increases, “when you can’t feed a billion people now/ in a way they appreciate”. When water reserves are at the point of collapse. When the ocean life is on the edge of extinction; because of your choices. With global warming as is proven by ice losses; the beginning of a changed earth forever. With high extinction rates/ habitat losses/ no jobs/ resources lost/ no future/ nature being mutilated/ people trying to ignite a nuclear fire “just like the sun”; here on earth. And much, much more. Because you have been led/ and your leaders have proven to be: HORRIFYING TO LIFE AND PLANET. The worst of the worst, who have ever lived: because our world faces extinction; literal and true. And every part was preceded by: the masses of humanity SCREAMING, “WE WON’T CARE/ WE CAN’T ALL BE WRONG. Because you “just wanted, what you wanted; and the leaders gave you bribes, while they stole your world, your nation, your future, and killed your child; because they “just wanted, what they wanted too”!

To which: the entire world replies, TO HELL WITH YOU/ WE WANT WHAT WE WANT. TO HELL WITH REALITY/ NOBODY GIVES A DAMN ABOUT TRUTH: the universities are god, and NOTHING will change that.

So, the only real question is: When, does HELL begin?

And in the back of every human mind: comes the claim, IF IT ALL GOES BAD/ WE WILL MAKE HIM LEAD.

But reality knows: I CANNOT save you from anything you choose to do/ these are your decisions/ they are your truths/ and they are the consequences of your reality; because you demanded the freedom to choose. And you chose “the universities as your god”. I am NOT Jesus/ NOT god/ NOT savior/ NOT your slave, or any other conception you might want to believe. “that just ain’t true”. Because I am a messenger: sent to tell you, this world will soon be extinct. TURN BACK, TO TRUTH, REALITY, RESPECT, AND TO GOD your Creator.

Nothing less, will keep you alive. Past the point of no return: you have no further choice to make. Mercy will be dead.

And religion says: HE DIDN’T “check every box”/ so we DON’T have to do NOTHING. Because we believe whatever we want to believe; “its our god given right”! But alas; your book is not “GOD”/ and your belief has little to do with truth for most. Consequently, the assumption: you won the prize/ and get eternity for free is amiss. UNLESS of course that your desire is to end up with hate.   THERE IS A PRICE, for discarding an entire world of life; as if it were worthless: “to you”.   THE EVIDENCE IS CLEAR ENOUGH;  and you do have the right to investigate, and prove it is wrong.  if not/ you chose; as does become your truth!

And ALL the universities say: WE OWN IT ALL, the people are our slaves/ media insures it. YOU CANNOT steal one living soul back; “they all belong to us”/ the living dead. Because arrogance, not truth leads: and they want to be arrogant, and greedy, and selfish: RAPING the world; just like us. While media screams: “we own their hearts and minds”/ you are NOBODY, they will NEVER listen to you. And every politician says: reality and truth be DAMNED/ we will not go back; we WANT what we want. And the people all whisper: I just want what I want/ I have a right; everybody else is doing it. Alas, extinction does not care, “what you want”/ truth decides, not you. Change your truth!

So I reply:  I am NOT here to make you listen: I AM only here to deliver the message: if you will not change to let truth decide, respecting life and planet as you must/ then extinction will occur.

I am NOT here to steal/ I am NOT here to compete/ I am NOT here to replace your leaders/ I am NOT here to judge you, or save you or them. I AM SIMPLY HERE: TO ESTABLISH THE EVIDENCE IS, “UNLESS YOU CHANGE BACK TO TRUTH AND RESPECT FOR LIFE AND PLANET”/ you will soon be EXTINCT. The choice is yours to make/ but the reality is: unless you do make the choice that keeps this earth ALIVE; you will die, each and every one/ as horror, in every conception; consumes this earth. there is, NO GOING BACK.

I, say to you: THAT LOVE shapes us, every single one who is alive in the miracles of what GOD did do. In the grace of that understanding, it is impossible not to fight for this world. Love acknowledges truth, and truth understands respect. Therefore duty is clear, and value is certain.

Those who live for hate, know nothing of love or duty; and will always seek destruction to all but themselves. Yet the vast majority “sit on the fence” between love and hate; believing they can become whatever it is they want, by following the road “we can’t all be wrong”. REALITY proves “all are wrong”/ because extinction is becoming real. Yet they value only “the universities are god”: the very people who led this human world; for the last fifty plus years. To where we are now!

Yet the cult worshiper says: “the universities cannot be wrong/ they are gods”. Even though, reality proves: they are simply your own former classmates in school/ none of which, “were even remotely; gods”. To your own shame; you believe in them more than the evidence of our own reality; as is the definition of religion. And cult: WE DARE NOT question our leaders/ they will punish us, for our disbelief. Therefore abandon all truth; and enter “their eternity”.

The zealot cannot tell: he or she has no anchor/ no foundation for life; “only a book, and belief”.

Those who have faith: obey only truth/ identify reality by respect/ and conceive of eternity with love.


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