We must assemble, the conception of what it has meant; to worship universities as god. Conception means to intertwine two distinct identities into one construction of time. It is always the result of actions and reactions; which were beyond comprehension, in truth; by the conjoined couple. As each action creates its own consequence/ and each consequence creates its own truth.

This occurs daily in policing versus justice: whereby, policing needs only a rule; irregardless of a right. In contrast: justice needs a true legal right, or those who intend to enforce it must simply stand down. The most common failure generated by fear, or power; is handcuffs: “making society ANGRY/ and then against all policing”! Policing says “we have a right”/ while justice asserts, there is no right: unless a true physical threat exists. The difference between policing and gestapo is: those who want power use fear/ those who fear use power. While those who demonstrate a desire for justice, establish peace and fair play. Policing is only, “a job”; for those who can control substantially; their fears.

So we begin with the certainty: that those who called themselves “university” back one hundred years ago/ were in fact working to achieve a basic level of knowledge that did not fully exist before them. Made possible by the introduction of new tools, and the construction of knowledge formerly unknown. Most of what they did do, was beneficial/ some harmful/ and other elements of their so-called imagination; were horrendous. Nonetheless, the public wanted more; so they could control their own world, and understand a more intelligent (defined by knowledge, rather than belief) means of participation in reality. Unfortunately, that came with lies, and liars, and thieves, traitors, terrorists and more, as it always does; when discussing humanity.

These were then mixed with the public perception of an education, and indoctrination of the universities as god; had begun. Of the many variables that mattered in the “university insurrection”: were claims of, evolution/ weapons of mass destruction/ claims of knowledge FAR BEYOND actual truth based reality/ and the always dedication to pride, power, disrespect for what exists, and want.

Unfortunately; the universities won in every contest, because they owned the media (no one enters here, without our permission). And public perception was then simply a matter of manipulation, lies, theft, and betrayal. Which if that did not work: “rebooting education” to identify, and indoctrinate the universities as god: every child must belief, as is served to create the religious sect of “university is god, cult worshipers”. Cult means: never question your leader/ OBEY, FEAR, BELIEF WHAT YOU ARE TOLD/ question nothing, but those who do not believe.

By media propagation and control, the manipulation of society itself; to overtake and overthrow democracy; by inserting the enemies of America as their leaders. The reality of their actions over the last decades of my own existence (68 years, examine as proof; consider the reality of these/ and do question why. I will first touch on these: that true universities power came with the atomic bomb/ as this was visible proof of threat beyond anything before (the universities did it)/ keep them on our side. The critical action: while one atomic bomb could have been justified, even if not valid (used in demonstration instead). The reality of the second hydrogen bomb two days later; was hurrying so they did not get stopped from dropping it. A measured act of pure anarchy (we threaten all) against the world itself. Then came the two thousand or so; American detonations of more atomic bombs: to instill fear, by leaders on the public and world. A cost to this nation and this world; of horrors coming. So the media propagated “our saviors/ instead of threat”. While universities taught every nation, and more; how to build one: because as every military knows, you can’t have a purpose, without an enemy. Then came missiles, and the universities conceived of “lets go to the moon”/ as a cover up; to building bigger rockets, for bigger bombs: which the public did not want. Media made it happen, and nothing less; by a deluge of misdirection. America the friend of our world; is now dead. Its leadership now: a proven liar, traitor, failure, thief, terrorist, and fool: who now choose this. Of an endless list; only a tiny few highlights are mentioned.

  1. There is, the civil defense version of: FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY; as was produced and incarcerated the people into submission. “just do whatever you have to do/ and don’t tell me nothing else”. The political ambition of threats no army can control; “elect me”.
  2. The Cuban missile crisis; America caught preparing to attack the USSR/ faced with stop, or begin. “not yet ready”/ so Vietnam was invaded to prepare for world war 3; “by seasoning the troops”. But then came electronics, and anti-aircraft missiles: and Vietnam was the perfect “test facility” for war machines.
  3. Endless money spent, to prepare for war; by both USSR AND USA/ which caused a financial crisis, in each. USSR instead of putting anything back into the nations they had taken over after world war 2; abandoned them. While USA through Reagan: invaded the securities of this USA, and sold off all its gold/ to pay for his great solution; claiming “debts don’t matter”. Media of course reported nothing; as is the constant of supporting the insurgency (the universities must be in charge)/ the war against this USA. Reagan gave the universities exactly what they wanted: in charge of the currency.
  4. We then begin, an assessment of university rule; as the outbreak of war against this USA (we are the superior ones) accelerated. So, with universities in charge of the money: we examine what did they spend it on.
    1. FIRST on the list was; a massive increase in income for every university graduate. Then EVERY want, pride, power, toy, trinket, trophy, foolish game, or anything else as could consume money by giving it to the universities was added; as the welfare program of “give the diploma, the world”; began in Ernst. WE CAN BRIBE ANYONE!  The public noticed: THE MONEY IS HERE/ WE WANT OURS TOO. And the sewers opened, so all that could fell in.
    2. what we notice of their spending: was NOT one penny for infrastructure, or the people or the future, or the child, or the planet, or the nation or nature, or life; beyond make everyone go to university.
    3. What we then notice is: every form of monopoly was enticed to begin/ and every form of corporate takeover, so that only a few business would remain; has been going on since. Covid now exists as a final push to overthrow and overtake all forms of opposition to university rule. By removing the option of choices, and limiting those who remain: to control by government official, and whatever they want you to do.
    4. Not a single attempt for life or world/ not one effort for peace or happiness, or a future/ disassembling the courts, by removing constitutional law controls here. I took several constitutional cases to every tier of courtroom; and proved that true.
    5. Media control over society; regardless of the cost to be wrong. The people lost in a maze of circles; as is the nature of mass hypnosis; rather than the substance of evidence proven by unbiased truth.
    6. The planet begins to suffer extinction; due to human activities/ and realities of true horror begin to surface.
    7. The constant of genetic mutilation, and university take over of nature, life, and planet; as is crucifying life itself. Takes center stage, as the anarchists of the most vile propagation every conceived: not only takes control, but charges trillions of dollars, to pay for their insurgency.
    8. The world stands ready to fall, into extinction; and media as is the constant of US NEWS; refuses to report anything beyond “fear, damn you fear/ believe damn you believe the university is god/ and obey our commands, you have no brain. Let’s replace them with robots; because then when we kill billions; we won’t even have to notice.  And the cult says: “they wouldn’t hurt us/ we are their army”/ but alas,  “get out the poison drinks”; because they just don’t need or want you anymore. After all cult worshipers are “a dime a dozen”; with mass hypnosis.
    9. don’t you worry now; “universities” have been working on the problems/ and have now discovered since most of humanity is on the ocean coast; all they need to do is put large atomic bombs in the ocean, and create a massive one hundred foot tall tsunami “to control the radiation”.  live off the coast; “don’t you worry now”/ with the right information already in hand; within a week, most nations will be lost. Along with biological weapons, soon to be developed; well, targeting groups will be easy; right? Isn’t that what ancestry DNA; proves? who needs an army! Robots “will clean up”. Retaliation: “let the world be extinct”/ only a very tiny few, can easily, make that choice.
    10. the universities are great;  RIGHT?/  its all good, right.
    11. OR, with world law;  we remove power, control pride, identify truth, construct boundaries, limit influence, give ourselves the power, resurrect the planet, stop university experimentation, conceive of better, give the children a chance, give life on earth a chance, remove all weapons of mass destruction, force leaders to obey our world law, protect the future, water, oceans, and more. By simply understanding: we have no choice:  respect life and planet/ or we all die.
    12. RESPECT  GOD   and remove the vile refuse of evolution, and other university influences; that are nothing more than lies, theft, and hate. The foundation of world law is: that we the people of this world MUST CHOOSE FOR OURSELVES; what is critically necessary and important. What is fundamentally fair, and justified. WHAT CANNOT be done, because the price of being WRONG; is too damn high. What this world needs protection from. And how we will cooperate as international neighbors and friends. Hate must be separated out; so that it no longer greatly contaminates the rest. Once the laws are done/ they are enforced by world policing. “the best you have from every nation on earth”; each nation shall pay for its own. Highly populated nations shall pay more: for other international members to participate more heavily in their obedience to the laws of life and planet as are chosen. Cooperating as one force, NOT overrun by soldiers/ policing from any nation: whose primary purpose is to collect leaders; to bring them to court/ if the need is great enough. No matter who they are. To insure compliance with our intent to provide world peace and law. NONE are allowed to be employed in this policing force, for more than eight years/ most far less. NO great army will be assembled/ instead small independent forces shall exist: but they will not greatly exercise authority where they are/ other forces shall come; just as these shall go, where called. Primary existence will be on ships to accomplish this. World public court is divided into two categories: one strictly a national problem, to be decided by its own people. The other strictly international problem; to be determined by the laws that must be enforced/ as we the people have designated them to be. That court could be held in Guantanamo; because its there/ and represents a tiny slice of the planet that can be independent of the rest. What you get, is equal to what you do and support.
    13. The “television gods”; try desperately to confuse you: trying to prove: “no you cannot trust your eyes or ears or knowledge (girls and boys/ boys are girls; looks don’t matter; truth lies/ fear everything but university/the world is a fantasy, that is where the fun begins/ a gun is the answer, trust no one/ believe whatever the TV tells you; disrespect all/ hide the children from life, make TV their only choice/ HIDE yourself, and run away: into the universities arms) as they are your god. Because mind control, is a participant in insanity; and the more insane you are: the less you will know or accept what is true: by the reality of evidence. Therefore the hypnotic voice is your god (it alone can understand; YOU cannot/ evidence does not matter); therefore if only you will believe: “you cannot trust your own brain”;  LISTEN & BELIEVE, your TV god will save you. Instead of reality; believe what your TV god says; OBEY the voice; and be safe.  After all, “you make mistakes”. But alas: the universities consist ONLY of your former classmates/ and NONE of them “were gods”: that is, the reality of truth.  DON’T give away your life:  QUESTION AND PROVE THE EVIDENCE IS TRUE. There are 3 fundamental conceptions of life in time/ plus 4 elemental realities of life itself. The first 3 are: brain/ body/ life. Brain functions as are reference to existence in time; and is able to extrapolate the various inputs of what is pain or pleasure into an imaginative conception of “the possibilities”. In that imagination: endless mental traps are formed, and the abyss (never enough) of want extrudes behavior; as its own definitions of pride and power exist. Body functions to identify what is or is not true; about our relationship to the experiences and expressions of energy, mass, and motion. It produces pleasure or pain; as the evidence we need to form a decision. LIFE itself, is our participation with value: the ascent of love/ OR, in opposition to that; the descent into hate. As it is your own decision to make. The direction of your life is then governed by the values of your heart/ or the failure to adhere to truth. Of these three basic core compositions: brain forms insanity, by allowing all manner of fantasy, delusion, illusion, or imagination to control your grip on reality itself. Those who fail to understand: LIFE IS NOT about these things; end up, forced to believe “something”. Because truth has been hidden.

      Body forms the intensity of change, that is basic to the understanding of body itself. More distinctly, the body only truly asserts itself, when sufficient change has made this possible/ or mandatory. Therefore we seek change, in sex and other methods of body functions: to achieve the signature of being alive in a body, as only intensity will signal as true.

      LIFE is our relationship with heart and soul/ or death and chaos: dependent entirely upon what you chose, OR the impact another living creature or reality, has had on your body or mind. Making the world itself, “a bigger place” than just you. Heart leads us into friendship with life, as is evident in other living things. Soul leads us towards the investigation of miracles as are the evidence of CREATION itself; thereby GOD was here. While death shapes the future, as an ending no one shall escape; causing chaos for some, insanity for others, belief will save me/ or faith in what truth and love shall, or can do.

      We then search into the four elements; which participate with life/ but not body or mind. These are desire (I search with my heart and soul for this)/ love (I share and care for this)/ passion (I give with all the intensity I own)/ and hope (the distinction, that follows truth, on its path toward the light of our own discovery: “eternity will exist”).

      Hate knows none of these things. Body and mind are unable to conceive of a greater truth; than pain or pleasure or time. Only life is a journey, created by your own decision to participate; as a value worth constructing by your love.

      Our journey into truth, starts with the understanding: LIFE IS, more than self! While that may seem obvious; mentally you are unable to conceive of that/ because it is not functionally a decision. Rather it is a revelation of concept and value/ instead of death or chaos.

      Conception occurs, when an understanding of miracles (beyond anything this world could have done)/ is accepted. That acceptance, presents the truth GOD WAS HERE. And the journey begins, in the elemental value of “I, am alive”. A reality so far beyond self; that we must then go back in time; to the moment of our own creation as a living human being. That search is intensely personal, and exists only in the framework of truth; as proven by the laws established in evidence of our own existence. A reality that is governed: by all the beliefs, constructions, religions, universities, and more of what people have gathered together throughout history: whether right or wrong [the foundation of all schizophrenic consequences]. Therefore, A reality that must be evicted: in order for truth alone, to participate with you.

      When life sets you apart from the influences of “we can’t all be wrong”/ and recognizes it is, the miracle that matters, “not I”. Only, then the spiritual world can or will be found. So we ask: what does it mean, “to be truly alone/ as is spiritually separated (only truth lives here), from this world of human existence”? The critical answer is: body and mind no longer matter. The reality of that however is dedicated to a life beyond time/ and if you still live as time, “i return”; to the elemental base of body and mind; to assert “I cannot share, without these things”. But that brings back with it: pain and pleasure and time (where all the elements of humanity remain). “its functionally complicated”.

      Even so, the journey for each living soul: is to achieve a purity of truth, conceived by love, constructed by heart, established by truth itself in the elevation of trust; as is conceptually “the elegant essence” of becoming soul. None are pure, none are perfect, all require mercy to achieve eternal life/ and that is unimportant, unless GOD becomes our family. Creating for us, a life we will cherish.

      Body and mind will offer: YOU CAN’T leave us behind. Because they are the tangible functions of time/ and without time, it is said you cannot exist. Therefore the critical test of life, is to recognize and answer: are you time/ or are you miracle? As a human being: we are both. But when death consumes both body and mind: only truth will survive, and that truth demands, “time for you, no longer exists”. So the critical question is: can truth be life?

      The fundamental answer is: truth survives as the evidence of law/ but it is not life, it is only truth. Nonetheless, without truth; no life would exist: therefore truth is the foundation of every life, and every law that can or will exist. So the elemental question is: HOW do we change what is our truth/ into the realities of “our eternal life”?

      The foundation of that returns to creation itself: and constructs, where energy exists, a life can be formed. So the distinction of life must be achieved; by the essence of thought, and thought must be achieved by the freedom to be real, in a participation with motion/ or the potential of motion/ or the infinite boundary of where thought can be.

      Thought then confronts us as life/ but it is not “true life”, UNTIL: ____________________. THAT is as far as I go.

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