The march into world war 3; is little different than the German nazi march of world war 2. The Nazi party wins: by the people being tired of the cost for world war 1; all agree, “let’s take what we want/ we don’t need no damn reality”. Jews are targeted: because they control the banks, and are responsible (investors demand it) for foreclosing/ and then selling property and business, to themselves. Same is true of the endless claim “university is god/ and deserves everything it can want, imagine, or raise an army with bribes to get”; as is lets take what we want/ reality be damned. Soon reality returns; as the end of wealth predicts (numbers without meaning): the cost of following a sewer of fools, as is “university knows” takes control. That leaves society with three choices: civil war (we HATE you, for doing this to us)/ build for war, as is we will attack the others to get what we want (the hitler way)/ or accept the price of starting over is truth decides, not your want. One of these, will soon rule this “america”.

Again: one trillion dollars is equal too= ten thousand dollars per each of one hundred million workers. Only workers support society. Making 6 trillion dollars “to spend in one year”= equal too, $60,000.00 per each of one hundred million workers/ on top of what has already been spent. “not to worry though”/ universities have it all figured out: “numbers are wealth, for the nobility (university rules)/ and debt for the rest (slaves)”. So long as the children do not revolt; and simply lay down to die, by lies, and liars, and thieves: “nobody cares”.

It is essential, to assemble the individual elegance of human as life involved with time; the essence of a choice. That then becomes the pathway to your own future. As is the purpose of time and humanity joined as one.

We assemble the disciplines in three separate compositions, each independent/ yet each utterly necessary to complete the experience and expression and existence of humanity itself. These are: LIFE, the elemental rise from motion/ BODY, the elemental rise from mass/ and BRAIN, the elemental rise of individual recognition. LIFE is not constructively “an individual experience/ it is an individual expression”; conceived within the values of thought. Without value, life turns into chaos. Without order, life turns into war. Without discipline, life turns into a struggle between pride, power, and want. But without hope, life becomes suicidal; because there is no purpose or desire to existence itself. These are the primary elements: body provides the platform for all experience/ while brain presents the individual choices that become the construction and conceptions of your own individual truth.

We then begin in

the lessons of what and why do people demand to be “herd animals/ or predators” instead of human alive. The answer is: LIVING needs to be “a peaceful life among the others; to sustain happiness”. Because an individual expression has no merit, unless it involves someone else, to recognize “this is you”. The animal part fails to remember: “that is them/ and prefers to rely almost entirely on “this is me/ and for many, that includes; who gives a damn about you”. Either way the experience of living, thereby life itself; desires companionship. The end result of that is people combine into the various groups they relate too/ or are forced into.

Within this assertion are the generic terms, used by “rabble rouser’s; to form a mob”. Or more simply: people who are unhappy with their expected future, will allow others to shape them into a weapon/ so that weapon can be used without pointing any real finger “at me”. Or more simply: I am innocent if part of the mob that did the evil thing. Not true; but humanity does not care about truth/ they want, instead. Terms I use generically: are university (the place where arrogance/ mutilators/ terrorists/ traitors/ thieves/ lies/ criminals/ tragedies/ fools/ failures/ …….and more hide. Does not represent the whole of the group; unless they mob together to protect and hide; each individual who is a tragedy to life or planet or both. Same is true for words such as gestapo/ nazi/ hitler/ and more: these do not represent the German people who were overrun by the mob. But it does represent the extremely righteous ones who participated believing they would be the ones to play god now, and did. History is full of the righteous, who believe they are so superior; they can be gods/ and do so by producing the mob, who then commits their genocide. America is in terms of the Indian wars; at least as bad as the Nazi world war 2 tragedy/ as is Japanese, Chinese, basically all nations. Some shout we have a book/ others don’t. What forms the mob far more easily today is: “communicating public knowledge: now we know”. But of course the only thing you know is what you were told; by a very tiny few people, who are not suppose to lie/ or seek great personal gain. Alas they do; and form manipulators/ marketers/ tempters/ corruption / and all manner of mass hypnosis as is dependent upon what they believe or want for themselves. Just like you. People believe because they want to believe: not because any form of real evidence is used. They want to believe, because it is easy/ but mostly because media will tell the public what it primarily wants to hear; and nothing else. Because that is: what the public wants/ and if you don’t give the public what it wants/ they will turn to someone who will. What the public wants most is three things: GIVE ME WHAT I WANT/ MAKE ME THE WINNER/ AND LET ME DECIDE, or “listen to me/ not you”; which occurs only by the construction of “rabble rousing”. As is WE ARE A MOB NOW.

The difference between information and manipulation is: the level of evidence/ the purpose of the information/ the desire to be truthful/ and the degree it is possible to make up your own mind; without being controlled. Media fails badly in this day; and being indoctrinated into the university cult of we, the university elite; are gods. Most never even know what they do; as is the common cause of a “believer”. The secondary cause of a believer is: to put aside ALL POSSIBILITY OF BEING WRONG/ so that now we are the righteous. The people who should be gods, because we can’t, “all, be wrong.” Which is the decree for judgment: “you are not worthy of us/ you are measured less, or even worthless”; and that means I can do anything to you/ because it does not matter; you are the trash.

With an accepted judgment, among the majority: you get genocide/ another historical repetition of men. War is accepted, because it removes the competition; and “gives me, their stuff”. With genocide, on the other side: you get believers in a “Higher power”/ because clearly “we do not have enough”, and are being slaughtered. Those who survive: “imagine why”. But there is a basis to religion: which is, the clear evidence of life and body and planet as are: MIRACLES.

These are the basic behaviors of a herd, a mob, predator packs, and it leans toward an understanding of basic religious grouping. Or why do individuals, not retain a complete independence: what is working against that?

We then turn aside to discover the individual, and express WHY; does a human animal want? The answer is the same for all animals: I understand I am going to die/ and I want all I can get, before that happens, or I get too old to care. Want includes pride (the games we play)/ want includes power (I can make you fear me)/ want includes greed (I deserve your stuff, MORE than you do)/ want includes lust (your body can be used by mine)/ want discovers “we can’t all be wrong” (to be the herd)/ want, extends to belief in religion (because we want what we want/ and I can at least imagine getting what I want; in this religion). Without want, all these things die/ and being a living human; “alive by the grace of GOD” begins.

We then search for desire, as the basis of a purpose beyond want: and journey into the creation of life itself, by our own means of travel, which is thought. Desire elevates and ascends beyond life in time; to understand that only truth provides the basis of living, loving, or anything of value. Therefore truth becomes the path into creation itself, as we assemble order: nothing living could have caused or defined what the evidence will prove as is, a living body. We assemble discipline: as the organization of time, to produce a decision which we have then created within ourselves to pursue the freedom of our lives; as is directed by motion, love, or hate. The evidence will prove that is a conception of thought, and it is applied by the balance of what we choose, versus what the boundaries and limits of our bodies and this earth will allow. Nothing on earth could have caused any part of that to exist. Therefore we look beyond ourselves; to achieve an expression called “CREATOR”. Assembling the respect that is deserved, from life itself.

We ask: CREATED and then abandoned? Recognizing it is not our decision to make: accepting the critical question of eternity, limits us to truth. What then can the evidence prove true? The evidence proves the universities are wrong; as evolution has no basis in fact, and is pure fiction. Fundamentally without question: because you can’t build a body of life, “One piece at a time”. YOU NEED it all at once. Which discards the universities entirely. We then search religions; to assemble what is “not simply want”? The answer looks primarily at JESUS; and the evidence asserts, HE PRODUCED sufficient value of life, to literally change a world/ because none could do what he did do. HIS PROMISE to the world: accept the honest values of truth, love, friendship, and respect, in your heart/ and there will be life, as soul; beyond time for you. So the question is: do you value the same things HE DID? Peace, love, respect, and harmony have a price; if it is not for you: then you will not belong to the life HE promised would be true.

We ask: what is the alternative? Answer: clearly the universities worship power, pride, and want; as is the cost of every herd/ trampling everything in their way to get what they want. Regardless of life lost, value destroyed, extinction coming. Answer: religion also wants, but will generally rely upon the mob as their means of power or pride/ we have a book; therefore we are the righteous ones; who deserve everything we can take. Christianity worships the conclusion “we don’t have to do NOTHING”/ but speak a few taught words, and pay a little tax to the church. GOT IT EARNED baby, I am owed the eternity I want; now. They will be badly surprised. And then there is hate: the people who believe they are at war with “God”/ and somehow can win? Instead, as predator and prey, the life of animals; you are allowed to be the creature you want to be; with only minor true costs for an eternity (an animal is an animal). If on the other hand; you rob or destroy a life that would have been able to spend an eternity with “GOD”; THAT constitutes a breech of life, sufficient to engage a war with you: making HADES, the place of terrors that never end; your residence for an eternity. Because you stole or destroyed a life: that did belong to GOD. There is a price for that.

The question is: as an individual shaped by time, and this Creation of life and living examples of what each decision does mean. We share the consequences of our freedom, and realize: life is not a game. Neither is death; the controls needed to keep this earth alive.

The question MOST at the heart of individual expression is: WHY, did someone I loved die, change, treat me wrong, fail disciplines, or in all ways: WHAT went wrong. And why did it have to affect me and my life, and my living, and my world? WHY, am I not simply safe; in the essence of me? WHY does fear, or needs, or realities I hate: exist?

The answer to that question is: the honor of life is, “we shape ourselves”, by the choices we make. The consequences of our own truth. In contrast to that honor is the realities of life make choices for us, that we are not allowed to control; and therefrom must exhibit a relationship with thought, to achieve the true value of living. THOUGHT (the essential transference from animal to human being alive: discovers life. Rather than simply living).

THOUGHT, is at its core construction; an opportunity to expand beyond self, into a spiritual world that allows only truth. Within that truth, you are allowed to search within the dimensions of hope, and determine the true path of your own home in eternity. If you survive, and are not betrayed by want, fear, disrespect, or the cost of what you did do in time.

Therefore we then understand: that to make these “eternal choices”, we must be prepared to accept the task of making decisions that will define, and prove; what is true in me. Fear is an enemy; which is why your enemy always tries to instill fear in you. Want is the end of life itself, because if you have not truly chosen between EITHER love or hate; you will be cast adrift and dissipate into nothing left. DEATH is; the method by which we live as time, and prepare our choices to participate in eternity. We DID NOT “give ourselves life”; and that reality means: we do not get to own the decision called death for ourselves either. Making suicide a tragedy, even more so than it is.

Love has a price; it opens the door by accepting trust; and when someone comes inside your love; they can steal it, if they are not worthy of your love. But make NO mistake, love is a two way street; and just because you choose to love someone/ does not mean the other person simply must do whatever you want them to do or be. They have rights too! Trust is where commitment rises. Truth is where relationships form. When respect is added, the potential for a journey combined as one; takes shape.

People confuse love with want; but it is not so: just because you want something or someone does not mean you love it or them. It only means you want, and are willing to believe they will give you what you want; if only you do this, are this, or whatever your choice is. But they do have a mind of their own; and they are entitled to make the decision they choose to make; just as freely as you made the decision you made. Love is not want/ want, is the struggle of an animal.

Love is the journey of a human being alive as heart formed by the shapes we share, the expressions of our care. Every journey is shaped by value: hope shapes what we value, by expressing the experiences we do intend to share. Dimensions are shaped by that desire, becoming the elemental home of our soul. Love elevates heart (this keeps me alive, in time); as more than body, and the creation of “our home” begins in the acceptance of love beyond self. What we can become to each other, is then determined, by what we are to each other. As life says: love is not a journey for just one. Love is not a journey, without desire; therefore each must create in the other, a value to be shared.

The cost of losing love, reminds each one: of what value truly is. The cost of losing love, reminds each one: only love can reach beyond this world, and open doors into another world. The cost of losing love, reminds each one: what it means, when you fail as well.

The cost of life, is an individual conception; that allows the future to be shaped by you. If love has proven to be “a price too high”: people hide from love, in a variety of ways; so they don’t have to choose again. A reality that closes off the world of living for you too. If you choose to believe (whatever it is)/ then you wall off the world; so as not to make any more decisions. By slamming the prison door shut, and screaming in kind; “you can’t get me anymore”. A reality that seals you inside, just as much as it seals the others outside. If you choose to hate; even if it is “deserved”/ you surrender your option to live; as hate is a decision to die. If you are the righteous/ then you have chosen to believe; “we can’t all be wrong”; and accept this herd is my answer; by surrendering individual decision. If you make sex or romance, etc; a game: then you have chosen to participate without honor/ and people will be hurt. Even lives changed, some forever.

The cost of universities is simple: they want to tear down everything, so they can believe whatever they want, and be in charge of all life. Proving that, by playing god over life and planet. The evidence will prove; fantasy, fool, failure, traitor, terrorists, cult, thief, liar, ,,,,,,and all their imagination can do: IS NOT enough. And has failed; even to the point of extinction for this whole world. Wake up, or die. Stop being a cult; and investigate for truth. That is your individual decision to make. NONE, can make it for you: YOUR DECISION/ your eternity: CHOOSE.


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