If, we were to consider; the conception of life itself, we would be required to assemble an energy which could sustain itself. Because without motion, or at least the potential for motion; there can be no purpose or desire or hope. Therefore we know, that the elemental rise of life, comes from energy. So the question is: what is energy, that it can be controlled into the forms and values of a living existence?

Unlike the claim of humanity: E=mc (sq)/ a derivative of kinetic (an action will exhibit a definable reaction). That is only cause and effect/ not the basis of energy at all. Energy is that form of existence or structure, that allows for a cause and effect to participate in truth, as a reality.

While that may not sound like “an elemental structure” it is. Because truth is an elemental rise, and reality is identified by its law, forms a purpose. What is lacking here, for the conception of life: is desire and hope. These ascend from thought, and construct the values which form: an ability to survive.

We then assemble death, as a participant in truth, by its laws of atomic construction; as the loss of values/ or the end of desire or hope, to survive. The critical question: does a body represent life/ or does life itself, define the purpose of living, as an existence? The body represents the values of a body, that lives within the laws of an atomic construction; thereby truth assembles, and reality exists.

(your universities add in the horror of lies, fantasy, and failure; as the human contribution, “yes we can”). Dismantling life in time; because their desire is “to play god”. Rather than achieve a value within themselves.

Discipline states: the creation of a body, is the assembling of atoms, into balanced order, constructed with respect for all participants involved/ whereas death is the disassembly of that body, the destruction of that respect (as is the constant of human belief: university is god). To your shame.

VALUE is: not simply existence, but harmony. Where harmony exists, love “our choice to share and care, as friends”, will follow. BUT; Humanity cannot conceive of harmony, with only rare exception; because they made life into a game/ games have rules, and “rules were made to be broken”. Therefore respect is dead, and trophies, trinkets, or toys exhibit the degree of want that is involved. Want is the basis of every lie/ and lies begin the descent into destruction of self.

Which reminds me once again: that you are completely unworthy of “more than this”.

Even so: the search between life and death is time. Our relationship, formed by what is most important to “self; as is evidenced by realities of either love or hate”. Time shapes us, into the identity we most deserve; by our choice in friendship as is love/ or by your choice of hate, which means to be “an enemy of life”. Thereby justice (you freely chose) exists: in the determination of whether you belong to life/ or to death.

The house we fundamentally live within: is truth/ and we build with our truth the values that become our home. The law of life, is shaped by the boundaries and limits which we can survive. The law of death is shaped by the freedom to escape those boundaries and limits; to declare yourself “god” (got everything I need).

The human part is: what do you desire, why do you conceive of purpose, and where do you hope life will lead? In forming “the living of your life”; these are questions which you must answer with truth; because liars fail to live. Therefore with honesty: do you desire love more than anything else? Because eternity has room for only those who will exist in harmony. With honesty: every purpose is a passion shaped by our own request for discipline, order, and balance (as with love)/ OR, the purpose is to damage, manipulate, tempt, instill fear or control over life; as is hate. Because only peace, through justice is allowed “life, beyond time”. With honesty then, as the meaning of your own values, the limits and boundaries you have expressed as your own respect: the question becomes, “what is the truth of your hope, for eternity”? These are the fundamentals: that decide your future.

But then there are, “the games people play”: to shout, “look at me/ listen to me/ do what I say/ and even worship me, as the winner. Or fear me, as the loser. We will call that, the animal; rather than the friend. Because the game does not conceive of love, as a passion; discards hate as something to be used, if desired; and creates a foundation of living, that ends with time; as dissipation into “nothing” begins. True hate is the declared war against life/ thereby against our CREATOR; which is commonly called “GOD”. True hate will then fight with the Creator of this universe; and lose/ entering into the curse of endless death: because of your freedom to choose; having taken a life from GOD “forever”. If you are found to be only “predator and prey”; you can escape into dissolution. But if you cost a single true life of love, to be lost: your fate is sealed.

People ask: WHY, is this earth; as it is? The answer is simple, and even you can understand it. Eternity is a value only to those who accept love as their journey, their decision to live and search for happiness. Therefore only those who trust in this life; can receive it. As to earth: humanity wants/ and humanity is: therefore so is society and the future as displayed by history. Your freedom decides. Reality states: if GOD were to intervene, then it would not be “your free will choice”. And it is decreed: each shall decide for themselves.

That consists of thought!

So the critical conception of life, begins with energy, aligns with love, constructs the boundaries and limits of freedom with law, and accepts the environment which identifies all these things, and more; is thought.

As an environment, if allowed: we “enter thought, through the doors of our own truth”. As an environment already in existence: OUR CREATOR “holds the key”. But the spiritual world translates, and controls entrance is allowed only: where truth is consistent with reality. So that we can survive, if allowed to enter.

The question of thought, is a relationship with energy, as motion is formed by decision. And a decision in this world, can only be formed by our own; environmental relationship with thought. Or more distinctly: the elements of the mind, do not reflect the values of thought, nor its environment. Instead these are “a mothers milk”; intended to allow your growth. Universities fail dramatically here, and die. The critical question is: HOW do we conceive of our own energy, as being delivered by a motion of our choice; into the expressions or experience of thought? The critical construction is: to understand energy itself, in order to achieve a relationship that allows choice. Only truth can know. Values or purposes NOT confined by truth: produce only chaos/ as is “the university god”

Nature gives us life (for thousands of proven years), and sustains the body of life in every living thing; NOTHING else can do so, and it is vile; the sewer of arrogance that denies this as true. Throughout nature is the evidence of thought did this, because nothing else can; and you know that is true: unless true worshipers of the cult called university. Where chaos lives, and destruction follows. The curse of human boredom, as seen in universities: “lets imagine, fantasize, and delude yourselves into thinking; we are gods now”. Or nature be damned/ let society be thrust into chaos; by playing god with life.

As to the end of nature rules, in you or I, as is death to this life: eternity comes for us all. The grandeur of diversity (which universities continue to destroy in all area’s of life); proves the potential of what life with our Creator could become. If only we are invited. That is not earned, but is mercy granted to those who can produce harmony, respect, peace, and love in a reality not given up to hate; as is time, due to human arrogance by choice.

Those who claim “eternity cannot exist”; are confronted with the realities of life and earth; as are abundantly evidenced by a thought conceived so far in advance of anything human can become; as to prove: your claim is absolute ignorance, and your purpose is without substance of proof.

In contrast to that: is the guarantor called JESUS; as written of in the bible. Whereby all that is valued in life and living, was subjected to our reality, and proved true to the life which sent him. Humanity in the darkness of hate; said “Kill him, he cannot take power, or pride from us; WE WANT, what we want”. But the question of eternity, is said to have raised him; and the evidence of that; is from those who had no reason to testify in any other way or purpose; as many lost their lives in doing so. HIS story is of love, respect, courage, and all that has value to life or living. His ending, being murdered: was to show the difference between real love, and real hate/ so that humanity itself would know their choice is real. Whether you believe JESUS was raised from death or not: HIS story reveals the truth between what is love, and what is hate; and testifies to the elemental rise, that is eternal life; because of what we do choose as valued, in ourselves. That is fundamental to everything we do, and it does construct the building of our own lives, as the truth of what we did do. “thinking/ dreaming/ etc is NOT enough”. What you do, or do not do: becomes the evidence of your life; and it cannot escape your own truth.

The tragedy of course is: that you too, prefer to believe “the universities are god”/ evolution is an escape from reality/ arrogance is all you need/ fantasy and delusion replaces life, respect, and government/ nothing is dead until it is dead (even though reality proves, truth has consequences)/ order, balance, discipline, the evidence of miracles and more are just “accidents”/ and even that life could be built one piece at a time; when NOTHING supports that claim. As is the proof of your own body: YOU NEED IT ALL, or your body will not survive. Yet, the universities claim absolute control; and clearly threaten this entire world with extinction. Proving you are a cult: because you can’t question anything, as “you are believers”; and nothing more.

The tragedy is: that you don’t care. Instead humanity in its absolute arrogance; denies all reality, curses at the evidence it does not want to hear, and lies about everything else: believing instead of truth, “the universities will save us”. Overpopulation of humanity has changed this world; you can’t just shove people out anymore, “they have no where to go. The constant 20th century rise in USA; was 3% times 8 billion people= one quarter of a billion more mouths to feed each year”. OR, if you prefer: 2/3rds of the US population by number; is born as infants worldwide; & each year, more. The earth is overheating; as proven by ice losses/ don’t feel it yet “that is because each year a trillion tons of ice is melted to level out the heat”. Very soon, that will be impossible; and that is only the beginning of consequences. Don’t care about the ocean life: when it is extinct (soon), more than a billion people will starve. Don’t know: a major base food group for the ocean grows under sea ice/ no ice no food: do know all the incubators of the sea are in grave danger of extinction: soon done. Don’t care: trawlers take out entire colonies (take them all) of fish emptying the sea: for all things dependent upon that life. Don’t care about insects: they are a base line food group, upon which countless species rely: and you don’t know, what is absolutely critical to what you want either. Don’t care about resources, “throw it all away”; extinction and war comes next. Don’t care about genetic mutilation or anything the universities do: extinction comes next, as they are not gods, but endlessly fools as proven by evolution and much more. Don’t care about weapons of mass destruction: in a world overrun with humanity clamoring for more, and soon to be starving across the globe: WAR is certain. Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera.

The tragedy is: when the cult of university plays god, owns the communications, all news and media extensions, all information regardless of what it is; apart from a very small concern in the internet which they do control in large portion by making it hard to find. The news is, whatever the universities want it to be. As to covid and the claim of an increasing claim “yes it is a pandemic”/ reality says: if it were to be proven NOT to be, the outcry would be very great, and the consequences to both media and universities would be tremendous. So you can be certain: they want an outbreak of disease, that leaves them in the clear. Even to the point of releasing that disease, in a variety of ways across this earth; mutilating it, or whatever has to be done. SO NONE can demand the trillions of dollars back. SO NONE can demand; they can’t mutilate life into chaos; as is what they are doing. The cost of losing: is to be charged with CRIMINAL WORLD TERRORISM; and that will include “the marketers”! Never forget who benefits/ never forget the numbers involved are at least 8 billion people on this planet: so a just few, can be “numbers, used to excite you”. But in terms of this world; it is nothing, unless its you.

While it takes only one person to release a biological disease onto the public; this is clearly an organized reality, with many involved; complete with premeditation and intent. As is proven by the massive immediate “first possible clue”; jump, to inform and sell a vaccine around this world. “do you think; they might have more?” Well, who cares right, after all: universities and others around this world have been playing with diseases; “going to sell you a cure”; for decades now.

And the people say: “our gods of universities” would never do that/ they are saviors, friends, champions, and leaders. Yet reality says: you can’t sell a cure/ unless someone gets the disease. Reality says: you cannot conceive of a cure, unless you already have the disease in hand, and are working to prepare that cure. Yet if it is a new disease (even though modified from what is not): SOMEBODY has to release it, or it does not exist outside the laboratory. Or more distinctly: in terms of a university diploma, “just lift the cover of universities; even a little”; and every form of corruption, catastrophe, and failure to life and planet, comes out. After all, “THEY ARE JUST HUMANS”; with all the same greed, thirst for power and pride, wants of selfishness; etcetera; as you: they lie, they cheat, they steal, they betray, etcetera. The only real difference is: the extremely vile things they can do; endanger, and can cause extinction for all life and planet/ whereas you, endanger far less. Another case in point: the drinking water supplies, are nearly ruined forever.

The tragedy is: you have had “a hundred years of universities promising yes we can”; and now stand on the edge of extinction in many different ways, because yes you did. Survival means: YOU WILL accept the realities of what is left, the truth of what you need to do, and the consequences we cannot undo; because that is what you chose. Or more simply: the words NO, YOU CAN’T; will be constant, in your ears for the next decade (DO WHAT LIFE NEEDS/ WHAT THIS PLANET DEMANDS) if not thousand years. Or life and planet will fail; which means this living world goes extinct. BECAUSE of what YOU chose.

Yes, I do know you will hate that/ yes, I do know it will rob you of choices you want/ yes, I am acquainted with the cost of limiting freedom, and understanding the boundaries of your life in time have changed: “just like mine”. BUT I DO, also know; there is no coming back from past the point of no return, and death is worse than obeying the laws which give us all; a life and planet to live on in time. Reality not fantasy or imagination as is “the university way”. Truth decides not delusions or lies, as is “university playing god”. A decision to survive, rather than the illusion of universities that says we need not worry about anything; even though all the evidence points to our extinction. Value NOT destruction as is CERN; for instance/ as are those attempting to remove or change, the very laws  of life and planet; which keep us all alive. RESPECT, not a cult of fools in charge.

The tragedy is: since the age of 9, when I decided to spend my life fighting for this planet and its life; there has always been someone or something standing in the way, to this very day. But it is NOT my decision, my right, my anything; to say what influence I may have, or what timing is correct, or when I might be done (although I have tried. Contrary to religion: each of us, has a duty; life was a gift/ and keeping this world alive is our responsibility. Yet the cult worshipers of university; refuse all respect/ deny all reality of life or planet/ continue the assault on life and planet itself. Discarding evidence, lying continually, and stripping this world of its future. YOU failed, with pure apathy. All indications are: I failed life and planet too, but at least I did do the best I could do; in an honest duty to GOD my CREATOR. Religion hides and runs away; tragedy will come. Even though, I wish for, and worked for: it must not be so. Perhaps it is soon time for me to leave; as with so many things of me; “I don’t know”. Its complicated, my life is different than yours.

That is “ME”; signing my name: James Frank Osterbur to this work. As I have tried to tell others; “even if you attempt to help, unless you sign your own name, to say, “YES, I am here too”. It will not count as your own participation.

IF, I remain alive here: I am only allowed to help you, if you at least try: to date, none have; as it does require a true and honest commitment. Not your savior; not your leader; not your enemy: simply educated in many ways beyond what your universities can do. Each decision, requires your participation and acceptance; or it fails: simple as that.

YOU want what you want, but that is over; as this earth dissolves into hell; what you have already done is determining the future. Even YOU with just a little reading here can predict the outcome of what our future will become: overpopulation insures it. With true change, we can do what we can do for life and earth; by accepting the realities of what truth can become: through human changes. Without true change, soon this world will become “hell”. Overheating/ cannibalism, because there is nothing left to eat/ the Apocalypse (war for water to drink)/ Armageddon (nature in chaos, lost forever)/ weapons of mass destruction/ and more. Leaving only hate, extinction is certain.

YOU want: “to be safe/ and not change nothing, unless it is MAKE ME RICH”. But that is over, as TRUE threats of extinction are everywhere. Any one of which can end life on earth; because that is where your leaders brought you to be. Only the universities lead (what leader does not have a diploma)? YOU want your gods of university to be gods; your savior; buddy & pal; etc: but they are not, and buried in the holes of universities are the enemies of all life and world. Which makes you “their supporter”. Even if blinded by your own cult worship as media demands.

YOU want: a leader to make your decisions/ so that then you can declare yourselves as not responsible for the consequences: but that is blatantly not true. A mob is responsible, for itself; as you did choose to participate. Reality demands: you must make your own decision to save this earth, and protect its life: because truth allows, every single one can do tremendous damage; in a world that is in crisis. Even if you don’t understand that or believe it: you soon will. YOU want your money to save you; but the universities corrupted every single penny; and it is honestly worthless, at least here in America: where universities are god. YOU want medicines to save you; and are willing to let universities mutilate and crucify all of life itself. Because your decision is, “they might learn something to save you, for a few more days”. But that decision risks all of nature; and all of nature will then condemn you to Hades: because a few more days for you, is NOT worth destroying an entire world of life. Not for a single second more, or even a hundred years: YOU are not worth a world of life lost. YOU want to continue ransacking, raping, ravaging, destroying, disrespecting, denying, stealing, corrupting, lying, cheating, betraying, terrorizing life, building insanity, gambling, hating, killing, violence, and more: as media (a “gun” is the answer) and the universities (chaos rules), and others; have taught you to do. But you cannot, that day is dead; or you will soon be extinct. YOU want simple judgment of others/ so that they can be blamed for anything you don’t want your life to be: but YOU are the “leader of your life”/ and YOU are responsible for the truth and consequences of your decisions; even if you follow, or are coerced. Wherever, You chose/ you chose.

YOU want not to die; but your body cannot be eternal. Which means if eternity can be trusted to exist: then we must abandon this body, or we cannot go. No one said, change was easy or free. No one said, your body would be perfect; it is, what the choices of humanity allowed or caused it to be. As the essence of nature itself, is a perfection. Yet you allow your universities gods; to destroy it entirely: to your own eternal shame.

IF YOU CHOOSE IT: this world might survive. If you do not: it is guaranteed, soon you will be extinct.

EVEN YOU; can understand what it means to add another quarter of a billion more mouths to feed on this earth each year! EVEN YOU can understand what it means: to run out of planetary ice, to cool the summer and thereby making life possible. Or how much heat does a trillion tons of ice lost each year represent; and each year will be worse?

Moving a trillion tons of weight and more” around this earth each year; even if distributed through the oceans: allows for tectonic movements not seen, since the rise of mountains, earthquakes, and tsunamis’ that came with them. Alas every aquifer is threatened: by the poisons you dumped. [but hey, don’t worry; your gods of universities will wave their magic wand, and imagination is all you need. Right!] After all: SOON, the universities and their cult of leaders will ignite a nuclear fire (let’s burn atoms)/ and everything will be great; right! WHO could argue that, an endless fuel supply, burning the bond in atoms: WHAT could go wrong? Oh wait: “just like the sun”, is just like the sun.

Don’t worry now, your scientists keep claiming the sun really isn’t as hot as they said; “practically cold”; just don’t question nothing; believe baby believe! Fear only what we tell you to fear; OBEY the cult! Cause you ain’t smart enough: after all, just how much hotter “by their estimate”; could 4 million times more energy released [per btu]; than a forest fire for instance be?

EVERY CHAIN OF LIFE is under attack; and every chain of life represents the complex genetic chemicals; made by lower forms, which then keep the creatures which eat them alive. Because our bodies, as is true of all bodies: require critical complex chemical creations in order to survive. Something living, has to make them, or they don’t exist/ which means you don’t exist.

And do you know: which genetic chemicals control the building of a new body, or which regulates organs, or which allows the brain to function, or builds an eye? NO, but universities are not concerned with that; because just like trying to ignite a nuclear fire (let’s burn atoms)/ they believe nothing can go “really wrong”; after all “they’re gods”. A few million experiments and we can stop a bridge from falling; oh wait, they still do that. NOT to worry; as was told to me by a geneticist who was absolutely certain (a true believer): “evolution will just build new life”, in a billion years or so”. So, who cares RIGHT?

But universities corrupt and kill that GENETIC STABILITY: EVERYDAY; and you don’t care. But you will!

as indicated here: “beliefs are one of the most dangerous traps, leading to all manner of consequences: to exist in this world”. They allow the believer to accept anything they want to be true, without questioning the evidence. FAITH is the opposite of that, requiring the evidence to be constructed and conceived within honest truths/ thereby accepting of that truth, allows for trust to be exhibited as the result of wisdom. The critical question is NOT: what do you believe is true/ but WHY do you believe that is true. Religion answers “with a book”; and while history has compiled that book with values for living, conceptions of more; the greater questions can only be answered as a journey into the search that is your own heart. That work grows your heart, and gives you peace; opening the door into love. Heart means: to accept, my life gives this meaning to me. While soul means: to accept my Creator, by respecting the miracles HE presented to me; as life and planet called earth. Neither of these is a book; and that fact removes the conception of “rules and dues to be paid, to buy your eternity”. What is true, is always true, and cannot be changed; because it is what it is; even for an eternity. Some truths however can be hidden, if you cover them with repentance and respect.



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