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as the cost of your failures continues to increase; my decision to participate with you continues to decrease/ and your counterfeit money is being discarded; as not worth my time. Your society being the failure of fools, an army of cult worshipers showing their mask as the emblem of their uniform (we are gods/ the fantasies of fanatics). I become less and less interested in walking among the army of the damned (you let life and planet die). in this america; that translates into participating in this society:  “like walking as a jew/ in Nazi germany”). as the army of failure; now chooses it road to hell. The point of no return passes soon.

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RE: Appealing a decision as a buyer SR# 1-365381279334 Hello James, Thank you for contacting eBay. My name is Aghey from eBay and you have reached the right per

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I am not understanding your email entirely: as to any item; that is no longer valid as this matter occurred a year or two back. I simply abandoned you/ as you d

 RE: Re: Appealing a decision as a buyer SR# 1-365381279334eBay

 Hello James,

 Thank you for contacting us regarding the suspension of your account. As we mentioned previously, we do not make decisions like this lightly so we have spent some time reviewing your case.  

 I completely understand your situation. Wherein, you wish to continue buying on eBay but me explain this situation.

 Building a trusted marketplace is our first priority. As such, we suspend any account that poses a risk to that trust. Your account has been suspended because the pattern of activities we have witnessed present a risk to our eBay community.

 As previously mentioned, this suspension is permanent. You will not be able to participate in any buying or selling activities on eBay. In addition, any other accounts you own, or that are associated with this account, will also be suspended.

 While we know this is not the response you wished to receive, there is no further opportunity for appeal on this decision.

 Kind regards,

Abhishek D.

eBay Trust and Safety

 [THREAD ID: 1-4OAODHFQ]eBay Document ID: 104297319005

 Thank you for contacting eBay. My name is Aghey from eBay and you have reached the right person to assist you. I received your email and I understand that there might have been a miscommunication here.Hello James,

 As I’m sure you’ll understand that for us to further assist you on this matter, we kindly ask that you provide us the following information so that we can accurately address your concern and provide you with other options to help you rectify the issue.

 Item #:Item Title: Brief information on your concern:

 You can verify the item through your resolution center:

 Once we have received this information to investigate your concern, we’ll review it right away and rest assured that this will not be taken for granted.

 James, as a valued member of our community, we want you to have smooth transactions here on eBay. I assure you that we are doing our best to make eBay a safe and reputable place for buyers and sellers to do their business. That is why we provide each member ample time to give us the information and evidence required to come to a fair decision on each case.

 Thank you again for your patience and understanding, and we look forward to your response to resolve this matter as soon as possible.

 Sincerely, Aghey F.

eBay Customer Service


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Sent: 8/11/2021 10:06:20 PM
Subject: Appealing a decision as a buyer

Enter your question / concern
you have accused me wrongly/ the dispute entails an attempt to get back into my own account: and stop the hacker who had gotten in. and then used my credit information to buy.

Send a copy to my email address.
on  I am not understanding your email entirely:  as to any item; that is no longer valid as this matter occurred a year or two back.  I simply abandoned you/ as you did abandon me. however in retrospective it is not good for me; to have you claiming a liability, as is any form of claim involving a criminal act against me.  consequently I have decided to resolve it if I consider that to be reasonable for me.  as to needed information for you:  you should have the name of those who took over my account/ and if not VISA and the bank resolved all matters with regard to the account. you can check with them  james frank osterbur  .  otherwise, I no longer have any desire to obtain an account with you, and if I cannot simply buy  without surrendering personal account information that you would then hold/ I simply don’t need it.  nonetheless:  the issue of libelous remains a topic of interest; as it does or can affect me personally. I have no desire to sue (no threat)/ but I do wish that to be erased.  on the other hand: should that type of libel actually affect my life, in some significant future way, things could change.


The critical test of what is legal, and what is not: is constructed by the values to be dealt with. In this particular instance: I attempted to enter into my own ebay account: which was being “occupied by someone else”. Something went wrong, and in that instance I was determined that my account would not be used by someone else. Therefore in this one instance: I used my legal right to defend myself against a financial or personal attack; with the means possible. Finding “a human being” [their fundamental response: just talk to the computer] able to take a question or response in this concern; did not prove possible/ as immediate actions seemed necessary. Financial damage, or impersonation; need not take days to occur. I was interrupted by ebay in this matter/ and my credit card was used: however visa, and the bank; returned the money. Problem solved.

Until we get to the ebay response. Which is exactly like my response up until I wrote them to say: your decision, reflects wrongly on me; and could have a negative impact on my life. Their response: was to immediately attack me, in the assertion that I must be doing something wrong/ same as my response when finding my account wrongly imprisoned by someone else: comes the assertion they must be doing something wrong. Simple as that; except for: without the slightest opportunity to defend myself (no human could be found); talk to the computer, is not a legal resolution. Their decision, removed the concept of trial which is to allow a fair and impartial representation of the facts. Their decision instead: is to allow an employee the opportunity, to state effectively and to others: “he is a threat, and is permanently erased from participation in this business”. That would potentially also incriminate me, in various other aspects of doing business or living life: as this kind of information is commonly shared. Dependent upon what they do with their assertion of judgment filed/ and how far that influence can go. That is libelous, as defending myself: is well within my legal boundaries of a fair and legitimate business response. The law quoted is 252A 2d 755, 772

Given the opportunity to change their mind; and accept: every legal (you cannot affect or change my life, without a trial) situation is; they refuse, mediation or arbitration; and offer “they cannot be wrong/ judgment is made, and is permanent”. Even though the email sent; has offered a realistic discipline to my own actions. A reality that would have been avoided: had it not been for their lack of human participation in the event. I merely defended myself; and that is not a crime. They offered instead: no help or possibility to resolve the situation in a timely and correct fashion: by human aid. Which then makes the initial cause of the event, “their responsibility”/ because of the speed with which these types of things can go wrong. There is no pattern of activities, with regard to me/ as this is a one time event/ and very little business has ever been done with them. Which does establish: they made, a fraudulent claim.

We then examine the rights and the realities of “free will business decisions”/ and find that simple discrimination of any type, by any business; is currently forbidden; in this state of IL. The assertion of protecting a trust in me: is no less for me/ than it is protecting a trust, for you. Self defense is necessary.

We examine the rights and responsibilities of “a business trust”: as the decision to insure the same level of participation is guaranteed to all. By law, this applies to a wide ranging reality: such as regardless of a mask or other. YOU cannot change my life: unless proven by the evidence in a courtroom of law, that this is constitutionally allowed. You are not entitled to pick and choose; by your decision alone. You are allowed to enter mediation, or a courtroom: so that the words “innocent until proven guilty” is provided. As is the fundamental of society shall be trusted; not attacked. I do not regard your claim “he could have done something”, as relevant/ and return that same claim to you: “you could have done better”. Had you established “a human intervention: by means of a warning or a human opportunity to be involved in resolving a dispute (in a time frame that would be immediate, as is consistent with this type of event): no issue would exist. Instead as is common in this day: you let computers make your decision against me/ OR you elected to judge; “without a trial/ thereby invading my life, for your own purposes”. Reminding you: self defense, is a valid legal argument. Reminding you: the claim of autonomy does not exist for any business in this USA. Nor does it exist for any branch of government in this USA. We are all subject: to the constitution as our government, and by its laws we are subjected to the liberty of our decisions as a society. NOT, those claiming superiority.

We then search the construction of “legal business decisions”: to ask, where does the rights of one/ change the rights of the other? The constitution: does examine this issue, along with its formulating documents: the Virginia bill of rights/ and declaration of independence. Or more distinctly: YOU cannot demand I fear what you fear/ or, I must believe what you believe/ or that I must obey your rules in a public setting of any kind: unless, the reality of our law, as a society/ as a democracy; decides first. YOU cannot demand: what you trust, is more important than what I trust; as is the element of religion. You cannot state: I must believe in your decision/ instead of my own; as is the reality of freedom is an individual right. You cannot make me, or confront me with consequences of any kind: unless our constitutional democracy allows for that to be true. You cannot force me: as is democracy, and its purpose called liberty; unless by our constitutional laws. Not what employees decide for us, that are an insurgency against us. But by what our constitution itself, does allow for our laws to be. Anything less is anarchy. “University leads (everyone in authority has a diploma)”: has been establishing anarchy against this USA, for decades; but it is no defense against constitutional law. Instead it is open rebellion against this; we the people, USA. Every business that assumes “a nobility (we are the rulers here/ you have no say) by diploma”; conceives of war, and the battleground is: “our constitution is the government/ VERSUS those who claim they are the government instead.” Your decision: to establish complete control over me, in your judgment; regardless of the law; is equal to that offense. It is anarchy: the demand constitutional law shall rule no more/ the amendments protecting freedom, privacy, and all the rest discarded into the trash. By those who claim: “they are the king”/ our laws, our rights, our freedoms or liberty; do not matter.

More distinctly: we are equals under the law/ and your claim of a business; does not entitle you, or me; to anything more than what the law allows. The fact that my credit card was attacked and used; nullifies any assertion that this was not “self defense”/ the evidence is clear. Your judgment of me, without the construction of trial; even though you claimed to be “fair and impartial”; the evidence will not prove that. Instead as is the constant of “our american government overrun”; by the failures and fools of “university knows”: you have exceeded the boundaries of your authority, and the reality of libel is announced. But I have no use for you/ no desire for trial/ and no purpose in this rebuttal other than to say: as you have said, “this is my final response in this matter”. Establishing in the same way as you have done: that my information, which you gathered, but did not support by the means necessary to have resolved this matter in alternate legal ways. Can now, be easily considered to have been erroneously spread, by you; in a variety of ways, that can in fact allow for injury or cause me problems. Making this response: my only intent to “self defend”.

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