Life is, “our relationship with thought”/ whereas time is, our relationship with body and brain. The difference: the knowledge of time is, “predator and prey/ living or dying”. In contrast, LIFE offers the knowledge of eternity, in a journey beyond the limits and boundaries of time, as our passage into the creation of thought itself; as is the difference between time and life/ rather than time and living. Death divides life from living, time from energy, you from the distance of the values which you chose.

Here numerous questions arise, as we struggle to achieve: “our own destiny (life) or fate (hate).” The critical question is: do you value love or hate? Simple as that. But more important than your values, is what you chose to do with your living: did you accept the price of love; or fall into the war of hate/ or not? Because where your thought goes: there your life goes as well. If to love, then to life/ but if to hate, by whatever degree; then to forever death. Therefore the critical question is: divided from your brain, which knows only the elements of pleasure or pain/ distance or now/ judgment or friend. The elemental truth of thought is: that we journey into the creation that we chose/ as is the freedom of thought to express its owners demand. Thought is not a gift, it must be earned: body and brain are a gift, but to achieve thought, they must be removed from the major decisions of living. Life is not a game/ life is not a competition; body is/ life is not a boredom, brain is: life is the distance we can and will travel to accept and achieve our decision to search for heart and soul. Thought takes us on that journey, and provides the basis of freedom, to identify what our decisions will become. The consequence of that is: as with truth, you cannot go back; the decision that you make, is the decision that becomes your truth.

We then consider the question of death; and conceive of: “how, do we die”? The answer is: our gift of energy, under our own control; shall leave, and return to its origin. Because this is a one time reality: IF YOU do not accept the ride back to this origin when it goes, but turn back to time and body/ THEN you will be abandoned, to an existence without energy, even if an identity (ghosting) does emerge. That existence will fade, and dissipate into nothing left. But if you do ride the truth, that our thought is tied directly to energy/ and we must have that energy to survive: then you enter into the truth from which all life came; “a spiritual world”. Here, reality demands: ONLY TRUTH SURVIVES. Therefore by all means necessary, nothing but your own truth shall be uncovered, as your chosen identity. What happens then: is entirely dependent upon what your truth is. Hate is expelled; to the decisions that it had made.

Eternal LIFE: is a potential, that must be earned; it is not for free/ nor is it for the lazy, or other valueless realities of choice humans can make. Instead RESPECT decides; and reality grants access: to where your own thought enters “the door” into wisdom. Without wisdom, it is impossible to survive beyond time; as a freed and true identity of value. Therefore what you choose is elemental, to where your destiny shall go. The different elements of value are separated; so that those who are like those, shall live as one. Knowledge and understanding are then elementally achieved. How or what kinds of interaction between the various groups will occur is unknown to me.

In time: we cannot say, that anything is other than what time would or did allow/ because that is our only attachment to knowledge shared with the others. Even if “GOD” might influence our lives or whatever HE might do; that is certainly nothing we would know or be aligned with/ therefore it is extremely unwise to claim anything other than what time allows us to prove we know.

In claiming these things exist: I have set about providing the education to you, that has been provided to me. I do not take any sort of credit for the education; as I am merely the student/ and by no means the teacher. Therefore I am a messenger; delivering back to you, the message provided to you. A reality assembled at this time: because you do stand on the edge of extinction/ and must change or be exterminated; by the choices you and your leaders have made. Truth is truth, and it cannot be any other way: truth recognizes consequences, by thought. Therefore you must think (destiny constructing)/ instead of “want your brain to lead (the fate you chose)”. And the people say: “he is mad”/ yet the value of my education is clear. Which means those who ridicule; do so, to lead you astray.

I am not your leader/ not your savior/ not your enemy or even friend: I am simply the messenger. And I have brought to you the message that is: CHANGE OR YOU WILL BE EXTINCT far sooner than you believe it is even possible. Because that is what you chose: so says the evidence of your own lives and world. This is not a game, and there are no second chances: nothing proves that more than those who are trying to ignite a nuclear fire. THEREFORE START your investigation of reality with them/ as they cannot be left alone.

It is noted: that every environment constructs an independent dimension; based upon the order which completes its ability to survive as its own identity. Like the chain of life here on earth; nothing survives, unless it has access to everything it needs, when it needs it. Simple as that. Even so, the disciplines provided by truth, complete the laws about what can and cannot be done within any environment or its dimension of life. Thought constructs the balance of where life lives, and where life dies. So the direction of your thought, is the distinction of what will be found in the journey of your time: or truth; as will occur beyond time. So the question to each human being is: does your life represent the values which can survive, and be accepted as love?

In terms of self; the reality is, we can never know “what life and living are going to do to us”. My life, is far different particularly now; than I would have ever imagined it to be. Do not lose yourself on expectations or planning or purposes beyond what is true to your own identity. My identity is: that I chose with respect, to offer my time and my life to the support of this living world; and nothing has been more important; even if “not perfect” / life has been, primarily; true to my identity (the decisions which support truth). In contrast to that is: in order to survive, “without war/ against all those destroying this world”. I chose to enter the spiritual world of female/ expecting help for life on earth. But that turned my world upside down; and instead of an entire lifetime of male to balance upon. I am faced with learning from the beginning: what life “from a different view” truly is. Its not gay/ not transvestite/ not perverted: “a different opposing view”. I NEEDED BALANCE! I needed to understand, even if the realities refuse: war solves nothing/ the laws of truth and life, must rule. So, take it from me: you really cannot know, how life or living will turn out, surprises exist.

As to elemental laws: there are three basic realities that are chosen by every living human being/ not human animals, but humans alive in the truth of a relationship called soul.

  1. NONE are superior, we are equals even though not the same; because life itself, made that so. ONLY TRUTH is superior, therefore truth decides, reality follows. Consequently from reality, we journey back into the truth which designed it.
  2. NONE can claim expertise. Knowledge identifies truth, and by truth we come to understand the laws which govern our existence and determine our relationship with this world. Therefore wisdom knows: the human element has no significant value in defining truth; rather the elegant construction of evidence without “being tainted”/ conceives and creates the values of a wise choice.
  3. NONE can hide or run away from truth. It is what it is, and it cannot be removed from you: therefore it is useless to try. Instead, repentance is the value asserted from changing your ways, to accept the boundaries and limits which align with love rather than hate/ truth rather than want/ and respect, rather than the disease of “university knows”. Therefore THINK ABOUT THE CONSEQUENCES; before you make a decision that affects your life for an eternity. Shape your world of living, within the destiny your heart truly desires.

As to me: what is male continues to understand, those who are destroying this earth and all its life MUST BE STOPPED. But what is female in my soul, continues to balance that with: ONLY “a war” within THE LAW OF LIFE AND LOVE; will respect and sustain this earth. NOTHING LESS will survive. As a consequence; it is female which controls, and it is heart (together we go) which designs the truth: only peace and harmony, in the values and respect for love that must exist for happiness and joy to succeed shall be chosen. Even though male has a hard time waiting; the reality of destiny knows; without freedoms, and the acceptance of boundaries, by the cost of limits, happiness will die. Which means force cannot be used, unless it comes down to life or death; is now or never.

The real question is of course, WHY do people do what they do? The real answer falls into three categories: they want/ they want to play the game/ or they want to be superior, and play god with life. In each case want: the demand for more assembles a claim, if I only do this/ then I can have more. When that fails, anger arises; and reality shifts.

The foundation of human behavior is: life is, what it is, the gift of time in exchange for your true identity. OR, it is time in exchange for life, as is the wants which create the behaviors of an animal; because life itself is not enough for you. The human animal gets to participate as a herd if there is anything related to love in you/ predators form from hate. But the animal who lives on the fence between love and hate gets to claim both sides, and is therefore expanded in their mind; to be more than one or the other. Consequently the game arises to prove who is superior; because riding the fence means you cannot, or will not; choose a side. Animal, because without an identity as is your choice: you cannot be eternal as life.

The living human finds in life, the value of love; but it is a search to understand the elemental journey of self. To accept, not only the gift of life is a miracle, but the value of life is not limited by what we know in this world. That ascension from time, is the release of thought; and its discovery aligns with hope. All of humanity that is not hate, accepts the value of friendship. But an animal wants the herd, because it is said to release them from their own decision: we are a herd/ we walk together as one/ we share what we must, but only among those who are the same: because what is not the same, ruins our parade (the herd running as one). A human being alive accepts the value of friendship; but as their own decision. Not the same, but equal. Sustained by the journey of life, by our own decision for love. Using and living within respect, as the reality of what we share, and how we give back to our Creator. Each one, an independent truth, as is required to achieve eternal life. “if you are not you, in eternity/ then who can you be”? Answer: you cannot, because an identity belongs only to the one who creates it/ NO liars, NO thieves, NO change; allowed. True is true.

The struggle is simple: an animal cannot think/ it only wants; and it always wants more, until completely satisfied it has all it can get. In contrast with that, is the elemental rise consigned to a human being alive in the grace of GOD, in the place called earth, where miracles flourish all around us. Yet the animals search only for ways, to avoid the possibility that eternity does exist. Evolution is one such method of escape, “we can do anything we want/ because there will be no price to pay”. Defying all laws, is another; commonly called criminal, the reality is, “universities became a religion to avoid that” by indoctrinating the young into believing they “know” far more than they do. Covid is another elemental descent into the abyss of wanting to avoid all fears/ {vaccines are great, we trust them, because they have proven to work! But alas, the covid vaccine is not a vaccine (nature derived)/ it is entirely a man conceived concoction; and that is a big difference}. Therefore obeying the leader; who plays god as “university”; depends upon truth. The universities claim evolution is truth; but is proven to be one of the biggest lies ever told. Universities claim they can ignite a nuclear fire, and it will just extinguish itself; but they could not be more wrong. Which makes “a university truth; little more than witchcraft”. Without media, and the money confiscated from a nation, to destroy it; they would have failed to make you believe. Yet the animals believe, because of bribes. They believe, if they only obey, then no great fears will come. But alas the reality of evidence proves them wrong. What you believe, can be a terrible thing.

So I search for those who are “being alive, in the miracles of life”; discarding the rest, as they discard me. Not in contempt or judgment; but as a reality of loss; caused by want, pride, and power; the curse of an animal. To be alive, requires you to recognize LIFE IS A MIRACLE. Nothing less, as just your eyes alone prove to be true; it is no game, and where there are miracles, it is absolutely certain/ we cannot know “everything life can be, or become”. The universities steal that; because they want “to play god”/ and if you refuse them, then they cannot. The universities betray you with covid: so they can expand the mutilation of all life called nature/ and cause that nature to fall into chaos; as is their own, evolutionary god. A vile sewage, complete with disease, puke and vomit to keep them company. The universities have taught you to be animals/ media has guided you into believing the mass hypnosis they present/ the curse of a bribe, has kept you from recognizing: just like every resource, you are throwing this whole world away. To your shame.

Religion says: “he is not enough/ therefore worthless”; as is judgment. Therefore religion says: We are gods/ truth be damned; we want what we want”; to hell with this world and every child. Humanity says: “we want what we want, and don’t give a damn about anything else: we demand MORE”; simple as that/ don’t change nothing. Because we DON’T want to pay, we will ride this nation to its grave/ this world to its extinction; and then pray to GOD to fix it; as our solution/ proven throughout history. So we don’t need to pay nothing. But also, it will not be so, as death and horrors will overwhelm; taking all that has value away; to become extinction. Because you chose it.

As for me: my life has been turned upside down, so much so; I really don’t have a clue as to what my own future might be. Or more simply as to me; “I just don’t know”; can’t honestly say, if male or female at this point? Don’t know, a reality of eternity that has no longer an identity carefully chosen; completely at a loss. But my soul lives with female, in their own dimension; as that became the choice I made in finding “anything but war”/ to fight for this world. Its complicated. But it does come with a reality of influence for you too; if not fully prepared for death/ then simply accept whatever mercy can be given to you. None are perfect, none are allowed to judge themselves, you do not know what GOD will or will not do; like me “you just don’t know”. Accept that, but do what you can for life, respect GOD , and protect the world if you can; it is your gift, but it is your duty as well.

And the people say: “the universities are our god”. But evidence proves: they lie, media betrays, government corrupts, courts fail, greed destroys, and selfishness drowns the heart; to keep love away. Just to start.

Humanity says: we will never believe you/ the universities are god! That makes YOU the enemy. So lets look to little things instead of real life truth.

If you look for the evidence of population growth here in america over the twentieth century; previously the numbers were 3% nearly constant for a hundred years. But today if you look/ then you will find that they now claim a one percent or less growth rate “by the numbers”. Because they get that by averaging population growth as if it was steady (each year the same number of infants born, in 1900 as in 2000) for each and every year throughout the century. That of course is not true: because the number of children born in a nation of one million, is not the same as the number of children born to a nation of one billion. Each year adds more people, and the more people there are; the more children will be born. But technically did they/ or did they not lie? Because by the numbers: the reality is hidden, by how you perceive the information of numbers.

Or, you can look at their medical drug advertising (really anything); and find them claiming to give you information that you can use on TV; to make your decision “to use or not to use”. But they lather on endless visual clues of how great this will be; because an animal uses its eyes to make almost every decision possible. Their purpose is to end your claim to compensation for drugs gone bad. But the reality of it is: THEY KNOW, there will be or is “collateral damage” among those who take these drugs. Therefore they have made the decision: to sacrifice those people in order to collect the money from the others. That is a legal parameter for battleground court. “you chose, to sacrifice me”/ by NEVER telling me the information I needed to know; as is the statistical information that is consistent with evidence of what this decision will mean, and how likely It is that my life will fail. Covid vaccine falls into this category as well; even if it is not immediate: smoking for instance, takes on average about 40 years for the real impacts to exhibit themselves. They don’t know. Nor do they tell you anything you need to know; regarding the release of their “university created disease”. But as always; the original estimate of 5 trillion dollars or more: divided into one hundred million vaccines= $50,000.00 per shot. And who do you think decided what the price should be? If not the universities then who? WHO are they stealing from, if not you: government means: taken from all the people? While those in government leadership; are merely puppets on a string; or they would not have agreed. But a true believer, is a true believer; and reality does not matter, because they believe; “whatever they want to believe”. Or how about the claim of “women are dying of heart disease/ give us your money, and get out of our way”; yet the reality is: nobody dies of old age/ and heart disease is nearly non-existent in any woman under the age of 65.

LIARS claim “we are doing great/ leave us alone”. But, Extinction is coming, and you are hiding in the same belief as does the universities: to throw the world away, because you want what you want (the universities want, to play god), humanity wants “free for me; but that means someone else is a slave” (and they all say: YES, hurrah for me). Refusing reality, to demand: to pay the price of life or world; is up to the child. To your shame, their future is dead/ and you know it is true. But you lie, “to you”/ and hide in the cult to claim “they did it/ I am innocent”. GUILTY, will not go away; change or die to eternity as well.


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