The most tragic thing about being human: is to look around, and understand; the vast majority of these are animals/ rather than being alive as a human life. An animal must have a leader, because as prey they are vulnerable, and almost certain to die; without the herd. Every herd requires a leader/ because unless they all move as one life in motion; they cannot defeat the predator. So anyone who is not the same, is considered to be an enemy; because their presence disrupts the flow “of us”. The predators focus on their prey, while hungry; and do not care (apathy) unless threatened, when they are not hungry; simple as that. These are behaviors in people too/ and as such constitute the conception of animal; rather than being alive as human.

HUMAN exists in the elemental rise of thought (not intellect); as is confronted by the evidence of miracles, and even the creation of life itself/ which then points to a level of understanding and wisdom so far beyond our own; that we must respect and search for what is true. Because life is known to die; and in that reality we must be prepared for what shall come. Or more distinctly: the ascent into miracles, is not done with simply being born. We have the option to travel beyond ourselves, and become part of the universe; that is alive. It is no small decision, and it is not free; because it takes “all of you”/ as is the purpose of every human life from the beginning. The living universe searches; and only “a human” can answer. The animals reply; I hate you/ but they are equally invited, and refuse; trading in their lives for time, and whatever they can get, or want. So the question is: can you live without a leader? The animals say no, we drown in fear (as is the evidence of covid)/ and the predators don’t care; “they are going to get what they want, and nothing is going to stop them”. That leaves only the human being alive, in the grace of miracles; supported by the truth and realities of evidence untainted by lies; and conceived within the identity that belongs only to those who achieve thought. Intellect is the game people play, with time. Thought is a relationship with life, heart, and soul; an environment where love exhibits what a home is intended to be.

The most horrifying thing in humanity; is the ravaging of body/ the destruction of life itself; the consequence is people fear it. Therefore they are willing to believe almost anything; in order to avoid biological chaos. Unfortunately the masses under the propaganda influences of media; have chosen to believe that universities can play god, are their saviors, and cannot be wrong. Even though, the universities are a myth, and the reality is: “these are your former classmates”; none of whom are gods. The list of consequences, that are now apparent because of what universities have changed: creates the evidence of our own extinction. Nothing proves that more than trying to ignite a nuclear fire (let’s burn atoms)/ while universities claim that is not so: the evidence points to their imagination, and demands when gambling with all life, and even this earth itself/ an imagination is not enough. Yet the believers will not be swayed; because every believer is locked in his or her prison cell: to insure NOBODY nor NOTHING gets in to make them think for themselves. That is the benefit of believing: “who gives a damn about truth or reality/ we believe”. But the consequence is horrifying even beyond all that can happen to a human being: because trying to ignite the same energy source as is on the sun/ is playing the game, “we can be gods” and control the same energy source as is on the sun. WRONG is, the earth becomes another sun. www.iter.org is the biggest of these, but there are many.

Nothing is more horrifying: than letting your former classmates: literally destroy the boundaries and limits which identify and protect each individual species. Yet that is exactly what they are doing; with every intent to create biological chaos; in worship of their religion called evolution; one of the biggest lies ever created; without a single shred of true evidence in support. To your shame you believe whatever your former classmates say/ to your horror; they will soon become your “gods of death”. As all life succumbs to chaos, and crucifixion; including humans; because that is what you chose to let them do.

You will run out of drinking water. You will run out of resources. You will cannibalize each other. You will regret being born. You will make this earth into Hell; as global warming takes full control. Everything about YOU, will fail; including your eternity/ none more so; than those claiming religion is their god. As YOU did know better; but chose to create the universities as your gods anyway; thereby choosing SATAN. The consequences will be real, and no mercy of any kind will be granted; as you threw life itself away. To your eternal shame.

And the masses shout: “its their fault/ not ours; we are innocent”! Yet the evidence is: not a hand did you lift to save this earth or its life/ not a penny did you spend/ not more than lip service in your religions/ not more than disrespect throughout the churches, etcetera; of this earth. Because more than life; you wanted, what you wanted/ and that was “everything is free”. Life is not free, there are laws which provide and sustain the living; none of which are known to man; because you don’t want them. You want what you want; and that is: “not in my lifetime/ let the children pay for what we did do”. The curse deepens, to include HADES; eternal war with terror.

Catastrophe will come, because that is what you chose! The question is: will life and earth survive?

The reality of a herd in crisis is: the predators will rejoice/ and then fade away, as the truth of what has happened becomes clear. The herd then mobilizes, in search for “the enemy”; which then becomes either a civil war, “this is all your fault”/ or a world war; “this is all their fault”. Or a decision: “its us or them”/ dividing this world into the dying, (we must eat everything). Or its counterpart: we must take everything (let them die)/ which become cannibalism, as reality proves you destroyed yourselves too. And the masses say: that cannot be/ and the religious say: that will not be. But reality will prove you wrong; because only truth survives, even in time.

I am not your savior/ not your judge/ not your enemy/ not your “buddy or pal”; I am only a messenger who demanded change, before tragedy and extinction come “for you”. But the animals cannot hear that, and the predators will not care; and ALL, the religious shout “ITS ALL FREE (we want what we want; we paid our dues; we are OWED)/ DAMN YOU”; for not agreeing with us. As to the living, if you did the best you can legally and honestly do; then no one can realistically can or does do better than that, and you are “free, from judgment”. You did do, the best you could; as is true of me.

We cannot go beyond law; because without law there is only chaos; and chaos is failure. Your enemies want chaos, as is “university evolution”/ because chaos destroys your life as well as theirs. They hate you; because you, as a life among the living; have more. They threw their lives away, and must cannibalize your love or they die without a cause. Truth is truth, lies are lies; but without trust you cannot be swindled; which is why people believe instead of investigate and choose. They want protection from the liar; but become a prisoner to their beliefs instead. Not a valued choice. LIFE beyond time, requires you to think; and stay within the boundaries and limits of laws which keep us alive. Time is simply the introduction, and the decision for an eternity. Your brain is not “your life”/ it is only the means needed to inhabit a body, and make it work. Your life, as is your body; “is an association with energy, a formation of atoms combined with the foundations of law”. Beyond time accepts: the basis or foundation of energy is not kinetic/ but lives within the essence of why and what causes motion itself, to exist.

As for this earth and all its life: truth is, humanity does not deserve any of it. As is evidenced by “the universities are god: let them crucify life/ let them gamble this earth into hell/ let them destroy the future and every child, in every conceivable way; as they shout to their children “not in my lifetime”. And every child says: WHY, must it be me that dies before “my time is up”? The answer is: because your elders chose that for you, and made it happen. But reality asks: would you have done better? Probably not. NO GOD is not punishing you/ humanity chose, and said “we are gods now”. You simply get your wish!

Is there a path back to life? True answer: NOT, past the point of no return! Because reality will not allow it to happen; truth and law will rule. WHEN, IS entirely up to you;  as the universities finish their war against life and earth/ they have achieved “666”; the REALITY OF: ALL, life and earth, teeters on the edge of true extinction. Your only chance to survive; is “to wake up”! There are no second chances: you chose.  Meaning “wake up to life, or die; because you made universities your god”.  Simple as that.

As for me: I can only help you survive, until truth demands: “they are dead”/ abandon them, and come home. As I will do.

Instead of belief [in what I want to be true]; as is the domain of humanity. I simply accept, the evidence of miracles in this life and on this earth, and in me is sufficient to trust: my CREATOR exists. I simply accept, the evidence of “Biblical JESUS” is sufficient to prove we were not simply abandoned; but there is a cause to life, a value to living, and a love which enters into perfection; rather than as we are “human”. Therefore I simply accept: life is a truth, that exceeds my expectations, therefore whatever GOD has prepared by death [the need to abandon what is time, in exchange for eternity]; will become my destiny. As I desire no other form of living {than a home built for love, constructed by respect, and conceived for freedoms that are peace and happiness}, beyond this time.

And the masses say: medicines have kept us alive, we owe that to the universities/ who else would care? But reality replies: IT IS, all the experimentation of humanity “desperate for a cure”, that made medicines possible. We have benefited as individuals; but look around you, and understand now: all life and earth are threatened, because too many humans exist on this very finite world/ extinction is true. So, while we all wanted a cure/ we all failed to accept the limits and boundaries which keep this world alive. Choosing instead “to be free”; without regard for the consequences of our change. All die/ or all accept the true costs of that change is: zero population rise; controls. Your gods of university; brought or bought extinction, in less than one hundred years; as is the evidence surrounding us all. It is not knowledge or understanding that threatens life; but a failure to respect the consequences of being wrong, or simply the refusal to care; about the price of change. The universities disrespect EVERYTHING; and assume chaos “is good”/ as is their true intent to play god. Never forget: “trust, is where the liars, thieves, and traitors roam”; because they can hide, where people refuse to accept what is true. What you want to be true, leads to chaos. What is true, leads to life. The difference is: reality knows what is true/ want is the foundation for every lie that exists.

You want money to be your savior: but the liars, traitors, and thieves of universities have invaded every nation. Particularly in america: they stole it all, because you trusted “universities to be your god”. Literally nothing is left; and all the people say; THEN LIE/ because WE DON’T want to pay! But alas, reality is a truth, and your truth says; counterfeiting by hidden inflation will not save you from your lies, fantasies, and failures anymore. And the world cries; because the crash of “american money”; removes their lies as well. Leaving only truth: a world in crisis. A world filled with weapons of mass destruction courtesy of “university”/ and the endless rant, “we want MORE”; TO SURFACE as violence unleashed. The possibility of survival for any life on earth, is small at best; because the universities are your god. That is what you chose, and they killed you for it; because like you, “they just want MORE”. BUT unlike you, they now have, or made; the tools to make us all extinct.

Fight back for life and earth; or your fate is sealed.

HOW do I “a mere nobody” know this is true? Answer; truth is found in the reality of the evidence; and the evidence surrounds you with extinction/ chosen as a result of letting “university play god”.

Reality knows: you cannot solve, or resolve, or change anything among the lies, theft, betrayal, terrorism, hate or all the rest of what universities and want/ pride/ and power has done: by killing, or attacking me. I am irrelevant to the cause of your fantasies, failures, or imagination/ I did not participate; they are your problems, not mine. But the disrespect of “killing the messenger”; might prove to be an even greater descent, than you can imagine. Instead; I am educated enough, to be of assistance, on the day “if it comes/ before your time runs out”; to help those who are true to life and earth. That can be proven true or false; by your choice/ by my choice as well.

But bear this in mind: the spiritual world has given me to “female” (its complicated; I just can’t escape). Because men have ruled this world, and now brought it to the edge of extinction. The price for that is: “let women rule”/ or die. BUT NOT as men have ruled. Rather as the reality of women, by the essence of law: can decide the future.

More distinctly that means: WE THE PEOPLE, shall decide our own laws, keeping in mind “every single word” matters, as time will test each one. NEVER again, shall anyone be elected to write or create laws or rules/ ONLY we the people shall decide what is fair and justified in this society, or this world. NEVER again a vote, for someone to vote for me! Because whosoever makes the law, rules the world or nation! That does give the advantage to women; who are “more likely”, to conceive of justice and laws ; and then vote en-mass to achieve their purpose. Which give the desire of love; both time and peace to create happiness/ as a shared existence among all.

The enforcement of those laws; is up to we the people of this world, and each nation. Once a “hundred laws (one page, so we can all learn and understand them)” are written, tested, and secured; they will remain true for the rest of time: IF YOU do not let them be destroyed; by liars, traitors, terrorists, and thieves. 

As to bankruptcy: WE ALL DECIDE, based upon reality/ defined by LEGAL REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; as is the democratic basis, and legal first amendment authority, of “we the people”. For investigating our employees; by determining if they did or did not obey their oath of office. We decide:  to change the future, by accepting limited capitalism (we the people, decide the limits and boundaries; of what is rich or poor); for ourselves/ by our vote, every 12 years or so.

We decide: to change the currency, by tying it directly to the population count: so that we control the future, and are not “at the whim of those who can”. Refusing their debts as well; by establishing all taxation will be directed into the category for which it was taken/ NO substitution; thereby removing power, and opening the door for bids. we decide to remove the IRS; and use bids (our decision) to control local collection of all taxation.

The change from terrors enlarged, to hope; is elementally we must have hope/ until there is absolutely no cause for hope anymore. Therefore establishing a value is essential, to the realities of hope and life in time. As to the future we can choose: it is not as it is today, where everything depends upon destroying more resources/ and competing to gather more stuff; just to throw it in the garbage; as a trophy discarded. The value of life is love, and to sustain life on earth: love must be separated from hate, to achieve true peace and justice. You are able to do that, if you try; but remember anger is not the same as hate; because anger can be quelled. In all other things: life for this planet must come first/ and that means the planet is equally “first”. To achieve value, you must choose respect. To achieve love you must choose trust. But to survive, only truth can decide. Each of these things are within your grasp. To experience a society that cares: you must create an education that will enhance the abilities of every person, and acknowledge we do owe each other a job of realistic wages and opportunities. That increases the competition, but if you choose to share as a society and world; then what you have gained is public participation in happiness, a value shared. Or more distinctly: when we share the work, we share the reward on a public level/ discarding the personal, to achieve a society that cares. And includes “you too”.

We all have to die; but none should die of little things/ while all should die of the bigger realities that are too much for society to bear. We all should pay a percentage of income based upon what we get; to conceive of healthcare. But nothing can compare with true happiness, not even health; as is love unleashed to be “fundamentally free”. That does not extend beyond the disciplines and order; created by nature, to be balanced and fair. While free is free, and none are allowed to judge (only the law); it remains true, that a creation of this living world; is as nature intended/ and not more. Which discards the universities almost entirely.

We must achieve balance in all that we do, and to create that balance the universities can be useful, if not allowed to be “the expert”. Instead, we need to understand the reality of the evidence that can be proven true, and accept that our own decision as a society and world; decides our future. Not leaders to decide; but we the people shall choose/ because our lives are worth the trouble of correcting and containing the possibilities of who we are, and what we will become. Hard choices will have to be made/ hard realities of things that must be changed; will be endured. The value of life, or the curse of death: are all you have left. Choose correctly and time might go on. Choose for death, and it is certain to surprise you with how fast that has occurred.

The potential for change is not communism; which allows that just a few shall decide/ individuals control little. It is not socialism; which constructs that the solution is government ownership; but more decide. Not fascism; where dictatorial rule exists; “as king”/ nazi or the rest. It is not “university leads”; with fantasy, lies, theft, failure, fear, belief, enslavement (paid with lies),  betrayal, or terrorism as is america today. It is not democracy unfettered to allow the domination of others with money. Rather limited capitalism requires: each shall make their own decisions/ each shall be responsible for their own lives/ each shall honor the fact, the lazy shall not be tolerated (but moved away)/ each shall be rewarded according to what they provide, as value; for society; in a manner the majority decide is fitting for the work that has been done. While the constant cry of humans is: WE WANT MORE! The reality is: you have thrown away, “resources as would have kept a thousand years of living; alive”. ENDING that option, because they exist no more. Which means: now we must identify the solutions, which allow for life to go on with what is left. Regardless of what you want/ reality must decide. Regardless of what you believe is right or wrong: the price of survival is, limits and boundaries will be imposed. So that those who do their part shall survive/ and those who fail to accept the price of life has changed; will deal with the consequences of what they chose. One such price is: large nations shall be divided into smaller pieces; because that is necessary for world control by the laws we impose on ourselves. Another is: if a subset nation, now divided refuses to obey zero population growth: no exchange with the others shall occur until they do/ boundary lines shall be mined; further enforced with machine guns: to enforce the price, refusal means: “your consequences are your own”. A world court: will decide, if this is to be; or this is to be removed. Otherwise: If you starve you starve/ if you war, among yourselves; then you war; etc. because this earth is full; no matter who believes we can add more/ it is not true. Or everything, as is our world dies! Because we eat other life, and they must survive so we can. Want is dead, reality rules; because we have no other choice/ your decisions by universities lead and play god; have made that so.

While changing “humanity on earth” is no small thing. The reality of not changing humanity on earth; is extinction/ because life and earth will die. Such are the decisions that you and your leaders have made. So says the evidence; but unfortunately, you need at least a brain to understand and comprehend what truth actually is. Cults (we are a herd, that will trample you) are not allowed a brain; as every herd knows: “just follow the ass in front; and don’t ask no questions”; is the life of a prey animal. Predators are only able to want, and beyond self want cannot care or respect life; because that is suicide to a creature that depends upon killing to survive.

Nonetheless, reality is reality; and just your human population count will prove extinction is coming soon; as the truth, we can’t all survive; surrounds us all. We can’t survive genetic chaos as is “university plays god”. We can’t survive “university ignites nuclear fire”; as is the end of this earth, by burning the bond in atoms; “just like the sun”. We can’t survive resource loss; which is the direct and real decision to assassinate every child; by claiming “I don’t have to care/ NOT in my lifetime”; so I don’t give a damn! We can’t survive weapons of mass destruction; as will be used; both clearly and surely as the multitudes learn they will soon starve or thirst to death. Or more distinctly; throughout the last fifty plus years: everything the universities have chosen to do; everything they have led leaders to do; everything their zealot priests of media and chosen to do: is commit this earth and all its life to extinction. That is their gift to you, and it is backed by the evidence of our reality.

INSTEAD of that death of a world; our only true solution is “go to court”: IDENTIFY what can be proven true or false, by the reality of consequences coming, or have been. CONSIDER THE TRUTH, of what it means to be WRONG, OR to turn a blind eye & let your universities continue in their quest to play god; and build a fantasy world, by counterfeiting your money, and destroying your future. They are believers in evolution; as such they are certain they can’t be wrong about anything; but it is all a fantasy and a delusion based upon imagination (a liars home). Reality knows: NATURE is life. REALITY KNOWS: the laws of energy that control this world, are our friend; keeping us safe. TRUTH KNOWS; every child deserves a chance to be alive in time; just like you: but your elders stole that, and construct a graveyard instead of a future.

We must accept reality; and that means limiting all military across this earth: by replacing them with OUR OWN, world law, and international law keeping forces; from every nation. We must accept reality; and that means ending the anarchy and destruction of “universities lead”. We must accept truth; and that requires: YOUR WANT is dead. Truth by the reality of the evidence which determines the future; shall now decide.

We can change much, for life and world: but only if humanity itself is willing to pay the price. That means: instead of animals as “university has insisted you must be”. You throw off their yoke of failure and stupidity, stomp down hard on the worms trying to eat your very heart and soul: AND OPEN YOUR MIND TO THE REALITY OF MIRACLES; as is the evidence surrounding us all. That proves GOD was here; because none of this, is by accident; and since chaos is the elimination of anything complex: that brain is dead, which allows evolution inside. Stop being a failure and a university led fool. Stop listening to media; and make them produce the real and true evidence that is sufficient to make your own decisions. Stop letting leadership destroy the planet, aid and abet anarchists as are universities; and make your decision as we the people shall now decide. Because we do have to pay; it is our legal and democratic right.

And the people say: “we can’t”/ but reality says you must! And the people say: “we are afraid, and unprepared”/ but like a pregnant woman, the child is already coming, and cannot be deterred. Therefore prepare for, “a new life”, or there will be death instead. Do, what you can do; and the rest is “up to GOD”. While that might be considered religious, the truth is human failure is rampant; and our ability to survive is very limited without true help. Unlike the religious: reality states, the decision for change as is required for survival; IS ENTIRELY UP TO YOU. Because that is, what freedom means. No every enemy shall not be killed for you; because you aren’t perfect either. And the reality is: “its not freedom” if you choose badly, and are then judged immediately. So humanity is not judged, until death separates us from the decisions a body under your own control, can make. Death separates what is true: from what is false, or unneeded anymore. YOUR TRUTH, whatever that is; will be left; will be obvious. Whether you sought to kill this world, or help it survive, or not: will be known.

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