How many resources can you provide? Answer, everything there is, until it’s all gone.  Then leave the area behind/ take the money/ and go do so again in someone else’s backyard.

The reality is simple:   without resources there is no more work. Not for industry or a nation of people.  No resources equals no work, period;  because you can’t build anything but fraud out of nothing. Video reality is this

So the question is:  does the future matter? Answer from the old: “not to me”!  Because if it continues not to matter, as is the current day/ then all the children die. They all enter hell, and fight until exterminated. Population growth alone, proves that is so! No work, no resources, no food or water or anything else life requires to survive. It is that simple

So the decision is:  do we let government employees and industry decide what your future is going to be?  Or do we take control over the resources of our own nation, by democracy and through constitutional law? Thereby carefully determining what the future for every child is going to be/ what our lives will be?

It is a choice/ and even if you refuse to make that choice verbally or whatever: you cannot escape the reality of threat against all life and planet. Reality thereby will prove, you did indeed choose the fate these children will face:  as in it was your responsibility, and you refused. turns in this direction a bit.

You as have every generation, relies upon the single principle of operation according to man:  which is, “I will just go get MORE”!  As is the constant of government politicians throughout every generation:  their answer is, “let’s sacrifice the resources/ so we can have work and play instead of responsibilities”. The consequence: “the mountains of garbage threaten to engulf you”. And as is the constant of humanity in society throughout the generations: the vast majority yell, MORE, give us MORE/ So the politicians and industry provide. But since that does not work:  the rich arise to control the resources, with force/ by keeping the resources for themselves with an army; by their rules of law or weapons.  NONE OF IT, can survive the future!  Which means either you change for life comes first/ or you die, because you did nothing to protect life on earth; and that has consequences of extinction! As is consistent with so much in this day.

CHANGE MEANS, PROTECTING THE RESOURCES, and making decisions that will provide a future with whatever resources are left. THAT CANNOT be done without justice. THAT CANNOT be done without true human birth control; same for all/ with few exceptions. THAT CANNOT be done, unless the people are happy:  which means, the realities of life which makes them UNHAPPY/ must be addressed. THAT MEANS: THE ENDLESS weaponry must be curtailed, by establishing an alternate form of society.  “those who hate, SHALL live over there”. While those who accept the limits and boundaries of love with all it provides for justice and peace;   “SHALL live over here”. There is no other substantive means of providing a safe and fundamentally structured environment of justice and peace: but to remove those who hate. The reality of people who want to live in the middle of love and hate claiming both;  must choose. The reality of war as a result is:  love unites us/ hate divides us;  the consequence being, what is hate can be controlled by removing their weapons and ability to make more. It is extremely unlikely a group comprised of hate; will be able to accomplish anything except lets attack them. However if the means and the ways to do that, are fractured and small; so as to require organization and work. One hate group trying to enslave the other hate groups, will keep them at bay.




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