Reality demands: that we assess the truth of our lives, our planet, our future, and our humanity to determine the cost of what “university is god (leaders of everything)” has done.

All the evidence, meaning every truth now certain/ rather than university delusion: points to the inevitable truth, that is our own extinction by the choices we the people have allowed universities to make. It is that simple/ and it is that severe. And it is a reality of our lives, that the university diploma; chose/ led/ propagated/ destroyed/ lied/ cheated/ stole/ terrorized/ betrayed/ consumed/ altered/ defied/ tore to shreds/ mutilated/ weaponized/ and other roads to hell as they did do; with the blessing of you the people, in worship of just get us more, of what we want for free/ and we will follow you, into hell. As has been done; so says the evidence.

So the curse of our world, is the cult worship of university/ and the curse of their world is: “nothing bad is going to happen to us/ cause we are gods”. Both are delusions, without the substance of life or planet to support those conclusions: which means the lies, BETRAYAL, terrorism; the assassination of every child, by the death of resources/ the destruction of an entire planet, with university knows/ the construction of every form of weapon imagined/ the experimentation that is, “NOTHING IS SACRED/ NOTHING IS VALUED: KILL IT ALL”; as is university plays god; has reached its predictable conclusion. Which is extinction.

TRUTH then says: last chance, at best; to make a change and survive as life or earth. Nothing is more certain of that/ nothing is less imagined, and fully comprehensible to all: than trying to ignite the same energy source as is the sun; here on earth. And yet, the cult worship of university is god; continues down its path to ignition of atoms on fire/ because the fool believes whatever he or she wants to believe; rather than to assess or understand what is true. Critically certain as to the price of being wrong/ and subject to the death of our world by horrific fire; “same as the sun”. Nothing is more certain that the mutilation of all life on earth/ by fools who believe a single cell organism is more intelligent than they are. And cannot even comprehend just how impossible it is for “accidents” to create even that form of life.

We then get to humanity; and the cost of being fools. Believers in what you want/ rather than truth seekers, in the real world that is life or death; and all that time can be. Which means the human curse is belief. Because believers lock themselves inside what they choose to want to believe: so that truth or any form of reality, nor any other type of lie, nor love, nor consequences can enter into that prison cell; from which they all yell “ you can’t touch me here/ THESE BARS, will keep you out”. Want is not truth/ and truth does not care at all, about what you believe: it is, what it is.

The curse to our planet is: everything will soon reach, “NOTHING can be balanced for life, anymore”. No chain of life or living will remain. No construction on earth will survive: as the atmosphere unchains from the planet. No room to escape the heat of a planet that can no longer be cooled. No escaping the endless humanity, that has destroyed its entire food supply; and now exists by cannibalism alone; as is the blood to drink/ and people to eat; because that is what you chose. And the people say: NEVER, we are gods/ NEVER. But alas, reality will prove you wrong; as the population count will reach ten billion people in a decade/ loss of ocean life will push you into war/ mutilation of nature will bring Armageddon into reality/ every food source will die: planet mutilation has removed all the defenses/ antibiotic catastrophe will create super disease/ weapons of mass destruction will be unleashed; and that is only if you do not ignite a nuclear fire, as is the intent of “university is god now/ we can do it”{ but they cannot extinguish it} a million mile long fire, just like the sun. and the people say, “we can’t all be wrong”. But alas: truth knows that you are/ because you are believers, not people who rely upon truth to decide. YOU DO, STAND ON THE EDGE OF EXTINCTION; and that does mean, yes, “you were all wrong together”/ choosing what we want is free. By killing the future of life and earth; as was your choice; by university knows how. “yes we can”!

So, there is no purpose in designing a future/ because you have none. You run away from reality/ despise the foundations of truth/ idolize the fools you brought you here, because they bribed you with “death to every child/ lets STEAL THEIR WORLD”. Which meant: you deliberately chose to be the last generation on this earth/ by taking it all for yourselves. And the religious all say: “we are gods children/ NOTHING bad is going to happen to us; we are GREAT”. But alas; as we look to the evidence of your truth; we find you in cult worship of the universities as god; just like all the rest. We find you participating in STEALING from every child/ from every living thing on earth: to deliberately claim “we are the last generation on this earth/ by taking it all for ourselves”; just like the rest. Which does make you children of satan; god of death to an entire world/ by arrogance, greed, hate, failure, more. As is your truth.

The universities have taught you to “take the easy way out” of everything; “just kill the future/ steal the money/ risk every living thing, with mutilation, by playing god/ assassinate every child/ poison the water/ alter the planet, end all balance, and commit nature itself to chaos/ we don’t need infrastructure, this world is dead/ so it must be more merciful: to ignite the entire planet on fire, than to end in complete carnage, surviving only by cannibalism”. Such are the ways, of university leads. And every diploma shouts: we want what we want/ to HELL with YOU. “kill him/ we have it good”. NOBODY takes that away, not even for an entire world.

Nonetheless, without hope there is no possibility for a future/ and that means we must hope; even when the reality is so limited by failure, arrogance, greed, and blind cult worship; as to prove “it is, all but over”. Again, nonetheless: reality assigns us who are a living example of what GOD OUR CREATOR did have in mind; “to live within the truth of life itself/ to share within the miracles of what is sacred, a journey into destinies beyond time/ to conceive of thought as a participant in creation itself/ to love, and share the blessings of what life can be/ to accept the duties and responsibilities to our Creator, within this world HE designed by truth and law, within thought and love. That fact, does not allow for discarding an entire living world: and it does mean, each of us must do what we can do, to keep this earth from dying. consider the inflation between 2000-2021 to achieve these numbers; media refuses to inform

What we learn from these numbers is: someone spent, or created a promise we this USA would pay:  $503.7 quadrillion dollars more/ since the year 2000.   SOMEBODY SPENT/ so where did the money go? It wasn’t for infrastructure, environment, a future, or ANY worthy investment!  Which leaves us with how much did they give away to foreigners; who then came to buy our property, and take our jobs?  Which leaves us looking at the state of ILLINOIS;  and the crooks who gave the university of IL  128 million for an “emperors box” above the football stadium; to be used 6 times a year/ or 153 million to renovate the assembly hall; and all they basically did;  was replace the air-conditioning, and seating. for use a dozen times a year.  SO ASK YOURSELF:  WHO GOT  ALL THAT MONEY?  And then go examine the evidence for yourselves; as slaves  (too who)?  MORE, than they could even hide (launder, as in crime) in the stock-market:  SO ITS HIDING, in foreign nations; to protect it from us.  Assuming you ever woke from; “from your imagination”.  THEN GET A CLUE; as to what all your bribes really cost/ all the cult worship of university plays god;   in the reality of your future actually means. And this: is only money, “the game of numbers”.  NOT SO:  WITH NATURE IN CHAOS:  YOU’RE DEAD/  PLANET ON FIRE JUST LIKE THE SUN;  YOU’RE DEAD/  RESOURCES GONE, YOU’RE CHILD IS DEAD/ POISONED WATER, GLOBAL OVERHEATING/ OCEAN LIFE EXTINCT/ HABITAT RUINED/ AND ALL THE REST, THAT IS:   “UNIVERSITY DID play god”.   BECAUSE YOU LET THEM!  And where was your precious media and news:  answer, “protecting the cult of university is god/ as their personal religious zealots, who cannot conceive of anything else; than to worship the universities”. While they manipulate/ tempt/ control/ destroy democracy/ and consume your ability to think with mass hypnosis. WAKE UP.  Well hey, don’t you worry now; after all: since they replaced a few million workers with their robotics and computers; you should have at least one hundred million workers left:  that is just  $5.95 million dollars per worker/ that you have to earn above taxes, and expenses; for this nation/ and then there is more.  As is, the resources are gone/ so then is the work.    as the bible predicted; you let satAN BE IN CHARGE.     dESTROYER OF A WORLD.   fIGHT FOR YOUR  WORLD OR LOSE IT;  PLAY TIME IS OVER.

I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU PRAY, WITH HONESTY FOR LIFE, and PLANET/ rather than  your greed, pride, power, want, and all the rest of valueless drivel; as is the constant of your prayers, throughout religion and humanity.

NO, CHANGING ANYTHING FOR LIFE and PLANET; TO HAVE A CHANCE; “WON’T be free”.  Communicate, share the information, the cost of being wrong, and do, what you can legally do:  because our entire world is at stake/ and nothing, not even “you”; are more important than that. Just do what you can do; because the simple truth of it is, “a herd of animals (we can’t all be wrong)”; only knows four things, “I want what I want/ you are a predator, or can’t be trusted/ my child, not yours/ follow the leader, or be evicted”. Nothing else matters.

Case in point: the university diploma overran US government and society, by creating the illusions, delusions, fantasies, and “imagination” equal to “debts don’t matter”/ as has been the decision of leadership throughout the last fifty plus years. Media refusal to identify this as inflation, or as an attack on the very foundations of the nation or state itself/ has led to endless thieves, liars throughout, the curse of failure, the design of fools, the crucifixion of life by genetics, experimentation to destroy the planet, poisoning of this earth, endless pollution, extinction of animals and habitat; or more simply everything bad that could have been done; bears the imprint of “university plays god”; with life, planet, and nation. A failure beyond imagination/ a reality of extinction; we may only hope can be reversed.

This USA has been invaded and ruined/ ravaged and raped/ cursed and defiled: by universities lead. Simple as that; as is evident in the inflation hidden by the lie “quantitative easing”: more numbers, no reality. “just to start: as debts which cannot be paid/ credit that has no bearing on reality/ a future condemned/ resources lost/ failure surrounding us; as media focuses on “the university is god: DON’T TELL THEM NOTHING/ but that”. As the evidence does prove true/ and our reality of choice ends. Because “you believed”.

One of the foundation frauds of this America is: that the universities are composed of many people all in agreement of what is, or what is not true. INSTEAD of that: the universities are composed of a very tiny few, who declare what truth is; and all the rest either mimic what they say, and agree with what they do/ THEREBY getting the job, and the money to work with them. OR, those who disagree are excluded from the work. Because the failure to agree “with the person in charge”/ makes you a threat to that person and their pride or power is in jeopardy.

So, lets look at the current claim of data; for world covid death 8 billion people in this world: divided by 4,100,000= a claim of one person dies of covid for every 1,951 people on earth.  And the marketers of new media, who get paid for every vaccine shot they deliver: SCREAM  FEAR DAMN YOU FEAR/ BELIEVE DEATH IS AT THE DOOR/ OBEY OUR COMMANDS;   OR YOU DIE.  and yet, there is no resurgence of fact world wide;  “so its just America”; so they say.  since the entire year of covid 2019 is not included in their claim of a pandemic/ it must be the vaccine that caused deathSweden below; is not presented as a nation participating in covid vaccine to any degree; a population of millions.roughly 30 trillion dollars was collected through covid or more. IF YOU STOP believing/ you might want it all back, and take revengeREMEMBER THIS:  that nobody lives/ unless somebody dies.  BECAUSE IT AIN’T AN INFINITE PLANET; and there are real world limits to human population density; that have already been hit.

the university diploma is: "memorize, mimic, and obey" or you don't get no reward. question nothing BELIEVE what you are toldsearch through who is dying

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