REALITY KNOWS: that we the people of this earth, have come to the end of the road; in terms of choices to be made. Either we stop the insanity, and protect life and world; or it all dies, and we become extinct. Given that level of consequence; as determined by the truth of our evidence, that identifies the universities playing god. I provide one last key, giving you the element of LIFE OR DEATH/ by that knowledge. Because if you don’t stop them, your machines will ignite a nuclear fire. That knowledge is: as is consistent with truth, that all nuclear energy is confined by spin of an atomic proton (push) and its neutron (pull) We know a spinning mass can hold energy in its spin; and there is no other conclusion that identifies or creates the truth of balanced nuclear energy. A nuclear explosion demonstrates: fragmentation of the parts. A nuclear fire is created when two spinning “tops” so to speak/ bump into each other to create friction, thereby heat. As that friction reduces the fundamental atomic environment, from balance to chaos; a fire is born; “just like the sun”. A million mile long flame; here on earth; with no possibility of extinguishing that fire once ignited. The universities theory is “its all magic/ created by impossible conditions which cannot be proven/ by using elements which do not exist”. A horrifying fantasy, used to gamble with all life on earth. SPEAK UP, FOR LIFE; OR DIE!

You can see the details by simply putting several spinning tops on a table top, in close order; and either wait or push one top into another. The resultant chaos, is entirely similar to a nuclear fire. The difference is: the proton masses will continue to impact each other until the spin is gone, and friction has reduced the mass “to subatomic particles/ which then form the ash cloud of the sun”. REALITY KNOWS: that a spinning mass cannot be sustained UNLESS there is an opposing force; to keep it balanced. “a weight on a string”/ requires an anchor to hold the string. That opposing force is dark energy “same as a black hole”/ which is distributed by pulsars; ejecting that anti-mass; which then collides, spins, and controls the tiny debris escaping from a supernova explosion. Which forms: “the atomic recycler”.

Reviewing once again: SCIENCE tells us, that both the supernova and the black hole exists: I will accept that as true/ which means the evidence they presented is sufficient for me. An exploding sun, which grows by their evidence 3 times larger before the explosion: MEANS LITERALLY, that it is burning more fuel to make that happen. Thermal dynamics will prove the expansion of that heat, into more space, by surrounding the sphere; is required. Turning a sun into dust as is the explosive event occurs from the outside in: because even more space is required for the explosion to expand. BUT in a large sun that overheats in order to explode: once that explosion begins it may not surrender enough mass to let the core expand sufficiently/ even though the energy demands it. When that happens in a unified way (the sphere was symmetrical)/ the core energy is forced back upon itself (becoming the opposite form of energy by that process; commonly called dark energy. And in that moment of change; a black hole is born. As it collects mass into the densest possible existence of this universe: that hammering from all sides, DOES establish a radius fracture from the core out, in only one possible location. Once of sufficient size; this process produces the expulsion of dark matter through that fracture/ based upon the collection of materials, that force the change from the outside into the core.

Thermal dynamics prove the core of our sun is not hot/ but in fact separated by the effects of dark energy (neutron) being released from the proton; it remains stable: because the resultant fire of the proton being consumed: by the laws of thermal dynamics, requires space, therefore an empty area exists: between the fuel source and the fire. Radiation reduces the rock to dust, and extreme suction brings it up to burn. All of that is evident, by the laws we know to exist/ UNLIKE “the magic” of university delusions.

Reviewing once again: the elements of our universe; are formed when the kinetic energy of a supernova explosion dust cloud/ flows through the dark energy anti-mass of a pulsar blast. In that instant; the kinetic dust of a proton, is now coated with the opposite energy of a neutron; and the atom is born; by the elastic attachment of balancing forces combining, and then being torn from the pulsar blast/ which provides the spin. The elements are formed based upon “spin influences/ direction in relation to forces/ actual size and signature of the proton mass/ how the pulsar blast interacts, not all are fully formed/ whether the dust cloud is coming straight into the pulsar blast, is at an angle, or is going away from the pulsar blast; and a few rare instances which produce anomalies. But size is restricted, to what the forces involved can balance & sustain.


The difference between university and me is:  MY CONCLUSIONS ARE ALL BUILT UPON IDENTIFIABLE FACTS/ PROVEN TRUE BY REALITY, as the evidence of my thought.  THEIR CONCLUSIONS are built upon the fantasies of what they believe, are supported only by “its magic, the delusions of a fool”/ and are assumed to be created “with imagination” RATHER than truth.     wake up, to reality; or THEY WILL KILL YOU.

Another failure: global warming is real, as proven by ice melt! But even more critical is: the difference between hot and cold causes circulating air masses to exist. Without the cold, these stop; and horizontal winds increase in speed, until the atmosphere itself detaches from this planet; so that it then becomes like other planets: “with 700 mph” winds.

The electrical field we use is demonstrated by global wind patterns influenced through the realities of hot and cold surfaces; which do create the loops of air mass, bringing wind and rain; we know as our environment. Electricity creates loops of energy in much the same type of pattern. Those loops are then kinetically energized to turn; and in that turning the power to influence electrons into changing direction and position is functionally accomplished as the loop exerts a mechanical force on the electron. The bigger the loop, the greater the mechanical forces involved. Just like the weather patterns: the bigger the high pressure or low pressure environment; the more energy it will exhibit and influence.

NOW, we are at the end of the road; for all of “university playing god” with life or planet. I did not ask you to believe anything/ but I do tell you, that being wrong means you receive the reward you chose. I DID ASK YOU TO INVESTIGATE AND PROVE YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY THE PRICE, for your university gods to be WRONG. FULLY UNDERSTANDING: that means, this earth becomes a sun: HADES (ETERNAL FIRE, which can engulf you: asking the question, “does life itself” burn, or is it forever terrorized?). OR AS in the case of genetics gone wrong; HORRORS EVERYWHERE, as we die one and all: nature destroyed. And more.

You laughed and said: WE DON’T CARE. But I tell you true: CHANGE, or you will. PROVE ME WRONG! With more than delusions or imagination.

PROVE your great minds are correct: we will start with Einstein, and his known equation of E=MC squared. Which is translated as: energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared. BUT IN REALITY THE EQUATION IS MERELY THE FORMULA FOR KINETIC ENERGY energy is equal to mass times speed; “with a constant velocity the only change”. Yes you can “all be wrong”/ because pride does not admit to being wrong. Instead it uses hate, to attack any form of correction. WAKE UP OR DIE.

The source or potential of motion, as defined by ENERGY: IS NOT SPEED OR MASS; but what makes it move. Which means the real source of energy is found in “what makes this expand, as does begin, in a direct relationship with convection”.

RISE UP, COMMUNICATE, CHOOSE TRUTH, IDENTIFY REALITY, CONSTRUCT THE COST OF BEING WRONG: AND MAKE YOUR DECISION FOR LIFE AND PLANET/   or accept; your truth is, the apathy and disgrace that is “you just don’t care enough; to keep this world alive”. A cult worshiper (you can’t question the leader), to the end.

STOP believing; and question what you have been led to believe. Such as “all women should fear heart disease”/ when in fact, only a very tiny fraction of women suffer from heart disease; until they are over eighty years old.  So, are they lying TO GET YOUR MONEY/ and make you fear;  or are they telling you the truth: that old women die of heart disease!  BECAUSE they get old;  from aging. OR what is the truth about breast cancer/ because the evidence does NOT support the advertising (alas healthcare wants your money; and don’t care, about you).  confident in the money;  your government run by university diplomas have been inflating currency, by claiming asset growth/ particularly since 2000. By hundreds of quadrillion dollars! Because without counterfeiting, and its extreme inflation: THEIR METHODS CRASH into the grave. Have you not seen US gold coin currency; being sold as counterfeit on tv? it is.  DID YOUR DAMN MEDIA TELL YOU ANYTHING YOU NEEDED TO KNOW?  OR DID THEY HIDE EVERYTHING THAT DID NOT PROCLAIM “the universities are god”.

While the liar, fraud, failures, fools, tragedies to their own life; consequences of cult worship as is “the universities know all/ are gods/ are saviors/ etcetera”.

The reality of life is: GIVEN GIFTS BEYOND YOUR OWN COMPREHENSION/ the cost of going past the point of no return is: YOU LOSE EVERYTHING/ and go extinct. Because you can’t turn back the clock/ and what you did choose to do, in worship of these “witch doctors of science”; the curse of media propagation, “lets all believe”: is the end of life on earth.

And the people say: “we want, to never fear again/ we want to live forever, and not be sick or old or poor/ we want what we want, before we die: we want true happiness beyond what we have”.

BUT REALITY SAYS: the value of fear, is a respect for life as it was given to be; as is, the price of losing that, makes clear. The value of sickness and death is: the children get their chance to survive; because without death, the earth is overrun with humans, and fails. The value of truth is: that you cannot be rich, without making many others poor. So every attempt at being rich, is a design to make the others slave for you. The value of happiness is, to be surrounded by love, shaped within respect, conceived by truth so that trust can form, and give birth to the essence of what being truly alive in GOD does mean, to all who receive it.

The liar says: yes we can gamble with this entire world, risking nature, destroying everything; because we owe the child nothing. That criminal fraud has a price: THE GOD who made you; as miracles do prove true/ can also cast you into terrors beyond what you can comprehend; as is consistent with what “thought can do”. The failures of university include, “no brain here”/ not even a whisper of thought; as the realities of gambling with life and planet do prove true; none in the history of this earth, have ever been so stupid and vile as are you: as does this fact prove. The extremely foolish say: “we can do better” than life is now/ by becoming gods ourselves; we can do it/ now we know how. But their claim is: chaos built life (even though chaos means; to destroy anything complex/ down to its simplest form)/ and accidents are known, as with only extreme rarity; as tragedies we would never choose for ourselves. Yet that is what the universities do, EVERY SINGLE DAY/ AROUND THIS WORLD. To their eternal shame. The consequences of cult worship are simple: if you continue to make the universities your god/ the real GOD OF CREATION ITSELF: will abandon you, to your grave/ the cost of your decisions. Simple as that: choose better/ or lose life itself.

Yes we do have to put up with things that are not “fully desired”; as is the realities of my own life. Tinnitus has been devastating; the cost of knowledge has been significant; the realities of choice are now limited. Instead of being male, as life has always been; your need is for a “mother”/ not a man: and the reality of that changes me; even though I do not desire it. War will only make you extinct; as is the cost of male leading now. The consequence of that, relies upon female to intervene and express the differences only female can be. NOT because it is better than male/ but because this world is so overrun with humanity; the one absolute necessity (beyond NO MORE “playing god”; as is university removal of choice, and funding) for a future is. WAR of any size, IS NOT ALLOWED; and that means men cannot remain in charge. As your weapons of mass destruction do prove. But even beyond them, is the certainty of destruction/ to a world planet, which literally can stand no more of this; or it all dies/ making you extinct as well.  THE CHANGE REQUIRED IS:  BY THE LAWS WE MAKE FOR OURSELVES, AS ONE PERSON/ ONE VOTE;  as a world united for life and planet.  WE THEREBY RULE OURSELVES, WITH THAT LAW, AND ENFORCE OUR DECISIONS;  by world policing, proving true:  “THAT THE LEADERS” shall obey us!    LET “the women” write these laws, the men review what is wrong:  ALL shall then vote, until you get a two thirds majority. Which proves a foundation upon which you will then build, a new and different world for life and living and planet.     FAIL, and you die as a world. Because that is the price, for what you have done WRONG.    THIS IS; the best men did do, after thousands of years of trying; and we DO stand on the edge of extinction itself; by their failures.      LET WOMEN TRY;   IT IS THE LEAST, you can do; to save life on earth!  THEY ARE OWED, NOTHING LESS!

stop believing, in what the dead parasites tell you:  and investigate for truth, reality, justice/ and the cost of being WRONG.

STOP believing I am your enemy; as the evidence clearly proves that is not true. and ACCEPT THE TRUTH:   MY DEMAND, for a court trial, to prove the reality of life or death for our world: IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.  Because nothing less, can make humanity understand, “want is not enough”/ TRUTH MUST DECIDE; or we all die.

There is no nation on this earth, MORE in need of reality and truth by investigation of the facts, by the understanding of evidence without bias or intent: a purpose beyond want/ pride/ or power:  than is this USA.  YOUR lack of wisdom, is frightening: to our world survival. Without truth, you are nothing/ and soon, WE be dead. PROVE WHAT IS TRUE!   Or reality will prove the cost of “you”.

“the children of university/ nearly all; who were never required to grow up by reality or truth of life consequences”;  have no connection to the real world/ as such they live in their imaginations, the delusion of being superior because of a diploma. Absolutely not true, and only very rarely an asset; in only specific ways; as the evidence of our lives and planet clearly prove true. “They cannot comprehend reality; as the closest thing they have ever had to deal with is a cafeteria line (food comes from the back/ damn, I am too important to wait)”. Endless fraud/ endless manipulation/ endless cult worship our leaders; who give our bribes, and make our lives possible: by theft, and criminal ways. In contrast to that; are some simple videos/ which at least begin the questions of what can we do: NOT, what can we imagine in fantasy.

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