THE TRIAL OF DEMOCRACY/ OR THE INVASION OF FOOLS, SURGING AGAINST LIFE, FREEDOM, AND LIBERTY: IS A DECISION TO PROVE THE JUSTICE OF MAKING OUR OWN DECISION/ RATHER THAN BEING FORCED TO COMPLY. AS IS THE SIGNATURE THROUGHOUT HISTORY, “of all who bear the sign of death/ the purpose of hitler: nazi; want to be’s”. THEIR PURPOSE: we are the superior ones; we are the righteous ones; we protect ourselves, by sacrificing YOUR LIFE. All of it orchestrated: by the plague of university driven, media propaganda: searching for complete domination and control.

Or more distinctly, your army of fears; is an invader, to the foundations of this nation. Your fear is not my god/ your belief is not my god/ your cowardice is not my god/ your failures are your own. GO AHEAD AND HIDE in your own crypt, pull in the grave and scream: BUT STAY OUT OF MY LIFE. Because you don’t belong here, or in my world, where risk and reality: define truth. NOT we are afraid, because puke and vomit and arrogance control your life. According to your scientists: disease transfer, can be as small as millions of invasive realities fit “on the point of a needle”. Which means your fear, and your cautions, and your claims of protection: IS WORTHLESS. YOU, CAN’T live a week, without the body producing immunity for you; and that immunity does not occur with complete “sanitation”. instead the body needs limited competition; so as to create the immunity you can then produce. Your saviors, are your enemy: DESTROYING SOCIETY, BUSINESS, GOVERNMENT, AND EVERYTHING WHICH KEEPS US ALIVE; BY failing to ACCEPT, THE RISK OF LIFE ITSELF; makes you the anarchist.  A PARASITE, fighting with university delusions, and intentional crucifixion of nature;  to defile the very essence of a working life and nation, in the constant refuse, and sewage of arrogance:  as is, life without a brain. YOU fight for starvation, civil war, failure of all kinds, and the curse of killing every child: because you refused to do, what life and living needs to be done: WITHOUT YOUR FEAR. YOU, create “super diseases” with endless attempts to disinfect. YOU fail life itself: so, GET YOUR DISEASED HEAD, & BLIND BELIEFS: out of my ass. NOTHING is more worthless, than fear; because the real predator is “university plays god”. Forming nature into chaos, creating new disease, releasing new pandemic, and stealing every single penny from an entire nation: by instilling fear, through your beliefs. PROVE BY THE TRUE REALITY OF EVIDENCE: GO TO COURT, AND MAKE THE TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR DECISION. Proven by realities of evidence none can deny: NOT your beliefs or your obedience to the cult of university plays god. OUR DEMOCRATIC RIGHT, LEGALLY OWNED, CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED: RIGHT, TO CHOOSE FOR OURSELVES.

Every part and every piece and everything that is “a human herd”; is built upon the construction of beliefs (therein the mob is formed, and they all scream, WE BELIEVE; as does mean; “we can’t all be wrong”). But every herd follows a leader, and every leader has plans of his own.

EVERY part and piece of being alive, as a human individual: REQUIRES YOU, to think for yourself. INSTEAD of belief, which is let someone else decide; just follow the herd; by choosing we all want what we want. The reality of faith: is the acceptance of YOUR decision: to let truth decide instead of want. And the herd says: NEVER, we want what we want. But the human being alive, knows: only truth survives, and must lead; not want, or we die.

The cost of living is then: WE MUST KNOW/ NOT simply believe. That reference DOES NOT give to anyone or any group or any diploma: the term called expertise. Rather it demands the investigation of evidence; is as open and clear to all, as reality will allow it to be. That every form of bias, is removed; and only the evidence itself can be presented: as is consistent with NO DAMN theory or other as is the constant of university knows. EVIDENCE IS, THE KNOWLEDGE WE DO UNDERSTAND, as elevated to the definitions by which we the people (I the individual) form a conclusion for myself: BECAUSE NOTHING OF THE TRUTH IS HIDDEN; NOR is anything aligned with consequences by all measure of reality discarded or denied. LIFE SURVIVES BY WISDOM/ NOT by fear. Therefore fear has no say/ and those who present fear: shall be shown the door out. To understand: is to understand both truth and consequences that align with knowledge. Fear fails knowledge, and induces panic; to produce control. Fear manipulates and tempts; to remove knowledge and achieve domination. Propaganda: is the purpose to induce fear, and form a mob; who then believes they cannot be wrong; because they BELIEVE. But belief is a want; and want is the foundation for every lie, that was ever produced. Making it an enemy to be watched very closely.


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