REALITY DEMANDS; that we assemble the disciplines, order, balance, and respect that is necessary to make “the gender wars” dissolve into: life should be happy.

TO ACCOMPLISH this demand, the cost of being human is analyzed to construct the values that make happiness appear, as if by magic. While there is no magic, but a clear path to what truth will allow. The fact is, that the majority of humans on earth: live in want/ and want is the evidence of animal, rather than human being alive by the grace of GOD. Truth is not a value to most animals, they only want what they want. So the first conception is: WHAT is a discipline; that allows for the animals, to become humans; being alive, as intended?

The very first discipline “of everything” is respect. Because without respect, there is no relationship between humans/ and that leaves only the participation of predator/ prey/ or lust; to decide how any interaction will occur. Consequently we must determine from the evidence that is available: WHY DO HUMANS FAIL, and then become animals as a sign they will never trust again. We take from that, the very critical assembly of trust; and identify that it is the failure of trust; that causes most humans to be less than they are.

So where does trust fail? The answer to that, is inside yourselves; as you do know very well: what did go wrong. Even if you misinterpreted the event or decision: what matters to human trust is, I WON’T trust YOU again/ which then often becomes I won’t trust anyone again. And what I WANT for me; is now all that matters to me.

Trust is then elemental to the creation of respect, and respect is elemental to the acceptance of order. Trust is lost in sex, lust, abuse, use, disrespect, temptations, jealousy, pride, power, greed, selfishness, violence, competition, betrayal, hatred, and more. Trust is found, in love/ truth/ purity/ value/ life/ law/ discipline/ order/ respect/ courage/ hope/ heart/ soul/ honesty/ sharing/ caring/ and relationships that give as much as they take. So the question is: WHY, do some people choose one direction/ while the other humans choose the opposite direction? The answer is reduced to the construction of life itself: as is the three variables we cannot refuse: TO LOVE/ TO HATE/ or simply to survive, as these are the decisions which direct and determine our lives in time.

We must then conceive of LOVE: as the respect owed to each other, by the dignity of what we share, the purposes of why we care, the values of our own desire, the hope of our own identity by its truth, the courage of trust, the relationships we give ourselves too, the decision which directs our lives in time, the happiness we earn by becoming “what GOD intended for us to be”, the creation of “we, not I”, the ascension of participation as souls united through sex with the opposite gender to balance and create “our moment beyond time”. To live by the freedoms of truth, by honoring the order of law. And more.

In contrast to that is HATE: the dissolution of being human into a predator seeking its prey. The disrespect for all life, as is consistent with judgment/ and its call to measure and then condemn. The rules by which we shall enslave you; to our own design. The cost called war. The traitors who plunder and thieve, to steal rather than work. The terrorists who want violence, and choose it before life. And more.

We then must understand that survival; is no small thing/ and the search for what is needed; can be found in all. Because nobody is truly secured against the realities of life, and living in time. Which does mean: your ability to determine mercy and justice/ what is fair, and what is not fair: is more than sufficient to be true to life and world.

So, the question is again: WHY do some people choose one direction as is LOVE/ while the other people choose the opposite direction to their journey in time; as is HATE. Survival does not directly participate; except as fear, or betrayal did this: “as is, too far”.

In the descriptions of love and hate: we find the source of your decision. LOVE is a destiny shaped by the values of your heart (I give my life to this)/ and the respect owed to your soul (I know, that miracles are truth; accepting as the decision that I then make: OUR CREATOR IS REAL). Therefore destiny is a decision I make, to participate in life itself, even beyond time. A decision which becomes true family (not simply genetics) fills my life with hope.

HATE is the fate of those who measure and condemn, by judging the value of any form of Creation; they earn the decision called violence/ and begin their own descent into chaos. A decision masking revenge. A reality using lies to cover intent.

Therefore the distinction is truly plain and simple! BUT, the reality of most human existence is: “I, the animal wants”. As is heard again and again in the participation: GIVE ME WHAT I WANT. Or more distinctly the common thread of the herd is: I WANT, both love and hate! Because I want those who can make me happy to share my life/ and I want those who make me angry to know my revenge, and asserting: FEAR ME, is how that is done. So we have then assembled the reality of human existence: the people who choose family, and accept the destiny of GOD / the people who choose “fear me”, as the elemental choice of their existence/ and the people who want both; but end up with neither; being dissolved by their indifference to truth lives here. ONLY TRUTH SURVIVES; if you fail your truth, as all animals do/ you fail your eternity, and dissolve.

We then search, inside the human mind: to discover those who claim, “if I dissolve, into dust/ then I don’t care, because I don’t believe life is worth living; as I did not get everything I wanted in time. “it costs TOO DAMN MUCH”! Therefore, WHO would want an eternity? There is not enough happiness here, to make that “a value” to me. A reality constructed by the cost of human men; who do control this world/ the reality of women who are both victim and attacker.

So the question then is: IF, we were to remove the influences of humanity from the concept of time/ to then discover the quest for a universe governed only by truth and law, in the values of love. WHAT, could we possibly find? The answer to that is found in a respect for miracles first; because they are the evidence of our Creator/ the reality of HIS WORK, as prepared in the discovery of life itself. The answer then: what is truly so unique and balanced and orderly and disciplined and free to be “the best you can be”/ as is a world filled with trillions of unique individual lives and species. How could the future beyond time; be less?

The answer to that is found in JESUS; as the guarantor of an eternity if invited to participate. A reality proven in love, the grace of courage, the values of respect, and the sacrifice that is for purposes greater than self. A reality of love; that suggests the future is beyond the hope of family distinguished by truth and value. Wherever there is true love, there is true trust; because that respect has been earned, and proven by the evidence; but controlled by reality of, GOD comes first.

The answer is found in a universe, of what can only be called a trillion plus stars, glowing in the night/ proving a relationship with time, that is absolutely infinite in scope or potential; as is the energy we inhabit as a living form of Creation itself.





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