As we address the construction of what can be left, for us all to become: when this planet is so damaged/ and nature is threatened with horrors/ and child needs a future too/ and life must be shared, or there will be only war, and cannibalism left. The cost of all those things is: NO, you can’t just go out and get more. Each and every one, must instead learn and live with what is available in their own environment; as best they can. Sharing the responsibilities we owe to each other and to life/ caring about the future as if it were to be our own.

Given that degree of truth, the realities of what can be left: comes down to, if you damage or destroy what is your own portion of the world/ or if you fail to accept your own responsibilities/ or if you discard your child, or your portion of the planet/ or whatever it is, that you choose to do: without regard for the consequences of what you did do. Then we the people owe you nothing, but the demand: you did this/ you fix it, or you live with it/ or you die because of it; because that is the choice you made. The realities of population growth, do fall into this category; and the cost of making the wrong choice is: you will starve/ and none will help you. That definition relies upon: dividing the planet into small pieces/ so that the least possible numbers can be affected; by the worst of what humans do. NO, the world has changed, and you may NOT immigrate outside your portion of this world: because you chose to destroy, rather than build. YES that is unfortunate for those who are innocent of the cost others created: but they will not be separated out; all receive the same. So says the rest of the world; UNLESS you prove, to this world; there was a legitimate, and true cause. DON’T bet on it. Fight for your world.

Hate enters in as the primary factor in most human behaviors, that present the rest with a cost they did not earn. Hate is a liar/ while anger is obvious and can be resolved: hate cannot, because it is an internal decision not to respect life or planet or eternity. Hate seeks out chaos, it chooses for violence, and it demands ridicule so that tears will come. The cost of hate is severe on life and society; and that means, hate must be removed from life and society, by separating those who hate; from the rest. Placing them in their own portion of the world; as best as can be separated from all the rest/ so that they do live among their own kind. They will immediately seek war/ but if you remove “it is easy to do”: they will fail to organize, and they will fail to build; if they must start from scratch. Hate tries to destroy nature by mutilating genetics. Hate tries to destroy all life on earth, by igniting a nuclear fire. Hate uses violence to create fear, because fear is the evidence of power: and power makes you beg, to prove they will play god with you; as is the road called: “university, the cult of the damned, the dead, and the fool”.

Primary to our continued existence: is the removal of university is god cult worship. They are not gods/ they are your former classmates; and they as a mass of millions or hundreds of millions, in fact produce VERY little of value to this world. Not gods, as is the evidence of “extinction looms large” for our world: they are failures, a blind guide, cursed by fantasy; instead of led by truth. YOU WILL STOP the insanity of belief; and accept only the value to life and planet is allowed/ NO MORE RISKING LIFE ON EARTH. As has been the entire purpose of university knows.


That brings us to the reality of endless humanity, and not enough jobs/ not enough habitat/ not enough resources/ not enough of what you want/ insanity rules/ war sits in the door, ready/ gender wars are waiting/ currency is dead/ water will run out/ terrorists are trying to burn you out/ governments fail/ and so on.

No population control no life, no future, no purpose in trying as you are guaranteed to fail. Simple as that! No, a vasectomy fails life and both male and female; because it removes the chemicals that makes sex desirable [ending it]; find a different way. It is women who present babies, and it is women who alone are in charge of producing population control: men should pay them, because it is not “for free”. Work it out, and be fair as it is possible to be. A million women, will produce more than a million offspring; even with a single man and current methods/ whereas without a woman, a million men cannot produce a single offspring. And that is a reality you cannot deny. Making women in charge of population control by truth: ANY MAN who fails to respect that, will pay. See to that as truth, because if you let the women fail, by disrespect/ this world fails with them. MEN have no say in this: YOU WILL do as you are asked in support.

Jobs are what we owe each other for being born. Because we each deserve a life, shared with the others as equals/ even if not the same for all; because we do not contribute as equals. Some do way more/ others try to do nothing at all/ and the majority are fighting for more, which leaves a bitter trail for life and living to the rest. YOU DO KNOW HOW, to share the work and the resources/ even though you absolutely don’t want too: YOU WILL. Because the last fifty years in particular has been spent avoiding reality; by throwing the future away. That day is dead; or you will be; with eternity to grant your reward, for killing this world.

HUMANITY has made its last inroad, its last assault: on the rest of this planet/ you are done. And in recognition of that fact: you will build only upward. Removing human habitation, where that is possible; as reality proves we have a choice that makes sense here. So that the rest of life on earth can survive. BECAUSE THE REALITY OF YOUR OWN EXISTENCE IS: THAT WE REQUIRE THE COMPLEX CHEMICALS OTHER LIFE PRODUCES FOR US TO EAT. In order for our own survival to exist. Without those chemicals we die too/ and you know not, what is absolutely essential to the creation of those chemicals/ or the sustainability of other life; BECAUSE THEY NEED THE COMPLEX CHEMICALS OF WHAT THEY EAT, just like you. So kill anything completely, and you may kill off yourself. Because it is a chain of life, and nobody knows: what the critical links are. But we do know: it ain’t/ as in, it is NOT a damn dead fool claiming “I know”.

NO RESOURCE/ NO LIFE/ NO FUTURE/ NO SURVIVAL/ NO CHILD: simple as that. Therefore resources predict when life on earth will be over. In the last one hundred years: this humanity has thrown away, “a thousand years of life, and child forever”; as your refuse mountains prove true. EITHER RESPECT LIFE AND TIME; OR DIE. Make up your mind, because there is no going back to deliberate genocide [because you refuse to care] of the future.

AND HUMANITY SCREAMS: WE WANT MORE/ WE WANT EVERYTHING/ WE WANT IT NOW, BEFORE WE DIE; WE DEMAND “TO BE RICH”, AND PROVE WE HAVE TROPHIES, TRINKETS, AND TOYS! “the superior ones”. And you broke your nation, and your world, and your future; to produce extinction, by claiming and proving: reality does not matter to you. Unfortunately for you: that means you soon die, from the consequences of your own truth/ and you take every child, every life, and the entire planet away from the living: to declare it is dead/ by the choices you have made. So you are “filthy rich” as you desired it to be/ and you created the graveyard of your choice; the coffin of your insanity; and the horror of your disrespect as the evidence you won’t care. Proving last chance for life: CHANGE forever, OR DIE.

And HUMANITY SAYS: “we WANT what we want/ TO HELL WITH YOU”/ WE WILL take whatever we can find, and never change; because you are NOBODY; AND WE HATE YOU. But alas, as you have said: I am nobody to you/ nor do I wish to be somebody to you; and I cannot stop you/ nor can I make you or save you; as is the essence of “I am nobody”. SO YOU CAN’T MAKE ME AN ENEMY/ because I am not the cause of your death, nor am I the truth of what makes you change for life to survive. I am nobody; and you cannot make me your scapegoat. YOU ARE THE ENEMY OF YOURSELF/ YOU ARE THE LIAR WHO WILL NOT ACCEPT YOUR OWN EVIDENCE AS TRUE/ YOU ARE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WHETHER THIS EARTH SURVIVES, OR NOT. YOU ARE THE SAVIOR OF THIS EARTH, OR ITS DESTROYERS; because of what you believe. And you choose to risk everything alive; by letting the universities play god. Belief is: whatever you want it to be/ but that does not make it true. Reality however points to me, and says: he is not “your enemy/ because I have proven to be simply the messenger”: pointing to your own evidence, to prove: EXTINCTION COMES SOON. CHANGE OR DIE.

AND MEN SAY: WE WILL WAR, AS IS OUR SOLUTION TO EVERY PROBLEM ON EARTH. But alas, “kill a billion people/ and there are still 7 billion more to go”; so the only choice is weapons of mass destruction/ and they leave you no room to survive; even in your holes. This earth will not survive the destruction, and thereby neither will you. The constant historical forever, answer of men: is now dead/ your world has changed. Leaving only female to decide, if the future will live. THE DIFFERENCE being: women do not choose war; and that is absolutely necessary; or life goes extinct.

The battleground that is “gender wars on earth”/ is a failure recognized as both sides did this. And it requires a lengthy discovery of why, to resolve it. Therefore another element of writing, rather than this one.

NO YOU ARE NOT RICH: YOU ARE LIARS/ FAILURES/ FRAUDS/ THIEVES/ TERRORISTS/ TRAITORS/ WHORES/ FOOLS/ AND SATAN; all rolled into one. Because as “humanity on earth”; you deliberately chose to destroy the future, to make your own life EASY/ or filled with the demand TO BE RICH, by forcing the others into slavery. Few did not play the game; because the end result of it was: if you don’t fight/ then we will steal, or kill what you do have. To make ourselves appear as, MORE. YOU throw away nature, to the SATAN of university; to let them mutilate and destroy what does exist: on the promise, “they won’t let you die/ dry every tear”. YET REALITY SAYS: their decisions are set to throw away your face/ your form/ your ability/ your voice/ your eyes/ your food/ your world of life; because all they can do is inject chaos [Armageddon]. And all they are intellectually as is evidenced by they don’t know, is truth: proving a mosquito is superior. And YOU, are the purity of FOOL; as evidenced by “you let them do it”. To your eternal shame. You even let them throw away your own currency, as the plague of university destroys it all: overwhelms this earth.

The curse of the damned/ the cost of the living dead in charge of life and governments: the reality of fool, failure, whore(only the money matters), thief and all the rest. CANNOT undo the reality of drinking water supplies that will fail. CANNOT undo the cost of a humanity suddenly confronted with no water/ who now chooses war of desperation; the apocalypse, attacking for water; with every weapon they can find. Because their time is limited by reality.

Hate consumes the terrorist; because he or she is dead inside. Therefore they want you to suffer and die, “just like them”. Hate is a liar, and hides in the darkness waiting for the time when suffering can be the worst for you/ the losses can be the most for you. And if you don’t separate them out; they will destroy peace, and end life on earth. As reality proves we are so many people, we truly cannot afford to lose any resource, anymore.

Governments have proven to be lacking in all forms of truth or respect for life; because the foundation of their existence; is to give the people what they want. Or control the people by forcing them into submission, and fear. You cannot allow for either anymore. The planet comes first/ the future comes second/ rebuilding what you have destroyed is absolutely required/ and you have no allowance to be less than “sharing and caring for each other”. Because that is what it will take for this earth to survive. You are: TOO MANY PEOPLE for any other way. SO the hate must come out, and the rest must choose for a change in life and governments that will support our survival on earth. It is, that simple.

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