CONQUEST; the distinction of “yes we can”/ versus the reality of NO, you should not. Or more definitively: the cost of being able to do something, can be far outweighed, by the reality of what you have done.

Yes, I can: is the beginning of rape/ the choice that precedes ravaging life or planet/ the cost of murder and mayhem/ the tragedy of fools, failure, fantasies, and belief in lies.

Yes we can: is the beginning of war/ the realities of arrogance, that shape the future into chaos/ the price attached to being wrong/ and a purpose that does not see the future as life; only greed.

We then begin: with the human distinction/ rather than the selfish decision; to understand, “yes we can” is the beginning of judgment/ and the cost of what that judgment shall mean. Rarely if ever does judgment outside of law/ produce a desirable result. It is the weapon of the righteous, and its use is to insure: we own your life/ you SHALL do what we want. Therefore it is always turning up in society, government, courts, military, religion, and more.

So the question is: does the human demand to judge/ conform to a future we can survive? The answer is no: because only the law, respecting life and planet; can judge correctly. Humanity cannot, even though they are at war within and among themselves to prove they will judge/ no matter who or what commands NO. because the cost of being human is: yes we can, establishes a selfish act/ which can save your own individual life. While no we can’t, often establishes a situation wherein few will survive. The cause for that is: people don’t think/ they simply act or react. The reality: it is generally better to do something, hoping to survive/ than to do nothing, and realize now it is too late to try.

The cost of that today however is: this earth can no longer repair what you have done/ and there is no place to leave behind the horrors of what you did do to the environment, or life or future or child or anything else. WE ARE, at the point of no return; which leaves each in their own place, “so as you reap the rewards good or bad/ for what you chose to do”. There is no alternative to that; because there is no place left to run away too. Choose better/ do not war: LEARN to survive, by the choices you have made. LEARN: the answers of a university did in fact/ create far more destruction, to the point of extinction: than they cured, or can now disregard. They are not your savior/ instead, far more an enemy than friend. Unfortunately true; and that means we MUST sort through, what is/ and what is not of credible value in a university or its people. To discard the welfare recipients of university is in charge/ university makes its own army/ university pays people who contribute as a mass of millions: less than one tenth of one percent, that has value to life or society or a planet. While spending quadrillions, just to prove they have conquered YOU.


So then what does the future hold? Answer: they have no voice/ and media is not allowed to present or inform ANYTHING with regard to “university”. They are now excluded from participation/ just as they excluded the rest. INSTEAD those who are left, by the assertion of value: shall in fact present what does have value to life and society or planet/ and the truth of what they present shall be judged by the value of what that change or design can accomplish. Based upon the reality of the evidence, without theory or fabrication of imaginary delusions as has been the substance of their so called; work. The public shall be plainly and simply informed: and if the public decides to fund a specific purpose/ then investigators SHALL WATCH over those in university to insure nothing is done “outside the intent and purpose” that was chosen for life, planet, or future. Those who fail, are removed/ those who succeed shall be compensated dependent upon their value served by truth. The rest are abandoned: as is consistent with workers who do not work, or present anything of value to life.

We look again at the government employee; particularly in this USA and its states. To assign the truth: NOBODY makes laws for us anymore/ NOBODY gets to decide for debt/ NOBODY gets to redistribute the taxes collected. Instead: investigators shall be chosen by vote, to lead the search for determining if our laws are being accepted by those who lead business and society, etc. instead: the money shall be locked, by our own decision on any expenditure beyond the amount we select/ as those who will be required to pay. Instead, all taxes shall be dedicated to the purpose for which they were collected: distinct categories and claims of how this tax shall be accounted for will be required. NOBODY uses one for the other; they are entirely separate, and that means “stay within the lines” for our employees who are allowed to make smaller and less distinct decisions in our stead.

We look to the courtroom: and understand corruption is rampant and vile. A disgrace to the nation or state; as the worthless find their way into the highest categories of “we decide/ not you”. The most vital of all that holds a society together; is a courtroom of the people, by the people and for the people. Which means WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS COURTROOM, and you are our employee: NOT a function of those higher up. Therefore the courtrooms are truly divided instead of a participant with the others. GOVERNED BY THE LAW/ not the employee. That means, as we the people judge: that every courtroom action shall be monitored by video, publicly transmitted, so that all know what is going on. Each action or reaction, by the court or its lawyers shall be judged by the people: to achieve a grading system. And if your grade: fails to provide democracy and justice for all: you will be expelled from the practice of law, and another take your place. The foundation of LAW: IS THE APPELLATE PROCEDURE. Or more distinctly, if the previous court failed its duty/ then we do have the opportunity to revisit that decision, to achieve a more valued conclusion of the practice to determine what real justice, in this life and time shall be.

That reality is corrupted: when employees who judge the judge, are used. Because this gives them power/ and all power is bad, with only rare exception. Therefore the elimination of power requires that an appellate decision: is a matter of justice or democracy/ and as such must be aligned with the realities of we the people shall decide. To accomplish that: the political parties are formed, and the decision to create a synopsis of the problem for use by the public: to vote upon this. Will occur. WHILE that seems a lot of work for a public that has no time or interest. The consequence of truly identifying what is going to be the law of our lives: is worth that investment. ONCE IT IS DECIDED AND VERIFIED AS VALUED: very little voting will be needed beyond the first years. The law will decide, and the courts will know what we demand from them. As is the true purpose of democracy itself.


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