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HOPE DEMANDS: no matter how unlikely it is you will survive; We must consider the realities of what can keep us all alive. Planet comes first, as without it, we have no home. Nature is equal to that; because without it, we have no place for life to exist. Life is even more important than each; because without the recognition of life, and its thought, existence is irrelevant.

So we begin, by the recognition of thought: and construct the following decision is true. EVERY aspect of what we know to be “our universe”/ translates the reality of our own existence, as immaterial to life itself. We are a gift of life, participating in a universe as an independent world. But confronted by the question: is there more, beyond time, and what would that become? So the reality of the answer cannot be found; unless you search into miracles as the formation of life, by the translations of law, into truth. That truth exists, only by the construction of thought; and that thought exists, only by the eloquent dimension of life itself. So the quest for destiny, is shaped by the distinction of decision. Because life is at its core; a decision. Those who fail the decision look at time as an ending/ because the body is taken away. Those who receive an invitation to begin the journey, and search into Creation itself as the path beyond time; look to the universe, and find desire to know. Thought teaches, but only if you present respect, a value to the living, and the decision of love that creates family.

These are not intellectual wanderings; as reality teaches us all, respect is due for the work we did/ a value grants your right to exist among us/ and love limits judgment, so that forgiveness can make us whole, once more; even if you fail. Love is not an intellectual game, it is a choice, conceived by heart, and born in soul.

So then whosoever finds the truth, that we are alive as a world, by the gift of life/ can also conceive of a destiny beyond time, where OUR CREATOR can in fact identify what is true; and present us with mercy. NO, we need not know more. But we must recognize, that JESUS is the guarantor; we were not simply created/ to be then abandoned. Which presents the path, into eternity.

Life then is not simply a game to be played, “with living dirt, to be trampled”. But an elegant source of grace, to recognize the value of living/ and prove the decision of love.

Beyond the comprehension: life has value/ as does time. The cost of keeping this world alive; is then, well worth its price. That fact must prevail, or you die as a world.

We then assume: that you are wise enough, to choose what must be chosen by truth. Because anything less, as is want: will fail.

Today, we look at the evidence: DEMANDING A COURTROOM, in FULL PUBLIC VIEW, without any hidden doors: lights on/ everything open and plain. Nobody hides: we will learn the reality, so that none can deny the future is what we chose/ or what we change. WE LEARN: THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG/ AND CHOOSE AS A WORLD.

The critical question is then: what will truth allow/ what will truth demand/ what must we protect and defend/ what does our planet need/ how shall life or death by healthcare be chosen/ what changes will be bring to law, government, justice, society, work, and more. Because the “helter/skelter” version of insanity; that is university in charge, by imagination; has failed.

Reality forms the environment by which we decide what truth will allow. We form the environment, of what we will demand as our right to live. Your children form the reality of: life or death/ by your own choices: no more delusions/ only truth. NO YOU CAN’T is a reality you will live with; as the day of endless rape/ ravaging/ ruin/ destruction/ power/ pride/ want/ and all the lies you worship as your human right ENDS; to understand EITHER LIFE OR DEATH is the only choice, you have left. All of us survive/ or none of us survive: simple as that. Which means hate must be divided from the rest.

OUR PLANET needs you to understand: it can no longer survive, regardless of what humans do. Our planet is DYING; because of humanity/ and that means you will change to save the planet: or you will die with it, because you did not accept the change this planet requires. IT IS YOUR CHOICE/ but there are no second chances; as you destroyed those options with arrogance and disrespect FOR EVERYTHING. EVEN you.

LIFE DEMANDS: IF nobody dies/ THEN nobody lives. Simple as that/ because it is a finite world; and we have filled it, “to the brim”. That means the universities will be emptied of all that asserts, “nobody has to die”{or we can have anything we want}. It is blatantly untrue. CHOOSE WHAT IS FAIR, and accept its price is necessary; like it/ or not.

Whosoever makes the law, controls the government. Whosoever enforces the law, controls society. Whosoever controls the courtroom, decides what our future shall be. Limited capitalism controls the money/ and by forced compliance of governmental employees: that money supply (nor its debt), shall not be changed but by public vote over 2/3 majority yes.

EVERY LIFE is owed a living; not just you. In a world that no longer needs the majority of its workforce, the reality of lost resources/ the realities of where we go from here. MUST BE DETERMINED BY US ALL; because we do have to live the choices that we make. Which assembles the elemental truth: YOU HAVE NO VOICE HERE/ instead, humanity will form a written statement of possibilities we can use to choose for ourselves the future of who we are. Working to resolve these, into the fewest words possible: so that none can corrupt what our true choice is. Failure is war; simple as that.

The end of weapons of mass destruction is defined by WORLD LAW, that we make for ourselves and enforce upon our leaders. The failure of that, enforces the boundary line of nations: keep it to yourselves. The failure to properly protect the planet and its life: will have consequences. World enforcement of these things: is a policing force based primarily on ships/ made from every nation, with soldiers selected only by the public/ who are limited to not beyond seven years shall you serve. To insure no conspiracy develops. The stockpile of weapons for their use; shall be distributed around the world; so as to limit and control power.

The universities have produced endless disasters. Which then means: to determine what does have value and proof of life is served NOT power or pride. The reality of what they have done shall be examined by its cost/ and its future to our world. ONLY what is given the proof of substance for life and living; shall be allowed to continue. NOTHING that risks life, nature, or planet shall be allowed to remain. YOU WILL CHOOSE, remembering as covid proves true: those who play with disease/ can release disease, and bring your world into ruin, and horrifying destruction; because want is a liar that cannot be controlled with a simple “slap on the wrist”. END THE DESTRUCTION OF THIS WORLD. Do it now/ or die!

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Jim Osterbur

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