We do, come to the crossroads of time: the place where reality meets human want/ and they do not exist as one. The foundation being truth forms reality; only truth can survive or create a future for life; only the decision to allow truth to decide, instead of want: can keep us alive.

Therefore, in the day of reality cannot be avoided any longer: the world must choose for life, by truth/ or all life will die, in the abyss of human lies.

And the world says: WE HATE YOU, for demanding this of us/ making us aware that want threatens our lives/ making us aware, the university gods we chose for ourselves; are an enemy through their wants. Making us choose what we do not want; because the price of our failure is extinction. WE DON’T WANT THAT/ AND WE DON’T WANT CHANGE/ AND WE DON’T WANT, to understand; because that makes us guilty of the choices we made; that are no longer “blame it on the leaders”.

So, I say back to this world: I do not make you do anything/ I do not judge you/ I do not force you into change/ I do not tempt, manipulate, control, or lead you into what you have become; or what you will now choose. These things are entirely up to humanity as a world/ and I simply bring to you the demand: investigate the evidence, and know the price of being WRONG. Which does include demanding the truth of what university really is, brings, or has done; to life and planet and eternity. Reminding you: these are your former classmates.

BETWEEN: the realities of love or hate, is where want resides. Instead of a distinct choice for either love or hate/ humanity has been given the opportunity to test the values of each, learn the cost of hate: before choosing their own truth, even for an eternity. While you may consider that “too much freedom or responsibility”; I remind you, YOUR CHOICE, is your choice/ and that proves your truth. As a consequence to that definition of a universal law: only truth survives. YOUR own eternity is subject, to your own truth; no one gives to you your truth/ but there are those who try to take it away. Making it your job to protect and defend yourself, as are the choices you will make, for love/ or hate.

It is extremely unfortunate: that love learns to trust/ and trust can be broken; which leaves some to fail/ some to hide/ some to run away from love/ some will fight within themselves for years or decades to recover a sense of trust. But all will still choose: love/ or hate. Because this is the basic value of life. Life is not gender specific/ bodies and the tools they create or allow you to use, are gender specific. But discipline proves you shall not assume a lie/ while order illustrates, the evidence is clear and overwhelming; you cannot ignore what is true/ but balance constructs time as a choice, and the essence of male is to achieve courage, by accepting the cost to body. While the essence of female is, to achieve courage, by accepting the body will decide for me; in a world that is not nearly, “always fair”. Together the values of being male combined with female, as a choice we make to share our future, our hope, our passion and desire: changes life into the time we cared, at least for each other. A value in love, that cannot be underestimated by truth. Trust is elemental or no commitment can form. Respect is elemental, or no relationship will form. Love is the discovery of heart, and heart always leads to soul; unless you blockade that purpose. Hate is the destruction of these things, as chaos overwhelms, and then controls.

Your gods at university, the cult of the damned: introduce chaos and destruction to all of life and planet: making them the perfect description of “Satan”; killer of a world. Just examine the evidence, and prove that is not true/ because the price of being wrong is your own extinction; and that is enough to force a decision. Lies will hide from the truth, as they always do. But truth will enforce a need to know: and that brings redress, “the people demand to know the truth”/ and choose then for themselves. A reality I have pushed for: over four decades of time. Which your want claims is unnecessary, because “you can’t all be wrong”. Yet the evidence of your world, will prove extinction is soon/ and that means: “you were, ALL wrong”. Or that fact would not exist, and truly it does. Just your population rise will kill you: as reality proves it true: within a decade, another 2 billion more mouths to feed will have arrived. Every source of physical survival as is food, water, and more will collapse. And all that will be left is cannibalism and even worse. Because that, is what you chose. So the allowance of “let’s ignite a nuclear fire/ just like the sun; here on earth”; may in fact be more merciful, than the death you have chose. Because want is all you want/ and it is not enough to survive.

So, lets examine want: as the reality of what it is!

To want means: you are allowed to choose beneath the certainty of love or hate; so that you can realize what the real definitions and costs or values; of these distinctly different choices of a future; truly are. Nobody gets to hide, all get a look at both love and hate: some too much so/ but truth is truth, and the critical reality of truth is: “TRUTH, DON’T CARE”/ it simply is, what it is. So the realities of your life, are simply the realities of your life; and the consequences of human decision, become your environment. CHOOSE, because this is a human world; by the choices, and the freedoms, of human decision.

Religion then says: WE HAVE RULES FOR THAT. While love says: WE HAVE FREEDOM FOR THAT. And hate says: I can make you pay for me, and then judge you for that. The web of human behavior; then comes to life, as each participates based upon what the others are doing. As is, “the herd forms”; to protect ourselves from failure and predators, we all do “the same”. Thereby we know, who is with us/ and who is against us; and what should we do, with our time. But alas, that does remove individual thought, to form the follower. Therefore a leader is required.

The leader says: YES, WE CAN! As is the constant of university; but the evidence proves: NO, THIS CHOICE was bad/ as the consequences now prove true. Even so, the herd believes: “there is always a new place to graze/ this world is unending; for us”. But alas, that is not true anymore. Population proves it true; and the cost of that is: people begin to scream, “WE WANT MORE”. And then they begin to take more/ or destroy more (if I can’t have it/ NEITHER can you). Which then leads to war/ and as the reality of endless human threat will prove: weapons of mass destruction will be used. Just another scenario: of the next decade. Because of the choices you have already made; by your leaders refusing to accept the realities of this world. And as universities all do: drowning in fantasy, delusion, forcing illusions, and relying on “imagination” instead. None of which are based in truth; so they will all crash and fail. Making extinction certain.

Even so: we return to want as the primary catalyst of failure; the curse of being human; because the vast majority choose, “ IWANT, both love (to make me feel alive) and the power of hate (to let you know, YOU CAN’T, or you won’t)” as IS, the constant of human choice on earth. While all the rest is simply survival.

And every human shouts: WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH THAT, we want what we want! IT IS OUR RIGHT. And while the realities of time, in this human definition of a world allows for both to exist “side by side”/ the cost of eternity, and now the survival of a planet; does not allow for opposites to attract. One direction or the other, is the only choice truth will allow. If you have no sustainable truth; your lies will dissipate into, your own extinction. It is that simple. So the reality of want is: you are allowed to barricade yourself, behind walls you create to keep the others out. But you are not allowed to keep your life into eternity, unless you contribute truth and a value to the living. Whereas if you are a destroyer of life or creation; that makes you an enemy of “HE WHO DID CREATE THIS WORLD”. And I would not be you, for the universe itself.



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