Within every human being, is the isolation of self: the construction that is, based upon male or female, the consequences of time, and the resolution of choice.

We begin with self, the elemental realization, that I am alone.

Significant to that understanding; are the three distinctions of self: to identify truth/ to hide truth by lies, or running away into fears/ to create the discovery of want, by assigning the cost of living to others.

Truth lives in life, or it dies because you did not care enough to protect the elemental foundation of what keeps us alive. That is a choice, only you can or will make, for you.

Hiding from truth is like “choosing the closet of a burning house will protect you from the fire”/ it will not, and that brings fear. Consequently every lie, hides a fear/ and every fear, is certain to bring a lie into the reality of our choices made.

To want, is to believe nothing is more important than self/ therefore all the rest are less, and should therefore give to you whatever you want: as the superior one. Many lives, and efforts are spent, trying to make the others agree: “you are, superior”. But it is not so, as most are the same; spending their lives; trying to make you believe they are the superior one to you.

Humanity is then: the decision which provides to you, what truth describes as your identity; by the choices you have made. One of these three choices are, the foundation upon which you depend.

Isolation as self, therefrom: lives within truth, and becomes alive where Creation is respected. Or it lives in lies, whereby the things you fear most, become the struggle to survive. Or, it lives in want, as the desire to win, and thereby prove the power to decide for all; as in worship me.


The critical question: can truth find you, beyond time?

The critical answer: not unless you choose truth as the foundation of your life in time. Because want, lies, and fear are decisions, which do not survive.

We then begin with the construction of both male or female; as a relationship of life, with time/ that builds into the decision of who you are.

MALE, means to be confronted with the truth: your job is to achieve a living with your body, that is not controlled by fear. Or more distinctly, the purpose of male is to participate in this world, by controlling all fears/ so that the distinction of life itself can go on. Balance requires life and death; these are realities that exhibit a purpose for fear, beyond what time can control. Consequently, it is a foundation of male to control the time and purpose, called a body; so that the rest of humanity will survive as participants in time. To establish truth in male: you must achieve courage, and that courage must be developed through justice; or it will fail/ and turn into hate, as the disguise for fear.

FEMALE, means to be confronted by the truth: your job is to achieve a living with your body; even though your body can control you, and make your life participate in pregnancy, even if that is not your desire or purpose for time. Balance requires life and death; these are realities that must be counterbalanced with new life, so as to carry on time as humanity on this earth exists. Consequently, it is a foundation of female, to accept what cannot be controlled; and obtain the justice of courage, by becoming a participant in the value of what your body does create.

These are consequences to living in time, as nature demands it shall be. Male nor female is optional; as nature did decide for you. But as is the consequence of my own life: alterations to that fact, can only be changed in the spiritual realities of existence. Spirit means: to be identified by your truth/ through the process of eliminating all that is not truth in you. Therefrom to be spiritual, requires a purity seldom found on earth or throughout history. But spiritual also means: the door to every truth is now possible for you to enter/ BUT, you cannot leave that truth you chose to enter: unless you fully understand what is true of this dimension, in the creation of, or as life. Fail to understand, and you become trapped in that distinction of life lives here. I chose to enter into the female world, fully believing I could or would understand: but found it to be “from another world entirely”/ therefrom without reference or knowledge that leads to any form of understanding. Becoming trapped: because I knew this earth cannot survive, by the choices of male: this is “the best they did do/ and they cannot do better; because these are the choices they have proven to make, throughout history”. Leaving only female in charge, as the possibility for life on earth to survive. So, I entered to learn why/ and cannot escape? NO, not transvestite, or gay, or other elements of perversion: just trapped, like an animal fenced in. But not before we worked together as one; to achieve this work of information, so life and earth could survive/ by balancing each other. “its complicated”/ and you don’t need to know. I am NOT regarded as a threat/ but I am now regarded as a contaminant; to the purity of what female is. How it ends, I have not a clue; not my decision to make, as I have been given to her world. “its complicated”.

It is however true, “I stepped off the ledge”/ so to speak; when I demanded: if they won’t learn/ then I want whatever is left to me in time. TO BELONG to me. The spiritual woman in charge of that world: disagreed, and changes in our relationship occurred. I was wrong, as covid the demand for universities to be worshiped as god/ has now proven, another thorn pokes you. Another cause, to wake up for life and earth; did occur. Even if your apathy and arrogance are too severe to have heart or soul left. Brain dead is a cult condition; as is proven true, by all the failures of your lives, the catastrophe of university knows; or university is god. As is one of the conditions for your death. These too are consequences of life itself, in body as time and for me; even beyond.

And the world says: “it cannot be”! You, are nothing but a fool; as is the freedom of their choice. Because neither freedom nor choice as a human: requires truth. But the resolution of a life, to the disciplines and order of truth; establish an investigation of the evidence/ because just want or lies or hiding nor fear is enough to prove anything; is less than true. Truth lives within its own dimension; and only what is true shall enter therein. Or more distinctly: all truth is a participant in all truth; therefore entry into the spiritual world is possible, as truth confined in identity. While lies, and the consequences which create them; are viewed entirely as an enemy of truth. Which means: the brain is not enough/ only thought can decide.

The critical question is then: what does thought teach about life beyond a body of time? The critical answer is: truth is the evidence of law, and law is the evidence of life. The chemistry of a living body, is built upon the laws which govern its existence. In contrast the university brain says: “we can do anything we want/ discarding the law; because evolution says its all chaos and accident”. The poverty of failure/ the absolute disgrace of humanity destroying the brain it was given: is revealed by the vomit of every lie they teach. There is no thought in universities; only cult worship of “satan: destroyer of a world/ by arrogance, apathy, and total disrespect”. As is the reality of those who follow these leaders. The blind leading the blind.

THOUGHT elevates truth, into the tools and values of Creation; by establishing the laws which then govern that addition to the universe of life itself. Thought enters the passages of truth to accept what can be learned, is a value to be cherished, as a dimension of its own. Which does make destiny, a place we design for ourselves/ even if not alone, the participation of truth inside of truth; makes each inheritor “family”. Thought conceives of itself, as the vessels, within which “the blood of life” finds its way; into everything life can be. The blood of life being: the desire that lives within energy, as a foundation for freedom, has been achieved. Thought is the message, “I AM ALIVE”/ and as such, can be separated from body; because the body is only time expressed or experienced as living. The difference is: life is a participant in thought/ whereas body is only a participant in time. Thought controls more.

While chaos is a truth of destruction/ it builds no life, and contributes nothing of value beyond the removal of all complexity; by destruction of what thought can build. Therefore like hate, it is a truth that exists only at the extreme opposite direction of life/ separated by reality, into its own version of hell.

Arrogance, is the wreckage of a fool/ plainly proving, the life that did exist is now given to the intent, desire, and purpose of playing god. Arrogance exists through judgment, and judgment exists; because you want to prove you deserve more/ or at a minimum, they deserve less. Because no value was extended to you, from their lives. The cost of arrogance, is a focus that does not include life/ because the only thing that matters is you. The reality of arrogance is: this world/ your world is dead, and judgment has then established a graveyard for your home. Arrogance is like sexual rape: “nothing matters but me/ so, I will use your body however I want”. Just like arrogance will use a life, or crucify a life; just to prove nothing matters but me. The graveyard reeks, of those who judge. And all the righteous say: I KNOW, that I am right in my judgments/ “because I have a book”; even though your book was written by men/ in the language of men/ interpreted by men/ and was clearly for the purposes of men, and their domination of women. How is that “God”? Even if, some tiny degree of knowledge was included; for wisdom to exist. Judgment lacks wisdom/ as only the law will prove what is true: not you, nor your law of human wants. Belief is a failure of the mind: NO, I won’t seek the evidence of what will prove is true/ I have made my decision, based upon what I want to believe; as that, “is enough for me”. Truth is a fact/ not a belief; as all beliefs have proven to be false judges doing damage to time and life and hope. Freedom is a participation, in the reality of what I choose for myself: regardless of what you believe I should do or choose. Making only the law my judge/ not you. Eternity will produce what is true of each one/ by burning away the lies, with truth. You will face your fears; surrender them now. The universities live for the singular purpose of destroying anything and everything humanity believes or depends upon: so they can be in charge of life and world. To be in charge, they must then present an alternate conclusion: to establish change. Because they can’t be gods/ if you already knew better than they do. Extreme arrogance “is a university”; the most vile place ever conceived by man. Not by knowledge/ but by arrogance; a failure that destroys a world of life, by fantasies and delusion. To your shame.

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