Destiny shares, a singular purpose: to search for the sacred value that is life itself. Fate shares the common purpose, “to get” EVERYTHING you can get/ as fast as possible; to claim the prize before you die. The difference is want.

What you want, determines your life: because what you want, identifies the purpose that will then drive every decision that you then make. Consequently want: is the essence of all behavior/ and all behaviors are the evidence of a decision that you have made, intend to make, or are driven to make by the others.

Destiny has no want, because it relies upon truth. That value of truth, then constructs the trust needed, for a journey that will not stop at the end of your time on earth.

Fate must attain want; because anything less lacks the drive to make decisions that then produce a behavior that translates as a human predator or prey; or even those trying to be alive inside as a human being instead of animal. The lack of want; produces gluttony/ laziness/ sloth/ and so forth. A want too excessive; produces aggression/ violence/ revenge/ manipulation/ betrayal/ and so forth. While common wants, are the evidence of a herd, because the human animals cry: “give us what we want/ and we will all, follow you”.

While want can and does achieve trophies, toys, and trinkets to display; it does not produce friendship: unless you buy it; with what people want. That is an empty friendship, and rarely lasts beyond the first competition for better.

Destiny relies upon friendship as a primary purpose in love, to desire life itself/ as a value we create, instead of “I create/ as is the foundation for want produced pride”. Destiny seeks GOD through the miracles we see surrounding us all/ the very essence of a university cult: to destroy that evidence and claim superiority over Creation; is the death of life called evolution.

Destiny shapes us, to conceive of thought; trains us, to identify truth; honors us with the respect of “being ALIVE”; constructs the values of courage, and completes the journey into soul, by building a heart.

Fate assumes competition is better than war/ and men assume war is better than doing what life needs you to do. Because even when that fails, a life without want or disrespect; shares as best it can. Power alters that “value of life” with want: “we don’t need you anymore/ we TAKE what we want”.

Destiny holds: that the miracles of life, shaped by the evidence which is proven true, and therefore cannot be denied; other than by lies. IS A TRUE expression of thought. The destiny, discovery, and distance of what knowledge can attain; if led by the laws of order/ the disciplines of heart/ and the balance of love itself; as constructs the attainable, even if some (in a finite world) will be sacrificed for the value of the whole to survive.

Want refuses the control of thought by law; and constructs the lies and imagination of basically anything else, the herd will accept. By destructing religion in a university to “barely life”; they entered into society, and removed truth to establish the fool. Who accepts evolution, so as to destroy reality: and claim “we will be gods ourselves”/ by destroying life, and then replacing it with what we have done as gods over nature. CAN’T deny us now. But alas: chaos only destroys/ it builds absolutely nothing; and that will be your end of evolution in charge. Even a worm has more sense than you/ or the religions that accepted evolution even in part.

And the people say: WE WANT, what we want/ give us what we want; and we will follow you! But alas: YOU are on the road to HELL/ and I refuse to join.

And the people say: YOU can’t make us fear/ “the universities are god”; we have pride. But alas: they are only your former classmates, and not one can construct a life, or produce a living planet, or keep you from dying. Not one can identify “truth of life or body”; and they have only begun to assemble THE INFINITE CONCEPTIONS of how a body of life, in time is formed. And are without a clue; as to endless other realities of existence. Making them SATAN “himself”; as is destroyer of a world.

And the people say: WE ARE THE POWER OF THIS WORLD/ and there is nothing you can do to stop what we want to do: plain and simple as that! But alas, your power is limited to what you can take or destroy/ beyond that, you have nothing at all; but death. So the cost of your power is death/ and the end of your planet of life is extinction: by your own hands/ your own decision; whether apathy, arrogance, or other. A choice each did make.

So we end with the destiny: a few will remain alive to enter eternity as love joined by the definitions of truth which did survive. While all the rest are joined in their herd of human life: as the destroyers of an entire planet of Creation itself. And will face judgment; as an eternity chosen by endless chaos, and all the terrors they did earn.

And all the religious leaders shout: THIS IS, the worst kind of hypocrisy; he is NOT a believer/ he has only faith. WE, are the righteous ones/ WE, are the children of god/ WE OWN what must be believed: WE ARE “THE LEADERS” of the flock, etc. But, the end result of our differences is: that you learned to mimic and memorize what your professor taught you to believe/ while I have searched in miracles, for the values, and truth, of life. The difference is: I have accepted the reality of, I choose to give back, to the life and Creator who gave that life to me. While you insist: that you have earned a reward (we, are owed) many call “heaven”.

The evidence is simple, plain, and clear: nothing in the history of life, has been as destructive as a university education. Because the reality of our lives, literally does stand on the edge of world extinction, complete and terrible/ without a second chance, if we fail ourselves in this time.

University experimentation: has no respect for life or planet or a future/ they have discarded all three in favor of “get all you can get/ RIGHT NOW”. LET them die. Reduce nature to ruins/ construct death by energy laws which are governing the sun/ destroy every resource/ overpopulate the world; to achieve cannibalism and war/ deny water reserves are ending/ use “university expertise” to claim global warming does not exist/ governments corrupted to believe LIES, are all they have left/ courts to keep survival from the world/ agriculture to poison this earth/ people carved into the core of hate; by media propagation, manipulation, temptation, and control through mass hypnosis; as is, the every ten minutes someone on a tv: IS trying to manipulate, and destroy your ability to think for yourself. The list is very long; and nearly every diploma searches for the means: TO GET ME RICH. Because I want it all; and it does not take long to understand: the only way you get it all/ IS IF YOU choose to take, swindle, lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, tempt, control, and enslave the others; so they become losers. As is the price for you to become winner.

Every form of life is under attack, and will soon be extinct; including human. Because the evidence will prove that is true. And yet the university cult of bow down we are your gods: owns the heart and soul of whatever is left, called human; in the masses of humanity. Because you fear them, making fun of you; ridiculing you as media always does; describing you as a failure; and limiting your access to wants. Because they bore down into your brain, with an education that is nothing less than indoctrination; with religious fervor; and stole your life, with lies.

And the herd shouts: “we are gods too/ as every sports fan declares”. But it is not true, and they are only gods of death, chaos, and HELL. So why are you cheering, as if there is value? And the herd shouts: we are better off now, than before. But that too is not true; as decades past, life had friends, companionship, commitments, relationships, truth, securities (except for university), values, and options in a nation that was owned by democracy. Proven true, by those who came out of war, with the knowledge ONLY REALITY AND TRUTH will matter. Because on the battlefield, there is only life or death or pain/ NO happiness at all. And yet you worship the universities who guarantee: the destruction of this earth, one way or another by what they did choose to do.

To their shame; religion of every sort fails life and planet/ because they all scream, “WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ BE DAMNED TO ALL THE REST; AS WE WON’T CARE”. Because even though religion is about the opposite of that, the university curse is: life will soon end/ therefore no need to care. And they are correct; because without true change that makes life and planet sacred again: NOTHING can stop your descent into chaos and destruction. Extinction is real, and you are the fools who refuse to even try: to save an entire world of life. How pathetic is that/ or more deliberately: how pathetic are you? Is it not your choice: to let life, planet and the future: fail? Truly it is so; as you do refuse to fight for life/ as a reality “of people”, who do respect GOD and THIS CREATION. INSTEAD, you join the herd, and hide from truth. SHAME on you all; another fact of life.        PROVE, it is not so.

And all of religion says: WE DON’T HAVE TO DO NOTHING/ GET OUT OF OUR FACE; let the others/ let GOD do it. NEVER ME!

And all of humanity says: WE DON’T HAVE TO DO NOTHING/ get out of our face; or we kill you. Because the only thing we want: IS WHAT WE WANT. And you, ain’t nothing.

And all of university says: WE ARE gods over this earth/ and we WILL do ANYTHING WE WANT; because we own their cult ridden lives. The slaves have no brain.

And all of the courts and government says: WE GIVE POWER, TO THOSE WHO GIVE US POWER. And pride has nothing to do, with you.

The world says: we WANT, what we WANT.

And this America says: LIE/ CHEAT/ STEAL/ BETRAY/ FOOL US: ANYTHING, BUT make us pay: to put reality back in charge of life. “the price is too high/ we won’t pay”.

And I say: without a future, what is your purpose? And they all answer: just give me a few more days, before I die. So, I remind them: “a few seconds less of eternity, is nothing at all”. THAT, only matters to hate; because an eternity of terror, is an inescapable: eternity of terror in you.

And the people say: WHY YOU, to bring us a message of life or death? So, I ask the same question: but WHY NOT you, tell me the truth, and let us see if arrogance knows why.


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