It is, the elemental need of humanity, to understand what is, or could be; beyond this life in time. Few search, the vast majority believe; because that makes them feel safe in their beliefs/ and religion proves “we, not just me; believe this is our truth”. But alas: belief does not make it true. Instead, belief is simply what I want to believe. Religion offers: “I have a book”/ therefore I must be MORE correct than you. To a degree that offers a tiny bit more: as these books offer the testimony of people who lived, from the past; and yet experienced the same questions as do you. Life thereby is known, to have changed little; other than by its tools. Beliefs have changed little, except for the addition of a new religion; as is, university is god/ the trap of fools.

So we begin, to assemble: what can we know, as a discipline, shaped by understanding/ through the order of laws which produce consequences, that prove reality is “like this”? The balance of male and female; adds in/ but does not reduce truth nor its consequences.


the first question is: WHAT IS LIFE? Because unless you have a base level knowledge of that answer, the rest is impossible to translate. Therefore life is: an energy, between the conception of an action or reaction: which gives it a passage, that relies upon the middle: so as not to be moved by either an action or reaction. But with the freedom to enter into, or cause: either an action or reaction, and move the body of life by choice. So then life is an energy required, or there is no substance of value. When we die: that energy leaves the body of chemistry that lives in time as our identity/ and returns to the one who gave life, a home within that energy. Or more distinctly: when life leaves the body/ it is the energy that exits: and if you don’t leave your body in death to “ride that journey” back to its creation of life: you will dissipate and vanish from the evidence of life.

If you return to the point of your creation into the soul of energy/ then you have entered the spiritual world: which exists to remove what is not true/ and solidify what is true in you. YOU ARE, the author of your own truth, and you can neither escape it/ nor change it/ nor deny it: because truth is, “the only thing that can survive beyond time.” what is true, determines what eternity can become. Therefore we begin the journey, of a life built by you: by establishing the truth of your own identity. If your truth fails/ then so do you; and you are trapped in a dimension without value to life. You WILL pass through that dimension on your way to life: BUT YOU CANNOT aid or abet a single one/ because they have made their choice; just as you will make your choice. Unlike time: no change is possible in truth; IT IS, what it is. Just as love is, what it is; forever chosen by life. And hate being the complete death of love/ means these, shall never meet again, as unending death will prove true. Love builds/ hate destroys.

We then turn from energy as a source of existence; to the foundations of what is a life itself? That along with truth {I have an identity now}, is thought {the journey of life}, value {the desire we share}, love {the purpose I am alive}, hope {caring is my world}, courage {I shall not fear}, respect {I owe my GOD, the dignity that is life itself }, trust {my life belongs to GOD; I shall not fear or want}, heart {within family I am whole}, soul {within eternity, I cannot be judged}, dimension {the shape of my truth, defines and discovers the search, for self}, and destiny {I chose by truth, the thought which takes me home}.

Each of these is a truth, and that makes each of these a dimension shaped by your own definitions of truth in you. An individual experience/ an owned expression of who you are; as you choose to participate. But they are not alone, and will be aided through the definitions of many more to create a kaleidoscope of infinite change; as eternity adjusts for what you have learned.

Thought is the fountain, which spews the living of existence, experience, conception, construction, the doors of a potential beyond what we know as truth, and the realities that will become the consequences of what you did choose with your freedom, as a life beyond time. The spiritual world houses these choices, as every truth is a dimension: it contains a door, that will only be opened if you assemble the corrected shape. Even so: once inside an alternate dimension: unless you are able to reshape thought to achieve an understanding: there is no door back out. I entered the female dimension; searching for a solution to keep this earth alive (after a ten year search revealed male cannot do it). Believing I could or would understand: but they are a completely different world inside, and I have no knowledge/ therefore no understanding; and became trapped. No small thing/ beware of what you choose. Male and female are like puzzle pieces (not the same/ but not exactly different either) that can be locked together; “to form a whole”. I did get a minimal grip on knowledge for a bit: but that has now completely escaped/ and is replaced with “from the ground up (so to speak), you shall learn”. Its complicated (absolutely weird); but it did balance me, and provide the completion of this work/ which would have failed as the first eleven chapters of Revelation became real. Instead Revelation 12 came to be, in me; and we proceed in those predictions as reality begins to prove.

You should recognize: that the spiritual world does not know mercy/ it exists to prove truth, by forcing you to exit all that is not true in you. Mercy may or may not exist for you; AFTER what is true, has been proven “pure enough, to decide”. Because the spiritual world is only truth, and nothing else: if you die/ then you die; if your truth fails you. A few people search diligently for; and are allowed enter, or approach the spiritual world, while yet remaining in time: some survive to learn/ some die/ and some fear, and cannot recover; thereby becoming schizophrenic (the fear controls them, and they cannot escape). FIGHT your way back to GOD; or life will be over, as you are left behind in death. The first force in that endeavor: is allowed to lie. Because the elemental request to learn, is fatal: unless you establish, EVERYTHING TRUE in you first. Or more distinctly: while death forces you to participate in truth. The decision to enter into truth; is your decision NOT to be “a lie”. You must achieve that level of purity; or it will be fatal. My first experience: was with an image that appeared suddenly, and suggested “the power to learn”/ but I questioned it diligently, and found it to be liar. HOWEVER, the image then suggested to me: that having 2 false teeth from an accident/ was violating the sacred sanctuary of the temple that GOD gave to me. And in that moment, indecision arose; and I chose “better not take any chances”/ a fatal flaw in me. That I then corrected later on. OUR BODY here in time is our own, it is not sacred/ it is our own; a gift, to be used as we desire it to be used, by our own choices our possession. Don’t forget it/ and don’t assume “you can evade truth, by making decisions you would not have made in the distinction of your own truth. As is don’t believe/ assemble and assert: only truth decides here, and until the evidence is plain, that allows for knowledge to understand what is true; no distinct decision shall be made. Beyond the elemental door of life or death: the spiritual world holds the keys to life, by your truth. There are: “many things involved”; in those decisions.


DESIRE searches! To share in the values of life, we must participate. To accomplish participation, we must desire the decision that shares life with others. Therefore we search, for beginnings, and the desire that relates too, “a parallel journey”. The consequence of that is: unless our truth matches our desire, we cannot sustain the journey. That is true of all combinations in life. Consequently, to search for truth, is to conceive of love, as love shapes the value of our desire, and bends the destiny of our heart into one home shared.

LOVE is not a simple thing/ it must be earned, because without trust, as established by truth, and formed within respect: it will fail. And that means everything you did build together, will crash into wreckage and be destroyed. Potentially even destroying you. Love is not “a small thing”; there is no game/ as the values you share, are elementally the realities which keep you alive and happy. Therefore these should not be given away, to those who did not earn them. Love cannot be bought; as want is a chain/ pride is an enemy/ and power is failure assured. Love needs no slave; love is the purity of our desire, to be a value unto and for each other. Love is a blanket, under which we share the secrets of our world together; when trust proves we can. Love is, the elemental truth of an eternity envisioned by joy; because we can assemble and build together; a heart we share, and a soul which cares. Love is our treasure shaped, to return our lives back to GOD/ as a value HE has allowed for us to be inside ourselves. Love is the essence, of what “LIFE, THOUGHT, AND ENERGY” do create; as the value of their existence combined.

HOPE, a destiny of care! We never hope for what is “bad”/ only for what is good. In that reality of decision, we open our world to the possibilities of our participation in both universe and life; each as equals. Each as a value which gives us eternity. Therefore hope remains: beyond the distance we can know/ there is an infinite distinction to existence. There is an eternal design to thought, and there is an eternal love without boundaries, when we hope.

FEAR is the playground of hate, the place in time where the consequence of what could be true/ commonly overwhelms the reality of what will be true. The end result of it is panic decides, rather than truth. Courage constructs the value of understanding discipline as our boundary line: the place we set within our lives to demand ORDER shall be first/ and balance shall investigate, before any decision is made. In these truths, the elemental rise of life will struggle with the constant cost of death/ but the value of eternity shall override, and redefine time as the beginning, rather than the ending of our lives. The decision to trust “life itself”, is a truth that knows you deep inside. The reality of a body that serves us here in time; is a cost that simply must be endured; as best we can.

RESPECT, is more than a word: it is acceptance of a miracle (our world), that is life beyond the construction of anything found as human exists. A reality so far beyond our comprehension: only the most base (driven into the ground) liar can assume. Respect for the work you have done/ respect for the value you represent to family or self/ respect for a life living in time/ respect for being you; are all values attributed to living here in time. What is far greater than any of us, or all of us put together is: CREATION ITSELF. As is so clearly the work of “thought”, and more complexity than any will ever know; a debt we owe, that cannot be repaid.

TRUST; the certainty that truth is known, particularly in the miracles of life on earth. As is so utterly without opposition: “GOD” DID THIS. That it is impossible even to question that fact. Or more distinctly: WHAT can you build out of rock, water, heat, and air/ that is life? NOTHING here, is by accident (energy unleashed from order or discipline or balance). NOTHING here is by chaos (the destruction of complexity). NOTHING here is the result of men, or an assembly of parts that were pieced together; without so much as a tool, a brain, or any other conception of REAL WORLD TRUTHS. Trust in the elemental grace of our own truth; that we too are a part of that Creation of life on earth: grants that we too can accept, the foundation of thought in us, as reaches for truth. Earning life, as a gift from GOD. The reality of trust is unleashed in JESUS; the guarantor, we were not simply created to be abandoned/ the essence of love, as the indicator of eternity, by which we measure ourselves as unworthy; but saved by love, as our contribution to the living.

HEART: the place where family meets. The definition of my participation with you, is granted to be; more than simply survival. As I choose you, and in my heart I do hope that you shall choose me. Between love and hate is want; and want is a liar; searching for greed and selfishness/ lust and pride to make you submit/ power as is the purpose of fear. Therefore beware of want; and remove it from your own life. Choose love and cherish it, as a value that will exist beyond time.

SOUL, is the elevation of thought, into a universal participation beyond what time can be. Thought allows for us to enter within the boundaries of what thought can allow for us to be. Thought Created life, by the ascension of knowledge/ the understanding consistent with truth by its consequences/ the wisdom of balance, that searches for what these truth shall bring into existence. The value that shapes eternity itself. And more.

Truth is dimensional: it has limits and boundaries, to prove it is what it is. Therefore every life, born from truth: is dimensional as well. That truth shapes our dimensions/ those boundaries and limits shape our eternity; and we cannot pass beyond them; without the potential of “vanishing forever”. Consequently mercy forms what we cannot or would not; and within that mercy our existence will remain.

Destiny lives in the elemental rise of what you do, truly value as a life. Thought, even our own thought, is a builder where love rises beyond self. Therefrom home is the decision of what you desire your life to become; a destiny your truth brought with you, from love shaped heart and soul.

Death is a passage beyond time; as the body is abandoned to become alive by truth. To achieve that transformation: YOU MUST go with the energy which brought to you life/ when it leaves. You do have ONLY ONE chance to do so/ if you turn back to time, you will be left behind. So look forward only, abandoning the body which abandoned you.

The passage beyond is: YOU MUST EXPAND your truth, into a value that can survive; by “reaching for GOD”. Simple as that.

UNFORTUNATELY: if in reaching for GOD, your belief has led you to want what is not true of GOD/ then you will fail life itself. Truth is elemental, and it cannot be determined by want; as is the assertion of belief.

Truth is determined by the removal of all that does not belong, within the foundations which then do support the laws providing life. To achieve an understanding of knowledge: the passage is. You must remove “I”/ You must remove want, pride, and power; as these are the foundation of every lie/ You must remove what you believe, because these are the creation of a herd; and animals cannot come beyond time. You must accept: the foundations upon which we build an understanding, as is governed by respect. Fundamental to all that is: accepts the evidence of miracles as is life and world, our living/ cannot be less than a gift presented to us by our CREATOR. As nothing in this life or world or humanity can even suggest, the reality of life on earth is anything but a true gift. THOUGHT CREATED THIS, and nothing else can. TRUTH ALONE SURVIVES, by the laws which govern that existence, in both time and universe. But make no mistake: without love, life has little meaning/ and survival has no true value. MERCY decides, if your love outweighs your failures.

The sewer of university is god/ and its chaos of evolution: proves death/ not life. Discard them entirely; as everything they do, is the destruction of everything life is. The chaos of life, “without a brain”; as is the constant of their claim in evolution. Hate asserts their value as revenge; as making you pay, for their misery; but that makes you their god (can’t live without you; as you are their only purpose to live); and they hate that. The sewer of fools. CHANGE OR DIE.

As for me; I have proven to be “a little different”/ but not much. There is nothing of “gay/ transvestite/ or other forms of perversion here”: which means there is nothing EVER going to be “sexual” here for any man, or delusion of man or men. At the cost of an eternity in HADES for you, if you try. NOTHING IS WORTH THAT PRICE/ do not let yourself fail, yourself.

Instead, the reality is simply: that my journey through time, has “stopped here (no clue what the future will be)”. The concept of male dissolves, as the reality of my world turned upside down; becomes more distinct. Or more clearly: instead of the constant that is male, I search for someone who can support me in my endeavors to search for what I truly desire. I now find myself supporting female in her endeavors to achieve what female needs to survive upon this earth. While that distinction is a spiritual one in me/ the power to enforce it in time is real. NOT for violence or similar/ not for want or sex or other/ but for life to sustain itself in time, as this earth was meant to be.

Instead of “the constant quest for knowledge” as has been my life; to conceive of understanding, and create the destiny for me, called eternity. I now find myself confronted with “I don’t know {female truly is, a whole different world/ and yet it is not: complicated}”. But instead of want, as was my original collapse into chaos; at the first spiritual encounter. I now know, that my failures, shall not be my judge [as did become the cost of being wrong]. Instead GOD will decide/ not me. And I need not fear the result; because only truth and mercy begin the journey into love. Love lives for love, and in that home, of unending value; I will begin again. The price of life (I exist), is shaped by the cost of death (never again). The price of love is shaped by the value we present, and are willing to achieve, in the purity of heart, as we live within the grace called soul (our thoughts, the dignity of our journey’s shared_ because we care). We cannot love, unless we live! There is no other value, that can survive an eternity.

JESUS is the identity of both love and eternity, shaped by the decisions that he made. Our perfection is unattainable, but our purpose is not: it is the desire of your heart that leads you into the journey that will become your life. Whosoever alter or controls that, except you: dies inside. The critical path is: YOUR decision, will become YOUR truth. YOU are not allowed to blame any other/ YOU are not allowed to demand I did not get everything the others got/ YOU received life, and what you do with it; is your own decision. What YOU allow the others to do to you, is your decision. But what the others force you to do, is their decision/ not yours, and eternity will make them pay; if they steal or kill a child of GOD . Because the value of every soul, is precious. Male and female is equal, but different. Truth is elemental to life/ just as lies are the foundation of hate: want conceives of every lie. BEWARE of what you want. Life is not a game. Sex is not a game, it is a passage that leads into heart; and hearts can die: making you responsible for their lives/ if you let lust decide. NEVER JUDGE, it is the beginning of descent: only the law decides. Instead accept “the lord’s prayer”; and understand the words “judge not/ lest ye be judged”. CLEARLY UNDERSTAND THIS: That love is a gift, you have literally given away/ and cannot get back, unless the one who receives it, chooses to return it; or another does instead. Love is the foundation of life, and if you lose it; everything you have built as your life, will threaten to die. Therefore protect love; by giving the very best of you: ONLY TO GOD ; where it will be safe.

Understand as well: that in the search for love, WANT is a constant liar. Because those who want love, instead of accepting the price for love is love; will always believe their want is love; because that is what they want. Unfortunately want is not love, the decision to accept and trust the value of love now controls your life; is not for the majority. Because they believe want, is safer/ and it is clearly human, if you never desire, or are willing to pay the price; to be truly alive inside your heart and soul. But make no mistake; want is “an excellent liar”/ respect leads the way; to life by love. Respect is not a game, it is, what it is.

Some will continue to argue: “there is no life without the body of time”. The argument fades away, with an understanding that is: without thought, the body of time does not exist for you/ even if it exists as a reality of evidence. Thought is our “ticket to ride (so to speak)”. Nothing happens in a body without a brain. But even with a brain the body dies; regardless of what humanity wants. Proving more than body exists here; as the energy of life itself, disappears/ and a rotting carcass, is all that is left. That energy is life; thereby proving life is a participant in the energy, rather than the body. Your dreams/ nightmares/ visions, and the like; are evidence that thought does not need the body to create an environment that includes a participation for you. Making thought, an assembly with options for your own decision, a freedom or a responsibility, or a reality; that is separate from body.

Human existence is as time, and time is the reality of body, living through the process of change, to become whatever freedom to choose will define as your truth. Therefore the purpose of life on earth is: to define your own truth, by experiencing the realities or consequence of each decision you have made and expressed as your own action/ or in a reaction to decisions the others have forced you to make. Becoming thereby aware, of realities and change: the decision has meaning and value/ or becomes a curse, a violence, or chaos.

Life is: the expression. Thought is: the experience. Energy is: the source of what Creation can be. Love is: the distance we can, or we cannot attain, as one life shared; because we chose to care. None of these are directly related to a body called time. They exist as independent entities, formed by decision. Therefore decisions are critical, and do discover “where you belong”.

I am not: “your savior/ leader/ enemy/ judge/ prosecutor/ lawyer/ guru/ or any other version of anything other than: I bring to you the message, “that by the evidence, wisdom asserts: you will change/ or you will go extinct; SOON”. To achieve a value to that message, endless writing has been done to establish: by the knowledge, and understanding of reality/ as is sustainable by its truth: this message, is no game/ it is real. There are no second chances: fail to change/ and you will fail to escape the consequences of what you and your universities have done. Simple, and plain: as that.

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