The cost of every weapon is: whatever can be used by you/ can be used by your enemy as well. Whoever the attacker is: gets to choose how that is expected to go. Consequently, all the hidden weapons/ guns/ etc; are more of an enemy than a friend.

THIS USA; was built on genocide; a reality of the weapons/ and the cost of not being prepared to face “an unknown enemy”; who had better weapons than the American Indian. It was not a curse or a judgment: HUMANS MAKE their own decision. It was a reality of mining; because the Indian nations did not discover metal, and constant war. BUT IN THE END RESULT: genocide always exists throughout all of history. When the force of reality, proves SOMEBODY is going to die/ because this earth CANNOT support us all. NEVER FAIR; a cost of failure to balance the population called human. A reality: that will prove overwhelming in the very near future: as LIFE LEARNS; the game is over/ and there ain’t NO PLACE to go. UNLIKE any other time in history however: the earth, nor its nature; will survive your war! And that means: EITHER YOU THINK, INSTEAD OF BELIEVE: and find ways to survive without war/ OR THIS WORLD, WILL BE EXTINCT. FAR SOONER, than you believe could be possible. THE UNIVERSITIES: STEAL, LIE, BETRAY, SURRENDER TO HELL, AND WANT YOU TO DIE. FIND ANOTHER LEADER: BY LAW ! OR YOU’RE DEAD.


And with that: I, am now past the point of no return/ with regard to the powerful; who intend to take control of this nation and this world; by universities playing god with life. Making me, “a liability, they want removed”. The only real question is how. EVEN SO: it is too late, because whatever will happen or won’t happen: HAS IN FACT, been set into motion/ and will not be stopped. Whether I live or die. “the dead meat” reply: we don’t give a damn/ because YOU will be dead.

BUT, I tell you true: only GOD knows that for certain.

Within that challenge to life;  reality is the universities: as makers of weapons (fear us); the intent to surprise, attack, defeat, incapacitate, mutilate, kill, force, threaten, and reduce to a beggar; so as to rule over the others.  Is looking for enemies to defeat;  armies to gather;  and countries to break.  Because the dead are gathered, where the vultures demand a meal.

NO GREATER ENEMY, than a biological weapon exists/ other than igniting a nuclear fire

(they couldn’t resist the power and pride of making you pay. The desire, “to make you believe”; even though they know it is your death)

which kills everything. By creating chaos in nature/ mutilation in genetics/ and WAR in all realities of human society: those who intend to survive, by killing you. UNIVERSITY LEADERS: TRULY DO, understand; human population will destroy this planet completely. Overcrowding is no game, EITHER humanity must accept zero and less population growth/ or we are all extinct. SO the constant solution of men throughout all of history is: “the other groups, will die”. So we do not! FEAR THEM, because unlike you; they are the “makers of weapons”/ and stand at the source of true biological chaos. THEY DO, hate you: for making them surrender to death walks here.

And that leads us to their final solution: IF ONLY, they can “cook up a biological disease”; that is completely safe for them/ THEN THE REST can die; and leave the world to those who played god with life. THAT takes time, and numerous experiments: to find the perfect disease/ and now they can. Because you called them “saviors, and let biological chaos” in the door of every university in the world/ funded, by your trillions: they stole. And every leader shouts: “they deserve to die, FOOLS, every last one”.    as covid proves:   “the dead make no sounds”.   let the world die.       Because cowards fail.

The world says: “no”/ but reality will prove, EVERY SINGLE genetic possibility of creating a disease, or manipulation a disease, or whatever it takes to produce the next vaccine: WILL BE, IN EVERY LAB, garage, basement, dorm room; business, military OR ANYWHERE someone exists across this world: THAT BELIEVES THEY CAN CREATE A VACCINE. BECAUSE as covid proves: YOU GET TRILLIONS; IF YOU CAN.    you are guaranteed:  THEY WILL, be joined by chemists/ radiology/ nuclear medicine/ and absolutely ANYONE,  (so many more)  who claims they can make, or help make:  a disease; or a vaccine.  BECAUSE THEY ALL WANT THE MONEY;  JUST LIKE YOU.  

oh wait, “silly me”:  what if they already have a catalyst or “who knows what”/ to alter the characteristics of the vaccine, they are so desperate that all should take?  “already dead: just don’t know it”/ now wouldn’t that be funny?  “just a university gag”/ right.      ALL hail “university is god”/ they can do anything they want: right.        SO SAY THE RIGHTEOUS, AND ALL THEIR BELIEVERS, as all cults do.

None should be surprised that the universities are this world’  s premiere source of horrors/ terrors/ tragedies/ propaganda and mob control/ enforced poverty/ and mutilation; all under the disguise of “its just business”.

A better weapon means generally speaking: you win/ they lose. Nothing is more plainly proven by that: than the genocide of the American Indian tribes. So none should be surprised: that weapons are both friend and enemy/ and if you fail to respect the force to change your life that represents; you become a victim. Like a predator in the woods, of any kind: whether you are a victim today or not, depends upon whether that predator is hungry, or scared by you. Respect is inherent in safety.

We then turn to universities; to understand, “for a few dollars: they taught people from around the world, to create weapons of mass destruction”. Because the reality is so many people; means weapons must do more. As world war 1 proved: chemicals are effective. As world war 2 proved: a nuclear bomb is effective. As covid has proven true: biological weaponry is by far the worst weapon we face/ as even one person, can now make a disease that threatens an entire world of life. And the massive campaign to destroy nature itself, by mutilation genetic structure: is now underway in universities around the world: at world war initiation stages.

Or more distinctly: groups of people who do nothing all day long, for the duration of their lives; but to think up weapons, that destroy life and planet. Do eventually produce the destruction/ the curse to life itself; that these millions working on that design, and purpose intend, or are paid to produce.

In that vein of thought: reality surfaces as an understanding, we are already at the stage of attack/ that universities around the world can claim TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS as an extortion: for releasing a biological weapon. Those who find cures so they claim; are working with the disease; because that, is what it takes. Finding cures: is only extremely lucrative, if the disease threatens life/ and if you can call it a pandemic; even if it is not. THEN EVERYBODY has to pay; throughout history the criminal element has “prayed for this, under their own control”. So now we have universities/ military’s/ citizens/ and criminals: all threatening to destroy us, if we don’t pay. HELL what could go wrong with that? Answer: the factory line has been installed, and the true intent to destroy all order/ discipline/ balance/ life itself/ and planet; is well underway. As the universities expand their impact into “everything is dead”; world ending war. And the people say: “the universities are our gods”! Indeed they are, as you bow down to the literal interpretation of “satan”; watching this world go extinct, by universities decision/ as you follow and weep. Cursed forever, into eternity itself: for killing a world of life. But hey, you are so smart, all shout: “we can’t be wrong”. After all changing nature into evolution: CHAOS RULES/ will be great, RIGHT? Because that is, what universities do/ and much more. Those not on the constant welfare programs at least; as millions of slugs; simply worm their way through life; hidden behind the secret door of what a university really does.

And universities say: WE HATE YOU!

So, I say: put your weapons away, accept life is sacred, and don’t hurt the planet; so we can be friends.

And they reply: “we are gods/ and covid proves we are saviors; and we then have a right: to take whatever we want”. As they truly have done; the evidence being hidden inflation, as proven by asset accrual. Media knowing for decades (I told them)/ utterly refusing to inform; “cause you know; lies are better”. Courts refusing to intervene: because the universities are gods. Government employees assuming; “religious affirmation forming the cult of university shall be worshiped by all; building armies, destroying the future for every child. While they shout; “we are great”. Shouting let the children defend themselves; fully knowing they cannot.

And the people; say, we want what we want/ never understanding the universities are a snake hiding under their own blanket; a parasite worming inside.

Nonetheless, humanity is certain: NOTHING I can say or prove by the evidence is important, because media informs them of “everything”. While universities cannot be defeated: so they terrify the public, and the public remains quiet, to prove “DON’T ATTACK ME”. But alas, that won’t save you from people destroying an entire world.

And the people say: I have a gun. But alas, releasing one single disease can kill billions, if not all/ making your gun worthless.

We are surrounded by enemies; 99% of which come from the curse called university. Some trying to ignite a nuclear fire/ some trying to destroy nature itself/ some shouting we the experts demand you inject all the trillions of tons of poison we have created; on top of the water supply/ in the water supplies/ under the water supplies/ and in all ways ready to attack the water supplies and life itself; at any given moment of time. Especially, should a earthquake occur. Mutilating every form of food/ discarding every form of “nature applied seed protection”; opening entire species of plant, to destruction or extinction. Creating “super-diseases”; by demanding fear. And of course that doesn’t include the tiny few who control weapons of mass destruction: a universities gift.

Yes some good did come from a universities work; a tiny few. But there have been costs and consequences as well as benefits; and with a population explosion ready to defeat the world itself, with too many humans/ everything is under attack. Those benefits have become a disaster; even an extinction to our world of life. So says reality, by the evidence.

True change is required, nothing less will do. Simple as that.

And all the white people in America, in particular say (a large power block): “The university is our god/ they made us rich; and save our lives”. But alas, they made you poor, by hiding their betrayal in assets that are so badly inflated: as to truly be numbers without meaning. Debts that cannot be paid; not ever. Because the media is their tool/ their weapon, to keep you from knowing what you need to know.

No infrastructure spending; let the nation die.

No resource protection of any kind: let the children die.

No life protection: let extinction rule.

No planet protection: BE DAMNED, to this whole world.

No water protection: LET THE APOCALYPSE begin.

No genetic protection: ANYTHING we want/ the universities get.

No government protection: the destruction of democracy itself, by altering, and destroying constitutional rule of law. Replacing it, with their decision/ not ours.

No family protection: reverse mortgage, removing every inheritance/ and giving that property inheritance to foreigners. But hey don’t worry; cause the white people have escaped the military, leaving “foreigners” with the weapons. “what could go wrong”?

No food protection: plant genetics altered to remover all safeguards

No livestock protection: as proven in China, one small disease in pigs for instance/ and all your food dies, by the factory farm spreads disease very easy.

No medical protection: as the alteration of disease itself by antibiotic use, has proven to be a catastrophe of horrendous proportions coming. Ending surgery, and destroying all forms of antiseptic forever. Remedies that are worse than the problem.

No people protection: as population increases above deaths, at twentieth century levels is a quarter of a billion more mouths to feed each year.

No international protection: as the reality of bankruptcy decides to abandon you.

No planet protection from global warming, or any other affront of “university knows/ plays god”.

No defense against media propaganda/ nor its companion of mass hypnosis through the television.

No denial of LIES; as is evolution.

NO acceptance of a need to know what the truth is: in fact an army which insists, “we are the truth/ we are god”. As the righteous all want to be; all screaming hurrah/ even as the world itself dies. Every chain of life is removed.

Endless people and no work, unless you create garbage mountains: which is the assassination of the future. Etcetera.

such as media (university is god; university is savior; only university is alive; BOW DOWN)/ government (the immigrant/ death of a nation is more important, than honest solutions; all bow to a university decision that does not come; because complete poverty makes you a slave)/ university (we hate you, for having any power to regulate us: WE ARE gods/ damn you to hell; or bow down, or die) hiding the fact that terrorists are in fact trying to burn this USA out, by igniting fires when conditions are worst/ and soon, they will turn to the cities.

HELL, “the university is great”/ right?  after all:  fifty plus years later of being in complete control of US government and society;  “everything is just wonderful”/ now ain’t that right!  because you can’t defeat a liar, who counterfeits all the money they want/ controls all the communication that you can hear/ indoctrinates every child in the curse of religious worship that is “university is god: BOW DOWN”.  cause “they’re great” right?  they don’t need to pay no damn debt/ because they are the nobility, and you ARE THEIR SLAVE. they stole your money/ they are stealing your nation/ they stole your face/ and they bankrupted you into the coming depression:  so they could build all their toys, and take all the trophies they could carry, behind closed doors. where media hides them from sight.

There is nothing in this world more destructive “by choice”; than is arrogance. The sewer, where more arrogance is born, than in any other conception of place; is a university. Beware of the damned:  they cannot love/ but they can lie very well.

And then we come to MOB CONTROL: “the media is god”/ as they search endlessly, for the single focus group upon which the BLOODCRY WILL FALL: as kill them all/ we found the enemy. As the university righteous; the people who can never be wrong” scream: YES, WE WILL. Which means we stand on the edge of world war 3, because hate is controlled by rhetoric/ and all rhetoric is controlled by media propaganda. As the sewer erupts with covid is your cause. And the reality knows: the purpose here is, “to kill as many as they can”/ because the world is overrun with people; and as always throughout history proves: UNLESS, there is genocide/ to remove all those who are not us/ we all die. So the hidden war begins; because the television took control over your mind; with endless mass hypnosis of marketing, manipulation, temptation, deliberate seeds of hate; and all forms of mob creation; invading all the days of your life, by university intent. Yes they are gods, of death.

And the universities shout: we are the best that has ever been; we are the superior ones! WE ARE THE ONLY ONES, who can make a decision/ the rest are fools or worthless. But the evidence proves: particularly in this USA; that university has led more than fifty years; and hate has expanded/ thievery particularly by university has bankrupted the entire nation/ and we all stand on the edge of extinction. Because the mob, and the arrogant; only know want, pride, or power “for me”.

Media screams: “we are gods/ you damn stinking shithole; believe what we say/ obey our words/ and fear our dissent of you”; because we own the mob, and the mob can be directed to do anything we want them to do. They have no brain of their own. After all: how much damage could the release of 80,00+ new chemicals cause/ or trillions of tons of pollution and poisons/ or all the people “to want more stuff”.  “the end of everything: WHY we don’t need no damn forest, or oceans, or any other living thing:  so long as I GOT MY CAR, AND ALL THE AIR CONDITIONING I WANT!  OR, as is the constant of university:  go ahead, “CRUCIFY every plant and animal on the planet”. MAYBE, I might gain another day; so to hell with them all.  HELL, the university is god (so lets call it “devil island”); as reality proves:  “YES we can”.  While they take credit for everything;  except of course for any problem, or evidence of extinction, or basically anything; which is all hidden by media/ to prove they don’t have too. you know, “cause they’re gods”.  the NEW nobility, who of course cannot be wrong;  because the herd bought by the destruction of all we depended upon:  has no eyes, ears, or brain.

But the evidence proves: having divided society for the purpose of control, because without an enemy to focus on, nobody is screaming “I know the enemy/ I can make a difference”. As is MOB creation. The reality of building a society, instead of destroying a society or a world; circles as is the human constant described by: the want of hate or love. Mass hypnosis is the constant rotating demand: “choose love, but then who does not want hate: so choose hate. But then comes the cost of hate/ so choose love; bu that costs too much, because I want what I want/ so choose hate. But that has too much violence, and is costing me what I want/ so choose love. But that does not allow me to judge, and proclaim: I AM THE RIGHTEOUS ONE/ ALL BOW DOWN TO ME. And all the rest then say: that costs too much/ so choose me instead, “cause I love you”/ but reality by the evidence proves NO YOU DON’T. Instead you merely want power and pride; which cost too much for the rest: so they choose the mob, believing in the control by weapons will be peace. But it is only WAR.

Covid is being used as a match, to ignite the mob by the constant media propagation of fear. Thereby SHOUTING: HATE THEM, they will make you sick/ OBEY US, and force them to hate you for controlling their lives; by making them fear you; as is the beginning of war.

NEVER is the intent of mob control; concerned with reality or balancing with truth: and that makes both the media and the universities an enemy; governments a puppet who wield the weapon of filth, the sewage of failure, and the fantasies of a whore. Because they want to play god too; and they do so, by worshiping the universities as god: so they cannot be blamed, when they do, whatever “god tells them to do”. Is that not so? It is so, and it is “the righteous HAMMER”; OF WE CAN MAKE THEM BOW DOWN; with force or fear of life itself. As is the constant intent of the righteous; “you can’t make me fear/ I will make you fear”: KILL THEM.

But balance says: if you fear covid and you got the university vaccine/ THEN YOU DID, all you can or need to do. And the rest, nor media:  thereby, cannot make you fear, because the university gods have protected you from all threats. The consequence of that is:  MOB CONTROL is now forcing you: to create a war against those who choose and demand the freedom of their own choices.  As is: death of democracy!  The truth: your cure, could become our horrors. The failure of fools/ the fantasies of delusion/ the arrogance of imagination without value/ the horror of those who believe they are gods: and the tragedy of power which is WE WILL CONTROL THEM; with fear, or propaganda, or control over the mob: to force all “BOW DOWN”.  Adds only mayhem; because the righteous WANT power too. That chaos results in terrorists, traitors, liars, thieves; and all the other elements of “hurrah the university is in charge/ DIVIDED BY THE UNIVERSITIES HAVE CURSED US ALL”.  Creating the war: as descent accelerates into extinction.

A footnote: the universities are not satan in or of themselves/ they are the organization of people who want to play god, and do so with life, nature, world, and everything they can: because the thirst for power and pride/ to take everything in order to reduce the others to slaves; and thereby pretend to be gods. Is constant throughout history. But never a tenth as much as is today; because the education into vipers, rather than friends is taught; and with counterfeiting/ control of media propagation/ endless threats from all sides/ governmental insurrection/ anarchy against all life/ the traitorous march to kill this entire earth; AND ALL THE REST of what “university leadership; has done”. Points the human finger of evidence at the group most likely the cause: the fate called extinction, rising from the septic descent of arrogance “but no brain”.

JUDGE NO ONE: as the lessons of history prove; the entire nation of Germany was not nazi during world war 2/ they were forced: as is the constant of history. But that does not mean; you go looking for “nazi elsewhere first”. You go to the “garden of the dead, as is university”; to search for WEEDS.




And the people say: “we have money, we are doing great”. BUT THE EVIDENCE SAYS; your money is worthless, by the reality of numbers involved; and your world literally stands on the very edge of extinction itself. AS THE EVIDENCE OF A TRUE AND REAL INVESTIGATION WILL PROVE.

WHICH MEANS: THE GREATEST TRAGEDY OF ALL, is the arrogance of a believer; when all the evidence points to a reality you can no longer deny; without hiding yourselves in LIES/ the plague of media disgrace/ and the constant delusion “university is god”. They are merely “your former classmates”/ and no more.

people organize “a million man or woman march”; demanding to be heard:  for next to nothing. because the herd wants everybody to know it is a big herd.  and yet with an entire world dying:  every member of the herd of humanity, HIDES IN A HOLE, EATING SHIT;  because they don’t want, what they don’t want; to be true.

ALAS:  TRUTH does not care what you want!   ALAS, it is, what it is! And all the hiding in the world, or running away, or claiming lies and liars rule:   WON’T change a damn thing, when reality proves extinction is here, and you:  are now dead.  simple and plain:  CHANGE WHAT MUST BE CHANGED/   OR YOU ARE DEAD, JUST LIKE THE ENTIRE WORLD CALLED EARTH.  because that, is what you chose; by letting universities lead. by throwing away your life; for nothing less than bribes with counterfeit money;   YOU KNEW could not last/ thereby assassinating    YOUR OWN CHILDREN.

And the slaves say: “DON’T do nothing, they are giving us bribes”. When that stops, the war begins. Because 8 billion people can barely be fed; the world is dying; trillions multiplied by trillions of BTU’s in heat are being released; and with billions more coming: cannibalism will control.

BUT TRUTH SAYS: CHANGE NOW, because even a little later/ and the domino’s will fall. Ending forever, your final chance to survive.

And humanity says: we want MORE, damn you! We want more, and then they all scream: “I have a gun, fire, bomb, propaganda beliefs, university is god & we will kill you”. BUT, As reality proves: WAR, will always be less.

FOOLS HAVE LED WITH: “WE DON’T HAVE TO PAY NO DAMN DEBTS/ let the children pay (NOT in my time: ha, ha, ha)”. WE WILL DIE, before our debts are due/ LET THE CHILDREN FACE EXTINCTION: what is that to us/ let them die; we owe them NOTHING. “it is, the university decree”; as proven by the evidence. Adding on: make every child a SLAVE, “give them a university education”. So they can curse the others, by demanding control; forced by debt/ tempted by want/ and drowning in pride to achieve “the power of god” over life. Religion calls it “satan”; but universities call it “winner”. Isn’t it odd, that religion wants to be that same “winner”/ and follows with every heartbeat of their desire? Praying for “make me winner/ devil in disguise”: ah well, ignition comes soon/ or your pride will vanish.

And all the university diplomas shout: this is our day, and we earned our reward.

Nothing could be more true! But as is the cost of belief in anything: if it ain’t the truth/ then it is a lie, or a worthless belief. Extinction is forever/ and one second too late, is the same as NEVER.

just for  fun, lets add:   there really were “fire breathing dragons”.  as the people who walked with dinosaurs  (yes they did).  When attacked would have chosen fire, as their best weapon. Holding fire in front of a tyrannosaurs rex, for instance:  IF HE BURPED/ HE WOULD HAVE BURPED METHANE GAS.  

we of course know:  that Noah’s flood existed/ because there is no other way fossil fuels would be, gathered and deposited as they are: now, available for our use.

We of course know:  that evolution is the world’s biggest lie/ as NO LIFE, can be built one piece at a time.  As would be, “well got a heart now/ but no valves, no blood, no muscle to move it, no brain to make it work/ no lungs for oxygen/ no food for fuel, or stomach or a million miles of veins:  “JUST TO START”.   proving without question:  yes the university in its entirety is wrong.

SO WHY DID PEOPLE BELIEVE?  because with no penalty, for destroying life, planet, child, nature, or anything else;   as is promised continually by “make the university your god” they can then take    “anything they want for free”.   Shouting, “never fear/ we are now god”.  Hurrah, we have more!     But alas, as with all beliefs:  just because you choose to want what you then believe/ does not make it true, at all.  Now ain’t that right?

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