Promises are the playground of heartbreak; the belief, that you will receive something you do want, in return for whatever it is you give in return. Promises fail life; truth lets each survive. Like the saying, “there is always free cheese, in the rat trap”/ the cost of a bribe, rarely delivers a life desired. Universities have promised “they will ignite, the same fire as on the sun here; yet have not one conception of controlling it, other than “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”. They will argue “like cheese in a rat trap”/ that all they have to do is remove the fuel, and it goes out. But science predicts a 4,000,000 times expansion of the energy; and at www.iter.org they do declare an intent to use “at least 50 million watts of power” to initiate that energy release, “a million mile long flame/ just like the sun”. Which then creates its own plasma; and that proves an unending fire; just like the sun. in America: the universities in charge of government, media, law, policing, everything; have destroyed “the dollar”, by inflating the currency through asset fantasies beyond even what imagination will allow. For the world; universities promise they will dry every tear, “with great medicine”/ but their purpose is to distract you, while they achieve complete genetic chaos in nature; to prove their religion called evolution is more than a lie. Alas, It is not: pure fiction, and nothing less. The universities promise a future: but destroy every resource/ pollute everything/ discard the earth itself like trash/ risk the complete collapse of life and survival on earth; and have created the abyss, which results in extinction. While promising; “we don’t need no damn truth/ FANTASY IS GREAT”. And will be proven wrong. The cost of believing “the university is anything other than SATAN”/ destroyer of a world. Unfortunately, humanity wants to believe: because they want what they want, instead of what truth will allow. Because truth is the basis of every law, and humanity wants the freedom to choose both love and hate; circling from one to the other and back again. The price of hell (what you do to yourselves) on earth; as you run from heartbreak to heartbreak.

There is no place to run. There is no hiding, if the rat trap broke your neck; and the universities own your heart now; replacing it with arrogance. There is no running from a nuclear fire as is what powers the sun. no escaping the destruction of nature itself. The end of planetary balance. The loss of every chain of life. Over population of humanity. Drinking water lost: the extreme wars begin. Ocean life lost/ all food supplies infected with disease. Nor all the rest; because that is what you chose, by letting universities lead. These things are true. Your final choice, to make changes; is coming to a close. MAKE YOUR DECISION/ do not shout “we can’t all be wrong”. Because you have all been wrong; or none of these things as is so clearly proven by the evidence, would exist. Simple as that; the universities have proven to be “the rat trap” to life itself on earth. Believe it, or not.

The values of shape, construct the visual differences between male and female. The end result of that, is we can identify gender, as specific by these traits. Those who do try to defile these differences in order to “beguile” the same sex; fail life and self. NOT because they are to be judged by you/ they are not. But because they have chosen to lie to you, and more. Liars fail life/ destroy hope/ injure or kill love/ disassemble trust/ and refuse truth; thereby leading to chaos. “the cost of a university”.

Nonetheless; this writing is about gender equal/ not same, but different; as nature intended life and sex and humanity to be. Do not assume otherwise; as that would be a lie.

We then portray male as: a foundation of values, intrinsic to male; as built upon the singular purpose of separating life from body and mind/ in order to absorb the pain of fighting, and achieve a victory as needed. If pain defeats you/ then you are dead; and those you protect are lost to “the victor”. Consequently the need to separate your life, from that pain as a body inflicts; can easily determine who wins. The reality of fighting, throughout history has been constant. Because the reality of male driven society has been: “we ain’t going to die/ IF WE CAN just take what we need from them”. Consequently, “when life is good, throughout the area”/ little fighting occurs. But when life is bad, throughout the area: the battleground extends in all directions, and very few can be trusted. Simple as that; the need to be prepared is then elemental/ and it applies to protection for any female, the other males want to steal or take in whatever way they can. Consequently female commonly desires a male who can protect them/ but will not threaten them.

I portray female, “as best I can” by: understanding the reality of body, does not give female complete control; as pregnancy overtakes their body, mind, and life/ to build another human life. That fact produces a reality of being vulnerable, and unable to defend oneself/ that literally cannot be denied. As such, the elements of pain direct a female life to surrender to the experience: because there is no choice, (strength can rule)/ and they must simply survive. The end result of that is: female learns, to study male, control male, identify male, participate in different ways than male in order to keep a male from understanding them, and does initiate sex as a pathway to establishing order and security, in their own lives.

Sexual interest: is ignited by the visual construction of “this one ain’t like me”/ he or she is the opposite of me; and the most sexy is: “everybody knows it”/ it ain’t no secret, because you can’t hide it. Less sexy is then: even though I can see your gender/ it is not, “the elegant rendering of an art form so defined as to be; NONE can deny this is, as GOD designed the life and body of a male or female to be”. Not sexy is: “I need to look carefully (identifying whatever I can), so as not to make a mistake” in gender.

Sexual intensity: comes in three forms. Lust is “an addicts search for chemicals/ and you matter not: ONLY your body is desired”. Common is: “I want to use your body for sex, but you are important too/ because I want this relationship to continue, if only for sex”. Love is: everything about you, needs to be cherished as sacred to me; because the value you present to my life, is precious. The creation of hope in me, for a life with you; is profound and growing. The journey we can conceive within each other is beautiful and blessed; a decision of sharing and caring and true respect. The heart lifts in sex, to ascend together, as soul; in the presence of GOD to unite our worlds as one.


when united: we turn together, to experience and express, what our lives can become, in the values of what we do truly share: in every decision/ in every sexual exchange/ in every hope for what our future can become/ in every purpose as is the environment of respecting each other honestly. When that is accomplished: CARING takes control, and we become not only “friends & playmates” to each other; but the value of life itself.

Disciplines shape our relationship with truth/ order confronts the boundaries we assemble to secure our lives as one independent truth/ while balance limits the trust and truth of what we are, to the destinies of what we, or I, or you; shall become; by our own desires. Because even though life can be shared as one/ the inevitable truth of self; cannot be denied, and must be claimed. Even though love gives us a shared existence “as one”/ we cannot share that existence, unless we are “two”.

The critical difference between time and life is: that time determines what our bodies or mind can endure/ while life then defines, by the lessons of time: what we value or desire or hope will be our future; as we attain or ascend in truth. In that struggle to construct a life, that will then survive; even into eternity. Truth decides/ but the direction of your truth will be: either to love, the value of family/ OR, in the opposite direction to the chaos of hate. The lesson of human life is: that you do have a choice, of either love or hate. WANT, is the abyss, that circles from love to hate and back again: UNTIL you have in fact, by your own truth, chosen one OR the other. Want fails eternity, and vanishes. ONLY love OR hate survives; because each is a truth/ but with extreme differences. “the cost” or the reward of your own choices.

As we assemble a destiny shaped by love, we must construct a value to living with energy/ as energy prior to its existence as time. Time is at its core essence, an expression of either action or reaction or mass (the potential created by energy held within law). I will limit the essence of energy in this discussion to expansion comes first. Therefore by the laws which govern existence itself: your own insertion into energy allows for that relationship to expand, by your own ability to control truth. Thereby truth comes forward, to validate life/ and life come forward to experience existence as love. Thought illustrates, that the boundaries of energy can go into places where life cannot go/ and in response to that, life can go into places where energy unleashed, cannot go. WE ARE, the assembly of atoms, held together by laws of which the body becomes recognized as our home. Which makes us our living as an energy of time, rather than an energy of life. Thereby you should not struggle greatly when learning we are a participant in energy; and can sustain that energy if allowed by truth.

YOUR universities tell you: the body is made of atoms/ and we all know you believe anything they say; regardless of incompetent or not. Therefore accept, our bodies are in fact built from an incalculable reality of atoms; which are under “your life” control/ while thought translates that information life gives to body, and then becomes the experience, expression, feelings, choice, freedoms, ability, and so on.

Even if the body itself dies (it has limited range; distinct boundaries). It is, by fact: merely the reference of life, that presents for us: our choice, to love and live/ or hate and die. To identify ourselves, so that eternity does not have too: FAIL and you are refused entry. HATE and you are governed, and imprisoned, by chaos.

The purpose being: with freedom of choice, you create your own destiny/ and that allows the purity of love, to remain the purity of love: because you chose/ “no need to judge, or imprison, or any other version of not love”. That, has been removed by your own choices. By your own choices, humanity is/ what humanity is: because you have the freedom of your own truth. Which does mean: unless truly necessary, and only if desired by GOD . No intervention will come, you are what you are/ and will be what you chose to be. YOUR choice is not laid at the feet of your Creator/ IT IS YOUR CHOICE, and you have earned the right to receive what you deserve.

Religion shapes the composition of the majority; in their quest to understand the potential of an eternity. But because humanity WANTS; humanity tries to compensate for what they do not know, by deciding to believe in whatever they do know or want to accept. While we do owe religion the essence of our conversation, the reality of information from which we do gain knowledge, and some understanding. The end result of religion is: “a mothers milk”/ suited only to infants. Because the reality of “life by law”; is you choose/ none can choose for you. NO HERD animal is allowed; so there is no “amen”/ because it does not matter “if everyone agrees”. Because that does not make anything true. True is true, and nothing less than true is true: simple as that, which evicts belief in its entirety. The end result being: each must journey into their own version of truth, as best you can. Because that is ALL that will matter to you in death, or even time. Truth decides eternity, but only love goes forward into family; everything else dies a second death.

So the quest is for truth, and the value of truth can only be learned by removing EVERYTHING: that alters or opposes truth. More distinctly: you must remove “I”/ you are irrelevant to any truth but self. You must remove “the herd and its effects”; because they are not your truth, and you are not their truth. Instead we can share the journey, and construct a discussion: but we cannot share the choice. EACH is individually responsible for their own choice. You cannot save a single one/ nor can you lead them: because they must choose/ nor can you construct what is true, or not true; but only relate the evidence of your heart or the values of your soul. The quest for knowledge, is a living breathing definition of purity. Or more simply, the greater the purity of that knowledge; the more fundamental will become the experience. From the foundations up: we learn to understand. Granting wisdom, through the gifts of expression, existence, evidence, and experiences; even in time.

Male and female arise to grant the elemental path of family, and learn the value of its way. While many fail their responsibility to the children; others do realistically well. All the rest, must simply get by as best they can. YOUR FREEDOM, is your choice/ and that cannot be taken away; without constricting life itself to a value it will not accept. Therefore your freedom, is your choice; even when that choice is hate. The cost will come; but not as human, beyond your own laws and behaviors.

Animals live with animals/ predator and prey are necessary to balance life and planet: which means, those humans who cannot or will not rise above a herd life. Do not represent critical costs in your eternity: both are considered to be the same defined by animal. The critical cost however is: if an animal living as hate/ destroys a human being alive in the values that will bring them into eternity. THEN that animal will earn HADES; eternal torment/ because you stole a child of GOD from an eternity with HIM. It is a failure, so far beyond your ability to comprehend; no element of conversation will relay it. CHOOSE IT NOT; is the best I can do for you. Simple as that.


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