A child, should understand the various pitfalls of being human; regardless of the rise or fall constructed in the search for being truly alive.

To assemble this; you need to accept the knowledge, that determines each individual behavior/ it is surprisingly simple. WANT controls everything, that desire does not. Therefore to understand “I/ or you”; for the vast majority it is only necessary to define what do you want? The more critical the thirst for want; the more “I,I,I,I,I,,,,,,me, me, me; etc” will be heard in your conversation. Because the world revolves around you/ nothing is more important than you or yours/ life exists to fundamentally support you, and so on. All lies are initiated from want or don’t want. All pride exists as proof of “I am more, or I WANT to be more, than the others; so among the prey animals a game is used to distinguish the winners and the losers. While power exerts the fundamentally true: by attacking you, with disguise, or violence, or revenge, or propaganda, or temptations or whatever method is used: I will then prove to be superior to your game/ because these are more serious efforts at winning, or making you lose. Because I want too: as is the purpose of hate.

Desire is an alternative method of living, that does not include the behaviors of animals. Instead desire searches for life, in the living, and also in the creation of life itself. To define and create the foundations that will then become respect: and its behavior which is justice, law, love, truth, courage, hope, and trust. Desire is the beginning of thought, and thought is the path into what it means to be truly alive in the miracles we know truly surround us; as all life and earth.

We may then separate the variables of human existence: between those who act and react according to what they want, believe they want/ don’t want: and the others who accept life is a distance we cherish, with wisdom, because the validity of Creation proves there is more here in this world, than we can know or understand on our own. Religion serves to point to the road others have taken in their search; but reality knows, the vast majority surrender to what they want, and then believe whatever they believe in accordance to what they want or don’t want to believe. Primary separations are then: want controls the vast majority, even in religion/ while the conception of miracles, and the search for what does truth reveal in those miracles; allow for us, to identify life itself, and its destiny? Want needs no destiny, as it searches only for want.

We then begin with the pitfalls of human existence as confront us all; because we all live within the parameters of what truth, body, life, and energy will allow.

  1. Sex is a primary pitfall for the vast majority, and it starts at puberty. Wherein we are suddenly confronted with “a companion”; that is chemical hormones, which alter the body and how we interpret our lives according to that body and its internal behavior. Puberty allows: “I have a new toy”/ being an adult means: I understand sex is not a toy, and considerable harm, or costs; could be done, or incurred with this tool. Even so: few learn that reality of cost, until the search for more ends with “costs”. Only then do people grow up/ and some never do, because all they want is the chemicals. Adulthood separates you from “the companion of chemicals”; by insuring you know, this is not for free. “boys” search for more chemicals; until that cost is realized/ some fail to be men. A change in boys; would be, to let them find their “high”/ so that their game or search is then over. A very simply machine would do it; but that changes the dynamic between male and female; and there would be costs. Females apparently already have their “machine” to do that for them; a reality that has produced “costs”.
  2. Of the many pitfalls (easy in/ hard to get out) in sex, as a participation between members of the opposite sex; is the constant tragedy of “university rules”. They provide propaganda of all kinds/ intentional direction to change society/ commandeer life in society and behaviors among humans; claiming to know something/ but failing life, society, schooling, and in general, as they do with everything else: a disaster of fools. All you need to know is: let truth decide/ not want, even if you understand this is important; let truth decide, not feelings. Because truth is the path to a better more complete life, with hope and happiness in the respect for all things. While want is filled with lies, and every behavior constructed by hate. Do you see the difference? Let your truth be: for love, I am alive with hope. But without trust, as is the companion of truth: we cannot be more than friends. Without true respect, there is no relationship! Where respect exists, it exists for all life and world/ not just a select few.
  3. Sex is a chemical based reality of behaviors: once you begin it is very hard to stop/ because the sex chemicals are addictive, as is intended to be: in order to give new relationships for marriage, “a true chance to survive”/ as each modifies their behaviors in order to keep the desire for sex alive in the other. The failure to respect that purpose of life and body; is a constant cost called divorce. But make no mistake: it is respect for each other, that holds lives together. Lies destroy trust, and without trust, and its value called truth; there is no respect.
  4. The path towards a sexual relationship between male and female is a good thing, if respected with value; “we are to each one, like a lock and key”. Opening that door between us; will shape our world in more different ways, than anything else on earth can do. Other than destruction and pain. But it is hard to close, and the inner door to fears, wants, desires, purposes, loves, hate, and all the rest hiding therein; should not be done until you are prepared to defend yourself. As only time can do, with lesser battles already fought and won or lost; by you.
  5. The critical construction of an opportunity to share the possibilities of male to female relationships; is dependent upon three separate things: (1) you must share time, in some form or fashion; access is everything in the dating world. (2) YOU MUST be noticed; so that the conversation can begin, in one form or another; caring begins here. (3) you must be open to the possibilities of a new friendship; so that time can become an aid to your lives shared. So whatever you can do to aid in these endeavors; for you or someone else; is valued. The beginning of that is: to wear or in some fashion present “a conversation piece”; to initiate that reality. To be respectful of all; because you never know where it might lead; people have friends, etc for you to meet. Go where the others are/ don’t just stay at home, or locked away at work. Be fair with all. UNDERSTAND THIS: that conversation must be shared, but it must identify what interests the other person, so that you can continue with, and they you; the conversation, as time goes by. The more interests you have, the more interesting you can be. The more opportunities to converse you will have. The more you can achieve some type of “fun”; the more likely someone will want to spend time with you. The more truthful to life (not simply self)/ the more constructive a desire will form, as it begins to shape change between you. Every relationship is about change, embrace it/ or stop it before it goes too far.
  6. The best we can do or be, is the best we can do or be; and those who are not happy with that, lead sad lives, wanting to be someone else. So take note: BE WHO YOU ARE; but understand, only what has value, by its truth, can benefit life or you. So take heed and change where you need to change. One of the things required in that search for the best we can be for ourselves and others is: to accept who we are. That means: yes, I know I am not perfect, but that does not mean I have no value, as I am. Fears enter here to cause you to fail. Therefore have no fear, it will not aid or abet your life: therefore without value to you: simply stop, by accepting the consequences for a choice you made or will make, with truth. As to aiding and abetting people so they can escape their fears: it looks like this.
    1. A young mother who gets divorced, finds herself without support, in a reality that needs support. If surrounded by fears of what this means: she often tries desperately to find a male to fill those needs/ and tries to buy him with sex, as her most effective weapon or tool to get what she wants. It rarely works, because sex is not enough to commit a lifetime for. Others provide it too. The necessary change is: this mother must face her fears. And if possible her parents or people who choose to support her, must make it clear: we will not let you fall down the pit. We will keep you going, until you find what you need for you and your children to survive. Simple as that.
    2. Young girls often find themselves comparing each other/ comparing with pictures and so on; to then become disillusioned with their own bodies. Some cannot convince themselves of value, because male persons are not paying attention. Talk won’t work; but if it is fair for you to do, simply staring at her for a little while can change that into: “I am pretty”. Don’t be a predator/ but do be a friend (just once is enough). In contrast those who are “too pretty”/ so that men will not leave them alone: must be flattered prior to that reality, so they are prepared for what is coming; and will not be lost in the translation of words, rather than truths. Arrogance is a tragedy, for all. Fear cheats us all, try to avoid it.
    3. One of the most constant things in humanity is: people lie to themselves, to create who they believe they want to be/ rather than accept the truth of who they really are. One of the most constant things in dating is: that people accept “the one that is easy/ and seems safe; even though they know it is not the right one for me: or I want time to search beyond you”. The cost of that is usually, “I am not happy here/ you are the reason why”. Even though you chose too. Lots of consequences; including overweight/ divorce (you stole my youth/ my chance for “more”); etc. The curse: I failed me/ but you didn’t stop me; so its all your fault. Which leads to an endless delusion of “I should hate you”/ and the consequences of that. To be true to yourself is to accept the consequences of your decision; even if they are tragic to you; were your decisions, and cannot be blamed on others. Fundamentally, that requires changing you (not them); to have a different result. Changing you: is a decision you are willing to accept, as needed or desired for a different person to arise. But that means you must desire to be a different person inside, where reality meets your truth. If you only want to be a different person/ quickly you will lie, because want is the foundation of every lie. You don’t lie/ unless you want something, or don’t want something to happen.
    4. There are the people who feel like love betrayed them; “I loved/ I lost/ making everything about love, and how I came to accept love; bad”. Love never betrays, wants betray, by accepting a lie; instead of letting truth itself decide. Consequently it is the want that is your enemy; but every animal human or not, “wants”. Therefore love is only reliable, if desire exists: desire has three distinct attributes, “love is real (better than friends)/ truth is honest and constant (I can trust this)/ respect is literal and extends to all (miracles prove life is, beyond self), but hate”. Unfortunately even where love is true, and life is respectful: LIARS can come to steal, tempt, betray, and so on. One such reality of constant propaganda by media was to “get a vasectomy; it will be great/ no cost at all”. The lesson: NEVER CHANGE NATURE. Because there is a cost whenever nature is lost. A vasectomy removes the chemicals that make sex desirable to all/ without those chemicals, sex is “just hot, sticky, work”. No I did not get a vasectomy; but others did. Yes I tried it out once: having true control over the realities involved; and without releasing the chemicals it is “hot, sticky work”. Do not do that; or sex dies for both of you.
    5. Just like every child needs to be listened too; as they are growing up, in order to create a lasting friendship that will not be lost when they are older. A marriage requires that you listen to each other too/ or it will be lost; because without that communication of values. What holds you together as is time shared, because I know you cared: could easily die. It is caring that decides what a marriage can be. It is sharing that decides the value I place on our relationship. It is truth that controls the love I am able to give you; because without trust, everything dies. It is respect for me/ respect for you; that builds a life together. It is loneliness that shakes a relationship apart; “I am not a true participant here”. It is honesty and compassion that frames “our house as one”; by contributing, our journey shall not be determined by you or me; but by us as equals. Which do let truth decide, when reality demands this is important. People are selfish (mine its all mine) and greedy (I want, for more); and they fail each other. Because marriage does not survive significant greed or selfishness in “OUR decisions”. You must share the work/ and you must share the decisions/ and you must share the relationship with honor and respect; or lesser things will take control. And tragedy could come. If you won’t listen “to my life/ NOT your life”: then as is the relationship between parent and child/ the relationship between husband and wife will fail as well. Loneliness will take control, and the barriers will rise.
    6. One of the very worst things you can do to yourself or others: is to judge another life. It opens the door to hate, in you and others. Do not judge/ let the law be judge, and work to judge the law that does exist with justice for all. Or there will be consequences; such as is America today. Where communism (only a tiny few make all the decisions/ control all the power/ do whatever they want/ propagate lies, and manipulate society; because they now believe they are gods over us) has taken control/ liars, traitors, failures, thieves, whores, bastards, and every form of “a future with endless horrors”; by the cost of “university leads/ media controls”; has occurred. A failed nation, using counterfeit money to bribe the masses into apathy for all things by propaganda; is all you have left, until terrors take control. As is the long list of what you chose; by letting universities play god.
    7. That is not judgment, but the cost of arrogance and apathy combined into one lost (soon ground into dust) nation; but have no fear terrorism can now easily destroy this entire earth, before real horrors earned by America begin.
    8. We then consider the pitfalls of believing in what you want to believe in; as is, America is great. It is not great as believers chant. Instead as reality does prove, led by liars, you have chosen to let the universities destroy you completely. All that is left is for the nation itself to die or survive, if it can. Because you believed in and trusted media. Because they believe in and trusted university: which in reality, is the composite of just a few of your old former classmates, “with imagination”/ and a purpose to play god. I demand for forty plus years; look at the evidence, and you reply: “we believe instead”. I demand, constitutional law must prevail/ the courts all refuse, and deny the constitution; claiming the universities cannot be questioned. I say to the people: even your money is gone, just look at the reality of the numbers/ and they all say to me: THEN LIE/ CHEAT/ STEAL; BLAME THE CHILDREN; anything, but make me pay, for what we did do. All of these things are the summation for what believer means. Or more simply: what you want, does not need to be true. But what is true, cannot be denied its consequences; when that moment arrives. Tears/ prayers/ lies/ whatever it is, will not help; because you chose to believe what you wanted to believe rather than what is true. Simple as that. Religion is not a gateway into eternity, no matter what they say. Religion is an opportunity to study the words and the works of those who came before us in their own search for what is real. That fact grants that we may be aided and abetted in our own struggles, of life, living, and death; by what they learned. NOT a free ride to mercy, or whatever you believe. You do need to earn an invitation to search for life itself: by discarding “the element of time”/ and searching inside miracles, as best we can. The universities shout: “you are all animals/ and cannot be more”. But they also shout: evolution (which is the god of fools; as nothing of value or truth, supports their claim). Choose, be a fool/ or search for life?
    9. Your university gods are currently rising from their graves to grab at your ankles; so they can drag you down into their sewage. As is the current claim of a pandemic “covid”. If you want to know where that came from: then look back to where the first people began shouting “pandemic”. And then the first people to shout we have a vaccine to sell. And then the only people who set the price for that vaccine for you to buy; with endless marketing, and let only the government pay (so that none would ask for reality first). Their curse is constant/ and now their mutilation of life throughout nature will soon be complete: establishing Armageddon as is “nature in chaos”. The university cult claims chaos is your god, and all of life is just an accident. So if they create more chaos/ then all of life will just “become new again”; and they can claim “gods” over you. But as Satan here on earth: their only contribution is HELL. Until the day when HADES is unleashed; as will be the ignition of a nuclear fire “just like the sun” (flames a million miles long) here on earth begins. And the people say: “we BELIEVE our universities would never do that”. But the evidence is absolutely certain, and true. The largest of which is www.iter.org go look. But understand they are lying about energy expansion: science says it will be about 4 million times more/ reality will prove a self-sustaining plasma/ and the radiation it produces will melt you down into a puddle, even from a thousand miles away; along with the heat of standing on the sun. as it evicts the atmosphere in days, and you crawl into mine shafts to survive; for just a little bit longer. But you believe, and nothing can stop you from believing the universities are your god; because a cult cannot question its leader. As that would make them “just human”, instead of god like. America being the worst of the worst known cults; as universities control your lives through media propaganda, and in every conceivable way. Because most of all: you want what you want, and by counterfeiting the currency, claiming asset rise/ and debts don’t matter/ let the children pay; and throwing away an entire earth full of resources to your trash. YOU SAY, “we don’t care: GIVE US ANOTHER BRIBE”.
    10. And the people say: “YOU, know nothing/ we are great, this nation is great, this world shall last forever; because GOD won’t let it die; even though you believe, or respect: only in universities”. But let us review: your cult has removed most of your businesses and all that are left are on the brink of failure. Your cult has removed your jobs of value, with more slated for extinction everyday, as the universities move in to replace you. Your cult has manipulated your society into believing communism is better (only the powerful decide/ the rest shall only beg); because their options: as are tools and information and realities of work have disappeared into the cult of universities exist: to teach you how to obey. No resources/ poisoned water and earth/ a dead ocean/ an overheating planet/ etcetera. But as is the constant of religious indoctrination: No diploma is issued unless you correctly mimic, memorize, and repeat exactly what you are told to do, to believe, to say, to write, to participate in and so on; as is the common delusions of a cult worshiper. No free thought/ no questioning the leader/ universities are god; and evolution is let chaos rule life and nature; while we ignite an atomic fire to burn atoms. Completely dependent upon the universities theory: “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”/ or it burns forever. And the people say: the universities would never, they only play with tiny amounts that cannot hurt us. But alas, that did not work; and now they play with 50 million watts, computers accelerating energy into light speed; and intentionally trying to ignite plasma on fire; after spending trillions of dollars to build these machines. “not little amounts anymore”/ not the lie called fusion anymore either: because they already proved that wrong in 2012. going to create “free heat” just like the sun/ to solve global warming and pollution and resource disgrace: just like the sun. (blame it on green house gases/ not heat release); till we show them “we the universities can play god”. And release an atomic fire, just like the bomb: 4 million times more intense. Cause without that fire, everybody in universities know: without real change, ending their own reign over life and world; we all die soon. So they gamble, and they lie, and they cheat, and they steal, and they are prepared to kill this world in every possible way: because even they know its a fools game, they cannot win. But they cannot stop: because it is their power/ their pride/ everything they want, as is to play god with life/ and they just don’t care; as is the hate of the very worst humanity, who have ever lived. “your” gods. Alas, if you didn’t die/ IT WILL be in your lifetime. To witness for yourselves: YOU DID CRUCIFY, YOUR OWN CHILDREN, AND YOUR OWN WORLD AS WELL AS THEIRS. No mercy is coming/ only truth and reality: choose now we fight for our world/ or it will be never. Because like the ignition of an atomic fire; one second too late/ and even this entire planet will be lost; “just like the sun”. And the people say: HIDE/ RUN AWAY/ FEAR: BUT NEVER, question the universities “cause they can talk too good”. After all they own the world, right? “they got books”.

      And the universities which hide a tiny handful of people who control them like puppets: all say you can’t prove nothing, unless we cooperate, and that ain’t never going to happen. So I say to the world itself: let us decide as one world, because we will die as one world if the universities are wrong about igniting the same energy source here as is on the sun/ and it does not extinguish itself. LET US ALL, SEE THEIR EVIDENCE/ AND COMPARE IT WITH THE REALITIES GIVEN IN CONTRAST TO THEIR OWN CLAIMS. SO WE THE WORLD: CAN DECIDE IF THEIR GAMBLING WITH EVERY SINGLE LIVING LIFE ON EARTH, AND THE ENTIRE PLANET: IS WORTH THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG. Because we cannot go back; ignition, is one time only, if the fire does not extinguish itself. So ask them: HOW, WILL YOU ACCOMPLISH THAT/ while you look at the sun; because that is the price of being WRONG.

      THIS IS NOT A GAME; THE MACHINES ARE RUNNING/ TRILLIONS SPENT, AND MORE MACHINES SOON TO BE ADDED. EACH FOR THE SINGULAR PURPOSE OF IGNITING PLASMA ON FIRE. “WITH AN INTENDED 4 MILLION TIMES EXPANSION OF THAT ENERGY RELEASE”. Their reactor design can do nothing else! With radiation enough to boil every life in a thousand miles or more. Ask them: what happens if the plasma, sustains itself; due to energy expansion? And then know: they bet your world/ or YOU will, make them stop.

      The reality is: every herd animal looks for, or wants to be the leader so they can have more for themselves. Every predator wants to be the killer/ but without risking, or removing everything but violence.

      Being human alive, requires you to be capable of making your own decision: because that decision becomes your own identity. It is the truth of your identity, that decides your eternity. Consequently, no leaders are allowed; only truth and evidence, through the cultivation of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

      The plague of failure led by fools, that is a university delusion; represents human intellect, but not wisdom. It assumes human understanding; but fails to properly inform, “this ain’t perfect/ and could easily be wrong”. As to knowledge, the collection of information that participates in the realities of our lives; is relatively defined by useful details/ but that does not assign values or truth, only “elements of parts and pieces in our existence”. Intellect assumes; as is the constant of my own life throughout the decades: people believe they know “me” and gossip accordingly/ by assuming “I want”, just like them. Therefore if they want, or act, or react in a certain way under specific circumstances; no matter how brief or vague or delusional; that I too must then act or react or want in that same way. “So, they know”. It is not so, because I removed want from my life decades ago: want does not matter to me/ and the herds or packs of humanity cannot understand what that means.

      Same is true of life and knowledge: want does not decide truth, except in you: if you want. Life is not want/ animals are want. Life is the ascension of desire, into a purpose beyond time; which allows the values and respect of love, to guide us into eternity. Want fails this/ as does intellect: the decision to plot and plan, with details: to gain more.

      To save this world, requires all of humanity to rise above an animal; and become at least the essence of a human, being alive: which is to construct the possibilities of a future gone bad, the cost of being WRONG. Because of what we the people, did do, or allowed others to do, to our world. IN THAT DECISION: the realities of life or death on earth, are established as OUR DUTY TO THIS WORLD. That duty demands: WE MUST KNOW WHAT IS TRUE, WHEN UNIVERSITIES ARE GAMBLING WITH EVERYTHING OUR VERY SURVIVAL REQUIRES. WHEN REALITY KNOWS: THE CHILDREN WILL DIE, WITH HORROR; BECAUSE OF YOUR CHOICE.


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