Reality demands: that we assemble and create, “what ownership means”; the consequence of “mine/ mine/ mine”; and the foundation of truth.

We begin in the critical construction of America, over these last 60 some years of which I have been a witness. The slow destruction of the nation itself, has many hands; each of which screamed MINE/ MINE/ MINE; as loudly as they could. They were joined by the ravenous rabble of military mania; which produced the demand: WE WILL make this world FEAR US, as no other in history. These were both then controlled by the universities; as Vietnam became the training ground for electronic and missile warfare. The cost to human lives and realities be damned. Each phase of this destruction came with the cost: GREED RULED/ VIOLENCE AND FEAR WERE ORCHESTRATED/ and the universities first came to power, as YES WE CAN.

But alas: their curse of power as did begin with the cold war, due to American use of nuclear bombs; the foundation of Satan; which means the rise of failure/ the threat of fools, and the curse of the nation itself. Did cause the cost of reality, a nation bankrupted; and every young adult claiming “it ain’t my debt”. Grants, the nation has been sacrificed; to prove FEAR US. While all the elders; just wanted no more war for me; so they let government itself be destroyed; with fools in charge. Democracy died, because the demand was: FEAR. Or make them FEAR. But as truth itself did prove: “the devil (give me your life)” was all they earned, from a generation who said enough is enough; and government (justice lives), died.

Vietnam was a preparation for world war 3; nothing more or less. A training ground, to harden the troops with battle: “fear us”/ but electronics changed that with missiles; and war shifted into a new dimension of threat. So delays existed. While the “race to the moon”; was merely to hide the construction of big missiles to deliver bigger nuclear bombs: nothing more or less. And because no leadership of value existed: a trillion dollar +, debt emerged. And the children said NO/ they want their own lives; none of this. But debts are debts (promises made for you to pay); and frustration emerged, demanding no more Vietnam war or its lies. The cowards went to college or got married/ those who believed in “America (the saint)”; went to war, and learned better. But cowards don’t like to be cowards; so they demonstrated and yelled, and declared themselves to be hero’s: until a couple students were shot. And they all slid into a hole, and were never heard from again. The nation and the soldier discarded.

We then see Carter, who did do better; but failed to recognize, change (we pay our debts) is always met with “a billion angry voices shouting from every direction. Never one saying thank you; and failed to simply devalue the currency/ failed, to say to Iran: “there will be punishments, beyond what you have gained”: CHANGE, give BACK these people now.

So the people elected Reagan the puppet; who did benefit from the financial crisis of the USSR (we ransacked all these nations invaded, and now they need everything; or there will be civil wars)/ so they gave them back, to their own identity; because it was easier, than fixing destruction. The economic crisis of this US was fixed by the secret selling of the gold reserve; while everyone who knew, including the media; whispered LIE, tell no one! And as always pride demands power; and the US military gained what was left of American wealth. So when that ran out: more lies appeared/ the currency was given over to “university control” [because everyone with a diploma; got a million dollar raise]. And every toy or trophy the universities could think of; received full pay/ let the debts be damned; we will not pay. The children don’t want to be poor: let their future deal with it; and so the ravaging of life on earth began with the rape of every resource. Because counterfeit money, steals from the future.

Every liar possible appeared, every cheat wanted a government job, every fool went to media, every whore demanded a diploma, and the nation swept itself, into a frenzy of: lets, “get a diploma/ that is where the real money is”. The thief unleashed. While the youth were discarding “america the great”/ to buy foreign, they are better/ at least not supporting “america the vile”.

Debts discarded by leadership/ debts created by fraud/ debts for the child, the grandchild, the great grandchild; and then simply “WE DON’T CARE/ WE WON’T PAY”. LIE TO US; now the american way! While the curse of leadership continued to sell the nation out; so they could play games with life. And media never once even whispered; “this ain’t right”/ and refused to know. While the courts were corrupted by university claims of superiority; let democracy be damned/ the constitution be destroyed/ the value of freedom be cast off in debts, lies, destruction, and the mayhem of university plays god.

And the youth said: GET ALL YOU CAN GET/ DO IT NOW, before they kill us all. As the realities of what universities could do; in weapons of mass destruction/ the vile concoctions of education proliferated as value/ the propagation of complete arrogance was refined by media/ and the hopelessness of leadership by reality was consumed with fraud and the absolute refusal to face “the truth [you, let them throw the nation away; even the world itself; and refused all that was for, truth comes first]”. A decision repeated with each new generation; because none wanted to pay for what their elders did do.

Leaving us with this day: when the reality of lies/ the cost of destruction/ the vile evolution of universities/ and the grip of death, as is extinction from this earth; rises from the grave, to steal your souls.

So the question of ownership, particularly in this America: is you don’t own a thing. As is proven by the evidence of your numbers. It is that simple; pure fantasy, the dribble of diarrhea from the diapers of those who failed life, to throw the tantrums of a child.

Instead of life: you own “mine/ mine/ mine” as every resource was plundered, poisoned, ruined, polluted, discarded, thrown away to others, or in general; simply denied ownership as is the thief who knows, “this is the evidence, I wanted” BUT, IT IS, also that evidence which will convict me. Because nothing fair, or true to life was done; to earn it. So they throw it away; as did you. While the rest screamed: I SACRIFICED MY LIFE FOR THIS/ and I ain’t NEVER giving a single damn penny back; you can die instead. So we have the answer of the elders, and the realities of the youth; who want what the elders did do, to be the same for them; have begun to realize. THERE IS NOTHING LEFT, if we destroy the last of everything we need just to survive here on earth. The whisper “ours/ ours/ ours”, has yet to become an adult; and they may never succeed in time to save this world. Media propagates OBEY, DON’T THINK/ BELIEVE, DON’T KNOW/ FEAR, DON’T CHOOSE TRUTH; BE THE FEAR WE MAKE YOU BELIEVE.

World failure is then a fool who believes; because it is belief that truth does not matter to me; only what I want. That allows for this world to crumble into chaos. To prove that, the generations scream: I WILL NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING/ THAT I DO NOT WANT TO BELIEVE: truth be damned, I will pay god, to myself. Let the earth be damned/ the nation be lost/ every child sacrificed; “because, we cannot save it now”. So only I, am important; and the one certainty of life is: I AIN’T GOING TO SACRIFICE MY LIFE FOR YOU OR THIS WORLD/ and I ain’t going to accept I can’t or won’t have everything, I did sacrifice my life to get: SO I COULD TAKE; what I wanted to take from this life, and world before I die. Be damned to you all; I want what I want/ and you can’t have it back.

BUT ALAS, life is not built upon lies/ and every truth has its consequences. So the generations scream: NOT IN MY LIFETIME/ I WILL go free. Let my trash be their future “gold mine”; because I won’t care. As the mountains of trash, pollution, etc; does prove true.

And all the people scream: I WANT WHAT I WANT.

So, lets review what the consequences are; because they are coming, as the evidence proves they will. In no particular order; as I don’t care; reality is reality/ extinction is extinction. A few days more, changes nothing in eternity, for a world lost.

  1. To avoid change: to play god, “lets ignite the same fire here as is on the sun”. cost of being wrong. Earth becomes a sun: true!
  2. To avoid change: lets mutilate nature, so we can play gods, and create life for ourselves. Cost of being wrong; horrors filled with terror: true.
  3. To avoid change: human overpopulation, becomes cannibalism; as every source of food is consumed, or destroyed; leaving nothing but war or death or “we eat you”. Cost of being wrong, true; because without death, the predator/ the prey consume themselves and their world.
  4. To avoid change: lets play/ to hell with the consequences, “not in my lifetime”. Cost of being wrong, truth says: this world will overheat/ life will die/ the living chains of our existence will fail/ ocean life will be extinct/ drinking water will end/ resources will disappear/ world war with weapons of mass destruction will come/ immunity of the body for all life will end/ extinction will suddenly explode/ ozone lost will let radiation in/ oxygen lost will cause panic/ the covid vaccine will cause Armageddon (human nature in chaos)/ the yellowstone volcano will erupt/ massive earthquakes will form/ the atmosphere of this earth will begin to accelerate; because nothing ties the earth to that atmosphere (as are trees) anymore/ habitats ruined. War levels cities, and there is nothing to rebuild with. Every currency fraud is found; and this world faces truth: LIARS RULED/ THIEVES CHEATED/ TERRORISTS BETRAYED US/ TRAITORS FOOLS YOU/ AND MEDIA FORMED THE MOB, WITH PROPAGANDA INTENDED TO ENSLAVE YOU. Because the end result of it is: without true change/ this world shall be lost. And they refuse: life! The people refuse truth, and this living Creation is soon: EXTINCT.
  5. Just the start, as reality explains: the universities led/ media propagated failure/ governments were ruled by fools/ our food sources have ended/ our water sources are poisoned/ a gun in every hand, or a fool who believes “whatever I want the world to be is enough”. Will be extinction. GO AHEAD, prove me wrong.
  6. And the people say: SHUT UP/ YOU, ain’t nobody. YOU, ain’t going to change me. I WANT WHAT I WANT/ let the world be damned, “not in my lifetime”. And the mob shouts: RIDICULE HIM, AND MAKE HIM GO AWAY; “one way or the other”.
  7. But alas: truth has consequences/ and while your leaders shout “he ain’t nobody”; the reality of your evidence cannot be denied. Because it is YOUR EVIDENCE/ it is not mine. It is your failures/ they are not mine. And no matter what you do to me: that fact of your lives: will not be changed. It is what it is, and nothing less than true change in you can fix it. Time is up/ change or die as a world. CHOOSE! I am not your savior/ YOU ARE. BECAUSE YOU, ARE THE CAUSE OF YOUR THREATS. And maybe, just maybe: the world finally says, “what can we do to stay alive”? The answer is: communicate your need to know, if the true reality of your threats proves extinction. Communicate your need to know: if the true threats of university experimentation; the cost of being WRONG. Is extinction/ horrors/ failure of life and world/ lies, cheating, theft, fraud, etcetera. Communicate consequences cannot be deterred, past the point of no return. Communicate: we will not be manipulated into believing the universities or anyone else can play god, with our lives, our world, your children or the future. SOME THINGS ARE SACRED. Communicate RESPECT, and establish it as fact. Communicate, that knowledge is not the enemy; understanding is not like the gossiper who needs “just one penny, of a one hundred dollar bill: to demand, I KNOW IT ALL”/ as universities do. Communicate wisdom is never a game/ life is not a game/ this world can in fact end because of what has been done. We must change what we do: like it or not. Communicate: IT IS PURE DISGRACE, that refuses to investigate the reality of trying to ignite “sun fire” here on earth. A REALITY CERTAIN: to make this planet into a sun. Regardless of what the insane fantasies of a university diploma theorize. LEARN/ VOTE/ PROVE/ CHOOSE. Communicate: that we shall NOT let want, pride, or power decide our future; because that has already been done; and we face our own extinction. ONLY TRUTH CAN DECIDE. BY THE EVIDENCE, AS BEST WE CAN. Only democracy is valid, as a construction of limited capitalism; for a future; because more will change than you can now comprehend. The cost of overpopulation; is more than you expect. Communicate: that governing must go to the people themselves; by the laws we create for ourselves/ simple as that. NO voting for someone to vote for me, ever again. We choose/ and then we hire investigators to insure what we chose is done: NOT “lawmakers”. We tax: only for the purpose of a tax/ and these cannot be combined. We own the currency; and it will NOT be tampered with beyond our rules. So much currency per citizen, and no more. NO government employee shall create a debt for the citizens. NO educational system that is not for life/ rather than for universities rule; shall exist. Universities shall not charge/ but shall collect a percentage of the income from students who benefited by the job received; they did study for. No pensions beyond social security; which is tied as a percentage to national GDP/ only recipients shall decide; what will be done. Healthcare is a percentage of income, and nothing else/ with all payments centralized in each state: to insure the rich, do not gain more than the poor: same for all. Yes, you will decide: who lives and dies as a nation/ because the cost is too much for society to bear. Communicate fear cheats us all: therefore the manipulators of media shall be fully and completely removed. Giving their positions and their assets back to the nation: for the purpose of using it to inform and create a public defense that works for us all/ and does not initiate propaganda, pandemic, failure, or fool as is a cult worshiper of universities again. Communicate the law is all we have left to defend us/ because we are so many people; any element of war ends with weapons of mass destruction. And smaller wars cause immigration and the end of society; which cannot be tolerated any longer. Leaving us with world law/ and world policing of national leaders, as well as world environment: by our laws, as a vote taken across this entire planet: YES, THAT IS WHAT WE THE PEOPLE WILL DO, FOR OURSELVES. Communicate: the future has needs/ and the children will no longer to enslaved to pay your debt. PAY THEM YOURSELVES. Get the picture? Then have hope if you begin, and do not surrender it until life proves you have returned to a living that will not be thrown away. But make no mistake: without TRUE CHANGE, YOUR WORLD IS EXTINCT. One way or the other, because all systems which keep you alive are threatened with complete collapse. Like death/ once gone, they cannot return. OR AS IS THE OTHER DIRECTION: if you will not remove your threats, by changing your truth as humanity on earth. Then the dogs will be released; and they are not like predators, [who understand don’t kill tomorrows meal]. They are human dogs, who in the thrill of killing, “we are gods/ they can’t stop us now”. Kill it all/ because men taught them to do it: for trinkets, toys, and trophies.Therefore distribute the foundation of justice, which is: WHAT is your decision, should be done, if someone kills you? [NOT judging them/ judging you, your life, your decision taken away]. WHAT is your decision, should be done, to support policing by its reality/ not your wants? What is your decision, should be done: to those who are gambling “with RISKING everything we need to survive, be alive, or be happy as a living miracle presented, to each one, by love”. Where wrong is: HORRORS BEGIN/ TERRORS PROVEN TRUE. What if they had a cause/ or it was you, or your family accused?

    The foundation of truth is: NOBODY gets a voice/ only the evidence, as plain and simple as it can be created for testimony, so that all the people do understand/ without degrading the facts or the reality or its consequences MUST be chosen. NO; ENDLESS MANIPULATION AS IS MEDIA NEWS. NO THEORIES WITHOUT TRUE AND CLEAR OPPOSITE VIEW POINTS. NO IMAGINATION OR FANTASIES OR DELUSIONS/ WHICH MEANS NO UNIVERSITY KNOWS EXPERT IS ALLOWED. “ONLY THE EVIDENCE”, and those who can explain it with clear certainty; with subpoena to insure we know as best we can. Evidence and knowledge that prove clear and certain respect for the public: as they will vote, for the future of their life and all living things. NOBODY is allowed to intentionally lie, remove truths, or in any way subvert the call for evidence as pure as we can realistically, make it be. And if they do: prison for life, will be their reward/ or death; if the world is to die, because they chose it to be so; with arrogance and the filth of their delusions.

    THEREFORE CALL FOR A COURTROOM: IDENTIFY THE CAUSE AS LIFE OR DEATH OF OUR WORLD/ AND JUSTIFY WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE, “here in America”; because the CONSTITUTIONAL LAW OF REDRESS; allows for us as a society, “to defend ourselves” in situations where our employees are considered to have failed the constitutional decree: “that is, the preamble so stated” as the proof, “our nation shall be this.”

    1. you may use me as your litigant/ but make no mistake, you will be defending yourselves. NOT me; because I am irrelevant, to the cause of your threats. They are all YOU.   You will: define me as, “I, James Frank Osterbur; demanding for the people of this USA, and this state of ILLINOIS. Proving, WE THE PEOPLE,  SHALL ENFORCE; that constitutional law shall be upheld! By the peaceful demonstration of law, for the specific purpose of protecting the people, the nation, and this world; including life on earth. SHALL HAVE, FIRST AMENDMENT: REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. as our legally authorized tool, for protecting and defending ourselves, from a nation or state that has gone awry. The listing of that can be found throughout sites ( ; and trials which I have formed/ evidence presented/ and realities of being wrong, which cannot be allowed to occur.  OUR VOTE: to determine if our employees have sustained their oath of office to us; to protect and to serve the nation with honor, according to constitutional intent. IS OURS ALONE TO DECIDE: WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE! A guaranteed legal right, to protect and defend our liberty, our freedoms, and our law;  as was formed by blood and sacrifice, to insure:  “no civil war/ or lost nation or state”.  WE DECIDE THE TRUTH. WE CHANGE WHAT WE MUST, BY OUR VOTE, AND OUR COURT/ NOT OUR WEAPONS.
    2. your excuses, are now fully removed. the foundation laid: is to allow humanity itself, to dig its way back; to a future for this world. your choice is to accept the price of that; “is what it costs/ not what you want”. the reality quite simple:  use your brain, to understand it is extinction you have chosen, if not life.
    3. no mercy will come: life or death for this earth, “literally revolves around your choice to go to court and identify what is true/ and what is the cost of being wrong, for both life and planet: and eternity to you. you must go to court: because there is no other way, to influence the people, by acknowledging what we prove to be true. consequently every form of evidence must reveal reality without alteration or manipulation. ONLY WHAT IS TRUE/ but governed, by the true price of being WRONG, reveals this.  when the battleground clears, and the people have been prepared to make their decision:  you will vote, preferably as a world. and pride says: “we don’t have to do nothing you ask”/ while power insists, “we will kill him if this starts”. Want, the essence of every human animal writes: “we hate this/ but we don’t want to die”. And reality states: “your life/ for true change; and nothing less”. While religion states: this is not who or what we expected/ therefore we do not have to care. But I tell you true, flawed and imperfect without question: I AM, THE ONE SENT, to give you this message. Either you will change for life and planet to be saved; or you will be lost forever. The cost of being WRONG. Believe it or not, GOD SAYS; “they will choose their own fate or destiny”/ as it was intended to be. NO going back in time; the consequences of each choice, will be real.
    4. A reality of the spiritual world, in me; believe it or not. No, I don’t know why/ it is irrelevant, I am the messenger; who among you could not have done that?      The difference I suppose is:  “it took my entire adult lifetime, and everything life could have been”/ to do it, with no  real support. Would you? Not a game; MY gift back to    GOD  my CREATOR.   JESUS, my guarantor, we are not forgotten or abandoned; but loved. Which makes my decision:  whatever it takes, for this living world; apart from, my eternity.  Sealed with  GOD.  “Whatever, that is to be; no charge is claimed/ my gift back”.And the world says back: “we KNOW” YOU are lying now; because there is no such thing as a spiritual world.  Religion replies: We KNOW you want; and are thereby the greatest liar, and thief; to ever live. the universities say: HE CAN’T PROVE NOTHING. I agree; as only the evidence does that. So, for forty years I have said: DEMAND A COURTROOM, SO ALL CAN KNOW; as best we can!  I can however prove: truth never lies/ although reality can be forced into a lie; use caution. Truth replies: in the elemental grace of miracles, I again answer the question: what came first, a chicken or an egg? The answer is: thought came first/ because even a fool can understand, “if an egg cannot be sealed, or filled, or exposed to air and reproduction/ the chicken cannot go on. Whereas without the egg, the chicken cannot go on. and the universities say: WE DON’T NEED TO KNOW ANY OF THAT;  “CHAOS, is our god, its all MAGIC AND ACCIDENTS”. While your “satanic cult of university is god” tries to destroy all life/ by mutilating the genetic balance that is nature itself. To prove YOU, are now DEAD TOO. WHERE, is the lie? Answer the question within reality, no delusions, fantasy, or imagination accepted. And the cult answers with: GIVE THE DAMNED MORE BRIBES, to keep them fools: BLIND to everything they need to survive. AFRAID, and willing to accept a “vaccine: we will destroy life”; as reality proves NATURE was discarded. the people shout, WE will fear, media is our savior. While: The conquest of life itself, has begun: as men claim to be god now, with their vaccine generated with computers/ as is nature banished in this, their claim: nature be damned.

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