SURVIVAL FOR THIS PLANET, and what is left of life itself: is now limited to one single decision; because you have failed the conception of thought, and rest in the horrors of university; as believers do. In order to dethrone the university as your god/ and make the cult of university worshipers stand back up: the throng of believers must realize. A greater fear of the university/ than they have of life, death, and survival. These three control human experience, and they alone, are the human extent of what can stop life and planet from being destroyed. disgrace is every whereMore simply: to get the attention of humanity back from the death grip of university is god/ REALITY MUST SET IN, TO AWAKEN THE DEAD; and make them think for themselves again. The curse of fool/ the plague of failure/ the disease of arrogance/ the blight of human greed and selfishness/ all that is wrong with this human participation in our world: comes down to our relationships with this.

THE SINGLE GREATEST ABOMINATION to ever be conceived; among a long list of tragedies designed by men: IS THE INTENT TO IGNITE A NUCLEAR FIRE, “JUST LIKE THE SUN” HERE ON EARTH. WRONG IS OUR EARTH BECOMES ANOTHER SUN/ THAT EVENT CHANGES THE SOLAR SYSTEM/ THAT REALITY CAUSES THIS EARTH TO EXPLODE, due to thermodynamic effects as the oceans are burned (all atoms burn, in a nuclear fire). These are the cost of being wrong; along with the fire once released; will eject the entire atmosphere of earth, ignite the moon on fire (million mile flames);  and burn this world, with all its life; “alive”. And the universities say: “we need not worry about the consequences”; because there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire. A greater delusion does not exist; although universities add many trying to prove they can be god.

THEREFORE WITHOUT THE ADVANTAGE OF THOUGHT; forced to confront the cost of believers who hide and refuse all evidence of fact; because belief eliminates their worst fears. THE REALITY IS; that you must convince the others; that their belief will not save them from “a million mile long fire, that burns atoms for fuel”. On a planet made of atoms: everything is then fuel. The believer hides deeply in their assertion: “the universities are savior/ god/ king/ superior/ and without question smarter than me; therefore we have no choice”/ as is the constant of a cult, instead of a simple religion. YOU DO HAVE ONLY ONE CHOICE LEFT, TO SAVE THIS EARTH; and that is not a game, nor is it a lie! You must convince the believer that the evidence will prove them wrong. The constant of human behavior is: I AM A BELIEVER, BECAUSE NOW, “I DON’T HAVE TO THINK ANYMORE/ I CAN, SIMPLY SAY: I KNOW”! Which is the basis for endless failure and delusions in human existence. Only truth knows. Belief is not truth/ belief is the end of thinking; the minimizing of fear, because I made my decision, and there is nothing left for me to do. But keep all doubt OUT; therefore prison walls to surround the believer with defenses, do that so belief continues to exist. Tear down their walls, and they will hate you; and seek revenge; because their own fear, has come back. That is the battleground; and the war includes, NO BELIEVER WANTS A TRIAL; because that might make them think/ and if they think, fear returns again. Which leaves them separated from “the herd of their protection: as is, WE/ not just I; BELIEVE”. The zealot lives in the middle of that herd sacrificing or betraying anyone they can; so as not to be confronted by truth. The evidence of reality, not simply discarded by the group; because we can. “we make our own rules”, is the epitome of religion. The reason we believe: “now, we or I am in charge”/ because what we want, is our chosen truth! Even if it is a lie, a tragedy, or a failure; it is our own, and we won’t surrender it: UNLESS REAL FEAR REPLACES BELIEF WITH TRUTH.

TO ACHIEVE: any degree of success, in confronting the believer, the realities of failure must be identified with the cost of being wrong: which is our earth becomes a sun. Therefore we must align ourselves with one single determined reality: in the demand to construct a LEGAL TRIAL, SO AS TO STOP THE MADNESS; a tiny few have stated “they know”; this can be done/ needs to be done/ or will be done safely, because of what they know. Simple as that. So the weapons of reality turn to what they do, or do not know as fact. Theories SHALL NOT GAMBLE LIFE OR DEATH FOR OUR WORLD/ THEREFORE ONLY TRUTH BY THE FACTS THAT CAN BE VERIFIED WITHOUT DELUSION OR SUBJECTURE TO THINGS “IMAGINED”, rather than known: shall be allowed in court. As the trial, of whether we the people let these tiny few: GAMBLE AND RISK, “THIS ENTIRE WORLD, WILL BURN”; IF THEY ARE WRONG.

THE FIRST reality that requires identification is the truth of how many machines are, and have been trying to ignite a nuclear fire just like the sun; actually do exist. Because only a few do know, with certainty; they simply believe its safe. Because they have been told “its just fusion” so we can control it.

THE SECOND REALITY now identified is: that having learned it is spin that holds the energy/ your universities are on the very edge of igniting a nuclear fire. As ignorance leaves, and reality proves what can and cannot be done. Because they will not back away from arrogant pride, and the intent to prove they can be gods. MAKING THIS, “A NOW OR NEVER” DECISION for you the world; no going back in time; ignition is LIFE OR DEATH for earth, and for you: BY FIRE. There will be thousands, trying to say, “i did it”; until they do.

But fusion is a known lie; as has been proven in numerous ways; a theory of delusions. Which universities refuse to reveal; because it is the calm “we can control this” feeling:  its just mixing hydrogen into helium: safe.  THAT BEING DEAD NOW, IN SCIENTIFIC TERMS; the public remains stupid with: “they’re claiming fusion is: the sun operates by extreme heating and pressures at the core, because of gravity (no clue what it is)/ which then causes hydrogen to be combined with helium, to produce heat and light.

  1. Of the many realities, in dispute of those lies: if the sun makes helium, with every btu it creates/ THEN WHERE IS THE HELIUM? Because it would be the most abundant element in the universe if that were true, and it is one of the rarest elements known. So the sun does not make helium, and the process of combination does not exist. The only reason hydrogen appears to escape the sun fire; in their tests:  is because it is the smallest/ fastest, and least vulnerable element to the fire: it exists, within “the ash cloud” from that fire.
  2. In support of that reality is: the energy we know is contained in an atom, is not magic as the universities suggest. Instead reality allows for only one possibility, that is a known, provable truth by humanity: the mass at its nucleus spins at above the speed of light/ which is, a rate necessary to calculate the energy released in an atomic explosion. A known fact! Therefore combining atom nuclei, that are spinning at tremendous speed: is known to be impossible! Which is why, elements are not found beyond a specific weight:  “they cannot be held together/ spin destroys them”. Requiring the truth: fusion cannot exist, and is entirely a lie of university fantasy. Fusion was proven not to exist; by Lawrence Livermore Laboratories in San Francisco in 2012. Another type of machine built to ignite a nuclear fire: 180 million degrees @ 500,000psi: at the focus point of 192 lasers.
  3. In the composition of physics: the law is, “for every action there is a reaction”. Which means if an atomic nuclei (proton) is spinning at tremendous speed: then like a mass tied to a string/ in order for that mass to remain in orbit and not fly away; an opposing force, an anchor point of even greater strength than the centrifugal force imposed upon the mass: MUST EXIST. {an indisputable truth} That is commonly called a neutron. It is THE DARK ENERGY of the universe, and it is built upon the principle that an exploding star, can turn the energy back onto its core reversing that energy into a black hole of the universe. Pulsars release dark energy to be recombined into atoms. The big bang started it all. DON’T get lost in what is not important. IT IS HOWEVER necessary to understand: the opposing force of dark energy (pull), when separated from the kinetic energy of push (heat and light)/ IS THE FORCE OF SOLAR GRAVITY; “RELEASED BY THE NUCLEAR FIRE”.
  4. Your universities have declared: the core of the sun is made out of “gravitons (an element 15 times heavier than lead)”. An element that is known NOT TO EXIST; but is only theorized with imagination. The people at CERN (A DANGEROUS machine) lie to you, and claim they have made elements in their atomic collisions. But their effects; used to claim an element existed; only last a few micro seconds! That fact is NOT SCIENCE, BUT DELUSIONS used to support “don’t shut us down; then we have to get real jobs”. Not science, unless the real world of repeated cause and effect, beyond imagination proves it is true. Propaganda, as is media induced trance, for the purpose of “don’t question us/ stay away: so, you don’t know”.
  5. IF THE CORE OF THE SUN: was “150 million degrees hot”/ THEN ALL THE SUN IS BEING BURNED AT ONCE (its magic). Because all the fuel is being used in this core process: all the fuel of the sun, the entire mass “like a forest fire”; is dissolving into the energy, being released by the sun. Which means the sun CANNOT burn long, because the fuel will be gone. We know that is not true/ we know the sun releases energy, which means it burns fuel. We know: because the sun remains stable and has done so for all of human written history, that the core cannot be on fire. Which is absolute proof: they’re delusion and fantasies of all the fuel is burning at once/ is not on fire at all. Rather, the sun burns in slow progression; as gives it the stability to remain “a sun”. Proving the core is not heated at all; beyond its ability to remain physically stable. An undeniable truth. Their assertions are entirely fictitious; because they needed a theory to create solar gravity; so they made one up: because they cannot see, “within a million mile long, sphere of flames”.Reality would prove, as is consistent with thermodynamics: that the flame rises above the fuel source, “much like a candle”/ the eleven year cycle is due to distancing between flame and fuel/ while a “sun tornado: is a particularly hard spot on the rock below. While a solar flare “some measuring 12 million miles long” is extra fuel being thrown into the fire; “from a soft spot”. Like so many things: the herd believes/ because the leader says; even if wrong. Alas, you can’t be leader, “without an answer/ the herd wants an answer”.
  6. The tomak reactor/ the only type of reactor being used now:  to ignite their nuclear fire (let atoms burn). Discards fusion entirely, because it is an effort to make plasma atoms so hot/ they literally begin to burn. Because order and atomic discipline along with atomic balance is being destroyed; by their energy inputs. Their scientific claim is: once ignited the atomic fire will release 4 MILLION times more energy than a chemical fire: in the public literature they claim “a ten percent increase”/ as is LIAR. Their claim is: we will contain it/ by controlling the plasma. But with 50 million watts or more of energy being input, and computer aided speeds nearing the speed of light: a 4 MILLION TIMES MORE EFFECT IS/ NOW THE PLASMA WILL CREATE AND SUSTAIN ITSELF; AS IT BURNS ATOMS FOR FUEL: and the process becomes “just like the sun”. No second chances/ no do over/ no going back: the earth becomes a sun.
  7. WHY is this extreme risk being taken? The answer is: “we want what we want/ and we don’t want nothing we don’t want”. And reality proves, what you are doing with energy and everything as the universities led you to do: WILL NOT WORK MUCH LONGER. THIS EARTH WILL DIE/ BECAUSE HUMANITY CHOSE TO KILL IT “one human shouting I DON’T care” at a time. Extreme change is required to even begin the hope of a future for any child. And the elders say, “not in my lifetime/ so I won’t pay”. Just as they have been saying that to me, for over forty years; as these machines, and these plans to ignite “the same energy source here, as is on the sun”; have been being built. Greed and selfishness consumed this America; and it could not be defeated; the curse of universities as is arrogance so extreme: that all of nature, all of life and world is threatened with extinction exists. The curse of power and pride as is “media propagation” of anything universities say: exists, because the universities took control over the American currency and exported how to the world; inflating those currencies to buy anything they wanted for themselves. By keeping the people busy, with bribes: the insurrection of arrogance becomes the playground of those who believe they are gods. They are not; unless you give them the final say of “Satan: we killed the world”. Religious or not, the reality is true.

EVERYONE CAN LEGALLY DO SOMETHING; FOR LIFE AND PLANET; or you just don’t care! Simple as that.

Different, has come to mean: “like a mother, faced with an entirely spoiled child, that has no discipline/ little order/ refuses balance/ and no respect for life or planet at all”; the reality is, either abandon the child, or accept one last try to straighten that child out before he and she dies. To do that requires, that I quit trying to include you in “plans for the future”/ and simply do that for you myself. As any honest mother would do. NOT because you deserve it, you don’t/ but because death is permanent, and life has meaning beyond your very simple imagination.

So, we must begin in a different way as well: there are no questions, as you confront NO learning; and simply destroy everything you touch; with very few exceptions. Using arrogance, ridicule, disgrace, and disrespect as your tools/ university as your god. In reality I find this distinctly upsetting; because life and earth are ending. Even if you don’t believe, it is true; because the evidence does not lie: “like you, and your university gods do”.

We then must seek answers, instead of understanding which allows for thought to intervene and seek a future. Since you refuse thought, no understanding or wisdom is possible: therefore life or death is now without your input. You will either do as you are told to do/ or reality will be as your university gods did destroy. Simple as that; you are a child/ who failed to grow up. Because the disease of university failed you/ the gangrene of media betrayed you/ the fools of politics want you to beg/ and the liars who seek life to be a game, “want it all”.

We therefore begin again, but with a different view of you!

  1. You will remove “HADES (eternal damnation)” from this world; which means you will stop ALL those trying to ignite a nuclear fire. Your first decision is to remove all electrical service from this human endeavors, completely. Not only disconnect/ but remove everything needed to reapply electricity to them. Do not allow for any other type or kind of utility, or supply line; to remain or be added later/ shut them down in their entirety. You do not need “government employee permission” to do that/ but you do need public acceptance, so that none will allow it to be reconnected. Lock the doors, and go to court: requiring absolute proof of what can or will go wrong. Establish their conclusions of what will go right by their estimation/ and then pick it apart for fantasy, delusion, disgrace, and all you can find that can become; LIFE OR DEATH FOR OUR WHOLE WORLD. No excuses, you will do it/ or die; because there are no second chances with ignition of atoms on fire. Fusion is an outright lie, like evolution; that only the most delusional, or devoid of reality could believe.
  2. You will remove ARMAGEDDON (nature in chaos) from our future; if indeed it is not too late already/ and you will PRAY that is true; because terrible things have already been done with and against nature that gives you both body and life. TO YOUR SHAME; you let the chaos, horrors, and terrorism of GENETICS; as led by the “university diseased”; invade life. Their failures are so extensive/ their demand for chaos so extreme: that the potential for life to remain on earth, is extremely small. Retain hope/ but destroy their ability to proceed. Take back every form and every type of tool that can, or could be used. Leave them nothing; other than what is valid to policing; and no more. Take away ALL FUNDING/ ALL SUPPLIES/ ALL COMPUTERS/ ALL ACCESS/ ALL OPPORTUNITY/ AND INSURE: if you fail to follow our demand, NO MORE of this. Your death comes quickly/ and those who walk with you (failed to warn us), shall find themselves in prison or dead as well. This is a political decision, and needs no other aspect or purpose other than your vote. WE OWN THE WORLD, and there shall be none left altering or destroying what life or planet needs. We then go to court: and identify who the terrorists are, and what is the horrors they have unleashed; trying desperately to survive what they have done. As is true of every courtroom occurrence: IF THEY CANNOT make it absolutely plain and clear, to the vast majority of people; so that the people understand what is being done. YOU WILL throw the geneticists in prison until the day they figure out how to talk intelligently to the people so they do understand. Like contempt: there is no time limit on their imprisonment. EXPLAIN THE COST OF BEING WRONG/ the reality of what you don’t know in terms of life and mutilation and catastrophe; or if we get tire of waiting you get to die. Just as you have been trying to destroy our world; we will destroy you. No fear about what they can or cannot do. No fear regarding any disease that gets released. No fear and no acceptance that they know “the cure”/ they don’t. We will rid this earth of these vermin (not one in one hundred is found to be “working for life”/ all the rest want to be gods or rich); or they will kill us all: one way or the other. Their defense is “evolution will fix it”. Your defense is: prove it is anything but a delusion/ adaption will not be accepted; as it has no meaning beyond “like a motor in a car/ we know, because we have a brain; this works”. Proving thought, one tiny step at a time, in your brain; created life.  More simply: extremely complex “living factories that build the body of life itself”; all automatically for you/ can be destroyed by “lack of a brain to respect that truth”: such as is “university: curse of the damned”. They have no concept of what can destroy life itself, with one little change; like a disease, that cannot be reversed. EVERY single cell in a living organism MUST “get along” with the rest/ participate as a whole/ and do its part: anything less is catastrophic. University constant injection of their “sewage (don’t belong here)”, into life: will not end well. As is the predicted “Armageddon (nature in chaos)”. accept life and DNA will never be "a human domain"your great and mighty “gods of university: CANNOT CREATE from its beginning one single living cell/ not a blood vessel, or blood/ not communication or any part of life”.  Yet they claim they can make decisions to influence all of nature, THAT WILL bring death, to our world: because they now have tools to do so. An ARROGANCE SO VILE:   EXTINCTION FOLLOWS FOR THIS WORLD.  because you, are the “fools, and blind failures/ the devils assistant” who let them do it. HOW PATHETHIC, AND VILE: that makes, “who YOU ARE!”   CHANGE OR DIE.
  3. You will remove: ALL WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Taking away their excuses, by establishing WORLD LAW, which we the people of this world create and agree upon “as the laws of our world”: by our own vote. TO CONTROL LEADERS, within our own courtroom/ and to control people, DEMANDING STAY within your borders; don’t destroy the future: or we the world, will fight you back. No exceptions, an international army, primarily based upon ships; that proves EVERY SOLDIER; is completely replaced every 7 years. SO THAT NO collusion or corruption takes hold. This is done by establishing the cost of armies, and the realities of what power and pride has done throughout history. By removing their purpose which is to control other nations from attacking us/ WE THE WORLD GAIN, the truth only small armies to regulate the nation itself are allowed. This then becomes: a mixture of policing, military, investigation, judiciary, and the decision to monitor and respect the courtroom, by applying justice and fair play to every judge. Removing any: who fail us, as soon as possible. WE OWN THE COURTROOM/ WE DECIDE WHO GOES OR STAYS. As is the basis of society in peace, and stabilized with harmony.
  4. You will remove:
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