elemental forces



Reality knows: that the foundation of our behaviors, is held within the values of our heart. Heart being: the place inside, where life and death have meaning, and the motion of where we lead ourselves to be; is defined by what we do desire/ or, what we do want, in relation to our time on earth.

In the reality of motion, the quest to identify ourselves as a relationship with and beyond what did create life in us/ the decision is simple: can I, be sufficient in and of myself/ OR, must there be more life than just me, to sustain a desire for living? That answer follows humanity, and shadows its existence; until the day when we decide what will be our destiny. Love needs life to survive, because without happiness there is no hope/ and without hope as is the essence of love itself, there is no purpose to life or living. While in contrast hate asserts: if I were god/ then all these things of life, would be reduced to what is worthless, or will become so.

We begin with sex: as the foundational explanation of male or female/ the offering, which shapes our behaviors due to the chemicals it releases. Sex is the essence of an animal; as its relationship to our lives is physical/ and its importance to our lives is chemical. But there are: “seven stages of sex”. 1) blunt force, nothing matters but me. 2) visual reference, nothing matters but your trophy to me. 3) chemical rise, nothing matters to filling the gap, a body releases to form needs. 4) the power of sex, I can control you. 5) shaping want, to include you in my future. 6) the desire to share and care, with friendship by respect. 7) the elemental rise of love, into the desire that releases soul in each; so that we may be one within each other. Of these only the last two, understand the concept of human alive.

The only value of hate is: IT SHOWS the tragedy, failure, and disgrace; of those who refuse to love. Nothing else; as what is worthless then becomes you.

The value of being human alive however is elementally chosen by steps, into the grace and being of value, that identifies human over animal. A resurrection of the life we lead, from body into thought (not an intellectual game/ but a relationship governed through miracles ascending beyond time; as our decision to participate in this Creation of life on earth).

We begin, as the construction of time allows; in infancy. Prior to birth, there are “only miracles” involved. At birth, we become a human, to be determined, and identified, by our own time. To achieve a value over that beginning; decisions must be made. Since there are no decisions beyond the need for survival, the focus of body is most important/ the child must rise above “simply self”; before ascending into the creation of knowledge, that is “I AM ALIVE”. This is achieved, when life understands LOVE. While an infant does in fact conceive of love, he or she does not directly participate until they choose it for themselves; no date is given as to when, where, why, or how that might be. Each is an independent life.

The question erupts: WHY, are some distinctly loving/ while others show no desire for that as life inside? The answer is want decides. Want is the relationship we share with animal, as a body in time; and as time will prove for most. It is all a majority desire for their lives/ don’t need nothing else, this is good enough for me. The difference in values, sorts the difference in behaviors. Environments aid and abet, the reality of our time/ not the decisions of our heart. The realities of survival: determine the questions that must be answered; now. Time lives/ and time dies; taking each animal with it, as a one time experience or expression of what simple existence identifies through nature. It is not chaos, until the decisions of humanity make it so. It is not by accident; as predator and prey have very specific boundaries to insure: while massive population counts ensure survival/ critical control over those numbers ensures the environment will survive; to keep all living in a governed relationship with time. When realities shift beyond that limit: disease erupts to control: “the earth comes first/ so that life itself may survive”. Animal has no other meaning or purpose, than to accentuate the truth of “these ARE miracles, produced for you; to comprehend soul”.

Time ends: when participation dies. Does not death prove that? In so doing, the animal realizes, they too will end/ and that gives pause to each one. While nature is in charge: we compete, but there is enough for all/ realistic harmony continues. But when reality proves, “we are running out of what we need”/ that competition turns to explain life is being destroyed by “those/ OUR ENEMIES”; and then comes war. The universities exist, primarily for war; and from the beginning they made war worse. But in contrast to that: are those who raided the others, because they were too lazy to do the work for themselves. That required aid, to and for; the more peaceful ones. Then comes government: we are the force which protects you/ provides what you cannot do for yourselves. Requiring communications: which then become the force of cults, and the desire of evil can change society itself. Because with belief, comes the decision: “this army will obey”. The cost of universities today is: by finding a few “bits of sand” on the beach/ they assert, “we are all animals, and cannot be more”. Therefore whosoever controls the greater weapons, rules the world. Since there is no greater weapon than disease, and the universities now hold keys to the creation of diseases: they now rule, by fear. Soon as “SATAN unfettered by truth”/ because true biological war, is on your doorstep/ and humanity has abandoned both “NATURE AND GOD OF LIFE”. Leaving only death, terrors, and mutilation as your companion in time.

We then turn to begin, back where love exists/ rather than the enemy of this world: as has become the plague of universities, and the disease of its media.

Where life does rise, in the elegant structure, of a mind we shape to be our own; as love allows. Discarding the rest, as no longer needed; because love is a desire beyond self.

LOVE IS: the acceptance of trust, the foundation of respect, the realities of value, the decision to share and to care, the discovery of “life alive in you”, and the intensity of heart as it turns from time into eternity: thereby shaping the soul, as my gift to GOD. Without each of these, you are lacking. Without truth shaping your answer, by the laws of your heart; you are lying. Return and begin again; as is the constant of my own life: to build/ find fault/ tear it back down, and build again; until the day life says enough.

And the people say: “there are too many words”/ what we want, “is knowledge without work/ understanding without cost/ wisdom with wants/ or a leader who gives us all these things we cherish, as an inheritance to ourselves. WE GET, for free: what you built. OR, we rage and take what we want; if you will just open that door. As is the human animal defined by universities: in pride, power, and want.

CONTRARY to that want, is the reality of love: which means without hate (as is the evidence of pride, power, and want). TO BE ALIVE, REQUIRES WORK/ there is no “land of milk and honey” where all things are free, gluttony is tolerated, or being lazy or vile is all that want needs to be. Want, pride, nor power exist in “the universe of love”; it is banned/ and the law will keep that true.

ETERNITY does not allow love and hate to exist together, not even the tiniest little bit/ they are complete opposites. Death exists: to remove all that is not love, from your truth as a life. Whether it be harsh or easy; no living thing shall enter the eternity of love, “with flaws”. Mercy allows for distance from the truth of love; for those seen fit to enter “the second death”: try again, where hate cannot be released. Hate has no mercy/ animal dissipates and vanishes forever.

The value of life is love; without love, your descent is into hate. The decision is yours alone.

We then turn again: to examine the elemental shapes of how an atom is formed/ determines the chemical signature of an individual physical element. To consider how we shape our decisions; will affect and determine how the truth which constructs, our lives as self; are to be identified. The shape of motion forces change. Therefore the type and style of that motion is a fundamental participant in how we are formed; both as time, and beyond. All motion originates from the foundation of energy: which means to force a change in position or direction.

We then begin with the question: “why does force requiring change exist”?

The answer challenges us to “see Creation”, as an element of change within itself. Therefore not simply a “Position in time/ but a translation of that time as life”. To change the direction of life; as is death/ forces us to evaluate our relationship with life as transient rather than stable: an energy/ instead of a mass as the body suggests. I stop here, as it is enough for you.

the body is an anchor; time is a chain; life is our own relationship with limited force,  under our control. The question being: WHAT, WHY, WHEN, WHERE, HOW, AND WHO would you become, if allowed the opportunity to change self, life, environment, and even more?  Because instead of “throwing people out” of “heaven”;  you determine for yourselves, if you will be allowed to enter:  a living freedom, with love.

While universities claim: “nothing beyond what we see here on earth can exist”/ as their means of denying the possibilities of eternity; various forms of religion that have no clue. BUT; On the flip side of their claim is: all the university imagination, fantasies, stupidity, disgrace, and delusions; of media  &  entertainment as does inundated their claims of what could exist instead of life as we know it, here on earth; including space travel. As they form the means of their own escape;  from planet earth: having destroyed it all. It will fail/ but dreamers are dreamers, even if no reality exists. After all, “blind is blind”.
Their version of existence is, as their religion evolution teaches:  to take what does exist, and add chaos, by mixing it all together; so that “something” has to happen. As is what the geneticists around this world do every single day:  trying to make their “god of chaos/ yes we can build it one piece at a time; IF we mix the pieces of life together”‘; appear. “its just like monkeys” given enough time, can destroy anything.  Don’t worry, “they are gods in their own eyes; and can choose to use ANYTHING they desire”/ particularly now, that they have convinced you to believe “nature be damned/ we are the gods now”.  GET OUT OF OUR WAY.  as is the purpose of a pandemic, that did not exist/ beyond what they caused. The factories exist:  to prove NATURE IS DAMNED/ by universities playing god.  AS they believe: we can create a whole new world of life/ by evolution.  It is an epidemic of fools; supported by traitors to life. Shame on you and your mask.  AS ALL of “news media” continues to inundate, and propagate throughout  society, and as best it can the world:  with only one thirty second view, of the university is god, “a billion times every single day”. NO counterpoint exists; because cult worship of university; cannot be questioned. just FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY! As the TV, and more; does prove.

just so its clear:  I stood entirely alone, for over forty years/ doing my best, to say wake up to the reality of what you do. Bribes, and the power of fools, won! I will NOT be standing alone anymore, “for you”. I stand alone “just for me”; in the trial suggested: to demand redress, as a citizen guaranteed.  if you fail to push them/ they will simply discard that demand; because I cannot make them accept constitutional law:  UNLESS YOU PARTICIPATE.  SIMPLE AS THAT.      Stand up and be counted:  “sign your name: I am here too”.   STOP worshiping the idea of “free”.

it is suggested, “that I write too much/ and should stop”: the consequence of that is, as my writing for all these years identifies, “this earth, can become extinct/ or both life and planet, as your fools, liars, failures, traitors, terrorists and more; of universities play with energy, “just like the sun”.

Nonetheless, it is your life; and only you can save this earth, by communicating among yourselves: that change is required/ NOW, not later as you always choose for greed, selfishness, lust, and pride.

I will return with evidence of trial; if you make that happen. I cannot, the courts have locked the courtroom door, and refuse to obey the law. But it matters not; because without the law, there is no answer in the court; as they have proven deliberately again and again. Just as people have proven again and again: “nothing matters, by my toys, trophies, and trinkets; to demand I am winner”/ revenge for loser/ or cowardice for fear, bowed down in homage to, university is your god. Wake up or die, it is that simple. Fight for your world, or it will be lost/ and past the point of no return, absolutely nothing you can choose to do; will change anything/ not even your own eternity.

As to elemental forces: the discovery a desire beyond self, to achieve “a living world, that we all share; as caring will prove”: is evidence of GOD in and of itself. As you would know, if you had visited the extreme blackness/ the void of space established in “elemental time”. The sheer emptiness, even when you are life itself; is very hard to survive; making love not only the answer, but life itself. In that understanding, the essence of our time here is proven to be, “love is, the greatest treasure in this universe”. But those who are unwilling to make it their own true and honest destiny; cause “pollutants to occur/ and life to suffer accordingly”. Therefore the question exists: who does belong, who will share the truth, “of our eternity”? That answer is: your own free will choice, as life can achieve happiness,(the essence of love) in no other way.

I do present you with this lesson: my dad suffered from pride, when he inherited money/ he could not escape it; until I made him “open the door/ and look at what he had been collecting inside”. Only then, did a little love return to him/ as pride failed on his deathbed. My mom as well, suffered from pride; believing she had done all she needed to do; in order to collect the prize called “heaven”/ until she asked; & I made her realize, “not perfect, do a little more work”. Pride forced her to quit talking to me (she wanted what she wanted)/ even to her dying day. Pride is an elemental enemy, forcing humanity to believe in “winner or loser”; by the games you play. People get angry, because I do not play their game; I do not. Power shapes the game/ and want makes all the rules, all the lies, and even betrayal occur; because you cannot have what you want, or even don’t want (revenge is mine)/ unless people play the game. Love makes no games of life. Respect does not allow for a fool. Truth is, by all definitions a law revealed; so the question is: which side are you on?

Pride makes you fail this life/ this nation/ this world/ this nature/ this earth/ your child/ even your own eternity. Pride is not what makes you powerful/ it is what makes you fail, living as love, truth, and respect can be. You will change or die as a world/ because you have no other options that survive. Truth would tell you that, “if only you listened”.

“I feel” like a summary is needed, therefore a tiny bit more is added.

The foundation of human failures “is long and wide”/ but nothing is so disgraced, nothing so vile, as is “the universities and their religion called evolution”. Nothing so utterly stupid, and without support; as their claim (their direction) “chaos, and the endless accidents did build all of life/ without even a brain”. Even the most vile disease ridden “sewer sludge”; would have to sink lower in the scale of life: to achieve such disrespect as is this. SHAME ON YOU, YOUR RELIGION, AND YOUR EDUCATION OF FAILURE; as is the depths humans accept, in order to ignore and defy both reality and truth; the dignity of life itself. SHAME ON YOU, for your intentional descent into death, of both this planet, and even life itself. SHAME ON YOU; even the least a fool can be; knows better. SHAME ON YOU; for the herd you created; to walk away from life, as a value called truth.

That said; it is by no means the only tragedy universities, and their cult of whores; seethe and vomit into life.

DISCARDING YOU: is to depart from the animals (its herds/ its predators/ their sewage) as university created; as human want, pride, and power! TO EXAMINE, AND INVESTIGATE, TO ABIDE IN TRUTH; as we begin to search for life itself; to respect the environment, and all its living, which makes existence possible. To search for GOD who did create with thought, as the foundation beyond which we become life. As is the elemental force of “being ALIVE” in human transition; for a universe beyond self or time.

Nothing is so elemental in that search, as is the constant elemental force, of both darkness and space; the sound of silence/ the truth of loneliness; as we face the inevitable translation of life beyond time. What is critical is the element of life itself; as we are confronted by the truth: if death has abandoned the body and its journey/ yet life itself remains, as the truth of what survives; when, we did create an identity, on our own. THEN what now, IF NOT loneliness beyond true comprehension? The answer to that offers no lies; as only truth survives beyond time. Therefore the critical question is: is there movement (elemental desire)? Is there destiny (purity of decision, and its passion for intent), because without a critical and true direction (love), only insanity or hate will result. Belief gives direction/ but unless it is true to life (the law accepted); you will fail.

Therefore the quest to understand truth, is an absolute necessity; beyond time. Yet there are no values beyond the point of no return which is death; that allow for you to change. YOUR decision here, is your passport (I AM, this); into eternity.


As to me; it shall be noted: as to my own family, the death of my nephew, by harsh means; produced a change in us all/ as we did desire to keep his life with us, but could not. Six months later or so; a decision was made because of that event; which became tinnitus in me. A reality that would and did change my life/ six months or so after that; when trying to avoid the reality of [learn/ work/ write]; I chose to say, “well, I can be physical instead”. Which almost immediately became a blood clot; which took that option away. So, I abandoned life as it was; and became life as it would be. Accepting the need is true, and this must be done; because without a world to live in/ or nature to keep us alive; even love itself has no value here. CHANGE must come! At the time, I was certain; “this could not take more than ten years; they just don’t know”. But I was wrong; you did know: you wanted what you wanted/ and was so proud to gain a bribe; the power to shout “I win”; that nothing else mattered, not even death of all life, mutilations, or even world. TO YOUR SHAME. Extreme greed and selfishness is your claim, as humanity; because you earned it/ by worshiping the cult of your failures; “a university diploma”.

So I searched for an answer: for life and planet/ but found nothing in male as am I. So I searched beyond time, for an answer for life and planet; but there was nothing in male that would not fail. So I searched beyond time for female; as this is important for you too. Finding in that quest, the door; and opening that door, finding they are now in charge of me; as I did enter into their spiritual world. Both the best (for life and planet) and worst (for male) of decisions made. The female answer is: “let women try”/ a reality that seems obvious, but I could not find it as strictly male. I have since searched in time, for “female answers/ can you do it”? But they cannot, as reality proves all the same basic: wants, pride, and power of men. However my life shared with female inside has produced a true compromise: BALANCING what we can be to each other, grants a value which can produce the truth of what will survive on this earth. Same for you: equal partners for humanity, male and female same rights, same authority, same truths/ for me, “its much more complicated; more of a ride in the back seat now, she drives the vehicle”. Whether you: Believe it or not; is utterly pointless to me/ I don’t care, my life not yours.

SHE DOES deserve to “guide the journey”; as the reality of [final answer] strictly male, proved to be “war”/ while the reality of strictly female, IS NOT war. War is the end of this planet, as proven by so many of the choices men have made.

EVEN SO: REALITY NOW PROVES, THIS IS THE END OF YOUR ROAD/ and you will change to experience and express life as human: BEING ALIVE in more than just want, pride, or power!

INSTEAD OF ANIMAL; AS YOUR TRAINERS AT THE CULT OF UNIVERSITIES demand. OR, you will go extinct/ and this earth shall be terminated as a sun. CHOOSE!

The plague, pandemic, and epidemic of “university is god” suggests no, “they can do it”. Their cult screams:  “yes we can” as fanatics do.

BUT EVERY facet of evidence, every reality of proof and truth; proves them wrong; and they simply hide in their fantasies, trying to control the sun; before you can stop them (so they don’t have to be questioned for their delusions). THEY WANT, to keep the lies/ so they can flaunt pride and power to control.

RELIGION “wants perfection”/ but there is none of that here. The cost of what you want to believe: is the end of your choice to make a difference, and support both life and earth. YOU are not “gods”; which means just like the universities who guide you/ YOU are wrong. Pride won’t save you/ the power to control this earth has already been tried by many religions and failed; just like today, with the filth and utter disgrace of religious evolution; which also infects and destroys other religion; to your shame, has infiltrated governments; and produced horror comes quickly now.

CHRISTIANITY predicts: the son of man will come in the last days, and tell you many things. These are clearly the last days on earth; even a fool can see it, in over population if nothing else. Which leaves the question of me: IS SOMEONE ELSE coming, to give you more answers? Choose? But remember this: I am merely an imperfect man; although trained and educated to teach “as JESUS did” (even if not more than adequate at best). Altered, and then balanced: by the presence of female in me now; because male was simply NOT enough to even aid this world at best. And all say: THAT IS NOT, what we expected. And the reality of it is; “neither did I”. Even so; life is life, and truth is truth. NOTHING human is perfect, and that includes human written/ human language/ human interpreted: “ book”.

Reality strikes; reminded me of the cost, of universities playing god (not a game): so one last time, I elect to present you with trial [work, learn, choose]. For whatever reason; that biological attack, caused my tits to grow {not my choice}; reminding me, “I too, am going to change, or be changed/ and there will be no changing back”. That extends, throughout these last 15+ years: to an endless array of “this is what women have endured from men”. NO, you can’t escape: YOU will learn. NO, you can’t refuse; as is, the reality of so many women. let no man assume anything; at the risk of your own eternity. NO homosexual, transvestite, non of it exists here:  only the reality of female is now in charge of me. Not by my own choice;  instead reality states, “angry with men/ not me”; but I am here. NO, this is not, “I get to be the slave of women”. This is simply; “you will learn”. NO, it is not my desire or choice; “its complicated; changed places”.  Believe it or not, this is biblically predicted in Revelation 12;  “a spiritual woman, standing on the moon (something foreign; but seen since the beginning of human time: a man).” More so, than you can imagine. NO, I have no clue why me; or what comes next for me; etcetera. None.

“the needle point” which caused my biological infection; is akin or descriptive, of universities and you, as well as me. Hidden from view, the first two days seemed “simple enough”/ BUT THE THIRD DAY, “was basically WOW, life threatening”: attacked by only a tiny misstep; and chaos results. Turn the lights on (go to court and get what you need to know); investigate for truth, not beliefs; examine the evidence at reality explains it not media; and then do the best you can to survive, as life itself requires us all to do. As to “fusion”; what seems safe! I remind you again, there is no going back; the tomak reactors cannot even pretend to do fusion; they exist to ignite atoms on fire. Fusion has been proven wrong at the San Francisco Lawrence Livermore Laboratories in 2012. let them deny it is not so/ or accept the evidence of their failure, and decide for yourselves. DECIDE if media is your friend/ or just their propaganda voice, invading your home?

And this world shouts back: “we want what we want/ and we know what we don’t want”. But alas unlike religion when confronted, which shouts “we DON’T have to do NOTHING”. The reality of our existence has changed do to “universities, influenced truth”. OUR WORLD, is no longer as it was! They played god, and nature is no longer in charge; as all men shouted hurrah. The cost of that change however is: NATURE is no longer in charge/water, food, everything: and, even all the REALITIES of our world, are now threatened with extinction. Because the universities have no respect/ no balance/ no decisions are for life or planet, beyond selfishness/ extreme greed has corrupted everything humanity depends upon! And your lives are about to experience true tyranny, horrors, and the beginning of hell; as the reality of geneticists in charge of corrupting disease, release that onto the world; thereby establishing the biblical prophecy of Armageddon (nature in chaos); because that, is what you let them choose. Extreme delusions overrun them, and they are lost; and will soon be responsible: FOR HELL BEGINS.

You will, CRUCIFY THEM ALL/ but that will change nothing; as doom invades the last fragments of your soul; and it disappears forever. Religious or not/ you chose.                     OR, you will fight for this earth, and all its life NOW: with truth, law, and respect.                        SIMPLE as that!

I turn from your failures: to instruct below.

To the humans: life is a miracle, that will never be explained by chaos or accident or anything less than thought/ rather than the animals as is “nothing matters but what I want or don’t want”.

As we enter, the last days on earth for all of life: the cost of an intellectual is failure, disease, deceit, delusions, “fantasy and imagination without reality”, and all the consequences of “a university” in charge of life and earth. Infants without a brain; because all of life, beyond their own survival; is a toy.

Reality asserts: preparations for death are required/ humanity is failing life and planet; by worshiping the cult of university is god.

We begin with the question of eternity; and explain it by the construction of reality itself. The elemental task is to identify existence; which is the basic definition of energy; without motion. The elevation of mass from energy is construction attained through order and discipline, by adherence to the laws which cause realities in existence to align, and accept each other with harmony. That is no small feat. The development of motion identifies time as a distance traveled/ a relationship conceived of, by the introduction of space (distance expressed) allows time to exist. So we question space itself to consider the translation of time, substance, and distance; by the introduction of thought. Space is the expansion of boundaries, and as such in the infinite realm of what lies beyond this: an eternity is formed. At least for us.

We then turn back to time; and recognize that value is a relationship with expression and experience as it gains the existence of, a change has occurred, in me or life or environment. Value then attests to what truth can do/ or what lies can corrupt. Truth is the substance of our relationship with life; as nothing but truth can keep a body of “a trillion” living cellular organisms inside, “alive and in harmony”; without the endless laws which give us peace. Therefore law is substance endowed with truth, and that truth is the foundation of what we can do or be. Distance equals the relationship we share with time/ while death is the construction demanding (your body/your self/ your decisions); OR, this is as far as time in you will go. When you surrender “willingly or not”; body, self, and decisions: all that is left is truth, life, and direction. Only truth survives to keep life from dying; only love or hate is a direction defined by your soul. The soul is: YOUR acceptance of the miracles by respecting OUR CREATOR did this. As vague as that is: becomes the journey of those who can become alive, in the truth of our struggle: to be as one with life itself.

Thought enters in the construction of that journey, the recognition of that struggle, the understanding “I am ALIVE”; and begins the creation of our own truth; by establishing an identity, from the decisions you have made. Beyond the elemental base of time: are the spiritual destinations that provide a more definitive understanding of truth itself. Thereby we achieve the elemental rise into thought itself; as we create the steps of our ascension, by discovering the laws of truth give us life. A foundation upon which we rise to accept: GOD IS GOD. And we are not.

The existence of motion, is the basis of time. Without that motion (even within the atom) there is no time. Therefore the cause of energy in motion, fundamentally conceives of Creation itself. The balance of what can be controlled, and what must be lost to achieve time; constructs the decision which gives us life. That is not for you to know. The foundations of failure, the curse of the intellectual animal: as has been defined and developed by the universities are for you to know. GO TO COURT, AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE; as best you can.

The cost of ownership is: nobody is going to do what you need for free. The cost of adulthood is: you know, “realities do not always heal themselves/ sometimes, like it or not; you will live with the cost of your mistakes; for the rest of your life”. The cost of raising a child: is you must leave them something to live with, or they die. The cost of democracy is: either you stand up for life, nation, planet, child, and EVERYTHING the universities are trying to destroy: BY INVESTIGATION/ EXAMINATION OF THE EVIDENCE/ AND DECISIONS THAT ARE JUSTIFIED BY TRUTH (remembering the cost of being WRONG): or you go extinct/ forever.

The reality of work is: IF YOU DON’T know how/ you will fail, because “yes we can”; is then a recipe for complete disaster; fools are in charge. However, When those who lead you: FAIL TO ACCEPT, WE MUST NOT, the cost for being WRONG, is life itself!  ONLY TRAITORS, TERRORISTS, AND THIEVES PROCEED to ignore reality as truth; and gamble they can play god.       WITH YOUR LIFE.

As to the cost of remaining alive on this planet: every bastard thing the universities taught you to do or believe, MUST be removed/ re-evaluated/ and assessed for value. 99% is less than worthless.

Realities exist:

  1. you must and you shall: use dead human bodies (prepared as food) to feed the oceans, rivers and streams; in an effort to keep what is left from going extinct. It is not optional.
  2. you must and you shall: stop human over-population here and now, it is not optional. But it cannot be enforced/ unless you separate yourselves into “like groups”. As nations used to be. It is the only way, or you will war; as one group blames the other/ and fails itself.
  3. you must and you shall: use limited capitalism to identify and create a fair and justified society that works for its living.
  4. you must and you shall: establish world law and world policing or you will soon be extinct.
  5. you must and you shall: your entire food, and water supplies are in jeopardy and will fail/ UNLESS you do take immediate steps to sustain and protect the foundations of your life and living; with law. As critical truths will explain.
  6. you must and you shall: recycle/ reuse/ rebuild/ insulate/ and more. Which includes truth rather than lies, as is the constant propaganda of this day.
  7. Human population has ended its expansion into new areas/ they are off limits entirely; with only the tiniest exceptions.
  8. THE LIST IS LONG, and you won’t like it/ because that is what you chose. Payment is due! For or as; a world the vast majority of people; UTTERLY REFUSED TO CARE ABOUT. TODAY HOWEVER, your reward for apathy and arrogance/ hate and lies/ cheating, thieving, whoring, and more: is a door into terrors beyond your imagination; if you don’t.
  9. Playtime is over/ or you die as a world.   NO BACKING UP/ NO MERCY WILL COME/ NO EXCUSES WILL BE ACCEPTED:    CHANGE, or die.YOU WILL PAY, to give your children/ life and earth a future back: OR THE WEIGHT OF THEIR SOULS, WILL CRUSH YOU. HADES will open and take you in.the epidemic of pathogens, that a university represents; are at catastrophic levels/ everything living will soon die; not only because of what they did/ but because of what the masses did. You are believers: because you want what you want, and by blaming them; you believe you can have what you want; and escape the realities and wrath of taking what you do not deserve. Destroying what you did not build. Largely because you do not like the fact of death: your time is measured/ life has a cost. Even though JESUS (as witnessed too by the testimony of miracles; the values of life itself) presented us all, with the possibility of an eternity.

    Reality states: you are not defined by what, or who you believe/ but what, and why you personally choose to do, and accept as your decision.

    The valley of the damned: is the gathering of people who all desire to hide from view (the universities did it); because they want what they want/ and refuse to participate in life or planet beyond what they want. Letting an entire world die (by university fantasy, delusion, deceit, theft, betrayal, terrorism, and more); because they are blind, deaf, and dumb to the consequences of their own truth.

    The critical truth is very simple: this is a world of miracles, built from rock/ achieved by thought/ and constructed by laws which prove what is true. Your body is a miracle, constructed by methods and means beyond your conception. With hands and feet beyond your ability to understand or construct them. With organs and cells and living things all organized with thought; to create the chemicals you must have to survive. To gather, transport, sort and separate those chemicals, and give you a living body of life: which then presents you with time. The heart builds itself, with valves and vessels and blood which you cannot match or cause to exist on your own. Your face, your pulse, your breathe, your plumbing: ALL OF IT, is pure miracle to us. And yet you let the universities defeat you with claims of chaos built life, by a trillion plus accidents all aligning in order, with discipline and balance by laws established in truth; one piece at a time. To your own pure shame. Because you want what you want/ and you want to play games, discarding all responsibility and respect. Because you want to enslave the others, in one way or the other; with money or war or lust or hate. You have reached the end of your road; whether you accept it or not/ whether you do nothing, and let this earth die or stand and fight for this entire Creation with law. One way or the other: this earth will change. So ask yourselves: WHICH side of the line that divides life from death/ will YOU be standing on? Because there is no middle ground left/ no excuse will be heard: simple and plain.



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