The direction of your heart, is determined by the values you accept as your soul. Or more distinctly: critical movements/ critical choices; will be made, when you determine what life truly means to you. Soul constructs with respect: the truth, that defines and creates love/ as is the reality of miracles (beyond comprehension), gave you life, and time.

Hate is the destruction of respect, a decision to walk into chaos, as if by accident/ but it is “one step at a time”; that lands you in disgrace, and its destination which is death. Or more distinctly: the basis, and foundation; used to describe evolution.

Critical movements shape the environment within which we face our choices; by designs associated with you. There are other movements shaped by things we do not control; as is environment: but how you react or act when confronted is shaped by your values; a relationship only you create within yourself. In the animal world: there are predators and prey/ and a herd (by standing close together; walking the same/ looking the same/ shouting the same/ & so on; the prey believe they are safe, when in the middle). The difference between a herd of human animals, and a cult is: the animals need not fear when the predator is not near/ whereas the cult must always fear, so the leader can have complete control. As is with covid: the leaders want complete control/ therefore as is the constant propaganda of fear by media insurrection; you are a cult.

Predators disguise themselves with lies; so you do not see the truth of their purpose, which is to consume. Prey disguise themselves with a herd “can’t see me; on the inside”. The cult disguises itself as obedience: “fear me not”/ whereas the leader of a cult wants nothing more than to be: “god over you/ the insurmountable power that controls your world, your life, your thought, your everything”. Because they are the superior ones; and the predator pack, believing they will share in the kill; waits for a chance to take control for themselves.

The wolf, and its pack; is a predator that wears its prey down: “can’t fight anymore/ too tired”. Therefore the violence of death, is much less dangerous for the wolf, who has limited defenses. The cult is a predator, that limits the opportunity to think; or participate in organized thought; as is the ability to search, examine, or investigate to define what truth is. FEAR is the predators primary weapon/ because if you fear enough: you can be manipulated into believing anything the predator wants you to believe; as is evolution, the religion of fools.

TO ACHIEVE HUMAN ALIVE: it is, absolutely critical, that you think for yourselves. Do not believe as religion demands: search/ examine and prove the evidence of fact/ identify both value and truth/ then understand the consequences of being wrong. So that reality can surface, and the creation of a direction can form: that gives each the choice, to fight for life honestly and with purpose untainted by fear. Religion is divided into two frameworks of conception: those who are required to believe, in order to attend as a member of the herd (obey; memorize; mimic and repeat: a diploma)/ and those who accept the construction of realities as are miracles which we do not understand; giving the grace of filling in the blank spaces (believe; religious interpretation)/ or leaving those spaces open without judgment; because we do not know. (some call the later belief)/ I simply say “I do not know; the evidence cannot be proven; even if thought can create a path which presents the journey to someone searching for heart. That journey is strictly as an individual; and it cannot proceed until what is not true, has been removed.

Fear asserts: if you stand alone/ you will be slaughtered, as a prey standing too far from the protection of others. To a degree that is true; because no journey begins until the quest to construct a path, has been completed. In order to achieve that dimension: the critical truth of an identity, must achieve “I won’t be changed/ I will not fear”. Because the realities of beyond the limits of time; cannot be survived with less. The brain will kill you (no anchor exists); if you do not abandon it. More distinctly, the realm of thought is the dimension beyond time; and it is the environment of truth.

We then elementally rise, in the conception of thought; to achieve the right to enter within (doors)/foundations of what can be found within the laws which govern eternity. Thought is not a shape, nor is it a function of time; it has no true connection with a brain; but exists within the Creation of a miracle. Our independent connection with that Creation is: as life; inside the body of time. Therefore the path searches to remove the body of time/ so as to peer intimately, where life itself can be found. Here thought assembles Creation, and miracles are formed.

Critical constructions link life into thought, and thought into a body of life governed by time. When we remove time: we see inside the dimension measured by energy, using mass to identify life. When we remove that dimension: to establish the universal conception of space; all measurement ends. The critical participation is then to identify “who or what, are you”? Value seeks the truth of life. No greater value can be found, beyond love; therefore love becomes the dimension of thought as life revealed. While hate becomes the descent into chaos consistent with death (evolution consumes you).

Love shapes us, to participate with value/ that value holds life together, as a distinct identity formed in thought, to accept the destiny of life, beyond time; as our own. Love ascends in the joy of freedom expressed, the experience of life complete. While it is thought, that honors respect with the understanding: we owe our lives to GOD. As human (regardless of religion), we owe the understanding of values, desire, and purposes shaped by respect; to conceive of, beyond time: to JESUS.

It is noted: that definitions, that journey into thought; beyond time as a separation of life from body. Do NOT include male and female in the same dimension. Each is a separate entity, NOT the same as the other/ thereby the conceptions of thought do not participate in the same realm of understanding. Knowledge as well, is NOT to be considered as the same reality of fact/ because each has a very different view of the event. The elevation of wisdom: requires a different environment, where both find peace & harmony with the other.

The unfortunate truth of life on earth is: “want/ pride/ and power”; in both male and female; circle like vultures waiting for someone to die, or be vulnerable to attack. The consequence of that is, wisdom fails/ life becomes animal survival; and the herd or pack of predators do form. The middle ground, where nearly everyone believes they exist: is for liars. The consequence of that is: people lie to themselves; so they can be what they want; most of all. So they can make excuses/ or blame someone else: thereby “I am innocent/ you can’t blame me” is where they run, and where they hide. Alas: fear will not excuse you from life, its needs, values, purposes, or direction. To avoid that: most religion is formed, “I will believe whatever I want to be true”; is its purpose. Because the journey into life itself is hard, and dangerous. So the masses say: “You lead/ so I don’t fall, or cry”. But alas: every journey into life itself is unique/ because you are an identity tied only to yourself. YOUR decision, is strictly YOUR decision; as are your values, etc/ are strictly yours. As is defined by “your TRUTH”.

Because life searches for an understanding: the dimensions of male and female are not the same. To achieve true understanding, each represents a different view; that balances life between them “as one conception, we will then share”. In a perfect marriage, that will come true. More elegantly: the inevitable purpose of male and female, is to achieve the house of our own choosing, where we will then live. Time fails; but true love lingers on, to become the destiny of heart. What we share, is what care did build.

I was married once, when young; for two years/ no kids. The relationship was good at its beginning; but failed. She was accepted by me, as someone who might journey with me; “I saw in her, peeking over the edge to what love could be”; and believed “how could anyone turn back now”? But she was afraid of that intensity; and tried to drag me down: to where she wanted to live (same as the rest; limit trust/ I could not, fear took her away). I tried to lift her up: and we both failed each other: because nobody is allowed to change you, or reshape your world for their purpose. It was an education. Learn something from it.

Caring is the environment of our future, without care you build nothing. If you build nothing/ then you have no true home. True of time and eternity. What we share with each other, becomes the values we shape our home with. That multiplies, when male and female find love. No you cannot truly achieve happiness without “the other sex to share life with”. They are the balance, to your soul. Even so, like me: we must search, until the day when we cannot. Like me: when life calls you to do more than be selfish with your time/ that purpose is, greater than self. LIFE is more important than self.

There is an exception to the path of life; as established in this story of me. I was in a store when young, “put a pair of sunglasses in my pocket to buy; hands full”. But when I got to the register to buy them: I was attacked by an “entire arena of voices; shouting they will accuse you of stealing, and more”/ and that did not stop until I left the building. Did not pay/ went back ten years later: “please let me pay/ can’t stand it anymore”. But the story is: WHERE did these voices come from, and WHAT were they to me/ HOW did they get into my life/ and WHO created them? Answer: when we let “the people inside (same)”, we share their fears, their ways, their methods, and their failures, and MORE; because we are participating in their definitions of life. Critical decision: then I will remove “the people of time, from my life” and begin again: making my own decisions/ creating my own purpose and desire for life and living as I see fit. That does not mean; separated from “life in time”/ but it does mean: I will never be part of a pack or herd; or even religion as is “the middle ground{ where I can have whatever I want}”.

The journey is: to live beyond time. The passage is: to recognize, only truth survives/ therefore I must encounter truth, and to achieve the understanding of that truth, I must accept the transformation of thought/ rather than time.

There are other definitions; representing an unwelcome invasion of life survives time. One is: a dream, where I chased the “tools I used” for work/ into a “war room for strategy planning”/ finding “devil (manipulation/ temptation/ control/ fear/ etc”. I learned instantly: let go of what is NOT important, and surrender only to what is important. Humanity shouts: “tools and work are important”/ but reality knows: life in time; is NOT about the others, or what you can do to or for them. INSTEAD life is our relationship to miracles, an understanding: that we exist by grace, therefore we survive by respecting, shaping, and sharing the values that are available to us. Caring means: I have learned to trust. That never includes manipulation or the rest; not even when an entire world is at stake. NOPE not perfect, as life would prove later; I spent time and money to build a “tidal wave machine for a research group (they said: going to challenge the university with evidence)/ but when completed; all they could talk about was how are we going to hide from the university; failing what was important. Which caused me to fail: because I used a young woman, for a bad report (not him); because I found myself in a room full of potential customers/ and I needed time alone. Still “sorry about that”; but people refuse to take no for an answer; “like a little puppy dog biting on your heel”. Even so, would hope, never do that again. I was attacked harshly later, still twenties; in the evening when trying to sleep. But it was actually a blessing; when after a week, I chose, can’t escape: very well then, I will fight and remain awake to do so. That became an avenue for diligently searching into the questions of life and heart and more: didn’t need that much sleep. As to the question of “voices”; this was different and was applied to where my own journey must go; for life, rather than to death. Realities included: don’t lead, or ask any to follow/ they must choose. Don’t avoid the truth, or try to control it. Do, seek the future of life, as best you can: by engaging with thought to create the journey needed to understand what trust and truth and love can be.

There are also “voices” blockading entrance; to the dimensions of truth, by avoiding the interference of time. These are quite different, and include images to aid and abet the lies that will occur. Because the quest being sought by you: will kill you, if your own truth is not found: to search is not fear. As for me: the warning found an unresolved threat/ “is false teeth (two knocked out), a desecration of the body/ or a right of ownership”? It is a right of ownership; but had I entered beyond the limits of time; that failure to establish truth in me; was enough for severe consequences. Therefore a warning, and a blockade so you do not die; to supports life/ not fear. Therefore a warning, and a blockade so you do not die; to life. Schizophrenic comes from this area of the brain: you ran back in fear/ but saved time. LIFE itself can be reborn: if you defeat fear/ turn into it, and trust GOD. But make no mistake, that too; is not for the faint of heart. Even so: once you understand the dimension is as truth itself will decide/ then preparations include: EVERY CHOICE must be made/ EVERY truth as best you can must be clarified/ EVERY lie removed/ EVERY PART of fear displaced; by avoiding body altogether. Because when you enter into truth itself, as the laws which keep us alive: that reality, is a prelude to death/ and every truth will be tested/ every lie removed. If you survive that, with respect: the opportunity to proceed extends. It is no game/ truth alone survives; if that includes you/ then so do you. If not: _____!

Dreams are the definitions of our situation in life at this moment in time; the struggle to identify our own future, by constructing a drama of what could it be. Whereas visions: a dream like state, with far more intensity and consequence, are elements of the direction we have taken with our lives; a warning to reevaluate our own purpose in desire or decision. A distinct: “turn back”, description of life trying to protect you.

As to: my relationship with “the spiritual woman inside/ the education given to me”: life is a distinction of choices, but a delivery of truth. What is true surrounds us, even when we do not know it/ because truth is “the ocean of our existence”. Every lie is like a boat/ that will sink, with only a tiny turbulence. More distinctly: life is an energy, controlled by ourselves for the purpose of our own design, values, and descriptions. If we remain in truth, the law protects us. If we do not, but try to avoid that reality with lies: no lie survives beyond time. The critical dimensions of male and female are bordered by a great wall, none are allowed to pass through/ but I found a way: that was then closed in my sight forever. Blocking my way back to male; a true surprise. “its complicated/ you would not understand”. NEVER intended to stay, in their dimension: simply to ask “female” what could you do different than male: to save this earth? Their answer was: let women try to lead. But that too proved flawed; and it is only the balance of male and female working together as equals; that proved to be an answer needed. 

Nonetheless; values were found/ realities have been endured. In terms of survival itself; there is no gender, only life or death. One of the consequences of “reality strikes/ as written”; has been: my own distinct connection with self, as a body; was lost. “its complicated”. But make no mistake: every form of education presented to me: was constant with “into the fire you go/ from the frying pan: so that no mistake will be made”. The education has been worth its price: to me. However reality has changed the composition of time:  making the future of me, an unknown.

We might as well take a look at “biblical interpretation”: mine is not “what can you imagine”/ but a reality of insertion. As the question presented by proverbs 23; constructs a reality that can be investigated. A scenario was created for me to participate in: it began with “accept a tiny bit of fear”/ because that is the foundation of proverbs 23. I was on a motorcycle, and entered in that night. Pushed, I put back on the road/ soon turned a U-bend in the road/ and was suddenly faced with a pack of coyotes that stretched from one side of the ditch on either side of the road to the other side ditch; 4 across packed tight (roughly 60 feet of coyotes) more than enough to “cause trouble/ and a complete surprise”. NO avoiding them/ so I threatened; and then allowed them to escape: it worked well. That began the development of what does this proverb mean: it pushed through the next day; and was then let go. The proverb is not what humanity expects: and I instruct you to read it, as it is written/ rather than as you want it to read. One hint is: still water, creates an algae swamp on top, and quickly becomes undrinkable/ a rod does not comfort; etc. More distinctly: religion is as religion has always been, when not becoming the chant “we are greater than you”. Religion is: the valuable reset of life, when things have gone awry. Giving a new version of living, without the want, pride, or power humanity worships. That has never changed throughout millennia; and it is why religion exists/ we need that. Alas however, the leaders of religion do not have the power they imagine/ unless they have gone astray (imagination can be a terrible thing). The opportunity to help each other is their contribution. Worshiping together, helps those in that group to understand “I am not alone”. The difference in religion is basically the difference in groups/ one group says: I certainly ain’t going to give that group ANY authority of any kind over me; period. Or, “lets make our own/ we got stories too”.

Set apart from religion are the things reality cannot prove, because we have no connection, or no understanding; with how these things have occurred. Those who testified of JESUS present that kind of conception: no idea how he did it. But it is clear those who testified that he did do these things; were in no way being rewarded/ as so many were treated violently instead. Which does give credibility to the story; and has served to enhance the influence and dimensions: of “love versus hate”.

My life, has become as a writer; whether I have influenced, or there are readers of: one/ a thousand/ a million/ or a billion has no interest to me {not my job}. Your job, is to make a decision for life/ or against life; no excuses. My life is as a writer (that is my job, as male), and I am allowed nothing else; a messenger, defined by the words “change or die/ because this world cannot go on as you are doing”. Since it is so clearly the last days of earth (all the catastrophes mount_), without true change: that does give credibility to the message.

Oddly enough: since finishing my job as male/ the spiritual woman inside, from a dimension beyond time; which you do not understand; is causing change. The end result of it will not be “homosexual/ transvestite or other perversions”. What it will become, by the evidence occurring; is a more distinct change in places, between women and me. “looking back, from within, the looking glass” so to speak. To facilitate the demand: “you will learn”. NO, it is not my job to cause that to happen/ nor yours. Men can be friends, workers, etc/ but absolutely nothing sexual with me; at the cost of your own eternity/ stay away. As to women; it is not my job to tell you what you will or will not do/ it is only my job to remind you: I have all the rights, and deserve all the respect, that you expect for being a woman. NO, not a woman/ but male is somewhat missing, or trampled, or something; too. Yes, its weird; but it is not my choice/ I just try to survive, while searching for eternity. Not a job for the weak, or fearful, or anyone who believes they can “predict GOD “. The journey can be, “a bit weird, and unexpected”. You are not being asked to believe that is true. Nor are you being asked to interact with me: I have no control over the future, nor knowledge of where this goes/ or where it ends/ nor why it would be asked of me? Time will decide, what is true, or what will change: I do not.

I suppose some degree of understanding could arise from this description: I used to be, “as free as any human being can experience being; within a reality described as beyond time the universe itself begins”. I then opened the door to “the female dimension”/ because male cannot save this earth alone; I searched for ten years diligently; and it will not happen. I was joined; and she balanced my life with realities I did not want to face; as is choices must be made/ risks beyond what I desired for this earth must be taken. No possibility of playing games is allowed/ choose. Today, I am far less free than most any human being will experience; as she has taken charge of me. I do owe her for the contribution to my work; as I had failed to make the proper decisions for life on earth. Teaching you was required, even beyond what was safe. As to how I got here, the answer to that is relatively simple: I understood; from early on, this world was in danger/ I gave my work to save it/ I prayed with my life to fight for this world, by whatever means I could help; and it has been so. Even if you would not join, I still did, what I could do/ as it was allowed for me to do. Clearly NOT your savior, nor did I ever try to be. My contribution is simple: “like the story of the little dutch boy who put his finger in the dike to stop the ocean from pouring in/ until the people came to help”. So am I. Doesn’t seem like much/ fundamentally, it is not of its own any great contribution. But the reality is: if something had not been done: tragedies can easily occur. So, I did do, what I could do. Not my job to save you/ only my contribution to life on earth, because I chose too. In respect, for the values given to me, time allotted to me; by GOD and this entire CREATION. I literally, utterly refused to surrender this world; “without a fight”/ my lifetime is that fight; even if you don’t recognize it; that is true.

I suppose, that the realities of my life at this time; do reflect the life and times of women as a composite, around this earth, throughout time. As what seems a prison to me (the house is as far as you go)/ I can start something, but it ends quickly by force/ what will or will not be, is not up to you; and more. All point to the realities of how men have treated women in far too many occurrences. A different view, has aided my understanding of female; beyond what I ever desired to know. I would assume, there is a demand to teach me included with this lesson to me. So, I will begin: it is extremely unwise to end freedoms, as that is where happiness begins and survives life itself, with hope. Consequently, if you fail women accordingly/ then will in turn fail you; because without honest freedom, all laughter, even hope and destiny, can die. Aid and abet each other; both men and women, because if you are entangled as one: then you are governed by the truth which lives in each. Don’t push/ don’t manipulate/ don’t control/ don’t tempt or force or buy: do love, and cherish the joy of sharing a life, AS EQUALS. Because you each care, as love itself, builds a life into eternity. Men are not fair to women/ women are not fair to men: WANT is the foundation of every lie (the outward sign of NOTHING is more important than ME)/ pride makes life a game (and someone has to lose, to make another the WINNER)/ judgment (worthless) precedes power (I am superior), and then violence (nobody cares; especially me) erupts. Avoid them all.

LOVE lifts us from loneliness, by providing trust. That trust forms within respect, by its relationship with truth. Where truth lives, love does not die; even if the body does. Love is the basis of joy, and wherever joy is earned, life will rejoice.

Just to keep it simple: my life is NOT like “the university”; I do NOT get to simply imagine or fantasize about; or do a million experiments to consider: what something might mean or be or whatever delusions allow. Reality shapes the scenario, and I enter in to discover what is true; many times just to open the door is enough/ other times I am immersed, fighting to survive. Make a mistake, and reality inflicts a cost; that does not go away; as is real life truth. This environmental impact, where woman is now in charge; is different. Same reality shapes the scenario; but I have a different view, male is not allowed inside: its complicated, and I really don’t know how this ends, or what direction it takes, or anything. Not a woman, but losing grip on male: complicated, a whole lifetime being replaced; or something beyond my control (New/ unknown; not exactly me; don’t know why).

It occurs to me, for the first time: that maybe the spiritual woman who took control over my life cannot send me back, to strictly male. I know, I cannot return through the same passage I entered in: forever sealed, no going back: true. Perhaps the same is true for her; “stuck together, like it or not; just another real life cost”. Simply cannot; even though she has much greater “truth of power”, than I. Why do you deserve to know? Not a clue, just how it is. Just don’t know.         

It occurs to me: “know how its said, this is a man’s world, and they decide”/ well, like it or not, I have entered into the spiritual element of, strictly woman’s world. And am now concerned; its complicated.



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