In the construction of life, truth and value reign as supreme; because without truth there is no life/ and without value there is no purpose to living, and suicide results; when hope is lost. Each of these are then highly important to a human being alive in time. Hope exists, as we learn to care about our experience, and ability to express our participation. Caring exists, because life allows us to share, and accept sharing as the contribution of greater/ lesser (but valued) or equal elements, to ourselves do exist. Therefrom we know: that desire, the substance of our hope, arises from participation, and that participation arises from the values we attribute to caring and sharing as does exhibit the basis or foundation of hope. We grow into the lives we inhabit, through the passages that present wisdom, understanding, and knowledge: gathering in, the fragments of our environment, to bring order/ discipline/ balance/ and respect to achieve “this is our living/ this is, our time to conceive of a contribution.”

here the elements of want/ pride/ power/ love/ hate/ violence/ thought/ and destiny shape the fundamentals which will become our own identity: chosen by truth inside of who we choose to be.

The order of who we are: is identified by the development of want or desire. Want means: I alone, am the important reality of life, and nothing matters more than I, to me. All manner of pride and power descend from this point of want. All lies are created do to that want/ or don’t want; as aids the understanding of disciplines which become the animal inside is now outside; as either predator or prey. The predator lives in hate (only I am important/ nothing else matters but me). To balance that the intellectual predator uses disguise and cunning to achieve its end: to consume. At the alternate end of an intellectual, are the predators who simply use fear and force. The prey live in hate as well/ but sees life from the other side (only I am important, to me/ but I cannot enforce that, because I have no weapons of my own: therefore I know, my place is less, or lost; if I fail to run, hide, or be afraid and alert). Both shout I WANT MORE “power, to decide for me”/ but cannot attain that, unless they risk everything; when in danger. Both shout I win, when the game of life or death is done/ both scream I Lose, when life is lost. Both can starve; when food is scarce: because nature balances individual needs shall not: conquer the planet or environment, to strip away, what all life needs to survive. Humanity through the universities claim of power; does exactly that; causing the planet itself to die/ along with every individual environment, as they are all attacked.

The desire of order; has nothing to do with human wants, or university delusions and dysentery. Desire searches into the framework of value, in a direct discipline to balance the differences between life and death; with a reality of living that shares the distinction of caring. Because we are alive, in a thirst to gather and attain the blessings of thought, as our own environmental contribution to life grows. Desire uses thought, to become a passage beyond time, in the search for love. Whereas love is not an environment, but the truth of desire itself. Destiny arises when desire finds wisdom, and then understands, the blessing we seek; is an elevation of love. Love searches for truth, and truth then searches within respect, for GOD . As miracles prove, our knowledge of what is more than we will ever be: does exist.

The curse of universities, have done their best to pillage/ rape/ ravage/ and destroy all conception or consent to the reality of miracles: fighting to force the animal is all that matters. Discarding the carcass of all they kill/ because there is no brain in evolution; their weapon of fools. The prey find a way; pride (I win)/ or power (you lose). Whereas the predator shouts: “hurrah, I consume them all, without even working/ this is great”. HADES, (thrown into the fire of a sun, forever: is close). Because they have been successful, and vile..


want is an animal. The removal of want, to encounter LIFE itself, as a desire built upon values, a destiny shaped by love: is the transition from animal, into thought, as a participation built upon truth.

Do you see the difference?

Arrogance is a truth, but it is a truth of hate: the opposite end of a reality that decides life or death. That arrogance describes an animal, who wants to believe it is god, and therefore judges all that surrounds it; to prove superiority is mine. That judgment: is the first step into insanity, as a description which allows for, the various elements of violence to appear. The second step is to act upon that judgment. The third, or encounter with hate itself: is to fail life itself, to isolate yourself “as god in your own mind”. Used/ abused/ tempting/ and so on, are all elements of arrogance. But the lie is: that truth can be anything other than “black or white/ true of false”; as there is no maybe, or mercy; in truth. Only life itself: contains “maybe or mercy”. Because the process of building thought, is fraught with the perils of being wrong. Thought is directional, and it consists of “love or hate”; as the decision we made to encounter movement within ourselves. Hate wants chaos, the release of force/ love desires truth, to be our participation in caring, sharing, and respect. Do you see the difference?

The critical message is then: when searching for truth, NEVER associated that search with self. Only truth decides, or you will fail, to imprison yourself in belief.

The crisis of belief is fear: “the predator lurks/ the risk is too high”. Therefore the prison exists: until fear can be dissolved. Courage seeks life, by constructing the certainty of miracles. As nature proves true: “more than we know exists”. As JESUS proves by his testimony of miracles in healing: we are not merely created, to be discarded/ love exists beyond time. The difference between belief (I want, this to be true) and faith is acceptance, and therein trust: that eternity is not a game, or a delusion. Love is a destiny, to be valued with joy.

We then ask: what is the difference between value, and joy? Thought aligns with, I have known both the purpose and desire of values that shape my life, with love; and they give me joy as my reward.

We ask the difference between love and destiny: thought identifies, the quest for desire governs peace, truth, and understanding to become the home we create with our soul, is cherished through love. That home, is a participation in the grace of being alive in truth; shaped by thought, into the cherished form of existence: that lives with GOD as soul.

I suppose we must visit the horror of “Satan”; as the bottom sewage of what truth can become. When you step beyond the boundary wall of protection, as life intends to provide: to judge another life form. You do enter into the world of what can and will become lost, if you fail to return to the safety of values: not judged by you.

Your judgment opens the door/ your failure (I am the superior one) describes what the fate of your journey will become. LIFE IS LIFE, and none of it can be constructed by you. The pandemic scourge of universities now begin to lie; and state they can build a life. They do not; they merely use what nature provides to rearrange and force; after decades of failure, and by literally crucifying life in general. The epidemic of arrogance: is the landslide to HADES. “lets ignite” the same atomic fire here; as is on the sun. All binary solar systems, represent a living system; that chose arrogance as their answer to living. YOU, are next in line; because that is what arrogance has chosen/ and humanity itself, failed to stop.

I would add for those who believe they can or will escape: that every form of mass is built within the relationship of atoms (an endless number), and every cell (trillions) lives or dies by their loss or corruption. Held within sun fire: the destruction of individual atoms/ each of which is connected to your life. Does form the boundary, of where your individual prison of beliefs, will protect by fear. Unlike a body that lives or dies as one entity/ a soul lost to hate, will be found wherever fear made it go. Now go rejoice, in your sewage; you don’t have to die. Does not every cell hold a, unique genetic copy of you; and apart from universities and their curse of life: the elemental essence of what recognizes life within thought; shares that development. So the question to you is: does life itself, simply abandon its existence? Or, will it seek “more”?

As to any other reference to “satan”/ it is pointless. Without value, there is no purpose beyond; absolute stupidity is found here.

The summary here in America, is simple: you fell in worship and fear of weapons of mass destruction/ while your leaders worshiped themselves, and violated all aspects of life and society here on earth to pursue, “let the world fear us”. That became an endless military expense; which is the source of pride for every military nation: bankrupted/ just like the USSR. But here in america; instead of reality, the entire nation screamed: LIE TO US/ PRETEND; and the answer came “let the children pay/ then the grandchildren/ then the world/ then the future of all life and planet and nature AND ANYTHING TO PROVE; WE WON’T PAY, for what we took. As all animals, both predator and prey; do.

As the descent proceeded into the beginning of chaos: the universities arose to counterfeit all currency/ and pretend by taking control over government and communications: “let’s lie/ steal/ cheat/ betray/ terrorize even more/ and establish a cost so high; these people will fear that, more than reality itself.” so they did. In america that began with Regan: who gave away the currency to “university: so they, don’t tell. “we, the leaders: ransacked the treasury and sold all the gold for weapons, failure, and to be fools”. But the people said hurrah; we don’t have to pay/ and reality was cursed and buried, in the endless theft of; we won’t pay/ let the children die. Then came the curse of all things university; as instant “we became millionaires overnight”/ as US currency was used as a never ending well to support their every university fantasy and delusion. Every resource survival needs, has been cursed with death; water poisoned/ oceans dying/ habitat ruined/ nature mutilated/ planet warming beyond survival rates/ chains of life raped/ food supplies opened, to a single disease wrecks and destroys an entire species of plant, and all its subsidiaries. MORE, as your factories prove a great menace to life itself/ your economies ravaged, by making only a tiny few rich/ and now the injection of “the universities are god/ to hell with life”. While others want to prove “we are so great, we the universities are god so powerful: WE WILL play with the same fire as on the sun”. After all, a few million experiments later; and we will be great. But alas: there is only one experiment that will count: ignition of atoms on fire, will end your descent/ and place this world in HADES; by your own consent.

When I ask why, do you fail? The only answer can be: you lost your life, because you cannot defend yourselves against the universities cult; media stole it; by making you believe they are superior. Unfortunately for you, that is absolutely untrue. But it will not change the result: an entire world lost forever, because you chose not to care, and just ran away.

The critical truth of it is: that across this world, there are literally millions of people engaged in what is called “university”; and when a single one finally does something to earn their money; “after a billion hours or so combined from all sources”. The media rejoice as if they owed us nothing: when we the people paid for all those hours of their combined schooling. Like patents: an idea from anyone that can be sold by the universities easily, will suddenly have “a billion people” claiming “its me/ all me”. And media enforces that, without the slightest intent to prove what has value and what does not: just say hurrah. Like covid: nothing matters, but the cult of university is god.

And the religious world says: WE DON’T, have to do NOTHING/ our god won’t let nothing happen to us or our world! But alas; you true god is universities; ;and they have made the decision: NO CONSEQUENCES for them. Even though, their fantasies and delusions are completely unsupported by facts; in all ways and means.

Yes I would simply leave you to your fate; “the living skeletons, who were consumed by their university gods”. But there is literally no place to go; as your threat changed this world: we cannot escape your weapons of mass destruction/ can’t escape the cost of everything we need to survive as life on earth lost/ every foundation for living ruined/ nature destroyed by apathy and arrogance and SATAN is a university.

And the people say: “we are gods too”/ you can’t scare us! But that was never my intent/ and I never made you fear; at all! I only reported/ I only brought you the message: CHANGE OR GO EXTINCT; because that is the road you chose.

Better hurry though; or time ends for earth. Nothing is more clear about that; than the ignition of an atomic fire; “just like the sun”. Here on earth, “whoops, the university was wrong”/ oh well, right? I know like a forest fire, “you will just put it back in the box”/ like nothing happened: right? And the world says to me: “we will wait to see what happens”/ because after all, your gods of university, will just be gods to you. And they would never! But alas, the tomak reactors are built for only one purpose: to ignite a nuclear fire. “lets burn atoms, just like the sun”. And every religious group (big or small), says to me: “we pity the fool, who does not believe the very same things as us [hiding inside their chant, of course is, the university is our god]”/ they are all WRONG, our religion is god/ and we KNOW god/ WE KNOW, everything we need to know: humanity cannot kill this earth. Even though truth does not agree, and your population count proves death is eminent, and extremely predictable; because this is a finite earth. And all the world screams: “we will wait and see”/ because we WON’T change, and WE WON’T pay/ and WE won’t care; until it is clearly too late to save an entire world. As death wraps around you like a snake, fear will spew out like a volcano. And you will care, “for a moment or two”. But alas; past the point of no return, is HELL.

Oh wait, silly me: and all the men say, “we will war/ that will make them pay”. While all the women say: “believe in peace, because if we wish hard enough; it will surely come true”.

But alas, the competition for survival, does not know peace, when reality proves there are too many for this environment; for us all, to survive. So men war, and women pray. But the cost of changing this earth is: “no longer enough”.

While ALL, the children say: DON’T ruin everything. But alas, war is the end of this earth, and you do have the weapons to prove that true. Never has wishing for peace established it; throughout history. And all the children have no voice; because you stole it; so they simply die, dependent upon you.

Or in the truth of life itself: there will be world law, and international enforcement on leaders, without preference for any. Because the law, is our only hope: simple as that. And only the best of the best will enforce it with justice and fair play; as is the reality of our world throughout time.

Population control: is entirely the decision of women; although men should pay in other ways. YOU CANNOT accomplish population control with a vasectomy; it is a disgrace and a failure, the loss of sex, for both male and female; as the chemicals are removed. As is proven: a million men cannot produce a single child/ but with today’s “help”; even a million women could get pregnant from a single man. YOU cannot be so dull and stupid, that you do not see the problem/ CANNOT be fixed with men. Reality cannot wait; do it now. Population control: is entirely in the hands of women/ and any man who interferes, will be cursed for an eternity: NOT your body, or gender/ NOT your choice.

Therefore choose with care/ or just go ahead and die. yes I do choose to have a tiny bit of hope for you; until the last minute of the last day, when all is obviously lost. Absolutely too late now: The end. As should you: when you fight for this world. NOW OR NEVER: CHOOSE!



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