Let us examine presence, as the basic format of existence/ the elemental truth, “I am here”. Or more distinctly, the summary distance between what is life, and what is death.

Presence is the assertion of a definable environment, contained by a singular element of energy, which shapes motion into definitions of time did this/ allowed this/ or caused this to occur. Or in the words of an animal: “its a body, called mine”.

An animal sees gender as an opposite attraction, for the purpose of chemical expression; it is only life that sees it as more. The more animal you are, the less any other life is more than a chemical expression for you. The more life you are, the less any body will be chemistry; and the more that life will be, “the presence of GOD was here (miracle)”: a reality of respect, a dignity beyond design, a value shaped by love cares.

We then know that two sides of being human exist: the animal being strictly time, by the expressions of chemistry; realities in predator or prey. The other being miracles require thought, acceptance, and a value beyond time itself: where love resides, and hope builds the destiny we share. Where you personally reside in those two dimensions, identifies your life.


the universities have declared themselves “animal, and nothing more”. Thereby they do represent the dimension of time itself, rather than life; merely the conglomeration of chemicals, shaped by accidents/ the result of chaos/ built entirely without a brain! With only the recent addition of a brain to conceive of more, work a body, etc. Their more of course is: if only we can create chaos, by accident (evolution)/ then we will be gods. Hurrah how great we are: “nothing but dirt and worms/ when dead”. So who gives a damn; lets be cruel, vile, and completely arrogant; what else is a brain for. Those who could care less for a brain also live here: with the clear distinction, as all predators and prey do/ they live for a trophy, or more distinctly; whatever they can take for themselves and declare “ITS MINE, all mine”. Look at me/ I got more!

“I” at the extreme opposite end of that decision to accomplish hate by the universities/ accept only the direction of love as my guide into respect, value, courage, and all that thought has created to describe the miracles which give me hope in an eternity. A destiny shared beyond imagination, a place conceived by joy. Hurrah, with mercy, knowing I can never achieve this desire without true help: I accept the trust JESUS gave to this world, by his life on earth. See the difference?

These are then opposite reflections of the same life: one faces toward hate or uses time for chemistry. The other faces love, and accepts respect as a destiny called joy. They are not the same/ but are divided by an invincible wall.


We then begin: to assemble and create the identity that will become “your own”.

Even though no one travels through the wall that separates life from time; it is possible to “go around the wall” and visit the other side; so as to know by experience what exists in the alternate/ or opposite space of our existence. So long as you are alive in time; time allows for the inquisition of love versus hate; by self/ the third element in our existence. Self decides for love or hate, and then enters that dimension on the boundary line for most: as the habitat you have formed for yourself. Death eliminates the “middle ground on the edge of love or hate”/ and takes the accumulated your choice of love OR hate; as the decision your choice made, for eternity (whatever it is to be/ it never ends). Those who never proceed beyond animal; are dissolved into oblivion. You are chemistry, and chemistry you will stay, life dissolves.

Nonetheless since time holds motion in the balance between love and hate: there are undulations in that wall of separation, which cause an imperfect wall to exist. Even if you are fully within the dimension of love/ or the dimension of hate instead: the cost of being human is, those who travel between the two definitions of life, create an influence.

WE ALL SHARE LIFE, that is the foundation of being human. Existence makes us choose, where our presence in this time shall be found. There are only three choices: love/ hate/ or animal (survival). As we all share survival as well, we all get to experience animal at some level of participation that is our own. Love or hate are opposites; therefore you cannot share these, and only one will truly occupy your life even if on the fence (middle ground): unless animal which is want controls, and inhabits me.

What then is value? Because value, and then desire as extends from value decides where your life will live; in love or hate or animal. Value is: the presence of happiness beyond freedoms, a place inside where love is born. OR in the opposite life goes to die, as is hate. Value to an animal is simply “getting what I want/ removing what I don’t want”: that ends with time. But the value of a dimension is, that we achieve eternity by occupying a space which will be freed from time (the big bang, of self), to experience motion, in one direction or the other; that is beyond simply self. You have joined love/ OR, you have been joined by hate. One or the other/ never both.


we then turn to conceive of dimension; as the habitat our love did build/ OR, the chaos hate did use in fear or terrors (the prison sealed), to destroy life itself; when failure is through.

Motion is, the critical link between life and energy; once freed from distance/ the relationship we share is elementally eternal; so long as we do not extend beyond the life we shaped for love. To be free is limited happiness, because without life to share existence with, the value of living plummets and fails. Therefore the source of an eternity, lives within the habitat of GOD . To be invited to share that expression of life, requires trust beyond what love can be. Because the elemental search is at speeds where even motion dissolves into the realities of thought. While there are lesser versions of eternity, conceived by mercy. This is the ultimate destiny where life is born, and it cannot be attained with anything less than absolute trust. Truth will destroy you, if you enter and fail.

Do not fear: GOD is able to do, what you cannot/ trust then becomes the purity of your own thoughts. The true value of love is beyond your comprehension. Accept the companion called trust.

Time honors the creation of your own thoughts/ eternity honors the reality of what those thoughts could become. The difference is: truth, as love or hate. The blessing of love is sharing and caring as one creation beyond the limits of time. The tragedy of hate is, chaos you earned.

The critical question: energy has two sides/ both push and pull. While direction lives on only one side of motion, “this way/ or that way, with no connection in-between”. Life is an energy, shaped by desire. Being human means: YOU have the choice to desire the direction called love/ or participate in the direction called hate. YOU alone, make that choice/ even if the others will influence your decision. Some will be lost because of hate, to an eternity shared by love: those people whose hate did this, WILL PAY. Even so, that cannot fill the gap of those who were lost. Do the best you can.

The most fundamental question we can understand is: what does happiness mean? The answer is: “no one finds a tear”.

The most elemental of all questions is: what does it mean, to live as thought composed, and contained within energy? The answer: valued by the essence of freedom, our search for all that value can become, will be defined by our own definitions of love, grace, and beauty; as we shape ourselves into the eternity we seek. To participate in thought, allows that we may share the destiny, and complete the journey as we so choose: unless joined by another through love. Where the decision is as one, not two; or even more. So long as there is energy, there is no other need. So long as GOD rules “our universe”/ energy will remain true. The treasury of love shares all truths.

As to eternity, when value fails/ it ends. Love is the only value that sustains the desire for life; keep it pure, and none will ever judge you.

The animals cannot conceive of more than time; thought is a dimension built upon its own decision. The intellectual knows what time will allow/ religion knows what beliefs will allow/ the base of human existence knows what survival means. But only a decision to recognize and accept: the miracles we live among or as, is evidence of more. The destiny called soul. Every miracle of life and earth, is a dimension of its own. Dimension means: to establish the flow of thought, through the existence of truth.

We can sum up human life, in three statements: the opportunity to decide what has value/ the decisions which proclaim an identity called you/ the truth of desire, as is love or hate, by the evidence you did create.

Beyond time is a spiritual world of truth alone lives here; nothing else will survive. But mercy grants wherever the honesty of love exists, at least the possibility of a second chance can occur. Beyond this boundary is eternity, and I was not allowed to view more than a city outline above the clouds which hide it.

I am not your savior, not your judge, not your guru or other; just a messenger: the message is, change or you will be extinct as a world. I don’t know why me, or what could or would be next for me/ no clue; not my job to know. I am not allowed to do more: that is for you to do, or life itself will fail. “stand up, sign your name, do whatever it is that you can legally do: and pray honestly to our CREATOR; because that is what life on earth does need.

To form a dimension, creates a structural reality from which we build our destiny. To understand what is true, by the laws which create space and energy, is to participate as soul: “we contribute to life”. Where there is love, a dimension has formed.

I suppose, there should be some element of “who am I”/ not a leader, not perfect, not religious(no rules, only discipline, order, balance, and laws), not seeking sex or avoiding it beyond the reality, I simply had no time or energy for others: life needed me to work. Bad ears made that work, always there/ a blood clot at about thirty, took away that form of entertainment, and I worked instead: but in the end, the work “this world shall not die without a fight/ by me, even if alone”; was what my life desired most. Mistakes were made/ at times I pushed people and jobs away; “too busy”. Lots of mistakes, lots of “but why”; along the way: which became “so I could understand the realities of human”. I never played your games; not for me. Never lusted, but do admire “what GOD , and nature could build”. Not perverted; but did avoid women, because I just couldn’t hear “I’m pregnant” one more time (never true: we waited/ which became I had an abortion: couldn’t hear that one more time either. Couldn’t tolerate all the tears of saying goodbye/ this work comes first). Lots of people making stories up; gossip drives the world, right? But I do find myself somewhat enslaved by the female presence of “their spiritual world” in me/ or I in it: not “completely” free by any means or definition. How that ends I do not know. But because the female dimension; is where the answer that returned to law, came from. [IT IS a dangerous place, until truth makes you clean enough to survive. It is then “very interesting”]. And I will be grateful for that, as the work always came first. At nearly 68, I find myself largely alone; when you don’t cultivate a future that includes others/ you do get left behind (the price you pay): but it is ok. Your decisions now determine my future on earth; as a dying world affects us all. Your fears affect how you think, and that affects your future; while universities, politicians, and media do their very best to make you fear/ make you believe in lies/ make you obey they are “the superior ones”; and you die because of it. Not ok, but unless you wake up and open your eyes to reality; life will be over. Up to you, not to me. Each one. Perhaps, I am finished now.

The presence of reality proves: you cannot continue to rob the future, so you can pretend to be rich. A particularly cursed reality of this America; where everything according to university fantasy and delusion is free, and without consequences. Very serious decisions must be made; or life and earth will not survive. It will not be free, and it will not be by universities rule. Truth decides alone/ with very little influence from the endless throngs of “I want more”. Life or death: CHOOSE.

The cost of humanity is: many will not obey truth. Simple as that! The cost of failure is: you did this to yourselves/ therefore you will pay the price yourselves. That requires grouping/ and that requires segregation: because as history will prove, nothing else works. And all the bigots say: “we don’t want that/ we want everything to be free”. But you destroyed that, and all that is left is truth: live, by paying the price of life; or die, because you refused. Stop being manipulated by media: grow up. One such encounter is: while you shout and pretend for a single black man against the police/ you do not shout or face your fears in the realities of gang violence, shootings and more which you do expect the police to face. Shouting its their job/ so, you go and do their job; and then we will talk. But make no mistake: criminal is as criminal does/ manslaughter is no exception; but the real crime comes from those who instruct “how to contain the livestock”; as does come from university.

The value of university is simple: wherever truth is uncovered, and the evidence is untainted by delusions; there is value. End of the line. Wherever an opportunity that is fair and justified for society is taught; there is value/ but a university largely exists simply to collect money; as in the real world: the schooling starts in grade school/ instead of fantasies, and the horror of deceit, theft, and fools in charge.

The value of media: is to communicate the real world news, without manipulating its purpose. Simple true, balanced and fair to all sides, orderly for the purpose of giving the maximum amount of people an opportunity to understand/ disciplined, so that the information combines in the law; for justice and fair play; while protecting life and planet, and the future for all. None of that is true of media today; a failure, and a whore whose cult leadership is betrayal.

The value of the politicians has been muted: they have lost their own ability to exist/ the majority fail badly. Therefore replaced with democracy as is: once the law has been decided/ it need not be changed until reality forces that true. Instead, they sell your laws for pennies, and stomp your freedom with fools.

Society does not operate successfully without the police; because people live with those who hate. Remove the hate, and you can live without policing. But remember this: hate hides in every disguise it can find/ because like a predator, “they want surprise to decide the fate of their attack”. Be grateful for your policing: but remember this, “a policing officer CANNOT function with fear/ most have fear, and fear cannot be trusted: which causes grief”. But as a society, you fear; and that means you cannot be trusted either. While the courts cannot be trusted; judgments by trial cannot be trusted, failure all around: because the primary decision is: only truth can decide/ and as a vast majority you all hate that. Because you want what you want, and nothing else exists.  to your eternal shame:  not even the people who are trying to ignite sun fire, here on earth/ or bring chaos into nature/ or destroy every possibility we could survive. Because you are cult worshipers, and the universities are your god.  They bring you death/ and all continue to shout:  “we don’t care”.       You will.

As for me, “I prefer life instead of pride/ and I prefer love instead of power”/ want is a derivative of hate, because it puts self, or selfishness, above all else; nothing matters but ME FIRST. The end result of that is a lack of thought; because if you think, then only truth decides/ not want. Occasionally I want something without thinking; it always turns out badly; as reality turns into the consequences of that act. The difference between men and women is what they want; even though it is the same thing most of the time; their road to get there is determined by the differences in body, and how the sex interrelates. A commitment to each other is based upon three things: I find you a value to me and to my life, I see in you a reality of sharing that will aid and abet our living together, and the respect you show me, presents the decision you proved “you care”; that allows for the freedom to believe, we can be happy as one life shared. But there is more; our bodies must attract each other (a nature thing)/ the disciplines we choose to live within must mesh together as one, or be the opposite so we balance each other out (too much, causes trouble). The order of our lives must encompass the same journey, where destiny exists. As is the reality: I simply must continue the work I do, until finished; for life and world.

While young women demand attention, and use their bodies to hold on/ young men provide wants, and that aids their ability to attract women. Sex provides an addictive chemical; but it is not enough for a lifetime.

The presence of honest value is the difference is what a future is likely to be. What then do you value most, because that is where your heart does live?

As to life itself: what we prepare for our future, is likely what we will receive in that future; but it is not always what you believe it will be. My mom prepared 3 very independent children; and we proved to be “off in our own world”, even when she needed us most. The difference is: we must learn to talk and listen to each other when we are young; so that we can continue talking and listening as we grow up. Mom always considered us children until adult/ and that is neither talking or listening; until the day when your own life comes first (nature and society demand it_). I chose, this world, this whole creation of life; shall not die without a fight. Finding pride rules/ power doesn’t care/ want has invaded every life, to prove greed and selfishness is rampant: and the universities play god, while all the possibilities to prove them wrong; are controlled by the cult of worshipers who believe their university gods cannot be wrong. Leaves me with “I did the best I could”; simple as that, not perfect; simply the best I did do for life. Accepting my future is beyond time, is enough.

So, I write, as is “talking and listening to children” who are so busy with toys, trinkets, and trophies: they cannot even react to people who are deliberately trying to ignite atoms on fire; here on this earth. A reality of “same energy source as the sun/ equals same result as the sun”: burns your skin in summer from 94 million miles away/ with radiation that will kill you, even at that distance without ozone (another, in a long list of so many: tragedy coming). A fire, your universities say: holds flames out, that are a million miles long. Four times farther than the earth is, to our moon. Your university gods say: “not to worry”/ not enough gravity here to sustain the fire; so it will just extinguish itself. But alas, when the bond in atoms is the fuel source; this entire earth; is fuel/ just like the sun. and reality states: the fire itself, produces solar gravity/ but you don’t care. Not about that, not about mutilating all of nature/ not about anything we need to survive. So then: GUESS, at what the future holds for you?

Still don’t know? Well let me help, in this America the current death rate is roughly one person per every 1100 people die each year/ while if memory is correct, just in this America roughly 10,000 new babies are born each day. You do the math!

You are children, unable to help life or world; “barely toddlers”; because nothing matters but what you want. Believers; because truth and evidence have no value/ only what the leader says.

“silly me”; I forgot to mention again, one in seven people in this USA don’t have access to what they believe is enough food they want/ while most of the rest throw away more food than they eat. As you tear down everything, to throw it away. A billion + people around the world hungry/ and the food chain in oceans on the brink of collapse. “no food/ no prey; no prey/ no predator; no people.” but you don’t care; poisoned water in short supply across this earth; but you don’t care/ extinction of all species other than human in jeopardy, from the choices universities have made; but you don’t care. Habitat failing life; but you don’t care. Weapons of mass destruction; no longer “your saviors”/ they simply stand waiting; but you don’t care/ because you have an excuse, “your just toddlers, without any rights/ so you can’t even communicate: we MUST know what is true”. Nope, can’t do it; because you fear your cult of universities are god. So, I sought throughout the last forty years to produce knowledge, understanding, and wisdom: to pull you out from under “the universities satan (we will destroy it all)”. But alas, not only don’t you care/ you no longer have a brain; as is proven by the fact, even though extinction is visible, and true by the evidence of our reality: you still don’t care.

Oh wait, I know: YOU have a gun/ just like they did in Syria, and throughout all of history. Go ahead take a good look at what you get/ but remember this time: there truly are, NO RESOURCES, to rebuild. Simple as that, and with 8 billion people all wanting more/ screaming I WANT MORE; weapons of mass destruction will be used.

And the world says: LEAVE US ALONE, WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ BE DAMNED TO ALL THE REST, “ cause I believe, NOT, in my lifetime”! I want MORE! Besides media our savior, don’t say nothing bad is going to happen/ and you ain’t no better than they. And the universities say nothing bad is going to happen/ and you ain’t nothing compared to them. And religions all say: GOD won’t let nothing bad happen: WE KNOW/ therefore you lie. And the people all say: I won’t listen to what I don’t want to hear; we run away to hide, as prey do.

While I remind you: GO INVESTIGATE, EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE, AND DECIDE WHAT IS TRUE FOR YOURSELVES; BECAUSE YOU WON’T SURVIVE “THEY WERE WRONG”. And every form of leadership in America says: the universities CANNOT be questioned/ they know everything; they are god (roughly two hundred people; decide everything the universities believe)! So absolute power/ corrupts absolutely; and the cost of being wrong is your extinction. While reality points to universities and says: without counterfeiting currency, hiding inflation: they provide nothing/ just to start. And every time reality knocks on the American door: all the people gather and shout: LIE TO US/ DON’T MAKE US PAY: LIE/ DAMN YOU LIE. Because we believe, “not in my lifetime/ let the children pay”. TO YOUR SHAME!

So, I write, and let you be you. Because that is the only truth you want.

And the world says back: WE ARE, better off today, than any humans have been throughout history!

And I reply: “wait till tomorrow; and you will be extinct”/ because that is the future your chose, by eviscerating everything life and planet need: to pretend you did not commit genocide on your own children, by assassinating their future.

And the adults scream back: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ BE DAMNED TO YOU. “not in my lifetime/ so I don’t care”!

And I reply: your university gods, have committed genocide against you too; because they stole your democracy/ released biological weapons against you/ make you fear/ demand you believe as a cult & obey without question/ stole all your money/ stole your future/ stole and destroyed your economies/ stole your nation/ stole the opportunities for freedom/ destroyed more than you can imagine; & most likely have initiated Armageddon/ established the Apocalypse (war for water, more). Yet with media propaganda, and complete control over government; you still believe they aren’t your enemies. Go investigate, prove it isn’t true. As the universities SCREAM: YOU CAN’T QUESTION US/ WE, are gods. And all of media, realizing their own lives are in jeopardy; SCREAM: YOU, ARE A DAMN CULT/ GET BACK IN LINE/ AND SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU WORTHLESS TRASH. While the politicians simply hide, and try to run away.

And all of America shouts: we are believers, you can’t take that away.

and I reply:  death, and horror beyond imagination;  for life, planet, and child:  is in your hands, not mine.

And the religious say to me: YOU, are nobody/ YOU are not perfect or wise or anything we expect our god to send to us; that we may then believe; because “they are like GOD”.

And I reply: it is true, I am only a messenger. My life, nor living: is NOT “anything as you may be expecting from GOD”; as a representative of HIM. “adored with trophies, etc”. INSTEAD, my life has functionally been: “all those sins JESUS took upon himself/ had to be shitted out; to make himself pure again”. So that you may know what those sins are; I have been living in the midst of all you do wrong, and fail to do right. A reality I can only learn; by living what truth will provide. Certainly not; any description of “wow is he perfect”. Just the truth, without critical knowledge, no understanding will come. So, my life is “less than perfect, and adored with everything you do wrong/ because that is where the knowledge resides”. And you cannot fix, what you do not understand. NOW, YOU DO!  which is the removal of all excuses.

I have however survived it, and remain “stable”; and I remain true to GOD ; CREATOR of life and earth. It is, “just a job”. Messengers do not need to be perfect: how is that not true.

Just so its clear, not forced: I did pray, early in life: “whatever I can do for life and planet and YOUR respect, I accept as my job”. Not exactly what I had in mind; but, it did prove to be: worthwhile.

The whole “spiritual woman reality” however is baffling; I needed her to complete the work: that is true. She brought me back, to only the law will make a difference/ NOT war. Which even I knew, was doomed to fail from the very beginning; but could not grasp more. She apparently needs me to bridge the gap between male and female: as a description of time and spirit for women or something; NO clue, “none of the parts and pieces match”. I have however been changed considerable; and must simply wait for the evidence to prove what this path will be. “its a quandary (too many possibilities, to understand by definition, or decision)”. I just don’t know.

Perhaps someday, “women, as a reality of life; and I”; will just compare notes? To conceive of “a better union” between male and female; not up to me.

As for this day, the last 4 years especially now; have produced an endless “no you can’t” reality for me. She can turn me back; easily. Conceiving, is this really what women endure around this earth or through history; because I truly don’t like it/ just not fair; few freedoms, “without permission”. To retain hope in life, and therefrom happiness “to be with you”; requires that we each accept our responsibilities, duties, and realistic disciplines to shape the order that does become our lives. But none of these things require the penalty, that you alone get to choose what my life is going to be. Unfair!

It is unfair, that my body is not simply my own. It is unfair, when personal respect for the value that is me; fails. Power is an enemy, because it distorts your authority, and fails mine. Pride is an enemy; because it makes life a game/ and somebody has to lose then. Want is an enemy; because it does become blatant greed, selfishness, lust, and so on. Fear is an enemy, because it shapes the world, into “life or death for, just me”.

Accept courage: life is a gift, not one participated in the creation of (sex is not)/ therefore death has its own definition of life versus body. There is no need to fear, what each one must endure; it is coming, so simply prepare as best you can. NOT with belief of anything you want death to be/ but with the honesty of miracles prove more than accidents exist here. While JESUS proves: we were not simply created and then abandoned. So let life, be life/ and death be simply the end of body; so that eternity may begin. NO body could endure an eternity/ therefore it is absolutely essential; that it must be abandoned.

As to woman and me; my whole previous life has just been “pulled apart”/ and I am learning; want to or not. I remain simple; because without “all the parts”/ I can not be certain of anything. As to protections from bodily harm; insofar as this world is concerned; I remain convinced the same method a skunk uses to drive off an attacker can be very effective in driving off/ summoning help; from a male attacker as well: ANY other method, can easily be used against you which can end badly.

As to this world, I remain convinced: there are answers if we look to find them; such as coral reefs can be largely saved if you just start pumping water from lower levels in the ocean to change the temperature when it is rising (air conditioning so to speak).

I should add: that life really didn’t change much until I decided, “they won’t listen or change anyway/ so I want my life back for other things”. Had a little tantrum. That was refused; and at this point; the potential maybe, if GOD interferes on our behalf; just maybe you could find a brain: so I was wrong/ didn’t know what was coming. Apart from that I REMIND all that many are they young men, and some older ones: who refused to tell their wives no/ and ended bankrupt and even worse. Likewise: those who would not listen to their wives/ failed each other as well. “want/ pride/ power/ fear: are all terrible things”. Because only truth can identify a path to peace and happiness with discipline and order. Makes living: NOT about, you or me/ but truth decides instead. That means: NOBODY gets to be the boss/ BECAUSE TRUTH is the boss. A reality that has served me very well; once I began: no excuses/ no complaints/ no avoiding reality; truth decides.

My current truth is: that by the evidence, my entire previous life as male, is basically over. Can’t say what that really means; but it is clearly not going to be the same as it was: that much is certain.

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