Of fundamental things, nothing is more simple than “love or hate”. They are as opposite as anything can be. Love searches for, and gives justice and fair play, always providing respect wherever it is due; always seeks balance in every relationship with life, except where true love is born within trust. The value of setting life free, to conceive of happiness; brings more.

In contrast hate searches for, violence and revenge/ never giving respect to anything beyond fear or power; always seeking pride, and living through wants that then become the trophies of life. To prove I am the superior one/ and you lose. That demand expresses itself in abuse. Expands as using others to gain control and with manipulation: by deceit, cunning, temptation or other like things defile what has value just to prove you can take whatever you want.

The constant human animal, believes he or she can simply live between these two extremes, balancing one with the other so as not to belong to either. Thereby saying “I have the best of both worlds/ I, can love or hate as I please; it is my choice/ and it depends upon how you treat me.” This is want, and it does not rise to the definitions of love; only animal; and while animals can be valued as a memorable addition to life/ they cannot actually join a human being as love. Love is more than an animal can become. They can however as animals live in fear as the prey do, when confronted/ or they can become as predators use violence to survive. The middle ground is then called a human animal; while ascension into love is where value begins, through the acceptance of trust where truth allows/ or the descent into hate, as is where death begins. As is YOUR choice. Either way, the middle ground, “like an animal” does not survive into eternity.

The constant human: is always going to make the decision “later”/ but alas, once past the point of no return: nothing will or can change that path, you chose. And the people say: I like where I am at/ this is what I want; I am happy enough, so leave me alone. I like both love and hate; because it lets me be whatever I want/ whenever I want to live as either; in the drama of time. The end result of it is: that humans do, “become as livestock”. While life behind the fence “seems good: got all I need, people take care of me, give me all I want (like a rich man’s life)”. They fail to understand: that carefree life, for a few years; leads to the slaughter house gate. But ask the majority of people WHICH would you rather live: a rich man’s life for 35 years/ or a poor man’s life for 75 years? When young, most believe they would opt for the rich man’s life/ when old, they fight and complain I want more/ I deserve more (regardless of reality)/ I need more, even if that is not true; and ultimately scream “I WANT WHAT I WANT/ DAMN YOU GIVE ME WHAT I WANT”. Without regard for truth.

Reality then respects the people who discard want, deny greed, refuse selfishness; and turn to either love as the value of our existence by sharing and caring for all the truth of miracles which surround us. OR; they turn to violence and fear; so as to take what life demands of them to survive. “love/ hate/ or animal”: which shall it be for you?

The most common fundamental for refusing truth, and aligning yourself with the games people play: is the search for “I KNOW”. Never even letting someone finish a sentence before you are certain of what they will say or do; “cause you know”. You are so smart, you don’t need to be told ANYTHING. Or you just want what you want & don’t tell me nothing else; because I don’t want that, even if I need that. The crisis of “nobody listens”; is epidemic, because the universities and media as their propaganda tool; has taken control over every decision, every action or reaction, every value or fear; people believe they would or could be confronted with. “NOW, I KNOW”! But alas, like listening to the “media news”: in thirty seconds you are told everything you need to know/ because you have no decision to make. Contrary to that; are the things like covid; wherein media in all its forms are confronting all of humanity as best it can with endless demands: FEAR DAMN YOU FEAR/ BELIEVE DAMN YOU BELIEVE/ OBEY DAMN YOU OBEY, OR BE CONDEMNED; and if we had our way IMPRISONED because you are not one of us. Its called prejudice; and the righteous carry it like a weapon, and a treasure.

We then turn to see, the reality of society is determined by what is propagated/ controlled by refusing the knowledge to make your own decision/ manipulated by the righteous (because we believe/ therefore can’t be wrong)/ and are condemned if we accept freedom and liberty as our right, to make a decision of our own. That is the cost of human society, and it has clearly been the same throughout history. Democracy stands as the construction used to provide a platform: “to be me”. But it cannot stand unless protected by law, intended to control the righteous and limit the hateful. That of course in this USA has been removed by giving the righteous their weapon as is covid (fear/ believe the university is god)/ and the hateful their weapon as is “pandemic (panic, an invisible war); we now own the right, to MAKE YOU OBEY”.

For the sake of knowledge: it is not democracy that keeps or has controlled this America for centuries now: it is resources, the basis and foundation of all wealth. Which made the middle class capable of defending itself, from the tirades of the hateful/ and the constant battle against the righteous “who know: you ain’t like me”; just like the groups you are prejudiced against. Today in this USA; the resources have been ravaged/ and with covid,the basis and foundation used to keep liberty and freedoms alive; have been raped and trashed; by claiming democracy has no value in a pandemic. Even though no pandemic has been proved. Which means this is a direct attack, a rebellion of insurgents trying desperately to take over government/ or by anarchy if they don’t, by destroying the nation itself. “because that is what hate does”.

So we ask: WHY HATE? The answer is human: SCREAMING, THE PEOPLE SAY: I WANT , WHAT I WANT: TO HELL WITH THE OTHERS/ not even the children are important to me; I WANT WHAT I WANT; BE DAMNED TO THE REST/ even this world, so long as it is not destroyed in my lifetime”. Because the middle ground is so much more satisfying: if I am RICH!

WHICH OF COURSE MEANS; the vast majority of society chooses for hate, and for animal; instead of love.

Changing that is a fundamental beyond the limits of men or women; because to balance that foundational element of human society: TO REMOVE THAT LIMIT; both must be equal, in all ways and means/ so they can rise to a value beyond want. Few are willing; because the majority believe, from a very early age: “nobody respects, shares, or cares about me”. They lack the true family value of love/ or are treated to the calloused realities of human indifference associated with “I know how to make them cry”. As is a constant in schooling; the educational witchcraft (life does not matter; BELIEVE, AND BECOME IDIOTS; as is evolution defined education) of fools in charge. Who could be so stupid? Answer: only those who are so blind to reality and truth: they dip their soul into the septic tank to eat their own life; again and again and again.

The consequences of sex as people rise in age to understand: I can affect someone else, with my body. Is fraught with perils few can avoid/ and even fewer want to avoid. The body wants, and sex is greatly addictive at its beginning/ less so, as time goes on. Besides everybody wants to play with their new toys, “just to see what it can do”. Youth opens that door, and consequences fall through.

The fundamental of sex is: as is true of all actions or reactions that cannot be undone, we each one must live with the realities of choices that we did make/ even if tempted. Unless violence and/ or fear, was involved/ your own decision was: you participated, even if ______. shame can be a reality added to you. Because the end result was: what you believed was just a toy/ has now become a weapon or a tool or even a tragedy you cannot undo. In contrast with that is love: the values of sharing and caring through respect, that gives trust its “stairway to heaven” so to speak.

NO, you do not gain “all that joy can be” by using sex as a road to get there. It will fail you/ just as chemicals fade away, so does the act of sex. It is not “forever”/ only the cost will remain/ or the joy of a foundation upon which we build a new life together, shared without equal, as if only one life to live. That lives in love, and love is not a sexual act. Love is the translation of our values, as they intertwine in the destiny we create. Desire is the body of life beyond time; therefore your own true desire is the path of life. If that is love, then your destiny shapes according to the respect for miracles that gave you truth. The trust, that let you accept I am free in your love.

Love is “the value of your soul”! Built upon the respect you shape, out of miracles as the evidence called heart: the gift we share”.

The drama of time, is at its core: “look at me/ listen to me/ I am the one with the most value here”/ or even fear me, because I am the one who hates you the most. The difference is: your decision to make.

The emotion of gender lives or dies in the truth of what sex can or will do; as we each seek the grace of foundations which remove loneliness from our lives. Failing that, revenge, jealousy, deceit, cheating, and betrayal occur.

Behaviors are the distinction, of what our own survival means to us: therefore we do, as we do, because this is our answer. The cost of being wrong, is a war upon the others. While the realities of being right in the participation’s which allow truth to decide for our future, bring peace, happiness, and hope.

The constant scream of humanity is: I worship WANT, as the value I seek most. Whereas the constant anger of humanity is against: “only truth can decide/ only truth can create not only a future, but happiness itself”! And the people say: I WANT WHAT I WANT/ let truth NOT get in my way; I want, what I want/ and I sure as hell: don’t want, what I don’t want to change my life. Nothing else matters to me: JUST WANT, and the pride of winning the game/ the power of proving “I am superior/ to you”.

The end result of it is: you love your game/ but end with hating your life, or the others, because they didn’t worship you: but fearing death, is corruption/ conspiracy/ and collusion. As the game becomes: what can I take with me? Answer of hate: your future. The result of love instead is: where duty demands, I must work for life, and do the best I can to prepare the future for love proven, “to every child”.

The difference between life and death, is no longer time (choose what you wish for yourself); but truth (your choice, as humanity on earth; becomes our future for this world). Because the realities of evidence all point to extinction for our world. Every part and every piece of universities leadership, throughout every media communication is aimed at: control and manipulation of life, planet, and nature; literally everything they can. That will be death to our world; as proven by their insatiable need to install and instill: chaos into genetics and energy and planet and for every child and every life on earth.

Realities that guarantee death, horrors, and extinction: “almost done/ forever lost”. So then it is not the cult of worshipers, or the gods claimed of your universities, but only reality as is whatever humanity is left: that does not wish to simply be killed, by arrogance, greed, or failure by fools.

As has been the constant of my work for over forty years: GO TO COURT, AND INVESTIGATE, EXAMINE, AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE/ WHAT IS, “THE COST OF BEING WRONG”; and then vote as a nation or a world. For what your future is going to become. Because if you just don’t care: then all things remain the same, and your fate on earth is sealed; “within your lifetime, at the cost of your soul”. Forever lost!

It seems necessary, to at least consider the potential of what we can conceive of an eternity to be; as a fundamental toward, shaping our decisions. While it is impossible to know, more than JESUS did tell. What we do know is: love will exist. While that does not include the drama of time (I can lie/ cheat/ steal/ etc); it does include the values of everything we search for in happiness, truth, trust, respect, hope, courage, honesty, duty, discipline, order, and especially thought. While the body of life itself is shaped by desire/ that desire is shaped by your identity, as chosen within the evidence of your own decisions. Therefrom if you measure you fail, because an eternity is more than can be measured. If you live instead as the values which gave you “heart”/ then you can comprehend the treasury called life.

We can know that GOD OUR CREATOR will be there; “its HIS world” we will share. Which allows for “sufficient everything” to be accepted within that grace. But we also know, that purity is the essence of truth itself, and only truth survives: therefore your purity is essential for both life and “that world”; to keep everything alive. If being “pure love, along with all that has value”; is not enough for you/ then you don’t belong, and won’t enter in.

apart from that we know, that a universe and all that conceives of also exists; and with energy under our control, by thought we can construct our own form of participation; but it comes with a price. Fail truth and you die forever/ laws will not be broken for you. We then know: that the less pure you are to the truth of love, trust, and respect: the farther apart “you and yours” shall be from the center of life itself. Because that is what you chose, or allowed yourself to believe.

The quest to build will exist; as seen in this world, and its elemental search for love; to increase the value of our universe. Exactly how, what, where, etc is unknown. What is known however: in this world, “freedom of choice”/ defines our earth; even though it is a gift. It is our home, and we decide for ourselves. Whatever GOD may or may not do in connection with that by HIS OWN decision: is not for us to decide or know or interpret or pretend to understand. GOD does not tell us what HE will or will not do: simple as that! No matter what religions say: they do not know/ they assume by belief. Belief is a want, because it can be whatever you want it to be. Only truth is sustainable, therefore only truth decides.

The very critical conception is thought. The very critical understanding of thought on this earth is “life itself; as every living thing was designed and built by thought over the control of energy”. Making thought “a life of itself”. Therefore the question becomes three fold: an identity created by “I”/ a life created by thought/ and a home created by energy through the shapes of desire. Unlike heredity, nature does not design us for an eternity; we do that, for ourselves. So the question is: what is, the shape of your desire, and how disciplined are you in the quest to build that order or balance inside? In the elemental search, that is my own life: I would never have guessed, at the many directional definitions required of me. So the critical understanding of what is “the best we can do”; is unknown. The critical construction of what is the best I did do: is elementally the values of my heart, respect for our world, & the grace given to my soul. As it is yours.

Hate is the home of chaos, and chaos they will inherit. Chaos builds only fear or terror. Animals die on earth, forever lost.

I suppose, there are fundamentals that need to be discussed between male and female existence; for an honorable living to be shared with value. I repeat some: as is

  1. want is the excuse for many things
    1. I want more, means you have less (selfishness).
    2. I want yours too (greed), means someone could be turned to hate.
    3. I want pride, means life must be turned into a game first (life be damned).
    4. I want power, means society itself could be lost (make them fear).
    5. I want to win: someone must be forced to lose (wreck the competition).
    6. I want what I want= truth does not matter (don’t let me be poor).
    7. I don’t want what I don’t want= reality does not matter (make me rich).
    8. I want to believe= the evidence does not matter. (religion, therefore rules)
    9. I want revenge= I will play god (judged worthless to me/ therefore_____).
    10. I want to be the superior one= abuse, use, prejudice, bigotry, failure; more (yes I can/ because you don’t matter).
    11. I want sex= lust, YOU, don’t matter/ only your body has value to me (trophy_).
    12. I want evolution to be true= “you lost your mind; letting a cult rule you” (insane).

Love is not for the lazy; you must actively participate, with fair play and honest work, discipline, and duty to each other; or it can fail. Love is a truth, and it remains valid only within the decisions for justice. Because without trust, love will fail to provide a living you can share.

Man searches for woman; because life is more than a game; boys search for trophies, and they are not capable of truth/ because truth gets in the way of the game. Men find truth, and in that truth search to balance their lives, with someone who can share. Someone who will care. Someone who contributes to their desires. And someone who is a challenge (pay attention to me/ I to you), rather than a slave; (I won’t own anyone/ choose, to be my true companion).

Woman searches for man; girls search for security or trophies/ and are not capable of truth: because truth gets in the way of this game. Women find truth, and in that search to balance their lives, with someone who can share. Someone who will care. Someone who contributes to their desires. And someone who is a challenge (pay attention to me/ I to you), rather than a slave; (I won’t own anyone/ choose, to be my true friend). The difference between friend and companion: is time. Time is precious: but it is precious to more than one desire, and we each must choose how that will affect our lives and our relationships.

The difference between male and female: is specifically sexual, in far more ways than “just the one”. Male; I need to desire you, as a body that is my destiny (I have journeyed here to stay). Whereas female conceives of: I need to desire you, as a security unmatched in the protection of my life (if I must, even life will be lost; for you). Few accept that definition; in both genders. Because they want “for me”: everything is “for free” ; from you. That fails justice, and corruption follows.

The quest to be satisfied with sex: is fraught with perils. If you only want/ then you only lust; and a body can fail to remain a trophy the others seek; becoming useless to want. If you do not respect each other/ you will fail each other; and slide down until a crash; makes you stop. If you do not respect the realities of work and duties beyond “just you”/ you will want others to replace that; and marriage will fail.

The quest to be satisfied with sex: lingers upon the decision, are you available to me, as more than just sex? Can I be the end of loneliness, the treasury of hope, the value of discovery, the message I am loved, because I love you? These begin and end with the decision: I respect the miracle that is you/ the value of your identity shared with me. It is respect that shapes our lives together/ and that means truth will either build/ or be torn down due to the honesty of our reality as one. Where there is trust, sex will blossom into a cherished hope. Where there is hope, the grace of being true to each other will become real. So the question is then: WHERE, will you draw the line that separates us from each other? Because even if you love, the journey between us is a destiny we must shape with our lives, trading trust for life/ and life for an eternity; as the miracle of soul becomes our home. Most cannot do this, as trust will fail.

There are liars: which means you must never decide what is true/ but let truth by the evidence decide who is real. Even those who are real, can fail when confronted with: “this is just too much for me”. You cannot change that, but must accept that, as their own decision. Just as your decision is different than theirs. Love shapes us/ but the failure to let truth decide: can threaten our very soul. Never do that: accept truth, and let love fade away to find another day. Love is not the sole dominion of your decision/ mercy has its say.

The fundamentals are: love (I share my respect), hate (yes I can make you cry), depression (they made me lose), anger (yes I can), game (you cannot stop me), sickness (I have no say), or loneliness (my heart cries).

Each human being has a connection to one or more of these at any given time. They participate in all that we do. Behaviors, and beliefs; are modified accordingly. The closer we are inside to the respective element of consequence; the more influenced we become.

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