a thousand shades of gray”; the cost of being human.

little in life is more frustrating, than the endless line of humanity who all shout “I KNOW”. Because they believe, they want or don’t want, they don’t care, or its “us against them”. The cost being particularly emphasized “by the light of truth/ or the darkness of lies”. What resides between these two distinct boundary lines are the shadows, of all things gray.

The spiritual world exists: to remove the shadows, and resolve with absolute certainty: what is, and what is not, “true”. Unfortunately on this earth we can never escape the certainty of shadows in our lives, because the foundations of an absolute truth are rare at best. So we must choose, and in that choice we find ourselves confronted with: the decision to love or hate as a reality which then builds the identity we own as life on earth. All things simply survival, are not so gray; as life or death is not so simple, as to be decided: we are either alive because we could be/ or dead because we had no other choice.

So the question then is: if we must live within the shadows of humanity on earth/ and cannot avoid all consequences because of that, “but will get our feet dirty from time to time”. What is, the best we can do for life, and love, and planet. Those who want the worst for themselves; simply choose hate, as is the destruction caused by chaos; “god of evolution/ the universities know; as is the constant we can’t be wrong/ cause we are so smart”! A reality that never fails since the beginning of time; “people know”/ because they need no evidence, or only the tiniest bit of evidence will do; to create an entire synopsis of who you are/ or what this is.

The curse of shadows is then not what we accept, “we do not know”/ but the tragedies of what you accept: “that you do know”. Yet do not, even have a clue.

Of the endless miseries assigned or associated with “human knows”; the universities win the prize, for sewage beyond the rest. Evolution (chaos is god/ thought be damned) tops that list: with assertions and teachings that mirror the worst “that the witch doctors could ever do”. Far greater delusions than any religion of substance are used/ deceit is constant/ mass hypnosis propagates their cause by using media as the means to spread mental disease, the dysentery of fools. And prize: spreading the belief of fusion “we know”/ therefore we can ignite the same fire here as is on the sun; without consequences “its safe”. Of all the religious sewage ever produced, nothing more vile and repugnant exists. An abortion/ an abomination of the facts; an imagination without even a fantasy to support it: pure idol worship without a cause, because there is no merit in their decision. Another (chaos is our god/ let this world die; who cares.)

While a little ends with the delusion: we know, as is proven by change. The reality of that change is: there were consequences far beyond what humans expected/ and now our world does stand on the edge of extinction. Therefore the shades of gray, that are “university knows”; resides almost entirely upon or within the darkness of hate; the descent into chaos, that is their god of “yes we can”. Consequences be damned: today, is all that matters. As proven by the endless deceit of plundering a nation, and destroying the very foundations it needs to survive; by propagating what all know will fail. Yet the nation is human, and as human: they all shouted, WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ AND WE DON’T GIVE A DAMN; not even if our own child dies, because of what we did. Proven again and again and again and again; for decades, because the evidence is clear, certain, and sure.

Therefore we know, “that our sea of shadows, where all of humanity must survive”; is a relationship with wants, where the tides are proven to be pride (life is a game)/ and power (I can make you fear).

IS there a solution, that will save this world?

ONLY if you change from want, to let truth decide! Change from games to let an honest reality of purpose, decide to give the future a chance. Change from “I know”/ into the evidence shapes our decision, belief is evicted, as is all theories, fantasies, imagination, delusion, lies, cheating, stealing, deceit, betrayal or in (summary all hate ends). Of course you can’t do that, as you are human: WE WANT/ DAMN YOU WE WANT WHAT WE WANT; and nothing can stop us from GETTING ALL WE CAN TAKE; forever here on earth. But alas: it is then your tombstone: here lies life, the human portion, chose death.

And humanity shouts back: WE WANT what we want! But the earth and all the evidence of human choices return the words: you chose to play god, and the consequences of that, are entirely yours. So the people run away to hide; and the cost of consequences continues to rise/ as all hope for survival begins to fade.

And the people say: “we know what we want/ and the universities open that door, so we can go through and GET what we want”; they are gods. Media proves it “every day”. But alas, propaganda is not proof. Want without reality is not a benefit.

Many are the farmers who believe insects are the enemy: “they steal my money; to HELL with them”. But nature left to balance itself as it designed life to be; shows the insects are a great benefit to life itself/ pollinating plants, creating fruits and nuts, feeding small living things on land and water, and more/ a base food group. But like us all, they need to eat too. It is the farmers that create extreme imbalance, and cause the consequences. It is universities that create the poisons of agriculture; by the trillion ton/ spread everywhere/ and as expected, what was once tolerated, after fifty years has become a cost beyond what this earth will accept. It is the universities that claim “we increased the crop” and a tiny few did; but they created dependency upon fertilizers/ phosphate is nearly gone; and a probable thirty percent drop will cause people to starve now. As plants that need phosphate because they were genetically altered to use and need more phosphate: no longer survive well without it. The universities mutilated crops; and are busy mutilating EVERYTHING on earth; by establishing “a pandemic” to claim they are gods; don’t worry about a thing. But alas; evolution is a lie/ and chaos is the enemy; and that is all they do; for you.

Many are the liars; because they want what they want/ and truth should not get in their way; because they know, “ALL THAT MATTERS, is what I want”. So reality is kicked aside, and truth is shit on because they can/ and the consequences will soon be HELL; because that is what you chose.

Many are the fools, it is an endless line: demanding, whatever I want is right/ because I know I want it/ and if I want it, THEN BY god(you can’t stop me); I AM right. The list is very long, and not worth the effort to write it down. Because no matter what: those who believe in whatever they believe in: DON’T NEED NO DAMN EVIDENCE/ TRUTH DOES NOT MATTER; because what I want, is all that matters. To believe means: I am my own truth/ because I want what I want; and I can’t be wrong; because I want it therefore it is, and I am: RIGHT. Those who have a book, learn how to interpret it as they please.

Religion is not a game/ but universities are. Religion seeks an understanding; but fails, and turns to accepting as their primary teaching: if you don’t want/ you won’t be sad. If you don’t play the game/ you don’t need to lose. If you accept love instead of hate; life will find you acceptable, and happiness will come.

Universities are the opposite of that: everything is a game/ nothing matters but want/ and whosoever has the power, WINS. Life doesn’t matter, realities are avoided if you own the government: and when you can play god; fantasies rule.

People want: so they let universities rule them, “everything is a game”. But the intellectuals see the game as a trap, to steal from the people “everything”. When they lose too much, the people then revolt; and kill the intellectuals/ and both are cursed with that reality. Because want ruled life; and the curse of men is: WE WILL TAKE all we can get.

So people immigrate to escape the consequences of that want; which is a nation that can no longer survive. Finding refuge wherever they can/ sending for family and friend; and never changing from what they were taught to want; even though that failed. In a world overcrowded with humanity destroying everything; because they can. CHANGE this world is, the only choice you have left.

The cost is like “skunks under the office I used”/ I tried to get along with ten skunks under the floor; but after their babies were born: when they made a distinct effort to “force me out”(plainly wanted this space for themselves; too crowded now). I refused to leave/ and I have never seen a skunk since (consequences). A reality I never intended, had I known I would not have shot them. Because like everything else here (that was, apparently the last one): the environment changed, no room for anything but the green desert of “corn or soybeans”/ and their chemicals. Chemicals of course are the cause of rural destruction; as the greedy could now take control of every farm/ because the weeds could not. Another consequence of “university rules”/ and the endless; we want it EASY/ we want TO BE RICH; to hell with you. Human immigration is not much different: a few are well tolerated/ many are not. They shout we need more; and the people who live here shout: our children/ our lives DO NOT deserve the competition, we need and want our resources for ourselves. Others shout: “we all deserve the same/ this earth is NOT just your property”. And reality shouts back, as it has always been: this environment will only support “just so many people” and then we all die; because the environment dies, or overwhelming competition (as immigrants know). So its not just about human/ this is about life, and our living. Alas, the earth is full. “like it or not”.

People want the police to be perfect/ but they are not. People want the police to be what they want the police to be; but an endless crowd on the other side of that line want the police to be something else; and hate rises/ because all play the fool. When the courts are justified sanity prevails. When the courts are corrupt; people invade the streets to shout; because the court proves useless. Like my mom’s stay in the nursing home: perfection does not exist/ reality must be allowed, so long as it is within fundamental rights. We cannot have what we want; because humans are not what we wish they would be. And that is true of you and me as well/ so reality by the evidence of true need, must decide.

Over the decades, I have been accused of many things: because people want to know “who or what you are/ as is the cost of a herd or pack of predators”? The animal must judge: “predator (don’t want to be attacked)/ prey (don’t want to be eaten)/ or don’t matter (I don’t care about you)”. The human must not judge, because “we are not gods/ you have no right but by the law that is justified and true to all the living”. The righteous of course make laws to justify their decision and enforce it on you; claiming “by vote”/ when reality knows this is not justice, nor is it fair play. Judgment produces fear/ and fear creates behaviors. Just like mistrust, makes the predator disguise. The critical question is then: respect the reality, not the fear! The vast majority of predators will leave a human alone, if they aren’t hungry. BUT if approaching starvation: YOU ARE, on the menu. “see the difference”? Fear is the failure to be free. Chained to that fear, the consequences grow in proportion to what you believe “could be true”; behaviors result. The body knows fear, even if the life inside does not : the body dies, life can rise into eternity. So the question of miracles is: do you accept, that life is not so simple, that we truly understand the truth of it; and are subject to mercy. Thereby recognizing all that we did receive as a body of life on earth. Truth understands: faith means, I trust what I do know, by the evidence of life; to be true!  I don’t belong to a herd or pack; as such I cannot be trusted, because I cannot be identified as “one of us, or them”. Therefore largely discarded as time passes; and I have purposely kept that so, as time for learning proved to be necessary: so “separate”/even more so, after entering into the spiritual world. Nonetheless, the realities of a herd are: we want to be protected from the predators/ so we form a group, and feel safe when in the middle of that group so that none can detect we are even there. The realities of a pack are: we want people who do whatever they are told to do/ or lead us to the “treasure we seek”. One way or the other, or you don’t fit. Gossipers fall between the lines of predator and prey; seeking out “one tiny detail” by which an entire scenario will then be erected as conversation for fun takes control over someone else, and their life.

People want, and they will fight you “tooth and nail” to get what they want/ but like those who life put in my path. When you inform them that what they want has a cost/ they will choose to hate you for it. And when that cost has occurred: they will then accuse you vehemently, “YOU SHOULD have made me do it/ THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT”. Because you didn’t do enough to stop me, from doing what I wanted to do. Even if that would have taken “an army”. The cost of want is: those who want are never wrong/ until they cannot avoid the reality. THEN its all your fault, because they were wrong. Even so, life teaches we must do what we can to inform/ and let them choose for themselves. Sometimes however life has a different solution than what I expect: as realities prove, if I had interfered, even though “this was lost”/ something entirely unexpected occurred instead. Which would not have existed: without the first. So it is hard to tell, when life says no/ but I say yes: alas, I am always wrong, in that scenario. “different, is not always bad/ but unless life truly is in charge; no human can tell”. The list is long.

In contrast to me, are the universities: “we are your leaders/ we are always right”. You are all the same: BELIEVE in your leaders, NEVER question, FEAR what you do not know, ONLY WE CAN DECIDE. You are the sheep. A reality proven true, by the evidence of “a covid pandemic” whose only true purpose was and is: TO MAKE US “the people in control”; RICH/ AND REMOVE the cost of chaos; THE LAW. As universities now move: to change nature into “the universities are god now”.


I am, not a decision for you to make: I am, simply the messenger pointing to the evidence which says, “change or you will go extinct”. You will decide if that message itself; is from GOD or not. As for me, my education/ life, and mind: has given no possible cause to believe it is from me. I simply do the best I can, for life, planet, child, and world of this living earth. Do you see the difference?

I can however help you to see: what changes will do. IF the day comes, before the end is final; when you rise off your ass to fight for life and world. NOT as universities do: but as understanding and wisdom, will reveal. I was not taught, “without a purpose”.

I am, for all intents and purposes: simply separate, as I have been from nearly the beginning: not for you to judge/ not for you to follow/ not friend or enemy for you to decide. Simply messenger, as is the job I was simply given to do. Who among you could not have been “a messenger”?

I am however different, even more so than before: as the spiritual world, is more than you can understand; I will not try. Changes in me, become more expressive of that reality, will decide.  I know not what that might truly be, it is not my decision to make. Therefore no prediction is possible.

It is clearly true; that we may each have only one true love/ as everything else falls behind that singular desire and purpose, the reality of who we are inside becomes “evidenced by our choices”. I for my life, have clearly chosen this entire Creation of life, its Creator; and all, or who, that belongs in that destiny. You as a majority here on earth, have loved your life, and will lose it, instead; wanting all that it can give without the slightest concern for giving anything back, that would help sustain or encourage or respect the living we have all received because of nature and planet as it was when we received it. Everything, from the smile on your face, to the framework of your body, to the world you live in: is being sacrificed by “the university believer; whose purpose is to remove nature by mutilating genetics with chaos; so as to prove evolution, as is their god”. YOU HAVE FAILED to understand: life is complex, as every miracle proves true. YOU HAVE FAILED to understand: nothing about a living body is by accident or chaos, or can be assembled with out “all the parts and pieces” working properly at the time, your life, or any life exists. OR YOU WOULD NOT LET THEM DO IT! Or, like me; if none will help because the masses are cult worshipers of “university is our god”; you at least owe this Creation a fight to save it. But no, you refuse; and will clearly deserve what you get instead.

I gave up all that life could have been; by choosing to be selfish just like you. It is however an empty life, which requires endless wants; to avoid the reality of what does not come with greed or lust, or betrayal, theft, hate, and more. I do not regret my choice/ but I do regret your choices; for the end result of it is, every child/ every life on earth/ even the planet itself will be extinct, sooner than you can imagine, it comes true.

NO, I am not “a sign waver: end of the world is near”. I presented you with the evidence of our reality: and it clearly points, without exception, to our extinction: simple as that. NO, I am not a religious man: so the religious say “HE CANNOT possibly be from GOD (a messenger proving your need to change)“/ he is not one of us; simple as that. NO, I have not gained a great audience as you expect “but then JESUS came into this world as a baby”; SO , I do not consider myself precluded from the work. Instead, throughout the decades: it became absolutely clear, I must defeat the universities, by understanding the reality of truth itself/ so there can be no excuses left. Because even one excuse has proven to be: “a thousand correct answers, do not matter”; because all that matters to the mob is one incorrect or subject to interpretation answer, and they all fall away. So time was taken, and life was spent: to prepare what had to be done. While the cult, continually bought your lives with bribes they stole from you; and you didn’t care.

So, why write: you refuse to read anything, because like “zombies”; your eyes are glued to your video, and your brain is manipulated, and dulled by media, and your soul has been trashed by the liars, traitors and thieves of university education. To your shame; all signs “you hold, to prove bondage to your cult; the mask (uniform) to prove you are an army”, continue to point, to this world shall die.

The answer is: I write, because it is “the least I can do”. As reality proves you, as humanity on earth; do nothing at all. No, second chances: over is over; end of this world has come. Apart from a very tiny few: YOU had decades, “to do something”. Alas: “you will not, love your eternity”.  Alas: you are believers, “truth does not matter/ you only want, what you want, and reality is abandoned for pride”.


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