We examine the difference; by asserting “time is like a tidal wave”/ it exists on top of the water, but is moved by energies beyond its own capacity to control. As humans we stand on that wave like surfers do, in a body of materials, that will encounter the shore/ and then fall back into the ocean. Time is an action created by energy flowing as motion/ the impact of that motion is an action on mass created as reaction. The human being is in motion; but has the kinetic(impact) option of controlling the body of life within that flow until it stops being influenced by energy.

In contrast to time, is the ocean itself; a body of potential energy, so massive it has no elemental motion of its own; except “at the extremities”. We then turn to thought as a dimension, rather than an energy. An environment explained by desire, as the construction of what discipline, order, balance, and a respect for the laws of truth can build. In the opposite dimension of discovery are the elements of chaos, and what destruction of all forms associated with thought can destroy.

Thought is a “dimensional house”, an environment of love defined by your own choices, fears, courage, love, hope, & so on/ the shape of what you can sustain and survive. The opposite of hate: chaos unleashed to destroy self. Unlike the body of life on earth, which lives on the very limited edge of energy in motion. Thought is a house that must remain anchored into the potential to control energy; by using the laws which govern and are governed by thought to achieve either construction or its alternate destruction/ dependent upon where you belong. A body of life in time, is a house built upon the flow of outward energy being directed, as a result of want; “animal: there is nothing else of value to me”. Thought resides on the inside of life itself, where the potential to shape energy into the values beyond what animals can be, do, or have; is elemental to creating the destiny designed as your own eternity.

The spiritual world identifies what is true in you; thereby the directional judge of life by your own choices. The animal world; simply dissipates “and falls back into the sea/ unknown, and without an identity”. Love builds an eternity/ hate destroys by chaos, which gives to you the environment of violence, and its terrors.

You cannot enter into the purity of thought; unless you first travel through the spiritual realm of life or death; by your own choice. IF you survive, whatever is left that is true, and valued; can be built into a home. IF you fail to survive as a truth to be valued/ you will be lost to existence, and destroyed based upon the violence you caused; to those who could have survived beyond time. An animal, is an animal; it is not valued, as eternal/ but merely represents predator or prey, the discovery of time shapes truth.

We then search: “the living/ or the wanting”, to recognize the difference between thought and time. To live respects the value of a body and a world filled with miracles beyond our ability to recognize “how does this exist”? Reality shapes the response as “our CREATOR” was here/ and JESUS produced the guarantee of a love that did not abandon us; but grants an eternity to those who belong to life itself. The wanting respects only survival or death/ and it shelters within the decision to be either predator or prey as environmental consequences allow. Do you see the difference? The fence, is a middle ground occupied by those who want to live within both developments of time; taking everything from each as they desire it to be. Claiming “fear me/ in the same breathe as love me”; a reality that does not represent life/ but death. So the question is: do you desire life, or do you want death? And the masses all say: “leave me alone till later: I want it all. But alas: when I won’t be able to decide, beyond time will end”. Oh well; right? Religion modifies this: with rules and payments, “I paid for my insurance policy/ I am OWED”. Beliefs take away the fears, but if they are wrong: you enter the lies you created as your own. Tiny payments of your excess; will never equal your life.

Realities of discipline and order; include gender roles, as the spiritual world creates dimensional characteristics of male are represented by “length or width”/ while female is capable only of height/ and depth is determined by respect for soul. It takes all three, “to build a life worth living”. You are born male or female/ you cannot choose the other gender for yourself. As to me however; having entered the spiritual dimension/ my reality is time has changed; “its complicated, and as yet unknown, as to the true cost of wanting: an answer from female; how would you save this earth”? Want, pride, power, fear, hate, and the rest are all enemies of life. Even so, I was desperate for an answer, extinction is forever; and found a door: which has become a true struggle; both good for life on earth, and bad for “strictly male”. Religion will say: GOD has to do everything/ we DON’T have to do nothing. A constant; even though humanity is the problem. But realities prove that is just not so, and so long as we are connected to time; we are participants in what happens here. We face extinction: ONLY, because of what humanity, and in particular men, chose to do. Your problem/ your choice; is consistent with your decision: must change.

The values of our own heart, shape our destiny; as the order we achieve to conceive of love begins the journey beyond what time or body can do. What we balance to serve ourselves versus what all other life needs; shapes time as we design it to be. Without disciplines we fail life and hope. Without hope we fail ourselves, and turn blind to the realities of love and life itself. Fear is the enemy; which is why, “the devil of humanity: its arrogance”/ tries to use it against us. The question of this day in America is: HOW did you get so blind, so completely without a brain; as to accept “the universities as god”? Arrogance is the answer, as realities will prove: you chose evolution to worship, not only because you allowed the cult to take control over every school/ but because you wanted to be free of all consequences to the truths you chose for yourselves.

There are only three real contributions to life, that the universities made: primary to their control is healthcare (a man observed nature, and cultivated antibiotics/ another man observed nature and cultivated vaccine of value). NOT like the claim of today: but nature earned. The second, “plants eat too”/ and then diversity has both winners and losers we can choose. The third is only a contribution to fear: the atomic bomb, which altered much/ and now sits as extinction. Your truths then, construct “blind to everything else”. Your fear constructs: the universities as your god. Arrogance is the enemy of all life on earth/ none throughout history compare to the arrogance of a university diploma.

In the realities and relationships of human endeavor; are those who want to believe they are different than they were born to be. Claiming I can make a choice is not enough. But even so, I have stumbled upon a cause by accident: the biological infection written about/ reduced me to the cause is life or death, and gender is absolutely irrelevant until the time this is resolved. The result of that is, a disconnect with gender: even though nothing in me decides to be female/ the reality of my own life is: I entered the spiritual world at another time; and now as is consistent with the prophecy of Revelation 12: a spiritual woman (standing on the moon; something foreign/ male) stands on me. Tits don’t make a woman/ but the chemicals they produce are female: CLEARLY not male. There are consequences. My life has always been different than yours; you are not given the right to judge me/ or decide for me, whatever this is to be. Even so: the information this presents is to describe, those who were not forced by violence, or chose by delusions and deceit/ could be influenced by realities of death coming close, that you do not understand. As is consistent with the ten commandments of the Bible, I resolve the best I can do is: “judge not/ lest you be judged”. Not my life/ not my eternity: yours, Whatever that is to be, I don’t know! The request however is: NEVER show me/ never tell me/ never bring that here. Not judgment/ just not me, as is I am not you.

The spiritual woman and I worked together for 12 years on this job (to give you this message of change or die/ as is consistent with FEMALE dies too). Believe it or not; doesn’t matter to me. But in the thirteenth year everything changed; to some degree my fault for giving up on humanity, and wanting out/ done. That was rejected, functionally: she is protecting or fighting for; all females on earth and I am coming along and doing that work/ whether I like it or not. Our relationship has not been the same: NO SURRENDER, until reality proves it is now too late. Now starts the sixteenth year; especially different after near death/ body in crisis; removed the bond of “male life”/ which is now become;  just life instead. While I have constantly view this as “fools SHOUT insane”/ pointing away from the realities of evidence: SHE INSISTS, woman shall not be removed from the values created for life and world, by this work. Your own ability to ascend beyond simply time; is your own/ I have nothing to do with that; other than the message she demands is: man and woman SHALL BE EQUALS/ each needs the other, or this world dies.

Today, I understand the purity of her hope could not be contaminated with my loss of hope/ and significant distance between us, was required to protect her truth. I have now committed to the same truth as is hers: no surrender until it is absolutely clear/ this work has failed. Some degree of healing has occurred.

If, we turn back to the elemental dimensions of life versus time; we do understand life does not measure time/ time measures growth, truth, and distance; as is the purpose of a brain. Life is not a measurable quantity (brain does not adequately function here): it is a definable experience, expressed by the decisions we are free to make. We then divide what is thought/ from what is the brain of a body? Evolution says: brain not important/ all life is built without it; as fools and fantasies prove “Imagination is only for cults”.

Truth identifies life, as time provides the environmental dimensions called “my life”. Growth assembles the values of love or want, as time gives the decisions we make the consequence of its truth. Distance shapes the road we follow, by constructing what the other people demand from us; but only thought can be a path beyond time, where life itself begins. Love is a destiny, shaped by desire, but born in passions that are developed from the heart. More simply the heart shapes our decisions to be for life and living as the truth of our desire, and the consequences of our discipline, allow for us to be. Sex is a balance between love and desire; proving in time the quest of our destiny, as we choose to shape with heart. Soul resides in the miracles we inhabit, share, and choose to care about, it is the purpose of our respect, and the value of our order in bringing to existence; the path we shall walk into thought itself. While thought can be conceived of as a treasury; a place where what we store within ourselves, becomes the relationship we have with living. It is also the dimension earned by how we create our living and our lives shared by gender. To expand beyond self, requires love. To know the heights and body of life itself; requires both male and female to participate as equals, guiding each other; as only true love can do. Time only knows want, and want is the lust of an animal. Truth knows the spiritual element of our existence; and is thereby the door into what resides beyond the distant horizon that is death at our door (body ends). Critical to our discovery of what can eternity be? Are the definitions of happiness: to belong/ to share, because we care/ to experience life as truth in me/ to express living as the freedom of values shaped by my own love/ to encourage and define the treasuries of what makes our lives whole/ to respect and identify GOD as our own CREATOR; an equal participant in miracles beyond comprehension. To earn the passage shaped by JESUS; as our own; because we learned the message he brought to human life.

The brain operates all the controls of a body, it comes equipped with the “software needed to do that/ and constructs a variety of tools to achieve that”. Thereby measurements are needed, and the ability to distinguish truth from lie/ shadow from light; is a function of brain. Life in contrast lives in the freedom created by thought, to achieve its own understanding of what “these miracles” do mean. To construct conception of life itself, requires us to search: thereby a journey has been created to understand, or consider the differences between life and body. When you enter into the destiny of miracles: you enter the quest for soul. When you return or conceive of body as the only condition of life; you have formed the mind of an animal instead. Do you see the difference? Animal is brain/ life conceived by thought is beyond this time, we search for our CREATOR.

Thereby we do recognize, as does religion: that miracles do not “build themselves”! Not by accident/ not by imagination/ not by chaos/ not by anything even remotely the claim of evolution or other similar disease of the brain.

Order/ discipline/ balance/ structure/ respect/ life itself/ truth/ value/ courage/ love/ hope/ thought/ freedom/ energy/ food/ movement/ senses/ organs/ muscles/ blood/ breathe/ sex/ the body factory, that builds another generation from “dirt”/ and all the other elements so clearly KNOWN to be ELEMENTALLY SO FAR BEYOND OUR OWN ABILITIES TO “THINK”. That we do call them miracles/ and those who are not filled with hate and jealousy: know, that means A CREATOR did visit us, to achieve these truths in us, by the laws which then govern our existence.

Some suggest: “delivered here or left behind/ that is no more”. But the Biblical JESUS presented life with miracles of healing, and a clear construction of love; presenting the possibilities of life beyond time: and DID change this world. The universities satan: now fights to change it back into chaos/ and his horde obliges with cult worship, as is “we fear/ we believe/ we obey: without question”.

So the question is: do you believe (we want what we want) in fantasy and imagination without reality or truth: as is universities are god/ and evolution is chaos unleashed, as is their intent with genetic mutilation (by almost one hundred percent of participants therein). Their claim we can control the same fire as on the sun. their endless disrespect of all life and things we need to survive.

Anyone who goes to a hospital knows: ORGANIZED CRIME runs this, as theft is constant, and extortion is clear. “oh wait”/ what could healthcare get out of a pandemic [two people sick: SHUT DOWN THIS WORLD], and collect, trillions of dollars spent for a claimed vaccine? Answer the question, as the grip of “university sewage” tries to take over this world.

The constant trampling of planet, ocean, life, air, oxygen, habitat, and anything they can touch. THE REALITY OF THIS MOMENT IN THE, HISTORY OF HUMANITY.

OR, DO YOU ACCEPT, that the value of our lives and our ability to live upon this planet is a distinct gift, worthy of respect/ and deliberately protected by the sanctity of what happens if we change what can then go WRONG; and ruin that gift for an eternity of time.

Does not the complexity of blood/ the skull, and all your bones (individually designed, shaped, built, lubricated, and transported to where they belong): TO LET YOU GROW. The fact each individual organ is hung on your body skeleton/ each muscle attached/ each sensor control/ each individual cell fed/ your brain itself/ your body built and rebuilt; down to your eyelashes and tears to wash your eyes: as well as your ability to think; NOT PROVE THOUGHT BUILT THIS? Or are you just too damn stupid, to claim you should be human, instead of a plant, with a tongue. Adaption is merely “design perfected for time”. Diversity is the value of each individual/ a reality your universities demand to remove thought; unless they can claim it as changed by their own mutilation. FIND A BRAIN, yours is missing if you say no.

Or more simply: NOBODY, GETS TO play god with life or planet or anything the living need to survive. YOU cannot have both: one way or the other this world will be changed, LIFE/ OR DEATH? Even though religion says: WE DON’T have to do nothing/ they are wrong. The reality of change, Is then up to you, human life on earth. Because without a commitment to change by humanity itself/ nothing will be done. NO more talking; CHANGE IS NOW. Or, your decision is: to Insure this earth will become extinct, and all its life lost to fools.

Consider the cost of being WRONG/ AND FIND your brain. Understand the evidence is massive against the universities, in all realities of importance. Such as: NOAH’S biblical flood did exist, AS PROVEN by the realities of fossil fuels. We know flood waters can do exactly what was done. And we know, no other method of gathering and uprooting, all that plant material, and all that life together in piles: before it was buried under hundreds or thousands of feet, in the dirt or rocks or oceans deep/ as well as other facts blindly used for deceit. Which discards nearly all of their assertions for the past. WE KNOW; that atoms must be spinning to retain that much energy/ because nothing else can do it. Which means WE KNOW, that an opposing force of “dark energy” exists to hold it in place/ or the kinetic energy would just escape. We know, that perfection is not attainable, particularly over time; as there are influences which change respective relationships: which destroys their assumptions of “we know”. WE KNOW by any and all means of measurement: that we are bombarded with radiation as does heat this earth by the sun. For the sun to be losing particles: THAT MEANS, it is burning fuel/ and not “merely magic” as universities demand. Which does give it a time period/ when the sun had to be bigger in order to still remain. A billion years ago: this earth was then MUCH hotter/ and nothing proves a billion years have pasted since ignition. The universe starts at the center of the big bang/ which then threw materials out in all directions within a directional space: that proves what is on the other side of that “deep space”: is NOT evidence of more time past/ but the center of where the big bang did explode. Dividing their assertions by at least half. Etcetera.

My mom and dad both struggled badly, with pride. Fought back, even though I never fought with them: to prove their decision, “I don’t have to change/ this is all your fault”. Even though I merely corrected small issues, when asked; for them to achieve, a greater chance at purity, as their own decision to do so. Dad in particular hated: to know, all that is wrong which humans did do/ pride hates that. Unfortunately they decided: I had wasted my life/ since no real contribution was evident; and I chose, to work for answers/ discarding all the rest; because this world faces extinction. Just a fact of life. All of religion struggles with the same pride: as is the constant of animals, “I WANT/ I WANT/ I WANT/ OR DON’T WANT”; ends the discussion. Because an animal lives in the game of I get more/ or you lose. Most animals however do not eat their young; as is the cost of your constant thirst for power, typical of the cost that is: “university is god”.

I will simply end with that, as reality reshapes our planet: with sustained winds we cannot survive in just a few short years. Because you destroyed all the trees, which kept our atmosphere tied to this earth. Not to worry, planets like venus and jupiter have sustained winds at around 700mph/ but that will take a couple decades or more, once the anchors are all gone. Why did media forget to tell you that? I guess you just didn’t need to know; as all your elders proclaim “NOT in my lifetime”/ let the children die, “we took it all”. As is the constant of university rules: a pandemic of KILL THEM ALL; because their pride knows no boundary, and media provides no respect for life or earth. The masses respond: as you glue your eyes to video; so you cannot see “anything”/ and hide from truth. Don’t worry, as the elders all said for a decade: “their trash is your gold mine of the future”/ so its all good right? You, can just go get more too; right!


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