reality strikes

reality strikes

I believe: “even though I cannot see inside, where this reality exists”; that based upon what I do know, that I will be ok. Even so; the realities of body, questions of death, and compositions changed all require a relationship assessment, that should be known. The summary of medicine is: being unaware of the critical severity of the medicine, I made mistakes that could have been avoided. But these realities of life, were caused by the fact the initiating puncture wound had resulted in bacterial growth inside the blood vessel; that were not expected. IT WAS a surprise; The higher blood pressure was the key in identifying that. That inner blood vessel mass and its release to cause serious restriction in blood flow; prompted the increased antibiotic use. How much was necessary I do not know. Issues of death occur; my method of dealing with life is to remove wants. Want means: “I want what I want/ and I don’t want what I don’t want/ and that is all that is important to me”: is removed. Replaced with: life is a gift and a miracle no human being can explain; therefore far greater realities of existence have done this for me, than I can know or conceive of. Given that level of truth, the essence of death cannot be summarized beyond the truth: this gift of body will be removed and discarded as the trash. HOWEVER life itself, is not simply body (the essence of our time), and that means life (the essence of a choice, that results in our own decisions) is a separate truth of its own. Our Truth; is what we own. Therefore let the truth in me, not be swayed by things I cannot control. Let the realities of my life, never be so small as to conceive of life as a game. Let death be as it must be: “children need their time too”. And let truth replace all fear, even if I do not deserve the realities of eternity; that is not my choice to make: I will simply do, the best I can do; and accept the cost of time is: we must all end, I can only do my best/ therefore fear should not be mine, as I have lived “within the miracles”. The essence of life itself, is a contained energy we share; which gives us motion and opportunities; energy transforms if the boundaries of our soul are not breached. When that energy leaves your body; you must NOT try to stay behind in time; OR you will be abandoned to dissipate into death. Choose and prepare, so that you may go “in trust”/ not fear. That is my advise to you!

Reality strikes (now reviewed): and I am faced with a biological infection, that is VERY resistant to treatment/ and VERY aggressive in the body, by increasing roughly 3 times more per 24 hour period. It started with a needle point, poked into my arm; from a tractor loader bucket used for loading manure; needed welding. That had been pressure washed, and looked clean. How an infectious biological agent remains on a welding needle point that has been painted and was washed is irrelevant. Because picking it up to move it caused me to instantly realize I had been poked from an object I did not see; through a sweat shirt. But since it was a manure bucket, I kept a very close eye on the resulting tiny wound. Upon inspection: the contaminated needle point was hidden in a small amount of livestock debris. The bucket front edge had been broken/ rubbing it on concrete peeled off a small thread of metal/ the wheel had picked that up and threw it forward where it stuck on the bucket in that debris. AT roughly 3 weeks later, it seems I have survived.

The first day; a wound appeared the size of a large pimple/ the second day; a half inch long line appeared on the blood vessel, 3 0r 4 wounds close to the insertion point; underside of forearm; and put neosporin on it overnight, which did not help (doctor said bacteria today can grow on it). I treated it with hydrogen peroxide both days. What I did not know was because the puncture wound had entered a blood vessel; the infection was growing in the blood first. The third day about fourteen wounds appeared, bottom of arm area; from wrist to elbow: the skin close to the insertion point had raised/ another area of skin had shrunk . At which point I sprayed the arm with hydrogen peroxide for several hours straight to keep it wet; was not enough, and put a cloth wrap on it overnight, with cotton pads underneath on the wound areas; to keep it wet. which did help. Swelling went away, skin poof-ed back out, wounds stopped spewing: outside infection under control: but by noon another wound or two appeared/ spreading under skin. Went to doctor. Blood pressure 165, not usual. 

Got topical antibiotic for resistant bacteria; told to leave it open to air/ but cover it with long sleeve shirt. First use, went ok/ 8 hours later within about five minutes of second application of antibiotic: received a sharp, harsh pain in the shoulder joint, which lasted about five minutes/ that faded, and then became a dull but hard like,certain pain in the lower calf muscle of the right leg; which lasted for 2 days. But finally dissipated at that point to return to normal. The bacteria insertion point was on the main blood vessel in the arm or next too it, and may or may not have damaged it; either way, the bacteria had grown into the blood vessel, and created a mass that when the antibiotic released it from the outer skin wound; ended up in arteries as described. This is the sixth day of treatment; and the body seems to have conquered the blood problem. However a day or so after the blood vessel pains had stopped in the leg, I woke in the middle of the night with my left hand in trouble; 50+ movements of the hand and it finally returned to normal. I seem to be ok in that area, but it is impossible to know for certain. I did hold my arm treated, uncovered; without letting it touch anything for 8-12 hours. I did use normally, about the volume of antibiotic that would fill the area of a quarter per 8 hour treatment. I did use about the volume of about an area needed for fifty cent or dollar coin once:  which caused me a very slight respiratory problem/ so I replaced the cotton wrap with a new one, and that solved the issue.

The doctor suggested I leave the treated area open for healing/ because bacteria like it hot and moist. Washed thoroughly with soap, before each application of medicine. Leaving the skin open, did not work, because the shirt sleeve rubbed away too much medicine. The second application saw an increase in activity on the wounds; so I doubled the medicine (cloth will absorb some) and put an undershirt cloth wrap on it. That has been effective; and on the sixth day, the wounds are healing; that seems relatively safe now. Told to treat it for ten days to be certain.

Current side effects are; a decrease in my ability to read small print; hopefully it will return. The second side effect to date is; my tits doubled in size on the third day; no effect first two; and continue to grow. It is nonetheless well worth the consequence; as the choice truly seemed to be; a terrible death by biological ravaging/ or tits (so, welcome home; well worth the price to heal).  I have cut t-shirts about 4 inches wide using the end sewn material as a stop; with a slit cut for a thumb; then spiral wrapped the material around the arm; tucking the top portion inside the spiral wrap to hold it. works reasonably well, when it gets loose, I move the hole to another finger to tighten it back up.

The point of this rendition of facts is: that new biological infections are very serious/ if I had waited another day, the biology growing in the blood vessel could have been large enough; to have caused a heart attack. Who knows! Without treatment serious treatment by hydrogen peroxide on third day: I could have lost arm/ it may have gotten completely out of control. YES THAT FAST. as it was I had to wait for the body to recover, to protect the kidneys. the blood infection was clogging things up. When I renewed antibiotics four days later, I used only enough to control it; and quit for the sake of body just prior to the infection being completely gone/ another time with only the slightest infection showing. but it recovered and I am now dealing with resistance. the body has recovered from all its internal issues/ but unless the skin infection can now be undone, it was for nothing permanent. so I am going back to the doctor; “simply hoping”. Doctor says skin healed: but simply needs time to look normal again.

A footnote to hydrogen peroxide: I have used it for years, and it is not a problem to the skin: UNLESS YOU HAVE USED A BANDAGE on the skin to be treated. The glue used to hold particularly waterproof bandages/ tears up the skin, and makes hydrogen peroxide impossible to use. I had peroxide on the arm for roughly 12 hours, with it working on the wounds, and absolutely no apparent damage to the skin. It did, does well for “outside wound issues”. I used it some years back; with a very bad infection that was creating boils on my face, down neck, chest; practically overnight. Scalp obviously had “issues”; so I washed it with peroxide/ but did not shower enough to remove all the trouble. Wrapped the resultant boils, with undershirt cloth & cotton balls on open wounds;  to pour hydrogen peroxide on; and leave wet. For roughly 36 hours straight; which ended the infection (all gone)/ without any skin damage or real irritation. That infection came from a hat that dropped into a water & grime trapping area that had to be drained. I knew better than to put it on/ but two weeks later I needed a hat, and it still had not been washed. Didn’t take long to prove that was a bad idea.

MORE DISTINCTLY in terms of this day; the idea that humanity can simply “put on a mask/ spray a little chemical and so on” is ludicrous: as proven by the loader bucket above. Pressure washed/ looked clean: but microscopic bacteria can hide on a needle point; with more than enough bacteria in that little spot; ;to kill you. So you either take the risk of life and body in stride/ or you hide from life in the closet, and fail to live at all. NO you are not completely safe: simple as that. LIVE ANYWAY, because that is the best we can do.

as to the realities of what caused the bacteria to become more potent today, than at any other time in the history of this world; two causes come to mind, lots of “university knows changes”/ and bad management practices.

In this case: the livestock herder was not using bedding for his cattle/ which left them laying in their own shit and piss; a perfect soup of toxic trouble, which can easily mutate biology into disease; for cattle and humans and more. Straw in this case is the method used to keep the creatures separate as realistically possible. Not only is that type of practice the most probable cause for disease throughout history (I just want free food/ without respect for the animals); CAN’T AFFORD IT realities. But it is also the most likely scenario for yearly changes in the flu; and various other consequences of NOT treating the shit with real life respect. We need that material to decompose itself/ but anything “built to destroy” the body of life; so death does not surround us; is also existing as a fine line between living and dying for us all. Reality knows: society itself needs to provide the mediums to insure “yes you can do this properly”; and we will help you pay, when needed. To protect our own health and yours; because sickness can spread; and everybody is responsible for “the best you can do for life and world”. Not a game. Cleaning a barn or other: requires chemical treatment afterward; chlorine (bleach) will probably do. You run it through a sprinkler; and pull the sprinkler through the barn slowly to wet the walls, floor, etc. locking livestock out. Once dry, a “flame stick/ with extinguisher” can be used to help clean the areas in doubt.

OF SERIOUS INTEREST is: even removal of the sewage does not eliminate the problem, because it has to be dumped somewhere; and it will remain infectious for days, weeks, or months. If it can be tilled under the soil, that would be best. Either way, as indicated by me/ as was the result of a first instance proving resistant bacteria; of a healthy young man who died, in a week after simply skinning his knee up; in just the wrong place. Leave the area alone where this has been dumped. Carefully inspect any puncture wound; for at least 3-4 days; because it goes fast.

that brings us to what other type of treatment could be used for skin infections: immediately coming to mind is the laser method of burning out melanoma; used on each wound, it will stop that area. different things react differently; just one hit in the middle of the infection may work better than trying to destroy it all. Hopefully antibiotics can be used as well, if not directly on the burned area; IMMEDIATELY next to it/ so as to control under the skin trouble. another element for resistant bacteria is direct injection of hydrogen peroxide by needle into the wounded area: in realistic amounts/ but be very careful if you get that in the blood stream it could kill you. the question of chlorine (bleach) as is used to control mold and such could be applied if experiments prove useful/ use of oxygen or other gases for saturation, by using a plastic bag to control the atmosphere in that area, might work/ injecting antibiotics directly into the source of the infection; and potential other things as well. Various elements to kill the outer infections are not useful for blood infections/ the body however needs help, and there is only one antibiotic for resistant bacteria. people are getting their arms cut off, etc: because the bacteria is so hard to control/ so don’t laugh until you understand the cost of being wrong in all ways and means.  instead of pandemic hype, real world issues are required; covid is literally an old persons disease/ and no matter who hates the truth of that, it is real. in the real world of life, child and realities of choice;  university leadership has proven to be roughly one percent actively useful/ while the other 99% has been proven to lead only to extinction.

Of note: a side effect of the antibiotic is diarrhea . To remove that, I simply stopped eating to let fat take care of the need. When feeling less than perfect, one fried egg has been enough to resolve the issue for hours. high calorie soda pop drink was used, for energy and to flush out kidneys; and only about 8 pounds was lost over 3 weeks. “note”; a friend badly overweight, stopped drinking a popular soda pop/ and lost one hundred pounds in less than one year.

This is the eighth day of treatment, by antibiotic; while not yet healed over, the infection is gone, with only small remnants of possibility left: two more days of treatment should completely resolve it. The eyes from effects of antibiotics; should recover, I hope/ not a choice; keeping the body alive comes first/ decisions come after. My tits continue to grow, and I will be happy with them; as a reality of life. There is no purpose in being less than happy with your own body; as there are no other options that make sense.  the end result of it is; the kidneys seem to have healed; as cellular debris first clogged it up/ but now seems to be  washed out. every day cells in your body die and are replaced, that cycle is what keeps us alive/ but biological trouble begins when outside influences have entered and the results are either “too big/ or too small”; as proven in this blood infection. the antibiotic apparently helped release the problems. Which brings us to the potential for “transporting out the blood, using hydraulic pressure and sieves” to do what we need to have done/ before returning that blood to the body. cleaning the kidneys may cause them to work again. people have learned to separate out chemical compositions of the more simple things by “heat and cold” methods/ it is possible that could work on blood; centrifugal forces, gravity, or other at independent levels could then be used to collect the infection or its products. these are simple ideas, NOT suggested with any form of “body expertise”. The reason they are suggested is:  they are simple and direct work experiments/ which very few among “university and research” are interested in. because they love their fantasies, and imagination (lets play with computers) nothing about the body or life, and certainly not work;  is of interest/ unless they can imagine themselves as gods by using genetics. they get away with it, regardless of the consequences or being just plain wrong;  because media refuses to identify truth/ as all cult (never question the leader) members do. the unfortunate truth is: the university elite want you dead inside/ just as they are; unable to find truth/ unable to accept reality/ unable to think. exchanged for “fear (a purpose)/ obey (a demand)/ believe (superiority)”. of the endless disgrace that is this USA in transition from alive to dead; the purpose of covid proves theft, fraud, and more. while the constant demand of media to “tell us what we see”/ is being used to batter you down into submission [it is a form of mass hypnosis]. NO YOU cannot trust yourselves; NO YOU cannot think for yourselves; NO YOU are incapable, “follow us”/ OBEY THE WORDS, and we will tell you what you see, hear, think, OR can do”/ because you have no brain: we are more!. as life is exchanged for extinction. By fools, failures, liars, thieves, traitors, and terrorists in charge as “the university is god”. to your shame.

As to doctors; like any other professional job; each is expected to know what works and does not work/ like every other profession; same. As to antibiotics and medicines: endless tears have fought throughout millennia “to find a way”/ today, the opportunities to learn from a whole world have engaged to allow “more than ever before”. But with that reality as is proven by antibiotic resistance; unless you are willing to “obey the rules” of changing life/ it turns out badly. Because life and body, are no small thing/ certainly not an accident, but a reality of thought and existence governed by laws built from truth. There is literally nothing to suggest evolution is true/ not even adaption, which is merely the sign of “perfect design”.

At the end of two antibiotic treatments on the eighth day; my body says stop. As the reality of infection is clearly healing I have done so; even though the request was to go ten days, to insure nothing escapes so as to mutate into something stronger. Reality dictates; a balance must be maintained; as best we can. One and one third tubes of antibiotics have been used. I hope for the best, in all ways. Thanks to the people responsible for the antibiotics exists; assuming side effects do not destroy that renewal. the end result is one and two thirds tubes of antibiotic were used in total.

medical notes: It has been ten hours since antibiotics last applied. recently a sharp but small pain originated in my right shoulder as before/ but much smaller;  later it became a dull pain in the lower calf muscle as before but much smaller and for short time. when that dissipated  I suddenly felt “almost normal” again. still an hour later and ok. noted: for the last two days, my socks have been smelling, can feel and see substance on bottom of socks/ which means kidneys not working well. had what felt like a bulge on bottom of foot; walked an hour and went away.  stopping antibiotic seems to have stopped sock problem maybe. put very small amount back on wounds; because of “blood stuff”/ was not good idea, the kidneys need relief. feeling ok. smaller amounts of medicine should be used: an applicator with a narrowing spout should be used to help accomplish that. less time on antibiotics as kidneys are important too. one spot looks slightly different, white in middle; remain treating that carefully. it is noted here: that the initial visit at the doctor could have mediated much: if what was growing in the blood vessel had been known, and removed; by inserting an appropriate needle into the blood stream just in front of that wound on top of the blood vessel. so that a small amount of suction applied could have collected the trouble. the cost: opening up the blood vessel for potential contamination: measures must be taken.

The entire matter does remember the realities of life and death by body on earth; understanding for me as well as you; that we must die from “big things”/ but none should die from the little things if we can make a difference for each other. Simple as that; because we are so many people. It is not an immigration crisis/ it is an overpopulation crisis. It is not a hate crime; it is an animal crime; “there are too many people for any of us to survive here/ somebody has to leave or die; so the rest can survive”. While being human requires us to recognize law as our only solution through the basis of reality defined by truth. Being a human animal divides people into: those who want nothing to do with reality, and will continue in their fantasies regardless of the truth (prey)/ and those who find themselves faced with death and starvation and more; who then demand “we must (predator) create an army to defeat those who are not like us”. Both are wrong, as law and truth, as justice would allow; are the only possible choices other than war and chaos.

to the prey I offer: when reality decides, want no longer matters/ it cannot keep you, or this world alive. To the predator I remind you:  “eternity is watching/ and all you get to take along past time is your own truth”. to the humans alive, even though they are few:  reality dictates, nothing can be changed unless you effectively inform and establish what is true, by the evidence; to all the rest: or they won’t change. and change is required.

I am reminded of the words: “when we love each other/ we never have to say we are sorry”. Clearly untrue, because none of us are perfect, and all of us make mistakes. But it remains honest to understand, the basis of that saying is: “please never be sorry, that you chose to journey in this life with me/ as everything we have been, is the essence of why I choose to be alive”. Everything we can become, is built from the destiny we chose as one. Love is a value, the greatest treasure of our universe, and we must never be sorry for accepting the courage to understand that.

Reality is, although I am not back up to normal/ indications are that I will be; at least I hope for that. Lessons learned however are: without true knowledge we cannot make informed and accurate decisions. UNLESS we remember that a living body is more than “just one thing”/ even if that one thing is threatening, the rest of a body cannot be abandoned or it could fail. The human body is a living society confined by the barriers of body, but assigned as life in time; because it all works together in harmony and peace with each other/ as is every living cell is important/ and every living cell must be replaced with “a new one” when the previous cell costs more than it creates for life. That process is called nature, and nature is life on earth. The unfortunate truth of university knows existence is: they only “know one little thing at a time”/ and have no clue as to how the rest of the body exists or works to create a living structure we inhabit. Covid is a clear example of greed, selfishness, and arrogance combined to create fear, so as to get what “the enemy wants”. Consequently as was somewhat guilty of me; when focusing on just one thing/ you may do more harm than good to the whole thing. Balance is an absolute necessity, and it cannot be achieved with fear. The realities of risk cannot be undone; as it is the basis of our world/ those who try “to be too safe”; will fail life. Because life requires you to accept, we will never be gods. The horror story of universities who are now trying to be gods; is the death of our world/ far sooner than you think.

you have treated your children badly “claiming pandemic” that does not exist: investigate honestly, and that claim will be proven true. Risking an entire world of nature;  because media propaganda “made you do it”. Every fear means “an enemy exists or is perceived”. that enemy is media, as they made you fear; and continually hide behind your ears shouting FEAR/ OBEY/ BELIEVE the universities are god. 

to the livestock people; I took another look at the area which punctured my skin causing this reality of mine to exist. It was not the loader bucket; but a small area of “livestock debris” that was dried on the bucket/ that my sweatshirt pushed in on; a hidden spot. So, take a scraper and clear that off before handling it; because you just never know what could be hiding in that.  FEAR would not have saved me from this; “it was caused by a needle point”, which could have been anywhere. Accepting fear means: “no more food”, as the livestock industry fails; and more.  The tragedy of “university led/ media propagated fear” however, is a cause most likely at the center of  “biological changes” which have made this world far more deadly;  just constantly demanding “clean”; is one of those things. And the people say: “you can’t make me stop”/ but the reality is;  “like wheat” a crop nearly discarded because of disease. It was revitalized by one man who planted roughly 4 million wheat plants in a field, pulling out all those individual plants that exhibited disease; at the end of the growing season, that left 4 plants; from which all your current crops were derived. excessive cleaning  and antibiological excess; does the same thing; leaving only the most resistant bacteria left.  Along with all the rest, “university knows” has done: (there are extreme consequences ahead)! AS is  their poisoning everything/ destroying every chain of life, attacking every resource; and so on.  Find respect, balance, and courage;  not fear; and then move on; because anything less is the end of freedom, a loss to the joy of living. FEAR MIGHT SAVE YOU; if you had any sense to understand: the people deliberately trying to ignitesun fire” here on earth; are using plasma to ignite atoms on fire; expecting in the science papers a 4 million times expansion from energy release.  Their claim is:  we need not worry about controlling the fire; because not enough gravity here on earth so it will just extinguish itself!  WRONG is, our earth becomes a sun. because although it can be ignited, the planet represents “all fuel”.  We all die, it is not optional: then ETERNITY begins; regardless of what you believe that to be. Reality knows: then eternity begins, so nothing is more important than that, and what it does mean to or for us all.

I burned or heated the bucket; to make it safe enough for final throw away what is left handling. the correct method of making a bandage for a section of arm is:  “like a corset” a breathing cloth is wrapped around the arm with opposing lines sewn on the cloth containing eyelets. so that a string can be laced to create whatever tension is required. a breathing cloth (like an undershirt) is made into a glove without fingers for a hand; appropriate cotton pads for medicine are placed beneath these holders on top of the wound. individual finger sleeves, with a small elastic string that ties lightly around the wrist; would be best there. the old style panty hose material can also be used.

This is two weeks now since the initiating puncture wound; eyes remain less than they were, but perhaps coming back. Skin wounds nearly healed. Blood battle seems to be contained, but it is not certain yet. The infection was not greatly contagious outside the skin; as I don’t think it was spread due to antibiotic medicine. I suspect it was necessary to bombard the “blood mass”/ or it may not have disintegrated on its own or by natural immune defenses: I don’t know. Why my tits grew suddenly on the third day, I don’t know; they continue to grow; don’t know why. There is the issue of gambling; as is, when we do not know what is best for our own defense of body/ but must make a decision based upon “believing”. That fact becomes a gamble, because want is not enough. gambling means:  I no longer believe/ but feel I must do something to make this better. So I did do the best I could with the little information I had; and must now wait a bit for complete peace to return as before. peace is our relationship with truth by trust. only truth can be trusted, which is why the evidence you accept must be as untainted as possible to achieve. the attack of body focuses on life or death, and as such requires the acceptance of death as must we all:  to achieve the potential of eternity/ thereby trust in the foundations that are proven true. MIRACLES ARE TRUE; and they absolutely indicate:  more exists, than we can simply see for ourselves. the values of this life, the realities of a gift we received that did not need to be “this extraordinary”;  prove loved. JESUS is the guarantor; we were not simply created and left behind: believe it or not. The question of this life is: WHAT would you contribute, to an eternity of living?That answer decides your fate beyond time.

The question of death is raised, and recognized as: “you cannot fight death/ you can only search for life”; as is constant for us all. Which grants the following words: that life itself is not energy, but the force behind energy that gives it motion. Life itself is not a force, but a compilation of desire, as created by thought, to achieve an organization of participants capable of realizing life exists. Love grants hope, establishes a purpose for desire, and gives the journey into life its passion for living; therefore integral. Even so, laws govern the discipline of organization, the boundaries of influence, the limits of life, and the balance of participation as is needed to achieve a living. Or more distinctly; time gives to us an opportunity to experience and express what we can or cannot contribute to eternity; as is consistent with the truth of our own decisions. To assemble the destiny of life, is to build on the framework of those who came before; thereby contributing within respect, to the value of what life can become. it is extremely unwise:  to gamble with all of humanity, by enforcing or propagating the need for a genetic mutilation inappropriately named a vaccine. YOU do not know, all the consequences of what will come/ and they could be horrendous and even worse. Because the reality of it is:  geneticists know about one billionth of what true genetics are. They just like to believe, and then play god with life; it is an arrogance;  called the occult. Everything we are: is a reality of nature comes first. Every horrible thing humanity has ever done:  is built upon the only truth of evolution there is: “people choose to fall into insanity”/ as is the enforcement of a lie. there is no pandemic/ unless you have now made one with your lies/ curses/ and tragedy of terrorists in charge.  and the people say, “we know/ what we know”! But reality says: you were merely told what to believe, and accepted that without question from media, who is told what they think by university elite/ which means you know nothing at all; other than what your religion “university is god” allows.

Humanity follows universities; and fail. Nothing is more clearly certain of that than the intent to play god with life, energy, planet and more through the complete disrespect for what exists. Evolution is their god, and by its definition their god is chaos/ a blind mind, without value.

As to me: should I die soon, “I do not know”; let family decide. As is true throughout the world, families that provide for each other grow into societies with value. While families who do not contribute to each other fail life and society, and their children are left to immigrate or war.

As for this world of humanity, at 8 billion people living (or far more): just the cost of death by burial is a piece of ground no longer in use 18 sq feet (6 x 3). times 8,000,000,000 = 144 billion sq feet to bury us all, currently living. 3.306 million acres lost. There is literally nothing humanity does that represents a future for this world. While you love to argue that screaming “I want what I want”/ the reality is extinction without true change. Here is a tiny piece of reality: if a single house cat, needs one mouse a day to survive/ then that cat needs 365 mice per year to stay alive. HOW MUCH do you then need/ HOW MUCH does all the life you depend upon then need; and where will all the water come from; particularly after your leaders of university led you to believe you can poison the entire world, without consequences. Etcetera and more. WAKE UP NOW, or there is no future.    For clarity, the foundation difference between “you and I” is;  you search for time/ I search for life; they are not the same.

for the sake of it;  I will provide a little information to “agriculture”.


this bucket is designed to carry and load roughly 500-700 pounds/ because the tractor, the axle, the framing, the cylinders, the tires etc are only intended to lift and carry that amount. Which means to do more, will bend or break the equipment.

A farm use loader is generally allowed to carry about double that/ but you have a hobby loader tractor. A farm loader can enter a dirt pile at about 3-5 mile per hour, because the impact of forcing more from the tractor can damage the equipment: its a roughly 4,000 pound car coming to a stop in 2 feet. A hobby loader must approach a hard pack dirt pile at not over 3 mph; because the framing cannot stand much more. In contrast, if you are loading shit; you can run in at 5-6, because there is not much resistance; UNLESS you hit an obstruction, which causes an immediate impact or in a hobby loader 2,000 pounds stops instantly, and with a knife blade in the front can damage a building severely. That costs money.

The correct method of loading any hard pack material, with a farm loader is to gain 4-6 mph lower the bucket, and then COAST into the pile with your foot engaged in the clutch. If you need a little more, you can always add a little power just before it stops. In that way you protect the entire machine. With your hobby loader you would coast in at roughly 3-4 mile per hour: because the framing is less. A farm tractor can run about 6-7 mph over reasonably smooth ground and be safe. Your hobby loader can only travel about 4-5 mph over relatively smooth ground and be safe.

I have seen and worked on; farm loaders with the framing bent back 2 feet from where it belonged ($1,000 to straighten it). Cylinders bent in a 45 degree angle or broken off. Support members buckled back. The entire framing lifts torqued to the side, or twisted out of shape; axles broken off, and so on. Expensive.

It is absolutely essential: when carrying the load that you avoid holes in the path you are traveling; because when a tire falls into a hole of any size; the weight in the bucket shifts up and down like a hammer to the framing. That too can become expensive. If you drive in, until the rear tires are bouncing up and down: severe stress!

When carrying anything on chains from the bucket: keep the chains short, or the load starts swinging badly; and it can end up in the radiator; expensive. Always try to carry a load on chains from two points, it will be more stable. If you carry from one chain, not only can the load swing in all directions/ it can also start twisting around and if it has a hitch for instance; that can end up under a tire, in a radiator, against something and so on. That is particularly bad if you drive through a hole, and you can break a chain, if going to fast, you can drive up onto whatever that load is with your tractor/ NEVER turns out well. Buckets can bend or break when carrying something on a chain, if its just too much/ and that multiplies with every mph you go faster.

A loader is “a friend or an enemy” dependent upon you. Obey the rules, and it can be a friend for a long time; ask Larry. If not, you will regret it; because reality is simply reality; whether you like it or not. Hurrying usually ends with something broken. Don’t let it be life. Try not to trust it too much; because you never know what might go wrong.

As to bedding for livestock: straw is the general usage material; start with a clean subsurface add 6 inches on top; and then add about one cake out of a bale per evening per animal; to simply cover up “the wet stuff”. after it gets to about 2 feet tall in the building/ you need to remove it. they don’t really need housing unless there are predators or in the winter. In dealing with livestock, the primary thing you need to remember is: if you must get in with them/ DON’T block their exit. people want to be near the exit too, in case of trouble/ but if you do: THEN YOU are blocking their exit/ and that makes you a potential threat, which they may or may not act upon. don’t use a shock stick, unless absolutely necessary/ because that will make you and all other people an enemy.  be patient. without proper bedding sickness will erupt, and that will cost far more than the bedding does. be fair, they have a life too.

birthing an animal can go wrong: the best method of insuring it does not go wrong is to keep them in a separate room, surrounded by straw so you keep them away from the walls. thereby if there is trouble, you can pick up their legs and turn them over onto the other side. that disrupts the mother pushing, and allows the infant an opportunity to change its position. usually the infant falls right out. 

weather issues do to human behavior causing global warming has changed planting; and you need to deal with that. first rule is: when forced, it is possible to plant in an open trench when wet/ the seed will sprout well and grow; but in the case of corn: you must incorporate a horizontal slit in the vertical area of the seed  trench; so the roots can go where they belong. work on it.

keeping trees free of borers, bark insects;  requires the use of steam/ you can add borer chemicals if needed.

if you feel sad or lonely: it is because you want more than you have. the primary solution is:  “stop wanting”/ and then let life lead you to a solution that is honest and true to your own life. When you remove “I”, there is only life (a desire) left/ when you remove want, there is only living left; and living exists because hope is real. In terms of this biological event: the mutilation of genetic information so as to make it much more violent to our lives. In the majority of instances, the primary cause is “mechanical insertion”: this occurred due to sewage on a concrete surface/ with cattle stomping on that sludge. Without a softening medium as is bedding; occasionally the reality of hoofs and hard surfaces will interact “just wrong”/ and genetic materials will become interchanged/ or chemicals already in existence will be injected through the cellular wall.. MORE CORRECTLY: The probability of mutilated feed stocks, or chemistry;  has altered the microbiology within the livestock; causing the various elements of biology itself, as it breaks down these foods; to be changed. The very critical signal “this is living tissue, leave it alone/ versus this is dead tissue to be disposed of; can become lost”. The living body of life, is not a single entity; but is composed of “trillions of individual cells” all of which must live in harmony, and do, what they need to do, to keep the elemental rise of life: ALIVE. “SCIENCE: just looks at, did the body die, pain, or visual change”. IN this instance of genetic mutation: the cattle were forced to bed down in this sewage; which is a constant in changing diseases.  The operator; like so many: “simply wanted or tried to save money/  or, perhaps something happened, and the money is promised elsewhere/ or, perhaps cannot gain access to the necessary products/ or other; as life is real; not a fantasy”;  even other factors aided and abetted the realities of change. Add in all that humanity does;  YES YOU CAN, “CHANGE ONE LITTLE THING”; such as being stuck in the arm with one tiny germ ridden “needle point”; and suddenly everything has changed. The tragedies  beyond comprehension, as is OUR NATURE fails;  can occur; as very nearly happened to, my body and me. YES, the horrifying disgrace that is “university plays god”; deliberately trying to displace order, thought, discipline, balance, respect, reality, purpose, and more:  TO PROVE their religion of evolution is real ; as liars do.  CAN EASILY END with NATURE IN CHAOS as is their desire;  its called Armageddon; and that will soon be real, as the propaganda campaign to make you give them your money, BY FEARS ESTABLISHED.  Thereby releasing them from all laws to protect life, the factories to mutilate all of nature now exist.TO Produce their result; NO respect/ NO life/ ONLY CHAOS will be left!  Chaos is the destruction of everything complex: how is that not “your body/ life itself”?  Unfortunately, the covid vaccine is not a vaccine: as would be characterized by “nature defined”. Instead covid is a man-made derivative of the flu disease/ and their claim for a cure; is equivalent to science fiction. WE DON’T know what the true cost will become. But do to media propagation: on the road to a billion people now at risk: “like all things good/ evil wants it for bad”! Remember this:  ” a few people in China, experienced covid” ;  and within a week or two; the experts declared it to be a pandemic. Or, more simply; once a disease is released; it is very easy to sell a cure;  particularly with extreme marketing:  and they were watching and waiting for this one/ knowing exactly where to look!  How is that, “unexpected”? Investigate this:  back at the beginning of AIDS; it began with one individual man; whose steps were traced back, and life investigated for insight. It was reported: he had eaten a rhesus monkey, very recently before becoming sick with this new disease. It was reported in other documentation: that geneticists were using rhesus monkeys for experimentation; and those who survived; had been returned to the “nature group” in that area; to see what effects would be found. “gee, I wonder if it could have caused__________”? Well not to worry, “the university religious delusion”;  was as it has been for well over fifty years of evolution religion:  CHAOS, will result in new life species; “it will be great”.  Well obviously; “no consequences are allowed, for the gods of university”;  and of course liars never tell, when it goes bad: right!  Cause, there are consequences.  The reality is:  contrary to the hidden doors (like in the TV show big bang theory), where science is made to be “non-threatening; ha, ha”. The opposite is true, as with the micro-biologist on that show, “they really are doing everything they can to create more biological weapons of mass destruction.” The  purpose is simple:  they are looking for the perfect agent to release/ AFTER they find a vaccine to protect themselves. Thereby removing the population, so they can survive on an earth over crowded with people. it is like all hate does:  Nations (one group, we are different) invade Nations (another group proven to be, different than us) “because we are more important than are they”; let them die, not us. As history repeats itself, again and again and again; because population increases, “have needs”. Robotics are intended to replace you: so the “superior ones, who are left” then don’t have to work: once you are dead. Etcetera, and more: because reality proves we face extinction. And reality proves, the leadership of this day; does nothing more, than sacrifice you so they can have more, right now: to hell, with the future. the chains of life are ending. Base line food groups are going extinct; as are insects (no more fruits or nuts), what grows under the sea ice (end of plankton), a planet too hot to survive on; and much more. Like why would they poison our water supplies, or create all forms of food shall go extinct (entire plant species without any genetic protections/ livestock species confined for disease, to obliterate them/ ocean life dead, nothing to eat); and the list goes on. Make one group attack the other; establish chaos, and let the war; destroy their currency, and take away every job; ignite anarchy, and make them fear; ruin every resource, and make them believe as cults do, “puppets on a string”. Because lots of somebodies have to die; or this earth goes extinct, with us all!  Or the delusions; Such as: “we can play with the sun; thereby creating even more heat; by igniting a nuclear fire (let’s burn atoms) here on earth”; what could go wrong; “we are scientists, there are no consequences for us”. But alas fusion was proven untrue (they were wrong, and they know it) in 2012; but you are not entitled to know that, because media is the voice of “university”. and they are your gods who know everything; so they can’t be wrong: “the life of a fool”. Yes the future is “horrifying”; but unless there is true change, that fact is extinction for our world. TRUTH SURVIVES, lies do not:   CHOOSE.

And all the people say: “I want what I want/ and I don’t want to know anything, I don’t want to know: GIVE ME MORE/ or go away”! But alas, the world is full and overflowing with people; without resources there is no life/ no future for a single child/ and reality proves those who hate (this is all your fault; even though that is a lie), are literally trying to kill humanity, to save themselves. As is the constant of history itself. So we do, all stand on the edge of a precipice; looking down at extinction. Because the end result is:  without true human change accepted by our human world/ we step into the abyss, and fail life itself.  And the world says: __________________? Choose, Because complaints and lies are worthless!  TRUTH DECIDES, OR YOU DIE.    Therefore, we must know what is true; without  compromise, conditions, lies, delusion, apathy, or failure.  We MUST KNOW;  “simple as it is possible to be”; what is true, as humans on earth:  trying to stay alive.   Only a trial, where all sides are heard fairly and with honesty (a completely open door, all lights on); can conceive of  “making people believe”.

the critical truth of America in particular is: you sold your soul (nature is no longer in charge), to hell/ as the reality of choosing to allow “the universities” to be your god/ instead of nature itself, will become the fate you cannot escape. as truth will prove; the only god universities can become is satan (destroyer of a world). for forty plus years, you ran away from all values for life; because they bribed you with gifts, while telling you “let the children/ the grandchildren/ the future/ the world; ANYBODY but us pay for the consequences of what we this world/ this nation has done”. while all the people said:  so long as it isn’t me/ I don’t care, I won’t care, and you can’t make me care. you chose to infect your children with the curse of university is god/ you chose to change your world into the university is god/ and you will bow down in complete disgrace, as they reshape your world into hell. such is the reality “of a believer”/ the vile decision, that is “the university is our god”. while none of us can predict what genetically altered nature will become, as a consequence of what cannot be undone; the reality is:  like your food sources, even though you benefit “as with counterfeiting your currency” for the moment/ that does not mean the future will not suffer, and prove you fools. investigate and prove the truth of what it means to be wrong; to destroy the very foundations of life on earth, which is as nature provides both body and life in time;  for a damn liar, who shouts FEAR DAMN YOU FEAR/ OBEY DAMN YOU OBEY/ AND BELIEVE THE UNIVERSITY IS god; but never question for the truth.  as is your reality. and don’t forget to add up the truth; such as is, one percent of the national 333 million people; in America is:  a reality that takes the resources, work, and decisions of 3.3 million people, for just one percent of the total to be distributed; by fools, who care only that you worship them as leaders.  YES I CAN, are powerful words/ BUT UNLESS THEY ARE ACCOMPANIED WITH WISDOM:  AS IS PROVEN TRUE in this world today, a failure; delusion; arrogance; fantasy; etc:  they are the keys to HELL.  WITHOUT A TRUE UNDERSTANDING of what will be the consequences, of your action or reaction; will be. LIFE IS CURSED, with the gamble, that everything can now die.  Such is the truth of your genetics, and SO MUCH MORE.  Because you refuse to choose:  life and planet must come first.             to your own personal SHAME!

NO, I am not judging you/ I am reminding you, of your decisions; and the foundation truth, “you, nor your universities” are god/    other than devil, and its accumulated cost as is “Satan”.   CHOOSE LIFE OR GO EXTINCT.

I am reminding you: throughout this society, as does represent humanity on earth/ life cannot be heard over the roar of people screaming; I WANT MORE/ DAMN YOU, FOR TAKING WHAT I WANT!  And the coming reality: there is nothing left to take/ which leaves only greed, terrorists, and violence beyond imagination. because that is what you chose. and all the people say:  “you are nothing/ we believe nothing; the universities are god”.  while all the evidence, of our reality and your choices;  turns back to reveal:  your warning from me is true/ what you believe has no merit at all. because truth will decide, once the point of no return has pasted; extinction cannot be turned back.  and all the people say; “this is too big/ I, (we) cannot do anything; we must believe/ who better than a university”?  but reality says: death is death/ past the point of no return, it does not matter anymore, what you choose, or would make different:  because you sold your soul, the respect required to save this world.  to a university who plays god, AS IS LIAR/ THIEF/ TERRORIST/ TRAITOR/ ETC:  rather than supporting or choosing for life or planet.  rather like a horrifying child, who picked up a gun, with absolute arrogance/ believing what fun it is to make things die, with true apathy; and bring chaos to change the game “we can take anything we want”.  but now finds this “university imagination”;  is a machine gun, pointing as humans  begin to learn; life is more important than their game.

Money is a game/ or a tool shaping human society. People want to be rich, so they can escape the costs of living/ and make people do whatever they say. But the reality is: you can’t be rich, without making many others poor; that is the price of wealth/ and it is inescapable. A wise person/ society: would choose “limited capitalism: we decide how rich anyone gets to be, by our vote. Thereby opening the door, “to fair and justified” for life and society; by understanding, we all deserve a chance to prove we did do “a little bit more”.

and all the people say:  I did not do anything/ I just wanted what I wanted/ you can’t blame me!  While the reality of death says back:  ONLY WHAT IS TRUE OF YOU, can be taken with you in death/ everything else is abandoned, including “self”! therefore; is not your truth “I didn’t do anything”, for life or planet or child?  Answer YOUR own question; did you do ANYTHING for life or planet or child or world? As that fact,  identifies your own truth:  is inescapable, beyond time.  Answer your soul (that part of Creation (THE MIRACLE OF YOU) which ties us each directly, TO LIFE ITSELF)!

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    […] In case you are wondering: “with US currency inflated beyond worth/ and credit, as well as business structure gone, infrastructure ruined, and no doubt resources sold: all that is left is property. So the current reality is: “how do we steal the property, without revealing they will all soon be slaves, with no nation to own at all”? Answer “same as Israel did to the Palestine people; buy it a piece at a time, through hidden means.”  “all hail the university leadership gods; right”? And the white people all say: OUR military, would NEVER allow that! But alas, they haven’t looked at the military since it became an all volunteer army: “with the white middle class people” no longer in charge. Everything possible, that can be done: to tear America down/ is being done; by the intellectual hordes; whose only real purpose is to see you lose everything. and America says “we want what we want/ we believe the herd cannot be wrong; our leaders/ our media; will protect us”;  just like Germany did; before the Nazi’s took control. Just like history repeats, because the pattern of failure and beliefs; never changes: “its called, men”. For forty years; their one foundation response has been: “you cannot make me do anything/ you cannot make me care/ I don’t give a damn, UNLESS you will make me rich”. While all the women say, “we won’t trust nobody; unless they offer a bribe”. A lesson in reality. […]

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