the question is: “am I done”? The reality of that reference, to time no longer matters; is a heartbeat. For the last forty plus years, “both life and death, of me as well as this world” has been wrapped up in the very same purpose: to fight for this world. Because I recognized the cost of all that universities are or have done: weapons of mass destruction/ mutilation of nature/ trying to ignite sun fire here on earth/ poisoning the world/ raping every resource/ destroying every habitat/ exterminating the oceans/ causing mass extinctions/ killing the future/ and preparing for horrifying war because of over population of humans; loss of drinking water, and more.

And the world shouted back, without a single soul saying to me: “I too, will stand up, sign my name, and work for the same”. Because after all, “who am I”? The answer simply: someone who cares/ someone who honors the reality that is, the miracles of this earth; with respect. And the world shouts back: “the universities are our gods”; because a believer never needs to question anything. And a cult worshiper is never allowed to question a leader; so all truth and evidence is moot (doesn’t matter at all).  Alas, “just because you believe, whatever you believe” does not make it true! Truth proves truth, as reality does explain. MY ENTIRE WORK, FOR THE LAST FORTY YEARS, HAS BEEN:   GO INVESTIGATE AND PROVE THE EVIDENCE AND ITS REALITY, AS WILL EXTERMINATE THIS EARTH;  IS SOMEHOW WRONG?  And the world shouted back: “the universities are our gods, media is our savior/ and we don’t have to do anything”. While religion shouted back:  “GOD will do everything/ THEREFORE I DON’T HAVE TO DO NOTHING”.  When reminded of “free will, and human history”;  every single one, simply scampered away to hide.  “Simple as that”.  People have starved until dead, ETCETERA;  regardless of why:  we are in charge of what we choose; or fail to choose. Consequences and all!

We do come to the DEADLINE: of a world, soon to die, without any possibility of resurrection. Because that is what you chose; you didn’t care. This site and all its links does prove that true; simply search! The end of my work; fighting for life and world; is in honest evidence of that fact.  So the question is; am I done? The reality is certain:  if you don’t join/ there is nothing left to do.

And the people say: “we want what we want/ and to hell with you; because we know what you have said; and we don’t want that”. WE WANT WHAT WE WANT; even though it cannot keep you alive, and this earth will die; because of your want. Pride is an enemy you failed to defeat. Power is a corruption, that invaded the universities; and they are at war with you, “as intellectuals war”; to make you cry. To prove they are gods, by doing what you cannot do. Even though without the cult, and its work; that lends power to achieve the horrifying catastrophe’s of university; in or by their own worshiping of the universities purpose (yes we can play god); those “gods/ people” cannot do anything. Evolution is a fools game; you cannot build a body without all the parts and pieces “at the same time”/ you need them all, “heart/ blood/ vessels/ muscles/ lungs/ etc”. To your shame as a world: you let that disease take hold, which led to genetics, the curse of life on earth. Evolution opened the door: for NO RESPECT for anything. To your shame, and in particular to the shame of religion; who did know better; but took the easy road out.

After forty years: I need not travel or attempt to persuade you in any other way but this site/ I know your response, after “hundreds or thousands” of real world tries. You walk or run away/ you hide and claim not to know/ you shout ridicule, to drown out the truth/ you choose to fail, or you choose a gun which cannot help/ you want what you want, not reality or truth; because that makes you guilty if you do not work for life or planet. And above all; you want to claim “innocent” even though you are not, and you know that is true. Religion offers the believer; and the one foundation certainty of every believer (doesn’t matter what); is they have built themselves into a prison: so that nobody can tell them anything. Which is fear. They can’t get out/ and they won’t let no one in: because that makes them feel safe. Even when they are not. Dragged kicking and screaming out into the truth; fully saturated with the evidence of truth and reality; utterly convinced it is in fact true. And yet after a few moments “they all race back inside their prison cell”; because they don’t feel safe outside in the real world. It is, as it is intended to be: to hide inside the herd middle ground to prove: YOU CAN’T get to me, until you eat all these others. So the real world herd is: we cannot be truly human, because we feel like prey. A reality hate imposes, with violence; so they can rule this world. But alas; courage is not a commodity that can be bought; it is a decision to accept eternity on its own terms; having faith in the truth of miracles which prove “more than human is here”; and the guarantor of that fact which is the biblical account of JESUS; to prove why we are here.

So, if I am done, your own days on earth have now been numbered. Not because of me/ because you didn’t care.

This America has since Reagan was president: avoided every single reality of life as if it were the plague. Thereby choosing to turn the “mountain of life truths/ into the reality of an upside mountain of death” simply waiting to destroy life itself. Everything important was denied; every foundation needed for life was destroyed; every foolish arrogant curse that could be constructed by university is god, was done. The future of: Every child was sacrificed. And the people all said: DON’T bother me, I am having fun/ I am winning/ I have trophies/ I have more/ I am losing and going to fight/ whatever it is: I DON’T CARE, because what I want, is what I want. When forced to consider the realities of consequence: the constant refrain became: NOT IN MY LIFETIME, LET THE CHILDREN PAY. And the world laughed at me, because the lies won the day; and the people all said, DON’T YOU DARE TELL US TRUTH. Or, more simply;  unless you participate; NO organization exists/ NO politics exist/ NO religion exists, NO, nra exists;  because without the decision, and the passion to step forward and act as in, this is important to me too;  you are alone. LIfe is a choice/ letting this world die is a choice as well.

So today: your mountain of death “swings in the breeze”; and will fall. Endless population means war/ endless weapons means horrors/ endless destruction of every resource means: HELL. Endless avoidance of reality means INSANITY. Endless destruction of government, means ANARCHY. Endless loss in the chains of life itself, means CANNIBALISM. Endless faith in “university is god”; turns their terrorism, into absolute chaos soon.

The world (america) shouts “pandemic”; because they are believers. But the evidence is extremely clear: NOT ENOUGH people are dying, to sustain life on earth. Therefore any conception of pandemic fails; while the reality of evidence proves, under all conditions this is not a pandemic; it is an insurgency to remove the middle class from power to object. As is NOW: THE UNIVERSITIES OWN IT ALL. And the people obeyed themselves, by surrendering life and nation; into a pit of vipers. You have no brain; but that is simply the true evidence of cult. Their vaccine will soon curse you; and what you believed as savior, will become the beginning of Armageddon.  you wanted, “better not take any chances”; and dug your own grave. That becomes, “the rise of the skeletons”; or more simply, the only thing left of your humanity “is fear down to your bones”; you sold life, to the university (we can be gods) satan (but only as a destroyer), and they killed you. The world then dies.

And the world says: “HASN’T HAPPENED YET”/ and we know what we don’t want: DAMN YOU, EVERYTHING IS FREE, FOR ME (i am winner/ or want revenge; as a world filled to overflowing with greed and selfishness is); TO HELL, WITH THEM.    adding: We will only come to you, when desperation is so extreme; true terrors are at our door. And I will say to you: “these are the choices that you made”. Your only possible chance to survive was “a mountain of change”; and you refused: Claiming “the universities are our gods”; even though they were proven to be your traitors to life, child, and world!           Goodbye.

Establishing, the only thing really left to say is: CHANGE HUMANITY ITSELF; OR THIS WORLD WILL DIE/ not because I say so, that is irrelevant. But because the evidence is simple and plain, your world will fail. Change is not possible, without a true investigation into the facts and realities of what we face as a world.  All believers fail, unless the herd does it together! Demand trial, do your best. Remember this: if someone stole one hundred dollars from you/ very few among you would not want them throw into jail, and you would step outside the shadows to say “yes he or she did do it”. YET NONE of you, can be found fighting for this earth or its life; even though our world, all life: EVERYTHING IS THREATENED, by your university gods. Yet none are found, NOT EVEN TO SAY: STOP TRYING TO IGNITE A NUCLEAR FIRE/ which even you know: can turn this world into a sun.

Even so: I am not your judge, nor do I have any influence over this earth or its life or its future; other than bringing this message to you. EITHER CHANGE HUMANITY ITSELF, AND RESPECT THE LIFE AND PLANET YOU WERE GIVEN/ or you are going to become extinct; far sooner, than you expect.

The unfortunate truth of it is: the vast majority want to be a herd of animals (we walk together/ everybody has to do the same thing, look the same way, believe as I believe. OR, in contrast to that, are those who want this life to be a game; where everyone is a player, who shall win or lose. Which brings us to hate, and the violence which plagues this world, that is: I WANTED, and will take; MORE than this.”

Having pulled people out of the herd, to become individuals surrounded by the truth; instead of believers surrounded by their wants: the reality is, very few are able to be human (which means to stand, and be recognized as life itself). Instead of joining that, the people of the herd race back into their prison of beliefs. But are now, confronted by truth; instead of “ignorance is bliss”; and they learn to hate (by degrees) you for forcing them to understand reality. Instead of respect for life or truth; they all intend to pull “me in”; so that I become like them. That will never happen, as life itself does not permit less than truth; as is the spiritual world simplified.

You want what you want: so you will get what you deserve: the cost and consequence of lies, failure, fools, thieves, tragedies, traitors, terrorists; and a world that no longer allows for a game; because you destroyed everything you could touch.

There is a foundation of life and living that you must not forget: to lose all hope, is death at the door/ therefore no matter who you are; RETAIN, a little bit of hope for life and planet, because we must do so to remain alive inside. That does not mean reality doesn’t matter, as is the constant of a believer. Simply remain hopeful, as a matter of life itself; because we are miracles, and that does mean, GOD could intervene: NO ONE knows. NOT because “HE must; as religion insists; they know”. Rather you as humanity on earth CHOSE. But because life itself is precious, and love is a treasure worth fighting for. Nonetheless, as a university cult, worshiping delusion, fantasies, imagination, deceit, pouring out disrespect like an erupting volcano, or just plain too damn lazy to care: the reality is, this human existence on earth; may not be worth the trouble, that you yourselves decided to create, with “all I want, is what I want/ the pride which makes enemies/ or the power which proves violence matters too. Until the day comes, when life and earth are obviously dead.

People say: “we can’t do nothing/ and told me constantly over the decades: NOTHING YOU DO, will matter/ YOU are simply throwing your life away”. But they never did help, because what they wanted, “a life without cost, everything I want is mine (RICH BABY RICH, I OWN THE WORLD; etc)/ a planet that didn’t care if you destroyed it/ a god so worthless, even the universities could create it: so they could claim, “no consequences for me”; as the universities do.

But like pennies, “if you get enough of them: you are a millionaire”. I did do what I could do, regardless how much effect I had/ I did do, what I could do; for life and world. Not even close to perfect; but I am not perfect; and neither are you. So the real question remains: are you just going to let life be mutilated; the future exterminate by resource, habitat, war, etc; are you EVEN GOING TO LET THE IGNITION OF ATOMS ON FIRE; “just like the sun”/ create a true living hell even for you. Because that is going to happen, and there is no going back. So do what you can do, regardless of cost or reward; do your personal best, and don’t be deterred because life and planet are worth” AT LEAST A LITTLE BIT of what these miracles have given to you”. Find your heart and fight for your soul; because eternity is coming. STOP BELIEVING AND INVESTIGATE, TO DECIDE FOR YOURSELF: WHAT IS TRUE; this ain’t no game. No second chances, not for the future/ not for an excuse.

As to me: I inherited a small amount of farm ground; and I am requiring a small amount of that ground to be set aside for “whatever life is left, that might benefit from a reprieve”. I have lived in the same place for sixty plus years; and I know, from living with life sixty years ago/ to now, living in a green dessert, with poison everywhere (and all the people say, “it hasn’t poisoned our water yet/ but have no answer “when it does”). I will simply hope some tiny amounts of life are still around, so that it is not a complete “silent spring”. The last gasp, so to speak is reality. So a tiny bit is going into alfalfa hay; as a compromise between what people need, and what life needs. Alfalfa is not poisoned, once established, it simply grows for 4-5 years on its own; because its animal feed. DO what you realistically can do for life; even just not mowing the roadsides is something. Remember you want to eat too. It is realistically the least I can do. If it can be financially sustainable, the field will grow; dependent upon those who do the work.  [I suppose, it is fair to add: if you wish to purchase some alfalfa hay (this is east central IL;  USA), you can send a comment to this site; and I will provide some means or other to contact the farmer, / so he can contact you. something will be arranged] If not other options are possible; but if no life can be found benefiting; no purpose exists to continue; dead is dead. life includes insects; which are the BASE FOOD GROUP, for a wide variety of other living things, such as birds; including the pollination of plants, including fruit and vegetables we eat. EVERYTHING LIVING, needs to eat; needs water to survive; needs habitat and hope.


as to you: religion is an organization with a voice/ as are many other organizations: go fight with your leaders, THAT WE MUST NOT ALLOW “THE UNIVERSITIES” TO BE WRONG. WE MUST NOT GAMBLE WITH THIS ENTIRE PLANET as is nuclear fire we cannot control. WE MUST NOT CRUCIFY LIFE ON EARTH WITH GENETIC ALTERATION. WE MUST NOT BE SO ARROGANT THAT EVERY CHILD WILL DIE/ EVERY LIFE ON EARTH WILL BE EXTINCT; BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT YOU CHOSE; as proof, “you would not care”.

The very least you could do: is find something in this work to share with someone else. The very tiniest thing you could do is: simply give them this web address so they could learn for themselves. “it ain’t perfect/ but how could you do less”? Our world is in jeopardy of extinction; because of choices made that cannot sustain this world or its living existence. CHOOSE, AND DO: SOMETHING, you owe it, TO LIFE AND WORLD.

As to eternity: the foundation principle is very simple, “only truth survives”/ therefore the foundation of you, must be your truth. Everything else is removed, so that eternity can be achieved. What your truth allows, then becomes the environment of who you will become; beyond what is called time. DEATH from time means: that you will surrender the body of time called self/ because it is time, it cannot be eternal; that is the truth of time; NO, it will not be coming back to you. SELF will be destroyed, and all you will have left is the truth of your chosen participation in life. LIFE is different than self (what I created for, and in me): life is “the destiny of your own desire”/ the hope you chose to be “reborn with”/ the values that give you passion, and the heartbeat of respect that becomes your soul. Beyond the basic development of an opportunity to achieve more, than the gift you received as time: is the dimensional distance of what your own world can be. Without thought we do not exist/ but that same thought, can become either friend or enemy, and you must be disciplined enough, to participate in the boundaries needed to contain that element of eternity. No, you will not expand it beyond the definitions of your own time: the foundations of your own truth. Therefore this life/ your choices are; VERY important to you.

The elemental description of eternity is: where I lived, inside my heart: is where I built my future. Existence is then described by or as, the values you created for yourself. Energy grants us space and motion. Thought grants us existence and destiny. Heart identifies the values we possess. Love changes I, “into we”. But the soul determines the respect you earned, and that finds in you; the ability to accept “more than you can imagine”; or not.

Humanity wants: “a guarantee; to work for an eternity WILL exist as whatever I want it to be”. None of that will become true: (want is the basis of all lies/ pride fails life and builds hate/ power uses violence, to create fear; rather than justice, to build peace) even if your religion promises it anyway. The guarantee of acceptance; is in three parts: LOVE, RESPECT, TRUST. Without true love untainted with want, pride, or power; eternity will be limited if at all. Without true respect, you have no place with GOD! Without a clear foundation in trust: the necessary alterations from time into eternity, cannot be accepted/ and will die, thereby discarding you. But lesser things can be given in mercy for you; if you are indeed honest with your purpose and desire for “something akin to love.” Your life was a gift, rather than a choice; and that mercy is then an acceptance of the value you did create. Your guarantee is: THE MIRACLES WHICH SURROUND US/ JESUS WHOSE LIFE HERE, PROVED “TO ME” , that we are not simply created and abandoned. BUT EXIST FOR A PURPOSE. That purpose being “love is the greatest treasure in our universe”; because it is “the blood of life; which gives eternity a purpose and desire to survive”.

Hate has no value, and is destroyed; anger beyond what can be saved, “will simply be dissipated into nothing left”.

A word to the wise: the spiritual world is designed to remove all but what is purely true about you. If you fail that test, you will be destroyed or captured by what you do not understand. It is absolutely essential: to know what is true, in you/ to make your decisions/ and prove your respect. Anything less is trouble. BELIEF HAS NO VALUE; only faith in what is true to you will exist. Only acceptance of what is true, will gain you entrance into “the outer world”. Your body belongs only to you: what you do with it/ or what has been done to it; is strictly your concern, do not bring that along. The body will be discarded, as a dead corpse does prove. What is life, that can survive, will find a home.

For the last fifteen+ years; I have introduced “a female spirit in me”; to this work. As is the result of giving up on male decisions to save this world/ a ten year search proved it will not happen. Leaving only female to find a solution. Women did not trust me, nor cared to learn: so the spiritual world was searched. Just to ask the question: WHAT would you do? The answer was: “let women try to lead”. The reality: they cannot do worse, than lead us into extinction as men have done. The consequence to me however, “is complicated”. I CAN however, tell you for sure: NEVER open a spiritual door, you are not prepared, ready, and able to understand. Truth does not allow for less than truth. Male does NOT understand female; they are entirely different realities. EVERY spiritual door:  is controlled by a different law, and that law in that environment, controls everything inside its truth. Purity is the essence, purpose, desire, and passion of every law; and that cannot be changed. 

I suppose, I should mention: I am far more simple and plain than people are willing to accept/ and yet underneath that reality is a complexity beyond the ability of most to understand. As a consequence; it is extremely rare, when someone actually understands me, or who I am. They all want to explain me: by their own definitions of what they would do or think. It just is not so. I am simple: this time in me is spent in the search for life. I am plain: the values represented by miracles shape my life. So plain and so intricate are they: NOBODY can mistake them/ unless they choose to be “absolutely dull and brainless”; by participating in disrespect. I am deliberate: THIS WORLD IS GOING TO DIE, A HORRENDOUS DEATH, UNLESS PEOPLE CHANGE. Therefore my life has been: “understand the cost of being wrong”/ and the world said, “we believe in universities/ TRUTH AND EVIDENCE will not matter: to your shame. A lifetime lost, “to be normal”; along with romance and everything it could have been: BECAUSE A DEAD WORLD, has no love or value or truth or life. Therefore it must come first.   Even so, this may have been the “best life” I could have lived;  because “wife and child” do change everything. Romance does need “someone similar to you”; or it cannot be sustained, because we walk along a different path. I do, seem a bit different; “choices”.

Your pride says: EVERYTHING, is a game/ my reality says: to be wrong, about proven true threats of life or death for our world; is extinction. Your want says: all you have to do is believe, in what you want or don’t want. My reality says: truth does not care what you believe, it is what it is by the laws which govern what happens next: therefore wrong is extinction. Your power says: “we are rich”; even though the numbers are lies, the thieves, traitors, and terrorists are in charge; the resources have been ravaged, and the future has been killed for every child. My reality says: you are foolish and blind, a failure beyond recognition, as life is changed into a cult that worships universities as god. And will be proven wrong, by the realities of destruction they led you to choose. To your shame.

I will conclude then, with these simple words: male exists to claim war or survival/ while women exist to claim, child or sex; both offering I will take whatever I want, because I want it. As the existence of universities prove. But alas, reality offers: although humanity claims it can take whatever it wants, and universities claim they are gods. None of that is true. Nature offers, because it can; so long as men do not take too much. Earth offers habitat; so long as a balance can be achieved; overpopulation of any individual species, ends that. But more than anything else: the invasion of parasites that is “university knows”; fails life itself, even ending planet, because arrogance is so extreme. No you cannot play with the same fire as is on the sun; not even in your fantasies. No you cannot mutilate life into becoming something you can then claim; as we did this/ because it will turn into death, by a thousand different horrors; and yes YOU will have done that. No you cannot control men and their wars; with weapons of mass destruction/ even a fool knows that. No, you will not exterminate the future, and every living thing, by the destruction of resources; and yet go free/ eternity is watching you.

So, the value of moments is: to determine where you belong? As a parasite of universities working to kill the entire life of earth? Are you male; working to destroy an entire living world? Are you female; working to prove yes you can, have as many children as you want? Or are you life, living in the truth; that we must not let this world die! These are the only choices you get; because want, is no longer enough, to keep this earth alive.


But the evidence says: your time, as earth in this universe is now limited/ and even a fool, a liar, a thief, a traitor, and a terrorist all know that is true. Because even these know: to ignite a nuclear fire (burning the bond holding atoms together), just like the sun; is “a ten million degree fire”; not going to extinguish itself. Yet you do it anyway, because you, and your religions; believe in, university is god.

But the evidence says: the nature which gave you life, is thoroughly disrespected/ mutilated endlessly/ life itself is being crucified by universities, poisoned, “by the trillion ton”; by men with universities decisions, and yet none care. Because the cult is not allowed to question its leaders. Reality however offers: let your universities gods, create a new life out of rocks, sun light, water, and fire (without ANY assistance from nature)/ or let them accept evolution is entirely a lie, and their assertion of “no consequences for us”; IS TREASON TO THIS WORLD.  “oh wait” evolution needs a billion years/ and no brain: well obviously ____”.

But the evidence says: this is a finite world, nobody dies/ nobody lives. No resources, no future. No water to drink/ means war with extreme violence. A planet overheated; is death. All ocean life lost: starvation for billions. Currency without truth, an eruption of hate so extreme; even humanity itself, will know terror, and go insane; as is unable to recover from all the lies.

To your shame. The ONLY RESPONSE the vast majority has is: NOT IN MY LIFETIME.

To your shame. The ONLY RESPONSE, the vast majority of religion has is: GOD WILL DO WHATEVER WE NEED TO HAVE DONE/ SO I DON’T NEED TO DO NOTHING, “BUT WHAT I WANT TO DO”.  Even though, every threat of our extinction but one:  IS ENTIRELY “MAN (HUMAN)- MADE”.

To your coming terrors: THE MIRACLES of this earth, DO identify, “this ain’t no accident”. The realities of life explain: when we know nothing of the truth by laws, in the essence of thought; which did create our time to be alive. THEN those who claim, “the end”; can literally be proven to be, “without a clue”.

THE CONSTANT HUMAN COMPLAINT IS: WE DON’T WANT TO DIE! But reality is: you cannot enter eternity as time limited by body. Therefore you must “evacuate the body”. When asked WHY? The answer is: time and eternity are two very distinct and different environments. Time grants an energy slowed to accept the complications of being wrong; so that you survive and are allowed to learn. Eternity is an energy so extreme; you must rely upon thought to survive; because a serious error is extinction. Therefore time is the process of learning how to survive eternity, obey the limits and boundaries of energy, because it is the law of life. Time is the sorting of individual lives, to establish what is true; and will be allowed to participate beyond the boundaries, where love decides by trust. While mercy can grant “an experience” outside the gates; only the purity, of true love can become eternal.

The constant human decree is: a cult cannot question its leader/ that is what makes it a cult; you must obey. A religion cannot question its book/ that is what makes it a religion; you must believe. University is then both “a leader who cannot be truly questioned (cult)/ and a book “you cannot prove me wrong, I won’t listen (religion)”; it is then both. A believer cannot question his or her own decisions: because they live within the herd, and the herd simply wants what it wants, and will fight to get it, unless the predator is near. Truth only matters, when fear comes close. The hater; discards life as worthless/ but needs to take, the “values of someone alive” in order to survive; by proving they are more than you, with fear. The lover seeks truth, because trust is the seal of what we can become as one. While the vast majority; simply go, where the flow of human existence will push them; complaining “leave me alone”/ but needing every single push, to remain among the living. While leaders all say: “yes we can”, because that is what the herd demands to hear. The very few who are left do search for what life could become; even beyond this time. Pride controls all the rest, and gives power to those who hate: by demanding we must win.

And the plague of university leadership says: “we have proven/ we DON’T NEED, no damn reality or truth to govern this world”. WE DO, whatever we want, because the people want us to be their gods! And the diseased shout: “yes, that is so”. But alas: reality and truth are coming; and the cost will be beyond your imagination. So says the evidence of our time, here on earth.

Literally one last chance: change or die/ not by my hand, or even “GODS HAND”. But by your own. And the world says, to me: “we don’t need you/ we don’t want you/ we won’t care/ WE ARE gods OVER this earth, and we do what we want.” religion applauds, and reality weeps: because you are literally about to become extinct.

So, I say to this world one last time: GO AND INVESTIGATE YOUR TRUTH; proving to the best of your ability, what is in fact “either true or false” about each threat you face/ as presented here, or as you desire. Particularly starting with the intent to ignite a nuclear fire. By determining for life and earth: WHAT IS, THE TRUTH ABOUT BEING WRONG? There is no coming back, no second chance; especially with this one: so let this one single trial, determine if more should be done. Simple as that. ONE INVESTIGATION: THAT THREATENS TO BURN YOU AND YOURS WITH NUCLEAR FIRE; if by some chance, the universities claim “the earth doesn’t have enough gravity to sustain that fire”/ SO, “a ten million degree nuclear (burns atoms) fire”: WILL JUST EXTINGUISH ITSELF. And the universities say: YOU, cannot question us! The courts say: YOU cannot question them! And the politicians say: YOU cannot make us look bad, because we will NOT be humiliated; “university is god”. SO, LIFE OR DEATH FOR THIS EARTH: is given to “you, the people” who must rise/ or burn; if they are wrong. “just like being on the sun” has now been: brought here to earth. The fool says: “we believe”. The liar says: “we cannot be wrong”. But a human says: WE CANNOT LET THEM BE WRONG. So take your pick!

AND EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING ON EARTH {rich or poor/ educated or not/ male or female/ religious or not/ young or old}:  KNOWS THAT IS LOGICAL AND FAIR/ JUSTIFIED AND TRUE TO BOTH LIFE AND PLANET.  BECAUSE THE EVIDENCE OF   WWW.ITER.ORG (IS ABSOLUTELY PROVEN TRUE; AND IT IS ONLY ONE OF THESE MACHINES; DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY TO MAKE ATOMS BURN).  and reality knows:  JUST ONCE, is all you get, to prove the theory:  “we don’t have to care”; it will extinguish itself!

I will add one simple thing: “female” has not proven to be capable of saving this world, in my experience here on earth. Men are not capable of doing what they do not want to do; as history proves true. But as is proven by the spiritual joining of “male and female” in me; a balance was struck, and a reality of experience and expressions were shared:  that became what was needed to finish this message to you:  “change humanity itself, or you will go extinct.” Regardless of what you want, that is the truth of your choices, by the evidence of your threats; and that too, cannot be changed unless you change you; as a world.  Give up, and you’re dead. Turn back, and you die. But with kindness, respect, Justice, and fair play for all; the possibilities for a new world will come true.  IT IS, YOUR CHOICE/  but there will be no “going back/ second chances/ or mercy for choosing against life or world. Not a game, simply reality by the laws which govern “truth and consequences”.



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