Beyond the simple things: life has meaning! The reality of human society is;  “if you don’t care about me; then I  won’t care about you”/ if you don’t respect me, or what is valuable to me; then I won’t consider you valued, or your life to have meaning.  The prelude to trial a return to reality, by democratic means; as is the purpose of Constitutional redress of grievances; a first amendment law, and legal right of the people themselves.

To assemble a nation or a world for life, through peace by law: it is absolutely critical to understand, the law is built upon truth/ and the farther away you get from truth, the more corrupted will become the realities of your life and living. The universities have led you into corruption by conspiring to give you what you want; by creating lies to hide what is true of what you do, and the consequences that will bring. Media is their tool of choice! And all the people said: YES, let’s do that/ so we don’t have to pay; adding in let the children pay instead. So you chose war/ poverty/ and extinction, instead of life by the virtue of law through justice and fair play! You chose selfishness instead of your child. You chose greed instead of your world. You chose weapons of mass destruction, instead of life by respecting each other, or this world. You chose universities to be your god/ even though they cannot be more than death. INSTEAD OF: “the universities know/ are gods”!  REALITY PROVES:  the tragedy of university could not be more clear; in the realities of “we can ignite a nuclear fire/ and it will just extinguish itself (not enough gravity to sustain the fire)/ wrong is, earth becomes a sun! Simply put; SATAN on earth (the destroyer of everything)!  OR as evolution proves entirely false: in the simple words, “you need everything at the same time, to be a living body of life/ a body cannot be built one piece at a time, until accidents fix the rest”; it is beyond foolish and blind/ to define the ugly truth of LIAR. Extreme, even “unimaginable” feats of engineering and design; are NOT accidents/ and I dare any “university diploma” to suggest it is; outside their filthy delusion of sewage in the brain; called evolution.

The foundation of democracy is: we cannot let others rule us all/ simple as that! Because the cost of power and pride is: we the people, lose! Therefore by laws, rather than by people: we choose to rule over ourselves, by creating constitutional government. The liberty to own our own freedoms, because we took the rulers away, with our own laws: as is the constitution itself, is our government/ our foundation leader. The value, respect, and obedience, we have placed over this society, over each one. The insurgency of universities “know better”, and have been changing this democracy for the last few decades: is a rebellion against we the people. Because they know, their intent is to change, and to destroy constitutional government as is “we the people”. The anarchy of universities that is to destroy the reality of our currency by hiding inflation in the claim of assets that are not real: is a deliberate attempt to deny liberty, as is any association with lies/ and corrupt the very foundations of our lives as a nation. Which makes their decision, against the government we the people created for ourselves: to be treason.

Democracy means we choose for ourselves/ we will not be ruled; but by law we rise in freedom, by our own vote on the things most important to us all; under constitutional government (our choice)/ rather than rulers (their choice). Failure means, you threw that away, “for a bribe, built on lies.”

The believer believes; because that ends the conflict between what is right or wrong/ by adding “whatever you want to believe, is true/ regardless of the evidence”. OR, I have now selected what I am willing to pay; however much or little that is to be. Religions divide here! Religion is the evidence of a journey with value, rather than answers to every problem. A cult exists by proclaiming the leader, has the answers; simply obey. People want answers, that they want, or are at least willing to pay for; even if it is a lie/ so they can shout, “innocent/ he or she did it”! But that too is a lie.

Reality however decides for itself, because truth is not a toy, or a decision that you make. Truth is simply, what it is. The evidence of our truth is: “we will, soon be extinct” without true change. Therefore the question is no longer what you believe to be true/ but what is true, as best we can; by the evidence of what it means to be wrong, for this world/ for all life, forever. So the critical choice is: if we cannot be wrong/ then we must identify what reality now asserts, “is our only hope”: TRUTH SURVIVES/ lies do not. I CONTINUE TO ASK YOU, as from the beginning: DO NOT BELIEVE, instead INVESTIGATE/ IDENTIFY/ EXAMINE/ AND CHOOSE LIFE AND PLANET COME FIRST; as best we can together. Not as a herd who follows/ but as humans who did the best they could to understand the values, and our relationship with life; including planet.

A tiny few people organized as leaders of “university”; does not constitute a value beyond the evidence of what is proven true; theories are not accepted. HUMANITY has crossed the line, the earth can no longer survive: unless we make the right choices for life, earth, self, and child. NONE of those choices are being made: soon, it will not matter what you choose, as beyond the last defenses, all barriers fall. Want will not save you; only truth. Hiding these words from the others will not save you: find the courage to share, the possibilities of hope. We will die as one/ if we do not choose as one.

This is America, the nation that chose, in this day; to be “more selfish (I want yours too) and proud (I win/ you lose), than any other generation in history”. Their constant claim over the last forty plus years has been: “i want/ I don’t care/ let the children pay/ and don’t tell me nothing; so I can claim, innocent (you can’t make me pay)”. While the universities all shouted: “no consequences for us/ we are gods”. So today, we all sit at the gateway to HELL/ as reality proves, there will be consequences, as truth demands. And the people, and their religions; all say: “you can’t make us afraid/ the universities are, our god”. Therefore instead of a fight, this is merely the evidence: you were told, truth does not care what you want, or believe. Therefrom, reality will decide, in the day your lies all melt in oblivion. The only real question is: will you recover from your greed (I want everything; I want you to worship me as a god) in time to save life on earth/ or will the people about to ignite a nuclear fire here on earth “just like the sun”; a decision entirely dependent, upon a very tiny few “university elite, who believe they are gods”. Who believe a nuclear (expansion by 4 million times) “burns atoms, fire”, “will just extinguish itself”.  Will let you understand what consequences truly mean, as the reality of life, being wrong, and the abortion that “university has become”; proves this planet ends?  But hey; “you’re innocent, or rich, or poor, or pretty, or ugly, or whatever;  right”/ can’t blame you, even though YOU burn too.  AFTER ALL:  ITS NOT LIKE YOU COULD HAVE KNOWN, IGNITING A NUCLEAR FIRE JUST LIKE ON THE SUN/  COULD GO WRONG!  OR EVEN ASSUME, THIS ENTIRE PLANET IS FUEL FOR THAT FIRE, SINCE THAT MEANS EVERYTHING HERE IS MADE OUT OF ATOMS.   WHY, WHO COULD BLAME YOU, for being to apathic to care about anything real?  Right.  Why hell:  all you got to do, is demand, WE ARE TOO DAMN STUPID, to know what fire is.  right!   Oh wait, my mistake:  a cult (question nothing) worshiper must surrender his or her mind, to their leader/ god.

The liars rule america (no pandemic has been proven)/ the traitors surge against this democracy by creating fear (no great threat exists, as the evidence does prove)/ terrorists have devised and created the means to destroy this world (the ignition of atoms on fire, happens only once)/ fools believe truth is whatever they want it to be (proven: no such thing as fusion exists/ and it has in fact been abandoned by universities around the world)/ failures use media to propagate obedience (no evidence presented, only believe whatever the universities say)/ the children are sacrificed (no resources no future)/ the earth is discarded for wants (apathy rules)/ the constitution is denied by courts (proven true)/ democracy is being obliterated by university knows better (we the people is abandoned for university rules us all)/ the currency is entirely counterfeit (proven by the reality of numbers)/ the resources will soon be gone (none can doubt this is a finite earth)/ and even the property of ownership, is being thrown or given away (check to see who owns now, because without title this nation is not yours): to remove all power to confront (the white economic middle class is soon dead, killed by covid) those who call themselves the university elite; “your own chosen cult god (they decide/ you obey), over life” as is proven by the mutilation of nature (they can destroy/ but they cannot build), and so much more. Wake up or die/ think for yourselves (the possibility of a vaccine goes bad) or be destroyed (no chances left to survive/ all will be extinct; because the majority elected to be a herd; rather than a human).  AND ALL THE PEOPLE SAY:  “WE KNOW”;  but all they know is what media has told them; and all media knows is what the university elite has told them.  NO evidence/ NO REALITY/ NO participation in the facts or the interpretation or the truth of what is real:  “just believe the university is god”.  and the people here say “amen”; because they worship the lies and the liars, who keep reality at bay.  “its called marketing”! Make the people believe.

  America today, is being destroyed by the people, infatuated with believing the universities are god/ because they receive bribes. Discarding all reality, as would be the stock market exists only because of US currency inflation: go look. Every foundation of our existence is replaced, with the delusion “we can have everything/ and nobody pays”. Every necessity of life is replaced with “NOT IN MY lifetime”. Every single truth of life is being destroyed, with the universities know better. Every mutilation of life, is a nail in your coffin; and you don’t care. NOT EVEN about the people who are literally trying to burn atoms as fuel for sun fire here on earth. Not one question/ not one patriot/ not one life of value willing to participate with me in demanding THIS IS A DEMOCRACY, AND WE HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT TO REQUIRE AN ACCOUNTING (by first amendment redress of grievances: IT IS THE LAW, don’t let them tell you differently)/ AND MAKE DECISIONS AS A NATION. NOT SIMPLY BE RULED, by our own employees. WITHOUT THAT STANDARD OF LAW FOR LIFE, NATION, AND WORLD; there is no hope for democracy itself; as chaos will rule/ because fantasies cannot. Blaming the police/ blaming the politicians/ blaming the universities themselves; CANNOT fix the underlying problem, OF YOU DON’T CARE ENOUGH ABOUT THIS SOCIETY: TO CHOOSE FOR LIFE. INVESTIGATING TO FIND THE TRUTH, ACCEPTING THE VALUES OF REAL JUSTICE, OR BY SIMPLY UNDERSTANDING LIFE IS NOT A GAME; it is what we choose, in an environment defined by that choice/ and the consequence of what we did or did not do.  THE CONSTITUTION IS THE LAW, AND IT IS THE FOUNDATION OF OUR GOVERNMENT:  DEMOCRACY MEANS, WE THE PEOPLE, ARE THE OWNERS HERE. AND THAT MEANS WE CAN ENFORCE OUR LAW, AND OUR GOVERNMENT ON OUR EMPLOYEES. IF THEY REFUSE, IT IS TREASON.  NO GUN, will buy you that/ but if you refuse your duty to life and nation: your apathy and arrogance, will take it away. NO it is not as simple as “kill that one”, and everything will be great again. As a nation you chose to kill that option by letting the universities decide “with their imagination”. The world itself is in jeopardy of extinction, because fools, failures, liars, thieves, cheats, terrorists, traitors, whores, tragedies, the cursed, the damned, and the living dead; have been making new rules behind closed doors; stripping you naked and afraid, with intellectual games. To your shame.  STOP THE INSANITY: FIND REAL WORLD TRUTH, not university fantasy or delusions:  OR the world itself will DIE. Then make your own decisions; as WE THE PEOPLE who chose to care.

In case you are wondering: “with US currency inflated beyond worth/ and credit, as well as business structure gone, infrastructure ruined, and no doubt resources sold: all that is left is property. So the current reality is: “how do we steal the property, without revealing they will all soon be slaves, with no nation to own at all”? Answer “same as Israel did to the Palestine people; buy it/ or make them sell; a piece at a time, through hidden means.” The vast majority believed they were getting a great deal, “living practically for free”/ and it was a great deal for the majority; UNTIL the eviction notices came/ ships docked, filled with Jewish immigrants/ and their tanks, soldiers, and machine guns rolled out. LITERALLY demanding: YOU sold your nation/ and we own it now; “alas the great deal ends”/ as reality does prove!  “all hail the university leadership gods; our leaders, right”? And the white people all say: OUR military, would NEVER allow that! But alas, they haven’t looked at the military since it became an all volunteer army: “with the white middle class people” no longer in charge. Everything possible, that can be done: to tear America down/ is being done; by the intellectual hordes; whose only real purpose is to see you lose everything. and America says “we want what we want/ we believe the herd cannot be wrong; our leaders/ our media; will protect us”;  just like Germany did; before the Nazi’s took control. Just like history repeats, because the pattern of failure and beliefs; never changes: “its called, men”. For forty years; their one foundation response has been: “you cannot make me do anything/ you cannot make me care/ I don’t give a damn, UNLESS you will make me rich”. While all the women say, “we won’t trust nobody; unless they offer a bribe”. A lesson in reality.  one of the many constants in human behavior is transference: “I want this/ but you I don’t want”; so regardless of truth, “you are then the enemy”: because I don’t want to lose, or change my decision; of what I want.  BUT THEN YOU, cannot even stand up, demanding investigation of the facts: against the people trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun;  WHEN they’re only decision of what to do; after ignition of “million mile long flames” just like the sun is:  IT WILL EXTINGUISH ITSELF. WRONG, means this earth, is a sun.

WHILE IT IS TRUE, that robbing the future to pay for this day; makes this day easy and cheap: the cost is HELL. As all the elders say: ‘the children will pay”, is true; you gave them HELL. While hidden inflation solves “we have no credit left”/ the cost of robbing the children: is they will die, because without resources, there is no life. Eternity will remember who destroyed this earth; with their arrogance and apathy. Without the realities of nature in charge, there is only chaos. Unlike university fantasies and delusions; an imagination is not enough; “in the real world of life or death”. And the people say: “we ARE getting what we want/ let the rich pay; the future; ANYONE but me”. Yet reality says: while you play, the real work being done, and the resources being lost; means war. Because the money “our agreement to work, for you, if you later work for me”/ IS A LIE. As is true of all counterfeited currency, which means the nation itself is now a fraud. Therefrom stealing the property of the middle class (yell pandemic) is all that is left of what was once “valued”.

While the people say: “WE WANT” our universities to cure anything/ and we don’t care what they do to other life on earth; GIVE THEM ANYTHING THEY WANT. But I remind you of this: WHAT IF, your own true enemies could control disease, and inflict you with it at a whim; withholding a cure to claim trillions, or anything else they wanted. Or even worse UNLEASHING HORRORS onto this earth, because arrogance cannot be god, over anything but death. Stealing from you not only your nation, but your future as life on earth: “because that as history proves; is what power and pride always does”! What is more powerful, than releasing a deadly disease upon an entire world; “through just one hand”?

I have fought for you, with nearly an entire lifetime, ending with this: when your expert is a fraud, and it matters; catastrophe’s are coming. When your belief is based upon propaganda; rather than truth; the cost will be horrendous. When your leadership governs by theft, destroying the very foundations life requires to survive; extinction is eminent. When your gods of universities rule, eat out your heart and soul, with their delusions; you have failed life, child, self, and world. In America; another 1.9 trillion dollars for covid relief:  times ten thousand dollars per each of one hundred million workers, per trillion dollars. plus 5 trillion last year plus another 2. something trillion last year/  plus all the trillions lost by the economy and citizens in general. Your federal accounting, is an outright lie; but you don’t care; “because the bribes and the counterfeiting still spends”. but all lies end, and then truth begins where the consequences have fallen on you. such as another 414 trillion dollars in hidden inflation (asset rise) over the last 6 years;  plus all the credit that can be. Etcetera, and more. I remind you; that I provide only the evidence, produced by others, much of which comes from media itself/ although the material is that, which is never given its due. What you do with the information is entirely your decision. But just like the intent to ignite a nuclear fire here, “just like the sun”: BEING WRONG matters, because extinction unlike a university delusion, imagination, or fantasy: IS REAL. NO going back, your decision is final. Unlike the hype: THE REALITY; of full electric auto vehicles is a battery charge of 50-100 kw; @ 12cents per: $60- 120 for a full charge. EVERY WATT above what is produced from renewable’s, is the result of coal or gas. A one hundred kw charge releases 137 lbs of carbon dioxide +. NOT “all clean” as described, and that does not include mining and manufacture. You are not on a path to remove this reality from controlling the future. A kilowatt is:  one hour of time, running your 1000 watt hair dryer.

ALAS; Not even igniting a nuclear this burns atoms fire, can wake you from your cult of “university is god”. Not the death of your money, treason to your nation by hidden inflation and more, Not mutilating life, Not poisoning the water, Not death of life in the oceans, or destroying the future for every child. The people who bring you hell, do these things and more. Yet YOU shout back;  “its a pandemic, and wear your uniform mask, as the army of your belief in evidence; of university cult worship”; they can’t be wrong/ their gods.  But the numbers are roughly only one person per thousand people dies, from all causes, per year, in America.  “like human cockroaches (massive population increases, quickly; all races)” taking over the earth; leaving nothing which allows you, or this earth to survive: it is a finite reality, with limits, boundaries, realities, and laws to keep it alive. All of which, even life itself; “the university brain” has discarded as the trash.  Whether you like it or not:  truth will decide! when all the lies are through cursing you; you, and this world will die.  As to the curse of university, it is as simple as: “they cannot build what they want/ until they tear down what we have built; cannot take over, until the current reality is destroyed”. As to the cost of immigration: if I, a citizen here/ went to your country; and “demanded of every citizen there: GIVE ME WHAT I WANT; instead of choosing your own family, child, future, etc”. The reality is simple: it is a finite world. But so is humanity itself: as is, we all deserve a realistic chance to be happy, and at peace. it is however unfortunately true: the rise in population ends sharing, because “it is never enough”. Regardless of the fact that apart from the curses of “university leadership ravaging us”; among the masses, nearly everything has been built over generations; it wasn’t free. Build your own is fair/ and the people say “we can’t”; because immigration means, your nation is not doing well; because of what your elders chose. NO easy choices exist! A reality now having invaded this nation: because of the university curse.  As to covid, the current “intellectual weapon of choice; to remove and invade and destroy governments:  the reality is simple, with 5,000 known viruses, thousands of bacterial possibilities, and much more, the idea we are even alive is overwhelming. But we cannot fear, or we lose the value of life; and we must accept death when it comes. Choose the evidence/ IF the population count is not decreasing by more than one percent (one per hundred more) per year: (as determined above the average death rate) it is not a pandemic, even if it is unpleasant or not desirable: it would still take one hundred years to wipe out a population. NEW life needs space to breathe. NOT the belief or propaganda of those who are clearly getting rich and powerful because of the fear in you they created.  Even so:  soon this world will be dead; because the university Satan, wants to play god, “with a tinker toy brain; that has no sense, or respect for life or world”. To your shame as America:  you let them, because they bribed you; after causing the nation itself, to live in a sewer of debt, that cannot be undone without bankruptcy for all. A cult worship so hidden behind closed doors by media hype and propaganda:  you don’t even know your dead, with very little hope of anything called value. Facing world extinction:  because the only god universities can be:  “is Satan: destroyer of a world”. The only way out, is to empty the sewage, with a courtroom dedicated to “redress of grievances (WE THE PEOPLE have legal rights)”;   WE the people, MUST know what is true: by courtroom trial, “as best we can”.  There are those who laugh and ridicule, that I should question the universities; “who am I” to do so, to the superior ones. Realities however are clear and certain: this world stands on the edge of starvation (a finite world)/ edge of dying of thirst (limited quantities)/ edge of world war (overpopulation has its costs)/ edge of a complete breakdown in nature on all causes/ edge of nuclear fire (no possibility to extinguish it)/ edge of complete civil war, as the realities of theft and all forms of corruption take control. That is only the beginning, under what is clearly “the universities control; government/ media/ education/ business/ everything; including the claim of pandemic”.  While the people know nothing, because they want what they want; and have been bribed, because they didn’t care enough; about life or world. While in America; media and politicians fight for anarchy, the demand that we are the law; the reality of no law matters, except for what we want. To form a mob, by inciting riots/ discarding police/ and corrupting all forms of government; so as to be “the superior ones”; as is the constant, wherever a university diploma exists. People believe; one of the worst things  you can do, in all areas but religion (where realities cannot be proven, because they are not primarily of this world). In all other cases only truth matters. Truth knows, people believe in their money, but it is only numbers; and reality knows, in America extreme inflation has existed for decades; but none worse than the last 6 years; an increase in currency of 414 trillion dollars. Which means the stock market for instance, can be easily manipulated. A tiny few control trillions, and they can make a stock; any stock rise/ or fall at their own whim. Once the middle class has been destroyed by the weapon: of covid insurrection. Those who hold many numbers can be bankrupted easily; by simply revealing the currency is entirely a fake.  leaving only those tiny few who have corrupted the accounting for America; to give themselves everything:  “in intellectual war, against you”. America is broken, by university leadership, and your only option is to use democracy, redress of grievances, and control the bankruptcy and decisions necessary;  as WE THE PEOPLE.

the constant of human behavior is: if I am happy/ then don’t mess with me. But alas, life is in motion, and humanity is always looking to find and get for itself “much more”/ which ends with power, and the demand “yes I can”. The need for life to assemble thought, and transfer the current reality into what the future will become; is always necessary. In that regard, we look to what makes humanity “at least in America” happy today; is the bribe/ a government from which money flows, and the price does not. Or, you don’t have to pay, its all free/ but like a credit card, it was not free, and slavery ensues, because you fell into their intellectual trap. The foundation is: that any society that allows or accepts, “money is just a number”; follows the traitor into a slaughter house, and you are the prey. Because real money; is a resource that we can use, build with, or sustains our future. Whereas fake money as are numbers; assert that counterfeiting does not really exist, and we do not need to be concerned with lies, or work/ so long as it does not “hurt me”. Numbers represent fake money by allowing promises to take the place of our reality. But promises that can never be fulfilled are not promises at all/ they are lies; and all lies fail. To that American society says: NOT in my lifetime/ let the children pay; as is “thief to a child/ traitor to a nation”. Nonetheless, American society is happy with its bribes, and the only ones who pay are the middle classes; as covid has shoved them out into approaching poverty, slavery, and chaos; because everything life needs to survive, has been betrayed. No resource/ no work or life. No chain of life/ no future. Endless poverty is war/ etcetera. “sold out, for toys, trophies, and trash”.  In America; all power is being isolated into the hands of a very few, under university control. Even so, no greater abomination of power, is to assume; a nuclear fire can be ignited, and to believe it will just extinguish itself; so the universities can make a million experiments to figure out how to control it. A nuclear fire burns atoms, and there is absolutely no reason to accept: a fire fueled by atoms on this earth; will simply extinguish itself. Just one ignition, and our world becomes a sun. Stand up or burn.

One of the methods most distinct in democracy; is the right of the people for civil disobedience in defense of the nation. The use of compulsory process, as is the legal aid established by the court: to bring people to trial. IN CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, that compulsory process:  is the separating of tax payments, into an alternate account, held in trust by suitable “banking methods”; of payments made/ BUT WITHHELD from the federal government:  UNTIL REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES TRIAL, a first amendment law has been honorably established before all the people. So that true and real ownership of this nation can be established by our law: which gives us the right to hold our employees accountable to us.  The legal right:  “we do not refuse to pay taxation”/ we refuse to allow our employees to destroy our democracy, by holding them to their oath of office. Or more simply; we have paid the tax/ but we demand our democracy enforced; our employees shall then NOT use our money or lives without our consent “by enforcing our own laws”. DEMOCRACY MEANS:  “we the people rule ourselves by laws we create/ by ownership, rather than servitude or slavery”. By investigating the decisions and the realities, and the consequences of  being wrong:  in all matters, that prove they have orchestrated changes, without our constitutional consent.  {we the people means:  NOT “just you”/ organize}.

to demand such things as: the true price for being wrong, the critical knowledge of all experiments that threaten extinction, an outside, open to all; audit of all things financial or otherwise federal or state; critical and true accounting in healthcare; changes in university knows or controls; world law instead of military powers; LIFE COMES FIRST, and that includes the future for every child;  THIS IS OUR ONLY HOME AS IS EARTH, therefore we choose NOT to be wrong.

I am not god, nor am I worthless as some suggest/ but the universities believe they can be gods; by changing anything they can touch; more simply, “life is their toy, because they found a key”; alas it opens “pandora’s box”. I suggest in contrast, this living world is not a game, and RESPECT FOR THE MIRACLES HERE is mandatory. That is “the fundamental difference”. In contrast: they demand you believe whatever the media and universities say. While I ask that you think for yourselves, and understand the cost for being WRONG. “thinking is not reviewing what education told you to memorize”; but to understand the reality and the relationships/ what is, and is not truth;  which then presents life and planet to us, as a choice we will make; for our own time on earth. NOT a game:  it is treason to let them counterfeit the currency/ all lies, to create debts that cannot be paid/ terrorism to mutilate life, or destroy the future of every child; and more. NOT a game.

THE UNIVERSITIES believe they can play with “sun fire”; but ignition of a nuclear fire, burns the bond in atoms for fuel. VERY similar too:  a chemical fire here, burns the molecular bond to create heat, and release energy. The biggest

The UNIVERSITIES believe, they can play with genetics, but perhaps the most clear example of why not is: their “great question: which came first the chicken or the egg”? A fools game; because if you look inside the chicken; there are bones sculptured and placed, joints and muscles and lubrication, organs built and hung, blood and feathers in all the right places, the mental capacity to be and remain alive; and “a billion more” details so intricate and defined, so elementally correct: LIFE EXISTS. And the egg, “knows it all”; along with the energy and courage to assemble another life. But the egg has no ability to conceive of thought; and the design, operations, life, and realities; prove thought came first. Which humanity calls “GOD”. As is consistent with: WE KNOW, no human did this, or any other life here.

Where then is your brain; because even a fool knows, this is no accident.

BECAUSE THE UNIVERSITIES DO, THREATEN OUR WHOLE WORLD.  our world cannot recover from the extreme consequences they cause. INVESTIGATE now.   Because nothing is so clear as:  WE CANNOT ALLOW THEM TO BE WRONG; beyond the point of no return, where extinction is all we have left.  the universities cannot even control the money, because without extreme hidden inflation (the LIES hiding what they did do__);  this America is broke. Meaning they stole your money too.  To build their toys, and play their games, and deny truth. And when that was not enough:  they released a mutilated disease to attack us, so they could charge extreme trillions of dollars to us;  and discard all respect for life (NATURE be damned, we are gods now; as is genetic mutilation; no they don’t know), law (the constitution is worthless, we own the authority to do anything we want), and democracy (wear a mask you have no rights/ business will bow down to be financially ruined); to mutilate life without fearing the cost. Even going so far as to create the intent for civil war (pitting one group against another) and destroying all organizations to keep you from talking to each other. “cult/ treason/ disgrace”. the difference between dictators of old and today is;  the intellectual savage wants a robot to keep you in line/ facial recognition to deny you access to all you will need.  a destroyed economy; so only a tiny few are left to provide anything you want. SO THEY HAVE ALL THE CONTROL, and can threaten military, police, etc:  with do it, or join the rest.

NO GOING BACK:  AND EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING ON EARTH {rich or poor/ educated or not/ male or female/ religious or not/ young or old}:  KNOWS THAT IS LOGICAL AND FAIR/ JUSTIFIED AND TRUE TO BOTH LIFE AND PLANET.  BECAUSE THE EVIDENCE OF   WWW.ITER.ORG (IS ABSOLUTELY PROVEN TRUE; AND IT IS ONLY ONE OF THE MACHINES; DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY TO MAKE ATOMS BURN; fusion has been abandoned).  and reality knows:  JUST ONCE, is all you get, to prove their theory:  “we don’t have to care”; it will extinguish itself!   “a ten million degree NUCLEAR fire”; just like the sun; THAT BURNS ATOMS FOR FUEL.


YOU are reminded: that all the information of threat, realities of what is being done by people here, are claims and theories presented by universities for media propaganda; and what you make out of them, or allow to be presented to you. Is in fact presented by the various forms of media, who so obviously worship university as god, they cannot think for themselves; a blanket of fools, using every method to claim “we/ they can be gods”; as interpreted by belief in you. Your mask is obvious obedience to whatever they say. Much like religion: different people have different ideas. What is not here is, my intent to influence that information beyond the mere evidence it presents on its own. What is here is, the knowledge, education, information, understanding, and various bits and pieces of wisdom: that is deliberately asking you to think for yourselves. NO desire exists to lead you; I REFUSE to be responsible for you and your own decisions: CHOOSE FOR YOURSELVES. However the cost of being wrong, as is so much of university leadership: is extinction for our world. Therefore I write, because that is what I can do. As the realities of ridicule: “we don’t need to be right/ WE ARE the herd of animals, with force”: CHANGES what I do, into “he ain’t nothing”. My correcting response is: I ASK YOU TO INVESTIGATE THE EVIDENCE, IDENTIFY THE FOUNDATIONS AND REALITIES OF WHAT IT MEANS WHEN THIS GOES WRONG; AND ASK YOURSELVES IF A THEORY, OR A CLAIM OF “being gods by university” is enough to risk losing all life on earth? NO going back. NOTHING EXPLAINS THAT GAMBLE OF EXTINCTION, AND ALL ITS REALITIES OF ARROGANCE MORE; than trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun. (the biggest one)       “your leaders” won’t even call it fire; although the heat from it, and every visual reference to the sun we can make CLEARLY PROVES IT IS FIRE. Nothing points to the difference between my definitions of reality and theirs: than their claim “all the fuel is on fire; the entire sun is even hotter at the core”/ and my claim; if all the fuel is on fire/ then the sun burns out, because the fuel is being used. OR, more scientifically, “a supernova (star gets 3 times bigger/ hotter)” cannot exist: unless there is more fuel to burn; Your university gods cannot see inside a sun, only theories. Their claim: NOT enough gravity here to sustain the fire/ VERSUS my claim: that a nuclear fire divides the atom itself into two parts (like spinning a rock on a string; without the string, the rock simply flies away), that which holds it together/ and that which forces it apart. When separated the “dark energy of pull” becomes solar gravity; therefore the nuclear fire itself, produces that gravity.

MORE SIMPLY: while the cult of universities are in charge, and nothing else matters constantly ridicules me as worthless, foolish, etc. I constantly remind anyone who listens, and in this work: that the price of being WRONG IS EXTINCTION, in nearly all they do. While the cost of an investigation to determine as “we the people” who are being gambled with: compares not. A reality you can easily pay, and even must to survive as a living world. I can be wrong/ but they cannot. Therefore understand that truth, and EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE for yourselves. HOW is that “too much to ask”; for an entire world risking life or extinction; as a result of believing “the universities can play god”. I tell you true; they cannot for life/ but they are literally destroying; as is death.

am I done?   

Simply for the people in Texas, hit with extreme power bills:  “your fight is as simple, as reminding the court, AN ACT OF GOD”.  Because that is their claim too; whenever something unexpected happens: “to the powerful”. They won’t surrender that for themselves. Which means you go free too.

  1. in this America; at the end of an insurgency to overthrow the population, and insert “the university as god”; over all. The foundations of rebellion, and insurrection; have grown so large and so powerful, that they now own your lives. That is what you threw away at their feet; by accepting their pandemic, that was not true to life or need.
  2. The propaganda campaign of media: having been so successful as proof of complete indoctrination, to the cult worship; bowed down (can’t see life) as is “university is god over us”. Proven by & absolute in the fact; “you let them steal your face/ your job/ your business/ your future/ your child/ your organizations/ your nation”; because they insisted YOU MUST FEAR/ believe/ and obey. And you did.
  3. The cost of your cult worship, now begins to take its toll; as intended: to murder and maim (intellectually that is; to steal your words, even your anger; by closing the door on individual life, organized resistance, opportunity to offer a contrast) as are, all those who would offer resistance. To a nation overrun by WE THE UNIVERSITY ARE NOW god over you; as is the constant of an occupying army. WE WON/ you slave. The pied piper of media: death not only of a nation, but of a world; as the cost of university is god; is extinction by the evidence of our reality
  4. we then come now: to the final result, which is “CIVIL WAR; AND ALL IS LOST, EXTINCTION HAS ARRIVED”/ OR CONSTITUTIONAL COURT, BY LETTING DEMOCRACY WIN. WE return to: at least the possibilities of this earth might survive? By using first amendment redress of grievances: OUR LEGAL RIGHT, to demand an accounting from our employees; who have been responsible for keeping their oath to us; by constitutional rules all, including the foundation of all law/ and all rights to enforce any impediment upon our rights, our freedoms, our options to decide for ourselves what is, or is not this nation called WE THE PEOPLE going to do, by our own vote.
  5. The assertion we the people are not smart enough to make the right choices; is moot. WE OWN THE NATION; BY DEMOCRACY WE DECIDE FOR THE NATION; because our legal constitution is the government, and we are the owners; as have inherited that right, because WE THE PEOPLE do, keep this nation alive. While universities have led us to extinction: proving they are a curse, a vile anarchy; NOT a leader, of life or liberty to all.
  6. These are the facts, and they cannot be disputed: without a courtroom provided to the people. As is their constitutional duty: to protect, defend, and deny to all who would destroy our democracy: their opportunity to do so. That includes the rebellion, which uses a disease for “claiming fear or belief or obedience”; as its weapon. Thereby we see media involvement as: the strike force of a blitzkrieg intended to overthrow; by forced dissolution of all first amendment rights, removal of organizational freedoms, denial “of everything our government employees, are intended to protect; which includes the money” they stole: by claiming a vaccine they created and they priced beyond all possibility of JUSTICE OR FAIR PLAY.
  7. Even encroaching upon the truth: NATURE KNOWS BETTER; and the horrors of what humanity does not know; can be extreme; as reality forces the cost of their failure upon our world. The reality of a true “devil in disguise” is: NOW, THEY WILL MAKE YOU BEG; because who else can save you, as your own nature collapses into dust, pain, and horror. Even though they are SATAN established; “who you going to call?” the option: murder or submit!
    1. Yes, I do understand “the stock market” keeps going up: but when America’s governmental leaders MUST LAUNDER MONEY, in a scam that includes injecting 414 trillion dollars into the economy over the last 6 years; you must launder that kind of enormous inflation anywhere you can. After all, the news media cannot hide everything. And even rebellions can’t take it all; when they add 4.14 million dollars in currency; to the equivalent of each of one hundred million people. And then there is “the credit” it buys.AND EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING ON EARTH {rich or poor/ educated or not/ male or female/ religious or not/ young or old}:  KNOWS THAT IS LOGICAL AND FAIR/ JUSTIFIED AND TRUE TO BOTH LIFE AND PLANET.  to examine and know as best we can:  WHAT CAN GO WRONG, with experiments such as this. BECAUSE THE EVIDENCE OF   WWW.ITER.ORG (IS ABSOLUTELY PROVEN real & TRUE; AND IT IS ONLY ONE OF THE MACHINES; DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY TO MAKE ATOMS BURN; fusion has been abandoned).  and reality knows:  JUST ONCE, is all you get, to prove the theory:  “we don’t have to care”; it will extinguish itself!  INVESTIGATE THEM:  BECAUSE YOU CANNOT PROVE, “IT ISN’T SO”.   WRONG IS THIS EARTH ON FIRE;  “JUST LIKE THE SUN”. And the universities say: WE ARE gods, COMPARED TO YOU/ WE KNOW everything! We don’t bow down, or even acknowledge: to the level of people off the street; we are the superior ones.  EVEN THOUGH; they are merely our former classmates in school. So, lets review: apart from all the university caused; threats of extinction. REALITY STATES: evolution has NO standing whatsoever, because a body of life “needs everything” to survive, from the very beginning; a heart needs blood/ bones need joints/ EVERYTHING AT ONCE. Including life NEEDS a brain to function as life, which ain’t no accident. NEEDS an environment which sustains itself; both individually and as a world. “just to start”. Not one provable reality aligned with evolution apart from adaption: which is proof of “excellent design”. You fail. REALITY STATES: the assertion of energy is E=MCsq or more correctly the universities state, accept, and promote. As is energy is equal to a mass in motion at the speed of light times the speed of light: or more simply as is the formula for kinetic energy: mass times speed equals a force of motion. NOT ENERGY ITSELF AT ALL; because energy is what causes the motion to exist. You fail. REALITY STATES: the assertion of time, by billions of years; is based upon a level of perfection in atomic structure that you cannot quantify; because you cannot know what has occurred in that time to cause an imperfection to exist; which includes when it was created. Additionally as to this earth and its life: a billion years requires the sun to burn during that length of time: and it uses fuel to produce heat. AS IS SO CLEARLY PROVEN by the radiation which heats our earth. A billion years of fuel consumption: MEANS THE SUN HAD TO BE, A VERY GREAT DEAL BIGGER, AND HOTTER to this earth, limiting the possibilities of water, and life. You fail. REALITY STATES: the biblical assertion of a world flood, is already proven true; regardless of university claims. Because there is no other way for all the fossil fuels we know exist, to have been gathered up, and deposited in the same large deposits as is placed; under tons of earth ground, around the world. You fail. REALITY STATES: ATOMIC ENERGY exists, because the nucleus of an atom must spin, and it is that spinning mass, which in fact contains the energy we depend upon for time. We know spinning mass has force. Your claims of magic, with energy or the sun; are entirely unfounded by truth. Your accepted claim of movement as is: “light times the speed of light”; is potentially correct, only here. You fail. REALITY STATES: life is separate from body; BECAUSE a body kept alive in otherwise perfect condition, but without brain waves; is not alive at all. Merely the evidence of time existed. The question of life, surfaces with thought; and thought is recognized as a reality, and a freedom; not governed by mass. You fail. REALITY STATES: GOD EXISTS BY ALL THE MIRACLES WHICH PROVE A VALUE IS OR DID EXIST HERE, so far beyond our own abilities to recognize knowledge, understanding, or wisdom; that we cannot compare at all. “therefore GOD WAS HERE”. In the question of were we left behind: because NO HUMAN, or anything he or she does: can compare with the complexity of life and living. The reality of JESUS, as written of; as did change the world by introducing us to love, respect, values, realities beyond power, pride, and want: establish a guarantee, that we were not simply “built, to be abandoned”. But something far more serious exists. An opportunity to search into life itself, and find in that search an answer beyond this earth. You fail, and reality knows, “that ain’t religion, but evidence of a value, that is beyond “simply self”.
    2. WHY DOES IT MATTER/ “YOU DON’T CARE”?   IF NOTHING ELSE; even you, can understand “ignition of an energy source just like the sun on earth”/ CAN RESULT IN THE SAME REALITY AS IS ON THE SUN.  Because if the fire does not extinguish itself/ our entire planet will burn. NO GOING BACK/ NO SECOND CHANCES: YOU BURN!  their claim of not enough gravity is discarded by the realities of evidence that will prove:  IT IS THE NUCLEAR FIRE ITSELF, THAT CREATES SOLAR GRAVITY;  making their theory, the most extreme FAILURE OF A BRAIN; this world has ever known.  THE END OF LIFE; IN “BIBLICAL HELL”.  as is the price, for being WRONG!   ignition is expected to produce a 4 million times expansion of energy;  producing a self replicating plasma; that then sustains the fire on this earth. at Their initial claim is: we will input 50 million watts of electrical power, using computers to create speeds and heat beyond your true comprehension.  Making ignition life or death for this world.  In just one single instant, YOUR FATE IS SEALED. Still think it don’t matter?   Wake up or die.
    3. It used to be said: “we are all just 7 people away” from anyone in this USA;  because everyone knows someone, who knows someone,,,,, who knows and has access to “a leader”.  While I do not believe in leaders: IT DOES STATE, you cannot know how far your contribution will go; “unless you try”.  REALITY however knows:  what will happen to you if you don’t.   Work for life and planet/  NOT your pride.
    4. Your endless failures/ your absolute cult worship of university/ your allowance for media to saturate you with lies/ the complete failure of government as is America today/ your removal from power, as is the war against the middle class; and that does impact white america most. While I remind you: the military is made up primarily of groups which are not white anymore/ and the policing will become just like Nazi Germany; because the liars make the laws to serve themselves/ and anyone not obeying the law; can be isolated out. PROVING BEYOND DOUBT: WHOSOEVER MAKES THE LAW/ RULES THE NATION OR WORLD. Are all evidence of fools, sheep, and worst of all “cowards”; here in America. Where like Nazi Germany, the foundation for everything you need; is being trampled by those who make their own laws, regardless of constitutional authority. Enforce those laws by the intellectual gestapo newly formed from the lawyers who attack, and steal every form of security you need or desire to survive/ a completely corrupt court; who have no clue what democracy means. A bastard supreme court, through the years; which created the failure; as its sewage spewed out onto society itself. Fools without brains; as are those who follow the university hate into HELL built by you; whether politician or citizen/ the result is the same. HELL IS going to open its door, very soon: because that is what you chose. A planet defiled and destroyed/ chains of life no longer functioning/ oceans destroyed, therefore billions starve and war/ poison for water/ a dead world, that will then sacrifice YOU. But hey don’t worry, “your saviors” are waiting: with weapons of mass destruction/ by mutilating all life to be whatever humans can steal or destroy/ even by igniting a nuclear fire, to turn this earth into a sun. while the witch-doctors of religion; with all pomp and ceremony; “continue bowing their heads, to kiss the feet of university is god”. To your shame, you sit; and let this world die. Because what you want, is an easy and free life, without anybody complaining you didn’t do what they wanted you to do. As is a constant of history; but in a world changed with endless human population: all demanding I DON’T HAVE EVERYTHING I WANT. So they scour the earth, and kill everything they can. Soon, it will be you. All your enemies need, is a tiny bit more time: to seal your fate. All your enemies need, is a tiny power plant: to make robotic terminators, “now possible”; if only. To send out into this world, and kill at command/ but hey don’t worry facial recognition “is a pal” right. Don’t worry; they can get all the money and power they want: “lets send out another disease, mutilated into existence”; BECAUSE THEY CAN’T REFUSE US THEN. And we do ANYTHING we want with their lives. While the other branch of insurgency says: “just a little more time”/ and we will achieve TRUE HATE: BY IGNITING A NUCLEAR FIRE, here on earth: that like the sun; will never be extinguished by life.   THE ONE SOLIDIFYING FACTOR:  IN WHAT has happened to our nation and world/ our earth and all its life:  THE UNIVERSITY RULES; EDUCATES/ GOVERNS/ AND DECIDES!  MEDIA mice, under university control PROPAGATES, “the universities are god; they alone have a brain”; to control and isolate those who do not obey or believe.  So, we ask:  WHO, primarily decided and empowered the universities to be in charge:   “THE WHITE PEOPLE” of course.   Because the most important thing is:  making weapons of mass destruction, for power rather than peace.   WAKE UP OR DIE?  it ain’t a hard conception!  Alas, the majority of them simply want peace:  but believe in weapons rather than law.  History agrees:  because men resolve their problems with war:  WE TAKE WHAT WE WANT.    and the American people all say:  NOTHING BAD, can happen here, “we are great”!  Yet reality proves:  “the greatest genocide in the history of this world”;  occurred in America, with the massacre of Indian nations. “a reality of weapons/ rather than race:  the cost of pride, greed, selfishness, and power! A REALITY OF:  “WE” can recognize you are NOT “one of us”; so getting rid of you, is easy. and all the immigrants shouted:  “its not my fault; I DIDN’T DO A DAMN THING”; as was the demand: EVERYTHING I WANT IS FREE! TO HELL with them.  A greater tragedy to life, than was the holocaust; proving small facial details are not enough to stop genocide either; it just slows them down: as EVERY group around this earth; has proven true historically. “because they could; they had BETTER weapons”!  REVEALING THE TRUTH:  world law, your only chance for survival as life on earth:  REQUIRES, the removal of all weapons of mass destruction; with international policing.  Constructing the decision:  “let women try; by being truly EQUAL to men”. Thereby proving whosoever uses the law, and defines their vote for the purpose of justice:  WILL THEN GOVERN.
    5. hitler came to power; because the people wanted MORE than reality would allow them to get. So, they were willing to believe and obey “put on your mask”/ as is the current insurrection against life. People can live together as all different groups: UNTIL reality proves this is not going away, AND WE WANT MORE. Reality then turns to men: and they war to take what they want, “because its me or you/ mine or yours”; and I want to win. The second amendment exists, to turn them back! But reality knows: So laws are broken, lies are accepted, stealing is allowed/ governments are corrupted:  to assemble LAWS suited to what we want/ and realities of life are invaded to prove: YES WE CAN!   The insurgents are: “university is god”/ take a look to see who they are. Take a look and investigate:  “with the power to create disease, and propagate terrors through media delusions:  we will defeat you with money (you have nothing left), hidden inflation (its all a lie, and we now own title), and your fear (what if we are wrong)”.
    6. But hey: you don’t need to worry; “confined in the slaughter house, with rose colored glasses”/ the failure of news, and the blind faith of fools;  you just need to remain quiet until the last chance of your survival is over. Only then, will you realize “that rose color” was in fact created by blood spilled on you. All evidence points to massacre by nuclear fire;  so why be concerned; “it won’t last long; not, as human anyway”. Just the radiation alone, could kill you first.   and all the world screams:  WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ as all of religion hides in its hole and shouts, “WE DON’T have to do nothing/ let  GOD  do it”.   But reality knows:  this ain’t no game, and the cost of doing nothing is extinction. the reality of what you want:  is resting in your garbage mountains. The cost of releasing heat is: a dying world: etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera. And the cost of survival, is CHANGE, acknowledge and identify your threats;  OR DIE.
    7. .Reality suggests:   Because of the extremely late, and catastrophic failures:   I will “BE THE PLAINTIFF IN:  a legal redress trial:  TO DEMAND OUR DEMOCRACY, AND OUR WORLD BACK”!  from the invaders called “university”.  YOU CAN find me, if you wish, we work together!  I WILL NOT, simply fight for you: you will fight for you. YOU WILL PARTICIPATE, LEGALLY; AND DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO!  in order to:  RISE UP AND FIGHT FOR YOUR WORLD, and even this nation as well.
  8. EVERY INSURGENT ARMY: seeks to remove all organizations, so the people cannot become their own army to resist. Dissolving friendships and faces, so you no longer know who to trust. Dissolving jobs and business and rights; to make you sheep. Every insurgent army: seeks to make the people entirely dependent upon themselves; so that you must beg to survive: to destroy the nation that exists. To take command, and play god!  Every insurgent army seeks control over business and industry: to make the people beg, to control them without mercy; by threatening those citizens with a corrupted court, that WILL seek to destroy them financially. Thereby gaining acceptance over the people themselves;  through domination of resource. Every insurgent army: sends out their propaganda teams (media), to insure the people MUST FEAR. Every insurgent army: creates a fear; so they control your mind, demands BELIEVE THAT FEAR; OR WE WILL NOT “GIVE YOU WELFARE”/ after destroying your own society, with treason; and thereby turning citizens into traitors; because they fear, so they will do whatever they are told/ and believe whatever the cult of true failure, demands. Every army seeks to destroy any other weapon: and they have moved against you by turning bullets into; “bad guns”. WAKE UP, the worm of university has grown into a snake; who intends to eat you; living or not. A reality of corruption so extreme exists:  this nation can die!
  9. THE LEGAL ARGUMENT FOR COURT; IS APPLIED under those conceptions, as a valid and true alteration of our society, our economy, our ways of life and living;  the constitutional laws defeated/ by those who claim, a knowledge and a right superior to our own/ discarding democracy, to make a new nation, by their own design. THEREFORE investigation into those claiming pandemic, without true evidence of severity established: is fundamental. THE LAW OF OUR DEMOCRACY IS:  WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE. THE LAW OF REDRESS IS:  OUR EMPLOYEES SHALL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE TO:  WE, THE OWNERS!  Then accountability, turns to the realities of threat in all considerations that are “a violation of our trust”; as a nation or world.

and the people say: NOTHING HAS CHANGED/America is great; the university protects us all; media is our savior!     and of course;  THIS WORLD IS EXACTLY, AS IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN! But alas, supposedly: world population 1927= 2 billion people. World population1974= 4 billion (47 years) people. World population 2020= 7.8 billion people:    next year double    (46 years).   IF, you believe;     but reality states 3% is equal to 3 more babies being born in a year than deaths: per one hundred people. A reality more in tune with life; in fact evidence of “a thousand threats; all pointing to extinction”.    than this    WHAT, ARE YOU, going to eat; because that takes space, and food; just like you.   WITHOUT   fertilizers at its current rate: your genetic alteration of crops will fail entirely. No excess: you will starve.   You will war. The seas will starve, because you are killing all base life forms the rest must eat. Insects which make up a base food source, and pollinate nearly everything; for much of plant & land creatures; are becoming extinct. The entire living structure, of one life living because of another life that will be eaten: is being destroyed. But hey, don’t worry: the trillions of tons of poison dumped on, in, and around the water supplies can’t do any harm “says university”. Warming the planet (dying from the heat, must move), changing rain patterns, mutilating nature, destroying habitat, trying to ignite “atoms on fire; in a world filled with atoms for fuel”. HELL, what could possibly go wrong;  after all you got trophies, toys, trinkets, and endless inflated counterfeit money. Don’t worry, your garbage is the new “gold mine”; so go dig. Oh wait: media, university, politicians; are your savior “just go eat them”/ right? We live because of complex chemicals/ we get most of those complex chemicals from the foods we eat; different life/ different chemicals, which affect all other things, even in very tiny amounts. Like poison: a very small injection of the wrong chemical; and entire bodies of life fall down. Kind of like a peanut allergy (threatens); or “just one tiny change”; can cause diabetes; or venom; or no water to drink. And a billion more; because life is not as simple “as you, or your university”. Not so simple as men: whose answer is, “we will war, & take theirs; by adding chaos and destruction; so they can’t take ours”. When the world itself, is what is dying now; from all this humanity. CHANGE or die. NO: YOUR GUN or violence won’t save you/ it only kills your chance to survive.  Grow up; let truth decide!  INVESTIGATE AND LEARN WHAT IS TRUE.There is:   no greater failure, no more tragic fool;  than those who bring us to the edge of our own extinction!  How is that not true?if it was not so:   EVERYTHING, would be different/ as choices would be for life, not greed. 

SELF is, the human body of time; as you see fit to use it, abuse it, or defile the rest of what lives. TRUTH IS: the identity created by you, for the purposes of living. LOVE IS: what you have created minus what you have destroyed from the value given to you as life. ETERNITY seeks only value.

The primary difference between us: “you search for your own: I”/ as the essence of life itself. Whereas, I search for the creation of life, identified by this earth as “we”. Your assertion is: “I want, nothing else matters; but to be rich”! My assertion is: “this world shapes our destiny, we must protect it, we must respect; I must seek life itself, as a participant in the eternal essence of that Creation; to be truly ALIVE”. Do you see the difference: it is time, here and now/ versus life, the question of love and eternity? My elemental essence shapes; “without love, eternity does not matter”. Your elemental essence is: without time, life does not exist. So, the critical truth of who we are: depends upon what we accept, is truth.

Values shape heart: much like clear glass allows you to see beyond the limits that energy will deny. Therefore heart lives in its own seclusion, so that time cannot interfere, in the values of your truth. What you value however does change truth, if it changes you. The soul is shaped “by energy”; and is not contested: it is, what you design it to be; as the destiny of your own desire. Even so, by your own Creation of “life desired” inside of you: that design occurs. The quest for eternity is different, the challenge simplified into: only truth can survive this. Therefore what you choose as your truth, must be correct; rather than simply religious. To be proven correct, your values must be real, and conceived by a passion created by purity in your purpose. Nothing less will survive.

We examine truth, to identify: what reality can be. We examine thought to determine, the passage laws will provide. We examine value to achieve desire, as the clear conceptions of where truth shall grow, and become trust. We examine trust to prove, the treasury we seek is real. We examine destiny to become inhabitants of our hope. We examine hope as the measured embrace of what life could be. Therefrom the existence of the living, the essence of energy created to achieve life, is assembled. Thereby, realities of discipline (I accept these rules of my behavior are needed)/ the consequence of order (as reality shapes my environment, I will respond within the law)/ and balance (the creation of heart, gives substance to the identity of my soul): become evident by my own truth. Love is Creation in me, a value without measure. The search beyond what is more, shaping the discovery of eternity.

In the elemental rise of humanity, the most critical foundation is: from the darkness, we find a light beyond ourselves. Or, more distinctly: to know life, is not filled with expressions of joy, until we know the light. We then ask: “what is light”?

The ascent is to gain knowledge by the experiences and expressions of truth according to love; as we seek the understanding that is driven by the relationship of male to female/ female to male. Value, is the ascension of life, into a world that is sufficiently desired, to sustain an eternity.

Love is the desire unbound, which makes us truly joyful, that we are indeed ALIVE.

Freedom is the quest for wisdom, to achieve the balance between “risk and reward”/ as is available in the expressions and experiences of energy controlled by life. Outside of these “controlled by life energies”; is the world of hurt and pain/ death by extreme definitions. Therefore the law of life and energies, must be obeyed; or you fail life, and fall into death. It is within your grasp to learn.

Life is a force that lives in the framework of energies which supply the foundation of gender existence; more is unnecessary. In these more complex conceptions: the difference between time and eternity is recognized. Therefore your struggle to survive begins.

While eyes are a portal, it is thought that translates the dimension of time. Dimensions exist: because we “see, hear, feel, touch, smell, talk, or taste”: and then love, or hate them. Our body exists as a dimensional object that we inhabit, with sensory expression, definable choices, and chemical experiences (which include pain or pleasures). We then construct the conception; that light is the basis in our grasp of dimension; because without it, our ability to recognize what does exist; fails to understand the experiences of what are the evidences, in truth, that do exist.

We then ask: what is darkness, as that too surrounds us all, without light. The critical passage is: we cannot know, but may only “think”. The question is then: who will/ or who will not, enter and pass through that passage into what resides, beyond the darkness? It is, by definition, a dimension assigned only by thought. Hate cannot come/ chaos will overwhelm you. Therefore YOUR truth is found first.

Thought begins the journey, as time ends, and true darkness is revealed. The quest for life itself, is surrounded by what we do not know; but must attempt to understand. The foundational rise into thought is truth. Which makes truth the ladder into “the light, that grants knowledge shall be earned”. We then ascend by accepting truth shall decide, rather than “I”. As the pinpoints of value are erected by knowledge, it is law that aligns them into structure; from which an understanding can arise. Therefore it is the law that governs eternity, which builds the journey into life beyond time. No, it is not simply granted/ you must earn it. To earn value: you must accept the journey into value as you desire that destiny to be. If you fail to choose correctly, the law governing your journey will fail/ and you will be stopped: unless you find truth to begin again. That is the fundamental construction of the spiritual world. What does reside beyond time; as your beginning after death. Mercy grants love will participate at various levels/ but eternity does not. You must achieve the dimensional state of law, to be offered the value called eternity. Anything less shall end, “at some point of defined experience”.

We then ask: what is the value of love, the essence of life, the creation of existence; that I may know: this journey is worth the price? Love itself answers that question with its own truth: as happiness lives here. The foundation of life is freedom, and thereby the choice is yours to make that journey or not; it is not required. The value of existence is formed in expressions and experiences we do cherish, even within our time as life on earth. Beyond the darkness; is where this CREATION OF A WORLD, WAS FORMED. Therefore it is consistent with truth, that all this world has proven to be in the miracles which form it (not the men who destroy it); are only a sample to prove the potential, of what could be found.

Humanity asks: HOW can I know, life can be eternal? But that is the wrong question, for eternity is no gain, unless joined by the values of life, as is identified in the constructions of love. Therefore the real question is: how can I find the truth of love, in a world that is being destroyed by men/ with women not far behind? Here, the decision is: “our search is for the few, who have not fallen down/ but rise as love shares this world, with you”. By your own contribution of trust, we turn caring for each other into “our world”/ rather than this world. In that search we form our truth, and share that with eternity. Two (male and female) are better than one; a heartbeat shared is a value earned.

At some point, this begins a book to be written. IN CONTRAST; to the fantasies and imagination of “university gods”; the curse of arrogance, the vile descent of complete disrespect for life, truth, reality, planet, and all things not beyond their reach. The realities of life are proven complex and governed by truth; a value established by love, is only the beginning. Do you see the difference? The contrast is: Arrogance sorts you for death (you have nothing) or enslavement (you have fear)/ while university disrespect is fighting to make you extinct (you have no choice): just to prove they can. Because being gods is worthless (you are useless), unless they prove power (we cannot be stopped). The only real power they can attain is destruction (nothing has value): the end of life, as is the foundation of hate (let the dead shout_). The animal predator seeks, to remain skilled in the hunt, and uses weapons/ the intellectual predator:  plots, plans, and traps “to prove superiority/ and demand I shall NOT be hurt”.

Fear is a death trap, pushing you into situations panic decided for you. The critical truth of life is: only truth survives! Which ultimately means: only truth can decide, unless your choice is to die. Hate pushes life into hate; to create its own “pack of predators”. Survival pushes the prey into a herd, so as to protect themselves from the predator; by acting/ choosing/ looking/ and being the same as all the rest. Thereby you cannot “simply select me”. Belief is the decision to wiggle inside the herd, so as to be even more protected from the predator of all “I want”. But love elevates life, into the miracles of our existence, to search for values beyond time; as if we can choose for ourselves: a life built upon truth. Every miracle is an evidence of what exists beyond this earth/ because every miracle is far more than an accident or simply time pasted by. Truth demands; THOUGHT built this, with energy contained by discipline, order, and balance; through respect for that thought. Therefore our journey into truth, is defined by our search into thought, and its existence that truth has already identified in this Creation. What resides beyond the realm of time is “an energy”; because without energy “we have no substance, to create with”. But as energy conceived within thought; the boundaries and limits of what law will allow, as understood by wisdom: life becomes our own. The question is: WHAT is life worth? The answer is: LIFE ONLY HAS TRUE SUSTAINABLE VALUE, WHEN LOVE LIVES WITHIN IT. Therefore this planet, and all its Creation: is designed to find those capable of true love, which can survive beyond time. It is your CHOICE.

The difference: between human and animal is, “I recognize”, that I am neither predator(to induce fear) or prey (to hide/ run away/ or believe; this makes me safe); but stand apart as the value of love itself. In the ascent beyond time, this distinction separates those who can find truth, from those who cannot. To share (I must participate) the duty of life, to this world. To contribute to the respect that must be shared by this world. To care ( I must provide, according to what I can honestly do) for Creation as if it were self, a value beyond measure; are all true indications of “who are you”.

The human predator “lives, to take all he or she can get”/ the human prey lives, “to want, whatever he or she wants”/ the human intellectual stands in the middle of these and says, “I can plot, plan, steal, tempt, manipulate, etc: to get what I want to take for me”. With variations for mob (banding together we can fight back)/ criminal (who cares about them)/ tragedy (nothing matters but me)/ sex (chemicals, are what I live for); and so on.  In contrast, being alive as a human existence on earth:  is a search within the boundaries of heart/ to achieve the journey into, our own limits as soul. Which then accepts the honor and respect of trust; as we venture inside the destinies, and potential of thought, to achieve what exists:  beyond ourselves as time. The distance of life, becomes our cradle of our own truth: as each decision provides the way, the path, the passion of purpose, and the relationships of desire; our own values will accept. Love, is a destiny shaped by our own dimension of heart, but is conceived by the truth of soul. Trust is the journey within that truth, which makes truth, and what you accept as truth:  the life you will live in time.  

The story of it goes like this: I once knew a man, “who heard from the news” that a woman’s high heel shoe, produced a greater PSI pressure, than did an elephant. He took that news, and had an entire list of what should be done with that information. Until I reminded him: “what would you rather carry, a one hundred pound woman/ OR an elephant”? In the same way: what has had value from a university, has not been separated from what has been or will become a complete disaster because of universities. Because when you look at just one little thing (as is the realm of a university professor) you fail life itself. Because the bigger picture changes the reality of what you can believe.

The story of America has become: “the devil child” of media does its best to influence, inject, infiltrate, infect, manipulate, tempt, and in all ways betray “we the people” as their own cult worship of the intestinal worm that is University “satan”; does its best: to create war/ chaos/ destruction/ and death on earth, by deceit, delusion, failure, and fools. The evidence of that is a constant flood of “pandemic: FEAR, DAMN YOU FEAR/ BELIEVE DAMN YOU BELIEVE/ AND OBEY OR BE DISCARDED IN THE TRASH”; with the only benefit of their insistence is the destruction of America itself; the bankruptcy of the middle class; the insurgency of endless counterfeit money; the tragedy of failure as is endless threats of extinction that are proven real; the curse that is trying to incite one group against another for the purpose of war (so you cannot think/ and must react). The mutilation of life itself. Poisoning of earth itself. Extinction of all species, to establish barren and the stark truth: your killed yourselves. More; without the slightest degree of value, in terms of truth to honor the fact of miracles populate this earth; respect for that is mandatory to our survival. You have failed life and planet; as we the people; because you are cult worshipers of the delusion: “university is savior/ university is god/ media is our friend/ we can have anything we want/ and there are no consequences for pride; thereby surrendering the power “to even steal your face (where a mask, you PLAGUE [WE FEAR] you)”; to the universities satan (we are BELIEVERS_). TO YOUR SHAME, THIS WORLD WILL END SOON; BECAUSE YOU WORSHIPED THE WRONG “god”. Giving away life itself, to the claim: “yes we can”; even though, that means the end of this world. You then die: as destroyers of Creation itself; so says the evidence. Your only contribution: “I WANT MORE, for me: TO HELL WITH YOU”.

The largest of these soon in operation [trillion dollars spent] ALL THE WORK OF MY LAST FORTY YEARS: COMES DOWN TO THIS ONE DECISION OF YOURS/ will you demand, NOBODY has the legal right to risk life or death of our entire world, on their “expertise”.    “CLICK HERE”.   WE MUST, DEMAND A TRIAL; AND OUR OWN VOTE TO DECIDE: IF YOU ARE WILLING TO ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCE OF BEING WRONG!  on a much lesser scale, some conclusions are valid.   DEMAND A TRIAL, AND INVESTIGATE THE TRUE COST OF BEING WRONG; FOR THIS EARTH. NO THEORIES/ JUST PLAIN PROVABLE TRUTH.A radiation release “just like the sun”; equal to putting you into a microwave oven “with 10 million times more” [you, explode instantly]. Don’t like it/ you want what you want: get out of my life?   Too bad: truth decides/ not you.  TRUTH CONFIRMS:A BURNED/ DEAD WORLD COMING;  courtesy your university gods. Yes, this does constitute a reality so extreme: 40+ years of work, is a duty!  YOUR contribution: ridicule/ but our reality:  only once, and truth decides.   LIFE FORWARD IS: we end politics/ and replace it with law; adding investigators instead of politicians to ensure our laws as a society or world have been kept. Politics are simply the use of power, pride, and want; to corrupt laws of society, in their own favor. The end of the politician, is the end of military weapons of mass destruction and large armies; as these can easily be replaced by world law; and the enforcement of that law on our leaders/ the intervention of a world, if any nation goes beyond its boundaries. “you did it/ you fix it” becomes mandatory. The cost of human failure is want; as want produces temptation, manipulations, control, lies, and is the foundation of nearly all human strife. Therefore our primary step forward is to remove want; and that is fundamentally done, by implementing “limited capitalism” (we vote on maximum and minimum income and property holding); thereby limiting the power, and pride of every individual; so that we all have our chance, as best we can. The universities stand apart: as the single biggest disgrace in human history/ the foundation of destroying life and planet with extinction for all. They must be stopped. Media is the second biggest disgrace and disease of human history: as these control human decision with propaganda, leading to all forms of failure, which does include marketing; the disease of legalized lies. TRUTH MUST DECIDE or the future fails; as it is today/ only quickly now you will fall off a cliff, and be lost: if you don’t turn back now. Evolution is strictly for fools: but it extends from university so how could it be otherwise. You must choose for life and planet first/ no more want leads the way; etcetera. Simple and plain as that. Because there must be peace, stability, security, freedom, and happiness or you die. The judiciary must be judged on a daily basis, and removed from office at any notice of failure to achieve justice and fair play. Schooling shall be dedicated to life needs, values, and truth come first. Healthcare shall be changed in numerous ways; which does include NO MORE saying the children will pay your debts. You will feed the ocean with dead human bodies; or it will die. You will stop poisoning and destroying your water supplies. You will stop “a long list of things” because it cannot be sustained; which includes planet warming and more.

We share moments, but we live our truth. We share a world, but we deliver only the happiness we chose to create with each other; as life created by care. Without respect no relationship exists. Without trust, love does not matter. Without hope, there is no tomorrow; because living ceases to be important. The cost of today/ extinction tomorrow is: overpopulation of humanity changed our relationship with this earth and each other.  failure to change has resulted in mass extinction/ habitat destruction across the planet/ endless pollution and resource destruction/ horrifying loss in chains of life which keep us alive/ planet warming/ playing god with the most extreme complex existence ever created (human)/ even trying to ignite a nuclear “burns atoms” fire on earth. Your have no courage/ YOU worship universities as god/ you failed your child, life, and planet/ you chose the destruction of every drinking water source/ you allowed weapons of mass destruction/ you indoctrinated children with lies, and stole their future because greed and selfishness is all that truly mattered; “until you face your own death”. To your shame/ this living planet ends, because of you. YOU, just didn’t care enough! Simple as that, about life or world or eternity. there really isn’t anything left to do; as life or death of this world:  comes down to your decision will decide. CHANGE OR DIE. Which means stand up for this world, and protect all its life from university chaos, and gambling with life and planet (they are not gods). Error only on the side of life and planet, because wrong is the end of time on earth. Sign your name; to say, “I TOO AM here to demand: we MUST know the price of being wrong/ what our truth is”!  Work only within the law, and enforce both truth and justice shall rule within democracy. It is not, too little, or too much; to ask! NO second chances, genetic mutilation means chaos (university zealots want that): stop them/ igniting atoms on fire: “IS the same fire as on the sun”. IGNITION HAPPENS ONLY ONCE; their experts claim, “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire/ so it will extinguish itself”:  WRONG IS YOU, AND THE PLANET ITSELF:  BURN!  I say, the fire produces the solar gravity, which means just like the sun; “this planet, will become a sun.

Discipline shapes us, by understanding and accepting the importance of life, body, realities which give us life. Balance takes these values to assist in our decision; not to be led by less than our true desire for love. Order applies what we have chosen to the steps we will take in our purpose for living, the ascent that finds eternity; because the miracles of life and planet surrounding us will not be denied. Sharing levels the acceptance of life itself, to a value known only because of those who live with us, as our true treasure in existence; as is the essence of love itself. Sexuality recognizes the difference between male and female, to understand: “what I lack, you can provide, with value/ same is true for both”. But only, when love is the truth of our desire, and the passion of our hope to be held together, in the search for one life earned by both. Value lifts us, beyond time; when we are more than simply animals, as the universities want you to be: “herded, slaughtered, or enslaved”. To be human ALIVE, is a search that cannot follow, but each must choose your own destiny; because anything less is not the purity of freedom, that we must attain to live as love. The value of an eternity, holds no sustainable resource; unless there is truth in your love. Therefore your love must achieve an honesty, that will not be denied. A decision, that is yours alone; because you must live it to remain, held in the shared destiny of life itself, as a reality born into the essence of thought. Thought is life, because without thought, life cannot conceive of existence, movement, or love. Therefore it is the basis and foundation of all existence, as it moves inside the laws which govern us all, to create what truth alone can reveal. Your truth as a world today is: “a horrifying soup of fools, awash in sewage; as does the universities provide”. Soon you will drown, ending life on earth. FIND YOUR HEART, SHARE YOUR SOUL, LIFE YOUR VOICE, FIGHT FOR YOUR WORLD, IDENTIFY WITH DISCIPLINE THE LAW (NO, you shall not gamble or experiment or risk life or planet or eternity for the rest) WHICH WILL THEN KEEP THIS EARTH ALIVE. FIND YOUR BRAIN, it has been stolen.I remind you: That by Biblical Daniel 12 prophecy, end of the world countdown; stops on April 5, 2021. the great abomination is: trying to ignite sun fire here on earth/ with numerous machines trying: that can happen at any time or day. Ending all hope for this world. Igniting    ATOMS ON FIRE;   means no going back/ no second chances/ no mercy; you chose, as the last fifty years will prove true. While we are currently constructed as within the second prophecy of Revelation 12+;  reality states, UNLESS you are producing some evidence of value and respect for this life and world/ that fact could be ignored. Simple as that; if you refuse to care! YOU WOULD, be well advised to download this site:  “copy and paste (won’t provide anything in the media library)” or other (such as print); this site/ its message change or die:  so that it is not lost to you. Fight for it, if it is! Their covid vaccine, has removed nature to assert: men can, and will play god with life. Your complete failure to stop them, by respecting nature and world; is evidence you refuse to care/ you refuse to investigate/ you refuse to confront university; because you worship them (cult) more than life; to your shame. Your claim is fear/ no risk for me: but your reality is entirely opposite of that; as truth of the destruction of both nature and world; will prove.    The new method of genetics is: JUST, INJECT ANYTHING INTO “THE CODE OF NATURE”/ and we will wait to see what happens:  cause its quicker that way, to chaos. NO order/ NO discipline/ NO balance: NO PURPOSE other than to play god.  Because the religious university zealot believes in evolution “CHAOS builds  life”.   and the failures or fools of humanity: shouts, “they are gods/ let them do anything”; to your eternal shame. As nature cries, and the planet weeps: because your brain is dead. Discarding sanity, as is truth decides;  for outright worship as a cult, whose sewer has opened, and the vomit of man in charge, spews out. NATURE gives you everything the planet itself does not; even opening the door to life/ men and their universities say, “we can do better”; without even a clue, as evolution does prove. Even a fool knows better (nothing alive is by accident or chaos)/ but not you. SELFISH beyond description: as reality does prove, “kill an entire world” if it might save you personally;  “a day before death”. Literally nothing is more vile, above the level of SATAN. the word means: “the devils (we won’t care)/ have grouped together”; to despise life, with absolute arrogance, born in deceit. Hate is born, in the chaos of fear: they want you begging; as is power, pride, and violence all rolled into one united descent. Life is born, in the Creation of love; as the blessing thought will provide, to all who seek the truth of being ALIVE.  Not gods/ not saviors/ not earned rights/ not necessary to life itself:  instead GRANTED the invitation to be born again in eternity, by the truth of our love, shaping destiny we will choose, in freedom;   as thought, trust, respect, and reality will allow. To reshape our eternal world, as I am ALIVE in me/ in GOD ; let joy be my answer. The destiny of hope, shall be my way. You discard miracles to accept the filth of university evolution/ the curse of all they have done. to your shame. As identified by the dance of the living skeletons (zombie half time super bowl show above): the cult worshiper has been consumed, and can only exist now as a traitor to life itself.  And all the cowards say, “let someone else stand up for life; I WON’T CARE/   YOU, can’t make me”. NOT, in my lifetime!  Human is:  I KNOW, this world is filled with miracles, not man-made; simple as that!  University cult is: I believe what I have been told, this world is simply animals who want, who fear or be feared, and there is nothing else but, “the world is me”. Animals turn into beasts, when they discard: law, respect, reality, truth, hope, and love/ choosing instead a freedom that will fail life itself; as is arrogance. “the list of this is long, for your university Satan’s (we are gods)”.  The choice is simple: LIFE, or death; no second chances. The animal sees life and death as predator and prey, or the end of everything. The University satan believes they are god, and they want to prove that more than life; because otherwise they are wrong.  The human that is alive; searches among the miracles to conceive of all that is possible, even in death; “by the GOD  who did create us all” (JESUS being the guarantor, that we are not simply forgotten on a world abandoned). That is not a description of what men and women do or have changed; but the abundance of everything as Nature proved it could and would do for life itself.  It is not my job to convince you of that:  it is only my job to insure you had the opportunity to change and keep this earth alive. YOUR CHOICE. this table shows a  .98 percent (less than one new child, per one hundred citizens) population rise. OR MORE DISTINCTLY:  “world population clock: states at this moment: human population increase is one child born per every 7,498 people: divide population/ by population increase, or just think for yourselves! literally you cannot trust ANYTHING, university run government; provides. A vaccine created, distributed, and released GAINING TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS, POWER, PRIDE, for the very few: WHO SET THE DAMN PRICE. Proving their freedom to rape, ransack, and ruin all of nature: the curse of: to those who created this pandemic ! Reality proves: that is not a pandemic by death count. [did the expert not instantly start shouting pandemic (begin searching wherever the word “pandemic” appears first); TO CLAIM THE MONEY, POWER, AND PRIDE! By using: a disease that could have been carried or mailed from anywhere? Did not media, make BILLIONS, by spreading fear?] Now wasn’t it great, “they were so prepared: to make trillions, because media, “your trusted ally: DELIBERATELY made you afraid“, without the slightest reference to real evidence; “only the expert (which is one or two people called university elite; who hold all the power to decide)”? Use your brain! And ask: WHO decided, “how much it was worth?” EVERY organized swindle, uses fear(or you won’t pay); every intellectual fraud, uses your own assumption of knowledge, “to make you believe”. like “salting a gold mine”; there has to be a little reality, spread around; and then pushed throughout society with the shill (media commanding  BELIEVE). BUT in order to take control over a nation, making them obey, without a weapon;  there has to be a bribe so outrageous, people let their nation be destroyed. Over the last 6 years: the currency hidden inflation rate, has added $4.14 million dollars per each and every, of one hundred million citizens. YOUR promise to pay “THEM”.  So says the congressional budget office. By asset accrual. WITHOUT the curse of mass media:  there is only a small variant to the flu called covet; and only the very old were afflicted.  But to swindle a nation; media also has to cover up: “hiding counterfeiting US currency/ by claims of asset accrual. The reality: that means, billionaire or a dollar: “its counterfeit”: so, we got the same: stolen is stolen.  SO: Take away their UNIVERSITY IN CHARGE; “fairy tale ride”/ ESTABLISHED, BY controlling our currency. which gave power thereby, to control EVERYTHING ELSE TOO: and take back whatever is left! ASK YOURSELF: WHERE is the money (165 billion this year; $1,650.00 per each of one hundred million workers; your paycheck; just here) coming from (who decided), and look closely for USA (counterfeit averaged $690,000 of inflation per year per each of one hundred million workers; over the last six years.  Must be laundered; and that is only a small percentage of the money dump, in this demand to inflate currency numbers) contributions; which gain us nothing. a quadrillion+ dollars in international derivatives (US not alone). [and the “devil” says how did it hurt; we got what we wanted; so who cares! But reality answers; as with all counterfeiting: you stole from the future/ to assassinate every child, by destroying their resources, their world, their reality and more].  The world, just like America; then shouts:  I DON’T WANT TO PAY/ I REFUSE/ I CAN’T/ I WON’T; IT AIN’T MY FAULT, I didn’t know, therefore you can’t make me pay;  BECAUSE I refused to learn. While reality shouts back: EITHER PAY, OR THIS WORLD, BECOMES EXTINCT. The door to HELL opens!

The monster of university arrogance and delusion; has a death grip on your throat, and is clawing, ripping, and tearing at your heart, lungs, hopes, and life. To monopolize your brain, your living, your child, your future, your nation, your work, your everything; as the worst of the worst historically do. Listen for impeachment, and remember these people can be impeached or tried for treason as well. Identify the fact: that evolution is a religion, not a fact of any substance; and remember they are indoctrinating your child, and your nation: in their religion. “still a fool? if your heart quits/ you die/ if your pancreas quits/ you die/ liver, kidney, blood, etc; YOU DIE. Which means you can’t build a life one piece at a time, “with evolutionary magic”; shithead, wake up! And the universities zealot screams: “we are gods”/ and we will prove it, by destroying nature; so evolutionary chaos, will build us a whole new world. BY    CONTROLLING SUN FIRE   we are gods. By causing civil war; you will be too busy, to stop us.  All AND EVERY monopoly of life and nation by university delusion and intent:  is illegal. Every threat, gamble, risk against nature, child, and earth is terrorism and betrayal: they are “the enemy”.  EVERYTHING possible, to insure this America falls into bankruptcy, and THEN CIVIL WAR; is being done; by those who hate you. TREASON IN HIGH PLACES is real.  Everything possible to destroy long term property ownership/ business ownership/ stability of life and nation; is being done. Giving away the nation, the work of generations: IS intentional, BETRAYAL. Enslaving the population with “university debts”; builds a cult, because 75% do not get a job in their field: and nobody escapes university debt (which proves who really, is in control of this nation). OBEY or be enslaved; because you can’t escape with bankruptcy, or other: the university owns your soul/ and people bow down to march, believe, and mimic whatever they are told. Ending propaganda by controlling the insurgent army called media: begins with demanding evidence not belief. Ending university (consequences), by confronting the expert with reality; constructs a new order. With this: Democracy allows LEGAL, first amendment REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, by our own decision: NOT theirs. Demand an accounting, and take their power away to threaten; as extends to this.  Just one of the machines for igniting nuclear fire:  WRONG makes everything else dead.  THEY ARE, without question, absolutely WRONG!  CAN’T be that stupid; so, the experts are:  world terrorists!

Those who accept that vaccine: accept the conclusion that nature itself, is less valuable than the universities who now play god with life; and commit fraud to achieve extortion. Which means:  “men, as well as organized crime; instead of GOD” for your living. A reality that is filled with the likelihood of consequences beyond imagination. While university genetic methods are “an excellent method for creating disease; extremely easy to create variants (don’t worry another ten trillions dollars or so/ a few more years of tyranny, and no face allowed; “it will be great/ right”). The consequent biological disasters, after all who cares right/ university is god right: after all, WHY should anyone not    focus on life,    nor protect nature itself;  don’t worry; they just want power. One of;  the new attacks is: by changing the bullets; they add what effectively becomes sandpaper; and shooting those bullets (all you can get) then becomes a method to ruin and destroy your gun barrel. More simply; your assumed enemies have already attacked your supply lines, and have created “traps” for you to die in. Your enemy is the “university elite”/ the conspirator called media/ and the fool called politics; any other attack is failure. But make no mistake: war ends life on earth/ destroys everything you want and need in this nation/ so it ain’t an answer: DEMOCRACY IS.  GO TO COURT, AND USE REDRESS AS IS THE LAW!  NO other method will find even the slightest form of happiness or hope. The only use for a gun: is to enforce constitutional law, as is the clear and present demand: WE WILL HAVE REDRESS TRIAL, TO DETERMINE THE STATE, HEALTH, AND SANITY OF OUR NATION, OR STATE;  by examining the evidence to determine for ourselves what is, or is not true. A GUN, is then merely the symbol applied: “we are an army too/ therefore OBEY OUR CONSTITUTIONAL LAW,  and do your duty to protect this democracy. YOU WILL explain that to the military and the police: whose sworn duty it is to protect this democracy/ and whose duty it is to protect and defend the law of this constitutional nation: ASKING THEM TO JOIN YOU! You will show them, AND THE COURTS:  the first amendment; and prove it is so. NO EXCUSE, or claim to dismiss;  ACCEPTED!  WE THE PEOPLE, ARE THE INHERITORS OF THAT CONSTITUTIONAL CONTRACT; WE OWN IT/ WE UNITE THROUGH IT/ IT IS OUR GOVERNMENT; and by original jurisdiction of that authority to declare this a democracy:  only our interpretation matters. Certainly NOT, “an employee”! Therefore as a people united: You will march on the courts, city hall, media: to prove you are enough: to force democracy on them! To force/ our nation: THEIR OATH is enough; to demand trial. That is your right, let all things be LEGAL: BUT NOT, delayed beyond; reality accepts! NONE are to die, as that would be an excuse to discard the law: prove instead WE ARE, the literal owners of this democracy, and it is OUR LAW AS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA; that we do enforce as true, literal, and with the power democracy intends for the people themselves.

“An intellectual does not attack like an army/ they attack like a snake”; remember that or lose. They attack the white man primarily; to build their army, by bribing the rest: FOLLOW US! 414 trillion dollars of inflation in the past 6 years! They attack the money, and have destroyed it:  so they can claim all the power, as is “what are you going to do now/we STOLE” YOUR LIFE/ YOUR NATION/ YOUR FUTURE/ AND YOUR HOPE. The fool says: we will kill you too/ because the intellectual says; NOT before we stole your weapon and made you our slave.  REALITY however knows: WITHOUT the ability to control and counterfeit american currency, or create debts by promising we will pay:  THE INTELLECTUAL IS DEAD/ and his or her world is DESTROYED. because they have no ability to survive, beyond STEALING/ CHEATING/ LYING/ FRAUD/ EXTORTION/ CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION/ TERRORISM/ BETRAYAL/ DELUSION/ AND EVERY OTHER FORM OF CHAOS;  as is the foundation of “their god; university as religion; called evolution”. TAKE BACK this nation: TAKE THEM TO COURT/ and claim the money back/ take away their power to decide anything; by asserting we the people are the owners here! ALIGN WITH LIFE, AND CHOOSE “LIMITED CAPITALISM”; SO AS TO REMOVE THEIR FUTURE ATTACKS FOR POWER, or pride. Identify LIFE OR DEATH FOR OUR WORLD;  because their fantasies are literally trying to kill us all. TEAR APART THEIR DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR, “with our money”/ and enforce WE THE PEOPLE RULE HERE; by public trial called redress, WHERE WE JUDGE, those who claim to rule us/ BY THEIR OATH OF OFFICE.  YOU CANNOT argue, with someone protecting you from a pandemic, now can you/ particularly when the propaganda is so thorough it goes in every house every night. BUT REALITY PROVES; it was never a pandemic: therefore like a doctor who cures you from a disease (pandemic is more) you never had/ that disease only exists, to keep you quiet, under control; while the rebellion finishes removing all power from the citizenry; by taking control of government to remove democracy, to play god with our lives.  WAKE UP! EVERY form of taxation/ courtroom/ politics/ media and marketing/ banking; and more: IS AN INTENTIONAL RAT MAZE;  whose only true purpose is to keep you busy looking for a way out/ INSTEAD of looking up, to recognize who your jailer/ your enslaver;  really is. And if a few more trillion is not enough; or you get out of line:  they can easily put a variant in any other disease; ship it anywhere in the world they wish: and make you “terrorized on any day they want”. After all, isn’t that what the new machines and methods of genetics for? How great is that, right? Of course its NOT: a “brave new world, for you”:  but hey just being cowards; letting whores (only money and power matter) shitting on our heads, take control over life and world;  IS just great, right”.  don’t you worry, if someone wants to fight back:  there is an endless line of spying available to find you/ face recognition to identify you/ and a mob already prepared to believe ” you are the enemy”; and attack you with remote weapons! Or, if in a vehicle with internet access, and in particular “electric steering”; they can literally take control, accelerate you to 100mph, and drive you into the wall, ocean, or whatever. Now isn’t that fun; “its all great, when the universities are god; right”. A reality of failure in all categories, I will never accept or choose for myself: but you, “are a cult;  worshiping university is god”/ so, I am excused from it all: not my job anymore.NATURE gave us life, and keeps us alive: those who curse us with mutilation/ are enemies, not friend. Medicine intervenes if it can/ but only because nature allows for it to be so. Remove nature as is being done: and our world is in jeopardy. Their vaccine (nature be damned)is not a vaccine (incorporated with nature acceptance). As is the constant of university: “they focused on one tiny little thing; and said we can change that”. BUT NATURE IS EVERYTHING; and changing one little thing, can cause the entire structure of life to collapse. Because even little things, can have BIG consequences.  People who play “Russian roulette” and live; shout how great and brave they are/ BUT if they continue, THEY DIE. That is the known price of playing the game; just as it is the known price of playing the same game with genetics; for all of life on earth. NO ONE, knows: where the point of no return will be/ but we do all know;  “it exists”. YOUR acceptance of their covid vaccine, without any reliance on the evidence of time to prove any form of trust: is your vote, “GO AHEAD, fire the gun”/ nature be damned/ university is your god.A vile, unwarranted choice at best.

We share moments, but we live our truth. We share a world, but we deliver only the happiness we chose to create with each other; as life created by care. Without respect no relationship exists. Without trust, love does not matter. Without hope, there is no tomorrow; because living ceases to be important. Choose hope, because less will not survive time. Find your heart, and respect again; trust eternity and reside in hope therein ;as best you can. Work for this Creation of life and planet: it is YOUR DUTY! Simple as that, until “it is over/ or repaired”.  ALAS; it will soon be over; as ignition of a nuclear fire, is imminent/ by your refusal to act. Which is why:  the university elite desire to hate you, for letting them do it/ because they know, “nothing about fusion is true/ and everything is a lie regarding their theories:  its just with trillions of dollars at stake/ power and pride beyond description for them”. They simply couldn’t refuse;  “its what they wanted”!  But now, they can’t turn back: without true consequences.  So, they need you to BE AFRAID;  believe in fear, and never question your universities;  “they are gods (no one can stop us now); as death of a world will prove”.  Or, find your brain; if you can; who knows “even games can be won at the last second”; right.

The day of simple wants is over; the reality of choice, by its consequences; has begun. Evolution is the failure of your mind; brainwashed/ a cult. The constant claim of university is: “we know”. The constant claim of media is: “the university knows”. The constant claim of politicians is: “yes we can/ because the university knows”. While the constant judicial demand is: “nobody questions the university”.  The constant response is: “question everything/ EXCEPT, the universities”. Which as is true of all cult worship, is camouflaged talk for; “just believe, and obey”. Their reality, is our reality:  THEIR GAMBLING LIFE OR EXTINCTION, for our entire world;  MEANS DON’T JUST BELIEVE. Don’t just accept their fantasies are true! After all, they were “just your former classmates in school”; not god/ not always correct/ not always fair/ not always, “unselfish, etc”;   at all!Genetics are the same; a simple lie: asserting those who want to play god; understand enough, “to play god” with life. Alas, they only know enough to cause disease, and tragic despair! Their failures, are your future/ their lies; your mutilation and loss of everything called value. As is proven by the simple words:  YOU CANNOT “BUILD A BODY OF LIFE, ONE PIECE AT A TIME”/  everything is required. OR everything lacking; must then be supplied by the female body of life which gives aid and comfort to the process of “child”. A heart without blood fails/ a body without organs fails……….. the list is endless!  Don’t you worry now: I am certain, their new variant will be truly dangerous/ almost certain to create a real pandemic/ and this time, they don’t have anything prearranged to sell; “gee, what could go wrong”? After all, if you find: that you were suckered, and cursed, and bankrupted, and enslaved by their first disease; “they won’t make that mistake again”! The traitors called media will be even more demanding: “fear this/ fear them/ hate anything other than us”; because WE DON’T want to pay, for leading this world into HELL. Even though they do.Because like the university “everything”: they worship shouting “look at me/ listen to me/ DON’T think for yourselves, we are YOUR gods”! YOU, don’t have a brain:  so do, and believe, and fear, and accept everything we say! As all cult worshipers do; evidence be damned/ truth is for fools; right. Who needs a courtroom:  when you have gods/     right?  Alas: the courtrooms are filled with “cult enforcing zealots”/ who are not allowed to think for themselves. Which means: ONLY DEMOCRACY IS LEFT/ and its guarantee of first amendment law. “take them to OPEN public court”/ WHERE WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE! Where perjury (intentional/ knew better; chose)   IS TREASON.  We then ask: WHY, did the people not care, when it was obvious lies were to be found everywhere? With one single voice; they all said: “LEAVE IT ALONE, I am making good money/ and getting what I want; DON’T DO NOTHING”. And the bribes went on: as all counterfeiting by inflation is/ because the people said “I have more numbers now”; and I can buy more things; because the cost of resources was hidden in debts NOBODY intended to pay. As is the constant of the last fifty years or so: THE SCREAM WAS: LET THE CHILDREN PAY; they don’t want to be bankrupt any more than we do. As reality shifted; from extreme political failures; to the Carter intent to pay our debts (the public cry, we don’t like this): was reduced by Reagan to “WE DON’T NEED TO PAY NO DAMN DEBTS”; and the media “loved him”, refusing all reality. While most university diplomas, “got a million dollar bonus”; and all the people said: THAT IS WHERE THE MONEY IS; GO THERE/ GET RICH. Even though all the evidence said: you can’t steal from the future, from every child; without destroying the nation, or even the world itself. Even though; no wealth came from the universities; ONLY DEBTS; because the nation & USSR went bankrupt do to the atomic bomb, the scourge of dysentery that is the power mad leader; and all its consequences. Because every truth has a consequence/ and every debt produces a right to expect something in return. Alas, with fools in charge, the universities screamed: WE ARE gods, and ain’t nobody can make us pay. And society changed, saying: “we want our gods”; and proved a cult, by the reality: “nobody gets to question the university cult”. Because they are hidden behind our own, unproven belief.  Its like the hospital: nobody wants to know, “their doctor ain’t god”. While the future of every child, is assassinated; because you, refuse to care. When we ask WHY: did greed rule so blatantly? THE ANSWER IS:  because with weapons of mass destruction, and insane leadership, nobody was certain the future existed at all. BUT, while that was true; the real reason nobody cared was: “you can’t steal from the children/ and claim it doesn’t matter”. Which means: your duty is to protect their future, by making the decisions they depend upon you to make! And the masses said: HELL NO, WE WANT MORE/ and the universities are going to get it for us;  as counterfeiting, lies, betrayal, & university terrorism did do. But alas; just another form of ravaging “their future”/ for your gain. Another LET THE FUTURE BE DAMNED; “cause I won’t pay in my lifetime”/ our garbage is their “gold mine”; or, let them eat worms.

And the people say: “many of us would not be alive without the universities, and that is all that matters”. While that is true: the consequence of it is, now the entire earth is facing extinction because of human overpopulation and its cost. Or “you get yours/ every child dies”: fair? And the people say, WE WANT computers and media and what we got! But alas, with it loneliness multiplied ten fold, and the world itself is threatened by people who can now create disease, and MORE. A REALITY, that will never be fully extinguished. And the people say: WE ARE doing great; with more food than we eat for most. But alas; to achieve that, every genetic barrier to species extinction is being removed; and the entire food supply is now in jeopardy from a single disease. And the people say: NEVER before have people been so rich. Yet that is covered in endless lies, and the reality is: changing the planet/ gambling this entire earth by igniting a nuclear fire/ and more just means: EXTINCTION IS CERTAIN. All hail the universities as god; right? Its true, they are gods of death and destruction as the evidence is real.

THE ONE CERTAINTY IN LIFE IS:  AS A SWINDLE PROCEEDS (wear a mask, cover up the insurgency, at war against life and nation; with belief: the university is god, question not/ obey)/ OR THE PLAGUE OF   A FAKE PANDEMIC establishes the demand, to initiate and cover up, rebellion. IT BECOMES HARDER TO PROVE; BECAUSE OF THE FACTS. They then find new methods of producing fear, to guide you back into “FEAR, DAMN YOU FEAR”/ rather than producing truth by the evidence.  LIARS demand fear/ believe/ or obey. As a world; YOU cannot believe “the leaders” shouting pandemic; their credibility has failed.  But hey, don’t you worry now; “cause media is your savior right”? After all, who else goes around invading your house 24 hours a day to show you everything vile humanity can come up with/ gorging on hate, “balance be damned”; discarding discipline as if it were poison; trading order for chaos; using sex for a weapon, trophy, or toy.  OR, to simply propagate; NEVER question your universities; they are gods. A gun is the answer/ find an enemy, or be a coward: and all the rest media does to life, nation, and planet to insure YOU NEVER NEED TO CARE, about anything;  because media owns your soul. After all, “you sold it, for a bribe”; right.  Don’t you worry now, media says evolution is coming to save you;  right? Miracles be damned; WHO NEEDS REAL LIFE EVIDENCE:  right/ the universities are god; right? To your shame, is right! DEMAND more than media knows; more than the people who have collected trillions in payments;  along with everything else they want.  As is “the freedom, to mutilate nature” without consequences. With CRISPR, machines, computers, all of it  called genetics; which is at war with life.  Your only solution is GO TO COURT; where anyone deliberately NOT TELLING THE TRUTH; goes to prison for a very long time; or if heinous by intent; death. TRUTH BY THE EVIDENCE:  is Where we the people shall decide for ourselves! By information, we prove to ourselves: is the best we can do; limits fear, disturbs belief, and alters obedience to let truth decide.

BE AWARE: “this pandemic” has been the single most MONEY MAKING EVENT; the history of this world has ever seen! What greater weapon than disease, “a pandemic” FEAR DAMN YOU FEAR/ LET ALL the people panic. Nothing is more blatantly catastrophic in the history of earth; as is “the university”! The sum total of their influence is: WE MADE horrendous weapons/ WE mutilate all of nature/ WE NEVER put anything back for a future to any child/ WE counterfeit EVERYTHING/ GAMBLE WITH THIS ENTIRE WORLD/ WE LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, BETRAY, FAIL, FANTASIZE, TERRORIZE, DESTROY, POISON, MANIPULATE, CONTROL, TEMPT, CAUSE EXTINCTION, LEAD THE DELUSION “ITS AN INFINITE WORLD/ SAVE NOTHING; JUSTICE IS DEAD/ DEMOCRACY IS RUINED/ PROPAGATE HORROR/ INFLICT DISEASES, TO RISK A WORLD/ OVERPOPULATION IS NO PROBLEM”, we will just ignite SUN FIRE here on earth.  ETCETERA, and more.  AS IS LET THE OCEANS BE DEAD/ THE ATMOMOSPHERE RELEASE FROM THIS PLANET/ THE EARTH WARM TO CREATE AN OVEN TO ROAST US/ EVERY CHAIN of LIFE, EVERY PROTECTION OF PLANET/ EVERY LIVING THING EXTINCT;  because the university expert said;  “we don’t need to care”; JUST BELIEVE, cause they’re gods. right? 

Which means, those who prepared it; are likely to release an even more deadly disease to keep the extortion going; after all: YOU, don’t even question!  WAKE UP.  A foundation reality of life is: “you MUST, face your fears”/ and accept that death will come; which opens the door to eternity. That means: if fear is chasing you, it could chase you forever. STOP the fear; reality will prove, “the best you can do, is all you can do”. Accept the price of living; is doing the best you can, with what you have/ and live by the values of your own heart and soul. NOT in fear, but with truth; as love allows. Stand with courage/ it is better than to hide with cowards….even if you die. AT least, you only die once. Own your heart!

We now enter: “life or death of a nation/ and its cost to this world”. THE DEMAND OF DEMOCRACY IS FOR REDRESS TRIAL: “OWNERSHIP, BY WE THE PEOPLE”/ or the completion of the takeover, that is underway, by universities are god now. We KNOW: it is rebellion, simply by consulting the constitutional documents, as is:

  1. only an enemy, destroys the first amendment: prohibiting the congregation of all but their own, as is university evolution (NOTHING is proven; which means it is merely belief: as is religion). Therefore as is the constant of religion “the zealots” intend to destroy the rest.
  2. By refusing all organizations of other types, to be allowed access to their own properties, to call or invite or allow their own members and associations the opportunities to combine, and consider what is true or not. To give democracy its purpose: which is to consider the cause before us, and make up our own mind as a nation: has been denied. Which is treason, a n insurgency: a guarded wall to divide.
  3. The deliberate destruction of “free press”; as proven by the venom of media propaganda; and constant “snake strike”; that is 24 hour a day: FEAR DAMN YOU FEAR/ BELIEVE DAMN YOU BELIEVE/ OBEY OR BE CURSED. As is the purpose to overthrow reality, with fear; and collect the power of trillions of dollars in our currency; claiming this “your decision”: is our debt. Ransacking the nation, and extorting: without one single investigation by the press to prove “the other side”. Establishes that takeover of the press is not only real. BUT IS ORCHESTRATED AND PROVEN TRUE; BY ACTIONS TAKEN IN THE US SUPREME COURT; congress, and more. While we look deeper, and find the university in charge of making “rats and mice” blindfolded, and brainwashed so easily, they (reporters) don’t even know they are the enemy. To their own shame.
  4. At every venue: government force is used, as their vehicle to insure this rebellion against democracy is enforced. By destroying the economic health of a nation: INFLATING OUR CURRENCY, AS THE RECORDS SHOW; BY OVER 414 TRILLION DOLLARS in six years. By taking over the jobs/ the businesses/ the industry/ and every option to be free as a democracy: their insurgency against this America is proven, and the realities of rebellion are clear. “the university expert” stands behind the curtain: shouting we are the superior ones: NO DEMOCRACY should stand. WE are the gods here, and WE the universities should rule; along with all those we bribed; by staging “asset accrual” to hide that inflation; and debts don’t matter to prove this is more than theft/ it is outright FRAUD, the criminal procedures; with the purpose of a complete monopoly; by mass hypnosis. The media distribution of fears, that should not exist.
  5. The complete takeover of congress and more: that has proven to be an accomplice in this all. By never once establishing the primary purpose of democracy itself: which is to let the people decide. Nearly a year has been accomplished since the first scream of pandemic: during that time, the death rate of a nation has been accumulated; and the reality of that count is simply: ‘NOT a pandemic”. Which means we have been invaded for purposes of extortion, and takeover of government, the intellectual fight: to control the minds of all the people, by propaganda through media. Which makes that a criminal act as well; and all soldiers fighting against this democracy, an enemy.

WE THE PEOPLE, THEREFORE DEMAND OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT: TO INVESTIGATE THESE CHARGES IN A COURTROOM, WHERE WE THE PEOPLE ARE JUDGE. TO ASSESS AND DECIDE FOR OURSELVES, what is valid, what is true, what is threat, what is treason, and what was criminally done against us. Deciding for ourselves, what the punishments for that will be: because we the people OWN THIS NATION; and it is our LEGAL right; as is every portion of the first amendment: TO DEFEND OURSELVES WITH LAW, AS IT IS INTENDED TO BE. By direct interrogation and investigation of all parties involved: in what distinctly appears to be an OPEN REBELLION against the people of this USA.

TO ACHIEVE THAT COURTROOM, AND ESTABLISH THAT TRIAL: NO GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE VOTED INTO OFFICE SHALL RECEIVE ANY COMPENSATION, HEALTHCARE OR OTHER; AND NONE SHALL BE RETURNED TO THEM LATER; until trial is FULLY ESTABLISHED.  As this is a courtroom trial for treason, extortion against the nation called AMERICA, theft against the nation called AMERICA, and worst of all: taking from the nation called AMERICA its ability to be free; and conceive of liberty, ownership, and the very foundation purposes of our union; as described in its preamble.  And those who were hired under oath to protect us from that very thing:  are accused of being guilty:  in the giving aid and abetting the enemy: with all forms of USA materials, for the purpose of commandeering the nation, to the power of only themselves.  a threat which includes the mutilation of nature/ and even THREATS;  which include, the extinction of our world of life.

The constitution IS A SIMPLE DOCUMENT; of what we the people contractually obligated ourselves and our employees to create and protect as a democracy allows. A democracy allows: that we the people OWN this nation, and that it shall NOT be taken away from us by any means or method. Therefore we have redress of grievances, our first amendment legal right: to LEGALLY DETERMINE for ourselves, and by our vote, IF IN FACT: our employees have obeyed their sworn oath of office; or not? That as a legal right, shall not be defined or determined outside a courtroom; and EVERY SINGLE COURTROOM IS OURS AS A NATION/ it is not theirs, regardless of title or other assertion. WE, are the owners here/ WE HIRED our employees, by their oath/ and WE BY OUR VOTE, and our collection of the evidence: SHALL DECIDE, if our government as is the constitution,
“Virginia bill of rights” and declaration of independence; as did create this nation: has been honored and obeyed, as was intended by the words of those specific documents. THEY ARE NOT documents of want or don’t want; therefore the curse of human demand does not fall within that jurisdiction. INSTEAD THEY ARE documents of public assent, and acceptance: that these are the foundation upon which our government as is WE THE PEOPLE, shall decide for ourselves: commands, of our employees to obey. TRIAL IS: did our employees obey their sworn oath to our nation, state, selves: OR NOT? Beyond that, our right to decide what their punishment must be/ or how we correct what went wrong: is entirely up to us, by our, one citizen/ one vote; as is a state or nation. A reality that is not “he said or she said or they want”: BUT DID YOU, or did you not obey constitutional intent and purpose as you were hired to do for us, the nation; the owners of this democracy. The people who paid your salary, and accepted your testimony: yes you would do, as the constitutional documents demand: without subjecting it, to your own decisions. OUR NATION OR STATE; MEANS OUR RIGHTS, AND YOUR DUTY; has already been established; and cannot be changed without constitutional decree.

In trial: you must do two things. Listen for, why: which is hidden behind “I WANT/ I WANT/ I WANT, OR I DON’T WANT; pride which is “I got what I want”/ or power which is “I want what you got too”. the second remove your own want; so you can hear truth.  LIFE ITSELF, stands at the crossroads: STAND UP, AND BE COUNTED:  “AMERICAN OR FOR LIFE AND WORLD OR/   AS COWARD, in shame”?   CHOOSE!

The cult worshipers continue their propaganda campaign / their relentless communist takeover unabated; because you will not stand up for life or planet or child. Bowed down to the sewer of “satan: which means greatest LIAR of all”. So, one last attempt, FIND YOUR BRAIN: choosing university over nature, is not only vile, but horrifying. The reality of a vaccine which “enlarges RNA in chromosome structure : MEANS the complex communication system which gives the body ALL OF ITS INSTRUCTIONS; on how to live and what to do, and everything that brings us above the elevation of a rock. Can be “short circuited” by this change/ and the entire system of genetic existence could go into chaos; as the relationships that make life possible are no longer there. The reality of a vaccine which takes away or changes the basic structures of DNA, in chromosome structure: END the delicate balance of chemistry that builds every living cell in the body, and makes them all work in unison, without chaos. Change the wrong thing, and the entire structure dies: because just like the sea, “WHEN YOU DESTROY THE HABITAT” that builds the base line food supply, that makes the rest of the chain of life possible: THEN every living thing that depends upon that one single thing/ will die as well. The human body is an extremely complex machine, operating on extremely delicate definitions of communication, which requires very distinct and well organized reflections of independent drugs which operate the foundations of your life. and the brain is one thousand times more complex, than its machine called a body. YOU choose to let the monkeys of university play god, with little more “than a turnip has in knowledge”. To your shame.  FIND RESPECT, NOW; or it all goes away.ALL OF IT, MEANS EXTINCTION. So you are not only the most vile and stupid generation of humanity to ever walk this earth/ you are the most foolish and blind generation to have ever lived. NATURE GAVE YOU LIFE, AND IS PROVEN TRUE TO EVERYTHING LIFE NEEDS. UNIVERSITIES HAVE PROVEN TO BE TOXIC, DESTRUCTIVE, ENEMY, FAILURE, FOOL, LIAR, THIEF, CHEAT, WHORE, CURSE, AND A THREAT SO EXTREME; they are literally trying to ignite SUN FIRE here on earth/ to burn the planet, if they fail. REALITY SAYS:   WHEN DEMOCRACY IS ESTABLISHED/ THEN, the debt called “tax” can be claimed.  democracy is established: when WE THE PEOPLE, make our own decision/ when our CONSTITUTIONAL LAW CALLED FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES:  is established by a courtroom; where we will judge what is true.  If you need help: USSC # 08-1339 & 11-100; remain in limbo; because “the secretary of the court cannot throw out a docketed case/ ONLY  a judge can do that”. BUT, it is an extremely corrupt organization throughout. NO, I will not lead you: YOU STAND UP! I am done. This is an intellectual war; which means they attack, by trying to make you believe; whatever you are willing to fear. 414 trillion dollars of inflation has occurred in the last 6 years: GO SEARCH for the money; which media refused to report. Because these are, a primary portion of, your enemies; and media collected a large portion of that money: to attack you with propaganda. They will fail: because like everything else, their gamble relies entirely on fantasy, imagination, delusions, and your acceptance of “BLIND BELIEF IN THE CULT” that is universities are now god. Congratulations: none have achieved a greater descent into HELL; the door opens soon/ because that is what you chose. Live or die as a world exists for real: because that is what you chose, to let the universities do. And in your defense, as it has been from the beginning: you blame me, for not believing in you. Saying he can’t possibly be right; because he is just “nothing important”. TRUTH HOWEVER DOES NOT NEED ME TO BE TRUE to your beliefs/ AND EXTINCTION DOES NOT NEED YOUR BELIEF IN ANYTHING; TO BECOME REAL. You choose to throw away life, nation, and even planet; threatening solar system with a nuclear fire just like the sun. UTTERLY REFUSING TO GO TO COURT;  because someone will ridicule you for not being a religious zealot defending the university as god. SO YOU choose to throw life, nation, world, and even child; into the garbage with all your other trophies. “proving the army of satan [an arrogance, a submission (bowed down/ face on the ground; so you can shout “blind”) beyond even the possibility of sanity]”! No excuse will be allowed; you are guilty; unless you truly do fight for life and planet! Contrary to some: I DO NOT offer you religion/ I only point to REALITY, and the evidence you will die: even at ignition, by a wall of flame “a million miles high”/ just like the sun. Don’t worry they have an excuse: they want a space ship propulsion system to escape what they have done.  Don’t worry: I don’t offer you advise/ only information of value: every decision is yours! Don’t worry; the fact you have no time or energy or desire for this (a planet dying/ life across all of nature being crucified: even the CLEAR THREAT of a nuclear fire, that burns atoms for fuel_) ain’t nearly enough to move you:  “cause you got things to do, bills to pay, and all say:  DAMN RIGHT”.  So, “nobody cares”; and we descend into chaos. But, who cares right!  “ain’t you”; right.  So what if life itself is destroyed, “you got numbers”/ and that makes you a god;  just like university “winners”.   Right?

IN LESSER details:  this pandemic that is a lie; is An insurgency, an attack on the basis and foundation of America itself: HAS CLEARLY BEEN IDENTIFIED. Not only in the claim of a pandemic that is not true to life (even if it is a disease of the elderly/ the nation is not built upon the elderly, and as such cannot be changed or denied its democracy due to   one small segment    of human society).  Power means: you do have the option to make changes in your own way/ or to your society/ or world. The prediction of this work was: “most powerful ever written”. Proven true, by the reality of choice: a world threatened with extinction; by those who have defiled you. The MOST important words ever written: are surrounding “love, life, and eternity”; so that your hope can be achieved by trust, truth, respect, and value. They were, written of  JESUS (believe that or not).  Today, with life or death of a world absolute:  your choice is critical. Want, pride, and power; stand with selfishness, greed, lust, and hate!  LIFE, stands with truth, love, respect, law, and value;  but unlike the human animal;  it takes courage to be alive as human was meant to be. DO NOT assume leadership: I refuse. YOUR life, your body, your eternity, your religion, your child, your choice; simple as that. forty years of fighting with you is enough; “your want/ or your life” choose. UNFORTUNATELY, the tragic decision so many human lives, choose is: “to believe”.  THIS IS JUST the beginning.NOT to seek truth, which does require you to think for yourself.  But to lock themselves in a cage, without thought; so that nobody can enter and contest with what they believe they know. Alas what they know is what they are told, what they want to believe; truth be damned.  AS IS, fully proven by reality:  NOTHING ABOUT LIFE, “LACKS THOUGHT”;  other than the putrid rotting stench of university evolution and the fools who accept it.Which is why religion/ university/ media/ politicians/ and more are all concerned: that you should believe them. They don’t need truth: they just need to know, what you want!  I only ask you to think for yourself. But, that requires work, honesty rather than pride, an acceptance of the evidence rather than what you want, or the power of a bribe;  and it proves, every decision has consequences (it does matter & no you are not excused):  which people, rarely desire to make. They want: to blame someone else/ they want an enemy “we had no choice”/ or they want a fortune teller who can’t be wrong; “we are gods”.

An insurgency, an attack on the basis and foundation of America itself: HAS CLEARLY BEEN IDENTIFIED. In the criminal construction that is: “Hidden inflation/ by claiming asset accrual that does not exist”. Claiming assets increased in value over the last 6 years:  by 414 trillion dollars/ an increase in currency, as credit worthiness;  of 69 trillion each and every year [690,000.00 per each of one hundred million people: for 6 years straight].  SOMEBODY HAS THE MONEY, OR PROPERTY PAID FOR, by counterfeiting our securities. Thereby fleecing a nation/ and destroying its securities: with outright theft, and corruption of government and all things which has aided and abetted our enemy.

An insurgency, an attack on the basis and foundation of America itself: HAS CLEARLY BEEN IDENTIFIED. In the foundation of media; the propaganda army of anarchy; as has been used to hide that inflation, and infect this nation with unwarranted fears and beliefs, in order to sacrifice the nation itself; to give power, and money to the few. Affecting both young and old, by the construction of lies; that has removed jobs/ housing/ caused repossession/ changed lives/ gave support to monopolies against us as a people/ and in general sacrificed the many for the few. Who now face their own versions of slavery (lives without options).

An insurgency, an attack on the basis and foundation of America itself: HAS CLEARLY BEEN IDENTIFIED. Taking charge of the political platforms through media and criminal contempt: that was afforded by 414 trillion dollars in inflation over the past 6 years; and brought into our society: entirely “for their purposes”. Controlling media propaganda, by removing the competition, and giving control to a tiny few. Controlling elections; by counterfeiting our securities; and no doubt buying votes; particularly in the electoral college. A reality inferred: because “this kind of hidden money” HAS a purpose of power, beyond what is seen. Destroying our organizations, by controlling access. Destroying our businesses, by demanding they become the enforcer of “university is god”. Destroying the educational system, by incorporation the religion evolution; which is the disguise for indoctrinating the youth into the cult that is university is god: giving them nothing for life outside of a university. Destroying the very fabric of this society;  by inflaming one group against another: using media to attack. Destroying family life, by claiming the university diploma is worth three times more:  than YOU.  etcetera and more.

THE OPEN REBELLION, AGAINST THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: looks then directly at the primary suspects who have been found at the heart of these tragedies; and finds “the university diploma”. FIGHTING THROUGH MEDIA PROPAGATION OF LIES; for a population to be inundated with a vaccine that cannot be proven safe by any form or fascination of fantasy; as is a universities claim. RANSACKING THE NATION, for money spent so far beyond reality and its purposes:  they have indeed raped and ravaged and warred against us all.  Instead of value:  REALITY CLAIMS that are fair to make;  the cost of their experiment on our lives is:  in fact clearly potentially HORRIFYING; by their very purpose;  which is to replace nature itself: with the university arrogance so that they can play god/ and are playing god/ and can gamble with life, nation, world, democracy, EVERYTHING; because they believe, they are the superior ones. It is not true, and as such confronts us with what is true: that an army has been created with bribes paid for by inflating our securities, into garbage. That our nation is being led by the most corrupt of all purposes: to make universities god over life. To destroy democracy itself, by destroying the foundations of work and its purpose which is to accumulate the securities necessary to be at peace. Therefore the intent of university leads has been found to be: THE DEMAND of university against the citizenry, of this USA; shall BE; ALL should go to CIVIL WAR. To hide what university leadership has done.

MOST egregious of all: is the support given to aid and abet those who are gambling OUR WORLD EXTINCTION; based upon their conclusion: “we can ignite the same fire here as is on the sun”! Depending upon fantasies, theories, and delusions: REALITY REFUSES; because ignition of a nuclear fire as is on the sun/ provides no second chance, to be wrong. IGNITION IS: OUR WORLD BURNS LIKE THE SUN/ or as they say, “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire; and it extinguishes itself”. EVERY LIFE ON THE PLANET: lives or dies, by this theory, with NO second chances to be wrong, or go back. This is university led, WORLD TERRORISM;  an act so vile, a decision so arrogant: that being  WRONG, literally ends life itself on earth. EVEN, to the point of changing our solar system as well.

REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, AS IS LEGAL FIRST AMENDMENT LAW: IS THE CONSTITUTIONAL METHOD FOR REVIEWING THE REALITIES OF EVIDENCE; in search for the truth that can be trusted, without bias. The demand: WE THE PEOPLE, are now judge and jury; and instead of civil war: we CHOOSE the law of our right, as owners here to identify for ourselves: if we have been attacked/ if we have been betrayed/ if media has used the force of communication to lead us into anarchy/ if universities have indeed gambled with life, world, and nation; to the degree WE MUST PROTECT OURSELVES. From the vile serpent that is; an arrogance so severe, “they believe they can be gods”. Playing with our very extinction as a world; by making decisions: where WRONG IS OUR LITERAL EXTINCTION/ HORRORS/ AND FAILURE to survive.


 You can hate me, accuse: but the   evidence   I show, “is only about you”. Which makes the truth of your decision, not about me/ but you. Their vaccine is: humanity playing god over nature: one version removes RNA (how genetics communicate, and regulate)/ the other removed DNA (the factories of life and body that build everything). IF NATURE FIGHTS WITH “HUMANITY genetically taking over; by PLAYING god with nature”/ THEN THE CONSEQUENCE can easily be, your body becomes your enemy; and destroys your inner world; and even compromises the entire world of life and living. because nature is EVERYTHING! NO, going back; medicine cannot remove: “genetic war”!  Genetics use chemicals to shape our bodies/ LIFE, uses atoms to shape our relationship with this world as energy we control:the university damned believe they are so smart, “they can change something; with NO consequences”. They believe: evolution controls life by “accidental chaos”/ NOTHING could be less true: chaos tears apart anything complex; you can’t build a life one piece at a time! The assertion is: “we can do it”/ the reality is:  “a heart without blood is worthless; or without working valves/ regulation/ muscles/ critical materials and construction/ placed properly, and fed according it its needs”; ain’t no accident. You are not that blind & stupid: which means you want to worship their cult, and even destroy life; just like they do; sheep following the wolves. Their work: is to insert genetic materials from one version of life into another “cut and paste”;  crucifying anything that fights back, as a life destroyed; because order, discipline, and balance failed. Taking anything that survives, into the natural world to infect or destroy all the rest.Our world is in grave danger of extinction;  because the universities played god; believe they are god.  Discarding MIRACLES, REALITIES, AND TRUTHS which ARE true:  to proclaim “nobody can stop us now”. Life yet remains, because it is so complex:  but past the point of no return, nature itself dies. The complexity is so far beyond human understanding:  as does evolution prove;  by the university claim:  LIFE comes from chaos, strictly by accident, and is built one piece at a time, without a tool or a brain, or anything that constitutes survival. Simple as that; the evidence proves it is so: the ignorance so extreme. THOUGHT BUILDS LIFE; its construction is done by the laws of Nature: as will most likely refuse their vaccine with vengeance: as time goes by: PRAY it will not be so. Every body cell “trillions of them; contains the same genetic information; so they can communicate as one entity working together”;  a genetic war is not instantaneous/ but it can be HORRIFIC. I am then notyour excuse“. If YOU, will not fight for your world; you will lose it. If you refuse to participate in: WE MUST IDENTIFY WHAT IS TRUE, to   make our own decisions;   even the nation will fall/ nuclear fire (just like the sun) will ignite/ chaos will come. The   force of that fall,   is greater than you can believe.        LEARN what threatens you, with extinction: don’t believe media, find truth.

WITHOUT MEDIA PROPAGANDA:  there would be no “pandemic”!  because the numbers don’t lie, about the realities of a disease:  that is a pandemic!   Instead, media made covid into fear; and that fear produced trillions of dollars in payoff, for the power players; who are now attempting to destroy the nation itself. By consuming those who can stop them: “with a mask”. With cult worshiping “university is god”/ and obedience as is, NOBODY “questions god”! So, the question is:  did media not make “breast cancer and heart disease” a pandemic too? Claiming being old is the very same thing as being young. “Let the government pay; take all we can get: by making them FEAR“!   an accounting. for clarity, the math is:   615 trillion declared as US assets;    equals 615 million/ millionaires. “almost twice the US population have to be millionaires to equal 615 trillion dollars.” ADD IN, credit; and you easily get to a quadrillion dollars of currency: inflation at “a million plus percent”. If you don’t resolve, to identify truth and reality: those who robbed you, get to continue doing so; and take anything they can think of; giving away the entire nation to whomever they please!  they  WILL soon try to confiscate; if reality comes: REMIND them, NOT until this is resolved by we the people are judge and jury now!   I warn you true:  once you begin any violence, you open the door for them to say, “we had to do it; and they have no mercy”. As the desire of every insurgency is: to take control by evicting you through any means possible.  GO TO COURT, AND FIGHT:  “WITH REDRESS, BY LAW.”YOUR LEGAL RIGHT; TO PROVE WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE TRUE OWNERS HERE.  DO NOT, hear the media hype as did bring you here:  LISTEN “for democracy, and let that be your guide”.  and the fighters all say: “we can win/ we will take them by surprise/ we need to resolve this NOW”.  But reality says:  even if you win, you will have nothing left “for a prize” even if you personally survive. Even worse than Syria, and more; because that is the price, “of the new weapons”. The demand of a military, beyond your own control. FIGHT BACK WITH TRUTH, REALITY, AND LAW;  or you lose.  “stop crying in your beer”/ and make them pay by taking away their power, pride, and want to be in charge. THEN, you can return whatever is left, “to you and me”: by accepting the demand of democracy:  WE THE PEOPLE, decide for ourselves.        NO, IT WON’T “be fun”: the price of life and nation.  DIG, THE LIARS/ TRAITORS/ TERRORISTS/ AND THIEVES out of their holes; and put them on trial.  BECAUSE if you don’t; they, “the university elite”;  will still retain control of inflating the currency; and bribe, lie, cheat, steal, fail, corrupt, destroy, etc: from behind closed doors! While you can dig out the rot, mold, tragedy, sewage, and disgrace of university playing god with life, nation, and world;   to rebuild if you choose too. The realities of saving this earth from all the destruction humanity itself has caused; even with University instructions to do so:  will be extremely difficult, and require true change. Or you will simply fail. “the universities” have already given you up for dead; to fight for everything they can take now.  If you surrender too;  life and earth are extinct. Simple as that:  make your choice; but understand, at this point, “it literally takes a world, to choose for life and planet”/ or you fail, and go extinct. Same for all/ no exceptions allowed.  I did the best I could for you; and for forty years +; you told me you didn’t care! YOU wanted the money more/ to hell with the rest.  Congratulations, you stand on the edge of getting exactly what you chose. Alas, the money was all counterfeit:  but death of a world is not. To your shame.

  It would be simple and safe: to deposit nuclear waste down the abandoned oil wells, in limited quantities. preferably out to sea; sealed well. it would be realistic to separate that waste into “sausage links”; for deposit in deep well pipes; as a means of safety: but just remember TOO DAMN MUCH WEIGHT; can cause predictable trouble at the bottom. Careful experimentation first;  is necessary. REALITY however proves, “limited choices”.

The reality we share as a nation is: WHAT WE ALLOW, TO BE “OUR GOVERNMENT”!   Our government is the constitution itself. Our employees hired to do the work of governing/ ARE NOT hired to rule over us! Which means: they cannot legally take control over life or government or any other form of an organized nation; to declare they know better than do we. WE ARE THE NATION; our employees, are only our employees; regardless of the title. JUSTICE is not believing what we are told to believe/ but knowing as best we can:  what the real evidence is.  Because as it has always been:  “people lie, and even betray”! It is EASY, to claim “the cause of death/ as it can be anything”:  it is not as easy to produce the dead bodies which    prove “excess deaths”.    And the people say:  “our gods of university WOULD NEVER, gamble with all our lives/ our media would tell us/ our military would know”!  But yet, these machines have been trying to ignite “atoms on fire”; with machines which can, since 4/1/2012. A FIRE, which burns your skin in summer: from 90+ million miles away: and yet you, are trained to fear me, and not them: as is the constant of every cult! A sun fire, that releases 4 million times more energy; than a fire here on earth. A sun fire, that will literally reach up to the moon, and “turn it into a star”/ that will collide with this earth; because the balance of atoms is split into push and pull. IT AIN’T NO GAME! Because I peel back the curtain from which they hide.  Fear is the basis of all evil/ believe is the basis of all propaganda (no real evidence allowed) as all things can be exaggerated or made up/ obey is the order for power “or else”. What of these things has not media done to you already? YOU FAILED; because all media has to do, “is repeat whatever they are told: by a very tiny few people; to collect their bribe; their declaration we are saviors here”. Who dare not refuse, or they will lose their “easy job, and extra bribes”.And yet, the cult leaders teach you to say: “he must be insane”/ as they steal your soul, weld you to the couch/ and seal your tongue with fear of humiliation; for confronting them. But the evidence is simple: “CAREFULLY, look at the sun; and imagine that here”; with no possibility of control or second chances. Simple as that!  GENETIC CATASTROPHE, is no different:  THEY GAMBLE, and attempt to throw nature away:  SO, “THEY can play god, with life”.      While calling me “insane/ or whatever is useful to use me to distract you”.   INSANITY IS:  ONE SECOND TOO LATE,  and even the solar system itself, will be ruined:  because of what humanity has done.  How is that not “the greatest abomination” ever created?  YOU are insane:  believing the university gods; and their claim of fusion: “just shove some mass together”, and presto, a new element.   NO REALITY INVOLVED; as is what about the  atomic energy? TRUTH PROVES:  that energy exists, because the mass of a proton spins; and by energy release, it spins at over the speed of light. “two spinning tops” cannot be combined. Our physical world, including life, including electricity, chemistry, etc: is dependent upon “bleeding off” a tiny little bit of that spin; as needed, to do work. Fusion was even proven wrong in 2012/ but media worships “the university gods”; as all cult members do.  They merely try to ignite the excited atoms in plasma: into fire now!  “one second too late”?       AT the turn of the twentieth century: human population was roughly 1 billion people/ 120 years later; it is not less than 8 times more, and growing:  people to feed/ endless pollution/ massive extinction/ habitat destruction/ oceans in turmoil/ water poisoned and depleted/ a planet dying/ nature mutilated!  Yet your gods of university say:  “not to worry till 2100.”  They say through media:  FEAR, DAMN YOU FEAR this pandemic; which does not exist/ until their vaccine turns to attack.  I say to you:  THINK, for yourselves; OR BE DAMNED TO EXTINCTION.

DEMAND AN ACCOUNTING/ DEMAND REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES AS A TRUE DEMOCRACY/ DEMAND, WE SHALL DECIDE; THIS IS OUR NATION, AND WE WILL NOT BE RULED, “by an employee, or by the wizard hiding behind closed doors”. DON’T YOU WORRY NOW:  YOUR ENEMIES ONLY EXPECT TO COLLECT TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS, “IMMEDIATELY”/ and who would lie, manipulate, control, or betray; just for a measly amount like that?  Answer the question:  because the world put up ten trillion dollars; if they can just “immunize you”. Well, they do get everything else they want as well;  so maybe:  right?  Those who did their job well, “always welcome an accounting” because it proves they did do “right by us”. BUT A LIAR/ TRAITOR/ THIEF/ AND WORSE:  fights to prove they don’t have to account for anything;  “just believe”/ Just obey, because you are too stupid to know/ just fear: if you don’t do everything we say, “cause the disease is out to get you”. right, or more simply: FEAR DAMN YOU FEAR/ You worthless slaves; FEAR DAMN YOU FEAR.  DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD;  or when power is ours, we will remember you! And the patriot says: “this is America”/ that can’t happen here. But today every nation on earth is here in large numbers; ending your reign. And the liberal says:  “we will be nice to them/ and they will be nice to us; and give us bribes”.  But alas; power says NO/ slaves “or Nazi Jews” instead. While the capitalist says: “I got money/ I got power”: but with 615 trillion dollars claimed in assets; your numbers are worthless, and the nation is bankrupt:  because university was in charge. While the military says:  “we must obey our leader/ if there is chaos”.  So any militia group:  is fire to the fuse;  once violence occurs.  I remind you once again:  I would not accept “their covid vaccine”; for a trillion dollar payment. Its most likely outcome;  is Armageddon on earth (nature in chaos)/ as they deliberately state, and chose: to throw away RNA (genetic life messaging) from their concoction, “because evolution was going to do it anyway”.  the true cost of that is: IF their genetic material takes over from nature; as it is intended to do. Which makes you “the plague”; leaving “new genetic material everywhere”; or perhaps just bit by a mosquito, or sex “like AIDS”! Over time their curse of death; could easily replace all genetic information of nature, and then the body quits functioning (everything you need or desire lost); and may in fact even be reduced to slime over time. IN TERROR (but just the beginning), the world will mark your forehead with 666; AS A MEANS to warn: “the plague”/ or just kill you, but alas, then they have to touch you. Or maybe Nature will overrule it, evicting the traitor to all of life: no one knows;   because this is an experiment intended for billions; so none can escape. Because that is what you chose: congrats “you chose to be gods; of death, the experimental rats of their design”/ their proof, “Yes we can play god”: or perhaps, just mutilation or life by a thousand knives, destroying all happiness. Again, who knows; certainly not your university gods; unless they do believe they are literally SATAN (arrogance beyond extreme). LIFE IS NOT “math; as your gods believe”/ LIFE, is a distinct communication among all members of the association that is your living body:  geneticists have now disabled that communication/ altered the basis of life. Guaranteed an outcome they cannot predict: as is asserted through the many lawsuits involving drugs:  which did get the years of study; & OK of “experts”. Only to be found life threatening later on. OR MORE DISTINCTLY: they have no true understanding of what they have now released!  The three pillars of “Satanic takeover” are however, now in place. ALL BUT COMPLETED (called 666):  nature will die in chaos, by genetic mutilation (as geneticists shred, rape, and destroy every life on earth, now with machines to do it)/  the planet will die in chaos; as everything is poisoned, habitat is ruined, the sea is dead, the chains of life are destroyed, the planet is changed/  and the great savage beast of human WEAPONS OF WAR;  now representing an unstoppable calamity of destruction; that will make life extinct; stands at the door.  The future for your child already extinct!  BUT HEY, the universities are your god; as HELL BEGINS; NO mercy will come: you chose.    YOU, ARE THE WINNERS;  by the evidence of your truth!  The cult of the damned, the disgrace of human time itself…….killing even yourselves. This entire CREATION OF LIFE, and priding yourselves on never questioning your god;  the universities, of fools.    HEY, BUT DON’T YOU WORRY NOW;  because your heart and soul:  will remember everything you did or did not do, in defense of life and planet and love:  the respect for Creation that will not die in you.  oh wait: that means disrespect, excuses, hiding, fear and failure, and cult worship; as are you:  is remembered too.  Now isn’t that fair?  After all: everything is locked in you, so it will not escape the truth. Well surely the GOD who gave you life;  doesn’t care you destroyed HIS ENTIRE WORLD, and every living thing in it:  for your cult worship; right.  after all, you are believers (you know/ can’t be wrong;  “got a book”), and some, even paid your religious dues.      IT SEEMS LIKELY TO ME:  that the biblical prophecy of Daniel 12:  was intervened by Revelation 12 to give you one last chance. But since you refused all evidence or opportunities to change or at least be educated as to what is true. It seems most likely that the prediction of “a half time” which is:  “Satan rules now, and HELL begins” will erupt. after all, you did everything you could to initiate that. After which the expected start date of is intended to occur:  offering this world, the most likely chance of igniting atoms on fire. Which then turns this earth into a sun.  After all:  that, is what you chose!  Don’t worry, when the world sends nuclear missiles to explode on that site; all the life will be dead; incinerated or boiled by radiation; so it don’t matter. Besides once ignited, you probably have about thirty days, before this earth is destroyed, atmosphere evicted entirely; so it really doesn’t matter; send a few more bombs “it will feed the fire”.    Will that come true: “who cares” right/ you got things to do?  The last days of peace on earth, are likely to tell the truth; LIFE OR DEATH.  Because once violence erupts, or just a tiny bit more is done to genetic life or earth or anything the “Universities did, or do; by playing god”;  means life is over. And in all probability Yellowstone super-volcano, will erupt as well; as you refused to do anything to save this world; over forty + years.   all bow down to university now; ain’t that right, ready to die for your gods;  cause that is what you chose. Well thank goodness you have an excuse: you did nothing, “that wasn’t selfish”. after all, what could you have done; when like a dozen years ago, “apparently 3 days after its introduction, a “funny cat video”;  had 3 million views over the internet. Who could possibly compete with a funny cat video; after all “what’s important” comes first. right! Well, LET THE OTHER DAMN FOOLS, FIGHT FOR LIFE;  you got things to do. HELL YOU won’t accept nothing I say or write;  because I am not “good enough” to be a messenger telling you:  change or you will die. Because the evidence, by its own truth proves that to be so. Alas, since I am so worthless to you:  the evidence is evicted, and you play god (can’t be touched) too. Unfortunately for you:  I am just a messenger: your decision regarding me, is then worthless:  truth will decide, not you or me!  I did what I could do; even if not great/ unlike you, I did do what life and reality allowed for me to do. Even if you believe you could have done better/ I did, what I could do, as best I could. Life will forgive me, for what I could not do; that too, is an essence in faith. FAITH means:  “let the truth of it decide, NOT me”! In a world of miracles, LIFE that cannot be conceived of, or built, by any human; “the universities, by playing god;  can only destroy”.  That evidence is true!   the lesson to be learned is: IF you wish to “hurt the REAL leaders (not puppets), like they hurt you”/ THEN,    beat them at their own game:     which is money decides. Because US reality is: the money is   entirely counterfeit(click here)   / the critical truth is: if you won’t participate and communicate with others; about the tragedy of “a world dying/ a nation betrayed”; there really is no point to this work.  life is not a game;  the young need their future back;  the old can hide or whatever they choose to do or be:  afraid of their shadow/ or alive taking risk.  this table shows a  .98 percent (less than one new child, per one hundred citizens) population rise.and that means, billionaire or a dollar: “its counterfeit”: so, we got the same. Take away their “fairy tale ride”/ by controlling our currency; thereby EVERYTHING ELSE TOO: and take back whatever is left: ending propaganda by controlling media, and university (consequences).Democracy allows LEGAL, first amendment REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, by our own decision: NOT theirs. Demand an accounting, and take their power away.  Just one of the machines belowEven though reality proves:  going back to the truth decides; will not be easy or fun.  it is however, the only way left to save this nation or world. Choose a gun; and you WILL become “even worse” than Syria, as nothing will be left standing:  the anger is severe.  WHAT THEN?  CHOOSE LAW, DEMAND DEMOCRACY.  Control the courtroom: as OWNERS! Control the bankruptcy; as WE THE PEOPLE, are in charge now!  The demand is simple:  justice and fair play; as best we can for all!   GO GET YOUR NATION BACK!  With the law that built it (OUR DECISION TO FIGHT)/ because without a desire for honest peace, true freedom, and fair protected  liberties for us all:        only war exists (ONLY REVENGE, AND HATRED IS LEFT), and that brings anarchy (chaos, everything complex destroyed)  YOU CANNOT touch the leaders with a gun or violence (they will just leave and wait),  who really did this to you:  UNLESS YOU TAKE THEIR MONEY, and control. Which is all that matters to them!   DEMOCRACY:  “searches for justice/ identifies the evidence for truth/ and completes the desire for FAIR PLAY; and gives    each life a choice“;    by understanding, without the law, our nation dies. As will millions more. “a gun”;  makes you lose, the nation/ AND WIN NOTHING!

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Jim Osterbur


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