The acceptance: life has value, is the source of happiness/ it is not more complex, because thought can do all the rest. What is critical however is: that thought can take you to wherever you wish to go, and that includes hate, violence, revenge, and so on. So the decision for happiness, is the acceptance of love, as the direction of your life. Life is a journey, that does not include more than one destiny/ or it is a fate, that includes many consequences for the decisions that become the chaos of hate. The question is then: WHICH direction do YOU, wish to go/ because where the heart truly is, is where your thoughts shall take you.

Hate simply uses life to play god, assuming and asserting: that you alone are important, and nothing else matters (no respect) much if at all, except for what you want/ and that includes the trophies, trinkets, or toys to be given to others, or possessed; just to prove just how great you are.

LOVE, is none of that. But recognizes within respect, the values of building our lives together in a relationship that will survive because of truth; lets us share the destiny of our love, by proving we care enough to trust the values each can and does contribute to life, being alive, and identifying the joy that is love itself. Therefrom happiness comes from the inside, like love, it is not a possession; and cannot be measured by what is, or is not given to you/ or accepted from you. Passion understands, YOU are the value (as am I)/ YOU are the purpose (as am I)/ and YOU combine with me: to form our desire established by our respect for each other, shared in the hopes we have joined together, in our lives as a relationship that cares equally: as if we were one.

Time demands: that we accept the boundaries and limits that form our survival. But death commands: that we accept the foundation of this world, which is each shall only be given “their own” measure of time. So that truth cannot escape the honesty, we do have something to lose/ each one. Which understands: “I, nor you; can ever be called or considered to be: GOD”. Clearly we are not, as the world of miracles, the realities of proven thought and all its engineering and expertise have created to build a world in which we get to choose: what our own eternity shall become. How is that not hopeful? As the truth of it, becomes real.

NO human being has participated in the building of life; our bodies were built for us/ and they work in accordance with nature, as nature chose. Our own use of that body/ our own choices, as do establish cost and consequences, as well as rewards; do belong entirely to us/ or were forced upon us by others (the price of freedoms). But only fools deceive themselves by playing the game; that they are gods themselves/ no greater arrogance exists: until this group begins to gamble with all of life and world; as universities do today. Establishing SATAN here on earth. Satan means: a disrespect so vile, that life itself is dying (by these choices) upon this world.

Nonetheless, truth remains truth: and this world exists, to find those individual lives, which can inhabit eternity; by bringing into it, their own contribution of love. Animal is animal, and will not come into eternity. Hate is hate, and will not come into eternity UNLESS they have cost the GOD OF THIS UNIVERSE ; a life that would have entered into eternity as love. A reality that is certain: when destroying this earth, and all its living creation. Love is love; a completely separate experience than hate/ which means they CANNOT be combined in any form. Death separates all that is lost, from the truth that remains as love. Those identities which will survive, because the law of living allows them to be.

ONLY TRUTH survives past time. Your death opens the door, into realities only truth can define or create: laws govern this. TRUST defines the limits and boundaries of what you can or cannot be, to a universe of life waiting to understand if you can join. Trust is NOT belief/ as belief can be anything you want it to be. Trust must be earned, and created by values accepted through the desires of your own heart. Anything less, ends badly; and eternity despises sadness. So freedoms are limited to what you will survive as life lived.

The question of time is: can you love, till the end of your time? Which does include the duty to protect life and planet from attack. As our existence here is with hate, as well as animal formed by nature. You may save no one for life/ they must save themselves; JESUS is their, guide and yours, should they or you, choose him. HE IS, as biblically written: the best example possible on this earth.

The realities of truth, are all around us: as the miracles of this planet, and its living existence. Only fools, failures, and frauds; offer less. Nothing less than thought could have assembled it: and that is an outright inescapable truth. Therefore when you think, which is shared existence through the values of love: the only question you need to answer is: do you accept, that GOD OUR CREATOR exists? If so, then your own journey into eternity, has begun. Nothing is more hopeful, than that! Because as JESUS did show, LOVE, and the values of true living as it was intended for us to be; are the ultimate goal of all who belong to HIM.

I will remind you: that belief, is your decision to want/ and that want is determined by what you wish to be true. Making it, a fantasy, rather than a reality; even to you. Because the difference between belief and ACCEPTANCE: of what you understand, that is truth; is faith. You cannot have faith in a belief; because belief has little to do with proving truth/ in fact belief exists, because you and those who believe with you, have given up the idea that what you want can be proven as true. ONLY TRUTH SURVIVES; and anything less than truth, is something that will be “burned away”. Because only truth is allowed beyond death of your time. Therefore to accept MIRACLES ARE TRUE EVIDENCE OF GOD is elemental to the conception of faith. RESPECT for the value and work of this entire CREATION OF LIFE, as is earth itself, and all that lives on it: is elemental to the construction of eternity. These are absolutes; and any contamination with the sewage of university as is evolution in particular/ is a grievous error in our judgment.

KNOW WHAT IS TRUE/ ACCEPT THE KNOWLEDGE THAT IS BORN WITHIN THAT TRUTH/ TRUST THE WISDOM, OF LOVE; as it accelerates your heart and soul into eternity. FIND COURAGE in the truth of your FAITH; that only thought can create life/ and only life can find the wisdom to accept eternity. These things are not found in “I or we believe”; as is fundamentally the decision to hide inside the herd; so the predator cannot get to me; that is fear/ not a foundation for life. Fear is where chaos begins: which is elementally an attack on life itself. TO THINK MEANS: to join and share the values which form our relationship with life itself, because we chose to care. The brain only measures, the intellectual only judges. Those who find faith: search for life, and enter the journey beyond time, as our own contribution of what our personal truth as on individual identity will reveal. We do not enter eternity “with any other soul”: it is you, and only you. NO ONE ELSE to blame, or reward: just you, as is, this was: YOUR choice.

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Jim Osterbur

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