To examine the question of life, we must first begin the journey by understanding the boundaries and limits of time. Time is built upon the dimensions of a fabric that identifies the different characteristics of an individual atom, by how each interrelates with the other atoms of like kind, or as are different, by the definitions of their construction; and thereby form a subsequent subset of chemistry relationships which do occur.

Critical constructions of life, form around or within/ because of, or denied: as established within the definitions of “mine”. Therefore the more intensive elements of any search into destinies, are aligned with what is, or is not the assembly of “mine”.

We begin, with distance: the value assigned when confronting the limits of who and what we are/ because everything mine, is a relationship identified by its realities aligned with space. Whereas everything not mine; is a construction formed in isolation from me. But the question is: because mine, refers to possession: Where, does a right to own begin? The answer of life is: WE SHARE this existence, which is an assembly of ours/ NOT yours. But the consequent reality of time is, by each and every form of dimension: there are boundaries between us, which cannot be breached. As is identity itself. So the search for life, ascends from separate, into “family (all different/ yet all conceived of as same)”.

SPACE asserts, we are separate. Whereas trust asserts, by choice, we are family. But that choice, is a decision; and each form of trust is built upon truth. So, each must find truth, before any form of trust is allowed to begin; beyond the descriptions of time. Liars find want, to be fertile ground, when planting deceit or delusions. Liars use time, to destruct the value of choice, into the decision to possess.

Possession shapes “the world” we surround ourselves with/ as time identifies with money or force. Space however alters that construction with death; as each is removed from “their world”/ into a reality beyond the limits imposed by time. Shaping life accordingly. So the question is: are the boundaries of life, imposed by atoms and their subsequent dimensions (time)/ OR, is life the distance within which our ability to conceive of family, exists (eternity)? Both have limits, because even eternity can be lost; if you go beyond the boundaries life is able to sustain itself, as an independent, individual creation.

What then is CREATION? A value beyond conception/ or, a relationship, or beginning vision of life as time; OR is it, a door into another world beyond time, where existence is built upon truth, by the elemental rise of thought; not atoms? It is beyond question: that thought built and builds life by nature, and the processes created from which we gain our living as miracles. By thought, we are alive/ not body; but recognition of existence, and therefrom the freedoms of choice, by truth. Possessions enter in: to modify thought into forming self. Self then constructs, the existence of your own truth. Want (yes I can, be me alone) and love (yes we will share and care) exist as the framework of our individual lives.

The spiritual doors beyond time; exist as foundations formed in truth. Beyond those individual doors, are the consequences of each truth, as met by the understanding of your own decision; as is the direction of your heart. If you have no understanding/ then you are “at the mercy” of what is true.

perhaps I will continue later.



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