REALITIES, SHAPE US ALL! An undeniable fact, that participates directly in all that humanity has been, is now, or will become; if allowed to survive.

The believer always interjects that he or she cannot be wrong/ as they know, all they need to know; because they believe “as they want to believe/ or are forced to accept, because truth allows no exit”. The righteous always interject, that by making rules to “command and demand the rest shall obey US”; their world would be perfect, if not “for you/ them”; so the end result of it is, “these are the enemy”; and the consequence of that defines history. But life is not that simple, and realities shape us, by the consequences we choose, or cannot avoid; as is the cost of other people making decisions that will then affect us.

To the believer, the world is as they want it to be/ except for “their enemies” who do not obey what the leaders demand. A constant of that might be: that the animals in the woods, would never hurt me; because I am their friend”. But the reality is: hunger is its own commander, and the reality of “I die/ or you die”; is never far away. Consequently in nature: “someone or something” is always on the dinner table, or awaiting the moment when that decision will be made. Same is true of humanity, and it is the constant plague of racism and prejudice that evicts that same mentality in people. “my life/ or yours: my child or yours/ my work and ease, or your competition”. Which translates into: IF WE COULD get rid of some of this competition/ then our lives would be better, our families would be happier, and our future for every child of ours could be better as well. But alas, it is just not entirely true; because over population controls the reality. Environment cannot support us all/ then we go to war, because we need more; and those others who own it already, WON’T give it to us for free; as their decisions, are the very same as ours.

SO THE REALITY OF THIS DAY IS: WITH AN OVERPOPULATED WORLD NOW, with literally no place truly left to expand. Humanity will accept limits and realities assigned by environment; or we all die. Because men and their universities made weapons, that give no chance to this world for survival; once world war begins. And world war is inevitable; because with so many people; fighting to get all they can get/ and seeing the others as their enemy of competition: “you stopped me”. War will spread like a true pandemic; as people initiate “now is our time, to fight back”. When in reality the fight is not for truth/ but the lie, that people do not have to change: they do.

The foundation of a future for life on earth is very simple: all the threats imposed by universities MUST BE DESTROYED/ so that life itself can go on. EVERY opportunity to save the future for life, and sustain the planet MUST BE BALANCED with truth, to give any child a chance. ORDER MUST BE IMPOSED; to limit overpopulation by every group/ and that means functionally “they must be separated into groups”; because anything less does not apply the necessary boundaries required to identify who is, and who is not obeying our law, as people on earth: who do not wish to be extinct. DISCIPLINES ARE REQUIRED; to understand what the law can give us, and what democracy can mean to our lives; by accepting truth decides, we limit ourselves to the happiness found when love constructs our world. REALITY will then discover “love and hate” MUST be separated; because hate is chaos/ and its intent is destruction and fear. The constant of failure in society itself. To achieve happiness, true freedoms must exist in terms of personal choice. But to achieve “real life joy, in the creation recognized as I AM ALIVE”; the values assigned and associated with GOD as the giver of MIRACLES; the realities of love and eternity shared; must be respected. That is not religion, but truth. Therefore religion must be put away, so that truth itself can decide how best will we learn to be as love & life meant for us to be.

And the people say: “we want what we want/ and we want MORE, DAMN YOU. MORE FOR ME; not for you; JUST ME. SO that I can prove I am superior to you (winner baby winner/ you damn loser you”. As the universities and their media conspirators do describe; when the curtains are pulled from their endless deceit.

REALITY CONTRASTS that with the truth: in the last one hundred years or so/ by the size and truth of what has been done. This generation chose to destroy the foundations that would have kept “a thousand years of life, alive”. And you now stand on the edge of extinction; because “not in my lifetime”/ has become NOW is the end of your lifetime, the end of these ways; because this world teeters on the edge of collapse in all ways and realities; therefore it will not survive; and that makes you extinct too! CHANGE IS MANDATORY, and that means NOW; or the horrors universities made; will stalk you with terrors beyond your imagination.


So, let’s discuss, one of the most critical constructions required: for life to survive on this earth; there are many, but without this foundation you will fail; simple as that.

Functionally, that means: LIFE IS NOT SURVIVABLE, unless you fix the many costs and consequences of male to female/ female to male failures, and faults.

We begin with the simple truth: WHEN PEOPLE DECIDE they want someone, they throw away the realities of discipline/ order/ balance/ truth/ respect/ and values to obtain that someone for themselves. Using whatever method or tool is considered to be, the most likely to succeed in obtaining the trophy, and keeping me safe. Or more distinctly, the lie: “all is fair in love and war”/ is used to justify every lie, cheat, theft, temptation, and so much more. Nothing is fair in war/ and only truth is fair in love: but people don’t want that, because it asserts NO, you cannot simply take what you want/ and want controls nearly everything humanity is or does. Which makes human want, the foundation of every lie: the fundamental enemy of life on earth. But people WANT; and that is final; because it asserts, “I can win”. Making life a game, people a trophy, and boredom resolved, “I can play; even if you refuse”.

As an example of how that relates to the question of male and female behaviors; my own past is an evidence of costs. When young, confronted by “fifteen or so” claims of pregnancy (and then abortion “show me”); as a deliberate attempt to control (none of which were proven true. I KNOW, no child of mine walks this earth.). Even when no intercourse itself existed. Ends the value we share, because trust failed in those lies. Being young you do want to believe in love; but being young, people also want to believe they found what they want; and are going to get it one way or the other. Which also has costs to that person; and the end result of it is: we lose our faith in the opposite sex, because want intervened; and took away our truth. Both share this decision; but want insisted, “love would not do that”; so I believed, even knowing better; because we want to believe. See the problem? Primary to it all was: I expected to spend ten years or so, working for life and planet when confronted with the realities of what “university was doing”. That required nearly all my time and resolve; female did NOT accept that, or desire to help; but wanted me to be what each wanted me to be: CHANGE, one way or the other. The end result is: I stepped back, failed to trust female, and ended my relationships with women to dedicate myself to the work I accepted was a duty to me. So, no: I did not enter a relationship with the intent to stay, with marriage in mind: only romance and love shared through caring. And that proved to be; an error in judgment, because young women want marriage, or at least to retain what they want from male. All of which requires “truth and consequences” to be taught distinctly, as a reality based education; in schooling and other.

I always intended to go back to a male/ female relationship after the work was done; but as you can see, the work never ended for me. Costs and consequences took control.

THE FOUNDATION OF THAT STORY IS: ONLY TRUTH CAN LEAD! Period, nothing else/ nothing less; because truth identifies what can be of value in our lives, our work, our living, our relationships, our future, our nature and planet and eternity. Or more simply; anything but truth leads to lies; and lies always fail, costing far more than they were worth; as is the constant of university is god.

RESPECT demands: romance is not enough; because want will interfere. Therefore the question of who can become a relationship strong enough to be “married to that solution”; cannot be answered unless the relationship is built upon truth, which establishes trust; and then defines the hope we give to each other as is the elegant display “we are alive in each other”. A reality that fails when want takes control. Therefore again it is want that determines and identifies what male to female/ female to male relationships are going to become. Which makes want the enemy of life, living, romance, and more.

Want is the decision: “if I choose too; then I can manipulate, control, tempt, flatter, propagate, steal, cheat, betray, terrorize, ridicule, turn life into a game; and more”. Which gives me the power to disrupt reality, and change truth into what I want it to be; aside from the consequences I cannot control.

DESIRE is the opposite of that decision: to define my own existence, as the value you give to me, in the relationship that is formed in caring and sharing with respect for us both. A shared truth, defined by the purity of our truth as one. A caring decision, because only “fair play” is the essence of what keeps our love alive.

These are functional elements which must be understood, before any real change can come.

CARING, understands: that sharing a life together, deciding for our future lifetime as one; is a decision that we can only make together, by our own individual choice. NO temptation allowed, and that includes sex; because it is a vital respect that forms the foundation of what we can become as one. Unless your life knows, the choice you made is your own: the consequence will be, “I was cheated/ you stole my life; even if I would have chosen this for me anyway”. Only I, can make that decision for me; or as my participation in us. Which does include pregnancy.

Unfortunately, male and female do not wish to “take any chances” so they collect “tell me a secret (to bring us closer)”: which is deceit, for the true purpose, which is give me a weapon to use against you later, if you don’t do as I want. True relationships identify each other, without a design to “try”/ they form of their own free will, as trust rises in both.

Unfortunately, both male and female use want as the basis for every lie/ use “all is fair in love and war” as the basis for every plot and plan they make to entice or use or abuse. Use sex as a trap, and temptations as the bait. Fight with hormones, and sometimes lose. Struggle with hate versus love, if you won’t forgive.

Pride is a terrible thing; it turns life into a game, and that makes all parties involved a “winner or loser”; many of who want revenge; regardless of a right or wrong. Pride demands: I am the only one that truly matters here; and that makes you, the construction of a slave, trophy, or “worthless to me”. Which is the beginning of violence, use, and abuse.

Power constructs the trap; and if you fall into it; there will be consequences you do not deserve. As is the cost of human and society throughout time.

When life and love are good, the timing between you will find grace (kindness has come). When life rises to romance; the values of your heart, will begin with respect, and caring will prove, my hope is inside of you. When love rises to discovery, of what it truly means to be ALIVE; we have shared the destiny that love is, and found ourselves a home. Destiny then seeks us, as a creation born into eternity. Seek truth, it is the journey of love, life, and hope.

A foundation truth is: YOU cannot “save someone else/ nor can you save them from themselves”. End of the story. It is, THEIR LIFE, NOT YOURS; YOU HAVE NO RIGHT to make decisions for another life; that life, belongs only to them. If you interfere in their decision; then you are doing exactly what they are doing to you. Even if the decision is different/ the result is the same. EACH OWNS THEIR LIFE ALONE; just as you own your life, and none have the right to make a decision for you. Eternity does NOT allow for anyone to make your decision; it is yours alone to make: remember that, and prepare if you have love.

If you fail to let love decide for itself; and assume want requires your love to sacrifice for someone else. It is you that joins in their failure, and the cost or consequence of it can be grim: as love itself, can be lost. NEVER, spend the very last parts and pieces of love for someone else: STOP/ disengage/ TURN BACK TO LIFE IN TRUTH. Because you, are more important than they are: because if you become lost, you no longer have value either. RETAIN YOUR LOVE, do not sacrifice it away. Instead always remember: if love is not reciprocated properly, it does not yet exist/ and there is nothing you can do to change that. Because it is a true, individual life decision! Be patient, be kind, be caring and accept forgiveness is a participation in love where appropriate: but do not surrender your love to someone who will then simply throw it away. Because when selfishness is worth more than love; that is exactly what they will do. Making your sacrifice for love, even more tragic; as you yourself may die from love; as truth guides me. Do not judge: love is an independent decision, and that means it is NOT your decision to make. Therefore you have no right to judge. Be true to yourself, because anything less is a destruction of who you are. The elements of a grave then shadows, if you do not regain your truth.

That fundamental becomes apparent in those who sacrifice their own truth; in their own decision to manipulate, control, tempt, own, and use or abuse you for their purposes; without your consent. When that level of sacrifice learns, “want has lost”: you left/ you then become the enemy, and hate follows, along with revenge. While it is true, their own decisions caused this; but you allowed it: each is stuck in the reality of, the responsibility caused by their own individual truth: to self. You are not responsible for the other, unless you caused “their pain”. Just being you is not cause; because you cannot control someone else s’ want: NOT your job. Even so, without true forgiveness; the shadow of these decisions/ these impacts to life itself; will not go away.

Reality states: nobody gets to choose their environment/ their family/ their child/ their looks or ability or intellect; or any other aspect of being born. We are born into our reality, and we must search within that reality for what life will provide, or the search beyond time will reveal. It is not a game, life is serious in and of itself; because death does not give anything back. Only truth remains; if it is an individual identity. Nonetheless, truth is a reality of both love and hate; which means both identify a spiritual existence beyond time. TRUTH ACKNOWLEDGES LOVE BUILDS and thereby shows itself as respect for the law which creates it. TRUTH ACKNOWLEDGES HATE DESTROYS, and thereby the cost and consequences of chaos, will remain until the last detail is gone. The cost of life is: some realities are not worthy of remaining “with us”/ therefore the methods and meaning of destruction are true. To remove the blight or plague of failure; leaving all the rest in peace and happiness has value. Even if the reality of that destruction has very little, if not used for life. The light of our sun is destruction: but it heats our world, and makes the reality of this earth our home. Consequently love and hate share a world.

Reality shapes us, by the decisions that we make/ it does not cheat anyone, because we are not owed “for a life”. LIFE gives to us each an opportunity, to shape our relationship with life; by making the decisions which become our truth. By encountering the consequences of a reality we did not choose, but cannot avoid. Both identify the values we accept as our own: as “yes I will desire or want/ and, forced to choose I will do, or I want this”. These are elemental directions of the heart, and focus truth by your choice. The thief says: I am cheated/ therefore I have a right to take whatever I want. But that is never true, and constitutes a rape of society, that ravages peace; the consequence of life; is unfair. In contrast; in order to survive, if you have done all you can to help yourself by work; only then is it “fair to survive/ but take no more than is absolutely necessary”. We all believe; “my life is worth more than this”; if it is not making someone else experience the same. Truth allows for “an equal right” to survive, at the bottom end of what is necessary.

Reality knows, when we cheat someone else; as it becomes ingrained as our own truth identified by the tragedy of what “we/i/ you” have done. No matter who you are: you cannot erase what is true, it remains forever; which means: what you did as a child or to a child or because of a child/ woman/ man/ other whatever it is: your choice becomes your truth, and it will not be removed, regardless of your tears. What is not your choice, is only the consequence of what must be endured; even if it is unfair: NOT your fault. And that is true, even if someone is parading around naked or other: no right exists to attack them for any cause other than violence to another. No right exists to entice, bribe, use, or abuse another human being: because of what you want. The list is long, and the reality of what those decisions do to your eternity is severe. Biblically, {the concept of eternity} it is stated: you can cover up these tragedies, by repenting and doing your best to make amends for what was done. If you do not, “do your best, to rebuild life with value”; mercy will not come.

Reality lives by the laws which keep us alive; those laws build truth, just as truth creates those laws and its consequences. Truth decides what will survive, not as “GOD”; but as the foundations set into place to keep an orderly, disciplined, and balanced world alive in the freedoms we do cherish as our own. But even so: the spiritual world shapes whatever truth survives from time: into a relationship with whatever decision we then make, to participate as life beyond time. We cannot escape the truth of what we choose, unless we participate directly in the laws which govern that truth; and that makes each and every decision you make in the spiritual world: the potential to control the rest of your own eternity. Choose carefully, it is no game. Love grants the opportunity to adjust; but no mercy beyond that; because truth is truth, and our own decision is then the desire that governs where the heart shall live. Soul shouts, “to prove GOD does know”; but reality decides by what you value most.

As for me, in my own spiritual journey: my heart did not desire or value female more than male. Instead, not allowed to participate, as in remain beyond time “forever”: the choice is not “greater than” what can be done in time. Therefore it is true: my heart seeks a solution that will keep this earth and all its life ALIVE. Men have no solution beyond war, and that will be their outcome, if women do not accept control. I search for ten years before reality proved there is no hope. So I opened the spiritual door to female; just to ask a question, how would you save this world? The reality became: there must be balance between male and female/ and in the end of that work, female will become in charge. Because their final decision is not marked with war, but patience. A critical need, in the search for truth. The consequences to me however, have been “best and worst decision, for male”; I ever made. Best because balanced by female I have finished the work/ worst for male, because he is dying out, as a world defined only by female seeks to have me changed.

And the people say: IT CANNOT BE! Yet the reality of miracles, the intensive participation of planet in our lives, the thought which grants creation by knowledge, wisdom, understanding, truth, respect, hope, and courage; are all evidence of life beyond this place. An elevation incomprehensible, without love. Love states: JESUS guarantees life, to those who choose it with their own reality. NOT religious: simply the evidence of a reality that proved in “his own miracles”; to have been more, than we can be. None since or before/ none will eclipse that truth.



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