There is literally no place on earth less likely to explore or allow the constant of thought, than a university. But reality proves the universities are a religion of their own accord, and as such the constant is “fantasy, imagination, delusion, and beliefs rule the day.” Their university “gods (we don’t need nothing/ we are everything)” will deny any connection to a religion; because they believe they are superior, as all religions do. They will deny the indoctrination of subjects or slaves as religions do/ but having taken overall educational facilities, removing thought to apply; “mimic, memorize, and obey without question/ or be thrown into the street to beg” is a constant of religion. Religion has its books, and its holy people; as do universities; “can’t question the book/ no sir”. Religion worships money, pride, and power; none more so than university elite. Or, “same/ same/ same” equals same.

In the decision to think; it is necessary to accept a foundation of shared existence, which allows for the creation of disciplines beyond time/ without time. Not a theory, as it relates to expectations; not understanding, as that drowns out creation/ not fantasy as these relate to wants rather than truth/ not imagination, as these pretend we can all play god with life/ not delusions; as the cost of truth is, some will be injured or even die. Not belief; as is the prison used to keep the others out; so that you need not think or accept any evidence opposing your belief/ even if it can be proven true. Instead, creation allows for the laws to decide what can or cannot be, as the push for order constructs the disciplines identified as truth: balance asserts the value of where life may begin.

The critical question is then: how do we obtain passage beyond the measurements of time, to explore the distance of thought, as a creation of its own? The shape of motion replies: we must begin with energy, and assemble its potential to create. Energy exists as four distinct creative elements. They are: motion/ potential motion/ push/ and pull. Each of these holds the key to what truth identifies as a consequence used to assemble laws. By these laws time and eternity exist.

The quest to create however needs another ingredient; as is mass itself/ the elemental particle, which provides an anchor upon which we begin. While the purity of “blackness (why can we not see through this)” is a clue; it is not fundamentally an element of creation. What is infinitely small, needs a barrier to collect against/ thereby becoming “visible”. So the initial question would be what constructs a barrier in empty space? Fundamentally we assert: cold can! But to achieve a barrier, we need a difference/ the consequence of, this is change/ or shaped existence.

The question then becomes: what is shape? The answer: a rhythm strong enough to assert flow. The question: how is rhythm an assembly in the coldest possible conditions? The answer: conduction between cold and coldest, creates movement/ and movement in a barrier constructs a wave. The resultant undulating effects are motion. The shape of that motion produces energy (a force that extends beyond itself).

The question then becomes: how does conduction work, if it is the basis of energy as a beginning effect of organization? It is shared motion, by the result of what can, and what cannot “jump” something in front/ so as to continue motion, on an independent sustainable pace. The answer: the collection of precipitants, from that blackness; as is,what was too small to have an effect/ becomes what now has an effect; results in mass. The ability to sustain an organization of those precipitants; forms the basis of construction; a shared relationship. Conduction allows for a path to be created and sustained/ thereby reducing the effects of friction; as is “the lumps and bumps” of impeding the progress of flow.

What then is a path/ and how does it organize? The answer: if there is motion in the shape of a wave/ then there are elements of vacuum within the flow of shape changes. Those moments of vacuum, are the path used to “jump” from one definition of mass to another; by flowing around the parameter to be accelerated.

In that acceleration, we find energy: the confrontation between heat and cold.

We begin by understanding gender, as a relationship of energy to its values assembling mass of atoms, into chemistry. Or more simply; we are going to bypass “elemental physics” for a more distinctly usable reference to humanity.

Gender is an opposite view, of the very same energy expression or experience when thought becomes entangled. More distinctly energy has four forces expressed. Identified by this experiment: an explosion “a big bang”/ originates force. That force expands out from the center by both pushing (male) what is “a barrier”, in front of it/ and pulling (female) what is behind that barrier, to fill the vacuum created. The same is true on the opposite side of that explosion; as primary forces are elemental, and need not be expressed in all directions; once a force has been created. Force is created by dimensional experience; or more distinctly: there are paths more easily accessed as layering is achieved.

We then construct the composite that is layering. The question being in the volume of space, how is layering of anything possible? Why is force measurable (time) only when confined to a direction that is limited? Where does thought entangle into the consequences of what energy can do?

I have decided to simply stop here: as we are getting far too close, to the horrors of what a university could use.

We shape ourselves, into the definitions of our truth (an earned commitment), by the elevation of trust (binding love): OR its opposite as is; “angry with you/ afraid of you/ or I have no more tears for you”. The critical decision is: what are you willing to accept/ what are you willing to risk, in order to achieve “more”. Humanity believes more is a possession, a game won, a trophy guarded from the others. Humanity believes money is what they risk, and will spend their lives, their health, their family, and more to achieve the power; to remove themselves from the game; and scream “winner”. But it is not so in “real life”. Real life ascends beyond the human body, to assemble the definitions of life and living beyond time: that requires “everything truth can ask, or trust can lose”. It is no game.

So, the question is: WHAT makes “real life” worth the price? As humanity will attest: “it doesn’t give me anything I want, here and now”.

HOW, can the possibility of things unseen, and unknown; beyond our ability to prove: be worth more than what is here and now?

Religion says: believe whatever you want to believe, and let’s all believe the same; so groups are formed, and various outcomes of death are recognized as “just as possible, as yours”. But truth does not agree with most of what you want, or believe/ and death itself offers nothing but a corpse that will rot.

So the answer of a sustainable value beyond death: relies upon the preservation of an identity, in you/ as you are. Because anything less is not “the life you made, in time”. Therefore the question is: how does memory work, to reveal, or explain a life? We take a quick look at “your internet cloud”/ and you strike a button to save something in ways very few understand. But it nonetheless works in the physical presence of things designed for that job.

In the real life presence of miracles, as designed by thought: we are separated into two distinct bodies of life/ what is spiritual (built upon the laws defined by truth) & what is physical built upon the chemistry of elements and laws so well organized and automatically developed by discipline and definition; that we are allowed to balance most of what constructs our own freedoms to exist. Death takes that away as a body of time removed. But what gives life, its life beyond a miracle of presence in time; remains as the identity you shaped. LIFE IS A SHARED PRESENCE (a shaped memory, captured as you) within the spiritual partition that is truth. If you cannot survive past this gate of purity in your truth, desire within your love/ you cannot inherit eternity, as life. Death is chaos entered beyond anything you have known/ it has only one savior: JESUS. That is not a religious statement; but constructs a foundation to survive.

The question of truth rises to identify: CAN ANY of this be known, beyond self? Truth replies, all of it, is known beyond self; as self is what has been removed/ and the value of what you have shaped with your time, then constructs the destiny into which you will travel. More simply: self will die/ leaving only love, truth, and desire. But your own identity is formed in your love, by your truth and within the purpose of your own desire. Therefore love can rise/ while hate will fall and fail.

The question is then: WHY should I accept: ANYTHING could survive death/ as clearly self is being erased? The answer is: WHO were you “without a body”? Because the body is a miracle that you, nor your parents did create. Or more distinctly: even though you rise from the body as time released to motion/ that motion is governed by life, a reality that lives within your own conception of thought. Without thought, a complete body of time or not: you have no existence. Therefore thought is the fountain of life itself, by the rise of completion (what will YOU choose) granting you time.

As to energy conceptions: they would do you no good whatsoever. A useless task.

As to the basis of life, the salvation of JESUS; by granting an anchor “to the fallen”/ a reality of existence to grab onto. The foundation corrected is: our soul decides what is true to you or me/ while our heart lives by the value of what we do honestly cherish. Therefore beyond self, as is time: the realities of what you have built will decide.

Of the multitudes who have no use for JESUS ; who is the guarantor: we, were not assembled and left behind. I have no true statement to provide, as I am unacquainted with that truth.

still won’t believe “fantasies, delusions, deceit, imagination, magic, and anything you want because you want it” are not enough?   YOU WILL.  One way or the other!  The list of failure is long, and severe.

I am not your savior, priest, devil, fool, guru, answer man, healer, or other! I have been a messenger assigned the job of bringing to this world a message: CHANGE OR DIE. Simple as that. YOUR DECISIONS: for the last forty plus years has been:  NO WE WILL NOT LET REALITY AND TRUTH DECIDE BY THE EVIDENCE PROVEN TRUE:  WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ AND WE WANT MORE, NOT REALITY; WE WANT;  MAKE ME RICH/ or go away.  That fact, assembles the truth: from this moment on it is your job to deliver the message you received.

I do not predict the future: but I can look at the evidence, identify truth, and predict what the consequences will become; because laws govern this. Not going to lead you, even if you asked: YOU WILL make your own decisions/ and be responsible for those consequences. The universities contrary to your cult worship: are your enemies, the invading forces stripping, terrorizing, and destroying the very nature of life itself. Second in line as an enemy: is their believers, who need no brain, because “they know” everything as the righteous always do/ making rules to enslave, manipulate, and control; as power, pride and want turn against life.

Only truth survives into eternity: which makes every decision you made, that had consequences, a reality you will never escape. So be careful what you choose, or allow your brain to want: search it/ discipline want (greed; selfishness)/ demand order, not pride (games)/ and bring balance to life itself as justice would do, rather than power or rules.

There is evidence to suggest, “I died once”/ and in fact, a great degree of knowledge, and understanding; was earned after that fact. I make no decision upon that suggestion whatsoever; as it is not a reality of my own choice. But life did change/ and it changed again: after opening the spiritual door to female. I make no decision upon that fact either; and have no prediction as to what comes next. I cannot save you/ and I will not try. Your world is dying, because your “university gods” are extremely poor leaders who curse you, and bring chaos; as is their “god of evolution”. To your shame: you let them destroy life and planet. A reality you will not escape in eternity: unless you fight for this world here and now. No going back: fight now. WITH LAW, TRUTH, INVESTIGATIONS, DEMOCRACY, REALITY, RESPECT, COURAGE, HOPE, and the decisions across this planet: which always put life as a world, first! No more sewage for brains: REMOVE the universities from power.


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