It is necessary, to develop the realities of “brain versus thought”/ a concept extremely few understand; as they are entirely different realms of existence. The foundation of evil rests upon removing happiness, so that you will be influenced by turmoil. To destroy miracles, and replace them with chaos; is merely the first proof, that a university is not your friend.

In the fundamentals of conception: the brain “is part of the animal”/ while thought is an elevation beyond self, into the descriptions that change life into eternity. Love enters thought/ hate devours brain. The opposites then appear; as either the blessings and value of life, as a true respect for GOD / OR, the elements which give rise inside the brain, to the concept of Satan.

The critical question is not how do you tell the difference: just as love or hate is simple and plain in their descriptions; so is “brain (hate confronted by animal) or thought (love confronted by eternity)”.

The true question is then: WHY DO PEOPLE CHOOSE? Because reality states clearly; apart from simple survival, there is only love or hate to choose from/ and each is extremely directional, which means: if you have chosen one or the other, the others will know. But there is an “animal twist”; as hate when found is “discarded from the herd” (so they learn to lie). In contrast: when love is found among the animals, jealousy can arise (hidden hate), and cause extreme harm.

Choice means: I have made my decision. Simple as that, and even if your decision is simply to “go along with the herd” that is still your choice; NOT to decide for yourself, but be carried along with the others, so that none can call you different. This is primal animal instinct: to belong to the rest, so that loneliness cannot enter in. therefore the ultimate fundamental reality of “brain choice” is: to not be lonely, because loneliness has consequences. People thereby choose to make friends with those who have friends; so that their “herd” can be enlarged, and thereby they can be protected from loneliness by having more options to rely upon.

We must then identify the foundations upon which loneliness exists, and conceive of our options to functionally modify what is true of ourselves, as independent individuals who will die alone. In that singular statement: are the moments which matter to life. We are responsible for our choices/ we exist, and until we do not we do have options, which functionally create what is true of our choices as life in us makes into our reality. We are whatever truth as is our decision creates, and we will die with no more inside of us, than our independent decisions did make: to identify “our own truth”. As to the constant of hate which is “no one will ever know”/ that is discarded, as you are the one who knows: and nobody escapes their past; you will take that into your grave. Therefore what is true, becomes your eternity. So, we question: “I am stopped”Turning back to life or death of this world:

So, let’s return to the more simple conceptions of brain versus thought. The critical question is perhaps: what is “the voice inside”? The answer: it is not you, or you would not need to listen! Therefrom we examine, WHO is trying to talk to us, from the inside? In order to understand this: we must divide life into two distinct parts. As both love and hate stand alone, and never participate as one: yet that is untrue of humanity, wherein the middle ground, or sitting on the fence (I want both); is the constant of a vast majority. It is in that middle ground that the voice inside rises up from your decisions/ or falls down because you chose hate over love. The brain which controls these decisions at your command: functions to recognize, “what does the rest of the herd say, or do”? Because as a herd you must consider the cost of being different/ and few rise up beyond the brain, to encounter the values known to love, as begin our ascent into thought. In contrast many are those who consider the cost of revenge worth its price; “because they intend to remain hidden/ as it may never even leave their mind (same as brain): but is, still there”. Dreams are about modifying the decision to follow either love or hate; by invoking “your education as life taught by man or woman or nature”. Dreams allow you to create your own environments, and participate in the development of your own future, by following the illusions or delusions found in time. Alas sometimes they “go awry”/ and nightmares arise instead; as is consistent with the consequence of choosing fantasy, fool, blind, or failures. To be deaf to the world speaking at you: can be either good or bad/ but is rarely beneficial, because every decision is based in knowledge, and every intent of knowledge is found in the evidence by our understanding of what is true or false. If you turn away, and hide from reality: you cannot learn, and are thereby dismissed from the journey that recognizes “death is not simple or plain”.

The question is then: while our lives here in time are comparatively simple and plain/ WHAT, can be found beyond that moment when we leave this place to encounter the consequences of what we did choose as our own truth?   I am stopped: therefore the discussion has ended.

We begin again, at the examination of time: realities measured by their existence in a specific state of composition, correlation with the laws which made them, and definitions of purity which sustain them. Recognizing that all things body, are inherently flawed according to time, and will dissipate into the corruption that is chaos defined. That leaves us with life itself, as opposed to body; a relationship defined by truth, according to its own identity formed by decisions. Or more distinctly: LIFE as opposed to body, is a fourth dimension!

So we ask: if body is three dimensional/ why is life a fourth dimension; as opposed to an intrinsic relationship that is defined and created by body itself? The answer is: I am stopped/ this ends here.

It is allowed, that definitions begin with: the fourth dimension is occupied, or occurs in response to the seventh element of time. Time exists as a dimension by recognizing “the six directions of universal space: north/ south/ east/ west/ up/ and down”. These describe an environment of space by mass; occupied as time defined. What can arise as the consequence of that, is a creation within its own dimensional environment, separate from “universal space”. Assigned by its own distinct definitions: to then become the description of time used to occupy the space of a specific enclosed environment. That becomes the fourth dimension.

It is considered different, because life can be used, to reshape both space and time: which does make it another dimension, beyond “simply measured”. Life shapes time/ time then changes in accordance to both life and space.

At its primary core: death is the release of life from the inside, to the outside of that environment known as body. What sustains itself, is truth by the aid of thought. To achieve participation in love, It is essential, that you have a relationship with your CREATOR.

Religion has become university driven [as exemplified by its incorporation of evolution], a composite drawing of what the universities teach, and what people want to believe. Unfortunately for the majority it is not, as the Christian religion suggests: “just say a few words and your done; heaven bought and paid for, by saying JESUS a few times”. Nor is it as the other religions suggest either. Rather FAITH demands acceptance as evidenced in the value of miracles, the realities of life beyond self; as they achieve the integration of heart with soul.

If we step back in time a bit; we can proceed. Therefore we return to the change from two dimensional shape/ into three dimensional configurations, by acknowledging the three elements used to identify Length, width, and depth are the result of an action creates a reaction by the laws which govern both realities. Or more simply “for every up there is a down” and so on. While that creates dimensional space assigned by mass/ it does not include the validity of life. Life thereby being a separate identity of its own/ therefrom a fourth dimension (alternate space governed by independent laws), by separating the laws which govern this physical universe: from its source for life. A dimension exists: because it is well defined by specific laws which control that “identity of expression”. Life exists by separated laws from environment or space. It is the difference in laws that control a dimensional shape or function.

It is force, which makes or causes movement. Thereby force is an integral part of the physical world called time/ a reality we all express as energy, through its forms of an action or reaction or potential to act or react. Life is not a force/ but a relationship to the compositions of time. More is not wise to release.

Therefore we turn back again into thought, as the methods by which we search independently, to discover our own creation as life. We did not attain, nor sustain our lives; and you know that is true; it is a gift/ just as body is a gift as well; governed by nature/ but declared alive through the elevation of thought as it ascends into love, or descends through time. The critical change between love and hate, is a relationship with truth; where truth is “alive”, the value and respect for MIRACLES cannot be denied. Where hate is overriding the realities of a miracle, the descent into lies, failures, fantasy, and all that is wrong in this human world will occur. Therefore truth is the path into life’ and reality is the step used by each one to either ascend as with love; or descend as with hate, as their own decisions will dictate. The constant being: while lies can produce an immediate benefit, if you make them believe/ it is like jumping off a cliff; because you have used up the foundation needed to remain the same/ descent is then inevitable. Truth in the opposite of lies: creates a foundation upon which the future is built, and that grants access to a greater understanding, thereby a greater relationship with heart: the values I accept as is part of me, by my own decision. The identity of a life is determined by its truth.

We then return to the brain, and assemble: there are three distinct choices for a human life. To go in the direction of truth/ to go in the direction of lies/ to go in circles, because you would not choose honestly for either; but WANT to retain both. To exit the circle, you will choose either love or hate: which makes truth the direction of your soul. Hate is to descend into death as the direction you chose, in an identity that will produce chaos. Love is the ascent into life, as it builds upon the foundations you choose to place as the purpose and desire for life among the miracles. They are opposites, and never live as one: which is why those who “worship the middle ground” are called believers. Believers want; and want is a direction towards all things, which does include both love and hate; therefore the circle exists.

Let truth decide: is a journey into life as love/ or it is a journey into death as hate determines it to be. Love is a desire extending beyond self, into the realm of Creation itself/ whereas hate is a desire that only knows or accepts self as god / valuing little else. Do you see the difference?

Love is the blessing of peace, supported by the honesty of truth, as it turns life into being ALIVE in the grace of all that love can be; a true respect for miracles, and nothing less than joy will erupt. Hate is the curse of chaos, constantly demanding an action or reaction to alter the descent, by becoming violent with the present; thereby proving you can be god/ but not for long; and not for joy. An ever increase thirst for power: yes I can make you fear; “like ____”. Love brings life into the grace of GOD! Hate destroys all relationships with life, ending as the body reveals: without life inside, only corruption is left to be accomplished.

Chaos, a constant attack from every side, as is the descent into hate: “the god of university, and their evolution”; has only one purpose, to destroy everything complex, down to its most simple forms. That is why war exists: because men when lost in their fantasies and delusions about playing god have become unable to survive as they are/ war brings chaos, and that chaos dethrones the ridicule and disrespect of fantasies by making the insanity of men known. When they are tired of the insanity, war stops, and life begins again. Unfortunately for this moment in time: war simply means extinction/ because the universities have built numerous forms of; weapons whose only use is, mass destruction.

Love, is a deliberate decision to participate in the building of life, by the merits and wisdom of truth. It is a passage, that defines a journey within the natural progression of trust; as truth creates an opportunity to realize “there are doors, into other worlds; beyond self”. Love increases complexity, by elevating life into miracles of existence, that are then free to experience and express the values of a heart; and identity the destiny called soul. Love shares freedom, with those who care about love; identifying a value that gives life hope: the essence of why we choose to live. Thereby the complex arrangement, that is life in transition from human into love; understands little. Because hope identifies GOD as the source of life itself, and that life source cannot be known in time. No matter what religion says! Instead we see love in the miracles which surround us all, and identify trust in the knowledge none of this “had to be”. Rather we are granted more, than we could ever have attained on our own: a gift with the promise of a future. A guarantee: known as JESUS we were not left behind.

The brain measures and judges; because it is a part of time/ and time is about distance, and the path reality will take to get there. It is not life/ it is human (the body of time, which shapes our life into heart and soul/ can’t choose/ or hate). However the brain is your own individual property, just like all other parts and pieces of a body, can only be yours. Women have to share that life and body with a fetus (a life searching inward)/ but then surrender the child, to life beyond self. Which does make them very different than men. Men must face outward, to identify what will keep us all alive in this search for survival among the fittest. Because to have value, men and women need to be confronted with truth beyond self, a reality that does not accept lies. So we share existence by balancing a search inside, with those who search outside; and compensate each other by caring about the body of life in search of heart. Those who search for hate are abandoned: so they lie.

Which brings us to the question: do the majority of those who live within the cult of universities can play god/ hate us, because they were abandoned, as a child? Or do they hate us (those without a diploma), because they hate? The answer: fantasy is a terrible liar, and those who are deluded by it, rarely survive life. While imagination can become a toy, if it takes over your life, it becomes your enemy. Therefore the question is: were those called different forced into a fantasy world, to find their escape from loneliness/ or did they choose it, and as a result became abandoned? The answer is: that children learn to be mean, by watching their parents, by encountering an environment which is mean to them/ or by choosing it, as their first step into hate.

So the question is: WHY will children learn to be mean to each other/ as there is truly “no great reward”? The answer is: they then get to play god; by being mean/ which allows some to judge those who judge them, along with a wide variety of responses both less and more than simply being mean. The weakest are always picked upon; because they represent the least risk to those who want to play god, or more correctly “play predator”. The corrected response is: teach better/ choose better/ be involved in their lives so they make better choices, and become better citizens for them, and for you.

The end result of it is: few will go through life without loneliness/ some will be confronted with far more loneliness than they deserve; because the end result is: we want friends, and friends are limited to a small circle of wants. Outside the circle, you are not considered a friend, so people are judged to stay within the circle, or keep the others inside their circle; and that simply leaves many out. Which makes the need and desire for friendship the primary motivator in a child’s life: on both sides. Hate is an identifiable reality that never chooses for a friend.

The critical truth is then: friendship, has only so many “slots” to be filled by other people/ because we are limited in both time and scope for what we can or cannot do. Desire does not matter, many would be your friend/ but they cannot do to conflicting realities of life as a human being in search for what matters to me more. We then examine more: to find a desire to win, equal to pride/ a desire for power, equal to fear/ a thirst for wanting more of everything; a reality which governs lies, and liars and their consequences. Friendship then requires a limiting of want, so that truth can control the outcome of who we are to become; as friends to each other. Or more simply want controls friendship. Therefore what you want, identifies who you are/ which makes the liar change his or her behavior in order to get close enough to strike. Truth defies a liar/ but we all desire friends; and it is a sacrifice that will not work to allow for lies. There must be truth, or there cannot be “a real friend”. A reality shared by all of humanity, whether university or not. No excuse is given, or granted: do the best you can.

Reality then turns to: the universities say believe/ and the cult worshiper says “I do”! The cost of that decision is: you no longer have an independent brain/ you believe, thereby you want to let the others decide. That is a tragic scenario: for both you and your leader; it brings pride and power, each of which has consequences.

Media says fear: and the cult worshiper fears, because they are ordered to do so/ giving rise to that power which transforms the majority by hate. The cult itself rises to say: ALL MUST obey, because it is the element of pride, to now give power to the many; who then enforce the rule. The cult then competes with life, to prove control: because “we are the superior ones”. Turning aside from all freedom or rights, to reduce liberty to whatever we decide.

The question is: WHY DO cult members “marry (I give to you my life) into (we are joined, by choice)” the cult/ surrendering their identity to become “one of the many”? The answer is: I want a life where I need not take responsibility for what I do! You simply tell me what I think, thereby I need no excuse, you chose not me. That is elementally “the herd”. Removing by its existence, the foundation for being human: which is freedom to search for the life I will then share. The question WHY, did you surrender your responsibility; to assume a duty designed by others? The common answer is: I could not find MORE, on my own/ I found less, than I wanted to be/ by joining this herd, I am now simply “One of them”; gaining their acceptance, in life and herd/ by doing the same thing as they do, or being whatever they demand that I be. Religions are like that, but do not compete for your choice; or your decision; they offer information: unless they are a cult. And universities say: we do NOT force them/ but media proves otherwise; as the current covid propaganda war for your life choices, will prove.

And the people say: WHY should I not believe/ WHY should I walk alone, when this entire herd has found what it wants/ removing as a herd, those they don’t want: how is that not better for me?

Reality points to truth, and says: ONLY TRUTH WILL SURVIVE, AND YOU are responsible for every choice you make! And the human world says: I DON’T WANT THAT/ I DON’T LIKE THAT/ I WON’T ACCEPT THAT/ THAT IS NOT WHAT I WANT. So there! Reality has no further offering for you, as “free will” is in fact “free will”: except to say, “you were warned”! Claiming you worshiped a university/ or the others did the same; has no value in truth whatsoever. Simple as that.

The foundation judgment against me personally is “YOU have a flaw”! But reality knows, so do you! NO, I am not god/ but neither is your universities, as former classmates; you know that is true.

The foundation of refusal: “I don’t have to do NOTHING”/ is based upon me “and my flaws”, not the evidence I have presented to you; which is more than sufficient to prove your need to investigate for truth and consequences.

The foundation of lies, that exists in you: is built upon, “my flaws are enough”: to prove you don’t need to care, even when the proven evidence is a world facing extinction/ a reality that cannot be undone past the point of no return. To your shame: you point at me, and say “because of you”/ I don’t have to care. Therefore I point back to you and say: you chose to let this world, and all its life die; in horrors.

I will defend myself in this way: that I tried, even though not perfect/ I worked, even though not perfect/ I fought for better, even though not perfect/ I pushed you away, even though that could not last/ I told you the cost of being wrong; and I told you the price of what you do, is assassinating the children and world. But your only response was truly “you want what you want, and nothing else matters but me”/ with all potential participants either running away to hide, or shouting “you can’t do anything”; because they didn’t want me to do anything; and would not join. In this extreme version of a selfish and greedy world; particularly here in America; where lies, stealing, and bribes abound. You made me your scape goat; “we don’t have to do nothing/ because ; its only him”. But reality is reality, and the evidence does not care who brings the message.

 We will then take a final look at the relationships between male and female; as an introduction: between the worlds that are brain versus thought. The brain produces our physical existence as human life/ thought is the ascension beyond human into the world apart that is beyond ourselves; a path into Creation and beyond.

This relates to the elemental conception of “love and lover”/ versus want, lust, or greed: by examining the same participation as either a physical existence measured by what we want from each other. OR, the ascension beyond human want, into a world that forms desire and creates both love and lover in the essence of a life beyond self.

Humanity wants, regardless of male or female; both are same in that regard/ both want “all they can get”, and that translates into “romantic behaviors”; as either the quest for sex and trophies, OR the value we place in each other’s care; as we ascend to join life itself, and become ALIVE within each other. They are very different realities of truth. The common herd wants, and will not surrender that, because it has no courage to do so. The elevation of trust beyond self; fails, and then so does the desire for love. Instead of searching for courage to accomplish that trust; the common response is, “to drag down” the person who has love; so that they can be consumed and thereby enjoined, by your level of truth. This is a battleground: because the person who will not climb for themselves/ will not release the one who has a greater love: because love is in fact “the greatest treasure in our universe”. All who experience it know that is true/ but some simply cannot accept the cost of becoming equal therein. It does “require, EVERYTHING”. But if you fail to recognize a liar/ that makes you vulnerable to eternal death, as without the love they steal, or you give away: you die too. No it is not fair/ but reality does not care. So long as you retain “the last love inside, as is your best”/ you can fight back, and return to life as it was “almost”.

So there are rules:

  1. without respect there is no relationship/ they are using you, or intend too.
  2. Without truth there is no future; it will become a fight to survive the lies.
  3. Without trust you cannot achieve true love, and become real lovers as life intended it to be.
  4. Love is love, and it does not turn to hate; even if anger can appear; anger has a solution/ hate is hate.
  5. Sex is not love; love is love, there is a difference; almost as distinct as truth or lie.
  6. Reality cannot be survived without truth to decide, instead of you/ want is irrelevant.
  7. A child is your responsibility/ not your excuse. A reality to be decided by both equally, not one.
  8. Build love, with your “gender opposite partner”; because if you don’t, life will tear you apart.
  9. The value of our existence: is expressed in freedom and truth; without both unhappiness will appear.
  10. You CANNOT own another: period! They are not yours, each is separate but joined by love/ and love will never seek to own the other: it is forbidden.
  11. Do your share of the work, as life itself is experienced best: when we know I have someone I can and will rely upon to aid and assist my life; as I do for you as well.
  12. Remember GOD your Creator; and search as “a temple and its worshiper” would do.     I have searched, “forty plus years”; for your brain; and find it so corrupted, that you cannot under any circumstance of evidence: even respond to people who are trying to ignite this planet into a sun. Burning atoms is no joke/ not a game/ no “wait and see”. You cannot respond to nature being mutilated/ people playing god with life/ the poisoning of this earth/ tragedy coming from all sides; regardless of the evidence. You are university cult worshipers (“we cannot” question our leaders; they are gods), and I have no regard for your fantasies; so I have continued to look for the very few who are not blind, deaf, and dumb: to aid in their eternity. As the rest will soon be abandoned “to the fire of hades [the cost and consequence of destroying what belongs only to  GOD  ] (hell [the cost and consequence of your own failures] intensified a million times)”…….perhaps this is the last I write for you. Perhaps not; but the Biblical countdown of days Daniel 12 ends on April 5, I believe. While reality will prove we are living within the second accounting of Revelation: without movement from humanity, that may or may not be discarded; just like you. I do not know. You have no brain: the universities stole it/ media insists you shall not take it back. A cult has no value to me.

And the people say:  “you have no right to judge us so/ we are like gods”.  But, I do not:  the evidence alone stands against you/ I for my part, did do all I could do for you and even your eternity.  You refused, worshiping university instead of life; discarding planet and all other life, “to play your games”/ particularly “I can throw more onto, the garbage mountains than you”.  YOU will not even stand up:  when the evidence is irrefutable;  people are trying to ignite atoms on fire, “just like the sun”; here on earth. How much more worthless could you be?

You, on the other hand know everything, as all true believers do. After all media informed you, as the universities instructed: that the sun turns hydrogen into helium to produce its heat, with every BTU;  “they call it fusion”.  But alas:  the sun produces NO HELIUM; or the universe itself would be full of that by-product.  A sun on fire;  made of hydrogen, and called the heaviest object in our solar system by gravity pull; makes no sense at all. Yet you believe them anyway; as all true cult worshipers do; to their own shame. YOU failed life, YOU failed planet, YOU failed your children:  because nothing but “I want what I want” exists in YOU.      How truly horrible is that.

And the world says to me:  “we are innocent, we only followed the leaders of university/ they are the guilty ones”. They created the threats of our extinction, we are NOT guilty. But the evidence says:  you gave the universities all the power, arrogance, and pride to play god with life and planet/ never once questioning the cost of being wrong. Because you worship them as gods/ as your savior: and that literally puts you, as equals; in the same decisions, as they made. YOU wanted them to do so/ YOU paid money, and allowed their theft, their insanity, their brainwashing of your youth. YOU are, just like them; even if not in a position of power: YOU chose to threaten this earth; as did they. the foundation of every lie; begins with “I do/ or I don’t want that to be true”. Reality however accepts only truth.

In life, value shapes our existence, as it creates the differences in our journey. Love shapes the creation of respect, and respect identifies who can, and who cannot escape selfishness, and become “true friend”. Hope shapes the desire that will become our destiny. While passion shapes the purposes we accept as the direction we will go. Soul shapes purity, Heart shapes our commitment to living. Happiness shapes the definitions, that become our relationship with life itself. Hate simply destroys. Thought is NOT “voices inside”/ as those merely represent, your understanding/ belief;  of what the other people, religion, etc would be saying to you. Thought is massively different, and is only approached through soul.  Alive:  means “more than the beginning”; of time or eternity.




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