living with the truth of life

More simply: the price of my heart is, don’t control me/ don’t manipulate me/ don’t own me/ don’t use me/ don’t tempt me beyond done in play/ don’t believe you know me, as I do have a mind of my own. Freedom shapes trust into the decisions I have made to prove I will share and care for you. Honesty creates the boundaries upon which we both depend, to describe our lives, and our future as “friend/ lover/ or more”. The disciplines of let truth decide for both of us; understands that these limits do not give control to either one: therefore we balance our desire, with our truths & so shape our world.mercy requires your participation

Of the many elements, that humanity has avoided, and refused to participate in/ even though extinction is certain under “these conditions”. One of the realities; when men will not function to achieve a true and critical change for society and this world/ then all that is left, would be female! The woman’s response to that message is: WE WON’T CARE/ WE WON’T SHARE/ WE WON’T PARTICIPATE/ WE WON’T BE RESPONSIBLE, “let men do it”. For all intents and purposes, it is the very same response as, the vast majority of men. Both “boiling over with pride, power, and the wants which are endless in man and woman”.fantasy and fear of sex

The consequence of that is: I have worked for forty years+, because you would not; enduring as necessary.

Today however: no further time can be committed to “what would women do”? As the end of the road, the last and final decisions are made which bring us all into extinction are “at the door”.

That consequence is: I must now try to speak for women, and what they would do. The reality of that; was impossible/ but do to a fifteen year+ long insistence “by the spiritual developments; searching for answers. I do finally have a tiny bit of knowledge, even though I never intended it should be so. That comes from “an endless, from the very beginning” demand by tits to push out from me, and their chemicals; and all the consequences that did create. “it will just have to do”/ as women are guilty of desertion.predictions revelation 12

We therefore begin, to assemble the realities of decision that must be made in order to have ANY hope, this world might survive. NO guarantee, by any means; IT WILL take intervention by GOD . Simple as that; but if you don’t try/ if you don’t RESPECT/ then no mercy will be given. Too late is too late/ no second chances anymore: remember that as true.

So the question is: in this world overrun by humanity, and facing extinction even though they refuse to acknowledge that as fact/ WHAT CAN BE CHANGED? WHAT CAN PRODUCE A FUTURE for life and earth?

  1. You get nothing without a trial; because without a world trial to remove all the excuses/ there will be no true consensus “that we must”. Without that, you get nothing that will survive.
  2. You get nothing without true (earth is full) population control; and that requires separation into “punishable entities”; so that those who fail this earth and its life/ can endure their own consequences, without endangering the rest. Population control falls to women: because even a million men cannot make a single baby/ therefore sterilizing men is worthless. A vasectomy ends sexual desire, because the chemicals disappear; for female too. Even one man, can fertilize a massive amount of women; in today’s world: which means if women do not accept population control for themselves, they can’t be stopped; they can and will get pregnant.    ONLY WOMEN can control population/      and no man has the right to interfere in their decisions; on how. It is however fair, that men should pay accordingly as reality allows. In that regard sexual crimes, fall under female jurisdiction as well.
  3. You get nothing without world law, and rewriting the laws that govern nations so that all can see this is for justice: no more excuses. Enforced by world policing on leaders.
  4. You get little, unless you rewrite religion to examine and identify what can or cannot be proven true/ and what is valuable, and what is not. So that no further tragedies will occur from belief.
  5. The future is dead, unless you conserve resources; and thereby give your children a chance. That includes protecting trees, or the atmosphere will be released to winds over 100mph quickly.
  6. The future is dead, unless you return habitat and the chains of life as best you can. BECAUSE WE ARE independent lives/ as the chemicals one life makes, are fundamental foundations for more complex lives. Put back their world.
  7. The future is limited severely; and will be marked by WAR; if you do not return the ocean to life/ and refuse further damage. THESE ARE JUST THE BEGINNING
  8. we then turn to the realities of human society, and recognize that basically all of what universities have chosen is bad for life and earth/ and must be overturned to achieve survival of planet earth. They chose nothing for life or planet.
  9. WE CANNOT change the climate of this earth further; without ending the ability to live in massive areas of the planet: overheating/ water losses, that is WAR. Simple and plain; because we are a finite planet. Therefore all the things which fail us and our planet must be undone: that includes drinking water pollution and more. The very first in that regard is: a minimum TWICE the amount of insulation shall be used, and retrofitted/ all but the most necessary air conditioning shall be turned off/ NO irrelevant or unnecessary heat usage/ individual usage of energy and materials SHALL be limited; so that all can survive.
  10. Vehicle usage cannot be sustained as it is; too much heat, pollution, etc. Which means: EVERYBODY shall work “close to home”/ as is possible to do. That means “business shall be moved into those locations” so that real life choices can be made to accomplish “limited drives to work”. Laws will be passed: to insure those who live close by, are first hired. Methods for generating electricity without serious pollution is required.
  11. JUSTICE AND FAIR PLAY, keep this world from going insane, or claiming war is worth the price. Therefore every courtroom shall be opened. Every judge and lawyer shall be judged; and removed if they are in contempt of our design to keep society at peace, with honesty and truth leading the way.
  12. A government is valued only when it reflects our own purposes; and those purposes MUST NOT REMAIN, “ I WANT WHAT I WANT/ AND I DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ANYTHING OR ANYONE ELSE”; AS IS the vast majority, in this USA today. YOU CHOOSE TRUTH AND JUSTICE shall decide, WITH FAIR PLAY to all; or you lose your world.
  13. Education is a manure pit in this USA; an army of insurgents whose only purpose is greed/ selfishness/ and making the university their own cult gods. IT WILL be changed for the values of life, society, and planet instead.
  14. Healthcare is organized crime, and lives for corruption in all places; by extorting money wherever, and whenever it can. A mixed assembly of public and private enterprises will take its place. You will investigate, and determine what is and has been true in all manner of healthcare. You will vote, and determine “who shall be lost”/ because there will not be further: “let the children pay”. Anymore. The payment for services rendered will be a percentage of income: that goes into a large pot, to be redivided based upon the medical treatments done. So that rich or poor, your price is effectively the same/ even if not in reality “more than is realistic to do”.
  15. Everything that can be recycled, will be recycled or reused; life comes first/ and without planet or its chains of life and reality: there is no future, so that is equal to life in all manners and ways. NO MORE “university led: THROW IT ALL AWAY”.
  16. The value of money is limited/ but the reality of money is: this can be used to create armies, and destroy life. Therefore it will be changed from a trophy, to a reality of life and living: such as is “limited capitalism: we all decide the limits of what anyone can receive for income/ or hold for property: by vote”. Bankruptcy returns us all to “zero”/ and after an accounting, whatever is left that can be divided, will be divided according to what is fair. BASED UPON WORK, LIFE CHOICES, and realities that are proven to be sustainable/ not simply equal/ not simply same: but fair based upon what is true.
  17. AN ENDLESS description that is “for the benefit of our combined happiness and peace”; must be established, so that life can go on. As the reality of “lets go shopping/ and throw it all away”: IS DEAD. THOSE are decisions every community must make on its own. But primary to the purpose is: how best to participate in the joining of male and female, because love is the greatest treasure of all.
  18. Redress of grievances decides: because that is all of us/ deciding for all of us/ what our futures will become. FAIL you die. CHOOSE CORRECTLY, and life goes on, at least we hope.
  19. As to the business of society: we will separate it out, so that none can control us all/ so that many get their chance to be “more independent and happy in their own choices”. To assist: you will create a scale for the public to recognize. As is this business guarantees: “everything we sell/ shall not be marked up over this percentage of what we pay ourselves”. With that single description, everybody including small business; has an equal chance to succeed.
  20. As to the living: we are far more people, than there are actual real work jobs to fill. Which means we must share. Which means the games men play are over. Which means, the value of life will be determined by what we choose to make our world; our section of this world into. Simple as that, choices matter/ resources will decide.
  21. No more universities in charge of anything: they will provide what we ask of them/ within the limits we allow for them; and none shall go beyond these boundaries at the risk of their own lives. Not gods/ consequences.
  22. Only one pension system period, no exceptions. NO medicare or medicaid, unless it is for the young/ you stole from them; you deserve no reward. A percentage of GDP decides what the payment can be/ no credit/ no debt/ no exceptions: pensioners will decide for themselves/ not government, HOW that division of resources shall occur.
  23. No unions; instead if your pay is less than average for the nation or area: then the company can be picketed in common union ways/ as the nation will protect you up too; ten percent more. But NOT if the company goes broke by your actions. You have the right to leave. But you do not have the right to force your employer to be your babysitter: no more insurance through the company, nothing but your pay.
  24. Lawyers shall be paid by the state or nation, and only when they work for justice and fair play according to constitutional intent. NO RAIDING/ NO PILLAGING/ NO RAVAGING/ NO WHORING/ NO BETRAYAL/ NO TREASON/ NO INJUSTICE; or more simply, “let the law be, what the law was intended to be”; or we will remove you from the bar/ and all practice of law.
  25. Agriculture MUST BE CHANGED; in a wide variety of ways/ as poisoning this earth, is no longer allowed in any massive way. The reality of the moment is: those with large equipment will continue to plant and harvest/ but weed control will go back too: people in the field. If they fail, they are refused “future farming”. Limited capitalism will help you sustain this effort. No more massive livestock operations/ it will be divided out; as is to the benefit of all including those creatures. NO MORE ETHANOL.
  26. Livestock fishing shall be moved to the outer oceans; and their food supplies will be “dead human bodies, prepared as fish food”/ so long as they can tolerate it; because we have little else, and extreme damage has been done to base life food chains in the oceans. FEED THEM, or they die. Trawlers will be reassigned to clean and clear the oceans of debris.
  27. The currency shall be constitutionally reattached to a gold standard/ or attached to a population count: as the world decides for itself. Thereby all know and understand the basic structure of money. Without reality you have nothing, and as it is today: THIEVES HIDE BEHIND EVERY CORNER, IN EVERY HOLE, CLIMBING UP YOUR ASSHOLE IF THEY COULD.
  28. The collection of taxes SHALL NOT be decided simply by representatives/ but shall be identified for very specific targets, and shall not be shared. Representatives shall not decide debts/ rather a public vote will be taken: and when 50% or more of the necessary funding is collected/ only then can a debt be considered as valid to this specific purpose. With full knowledge of the public, that their taxes shall go up “this amount”. NO DEBT shall be “left to the future”/ you are allowed only, to create a valid debt, that will be paid in less than 30 years. UNLESS there is extreme need that is proven true by the evidence/ NOT THE CURSE of “university playing god”; as is today.
  29. The IRS shall be replaced in its entirety: with independent accounting firms in each location needed, who shall be elected by the people they serve. Accountable to the state or nation, and periodically checked; by independent other accounting firms elected to do that job.
  30. EVERY drinking water source shall be checked, and tabulated to determine its reality for both now and in the future. To determine if it can be sustained/ and every form of poison it now holds.
  31. Every nuclear plant shall be inspected, in particular the reactor to determine its safety for operations/ and steam driven pumps shall power any new reactor or be retrofitted when possible. With water supplies for emergency usage to be GRAVITY FED.
  32. You will provide new methods for gaining “inventive possibilities”; by aiding inventors and creating workshops for people to use in that endeavor. You will stop the people who have sold us out for greater revenues in movies and books and so forth: returning them to the same as “any other invention”/ you are not more; same for all.
  33. You will create opportunities, for those who work/ and you will remove those who refuse to work: into area’s that prove this ain’t no game, and we aren’t playing. Hate will be isolated out of society/ whereas anger is a retrievable possibility.
  34. The foundation of life and living is NOT money. But work and resources. Where you have both, plus a realistic understanding of what is necessary; reality decides the rest. You will form cooperatives to invest in yourselves.
  35. To establish a starting point, for understanding: primary realities of choice, must be made to save this planet/ one good example of that is the grain elevator, that sits close by. They closed numerous elevators, and now truck millions of bushels of grain from about a one hundred square mile [whatever it is] area: to here. They load out 1.5 million bushel trains; roughly once a week for five months. It takes 1875, legal truck loads; to fill one train; which makes the truck drivers say “hurrah”/ but when comparing that to building elevators on the track so that the train can make the extra miles. The difference in fuel, heat, and resources required (train versus truck) IS MASSIVE. New choices must be made to end that.

Once you complete this list, HONESTLY, to: “one hundred” you are done. YOU MUST LIVE: the decisions you accept/ therefore YOU MUST participate in developing the framework and realities of what that will become. Good or bad it is your decision/ because the consequences will be yours as well.

After you then separate each discipline with order, and balance the reality with purposes of value formed in the destiny by law, of true desire.

IN CONTRAST to those elements of life, are the constant curse of humanity, as is “I believe”. Because you can literally believe anything you want to believe/ which then makes want your god, instead of truth. The believer “KNOWS” ALL THINGS, which makes them righteous/ which makes them believe they are superior/ which makes them believe they can make rules, which makes the world a better place; because “they know, what they know”; and hear nothing else. With rules, individual people are selected to be “examples” to the rest/ individual people are governed and squashed, because they don’t believe the same/ individual people are made to cry, because you didn’t do what we said; and power erupts to destroy laws; as two sides now exist. The ruled and the ruler; because the righteous believe/ and the “uneducated” cannot live within their constraints. When the ruler fears, they push hard into the crowd to create fear in them; and whenever it is possible to do so (yes we can), the crowd responds with WAR. Leaving at the top of this food chain of believers: the plotting and planning of how can we steal all their stuff, manipulate their lives, and destroy their realities to make them slaves; when this is over, and “the winner” must now heal his wounds. Being too weak to resist.

The puppets of leadership are insurgents against the people and this nation called America/ while media is an attack by the rats, who live in university sewage. Because neither understands the reality, all believe “we are the righteous/ we are the superior ones”; and NOBODY lets truth decide. Which is the only method of survival/ while law is the only method without war, and the destruction of everything you desire and need to live. To your shame you believe/ and fail life as well as planet. LET TRUTH DECIDE/ GO TO COURT, AND IDENTIFY THE REALITIES WHICH PROVE WHAT IS TRUE. STOP being righteous; and learn the value of living has nothing to do with your games. Rise above the sewer of university fantasies and fools; that you have been living in; or die.

This attack: is to remove all options from the middle classes of America. Thereby giving your nation over to the curse of “university is god now”/ and you cannot stop us. WAR is then inevitable, if the “utter evil” that is university experimentation with mutilating nature/ manipulating humanity/ propagating lies, failure, and betrayal/ or the end of life by igniting a nuclear fire does not take you first. To your shame, you live in the closet of your fears/ while the real world outside the darkness of your mind: is being destroyed.

REALITY SAYS; there is NOT ONE THING, that can now be trusted about the news media/ politician/ universities/ or other; because propaganda has taken that away.

GO TO COURT: EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE IN REAL LIFE CIRCUMSTANCES/ LET NONE BE FRIVOLOUS OR FOOLS/ DEMAND “full knowledge: which requires your conversation/ your words shall be understood by us”; OR, we put in in a prison cell until you figure out how to do that/ lie to us, and we won’t let you free.

WITH REAL KNOWLEDGE, by the evidence; NOT “university knows/ or media says”. It is then possible to understand the decision, and make the threats of our extinction/ the disgrace of this nation/ the failures universities want to hide: be extinct instead of us.

IN REDRESS COURT, by constitutional purpose and intent: the judicial official is mediator. The job is to insure as best he or she can: that a fair and deliberate trial exists for both sides, using the authority of office to demand the evidence, and insure there is no violation of purpose or truth. WE ARE THE JUDGE, and none may take that decision from us. But make no mistake; if you are “only believers”/ rather than letting truth decide, LIES WILL overrun you, and your decision will end in HELL. TRUTH DECIDES, nothing more, or less; only truth, NOT want. DEFEND YOUR TRUTH WITH REALITY, IDENTIFY THE COST OF BEING WRONG: AND CHOOSE RESPECT, as best you can!

We should examine the potential that is: “changing the world”. The cost of men in charge is: they believe/ then they become righteous and rule over each other/ then create games to modify their behavior so that more are included/ then use power to defy and control the others so they can get more; “to be the winner”/ and then they create fantasies so as to hide the truth of what they are doing: which results in war. War removes the fantasies, and people find faith in “the real GOD “ of life. Which gives humanity another chance to try again. Which history proves NEVER exceeds the circle of what men actually do.

CHANGING THE WORLD: MEANS TO TAKE THE GAMES AWAY! SIMPLE AS THAT, no more games; no more history decides: because there are “different rules”. Making the past obsolete.

The question however is: WHY did men choose these games in the first place, and what are they?

The answer: men want more, so they fight for it/ because if they don’t, someone else will take what they want and control it, thereby refusing them access to what they need as well. Men choose games to play, because that is easier than war/ but games require a winner and a loser, and as the competition for resources becomes greater; fewer are allowed to compete, which results in large numbers of men being barred from competition: because they have no access to the resource. Money is chosen to divide the winners from the losers by the trophies they have collected. Numbers are trophies/ and they control who gets to decide. To demand, “I am winner too”; those who can, chase after women for sex and nudity as proof they are winners/ while others assume they can prove they are winners too; by committing crimes “without getting caught”. While still others assert: WITH REVENGE, you become a loser too; which makes me, the true winner. These are the basics; while war is about being forced into something; because the other men insist.

DISCARDING THESE GAMES MEANS: the foundation cause for why men do what they do, is also determined by the fact, that they want games, because they are bored with life. Finding it insufficient to tame their desire for competition (I am god, compared to you)/ a reality many women have fallen prey too as well. So in order to sustain a changed world: one of the primary objectives is to create a world, where both men and women are happy, with who they are, and what life has or will offer to them. Hate is an outsider/ and can never be happy for more than a few seconds; because they threw their lives away. EVEN SO: the reality of finding happiness, will be dependent upon the others. Because if you have “friends, lovers, family, options, desires beyond self, and purposes that identify the value of living, the respect called dying, and the honesty which brings trust into life: then you can or will be happy/ for all who live without hate. The very first step in capturing this elusive goal is to remove the game. Because without real competition, which can leave you dying and alone: the possibilities of choice override loneliness, and our option is to participate beyond self, as the whole of humanity: instead of a single self called human.

VALUE is the decision to participate as equals/ but not the same. We are not the same/ we do not deserve the same rewards for our behaviors or contribution to life and a future; but that does not mean, respect is lost. We are human, and if you contribute, by participating honestly and with truth: value is inherent to your life. The foundation of that is: WE WERE ALL CREATED, AND NOBODY gets to claim more; because life itself is the biggest prize we shall ever attain throughout time: therefore EQUAL. To discard the fools and idiots of failure that stems from the universities: simply answer this: WHAT DID MEN OR WOMEN EVER CREATE, THAT IS EQUAL WITH LIFE? Since there is nothing: and the design of life, world, body, balance, order, disciplines, laws, and more EXCEED ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING that humanity is able to do for itself. NONE are allowed to conceive of less than Creation itself: because the intensity of thought, that is so clearly enabling our lives to be born, to be EVERYTHING we desire as LIVING, or hope to explain as “being ALIVE”. The cursed who shame themselves with stupidity and the sewage of fools are discarded.

We then turn back to a world without the games, of “peaceful war”: and refine our search to the destinies which can create something other than the ending of war/ as history proves is the constant of men and their games. But reality notes: UNLESS the desire to be superior fades away, or is removed; the reality of what can be sustained will die. So we turn to balance: and recognize the single most influential tool in the history of earth to control man is woman. Which means our future is based upon the realities of helping male and female identify each other, and honor each other with the value needed to sustain peace and happiness for themselves, and thereby all the rest as well. That foundation requires a long listing of fundamental changes in both male and female/ and it will not be done in “an instant”.

Nonetheless, back to the simple things: we note that it is money, or weapons, or deceit; that becomes the tool men use to take power away from the others, and declare themselves to be “gods”. Because without the money, you cannot hire fools to do your bidding. Without the weapons you cannot make others fear you into submission. Without deceit as is “on display today” with a pandemic that is not real/ is not categorized by the evidence untainted with deceit: their purpose to destroy by obstruction and misdirection; is without doubt. Their purpose is to gain control with money/ their desire is to push the cult of university claims to be god; into the realm of “you cannot stop us now”/ and their means is to make you obey by brainwashing with constant propaganda through media. ALL OF WHICH are isolated, from the realities that came out of hidden inflation, and the belief of society in those who cannot be trusted.

Limited capitalism: DEMANDS NOBODY GETS CONTROL/ WE SHARE THE POWER OF SOCIETY, BY CREATING A TRUE DEMOCRACY TO PROTECT OURSELVES; from those who use weapons, money or deceit against us all. The reality is simply this: their hidden inflation is STEALING/ CHEATING/ BETRAYAL/ ANARCHY/ AND TERRORISM by threats of extinction that are real. They have the numbers and control over US government/ but we own the currency, and if we say the numbers are no longer valid: then so It is. If we say you will return the stolen property/ then so you shall. If we say our society shall be run according to constitutional intent and laws; then those who are found guilty of treason shall be dealt with as traitors to us all. The foundation is a courtroom called redress of grievances: whereby we are judge for ourselves. The foundation is: that the corrupt judge, an the traitorous lawyers/ SHALL NOT control anymore. They are guaranteed nothing, but a fair trial if found guilty of treason to their oath, or our purpose for justice to all.

The foundation is: our employees are simply citizens just like us/ our equals, not our superiors/ same is true of bankers, university professors, and all of life. What is not equal, is truth. Truth is the difference between survival and extinction. Therefore be careful what you trust; as is the evidence of this day: because “believing and trusting” has put you an entire world: on the edge of extinction. WAKE UP, and understand the cost of being WRONG.

And the people say: WE WORSHIP THE UNIVERSITIES, “believing they are right/ not wrong” ; or at least more right, than the rest of us. But alas, the foundations of greed, selfishness, lust, theft, corruption, betrayal, terrorism, and every form of wrong; as is found in all of humanity: IS NOT lacking in “university”. So you trust the very elevation of what you should fear the most: because the intellectuals, do not fight as the others do: they use deceit. Instead of a fight you can see; they create: delusions, illusions, fantasies, imagination, plotting, planning, lies, cheating, manipulation, control, subversive elements, treason, and every other organized crime against life and society, that they can. Because like every other human animal, they want what they want/ or don’t want what they don’t want; just like you: and nothing else matters to the vast majority; just like you.

We then search, to understand relationships, and how best can we identify a new way of living beyond the grief and games that are “the essence of men in charge”? To compile this data, we must search female: because outside of male, there is only one other choice for being in charge of our direction and stability as life in society.

We begin with the foundation difference: which is men search beyond themselves, for the purpose and desire, that is consistent with understanding the world, the options, and the realities; they must live within or choose.

Women; having traveled “a mile in their shoes (out of one hundred miles or a million miles; I don’t know)”; search inside of life itself, to determine what are the options, realities, and world of existence within my living, and abilities to choose; that I can create.

Each method has value, and they do balance each other out; when discipline and the desire for order have been achieved by love. Without love, that will not occur; as the relationship will never congeal into trust/ each truth of life; will be evading the question, and fail the reality. Love is the value of every relationship that is not simply built on truth.

RESPECT BUILDS A RELATIONSHIP; nothing less/ not even love. Without true respect you have no relationship, even if some love is apparent and true. With real love, respect is a guarantee; unless you are foolish and choose to love someone who does not love you. That never equates to true love, but it can cost you your life; which is a basis of love, not less than truth will allow. Love is, “your choice”.

We then look, to the question of WHAT builds a relationship that can last, and be of value? Three basic realities must be answered, before the journey can truly begin. These are the individual decisions to be made:

  1. Can you live my life/ even if I can live yours: you must also be able to accept the choices I will make; as life goes on, and realities shape our existence. Or you will lose love, and could even result in hate. Same is true of both sides. It is not a game, it is living within the framework of our own realities.
  2. Can you remove want from your life, so that we can be freed of the things which are animal: thereby shaping our lives with love, rather than possessions. Love does not accept the existence of an animal; as selfishness, competition, anger or submission, fears and so on; are all inherent in that word. To be alive as human, you must choose for yourself, but listen to each other, and let truth itself guide you into a future you both can accept.
  3. Life is not a game, even though male domination has made all living into a game or a war; the reality of living is not so. To evict a game from our participation in each other’s life: we need to both accept, there is no winner or loser here. We share our existence, by caring as much about you, as about me.

There are then, the foundations needed to sustain a relationship as “two, shaped into one”. The realities of choice, that define us, rather than “I”. There are three basic levels of discipline.

  1. That I do not owe you my life/ nor do you owe me your life: rather we have chosen to share our experience and expressions of living, by the respect formed from being a true participant, instead of trying to make each other “my slave”. Which does equate into: no I don’t owe you my living or work either: we choose to share, because our lives are worth that expression of trust.
  2. You do not own by body, nor do I own yours. However the relationship between male and female is inherently sexual, and the value of it is fundamental, to the function of shared worth: the realities of what you give to me, and I return to you as a gift, we have established in caring. BE FAIR, with each other/ not manipulative or demanding or possessive: SHARE LIFE, and enjoy love by choosing the value of what can honestly, be done.
  3. There is at no time, a decision that you make, which causes me to spend my life: because of your choice. WE MUST make all “real choices” together as one; by the conception that is our lives shared. If you cannot agree, and this choice is a framework for dividing life in two. THEN you must make that failure known, because you owe the truth to someone who has loved and cherished you/ and you they. Anything less causes sacrifice; and all “human sacrifices”, turn out wrong. BE FAIR, accept truth; instead.

Then there are the elevations of order, that confront us as a value shaped individually, which cannot contribute immediately to our lives as one. Or more distinctly: we each have only one life to live, and we should never feel, that my life and my choice; was sacrificed to you. Because that will turn out badly. There are three distinctions which must be known: to rise above the animal.

  1. The search for life, is a search for eternity; and it is not a simple task to complete this desire for truth. It takes many paths, and it forms many definitions of why/ or “but why”; as the validity of knowledge is tested, and the understanding of that knowledge is ground down into the truth I/ we can depend upon, as a foundation which allows the ascension of life beyond self.
  2. The essence of truth, is a search into Creation itself; as we begin the journey beyond self, into the absolute respect for miracles which do surround us all. There is no allowance for failure, and that means, you cannot turn back, without consequences. The mental disturbance will be real; and may or may not be resolved.
  3. The acceptance of life beyond time, is not a game. If you are indeed able to ascend beyond self into the distance that is the expressions and experience of your own individual truth: nothing less than everything must go along in this journey to the spiritual world. Or you will die, in one form or another.

TO BALANCE, the elements of life, eternity, living, love, purpose, hope, courage, and desire; as a relationship between male and female. There are four distinct levels of compassion that must be formed.

  1. NO ONE is perfect, and each one will make mistakes; that can never leave them, because it is “your own individual truth”. That fact shapes their lives, and it will shape your life as well. But do not allow their failure to guide your destiny: choose only for yourself, as it is your eternity/ your truth, that matters beyond this time or its truth.
  2. NO ONE is without flaw; therefore forgiveness is a part of life and living. Because without it, we are alone in our world of perfection; that is not without a cost, no one prefers to pay. BE FAIR, but do not be righteous; because that always ends without justice.
  3. Fear is always an enemy, and it never ends as a value. But you cannot simply make someone else courageous/ that is not your job, and it is not your decision. Therefore always be kind, as best you can/ and teach as best you can: that neither pain nor death will rob you more, than you will rob of yourself; with fear. We must face our own reality, and choose with the certain knowledge: no one escapes death, and then eternity begins. So choose only for eternity.
  4. Purpose and passion are elements of the same choice: to decide within this time on earth, “that I shall do my own personal best”; in the choices I am allowed to make by life. Reality does not treat us all the same, and that will not matter: because my life is my own, it does not belong to any other/ just as their life does not belong to me. The consequence of that is: my own purpose gives me passion, if I choose for myself.

AT THE CROSSROADS of every relationship is the value of desire, the hope that is beyond ourselves in the destiny we create; to achieve within self, the joy and happiness that becomes, our own expression and experience of being ALIVE. Shared as one, because without true love, none can enter into the value of life itself.

We then consider the path to being ALIVE; as the basis of a relationship, that is more than a human animal will achieve. TRUTH IS THE PATH, destiny is the search for value, LOVE IS the basis for being alive; but the heart lives where the center of life is chosen by desire. That center gives us the grace, to be secured in our joy. There are four distinct decisions, to achieve desire worth having.

  1. We cannot split ourselves into pieces, and sustain truth/ only one truth is possible, and by that practice we become a law unto ourselves. Therefore, in the essence of life, our ability to sustain “one distinct truth”; gives us the right to proceed within that truth, as eternity will allow.
  2. Desire is the direction of “our heart”/ and our heart is built upon the rhythms we cherish most. Love is a rhythm built upon how well we are able to “stick to the path” of our own distinct purpose. The decision that we do share with life.
  3. Life is, a directional vane: granting the option to place yourself onto the path that finds your heart, in the search for what is true of you. If you succeed/ only then may you return to the center of living beyond this place in time.
  4. To be ALIVE, is to participate in SOUL; a relationship governed by thought, but cherished by miracles now born in you. That brings joy into life.

May you find your soul, and cherish the path. It is not as the “animals” do. But consists from the desire that achieves heart.

So, I shape a new beginning for you: to consider the realities of truth, “beyond the messenger” who brings them; as Is me. I am a messenger; but that does not mean, I come alone. It does not mean, I have learned without a teacher/ as that is clearly not true. It does not mean, that I am perfect; obviously not true. Nor does it mean, I can stay the same as I have been: because that would allow for some type of recognition or reward do for the work of delivering this message. Not so, I am a servant; “I work for the one who sent me”.Of a certainty is: that religion does not “Like me”. They demand to believe whatever they want to believe; to accept whatever the universities tell them to think. And to undermine all forms of evidence to the contrary of “university Is god”/ and religion is their greatest supporter: we find the treason most responsible for attacking democracy itself. BELIEF IS THE FAILURE OF HUMANITY, to accept only truth decides. Without truth, there is no life/ nor eternity. Therefore what is true, ascends beyond humanity, to define and accept what is called FAITH. Faith is not belief/ as belief is want, and want is the basis of every lie. FAITH IS: TRUTH BRINGS US CLOSER TO LAWS/ AND LAWS BRING US CLOSER TO CREATION ITSELF/ AND CREATION AS IS BORN IN THE MIRACLES OF LIFE: so far beyond human cause or construction; that only “monkeys” would deny it is so. Yet religion in their decisions to get closer to universities, so as to claim “their assumed superiority”; have made universities god instead of our Creator. TO THEIR SHAME! As to me, the Christian religion looks for “JESUS, to come again”/ but that is not what the bible says; it is only what they believe they want. The prediction is: “the son of man” will come with information never before known to prove it is him; and that JESUS is “within that son of man”. A value that cannot be denied, because as did JESUS himself: he stands apart. As did JESUS, the value of his work to life is LOVE; and the response to change what you are doing so this world can survive. HE was not “what the religious leaders expected”. The temple leaders, “killed him” when they lost money: because that was more important to them than “life, eternity, love, healing, knowledge, courage, value, or hope”. To their shame. Truth is its own witness. Love finds the heart, or it leaves you alone. The brain measures, but it does not live in thought; thought lives in life, and only life can determine what is true.

Revelation 12: begins its 2nd prediction of Biblical endings. The first 11 chapters is: man remains in charge to the end. Revelation 12 changes that into what if women were to be allowed to lead; by creating law. Men will revolt; as the predators among them always do/ BUT, if war can be contained; the reality of different ways, can be used to achieve peace on earth. It is your choice/ not mine. Revelation 12 starts out “with a spiritual woman/ standing on what is foreign: but in view from the beginning”: it is a man. I know, because it is me. SHE claims to provide “the stars” of knowledge as well, as the prediction JESUS will send his knowledge to change this world as well. I am merely the messenger; you are judge only if you choose to be/ I am not. The evidence of A WORLD HEADED FOR EXTINCTION; is absolutely true. As such: one last chance to change; as was given to those in JESUS day, “to find love, value, and respect back” from the brink of human hate; thereby resurrecting the future: is consistent with this message. CHANGE, OR DIE. The choice is yours. As to me: not your savior/ not your leader/ not your enemy: I am a worker, a writer, an investigative reporter identifying the evidence of threat is severe, and extinction will come; if you refuse to change. TOO LATE; is too late; a world lost to your pride. Simple as that.

As to my future here: I entered the spiritual world of female, “just to ask a question”/ but that was not to be. The “final chapter” of me; I do not know; but I can tell you this, “I have learned more about female” than I ever intended to know. Freedom to choose has been lost; “somehow, my life MUST create a relationship with the female world” that can survive time or eternity or both”. So far, “it is 15 and a half years of, CHANGE”/ and reality says, it is not over yet. “I am, treated like a beast” to be owned; or let the spiritual female inside, decide everything; which she already does. “a ten thousand volt shock”/ by maybe, a thousand times (no, you won’t/ or yes you will) so far; enforces that reality. NOT angry/ not perverse/ not anything more than simply:  WOMAN IS in charge now; “whether you like it or not”: you have no options.

The change demanded of me is: “extreme patience/ tolerance beyond fair/ no ownership of body or life/ and a reality of living, that does not even allow me to do the dishes, “if she chooses to interfere, until permission is granted”. I clearly hope: the life of women throughout this world is not so/ but I am concerned that it is; for far too many. As we begin to stare into the abyss, of what men and their universities have done:  IT IS, only fair, that women “have their day to decide”/ instead of being crucified as is being done to all of nature, endangered with the fraud, that university can play god;  and even the destruction of this planet itself; by men who do not care.

 Its not your life; so you don’t need to care! AS to me; I always thought, some time would be left to live “my own life”; but you failed, and I lost. Even so, male and female are “completely equal”; caught in the middle however is not. Male and female are environmentally same/ but dimensionally different; a tiny bit like “a square boulder compared to a round boulder sitting on the same beach”: life and energy react differently to each (not same). my, “square edges” are being removed; just how it is. So, “you have your problems, and I have mine”; but they are not the same.  I have returned to the question of male; and find:  the extreme desire to fight with you, for destroying this entire world;  remains just a little. Which means:  to whatever degree female has taken over control;  it is literally not quite enough yet. Watching this whole world die/ is no small thing. Living among the cult, who does not care: is no small thing. Being able to “dimensionally isolate” myself from you:  as is within the range of female; is a fundamental need, to protect myself/ from your failures.  “More complex” than you understand; or we would not be standing at extinction. Just so its clear:  I loved “strictly male, with true respect for female”; and there is nothing I would have changed. THIS however is: life or death of a world, and I am allowed only to inform/ which grates on male BADLY.  The reality I guess is simple:  you are asked to change dramatically in order to save this world/ and I apparently are some type of example.  But that does not include, ANYTHING to do with other men (NEVER approach me sexually; hades will result for you). This is between female and I;  more complex than you can imagine, an elemental combining of the two. NOT by my design or choice; other than, if I can’t fight (there is literally NO HOPE FOR LIFE OR PLANET, in any form of male war. I will NOT participate in your ending of life and planet. YOUR CHOICE IS LAW, and none understand that better than women.)/ therefore, I must choose to protect myself, or more clearly allow protection to occur; from the failures, fantasies, betrayal, lies, theft, cowardice, cult worship, and terrorism; of other men. YOU ARE, killing this world; as men in charge of where we are.  The apparent example is:  women must lead/ women must choose/ women must become responsible for the future, because male and their universities are abandoned. You chose extinction!  My apologies: to the spiritual woman inside, and women in general;  as declaring that I choose to protect myself in their world (intends to take credit, as men do/ for a decision or reality that I never made for myself). Never intended for myself; never desired for myself. But has proven to be “life or death for me too”/ by her own acceptance of me, in a very different world. Even if not exactly what either of us desire;  realities change, when confronted with extinction/ the devastation of all things CREATED BY    GOD   .  IS THREATENED, by humanity/ university; It is that simple. Few, are found to care.   Stand up, and be counted for life, and a defender of planet;  this is no game. The consequences are eternal.   But as for me, I am not you: what is consistent with my life, is not consistent with yours. The spiritual world; IS NOT “your world”/ and I only participate in it by truth. A reality beyond your acceptance. You need not fear me: the battle inside, is simply for control of me/ not you. A reality consistent with male or female: not both. A change that started with:  “after a ten year search, and being unable to find ANY way or means by which men could save this earth from themselves”. I finally asked female: women would not. So I searched and found the spiritual door of female to ask there. Everything beyond opening that door, has been out of my control, and getting far worse. female tits are so utterly female, I can hardly stand it; overwhelmed, after 15+ years of endless hours; “they do whatever they want”. If women go through this: they DO deserve a million dollars, just for having tits; I am not kidding! But it is;  just “female in charge”/ not the end of my world. But the end of male maybe; a big change. Try not to think about it/ doesn’t concern you: although I have no real options left, “so this writing exists”: she demands recognition for her part, in this work; through me. She removed “war”/ and returned me to law; she brought peace to me, through at least the minimum of hope; she required I SHALL continue, even though I intended to quit; and more. believe it or not:  a spiritual envoy, to intervene in your extinction as a world, IS CONSISTENT with Biblical prophecy, in Revelation 12+.   NONE of that, alters or affects the evidence of threats which will make you extinct, by the choices humanity has made.  CHANGE OR DIE, IS THE MESSAGE;  you will be extinct soon, if you refuse. Believe it or not; because truth does not care, it is, what it is.

The message remains the same: change or you will go extinct; far sooner than you will believe possible; as all this world is set up to fail; both now and forever. NO SECOND CHANCES/ MAKE YOUR DECISION; because time is running out. STAND UP FOR  LIFE AND PLANET;  “SIGN YOUR NAME, to prove yes I am agreeing with this purpose for truth, by law”.  Understand, it is not a game, and there are no second chances to do it over.

A peculiar dilemma: should I thank you for pushing me into places I would not have gone, “except for your failures”? Or, should I despise you for causing me to discard all of life and love, that was required to accomplish that search? My life would have been different; if not for you/ but I can only guarantee, “Love would have been more prominent/ life would have searched within that love for truth and eternity”. No one can guarantee how that would have ended; regardless of intent. AS IS true of the life I have spent; never once would I have predicted the journey I took. So, as is true for us all: truth is eternal, but you need life, or it has no value at all. Life then says: I am grateful, for what has been “my own”. As eternity itself approaches; I am grateful, I chose for life, worked for planet, and did do, what I could legally do. Simple as that. Male and female are equals: whatever that is to be, “life, will understand”/ far better than me.

Love shifts with hope, which means desire is the strongest element in destiny. What we desire most identifies the truth most, in what our future can sustain. Critical to this passage into self, is the struggle to conceive of a life beyond time, that can sustain us as soul. Male search beyond soul, to outline the possibilities which can shape a world without time. But female searches within life to identify the shape of what she can inhabit as self. The difference is dramatic/ but it need not be isolating, as one gives to the other, “a value called heart”. Destiny therefore speaks, to the rhythms which bind us as trust. Trust is the distance we can share within our lives as one/ beyond that distance, only courage, value, and respect can decide. Energy is an environment by law, disobey the law, and the consequences are grim. Life is an expression of freedom, and that requires “your own decisions”/ your own acceptance of the price and the reality of what these choices will mean. Liberty reminds you: “we count too”. The critical construction of destiny is supported only by the values which “keep us together”/ the realities of shared thought, so that loneliness does not come/ the search that is “for the purity of love, beyond its truth”. The destiny shared with GOD as one.

All other considerations aside:  “LIFE has been an interesting journey”. Humanity not so much, “while love is a joy to the heart”/ few are willing to earn it; as the vast majority simply become “a herd”.

Or, more simply NO: you don’t get to be lazy good for nothing free loaders, who can take anything they want without consequences or enslave the others; or “make life as it is on earth”. As religion suggests.

TODAY: the issues of life and death are simple. Stop destroying this earth and all its life, and the planet itself/ or you go extinct. Simple as that. The future is simple as well: everything that could be done to make you fail life and planet has been done by universities leadership. They left out nothing, and are thereby constructively “devil” in disguise. WHICH LEAVES YOU WITH: either grow up and use your brain, instead of believing whatever you want to believe will come true: or life itself will fail. Simple as that. In order for you to even have a chance to survive as a world; everything must be repaired, so that life and planet come first. NEVER want nor money again: the two things you as humanity on earth worship more than life itself; unless you are dying, and you know it. That means: UNLESS you know you are dying, and have no option left except to PRAY to the real GOD OF CREATION; you cannot escape the fact of failure. Therefore the extreme disgrace of universities has been allowed: because unless you change, there is nothing left to do, other than discard this earth.

You do need a courtroom to understand: the evidence of today/ so that none can escape reality by its truth. If you fail that, your world is dead. Beyond that, it is absolutely certain, humanity on earth will face “enormous unemployment”; as is the cost of what has been done/ the reality of damage caused, both with and without university leadership. That means: YOU MUST ACCEPT EACH OTHER AS FRIENDS/ rather than enemies. Another reality of human existence; that only occurs when life is threatened with death. As a consequence of your reality, by the choices you made: extinction threatens all. That will not go away, by any degree; for at least a decade of true acceptance and work; by letting truth lead life. That means: humanity must stop its greed and selfishness; and work as if you were at war: because you are, with yourselves. NO, it is not simply the fault of someone else/ NO, you cannot simply overwhelm and take the work of someone else to fix your own troubles. YOU MUST RESOLVE to take care of yourselves, and your part of the world; as if there is no other choice. Because there is not. Some degree of world assistance is required/ but for the most part: you do need to stay and build as one people/ in one place, forever. NOT because it is desired/ but because this world is overpopulated with people; and that is the only way you get to survive the future you made, by universities playing god. Terrible things will come; critical decisions must be made; disciplined choices and unhappy realities are going to be resolved: and you cannot do that with a mixture of people. Because one, will simply blame the other/ or use the other as their own scapegoat, slave, or other; as history does prove true. Whenever the crisis of competition rises: the male answer is, “let’s kill them”. That starts with ridicule, and making them “as worthless” as possible; so murder is conceived of, as less grotesque. By starting the intellectual game of “this is all their fault”; the cry for war follows: because the evidence does not matter, when justice as a society; does not care. NO, you cannot continue to play the game of men, as is pride and power. You must choose for peace by law; the values which make life a destiny, even beyond time. Yes, there will be a fight with those who want to war: but they will fail, if you retain RESPECT.

Or, more simply than even you can discard: the future requires extreme patience/ critical tolerance even beyond what is fair/ justifiable actions and reactions/ the lack of war/ and a foundation that will allow the living to be happy enough to survive. Until the day comes, when nature removes the curse of “university played god”. Less ends life on earth; that is the only guarantee you get.

Functionally, it seems: “like me”, your old life is over, in so many ways you can never find it back. Therefore you will embrace it as best you can, and rebuild within the new parameters of what life can become now; or it ends. Whether you want that or not; has absolutely nothing to do, “with this reality”; life has changed, and you will adapt to it, as the possibilities of thought provide/ or be discarded. Because the world you knew, is gone. Your resource destruction/ attack on every species, every chain of life/ worship of universities as god/ all of it, with very little exception; proves that will not go on. You will be extinct. So change or die: because life itself, is not a game. Repent of what you have done:  because truth says, “your garbage mountains alone,” will prove;  you have already destroyed a thousand years of life that could have been!

“like me”; your decision is not whatever you want: but what truth and reality will allow. You chose want, and lived it; and now, stand where extinction is next! My reality is shifting to female; as male continues to be “chipped away”. Or more distinctly: severe change is required of me too; I don’t know why, “its complicated”. Respect says:  a world of life is more important to me, than gender;  I have searched, and it is true.    “SEARCH YOU, for your own answer”: what is life on earth worth?  I am not your choice? Not perfect/ Not savior/ Not judge/ Not leader/ etc:  just messenger. A job, defined by understanding:  UNLESS you can conceive of changing the road you are on/ by changing yourselves. Every biblical prophecy of tragedy and terrors predicted, will come true. Reminding you: time runs out soon! As is death:when time ends, your choice has been made; no excuses accepted.  I have done the best I could; my hope is “for adequate, to the need”. But whatever it is, is whatever it is. Your participation/ your consideration of reality/ your decision: decides!   Are you not “free to choose”?

TOMORROW: IF, you were to survive, even as a few; the reality is that new and different choices must be made. Because the human or universities attack on this planet has been so severe. We can simply refer to it as “living on an island”/ where all things are finite, and all choices are limited by your reality. Because anything less than that is certain death, either by war or starvation: it is, a FINITE world. Like island life, you must accept the end of competition, and the realities of shared existence; with clear limits explained as; population controlled life. We can find happiness, but only if we care, and bring the rest along. We can eliminate hate, as lies and liars will “stick out”; in a society that lives for justice, hope, and values solicited from respect and courage. We cannot take anything you want; nor can we sacrifice any other living things, in order to buy you another day. Life is life, but death is a part of life in time; so that the young will have their own day. It is your duty to leave, when death calls for you. It is your option, to accept eternity is waiting: IF TRUTH allows you to survive.

By values set in love: we share the future with each other, but especially as male and female to each other; when the competition is no longer extreme. Nothing in life as time, is more important for justice and fair play in society, than honest, respectful, decisions in support of male to female love. These balance each other, and must exist in numbers that are constant; so the rest can search for their own value and desires. While it is fair to assert: “one male to one female” is best! Reality knows, that is not always possible for life, peace, happiness, or hope; but any alteration from “one to one”; brings jealousy, needs, realities hard to disassemble; without true tears. As in dating; once you open the door, it can be extremely hard to close; loneliness can set in, fears of failure can multiply, sex can feel overwhelming or lost, and values can be reset, with or without respect. Want, is a terrible thing/ pride is an enemy/ and power refuses to care: so beyond “one to one”, realities shape our lives, instead of our lives shape our reality. Even so, LOVE understands a true need cannot wait any longer. HONEST CARE, knows we must share. TRUTH in the values of heart, live as if “hope must decide”.

We do not, and we cannot own each other: that is forbidden. Which means: your own individual choice is not to be judged by others/ nor is their choice to be judged by you. ONLY your choice/ your life; dictates your right. There is a  caveat however: in the spiritual dimension, you are “owned by the truth you inhabit”/ unless, you are able to fully understand that truth; which then gives you the right to proceed beyond the choice you made, to enter therein. “I only became lost once”; in the spiritual dimension called female. I really did;  “believe, I could understand”. I was wrong. Unfortunately, “you must be female/ to understand the dimensions of truth, that is female”. If you are female/ then you can’t go back to male: the door is closed. “its complicated”; I needed her for balance/ she needed me, for a presence in this world: to say to women, “stand up and be counted: for life and world”! Fight for your own existence, with law/ NOT like men. I don’t know how it ends; but all indications are, male has been overrun. NO, IT IS NOT “FUN”; this turned from a sudden invasion/ to a war/ to a years long battleground/ to a constant fight/ to an endless argument/ to the intent to escape/ to a loss of rights; as in “woman in charge now [THAT, has absolutely nothing to do with men/ other than me. male risks an eternity in terror, to approach me sexually; so says the spiritual world. I have no control or protection; over spiritual female choices. I lost.]”. NO, it is not competition with women; unless you are trying to win “ugliest woman alive”: even though, I just opened the door to ask a single question.  YES, we did work together peacefully, for life and world “same”;  When no gender issues (different) were present {its complicated}. NO, I had no desire to learn about women, or ANY ulterior motive of ANY kind. NO, not transgender/ not homosexual, or perverted: “spiritual, by choice”/ believe it or not. NO, you cannot change gender “beyond time”: this is different, due to our world is facing extinction. Reality will prove: I just needed to ask female “what could she do to save this world and all its life”? Simple as that; because I had run out of hope that men could save this world: “a thousand generations, and this is, the best they did do”. Men rely upon war to resolve their problems: WAR ENDS LIFE ON EARTH, in this day, and at this time. Which does mean: they cannot lead anymore. That decision:  did not turn out as I expected, or hoped for. Simple as that. Simple as: life is not “what we or I, believed or expected it to be”/ reality has a different view. I am “without a clue”; as to whatever my new life is going to be/ “nobody has, is, or will be asked to change more than me”: I don’t know why.  It is however NOT likely to be anything as I would have expected it to be; control is gone. She treats me now, as men treated women, throughout history: “so that I know: we have traded places; so to speak; I cannot refuse”.  The lesson: Don’t believe/ accept what is true, and let life be life, define your truth, assemble your courage, choose “the best you can be: as reality allows”; or within the limits and boundaries that construct the values held dear to heart and soul. As best you can! I do now have some understanding of women; how, I am/ or am not: suppose to translate that to men is completely unclear. YES, I KNOW:  this entire topic of conversation “from a spiritual realm”/ makes everything else seem less valuable to you: BUT it is not my choice to make; simple as that. SAME IS TRUE FOR YOU:  this entire world is dying, even you can understand that. Both food and water will be soon gone; without severe change, every chain of life will be broken forever. Nuclear fire will ignite. Nature itself will be in chaos from universities playing god with life. So, even if I do seem “broken” by your standards:  “so are you; by life standards”. Nope not special; educated to deliver the message:  “change or die”. And: Providing a new description of possibilities; realities to be investigated; arguments to be won:  so that hope may exist. Not a game, no: can’t predict the future other than what real life evidence will prove:  because every truth has a consequence. For reasons I do not know, I am directed to 1 Corinthians 6:12-17  from the bible. I leave it at that {she is talking to women, not to me}. No, not religious: but once in a great while, my soul is directed to open the bible & let “soul” pick out the page & the words. I will not venture a guess, I do not know why “these”. I remind you again:  if not for “the spiritual woman inside of me: literally from beyond time”/ the last fifteen years + of this work would not exist. That is, the simple truth of it: WE, did it together (its complicated); but realities have changed. I am 67 years old; NOT trying to tempt, manipulate, control, trade, or other. I am “a messenger/ mailman” if you prefer; because this earth will cease to exist; if you do not change humanity itself.  Perhaps changing me, is some sort of example for you; I really don’t know. So says the truth of the evidence that is real. Or, perhaps it is the education I require to sustain the balance needed to occupy life within the force of existence that resides between male and female; I don’t know. I do know, I am different; a reality that includes, I need not fight for this planet or its life anymore; as that is a male reality of duty, more than it is female. But make no mistake:  life or death of a world, removes all excuses for both male and female: it is your duty. In contrast, I have done my duty to this world. YOUR DECISION decides extinction or life goes on; not mine. My life is different, nothing more dramatically explains that to me; than the fact; while the last fifteen years have been a forced: power to decide reversed, with female in charge now. Today, even greater changes seem to be occurring. I honesty don’t know how it all ends; not a clue. I do know, that neither life, sexuality, or the world is a game: each matters distinctly, and without true measure. life is the basis of time, sexuality is a foundation applied to balancing gender cost, and the world is everything or we have nothing; and become extinct. “want; is the devil inside/ pride is the curse upon humanity/ power uses and abuses truth, to present chaos; as is the universities today.”   Choose desire (I am), not want (I will). Choose life, not pride (a game).  Choose happiness, value, respect, courage, and hope, not power (Yes I can).  Choose honesty rather than sex, where love shapes the truth of who we are, as one. Anything less, is heartbreak.

  AS we now review the evidence of our most recent past: reality now points to, the extreme threat has moved from men, TO UNIVERSITIES. men control these as well; but the “army” is different, and the weapons of murder and mayhem have turned, from force recognized: to cult worship (the LIAR has come), forced fear (parasitic media on your back), and blind obedience (cowardice cannot stand up for itself).

But make no mistake; people lie/ men lie/ women lie/ manipulations occur/ temptations exist/ choices made cannot be undone, because reality follows. Just like me:  your decision determines your future/ even if it is not what you expected or hoped for;  because life is not “Just about you”.

It is clear, simple, and sure: that some people have better lives in time than do others. It is equally certain that money does make a difference, and participates in happiness, peace, and desire. So the foundation of a different world, rests upon WHAT can we be together: instead of what can you be, by separating into “different lives”/ that are not the same. Because some win the game of men, while that literally means the masses must lose that game in order to create the trophy. In America: the game has been corrupted even more during these last few decades: by counterfeiting money, removing consequences by hiding all truth, attacking every resource so the children have to pay, and in all ways asserting: I WON’T CARE, BECAUSE I OR WE, AIN’T NEVER GOING TO PAY. As is “the american way under universities lead us now”. A reality that formed our current relationship with extinction pending, and is without doubt; unless serious and true change will come quickly. But the cult of “we got what we wanted”/ rather than we paid for our lives, with duties and fair justice, by respect. Instead as leadership by university states: “god is chaos”, and the more chaos we create for ourselves, the greater we shall become; as evolution proves to its cult; by one lie after another. Even when the lies are known: the cult worshipers demand, WE WON’T NEVER PAY, for what we chose to do. SACRIFICING THIS WORLD, INSTEAD.

We thereby come to reality: the consequence of a human world, that worships its lies, and sacrifices its children: to hide from its truth. Asking only the final question of them all: WITHOUT CHANGE, THIS WORLD IS EXTINCT; AND YOU, will have proven you are to blame. YOUR ETERNITY, then beckons; and your truth will soon be final. Because that is what you chose.

In the elemental struggle to find the life you chose; two things are most distinct: want drives hate/ trust that fails, drives loneliness. We cannot shape either one into a value for life, unless you are willing to discover what it is that drives you. The foundation principle is: EVERY LIFE DECISION SHALL BECOME, “either love/ hate/ or survival”. THAT IS the cost of our existence in time: you must decide for yourself. Love hides, when trust dies. Hate rises, when want identifies “I can have more/ or the various elements of revenge occurs”. Survival is what people do, when hiding from love or hate/ or are required to sacrifice in order to remain in time. Survival applies to belief; because want guides the building of walls, that then imprison people with “I KNOW”/ a reality akin to finding one grain of sand on the beach; most of the time. Belief is not enough, as belief is the most common cost that turns trust into the collapse of all things kind, gentle, and with mercy. TRUTH must decide, or life fails in time and eternity. Pride is an enemy: life is not a game. Power is a curse; but both begin with want.

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