THIS IS: MAKE DEMOCRACY WORK: WE THE PEOPLE DO HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS TO EXAMINE AND CONTROL OUR EMPLOYEES: THROUGH REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES/ a first amendment constitutional guaranteed LEGAL right of the people as is their source of power over their form of democracy. GO TO COURT, AND PROVE THAT TRUE. This beginning of that trial: is up to you, to demand/ to push for a courtroom that is REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES OUR LEGAL RIGHT/ not a political one. The reality of a sworn oath of office, CANNOT be dismissed: THE DECISION: WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE! By law/ not by guns! Otherwise, it will simply be discarded.

Immersed, in a sea of liars and thieves/ traitors and fools: I make this simple, “DO NOT BELIEVE”/ GO TO COURT, AND LEARN WHAT IS TRUE. Which does include: what resources will be lost, in ten years/ twenty years/ fifty years; as will become the reality of life or death in the future; because of what YOU chose. Stand up for your democracy and your world; and THE LAW, will bring you redress. THE DEMAND “we the people” have a legal right to know/ and to decide for ourselves: as constitutional law provides.

The foundation of trial is: that our world, our lives, your child, our future, our nature, our planet, OUR EVERYTHING: has changed/ because of what humanity has done. To achieve even the possibility of a future for life or planet: REQUIRES US TO LEARN WHAT IS TRUE. Requires us to dismiss and deny what is NOT true. To assemble and accept: the cost of BEING WRONG, is extinction/ or HELL. Or more distinctly: INSTEAD OF BELIEVING WHATEVER WE ARE TOLD/ we must know as best we can, by the evidence of our reality, the investigation which separates theories, denial, distraction, delusions, deceit, disrespect, betrayal: from the real world truth of what must or need not be changed. Because our lives, and our world depends upon that information. WE DID, change this world; and that means, we can no longer expect it to survive; unless we are honest with our own changes already made, or about to become; “the cost of yes we can”. ONLY TRUTH, BY THE EVIDENCE. NO EXPERT TO DECIDE/ WE THE PEOPLE CHOOSE. NO PROPAGANDA OF MEDIA. NO AVOIDING REALITY. MAKING THE DECISION WE WILL HAVE TO LIVE WITH. ACCEPTING THE COST, of this you did do to every child/ every life/ our world; because you did/ OR you did not, CARE. LET THE WORLD PARTICIPATE; because whether you like it or not; we the people on this entire planet; NEED TO KNOW. The one certainty is: we cannot escape each other. Work together or die together; simple as that! The university in its entirety: is just more people, like you and me”/ not gods/ not experts beyond a minimal reality/ not able to lead, as reality particularly in this USA proves true. As their only method of leadership is: to counterfeit more money. That is not leading/ it is stealing from every child, and more. One citizen/ one vote: reality decides, unless you lie; or let lies lead.

NO more shouting/ NO more experts/ NO more rulers, or university religion (only the evidence proven true as best we can); true democracy decides/ we live, as does our world; or die: by our own choice.

YOU, can shout “he has to file/ he has to pay his taxes”/ CAN YOU NOT! NOW NOT LATER! I, on the other side: SHALL DEMAND, I will not support those in open rebellion against us, in clear defiance of our democracy/ THEY, the employees: MUST OBEY OUR CONSTITUTION AS SWORN! UNTIL by jury trial as defined by the first amendment redress of grievances (power to the people), as obtained and controlled by THE EVIDENCE of our reality; in a courtroom, governed by constitutional law: PROVES WHAT IS, or is NOT: TRUE.

The crisis is: nobody escapes the truth of what we do, or have done; not rich or poor. The reality is: “I have, thrown a snowball down a long sloping hill”; if it continues to roll, by your own decision; it will have an impact when it stops. If you refuse to “let it roll”/ the option to accomplish any change for life or planet will end; extinction will then quickly, become evident. With no option left to change anything. Making this “last chance for life on earth”; a cost you cannot escape, “one way or the other”. Nothing proves that so true: as does those trying to ignite the same atomic fire here, as is on the sun. ignition is EITHER as they predict “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire so it will just extinguish itself/ OR AS I PREDICT; the burning of atoms, on a planet made out of fuel, with a science predicted, 4 million times expansion (a candle flame, instantly, becomes 62 miles high The intended energy input, at iter: 50 million watts: an atomic bomb, with all the radiation of the sun; standing in the flame): will then generate its own plasma, and our world shall become another sun. this is “biggest”, one of many; trying to ignite atoms on fire. And all the university cult worshipers scream: “our gods of university, would never risk our lives like that”! And yet the evidence is irrefutable, and plain. Alas no second chances; “all or nothing/ no going back, to when atoms were not on fire”! So, go ahead and prove it is not so/ remembering the cost of being WRONG?

Last chance, to stop nature from being thrown into “evolutionary chaos”/ as their religious fanatics want. Last chance, to save resources for the future; last chance to stop overpopulation;  planet from over-warming; everything! NO, it won’t be free. Kind of like covid: “everybody has to get a shot: estimates are 5 trillion dollars will be spent in this USA/ one hundred million shots= $50,000.00 per shot”. And the university cults, zealots, and priests of evolution all scream: “we deserve it”! Only unlike “university owned government: says its all free“: let the children die, the future of life on earth; even the planet itself.  Alas;  reality is your own responsibility; not theirs, as is sacrificing your own child. Alas, discarding the nation itself: is treason, if you are our employees; sworn not to do so.

And when you are all done looking into those truths/ THEN understand and examine to see: if your universities are not simple swindlers, by altering a flu virus; so they could collect trillions (because they stole your government, set their own price: and sold you out). TO: remove you from their own demand: to cause chaos in nature, without consequences for them/ by playing god, just to prove they could; with life itself.

I am irrelevant, merely a citizen enforcing constitutional law/ do not be distracted: I merely pushed, you must do all the rest; or your chance, to have a vote; will be lost.

THIS IS: REDRESS/ NOT TAX COURT. Which means the tax court legal council; MUST ENTER CONSTITUTIONAL JURISDICTION; in order to enforce their demand. Because the law, is the law/ and the evidence is an insurgency against this: the constitutional governing of our democracy. By, we the people, as owners:  in, this UNITED STATES OF AMERICA/ and this state of IL. In furtherance of the law: A reality that must not stand: as proven by REDRESS IS THE LAW OF THE PEOPLE, MUST BE CONTESTED: TO PROVE THE TRUTH. THE GOVERNMENT,  that is, IN OUR OWN HANDS; demands it. OUR  THE AUTHORITY, TO RULE:  OURSELVES, AND OUR GOVERNMENT: under constitutional controls, is DEMOCRACY. WE DID grant to ourselves in that constitution, by redress: the power to enforce “your oath, and our force to judge, and interpret for ourselves; the consent of a nation/ or not“!   By understanding, without the law, our nation dies. As will millions more in civil war/ endless property loss/ resource destruction/ starvation. “A gun”;  makes you lose, the nation/ AND WIN NOTHING! Take a real look: at Syria/ Iraq/ world wars/ etcetera.

Life proves: the human animal WANTS an enemy (you can’t do this to me, even if you are the cause yourself); the cost of that is, “they pick someone as a herd, influenced by predators; they believe, they can defeat”. Instead of an enemy, they cannot. Reality proves: if you wish to become a human “alive”; your want must end, and only truth may decide. Truth says: you cannot defeat the cost of being wrong, in numerous true threats. YOU MUST identify what will keep us alive, and accept that as your new ways of living. “like it, or not”! Because the game is over, and reality is a consequence you cannot defeat: without true change. ACCEPT; even if I am killed, by all the people who curse change; the decision to demand REDRESS BY LAW, must stand true, even for you.

I, a citizen of this USA: do attest, and explain, that I am NOT a believer in the religious zeal of “the universities are god; they know everything”. INSTEAD: I DEMAND PROOF OF EVIDENCE; and list the following realities as the need for redress.

  1. OUR EMPLOYEES ARE NOT LEGALLY ENTITLED TO: give aid or comfort, to those who put our planet at risk; by experimenting with “just like the sun energy”. No claim of superiority is allowed: WE OWN THE LEGAL RIGHT TO SAY NO, “YOU SHALL NOT”/ not even in any other part of this world; because the cost of being wrong is our lives too are lost.
  2. OUR EMPLOYEES ARE NOT LEGALLY ENTITLED TO: give aid or comfort, to those who are experimenting with all of genetic nature. Putting at risk EVERYTHING that life as a body is, for our whole world. NOT here, or even in any other part of this world; because the cost of being wrong is our lives too are lost.
  3. OUR EMPLOYEES ARE NOT LEGALLY ENTITLED TO: accept the claims of a pandemic, without true justification as is seen in the evidence beyond media propaganda. WE THE PEOPLE require systematic investigation of the facts, and absolutely deserve: to decide for ourselves what steps we the people shall take to protect or insure our lives are NOT OVERRUN, by anyone or anything, as best we can. By entangling society, in a direct attempt to destroy the middle class of business. Allowing media to propagate the lie: establishes our employees have aided and abetted this rebellion against democracy itself; lending the legal claim: PROVE YOU HAD A RIGHT. Because if this was not a true pandemic by the proportions of the dead: THEN you, attacked and maimed this United States of America; on purpose. That is treason: you chose against us, and claimed allegiance to the cult: “the universities are god”. Making those hiding behind government doors; an army of rebels.
  4. OUR EMPLOYEES ARE NOT LEGALLY ENTITLED TO: assume or create a debt which cannot be paid. NOR are they allowed to participate with those whose clear criminal behaviors are extorting this nation for money, power, and pride. NOT EVEN when they use the media as their front man in the conspiracy to defraud and destroy the nation itself; by propaganda military insurgent tactics and usage.
  5. OUR EMPLOYEES ARE NOT LEGALLY ENTITLED TO: take control over society, destroy the foundations of democracy as they have done claiming a pandemic. Thereby using ANARCHY as the means to destroy: the base of currency/ the basic realities of business/ the foundations of communication among the people/ the critical link we have with society itself, as is a job, the opportunity to pay the debts we created based upon a society that is now destroyed: by universities playing god with our lives. Claiming superiority, and destructing EVERYTHING we need to survive, as a nation, world, nature, planet, more!
  6. OUR EMPLOYEES ARE NOT LEGALLY ENTITLED TO: to install and protect the religion called evolution. An IN FACT REALITY of university beliefs NEVER PROVEN BY FACTS, in either a court of law, or by a discovery of evidence. Religion is NOT an accepted means to rule this nation, and is outlawed, discriminatory, and vile as is the lie called evolution. TRIAL in open court is mandatory: PROVE evolution is more than a religion. Because it is the basis and foundation for injecting chaos into nature itself, the university insurgency against life itself; by claiming evolution built life “by a trillion orderly accidents, one piece at a time”, this way too. Evolution is the disguise, used for military takeover of life, as is we are your gods now, and will do anything we like to life itself/ an experimentation as in war, on the enemy; without respect or any value put on life itself. An international WAR CRIME. A claimed vaccine; that could literally cause Armageddon (chaos in nature) itself: because nobody knows, what its true impact will be. We only know: the universities claim everything they wanted, when selling “their snake oil”. Claiming “savior”/ claiming extreme wealth/ claiming absolute control over our government, by destroying democracy itself: and setting up, vast numbers of people to be enslaved by destroying their job/ business/ attachment to others/ their religion/ and more. No greater discrimination exists: guilty as charged.
  7. OUR EMPLOYEES ARE NOT LEGALLY ENTITLED TO: destroy the future/ but must protect every child; so that this nation, even this world: can be saved. The university led destruction of everything. The cursed reliance on weapons of mass destruction/ rather than world law and policing: MUST BE DEALT WITH, as we the people own this democracy; and it is our own choice that decides.CONSTITUTIONAL LAW STATES: FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, IS OUR RIGHT AS WE THE PEOPLE, TO HOLD CONTROL OVER OUR GOVERNMENT; by enforcing your sworn to us, oath of office: the constitution shall be upheld. As is “I do solemnly swear…and to the best of my ability preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of this USA.” THAT CONTRACT; is fundamentally summarized, as is what we intend for you to do for us; in the words of its preamble: WE, the people of this United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution (our binding agreement to each other) for the United States of America.
  8. We now face: the ultimate truth of this nation, and humanity on earth: the universities said: yes we can take everything for ourselves/ and this society shouted hurrah, “not going to pay in my lifetime/ SO I DON’T CARE”. TODAY however, the debt is due/ and the choice of life or death for our world, our everything looms large in front of your faces. Because you cannot escape a nuclear fire/ you cannot escape nature in chaos/ you cannot escape the loss of resources, the end in chain’s of life, that do keep us all alive/ nor the meltdown of earth by temperature increases/ nor the atmosphere itself, becoming detached from this planet as is the acceleration of wind speed beyond what you can survive. POISONED WATER, and all the rest; “chosen to make, your life: EASY”! The pied piper of universities; has held you over the abyss, with bribes and lies and deceit; and they are going to release you into chaos; as university stated: “their god of evolution; will just make new life; in a billion years or so”. Making today, right now: your last chance, to make decisions for life and planet and a future for any child: a decision YOU are responsible for. A reality of life or death; that is beyond selfishness and greed; extending into eternity. Because your lifetime is over too; if you fail. While the masses will scream: WE DON’T HAVE TO BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU SAY. And that is absolutely true. THE COST OF BEING WRONG IS: TRUTH BY ITS OWN REALITY; AS IS THE EVIDENCE OF WHAT HAPPENS THEN: WILL DECIDE. Investigate/ examine the evidence/ prove the cost of being wrong/ GO TO COURT: and decide is your OWN eternity worth: destroying this planet, because you just didn’t care enough: to stop the insanity, or work for life itself:  OR, keep this a living planet, by choices that must be made.  making your eternal tombstone read:  “worthless to life”.  Making this come true:   “it is, your own truth, your own life;  that will judge you”.  A place, and a judge;  you can never hide from: a reality that cannot lie.

FROM: JAMES FRANK OSTERBUR; address on letter

TO: US, IRS; Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service
Kansas City, MO 64999-0002



RE: hereby notifying you! THAT IT IS, my duty to refuse filing a tax report for myself/ my duty to deny you the collection of that tax: UNTIL A JURY TRIAL has been presented to me. ESTABLISHING THE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW; that is first amendment LEGAL RIGHT; called, redress of grievances. The very foundation of “power to the people: the right and purpose of democracy”/ by holding LEGAL REDRESS (OUR CHOICE NOW) trial over our employees, as owners!

SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE, in words and linked exhibits; have been supplied here, to warrant REDRESS!

CRITICAL FAILURE IN CONSTITUTIONAL LAW; has been recognized and proven abandoned, by courtroom cases: thereby establishing, no other legal choice exists. NO effort beyond the law, will be exercised. But the law is the law, and you are expected to obey/ or be legally confronted with criminal acts/ in a direct rebellion with our democracy.

THE FOUNDATION OF THAT ACTION IS: AS REPORTED HERE in these papers; and as is the same of

THE LAW of our democracy is: THE LEGAL RIGHT, to prove our employees have kept their oath of office; and did do according to the constitution and all its mandates established to ensure our employees KNOW; what we expected them to do. OR, the democratic authority: to change this for ourselves; as we prove them WRONG! This prelude to trial: identifies the beginning of that fundamental right: TO PROTECT, AND TO DECIDE FOR OURSELVES; AS WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS UNITED STATES OF AMERICA/ AND THIS STATE OF ILLINOIS.


This is: the need for democracy established by, WE THE PEOPLE. Because I cannot bring you redress as numerous court cases prove/ nor can you bring us redress as reality proves we must. TOGETHER, UNITED BY THE SAME DECISION: to protect and defend this nation, this world, this nature, this life, this planet, these children: we do become a legal army. Challenging the direction our leadership has gone: to assemble the evidence, and investigate the decisions; which not only brought us here/ but lead us into the future. By all standards of reality: that future is truly bleak, and horrifying. Which means we cannot wait. Therefore:  FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES TRIAL [our decision to protect and defend ourselves, by legal trial of:  constitutional law, governs us] ; IS DEMANDED.  Or, more simply democracy rules/ not the universities. INSTEAD WE MUST KNOW WHAT IS TRUE, VERIFIED AS “BEST WE CAN” IN A COURTROOM: SO AS TO REMOVE THE DOUBTERS AND ACCEPT THE DECISION OF OUR OWN JUDGMENT: FOR THE FUTURE OF THIS WORLD, OUR LIVES, NATION, NATURE, CHILD, AND MORE.  NO, more “shouters”/ NO, more propaganda or experts/ NO more denial:  REALITY SPEAKS, and we judge for ourselves what our future will become.  Simple as that:  OUR CHOICE/ NOT their decision. OUR FUTURE/ NOT as slaves; but as owners of this world, this nation, OUR TRUTH!

As is consistent with true democracy (we decide): “the expert” does NOT exist/ only the presentation of knowledge, as is consistent with evidence; and the value of that knowledge, by understanding the basis of a direction it will, or could cause to life or planet or child. it is the expert” who has taken control over this democracy; thereby is on trial, as university leadership has led us to this day, and time when our own lives, our nature, our future, our resources, our nation, every child, our planet is in jeopardy by their choices. So says the evidence to be identified: as true/ or false. As impartially (no propaganda allowed) as possible, so that all may know the truth.

Reality now surfaces as the need to examine, IN COURT BY THE EVIDENCE: “the universities claim of no consequences”! Established first, is the encroachment or severity, of diseases never before seen in human history; “as best we can tell”. Which means “something has changed”! We then look to the behaviors and decisions of the universities, particularly in their genetic labs/ and chemical factories: to understand “evolutionary religion” states: that chaos is god of life/ and endless “accidents” must be the means of building life “one piece at a time”; without the aid of a brain, tool, food, knowledge or anything else: KNOWN to be required for living. Their brand of experimentation for the last fifty plus years: has been to mutilate a genetic strand of life by nature/ and if that life lives, “they introduce it into nature; to see what happens/ expecting change by chaos”. As is consistent with their religion. And since no consequences exist for the universities as god; no issue is raised as to the reality of changing the basis of biological chemistry. When confronting the people of this USA with that reality: their statement was, “I don’t care/ maybe they will find something to help me someday”. But reality knows: that we live very near the edge of life and death at all times; because the need to build, and also tear apart the biological cells, and use the materials/ chemicals inside: to manipulate the atoms for energy inside; as is very near the same elemental disciplines for both sides of life or death. That which aids us/ can also tear us apart: when altered, even a little. The mutilation of plants and animals and life changes the chemistry of these living factories/ chains of biological elements required to build more complex bodies of life. The reality of knowing “where, how, when, why, and what to operate your hand with muscles” is the result of a living body: “by the software inside”. Your geneticists know absolutely nothing about what functions and identifies ANY living body of life: but they carelessly, mutilate genetics throughout this world; expecting chaos “to prove their evolutionary god”. Instead mutilation can change microbiology in ways we cannot turn back. Your geneticists believe the genetic chromosome is a ladder using only one step at a time/ but reality states: it is an orchestra of biological elements all shouting at each other; as one section controls another, or more. Where is the timing of chemical signals; as builds an infant body? Where is the clock, or the trigger, or the stop watch to shut that chemical decision down. Where are the facilities to separate biology from its chemistry, so as to represent life? Where are the elements of transportation, that distribute what the stomach divides and separates; so the pancreas can build harsh chemicals to do that work? Where is the elemental intelligence; that runs the network of communications required for living? And a billion more realities of biology your “genetic gods” cannot answer: yet you give them the right to experiment on life/ injecting genetic materials from anything, into anything, as if they were gods: to your shame. While your chemists continue to alter the basis of biology with new and different combinations life has never experienced before. While your physicists continue to say “we can control the same energy as on the sun”/ soon: to terrors beyond imagination. Because you are believers; in the animal disgrace of a herd; who follows its leaders. FIND YOUR LIFE BACK; let them prove evolution/ they have not. FIND YOUR BRAIN BACK: “the sun burns your skin in summer from 94 million miles away”/ and yet you let the universities play god with that. FIND YOUR SOUL: MIRACLES ARE, beyond our comprehension, and deserve absolute respect; and are to be held sacred/ NOT “the university toy”.

THESE ARE NOT POLITICAL ISSUES/ THEY ARE LEGAL ELEMENTS OF OUR UNITED STATES, CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. And any judicial or governmental employee who suggests that the constitution itself is not OUR government; is subject to the term of TRAITOR. NO judge is protected outside constitutional intent and purpose. NO government employee is protected, outside the values and defense of OUR DEMOCRACY shall remain inviolate. NO policing is allowed, that does not recognize; the constitution is the basis and foundation of all law/ and no law is allowed, that is not fully within the values, respect, and purposes of that contract to build a nation or state upon these decisions. To prove NONE shall rule over us/ but ourselves. EVERY PART OF THAT HAS BEEN VIOLATED, [a clear violation of anti-trust laws and intent; by using power to manipulate society, into believing or doing what it wants done/ all proven same.] By the claim of pandemic/ the propagation of fear asserted and demanded; by the rats and rodents of media, produced the epidemic disease; of a cult called “university is god”. Extrapolating the vile purpose of a university diploma, changing our society into their own design.

DEMOCRACY MEANS: BY OUR VOTE WE HAVE RULED OURSELVES/ “without the university anarchy of delusions, fantasy, theory, or imagination: ONLY TRUTH SURVIVES, AND IT MUST BE PROTECTED. INSURGENCY MEANS: there are those who have invaded our lives, with their lies, purposes, and disrespect for this democracy; have taken a monopoly  ( a monarchy) power; over what we have earned for ourselves: by destroying the value of our currency/ changing the very stability of our nation or state. BY Using our lives, for the filth of their arrogance and foundation of bribery (buys a world, with lies).  Without reality in charge;  our lives/ our future/ your child is doomed. Without resources for a future; you choose to assassinate your own child/ your own world.

The fourteenth amendment is: (1) …. NO state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of this United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.  YOUR LEADERS; UNDER THE SOLE DIRECTION OF “the university” have defied and denied this law of our nation: this protection of democracy itself/ to assert, “the are gods (they know everything)”. Having failed to produce the evidence needed to support their claim of a pandemic; the very essence of oppression. Having denied the truth: those who are extorting MONEY AND POWER FROM US/ are presumed guilty of producing the disease, for which they now claim a cure: a constant swindlers paradise, throughout all of history. As evidence proves: they did and do have complete access; are known to work on these very things/ and have proven themselves: THE BIG WINNERS; collecting trillions, BECAUSE they own “the government”. By altering nature; destroying the defenses of nature; the instantaneous attack; of using this disease as a pandemic (there is no proven “clear and present danger to the nation” only manipulation of the facts); has served their purpose: criminal extortion. Adding the demand:  to remove all shackles, intended to respect nature/ and gain trillions for their terrorism instead. In this, the university created:  absolute war against nature itself; by playing god, is a university. Beyond terrorist; IS NOT, IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST; as does explain “Satan”/ the religious word known as intentional destroyers of a world.  WE THE PEOPLE:  OWN THE RIGHT, to decide; what is, or is not a true pandemic. WE OWN the right to decide/ the right to defend ourselves:  and the liberty to choose; what our society shall or shall not, choose to do; when forced by universities to defend ourselves against their consequences of war;  THEIR CURSE of nature, life, and planet. The decision is simple:  “either nature which gave us life and body and planet is sacred/  or the universities get to play god, and like everything humanity does;  “the endless lawsuits/ the long list of side effects/ the unintended consequences/ and extinction will follow. 

These are elemental constructions of law; and they are not to be dismissed without trial. Because life and death, for our world: sits in the sewage of a university failure.

Democracy means: WE THE PEOPLE, in order to control our own future and freedoms, have taken it upon ourselves to provide for the common defense by creating laws for ourselves, by our collective vote as one society united in the decision that our freedoms, our liberty, and our choice should never be challenged by just a tiny few who have gained power over us. To achieve that end: the constitution, our agreement as a nation to contractually hire employees, to function in our stead; as “leaders of state”/ should never gain the upper hand over us; by implementing the following safeguards to protect both life and nation from the tainted power of a few. They are: the sworn oath of office/ and redress of grievances; which is our guarantee, IF THINGS GO WRONG: we the people have the option to bring our employees into court before all the people, and exercise judicial warrants to provide for the evidence in order that we may judge for ourselves; if our employees have betrayed to confidence and honor we have granted, as an employee of this state or nation. That redress: is our legal right, to avoid civil war/ and identify what is, or is not going wrong in this nation or state/ according to the constitutional laws, we set into place, which define what OUR GOVERNMENT IS. The act of treason, is considered: you have been proven to corrupt our government: to have surmounted an attack on our sovereignty this nation owned as, we the people: you have rebelled against reality, and sworn allegiance to “the university is god/ thereby bringing your religion into our lives; by propagating the news, only the universities have a right to decide/ or define what is news, or what this nation shall or shall not choose. By accepting “the universities know” and putting life itself AT RISK, with experimental medicines: NOT your job/ NOT your right/ BUT it is a federal DUTY; to insure nobody has such venom as to endanger this nation or world; with their religion or claims of being god. By discarding your oath to us: as is WE THE PEOPLE shall decide for ourselves. That is a foundation used for anarchy. That is a rebellion against what we the people throughout these years have built. Even worse: the attack of your religion: is against life/ nature/ energy/ resources/ time/ respect/ other more valuable religions/ friend/ family / business/ industry/ education/ medical assistance/ and every form of “puke and vomit” that human existence can exhibit in the worst, of what can be the worst of human choice is or can be. So says the evidence of our day.

THIS USA has been invaded, by the cult of universities know better (all worship the damned)/ and thereby should rule us all, with their own version of power and pride; as has been found throughout history in the curse that is human predation (I will eat your soul) upon each other. Identifying hate as their primary tool (fear the disease we create)/ stupidity as their primary weapon (you don’t know nothing, and we won’t tell the truth)/ propagation of failure and fantasy, as the core element in their battle plan (nobody learns the  real life consequences first), to take control; and then, as the evidence in this day proves: destroy life on earth (no going back). With extreme arrogance, and the insanity the human deceit of playing god, does cause (fully exercising the intent to play god with life, energy, planet, and more).. Unfortunately the human prey;  as are always littered with cowards, that believe (yes we can do anything they want), if only they obey (then leaders, as is the constant of a cult, will protect them). Then, by sacrificing the others;  the cowards personally, will be better off; by being valued to the predator. They as always, are wrong; as soon as the predator is hungry; “you are next”. But like every disease, the righteous (we know the rules) do infect the public with their righteousness (we can’t be wrong/ rules make us, gods too); and stand against life and planet; as all cult members do. Discarding humanity, as is the result of miracles in nature and more; to descend into animal, the partition that divides life from living as time.

Identifying the REBELLION AGAINST DEMOCRACY ITSELF: is as simple as understanding the difference.

  1. NO employee of our constitutional government, is allowed: to declare an emergency to “yell fire”/ unless there is documented significant evidence to prove it is so. While an initial period of concern is allowed, “when there is smoke”/ that ends with the value of investigation to prove what is true. NO pandemic exists; as is a death count, that endangers society itself. Individual death and disease are constants; and NOT allowed to be used to create fear; for the extraction of money, power, pride, and anything those allowed or in line to benefit want.
    1. WITHOUT THE EVIDENCE OF A DEATH COUNT, PROVEN BY THE REALITY OF CAUSES, that are not subject to theory or conjecture; but are proven real. There is no pandemic/ and that means: an attempt to create an insurgency, to take over our government has occurred: which is treason.
  2. NO employee of our constitutional government, is allowed: to commandeer the public into submission under any disguise of need, without the proper military proof of an attack that is consistent with realities already proven by evidence; so that the public itself recognizes and realizes this is NECESSARY.
    1. WITHOUT THE EVIDENCE of “dead bodies piled in the streets”/ there is no validity to the construction of “FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY”. AS IS the constant of public propagation: OBEY THE CULT OF UNIVERSITY; chosen by media influences. This is intentional criminal contempt; and it seeks the ruination of a nation; so that those who want all the power/ can take all the power away from the people themselves; by destroying democracy: WE HAVE RIGHTS.
  3. NO employee of our constitutional government, is allowed: TO COMMANDEER ALL BUSINESS, INDUSTRY, SCHOOLING, ETC; and use it for their own religious purposes. NO employee is allowed to believe whatever they believe; and subject this nation to that belief, regardless of the rights called liberty, freedom, duty, a sworn oath, and more. The demand that any business who does not enforce a mask use shall be ruined legally or financially: has been criminally assaulted and terrorized by those same methods constant to the takeover of governments throughout history. That is using anarchy, to destroy what exists: as is the constant of power hungry fools.
    1. OUR LEGAL RIGHT, to choose for ourselves is beyond controversy. JUST AS YOUR LEGAL RIGHT, to wear a mask (if liberty by our choice allows), or destroy your own body (as a direct risk you take), or whatever it is, that freedom conceives of; must be allowed as well. YOUR COWARDICE, is NOT allowed to choose for my life. My distaste for your failures, stupidity, etc; is not sufficient; to make you my slave. OUR SOCIETY grants liberty: but only by true educated vote, as the reality of influences are NOT given to be the people, who want what they want/ but the truth of what real world evidence will reveal.
  4. NO employee of our constitutional government, is allowed: to use the platform of obedience to this nation, or the lies of insurrection/ as a basis to accelerate and incorporate: the complete corruption of life and nature, the end of planet, and its resources; as is our need.
    1. The use of an experimental “vaccine”/ on a pandemic that does not exist in real life truth. IS A PLAGUE waiting to be found/ because the universities are not god; and they have NO REAL CLUE as to what it is they have done. The elemental realities of genetics are no game/ and the corruption of nature itself by university mutilation; is at its core: “SATAN on earth”. Because these government employees: chose to accept universities as your god now/ adding the pandemic of media propaganda; to insure cult obedience. So, That they have removed a tiny piece of nature: to play god over you. NONE can predict the consequences coming: because genetics are NOT simply numbers, to be fumbled with. NO ELEMENTAL KNOWLEDGE EXISTS; therefore the greatest gamble taken by fools, throughout history, has occurred. NO EMPLOYEE is allowed to orchestra or cause that gamble/ and as a consequence endanger so many people with their own religious cult worship of “university is god”. As is the basis of perverse stupidity, and absolute arrogance/ the sign of insanity.
  5. NO employee of our constitutional government, is allowed: to corrupt/ to conspire/ to damage or deny/ to collude in rebellion/ to steal/ to hide/ to destroy the future/ to kill this earth or its nature/ or to seek and perpetuate the destruction of those who built this nation, with their own decisions. OUR EMPLOYEES ARE NOT OWNERS, who have the right to change our constitutional government, ITS FREEDOMS, or its liberties to decide for ourselves. They are employees, and are by NO DEFINITION “the government”; they are citizens hired to do a job; as defined by the constitution itself/ and required by sworn oath (penalties exist); IF THEY FAIL to respect our constitutional purpose for life and nation: that WILL be deemed TREASON.
    1. There is no allowance for change beyond constitutional rule; as has been going on throughout “universities lead now”. Wherein the courtroom will not/ does not, acknowledge constitutional law or precepts/ but turns a deaf ear; so as not to incriminate themselves. As the court causes and cases of James Frank Osterbur does prove.
    2. The contempt issued against the American people; to defy and destroy the very foundations of their democracy: is easily seen in the US supreme court mandate that allowed for “all public communications” to be owned and controlled by just a tiny few. Thereby as is the constant of war: the propaganda knows only one side/ and discards the truth to fit its purpose: as is, WE THE RULERS, NOW OWN THIS SOCIETY.
    3. The insurgency to control and manipulate the minds of this society by removing all foundations of reality as does keep us alive; to replace it with bribes: counterfeited, by conceiving the claim of US assets, is entirely without basis or truth. THE FUTURE DIES, BECAUSE OF IT; AS WITH, AND BECAUSE OF: SO DAMN MANY THINGS led by: “UNIVERSITY KNOWS”.
  6. NO employee of our constitutional government, is allowed: to orchestra and cause the foundation of education in this nation, to be isolated, and controlled by their own religious cult worship. A primary factor: in all the damage and destruction of “university can play god” is evolution. The universities religion of failure/ the epidemic of fools: as is proven by their own conception: “life comes from chaos/ we built life one piece at a time, as we wanted it to be through natural selection (without a brain, or a hand or food supply or anything/ that adaption is not simply presented by thought as “needed, therefore designed inside”. NOT ONE SINGLE PIECE OF EVOLUTION can or has been proven true. It is the disease that allows genetics to remove all the defenses of life as nature provides; to make chaos their god for real; as is, the predicted Armageddon.
    1. The disease of religious worship that is the university cult: never question your university leaders/ they are gods. A reality formed by your own former classmates; as university is: merely the design of a couple hundred people who get to decide what it is, that all the students of these universities will teach and believe. Causing every student: to memorize and mimic: the tiny few OBEY what you are told/ believe and do not question the god of “university”. OR WE MAKE YOU A SLAVE. By valueless debts enforced by a valueless government run; by your kings or queens in hiding. SHOUT, “the university is god”/ or fail our throng of prison guards; who control nearly every job/ who control the inflation of currency, and decide who gets the 414 trillion dollars of inflation that america generated in these last six years; etc.
  7. NO employee of our constitutional government, is allowed: to take constitutional government; and destroy it. As has been done by our employees of this USA; both state and nation. Discarding all reality to form an alliance with “the university armies; intent upon bringing change” to our nation/ by hiding that change in ;media and entertainment; the most sadistic of all types of insurgent behaviors. They invade, your very home, with propaganda/ they collect information they are not entitled too/ they decide who and what will society do, by transforming capitalism into the current communism/ they assault the values of our lives/ they transform the children by failure and the disease of “a university cult”. Every form of brain dysentery (the human descent into animal); has been orchestrated by “university is god/ university knows”; and yet the truth of SATAN instead; remains hidden from the crowds by the manipulation of media to remove all truth; and grant THE CULT OWNS YOUR SOUL: FEAR DAMN YOU FEAR/ BELIEVE DAMN YOU BELIEVE/ OBEY, OR WE LET TRUTH DESTROY THE BRIBE which keeps you alive with lies. An assertion which ends; because lies die; therefore FOOL.
    1. NO employee of our constitutional government, is allowed: to let our nation be destroyed by experimental theories taking control over life or planet. LIES such as fusion already dis-proven in 2012; remain as the public perception through media and failed university idol worship. To allow for “we are safe”/ when in fact nothing could be less true. As proven by the purpose being to ignite atoms on fire/ and depend upon that one hundred million degree fire just extinguishing itself; as fires with an endless fuel supply never do.
    2. Instead of brain failure, the sewage of a university delusion; comes reality. The extreme spin of an atom is where the energy is stored; simple as that; the university refuses to know. The reliance upon igniting plasma on fire/ to extinguish itself; does not happen because a four million times expansion as science expects; WILL just continue to create its own plasma; turning our earth into a sun. because unlike the theories of stupidity regarding the sun. The sun burns atoms for its fuel source/ “no MAGIC involved”. Etcetera and more; as is BEYOND TERRORISM/  is the element called SATAN!
    3. The foundation of democracy itself is: WE THE PEOPLE HAVE RIGHTS (you can’t just make me), FREEDOMS (I have a choice), AND LIBERTY (together, we make the laws that we enforce on ourselves). Nothing of covid 19, or any other fear tactic; has the right, to destroy that foundation, by its reality/ and there is no law to assume any form of leadership or ownership discounts or denies the truth, that is WE THE PEOPLE shall decide for ourselves. Those who want to wear a mask can do so: if liberty (we choose for ourselves) allows. Those who do not, risk little more than themselves. The realities of work and society however: ARE NOT subject to leadership; YOU cannot impede our lives with your religion (university is god). These are elements of life or death, and they are MINE ALONE/ NOT yours to decide. Which makes every business, and every form of social gathering: a personal decision; NOT a governmental one. Which makes every incorporated business of any kind that is clearly not “personally owned, as an individual”: also LEGALLY UNABLE to make those decisions for someone else. Even if it is “your store”: if you demand financial or legal protection from government. You lose your right to decide if the public can participate in that store, UNLESS WE THE PEOPLE choose it shall be so for ourselves. Discarding these fundamental rights: is akin to anarchy, and rises to an insurgency against this USA.
      1. LEARN, and bear in mind: just how many trillions of dollars the medical and healthcare industries have collected due to this covid 19. How the geneticists:  have NOW avoided all supervision, and may now do anything TO LIFE AND NATURE:  they damn please as a result of your fears. Even taking over governments, establishing the power to overthrow democracy, and all the pride of saying “we are your gods/ we alone are your saviors”. And then consider: these people have been making diseases, for the military: OR, just so they can then find a cure: TO SELL TO YOU. Media is merely the propaganda machine for the powerful/ and once the powerful have destroyed every small business: you have no rights, no nation, no future, and they will sell this nation to foreigners just to insure you don’t come back.
        1. THE LAW SAYS OF OUR governmental employees: You cannot come into “my house”; tie my hands; and take, or take away, whatever you damn please: nor can you seize my right to attain or buy primary needs or access, as is being done with covid 19: refusing admittance unless I obey your rules. Or not at all, because you say so. You cannot destroy or take away my business or relationships, or refuse me to gather with others as I choose: you have NO legal right to do so! You cannot use your fear, as a weapon against me. You cannot claim: this “expert” has all the rights of a god/ and we have none: THAT IS RELIGION, and it is expressly denied in this government or society. You are not “the government of anyone, nor are you “god makers, by your cult worship”/YOU are not “nobles or kings”/ YOU, are merely our employees; and nothing more”. NO true democracy exists: by voting for someone to vote for me. We do deserve TRUE EVIDENCE/ NOT your decision/ NOT your judgment/ NOT your fears, invading our lives. We the people means: WE CHOOSE by our own vote/ whenever we do so demand it. We investigate by redress of grievances; our own legal right to examine, investigate, and prove those employed by “we the people, in this our constitutional (THE LAW ITSELF, that unites us as a state or nation) government/ NOT theirs”. Have betrayed us/ or not!  Taking that right, from those we employ as their oath states: to insure our constitutional government/ OUR CONTRACT with each other: proving this is who we are.  BY COURTROOM EVIDENCE: PROVING WE THE PEOPLE SHALL JUDGE, by That fact of legal ownership, OUR STATE OR NATION, is not to be mangled or destroyed; by our employees. As is established from: “consent of the governed”. We are, as the declaration of independence states: “all created equal”: NONE are “the government”/ all are subject to the law. These are the fundamentals of this nation. And there is NO RIGHT, to inundate the nation with fears you choose to create, from your own cult worship of “university is god”. The penalty of damage to the state or nation from betrayal;  is removal from the right to inform/ right to decide/ right to communicate/ prison.

The difference, between life and time is: LIFE understands the word miracle/ whereas time only knows the meaning of living or dead. The quest to save this earth from the human animals, who are devoid of understanding due to university influences: is now dependent upon the few, who accept “we have no choice, but to legally fight for our world, our state, our nation”.  THE LAW OF OUR DEMOCRACY, IS THE CONSTITUTION IS OUR GOVERNMENT.  No employee!  FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES: IS OUR LEGAL RIGHT TO INTERVENE, AND DECIDE AS    WE THE PEOPLE for our government as owners, with all legal rights of ownership, through a courtroom investigation of the real life proven evidence we require, to make our decision;  AS the constitutional JUDGE, the owner of: OUR NATION. PROVING, by the force of LAW:  did you or did you not:  obey your oath of office to us all.

In order to achieve this objective: the war is, to remove all claim of superiority by identifying what is true/ and what the consequences are for being wrong. The battlefield for this America: is to prove the reality of an insurgency, intent upon the destruction of this democracy/ and return us to the reality of what is left, so we can rebuild for life. The logistics required: I now send this prelude to trial; to the IRS both state and nation/ demanding that it is my DUTY to this state and nation/ just as it is yours. To refuse obedience to the REBEL ARMY OF UNIVERSITY IS god; and deserves to destroy the nation and state of IL. I refuse to participate in their insurgency; by providing undue support to the enemies, of our state and nation. I do not refuse taxation/ I refuse to aid and abet those who are deliberately acting as a rebellious force intent upon overthrowing our democracy. UNTIL TRIAL RESOLVES WHAT IS, OR IS NOT TRUE, BY THE EVIDENCE OF OUR OWN REALITY/ BY THE REALITIES OF COST, FOR BEING WRONG! I have informed you: no tax filing will exist until the courtroom democracy provides is real/ the money will be held in trust. DO IT NOW! Thereby I AM requiring legal trial; by having set out some of the primary realities of what has been done by governmental employees who fail us all. Because I cannot take them to court, they have illegally blocked that possibility/ so, they must take me!

AS HAS proven to be constant; in the realities of defending constitutional government, and the outright denial that: “university is god”. QUESTIONING THE CULT. Who has overthrown our democracy; is paramount to determining what can and cannot be trusted, as true. The primary ladder of determination, SHALL then be. I insist by redress of grievances: THIS NATION/ NO NATION IS ENTITLED; to experiment with the same energy the worst being: as is on the sun. igniting that flame here will become “the earth is now a sun”.

THEY SHALL PROVE THEIR THEORY; (by understanding what knowledge and fact; are depended upon to base or accept that theory, as valid or true) AND WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD SHALL DECIDE, if worthy or not. NOTHING LESS protects life or planet on earth/ NOTHING LESS proves the universities can play god; “with ANYTHING”. BECAUSE these experiments are literally life or death of our world! THE COST OF BEING WRONG!           In that same vein of reality, same purpose: if the universities CANNOT PROVE EVOLUTION, by trial/ everything about genetics must be determined as a LIE; a horrifying example of fools constructing EXTINCTION.  let the world be invited; “their lives/ their planet, too”!

To facilitate these actions, and force trial to come: STRICTLY BETWEEN I, AND THE EMPLOYEES OF GOVERNMENT IN THIS USA.

That demonstrates the truth of democracy which is: we are, ALL equal; as citizens. NO allowance is made for anything beyond WE THE PEOPLE; within that domain, NONE rank above any single one; because if it did, we cannot be united as one single nation. The grant of power, is ONLY for “necessary and proper”. NO acceptance is granted or allowed for “unequal or unreasonable; in the defense of democracy itself”. Discrimination as has been the constant imposed by our employees: “where a mask or be denied/ is the epitome of religious prejudice (our gods have spoken)”. The very foundation of persecution itself: you have no value/ unless you obey what we believe: and fear what we fear!

The public is invited to establish: LEGAL FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; the civil right, to decide for ourselves if our employees have or have not kept their oath of office to we the people of this state or nation. Create petitions, march, legal disputes, force compliance, resolve to be heard; do all the things you do: for the little things/ WHICH PROVES you do know how. BECAUSE THIS IS NO LITTLE THING; and nothing proves that more than those who are trying to ignite plasma into a nuclear fire; by burning the bond holding an atom together just like the sun.

MAKE YOUR EMPLOYEES COME TO COURT; where as state or nation, the demand for true democratic REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; will be heard; resolved; and taken to court as a state or nation through this trial. THAT IS YOUR JOB; mine is simply: as a legal citizen here, it is both my right and my duty to demand our constitutional government is in charge: NOT our employees. MY JOB, to inform the court: THERE IS CORRUPTION AND CONSEQUENCES, for both state and nation THAT MUST HAVE THEIR DAY IN COURT. EVEN as a world, every life is threatened: by the same energy source as is powering the sun. IGNITED HERE ON EARTH.

GO forth and work for life, OR die as a planet together; all gone!

Now, that I have removed all conjecture of “this will attack me”; for you. The reality is: EITHER STAND UP FOR LIFE, or fall into your grave. BY your own choices! Your excuses are now dead.

YOUR state, nation, world IS IN JEOPARDY OF COLLAPSE; under the weight of so MANY PEOPLE; that our relationships with all life on earth; upon which we depend for our existence; are also on the edge of extinction. Which means the food and wat er you wish to eat and drink/ the food, water, and habitat they need to eat, to survive/ and all the chains of life that deposit the necessary complex chemical creations that each living organism contributes to life on earth: CAN DIE. Because humanity did not care, about anything but self.

As a consequence THE DAMNED LEADERSHIP OF UNIVERSITY LEADS; shall be examined, to determine the validity of “fantasy (truth doesn’t matter), delusions (you can have anything you want), disrespect (poison it all, nobody cares), imagination (sure we can ignite the sun here), corruption (the constitution does not matter), collusion to defraud and change society (so long as nobody knows or cares, counterfeiting works), conspiracy to destroy (let the human population soar), failure (risk it all, as is we will never change), fool (change nature by playing god), traitor (destroy the foundations of society), and even terrorist (unleash the devil of war, against all life on earth)” are enough for life to continue; or literally the means of extinction; because your universities gods are on a death march, to take everything they can; in one last grab. As human animals do. TRIAL TO DETERMINE THE REAL FUTURE, THAT HAS NO RELATIONSHIP TO THEORIES; MUST EXIST. THAT MEANS REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES! OR more distinctly by the collection of evidence, and its true relationship to the realities we face: OUR FUTURE AS A WORLD, must be defined. So that contrary to university is god; LIFE EARNS A CHANCE TO SURVIVE, by protecting the values of our existence, our planet, and our hope.

YOUR OPPORTUNITY IS TO USE DIRECT-ACTION CHAMPAIGNS; TO PRODUCE A FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES TRIAL. I do offer the tax court method of demanding: I HAVE A DUTY TO THIS STATE AND NATION; NOT to support those who rebel against our democracy and its law (as is redress) or in any way deny what this democracy needs to survive (as is TRUTH in experimentation/ REALITIES for our future). Thereby trial. Our employees have shut the door to this courtroom action/ this purpose of our democracy: to watch over our employees of governing; and determine for ourselves what is, or is not in the best interest of our society. That is illegal/ but it cannot be undone; with less than citizens truly involved in this work, by demanding this trial: IS OUR RIGHT TO KNOW. OUR LEGAL OWNERSHIP OF BOTH STATE AND NATION TO DECIDE FOR OURSELVES.

The foundation for this advocacy is: LEGAL CIVIL WAR/ the decision IS: to take back control over our government, and return it to constitutional truth, as a democracy GOVERNED by that constitution: called WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE OWNERS HERE. WE WILL DECIDE, and we will change what is necessary for ourselves; by citizen vote!

That decision REQUIRES: A FULL RECOGNITION OF THE FACTS, proven by trial, to determine as best we can: WHAT MUST BE CHANGED/ WHAT WENT WRONG/ THE COST OF FAILURE/ AND WHAT OUR FUTURE SHALL BECOME, WITHOUT OUR OWN INTERVENTION. MORE DISTINCTLY, WHAT IS TRUE MUST BE LEARNED; WITHOUT THE CAUSE, OR OPPORTUNITY TO DENY IT! AS IS the basis and value called “LEGAL (now we know; as best we can) redress of grievances”. The recognition, our leaders have, or are on the edge of: failing us all; and we, this people; have the legal, constitutionally guaranteed: right and duty, to intervene.

The critical truth in that, is a return to realities of life, nature, a future with value, a nation or state built upon truth, and a foundation that does not sacrifice every child to HELL. If that ain’t for you/ then don’t pretend it is. YES there will be a cost to reality rules again/ BUT THE COST for not returning to “as truth decides”: IS EXTINCTION FOR REAL.

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a three part series, proving “university is the greatest thief (don’t need a vaccine), liar (not a pandemic), traitor (hiding the truth), rapist (causing extreme distress), terrorist (the door to extinction now exists), and whore (only money, power, and pride matter)” to ever walk this earth:


The value of respect; cannot be underestimated as true. NATURE gave us life, every single one; to allow “the universities” to destroy that connection with our existence is beyond foolish/ even beyond terrorism; and descends to SATAN on earth. To allow: “university leading people”; the opportunity to ignite a nuclear fire “just like the sun” here on earth: is beyond stupid, beyond arrogant, and constructs the descent beyond Satan; into the abyss of HADES (where GOD, punishes). Because a nuclear fire, burns the bond holding an atom together; much like, the chemical fires here on earth, which burns the bond holding a molecule together. WE KNOW, an atom contains that bond: because the storage of kinetic energy as is so plainly evident in an atomic bomb proves it. To store that energy, the atom spins: to contain that spin: there MUST BE, an energy source equal, but opposite to the forces trying to escape. “like spinning a rock in a circle with a string tied to it”: centrifugal forces require resistance; or the kinetic energy escapes. That resistance is “dark energy: the force of solar gravity” when released. THEIR DECISION: TO RELY UPON “NOT ENOUGH GRAVITY” HERE ON EARTH TO SUSTAIN THE FIRE/ THEREFORE IT WILL JUST EXTINGUISH ITSELF. IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG! AND CANNOT BE UNDONE.

Given that fact alone: this trial is all or nothing, for our world!  Make your decision. 

Because TRUTH SAYS:  this world is overburdened with humanity, and as a result of always choosing “the easy road of lies, and disrespect”. YOUR TURN at starvation and war, is very near to now. And humanity screams: I DON’T WANT THAT!  While reality returns with:  fantasy, delusions, want, imagination, deceit, theft, destruction, disrespect, and now the destruction of chains in life/ the mutilation of all that nature is or this planet can be/ weapons of mass destruction/ and the endless wave of human want on this finite planet;;;;; the people playing god. Examines the evidence: to find you lacking truth. Identifies the cost of failure; as a human population growing by a quarter of a billion more mouths to feed each year. And the people scream: “the universities are god/ and savior”.  But alas, that will be proven untrue. 

 RETURN TO TRUTH, BUY RESPECT WITH YOUR LIVES, OR GO EXTINCT.             GO TO TRIAL, LEARN REALITY, OR HELL, the cost of human failures, lies, cheating, stealing, selfishness, disrespect, pride, want, power, insanity, & destruction WILL TEACH YOU WHAT IS   TRUE!

Just so its clear: I am NOT, “your leader/ savior/ friend or enemy/ target/ or dumping ground for insanity”. I am a citizen in trial, “just like you”/ whose only purpose is to attain and direct the values of a trial: MUST BE RESPECT FOR THE EVIDENCE, OF ALL SIDES. For the deliberate purpose of identifying the future as best we can. IN ORDER TO EXAMINE AND DECIDE FOR OURSELVES: what is, in the best interest of life and planet; so that we may all as best we can survive as a world first/ individuals are second. NOBODY LIVES WITHOUT NATURE OR PLANET SURVIVING FIRST! Because reality states {is fully expected to be proven true}, that clearly: we have crossed the line/ and must now fight for nature, and planet to survive. NO more want: reality decides, by its own truth. Or we die! No MORE pride or we fail! NO more power or we WAR. Only truth decides/ only justice governs/ only fair play arises as our choice; to live together in peace.SATAN is here on earth, and we will soon be extinct; because fools live in university filth,the%20field%20of%20synthetic%20biology.&text=The%20achievement%20one%20day%20may,valuable%20molecules%2C%20as%20living%20factories.

As is the purpose of trial, and NOT PROPAGANDA decides: let the facts be proven true, by all facets, and individuals of this world; who can produce verified evidence; rather than theory(their foundation of fact, SHALL be judged) or imagination (the cost, or probability, of “yes we can”). Because unlike global warming was discarded, because you can believe whatever you want:  REALITY SAYS, you no longer have time or space; for FOOLS.    a black hole originates in a supernova; where the inside cannot get out fast enough/ and then turns back onto itself

Insanity rules the university; and government assists them, in their efforts to prove:  “no consequences for us/ we can do anything; cause we are gods”. Let the people pay; after all what is another disease/ death of life; that, they cannot take back?  HOW INSANE ARE YOU?  OR, IN LAYMANS TERMS:  “JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN PULL THE TRIGGER ON A GUN, AND KILL SOMEONE/ OR IGNITE A BOMB AND KILL MANY/ OR RELEASE A NEW DISEASE/ OR INSIST AN EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE IS SAFE”;   DOES NOT, give anyone the right to do so/ OR ASSUME, nothing will go wrong.  THERE HAST TO BE A BRAIN INVOLVED; and reality knows, “the universities have failed”.  LEAVING THE REST OF US:   TO TELL THEM NO!     “think not”? I remind you; the university religion is evolution:  “chaos built everything, entirely by accident, by globing everything together; life just built itself”. so the fact they create chaos in life or for the planet; is just their own way of playing god; by waiting for change.  NOT A SHRED OF PROOF/ just plain fantasy, now endangering our world, with LIES, by building HORROR.    WAKE UP!

THIS IS: NO MORE PLAYING GAMES! I have removed the claim of fear from you, by starting the procedure for trial; as is, “The IRS cannot let me refuse to file or pay as a taxpayer (TAKE ME TO COURT; DO IT NOW)/ I cannot let you continue to deny reality, and prove contempt for democracy OR LIFE; as is my duty to resist: THEREFORE TRIAL (DO IT NOW)/ THEREFORE CONSTITUTIONAL: REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, AS IS THE LAW! THEREBY REALITY ASSERTS, “LET THERE BE TRUTH IN GOVERNMENT; AS IS WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW”. I will not back away, or change positions: whatever will be however depends upon the audience that is listening; as the courtroom has been proven to be, in trial over the years: the property of power/ not the constitution. ALL THINGS, ARE THEN UP TO YOU THE PEOPLE, WHO ACCEPT DUTY, VALUE, AND RESPECT ARE REQUIRED; from our employees.

This is the last, the final attempt: CHANGE what must be changed/ learn why, or die; by your own apathy and disgrace. This world of life and living; these cases: NEEDS your assistance; or it fails. Pride be damned: fight for life/ not self.

Just so its clear: ONCE YOU TRULY BEGIN, to demand CONSTITUTIONAL LAW MUST BE FOLLOWED/  redress of grievances is the law.  Then whether I live or die will not matter; as we are “330 million citizens, in this USA”/ we are; as am I, just another: one vote.     By democracy we stand together/ by our vote, WE THE PEOPLE, decide for ourselves; instead of being ruled by a few, who claim to be “gods”.  LET TRUTH DECIDE!

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