Use your own organizations, CHURCHES, families, and more to identify what is true for you, and then expand that into a greater effort/ GO TO COURT AND DEMAND A TRUE ACCOUNTING; AS IS WHO IS REALLY DYING.          BECAUSE IF THERE IS NOT A DRAMATIC INCREASE IN THE REAL LIFE DEATH FOR A NATION; THEN THIS IS AN INVASION: TO STEAL AMERICA, DESTROY THE MIDDLE CLASS, AND ENFORCE SLAVERY.   prove their pandemic claim/ is not just a disguise for war, against America!  prove real life fear is warranted (as is “look at all the death”)!  when in fact the death count is lower for this year, than in the past.   Truth and the understanding of its laws protect/ fear does not!      To fear: will either turn love into courage/ or hate into violence and revenge. These are the only choices you get. Can’t be too safe, is simply a prison door: to hold you inside away from life. That, will cause you to fail, your own existence. 

The reality is: a strictly ONE-SIDED propaganda effort, has been confronting us all; for months now. NEVER ALLOWING there is a second side to this story. Because they want you only to: FEAR DEATH, “IT IS out to get you”/ BELIEVE WE ARE YOUR SAVIORS, “because then we have control, over your money, life, nation, world, child, and future; as power and pride have always tried to do”. DON’T THINK, ACCEPT WHAT YOU ARE TOLD! Because we, “the universities” control the media, politics, courts, education, and every form of power in this society: so there is NO SECOND SIDE.  the following few “like graphics” are from June 14, 2012   There is only what we tell you is true; even when it is a lie. Such as every 2 minutes someone dies of heart failure;       FEAR/ FEAR/ BELIEVE: GIVE US YOUR MONEY, AND BE OUR SLAVE, by coming back to the doctor every week, and taking every pill, and sacrificing your life so we can have more!        When in fact: 95% of those who die of heart failure, are old or extremely old; and that is the primary cause of death.         The foundation of every horror story in history is: “just one side/ just one voice” decides and propagates everything you fear or believe; they then take control of life and society by, playing god over the nation, or worse. “just another Hitler”/ etcetera! There is no second side, NO BALANCE TO THEIR RHETORIC: ONLY BELIEVE WHAT YOU ARE TOLD; as is the religious construction of a CULT. Not a democratic society designed, to keep this very thing from happening. WHICH MEANS: THERE IS AN INSURGENT ARMY OF REBELS ATTACKING US. TO GET CONTROL OVER LIFE AND SOCIETY; as all armies do, by FEAR/ AND BELIEVE, only we can save you from certain death.  

FIGHT FOR TRUTH AND REAL EVIDENCE UNTAINTED BY THE DESIRE TO CONTROL YOU. SEARCH FOR REALITY, NOT THEIR DECISION: THAT YOU SHOULD FEAR OR BELIEVE WHATEVER YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD. FIND YOUR BRAIN; which literally means: DON’T just believe/ DON’T just fear because you are told to fear, FIND THE TRUTH, BY UNDERSTANDING WHAT THE EVIDENCE ITSELF WILL SUPPORT AS REAL LIFE. Your former classmates, now in control over universities: are no different than when they were in school. Not a perfect one among them/ but plenty of greed, selfishness, lust, and more; just like the rest. How does that not resonate “maybe, we should think for ourselves?” STOP BEING BLIND to the demand for power, DEAF to the propaganda of FEAR controls you now, OR DUMB, as in they intentionally stole your voice/ kept you from organizations/ and isolated you so only FEAR AND BELIEVE could be forced inside. WAKE UP.   

Discipline, is the difference between life and death/ the failure of correct disciplines, is the entanglement of processes that determine dimensions, and thereby shape or destroy the value of the living; because the body of life itself is now disordered/ unbalanced/ and plagued by the failure of what men call “university knows”. Their desire to prove “we can be gods too”; is a child tantrum, screaming we want to be more; than we have any right to be. The cost of entertaining that child: is a lost world, because death cannot be turned back by fools. RESPECT for life is mandatory to existence.  the US supreme court:  SOLD US, and our democracy OUT;  “no doubt for bobbles and beads”.        The universities have none; but are blinded by a few tiny toys, trophies, or trinkets they managed to make; by cheating all the rest, and stealing what they wanted from you. The delusions shaped by a fool, to lead the herd of human animals; have allowed them to imagine they assertions are more than just another lie/ they are not. LIFE IS NOT A LIE/ nor is it intended to be “an animal”. Your life, is given to you; as a preparation for eternity: which literally does mean, you must enter within the truth, by its disciplines, order, and balance needed to survive. You must desire life within thought, as it lifts you into freedoms beyond self; in order to achieve true happiness and the value of love. You must respect the boundaries and limits which keep you alive/ or there will be chaos: the end of you.        The difference between life and university is very simple: LIFE REQUIRES THAT YOU RESPECT ORDER, DISCIPLINE, BALANCE, TRUTH, DESIRE, LOVE, AS YOUR CREATOR provides the rest. The universities demand you follow their lead, and give the realities of what keeps you alive to them; so they can play god; as they scream, “its all chaos/ its all magic/ there is no thought/ its just time: as is their curse to you, called evolution. If you cannot see the difference is true/ the cult (we cannot question our leader), has consumed you. The cost of following the universities farther, is your own extinction. The cost of accepting their delusion, that they can play god and claim a vaccine is NOW CREATED, BY THEIR DESIGN; don’t need nature no more: is Armageddon.        I personally would not in any form accept their vaccine (evolution would just throw this part of nature, away too); NOT FOR ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD; they are attempting to play god. They will fail, and destroy disciplines in biology which cannot be repaired: “a billion times or more”. As they play god with life/ to make only death as is extinction.   

There are threats far more severe and dangerous than covid 19;  yet media tells you little or nothing/ because they want you stupid. sexual transmitted disease is one of them/ are you going to stop having sex? because if not/ and by the numbers it is a far greater threat; why are you wearing a mask? 

A VACCINE THAT NATURE CREATES WITH HUMAN HELP/ has been a blessing; even though this earth is now overpopulated.  where nature allows us to intervene, there  is hope/ IF WE accept new limits and boundaries due to that change.  NOTHING THE UNIVERSITIES ARE DOING, IS DRIVEN BY NATURE:  THEY ARE INJECTING CHAOS,  as religious insanity does/    BECAUSE YOU LET THEM.  and that is a very different thing!     Behind closed doors, with their new tools to violate biology entirely: they are doing that very same thing with every form of life: claiming evolution is going to discard “the operating mechanism for life; as is RNA” because it makes changing genetic structure “too complicated”. Which means they can’t do anything; without destroying the whole. ONLY, A brainless (not a clue & don’t tell me NOTHING) diseased (something is wrong) cult (FEAR/BELIEVE/ DON’T THINK FOR YOURSELF: DO IT NOW) worshiping generation; lets them continue. 

It is the plague of human life: “i WANT/ I WANT/ I WANT/ I WANT; DAMN YOU, I WANT EVERYTHING/ GIVE IT TO ME NOW”. The disease is: I don’t have to learn nothing/ I don’t have to care; I will simply believe.

Rather than the assembly of “I am”; as is, not only life, but alive. The difference is monumental; and ultimately decides whether you can or cannot attain eternal life. The value is: formed by the distinction of love, life rises to ascend beyond self, into the disciplines that shape our soul.

We leave the animal behind, to accomplish what only thought can do. To search for life itself, within the elements that are proof, of the miracle in our existence. The difference is found between energy and mass; or more distinctly biology is a living mass, dedicated to movements as only energy can allow. So the question is: if time is a mass/ then energy is the life. But since they live as one, HOW is this search to develop beyond the elevation time allows? The answer is spiritual, as only truth can define life: we MUST then enter within truth itself, to isolate and construct the foundations that will become our soul. 

The question begins: does truth live, or is it merely the display of laws which govern existence? The value of truth identifies life; so the question changes: is life a participant in truth/ or is truth a participant in life? We now must separate environments to prove the disciplines that create order.

We begin with atomic construction; and isolate four elemental forms of balance: within the nucleus, where the energy resides, there is push/ and to contain that push in balance, we know there must be pull. To contain the energy in isolation so that it is not lost, but defined: there is spin, the centrifugal motion that incorporates, and contains energy, by forcing it into a tiny space of time. There is motion through space, and the inevitable potential to find another atomic force in close proximity. There is an interlocking definition of participation as would be governed through the disciplines of electron stability, in either a circular motion or straight line ejection. Or its opposite, which is the explosive encounter of energies which are not allowed to combine.

Of these things, biology is formed/ thought exists/ and life finds its truth.

In today’s world: universities inject chaos, and claim they know everything they need to know; in order to play god with life. “because they have a garbage bucket filled with the sewage of their delusions”.

While the old can claim: “at least my lifetime is almost over here (discarding eternity)/ and I won’t have to face the catastrophe in time; of what they did WRONG”. The young have no such escape: EVERY COST & EVERY CONSEQUENCE FORMED BY BEING WRONG, will be their world of life or death or terror.  the cost of that is: extinction/ and there really is no purpose in talking to those who cannot, or will not;  even fight for their entire world of life. But throw it into the garbage and chaos; universities create. While shouting, I DON’T CARE; or just GIVE ME WHAT I WANT. While this entire world dies; because of you. The only god you get to be is called “SATAN”; as does mean destroyer of this world. Find your brain back/ or lose your world.

DON’T WANT TOO? Well then, the universities will change all of nature into CHAOS; as is their intent. Everything that lives will soon know, they are dead/ everything you love, or desire; or that is by the grace of GOD alive; will be gone. With no possibility of return: its called extinction. Get off your ass, open your mouth, do: what you can legally do!

A very tiny few people; are stating they are “gods, over genetic life/ saviors”: who must be allowed to inject their mutilations that discard a basic structure of genetic information in THE BUILDING OF ALL LIFE ON EARTH. Into BILLIONS OF PEOPLE/ thereby making trillions of dollars, for themselves. A reality of experimentation; that cannot be undone. And the liars in media shout and scream: DO IT NOW/ FEAR FEAR; BELIEVE WHATEVER YOU ARE TOLD: NEVER QUESTION THE UNIVERSITY CULT; as they are gods, who pay us BILLIONS, and let us play the fool. Who are the media: “the best liars we can find”. Who is the court: those who protect the powerful most. Who are the politicians: NEVER tell what has been done. Who decides as the bank: “the university wants slaves”. Who hates you most: the universities, who know this world is ending/ because of what they did do, or at least took full credit for. 80% of those testing positive for covid HAVE NO SYMPTOMS AT ALL. 80% of those who die from it are over the age of 64.  I REMIND YOU:  TO LOOK AT YOUR DRUG ADVERTIZEMENTS, AND LISTEN TO ALL THE SIDE EFFECTS, AND UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES THEY ADMIT TOO.   using the same language “yes we knew” as is used against all the major legal attacks;  “such as asbestos”.  their claim to avoid trial/ is the evidence which convicts them:  YES THEY DID CHOOSE TO CAUSE THESE CONSEQUENCES, in people who had NO REAL CLUE.  “because they were BELIEVERS”.  HAVING NO REAL INFORMATION, as to a statistical review, or the cost of what it really means:  because the visuals, are intended to be “ITS ALL HAPPY HERE”.  AS LIARS, THE MARKETERS TARGETING, “what university studies tell us” will work in you:  IF WE DO!  Truth in advertising “here, buy these two at this price/ just pay a separate fee”; which means its double, the price advertised.  Now how true is that really; after all EVERY TRAP has bait?

government will protect you”? Consider the gold coins they have been selling on TV; “looks exactly the same/ covered in a tiny amount of gold”; to create the illusion of what is real/ but is COUNTERFEIT. And fully intended to steal. And is in fact US CURRENCY as the mint makes these coins with real gold. And even though it is a constitutional law: YOU SHALL NOT counterfeit. YOUR employees of government, courts, and policing: allow the counterfeit coins to be sold through mass media. Because they don’t want ANY RELATIONSHIP TO REALITY as would be “gold instead of numbers” to exist. Because the numbers prove: this nation has long ago been bankrupted by “the university elite”; who gave all the inflated currency numbers: to themselves, and their army of insurgents. Just investigate the real accounting for this nation; and it will prove to be so. BECAUSE WORST OF ALL: THE UNIVERSITY ELITE, THE CREATORS OF EVERY TRAP, AND EVERY SCAM, AND EVERY PLAGUE OF THREAT THAT EXISTS; took over our nation, and threatens our world with extinction. And they NEED TO COVER THAT UP/ SO YOU DON’T FIND OUT: THEY ARE YOUR TRUE ENEMY. They want you at WAR/ BECAUSE with war, you cannot fight with your own leaders/ or investigate for truth: it is, only life or death matters now. The people who want you dead; so you cannot attack them: for what they did do. With all that inflation media REFUSES TO REPORT; they took control over our nation, and desecrated with the help of every universities around this earth: OUR WORLD. To their eternal shame.

Which leaves you with one choice: EITHER LET TRUTH, BY THE EVIDENCE OF OUR OWN REALITIES IN THE REAL WORLD OF NATURE, which gives us everything; RETURN US TO LIFE/ or let death consume this world? CHOOSE.

WHY do they want to be your saviors; RIGHT NOW? BECAUSE if you don’t war/ as every traitorous, and terrorist act, every horrendous arrogance of failure, every foolish, blind, rape and ravaging of life, nation, world, and child: IS COMING INTO THE LIGHT. Where the real enemy will then be found: and you might “kill them all”: as reality proves EXTINCTION OF LIFE ON PLANET EARTH, is a very real possibility.

We then ask: WHAT is the cost of being WRONG? The realities of everything that supports life and earth, by the laws of CREATION ITSELF; lost! The universities will reply: “the chaos and magic and billions of years to hide it” prove evolution will fix anything we break/ WE DON’T have to care! But reality knows: CHAOS BUILDS NOTHING/ it only destroys what is complex, down to its most simple form; order is not by accident/ disciplines elevate themselves by thought/ balance is the essence of survival; and there is more: proving beyond the slightest possibility of doubt: evolution is wrong. EVEN SO, THE COST OF HUMANITY PLAYING “god” is: our world can be lost! Simple as that; as it almost is; right now.

The question of eternity then arises for all who value life itself: as the laws which give it order/ balance/ discipline/ thought/ courage/ love/ hope/ desire/ energy/ and more! The question is, “can life rise again, even if the body is taken away”? Although the answer is not as simple as human wants it to be; the critical truth of our reality is: that we are participants in an atomic display of what the energy contained by atoms can form, when governed by thought. The critical essence of that energy is: it merely transforms, from one elemental force, into another elemental force. So the construction of a body of life that is functionally energy controlled by thought: becomes the question, can you contain this energy beyond the body called human? That forms the question: are you GOD over your life? Death proves no we are not. Therefore the existence of “our CREATOR”: how did we arrive to assemble into time, the values we will display as our own? MIRACLES PROVE CREATION! JESUS proves we were not simply Created and then abandoned/ while the love HE displayed proves, “where and what and why and who”: were the benefactors providing this gift of life. TRUTH SURVIVES TIME, nothing less can. Therefore the question of eternity as a living form of life rather than body: is determined by what is true in you/ and what is valued by our CREATOR. Love is a direction of life! Hate is the opposite direction of a life, into death. But only truth can keep you from dissipating into “nothing left”.

My work is as the intent and purpose of “the free press” as the protector of society and democracy; was intended to be. NOT SIMPLY TOLD, by the people who have taken control. But investigating the foundations upon which the reality of any or every decision that affects this society, and this democracy: will produce change. Be it good or bad: we the people have a right to know, what our lives will be changed for. That occurs only when the truth has been established, by the realities involved/ the structural integrity of thought in its design/ the adherence to justice, and the values of freedom, liberty, and courage. All of which have been discarded by the LIARS, FAILURES, FOOLS, AND TRAITORS; who are in charge. AS IS the constant of every cult, and every worshiper in that cult of “university is god”.    THERE ARE THINGS HERE, IN THIS WORK;  YOU, AND THIS WORLD: DO NEED TO KNOW.  whether you hide from truth; is to your own shame: I did for you what I realistically could do. As would be consistent with any other reporter of the facts; can do.  IN A NATION OF  333 MILLION;  the numbers do not warrant any extreme exercise of authority; NOR the constant attack on our democracy.

This society has failed;  YOU ARE cursing the young, and stealing their lives; to protect the very old!    The evidence of that is in your mask, the reality of (FEAR NEVER THINK; DAMN YOU FEAR; AND MAKE THE REST FALL DOWN TO BE STEPPED ON; by an insurgency of “puke and vomit” that is the claim: NEVER LET THE UNIVERSITIES BE QUESTIONED! THIS aligned and proven by endless threats of extinction/ the catastrophe of making your own children pay for your disgrace/ the disease of your selfishness and greed/ the curse that is you don’t care. IS YOUR SHAME.

We then turn to the truth, of human existence; recognizing all activity is determined by one of three things: love/ hate/ or simply survival. The children of GOD our CREATOR; understand and accept the knowledge of miracles, the sacred nature of life, the values of time, and the purposes that will grant the passionate embrace of a desire to be friends and beyond. The children of the DEVIL (yes, I/we can be gods); discard all respect/ demand life and planet are merely toys/ deny all realities of justice/ and depict life as a game, where pride rules; want decides; and power dictates who will and who won’t be the god who we the dead, cannot defeat. While survival is a description dedicated to time itself; the realities of existence decide what can or cannot be; because this is too important simply to surrender.

The sanctity of life includes: that being male represents the values of law, reality, search, and push to find what is beyond the disciplines of time, as we become the elevation of our own truth. That being female, represents the values of law, reality, search, and pull; to demand that order must govern time, and we become elevated by our acceptance of balance as it forms the decisions of this day. That being animal; discards the greater values of life; to assert the only thing which matters, “is my own comforts, and how much I can claim IS MINE”. THIS IS: called want, which grows the lies descending into pride, as is then transformed by arrogance and disrespect into the power of; “I will choose, to play god”.

We then turn to the realities of this day: to recognize, the entire purpose most enter into college is to avoid the realities of living/ and continue to play games with life as a child that escaped what must be called true. These adult children, having never learned of truth, by its own realities forcing them to understand the search for life itself; is no game. Instead, without the guidance of an adult; they turn to imagination, fantasies, and delusions to assert “we know everything/ because our brain is a playground, without the restraint or barriers of truth and reality.” and as we look around this USA in particular: their brand of leadership is quite clear, “nothing here, but a child’s playpen”. While truth proves we are now surrounded by threats of extinction so severe: NO ONE, can guarantee this earth or its life, or even “Living as time itself” can go on. Because children, were never meant to lead. And failure always follows “the liar, and his or her imagination”.

Love lifts respect to the sacred realm of “these miracles must never be tampered with/ because the consequences are death”.

Hate descends, to the decisions of an animal wants, and therefore pride can turn that want into a game, where chaos turns the lost and the living, into slavery. By whatever form of power can be used.

Survival: is determined by truth, and the laws which serve us as our reality has order/ discipline/ and balance which we must accept; describe the limits and boundaries, of who/ what/ where/ when/ why/ how/ and why not. Because where truth does not lead/ death is certain to follow. Where the chaos of pride, want, and power lead “through the universities are god”; extinction will follow. Because the child of the dead; has no brain to realize what truth is. A reality: because if a brain was involved, NO ONE would threaten all of nature, planet, resources, future, ocean, and absolutely everything the living need to survive. And we know for a fact: not only does a university diploma threaten all these things. They live to prove their religion of evolution which is CHAOS built life/ so we don’t have to respect NOTHING. Is an open door to HELL.

The pact is made, the damnation is formed, the leader of the dead (we will prove the university is god, now) is now ready, to be in place. The beginning of HELL has arrived; and YOU cannot even raise your voice above a whisper to say. PROVE THE PANDEMIC IS REAL, because you are “believers”/ the lies of a test that is 80% no symptoms for those called positive/ a test which does not separate out “the common cold”/ and over 80% of those who die over the age of 64; with complicating factors on most of the rest who do die. A “new” disease; that cannot be separated from the same spikes as is influenza and pneumonia. WHILE THEY STEAL YOUR MONEY/ DESTROY YOUR ECONOMY/ AND INTENTIONALLY MAKE YOU HOMELESS AND READY FOR WAR. AS: The evidence will prove. As soon as the vaccines are being distributed: a mask will no longer be enough. Just as today, you cannot buy what you need without a mask on/ tomorrow without evidence of taking the vaccine; you will not be allowed to buy anything. Since that cannot be easily enforced, as it is not seen immediately: the number printed on your forehead will be the method of choice. Don’t worry, it can be invisible “what do you think 666”; except to the computer which now guards the gate. And all the world will be taught to yell: “the plague/ the plague”, of those without that mark. For a pandemic that is not real. DISEASE DOES EXIST, as it always has; but that does not make it a pandemic/ ONLY REAL WORLD DEATH INCREASES allow for that. And religion says: I DON’T believe that; and yet, the reality of evidence is plain. Look around at the masks, “better not take any chances/ while the cult makers of media continually yells FEAR/ DAMN YOU FEAR”. And the professional liars of university continue to hide the truth. While this work simply states, as it has for over forty years: PROVE THE EVIDENCE IS TRUE/ AND LET TRUTH THEN DECIDE. DO NOT simply believe whatever you want to believe; because the liar has taken control. Prove what is true, investigate beyond what media tells, and search for the consequences that will be coming. And the courts say: you CANNOT question the university/ the universities are god. The politician believes “they are gods helper/ gods warrior”; and the fool learns, your choice is now dead. As the “nazi” gangs form; to insure nobody escapes their purpose: the university has taken control over nature. Which means: when biological disasters erupt, they will claim to be your saviors. After all, who better to reverse the death rattle of genetic annihilation/ than those who created it. Alas, “not gods after all”; YOUR DECISION IS: WILL THE UNIVERSITIES BE “god”/ OR WILL NATURE BE PROTECTED: because you can’t have both anymore. TOO BAD, extinction forms; to consume us all. But hey; soon they will ignite a nuclear fire; so why not, right? Oh don’t worry; what could a ten million degree fire just like on the sun do to you/ after all, the university is god; and they certainly cannot be less than perfect. Right?

The fundamental of my work here, in all these words: reduced to a tiny few is, DON’T BELIEVE whatever you have been told, or read, or however it is you came to believe in something. Because belief is just another form of shouting: I WANT, WHAT I WANT! And that is never adequate to any purpose that allows you to survive, unless surrounded by those who accept reality in their lives, to keep you alive. The one and only benefit of war is: REALITY NOW RULES/ no more fantasy, as are the constant delusions of “a university diploma”. War STEALS, KILLS, MUTILATES, DESTROYS, AND DENIES to all life its due respect: it is never a value/ unless, the curse of human pride and arrogance leaves no other possibilities. THE CORRECT METHOD OF CHANGE IS BY THE LAW, we the people will do this! Taking care to insure, you are not forced into battle and mayhem; by the curse of pride, or the insanity of power. THE LAW IS: WE KNOW THIS IS TRUE/ THEREFORE WE DEMAND THAT OUR REALITY AS A PEOPLE UNITED, MUST ACCEPT THE COST of our lives, our duty, and our desire to live within those limits/ by binding ourselves to the descriptions we understand will protect our future. Anything other than that; opens the door to world extinction; as the universities have done. WE REALLY ARE: MORE PEOPLE, than the earth is functionally able to sustain/ because even though you look around and say, “there is more room here”. The critical truth is: there is not, because WE EAT OTHER LIFE FORMS/ and they need habitat, food, and basically everything we need; because they are life too. So you cannot take their stuff, and destroy their world, or their chains of life: WITHOUT DESTROYING YOUR OWN. No excuses, it is true!


WHICH BRINGS US TO THE PURPOSE OF THIS WORK, WHICH IS: INVESTIGATE AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE; SO THAT ALL EXCUSES CAN DIE. THEN CHANGE WHAT MUST BE CHANGED; BECAUSE YOU DO OWE IT TO EVERY CHILD, AND EVERY LIVING THING. NONE, have the right, to exterminate the future, or this world; because you believe whatever excuse you believe. PROVE WHAT IS TRUE; DEMAND IT/ form a crowd that creates the necessary courtroom, with full public view; and cause all the evidence you can gather to be open to the public for their own decision. NO MORE MARKETING/ NO MORE LIES/ NO MORE THEORIES/ NO MORE BELIEVING WHATEVER MEDIA PROPAGANDA SAYS/ NO MORE POLITICS TO DECIDE. ALL OF US: FACED WITH OUR OWN TRUTHS: proven as best we can! BY our own VOTE, DECIDE THE FATE of both life and world, EXPLAINING THE REALITY “to every child”! SHALL CHOOSE THE FUTURE WE WILL EITHER LIVE IN / OR DIE BY, because that is what you chose, instead of life.

USA Economic failure looms, BECAUSE THE UNIVERSITY EXPERTS, DECLARED A PANDEMIC! But if it is not a pandemic/ THEN IT IS, AN INSURGENCY; designed to ridicule and remove the middle class from its own power source which is “small business”. OR MORE DISTINCTLY, “the communist party has taken control”. Communism is: we have replaced the king/ with a few more people to make decisions for all the rest. After all, “the new nobility” deserve to take control; as they are “the superior ones”. WHICH DOES MEAN: these invaders intentionally threw democracy in the coffin of your fears/ and are preparing to close the lid: because the damned, by believing in a cult of “university is god”: chose to throw democracy away. Listening only to the propaganda of bribes and fears born strictly because media tells you what you then think you know; as is the sewage of fools; who accept, the university is god. Nothing in human existence changes; because want controls your lives as a herd of animals; constantly threatened by the human predators who want power and pride to control; the lies, your want enables. NO YOU CAN’T HAVE ANY DAMN THING YOU WANT/ BECAUSE REALITY SAYS NO. so the liar says: yes we can/ and then destroys the future; by claiming “not in my lifetime”/ so I don’t care! Well the day arrives, when not caring about the future, of a single child: controls your doom, as extinction proves; “YOU cannot wait and see”. Because proof of extinction, IS EXTINCTION; YOU pitiful damn ignorant, “university is god” FOOL! WAKE UP, AND CRAWL out of the sewage they made; to consume your life!

DECIDE: by the proof of evidence, that is as best we can; proven true. IF THIS IS A PANDEMIC/ OR, an insurgency, designed to both remove democracy and the middle class from power: OR NOT? It is a simple question: it is a simple request: ASSEMBLE THE PROOF OF REALITY. And that does not include any reliance on the past. STOP the media from interfering with their propaganda; and assemble the evidence of death (as is proof of pandemic)/ describe and assimilate the evidence (this is not simply the flu, pneumonia, or similar respiratory illness) that we should surrender our lives, and our freedoms too. PROVE THE FOUNDATION EXCUSE: that our government employees have the right to not only threaten us with penalties, if we do not bow down to their decision/ but bring into our lives their religious worship of; the universities are god. BOTH OF WHICH ARE CONSTITUTIONALLY IDENTIFIED AS TREASON.               

As is the constant of testing done for covid: the reality does not coincide with the numbers being given/ not does it address the consistency of age being the most important factor. NOR does it include the money that is gained by the medical healthcare business, for EVERY SINGLE DIAGNOSIS; even if its wrong.     link one, two, three,    EVERY WANDER JUST HOW MUCH MONEY THEY GET; for your assumed disease? Want a new car; well its just a cancer patient or two! I wander, if that could have anything to do, with the sharp rise in diagnosis; well can’t be too careful now can we. Better be safe: go ahead cut off tits; after all a new vacation penthouse in New York City might be nice. Who cares about the after effects: HELL, that: is your problem!      seraera   in a Nation of 333 million people;  this comes from    no one, should ever forget: a surgeon does not get paid without an operation/ which means you need an operation: to pay, for his or her $500,000.00+ debt from medical school. A powerful reason to find you sick; is it not? AT nearly thirty years old before getting out of school, a “university debt they cannot escape; even in bankruptcy”.  So who is more important:  me or you: “they want money, and they have cause”: because the ruler of this nation says NO ESCAPE. How is that not so? wouldn’t you?  Just a fact of life, not an indictment; but debt is.  REALITY deserves better for both sides.  Nonetheless “be careful”, with what you believe is true!       

  REALITY SAYS: DOCTORS WILL nearly always suggest mastectomy versus breast conservation surgery. BECAUSE THEN THEY CANNOT BE SUED! In court; they simply say, “I am not god/ what more could I have done”/ and the lawsuit is over; regardless of any other form of evidence.       

So, lets assume: that a simple diagnosis costs with insurance paying/ medicare/ medicaid; as well. The average test costs $1000.00 add roughly five patients an hour for a mammogram/ per 8 hour day; just for one worker/ and you get an $8000 day, each of 5 days is a $40,000.00 week/ times 50 weeks $2 million dollars. GEE I WANDER WHY, they want so much testing? Or is it like covid: YOU GET MONEY FOR EVERY TEST. AND THEN IF YOU CAN FIND A DISEASE; YOU GET A NEW HOUSE OR MORE PER EACH ONE. “its great”; right?   

my suggestion is: to find the cause for breast cancer, it is essential to look at what females are using chemically/ because the breasts do accumulate “environmental factors (alcohol can cause them to swell for example)”. first step is statistics: which calls for things like “fingernail polish remover” is generally acetone (a highly invasive and potent chemical)/ a wide variety of makeup / sugar substitutes are another favorite of women/ birth control methods, “do they contribute” and so on.   

In the real life world of our realities: there are people who get burned. And their skin fails to remain flexible. It is consistent with reality: that large numbers of obese people, who do lose a tremendous amount of weight/ also have a large portion of skin that is now a true problem to them. And their desire to remove it, is real. So the question is: how compatible is, the various skin types to grafting what is not needed/ onto where it is needed. Or in the alternative; getting fat (and then loosing weight)/ using a balloon to increase skin mass/ or other possibilities exist to grow your own skin for grafting purposes. Because skin that is not flexible; is heartbreak. Just like a university induced genetic malfunction presented due to chaos injected: that takes away every desirable element of life and body itself: will be ARMAGEDDON.

Don’t you worry: even if all the attempts at taking control over this world, fail. The universities, still have an endless supply of biological warfare to release. As is consistent with “a million or so, genetic warriors; worldwide”/ all prepared to play god with life. All they need is something that leaves you vulnerable, from a disease they create, or created/ but protects them. Now, WHAT; could possibly go wrong there; after all, the cult knows, “the university is god”. And all gods know: they can kill you, or harm you, or destroy you; “cause they are gods/ and you, are not”.

And the world says: “WE DON’T want that”/ but reality says, “this is what you chose, to let universities do”! So the question now is: do you want to “depend upon their good nature/ expecting ALL these human beings, will never seek you harm”? OR, WILL you choose to limit their powers over life and you; by claiming back ALL the various tools, computers, colleges, information, laboratories and so on that make their threat possible? Ending all weapons of mass destruction forever with world laws, and its enforcement: making decisions for life and world, that are truly and without doubt: “we will never be threatened by universities again!”

Alas, at least in America; the spineless public whore (we take all bribes) rules, as every mask that is not worn in protest can attest too. But then it is so much easier to be “a serpent” without a backbone (can’t stand up for life, or world, or child, or truth or value; cause you’re afraid); is it not? Go ahead answer the question; “you got a backbone, or not”? Well, you can just wait, for “the new NAZI NATION; and its SS (WE will make them obey)” to finish creating covid as their tool; to crawl out & consume democracy, too spit you out as the trash. Don’t worry, the best slaves in the world, are never beaten or betrayed; “isn’t that against the rules”/ why sure, its the law isn’t it? In a world soon to be without law of any kind: because that, is literally what you chose. To your shame.

We then examine the truth of a vote: and find it has nothing to do with democracy or law or realities of life/ UNLESS, you are voting upon what is true, and justified to be the law. But humanity, at least in America NEVER votes for truth/ they vote only for wants, and who will give me more “for free”. As a disgrace to human existence; nothing good will come from a vote; because want is the foundation of every lie. The purpose of every thief. The disease of every university. ONLY IF YOU GROW UP, and recognize; life is not about what you want; but A realization of life and living by the respect those miracles do deserve: can you find anything, but failure. Without truth in lead, to give us a foundation for the future; there will be no future, because that is what you chose. Truth survives/ lies do not. Courage survives if it can/ fear hides, and learns to be a serpent by biting ankles, and attacking through holes. Love knows no true fear, because it is the vessel of our hope. Without hope, there is only depression, and its companion as is suicide. Hope rises above the lies, to ascend as the foundation of love, produces desire. That desire moves the mountain, by commanding “truth knows the way”. Humanity turns from truth, to seek want: because it is easy, until the consequences come due! 

The report is: that trump assigned $6 trillion dollars, to be spent on covid/ that congress spent $3 trillion dollars on welfare for those thrown from their job/ that democrats promise another $2 trillion or more quickly. In America: where inflation adds $9 trillion to the currency by claiming assets accrued each year for decades now. That equals just for this year, not including the new federal debts which amount to another $5 trillion or per year on average. To equal for this year: roughly another $25 trillion dollars of new debt ($250 thousand dollars; per each and every); of one hundred million worker citizens; for this year. Plus all the debts of states, citizens, banks, industry, agriculture, and more. But we all know “government employees don’t lie” they just stretch the truth; “like universities”. After all, “who taught them” right? Just like: US GDP for 2019 was $21.44 trillion dollars. But let’s be generous and say out of 333 million people 150 million had jobs/ take out the military half million: divide =EVERY SINGLE WORKER had to produce $143,411 dollars worth of goods or services EACH.

And the americans say: MEDIA TELLS US EVERYTHING/ THEY DON’T LIE; they are like gods; never corrupt! Now ain’t that right? Well go investigate; PROVE it ain’t so! And american’s say: LEAVE IT ALONE/ DON’T SAY NOTHING; WE DON’T WANT TO PAY. And the rest of the world says: SHUT UP, while we continue to steal everything we can from the americans/ while others less fortunate are being stolen from by the american university elite; who truly is in charge of everything in this society. And as a mass they all say: LEAVE IT ALONE/ BECAUSE ITS WORKING, AND ITS BETTER THAN THE CONSEQUENCES OF “university knows, and leads us here”.

But alas: what it really means is, that every resource the children need: is being thrown onto the garbage mountains of your insanity. And every university toy, weapon, or fantasy is, or has been built; at the cost of everything else being discarded: because the future is dead anyway, and they know it.


Back when I cared: review of the accounting indicated roughly 4 trillion dollars was produced by business, industry and personal income; while all the rest came from banking in its various forms. Which would include “wall street”; who is now their own bank. So, let’s ask the question: does every american worker pay 3-5 times more than they earn in interest/ BEFORE they even get to taxes? Or, are there LIES; that media enforces, by continually claiming; inflation is less than 2%?

well at least taxation is fair, right/ and completely above board so to speak. After all: when we add in up in simple round numbers. Federal tax 30%/ social security tax (which was spent) 15%/ state tax 10%/ property tax, 10%/ sales tax 10%/ plus all miscellaneous taxes 10% =85% taxation rate, well by golly, its a good thing they have welfare to feed us; right?



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