stolen identity


To: xxxxx and assoc (lawyers)

From: James Frank Osterbur


dated 11/9/ 2021

RE: having received your letter on 11/6/20, with regard to a charge back on “xxxxx order #412147; charge back case #2020202015931; the following is replied.

Be it known, and hereby sworn too: that I made NO order or purchase or the like from this company/ not then, nor at any other time to the best of my knowledge; ever. NOR do I even know what the product you claim I bought was. Because I was never the purchaser of that product: DUE TO THE FACT, that my identity was stolen/ more specifically my debit card information was stolen; and used to buy for several items from several companies at that time. Some was delivered to me: because they forgot to change the shipping address to themselves. What I received was returned to the sender. What I did not, the bank handled for me: as was to charge this back: because it was never my decision/ nor was it my purchase. And the facts will prove that so.

No contract was made with you, and no breach of contract exists with you. Any such excuse to express that as so: incorporates your use, and continuation “of my stolen identity”, which belongs only to me. This then: in a direct attack to take money from me as would be; the decision conspire and corrupt the purpose of a courtroom: into your continuation of that theft.

Thereby you shall not assume, but prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt: your complaint is against me, and me alone, as would be consistent with ANYTHING legal in accordance with: the purchase identified/ and caused as a charge back to occur. Your rights are not proven true, therefore an assault has occurred.

Nor is there, or can there be: ANY application of breach or claim of jurisdiction against me; which would require my presence in a court of your choosing. Instead: I WILL apply jurisdiction to you, so that you are made to come to me. For the criminal contempt of using my name to assume ownership in this matter. Applying my identity, to your purpose, which is to pursue the furtherance of a deliberate fraud. And intentionally threatening extortion and the purpose of a criminal courtroom: which is legalized theft against me, as is: “we will take it/ if you don’t surrender it”.

Your letter constructs the descent of law: within the back alley, “courtroom of power” as is consistent with the word “lawyer/judge/ thief”. Proving by reality: Without a purpose, proven for justice, the court dies in disgrace; as does its lawyers. NO justice exists here in your letter; as is proven, by your intent, to assume guilty. As is not your legal right.

If you wish to proceed in this matter: you will reply in a timely fashion and make that clear. I will show you why, I am not “unfamiliar with the court”/ and you will come to me, in this jurisdiction instead. I will not be friendly, in that case: and will seek damages along with criminal charges against you. To be named in full, only if necessary. As your intent is plainly, to attack/ so then will mine be as well: Make your decision.

Because you have chosen to attack, rather than proceed in a calm and simple manner to determine if in fact: there is or could be any claim against me. The reality shifts: and it is now your legal duty to identify whether or not you could have/ or you should have been aware; that an identity was stolen. Because anything less is ignorance, which constructs incompetence: & will be considered evidence of a criminal act continued. Make your decision: you want to go to court in this matter, OR NOT? If you choose it: As is the reality of so much in this day; “I will be reviewing this as a federal class action lawsuit, and extend that”. This will appear on my web site

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Jim Osterbur

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