“without your knowledge or understanding:  those who now hold keys to manipulating or mutilating biology, in INVISIBLE WAYS”  CAN now attack you/ and you will never know until the disease or tragedy of any kind or type:   strikes your life or planet or child.”  Making extortion extremely easy/ and fear your only friend.  As is seen today      WITH COVID 19/   did they not get the money?  DID YOU NOT  “get the fear”?    Are you NOT,    now their toy; even discarding life, SOCIETY, nation, more;  itself, to play their game?   after all, every spoiled and extremely arrogant child;  wants to play.      

the only thing really missing is:  “simon says”/ as history proves,   the most vile and degrading of human existence;   worship the power of what this can be. never fear:  “its coming”!      The distinct right, of a free person is: YOU CANNOT force me to be your slave! It is that simple, and it gains ground with: I HAVE THE RIGHT, to choose for myself, according to what is fair, available, and justified for all people in this society. LIBERTY says: we have the right, to control our government, through the laws and agreements that we the people make; which are intended to so that very thing, as constitutional law. Unfortunately, as is the constant throughout history: those who get power, corrupt themselves with pride, and start wanting way beyond what even all of society can provide. So they then must start enslaving the people with taxation, or any other means possible. In this USA; over the past fifty years, even the majority consider themselves powerful and as such have successfully inflated the currency and created the debts that even making their children and grandchildren slaves; simply cannot pay. As always; as is the constant of human behavior: the powerful will try to control with force (we took it/ its ours now)/ and the people enslaved will try to break free with sacrificing their lives for more (we have nothing left to lose; but life). And so both sides begin to look for advantages for their side: who will/ what will; help us take or keep what we want. Because the end result is: with power, comes the intent to control every resource, and that makes the rest starve, and more.

So we come to the day: “when saying, not in my lifetime”; does not work, anymore.

We come to the day: when, “let the children pay”; is a reality facing, and destroying their future.

We come to the day: when life or death for this whole world, can no longer be avoided as the truth. The final decisions that kill this earth, and all its life; are at the door, and it is open, to view the threats. Which proves either change/ or die.

We come to the day: when the children must fight with their parents and grandparents/ simply to survive. It is not a choice.

We come to the day: when the choice is forever, “we choose law, and accept its limitations and boundaries/ or we choose weapons, chaos, and war”.

We come to the day: when the universities are either removed from power, and all their pride/ or the world ends: HORRORS BEGIN; by their own decisions. Because that is what they chose.

We come to the day: “when let our garbage, be their gold mine”; is now yours by choice.

We come to the day: when respect will be found for life and planet and GOD or you will become extinct, forever lost; time destroyed.

Reality is not a game! Truth is not for delusions, imagination, or fantasies. Love lives in both heart and soul; or it dies; and the world becomes desolate of value. Making care cease, and sharing abandoned; because that, is what you chose.

The endless thievery; the betrayal of life and planet and nation; the intent to destroy with complete disrespect; the foundations of playing god with life and world, as is the universities way; all of it must stop. TRUTH MUST BE FOUND, and FOUNDATIONS FOR A FUTURE THAT WILL SUSTAIN LIFE AND PLANET MUST BE CHOSEN. No other option is available to you; because of what you chose/ because of the cult called “university is god” that arose, and called you their own. Taking control over governments. Destroying democracy. Removing even the possibility of survival. And threatening this whole earth/ this every life: with their delusions for grandeur must end. That requires truth, and a brain reborn to question and realize: WHERE DID ALL THESE THREATS, ALL THIS TRAGEDY WAITING; COME FROM? Because this ain’t no game, no more!

I guarantee, the fantasies of university will not continue long. Change or die!

The foundation of change is: UNDENIABLE PROOF, that you cannot avoid this anymore!

To achieve that level of proof: it is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL, TO FIND A COURTROOM, AND PROVE THE EVIDENCE IS REAL. Or it will just be ridiculed as always; “just like global warming”.

To demand change: REQUIRES, THE LAW, which protects our lives, by protecting our future, our world: PROVES YOU HAVE NO CHOICE.

To remove the objection: REQUIRES THAT YOU INSTILL THE CONSEQUENCE: if you let our world die/ even after all the proof that it will exists, and is undeniable even for you. THE COST OF THAT DECISION, will not be peace! More distinctly: that means, particularly for the older generations; NOBODY is going to help or slave for you anymore/ your time is up, because your money is no good (you counterfeited ours), and that means even your property bought with tainted money can be taken away.

WORK FOR PEACE, THROUGH LAW: BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE CHANGE OR DIE IS REAL. Therefore the real purpose here is: TO BUILD A COURTROOM, THAT EJECTS POWER, PRIDE AND WANT: “letting purity arise”. SO THAT REALITY BY ITS OWN TRUTH AND EVIDENCE will come forward as “the light of life” intervenes. Our humanity has another chance.

Your elders WILL: ridicule, laugh, joke, deny, defend, curse, condemn, threaten, violate the laws, use illegal (Not constitutional) means to throw you out of court, intimidate, humiliate, lie, cheat, steal, hate, potentially murder, and all other means men have used throughout history: TO REFUSE TRIAL, BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT TO CHANGE/ NOT EVEN IF IT COSTS YOU YOUR LIFE. Because they did decide “NOT in my lifetime”/ and they do intend to see that through. They believe: “I AIN’T GOING TO PAY”. And reality will prove: yes, you will. Which means they have to decide if your life/ is worth losing their greed, selfishness, pride, power, and purpose to play the game; and deny the truth.

YOU, on the other hand must prove they are in fact choosing realities with consequences intended or aligned with the truth: THIS IS GOING TO KILL US, OR THREATEN US ALL. Therefore you have to decide if life is a game, and you can survive their truth. THEY EVIDENCE WILL PROVE: NO YOU CAN’T. Reality then becomes: “us or them”. By the law: each side can find common ground and the means to survive what is true; if nature and planet will let us. By war: both sides fail, and extinction will occur.

And your elders will say: WE DON’T NEED TO DO NOTHING/ everything is great. And so long as in this USA 9 trillion inflated dollars can continue to be added to the currency; by claiming asset accrual, by adding debt “only the children will pay”. Those who get to spend that 9 trillion dollars can have anything they want. While the resources are lost, and the world looks away. Of course for this year: covid has added roughly another 9 trillion on top of that; so its 18 trillion dollars of inflation this year. At ten thousand per each and every one of one hundred million people: or US inflation for this year is just $180,000.00 of new debt per one hundred million workers. Not to worry, “the children will pay”. RIGHT? BESIDES: its too late now, to correct it: that would cause bankruptcy, and consequences , “just like 1929”; who wants that? OR EXTINCTION, who wants that? So, do you believe in lies/ or truth? Want proof?

The foundation of it of course, is NOT about numbers, or even expectations that die: but the reality of resources, that will then be thrown in the garbage with all the rest. NO resources/ NO life.

Which brings us into the truth: that in every finite world, there truly is, only so much of anything. Or more distinctly: we can now see the ending of every resource humanity needs or wants to live with/ and when that resource will end, to a far greater degree than ever before. A thinking world, would understand that and work to live within the boundaries that keep us all alive. This is not a thinking world, it is a world of “university knows”; and in that world reality has no place; as the fantasies and delusions that assume “they can play god”; have taken control over life and world. They are of course wrong, as always; whenever life or world, is at stake. But that does not matter to a cult; only belief matters. So we ask WHY? When you know the cost of being wrong is extinction.

The answer is; as explained to me again and again and again, by the 99%+ crowd over decades all the same: SCREAMING, WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ and we want EVERYTHING we can get, just as fast as we can get it/ and we DON’T want to pay nothing back to life: “because we are all going to die, and being old takes everything we want away. AND THE CHILDREN will just do the same thing as us/ so why should we sacrifice our lives, just so they can wreck this world instead of us”. The second wave is: this world cannot die/ nothing has changed. The third wave is: GOD will never let this world die/ HE just won’t let it die; SO I DON’T HAVE TO DO NOTHING. While the constant proving “we can be gods” is said to be: WE HAVE CHANGED THIS WORLD, which means we are gods; we can do anything/ because the universities prove we are smart enough; to take everything we want. Alas, just not smart enough to survive; and with extremely few exceptions: humanity screams back, “NOT IN MY LIFETIME”. BUT, unfortunately for you, it has now been fifty years or so, since this began in ernest/ a lifetime is up for many/ and those who are left; will face their truth. And the world says to me: WE DON’T like anything you stand for, we want what we want/ and we don’t want nobody telling our lies!

We then come to the end of “our story”. To describe it in biblical terms, “for the religious”; you would be equal, to the people coming out of Egypt, in Moses day. Knowing the reality of miracles made known to you, through university investigations of atoms and various things: the extreme complexity and complete lack of human involvement in these things. Has indeed made you afraid, just like passing through the water made the people called Israel afraid. They then wanted something tangible to them; so they cast aside their respect/ and they “formed a golden calf/ so they could worship that instead”. Fear is a terrible thing, as is building idols (the university is god) that cannot hold back the truth. So, in a world that built is own version of “the golden calf”/ the reality will soon be: “the laws of life” are greater than you. The only question is: will you, or this earth survive?

As we look to the realities of “choices made, and all the people who followed”: the critical question is, “can we survive”? Even if not punished by “GOD HIMSELF” ? for a complete lack of respect, and outright intent to discard your CREATOR, to worship idols called “the university”.

Let us review:

  1. the university: referred to hereafter as they”. Have in fact created machines and been doing experiments to bring the same fire here as is on the sun/ threatening “same energy source/ same result”. Which would be a nuclear fire, that turns this earth into a sun. Nope can’t survive that. Once an atom is burning, it makes its own plasma; and the process does not end.
  2. They, are mutilating and destroying all genetic discipline, order, and balance; mixing species together and literally doing everything they can to bring chaos into nature itself; so as to prove evolution is real. By subjecting this world of life to chaos; their version of a god, that needs no respect/ because it is nothing but an accident that lined up into order on its own, without the slightest brain: a million, billion, times long; “just for the simple things”. After all who can’t believe that; right? Nope can’t survive that. Once the genetic disciplines are gone: it will not recover.
  3. They, have opened the door to the destruction of every resource/ throwing it all on the garbage mountains as is your trophy. Literally assassinating the children and all life; because without resources, “the world is a desert”/ and very little can survive it. And the people say “NOT, in my lifetime”. Nope, the future can’t survive that. Once the resources are gone, life is dead.
  4. They, are poisoning the entire earth; discarding every water source and absolutely destructive and despondent; to every part and piece of what keeps us alive in terms of water. Nope can’t survive that. Once the water is poisoned: you cannot undo, what you did.
  5. They, are destroying every chain of life, in the seas and on land: completely destroying habitat, and all the things which keep the living alive. Nope can’t survive that.  Just like you: LIFE HAS NEEDS, that must be met; or it dies.
  6. They, have built weapons of mass destruction, and refuse peace through world law: overpopulating this earth with humanity; beyond what nature or earth can provide for! To insure all that will be left is cannibalism and war. Nope can’t survive that.  Once they are released; it ends only, when they are all used.
  7. They, have caused global warming, by any and all means: which will soon overheat the earth, destroying every life, and creating war. Nope can’t survive that. Once you have passed the threshold, of heat we can survive/ you enter death.
  8. They, have elected to destroy the forests across this whole planet: releasing the atmosphere, to move at a different rate than the planet itself; producing all the same results as are found on other planets where 700 mph winds are not uncommon. Nope can’t survive that.
  9. They, are mutilating every seed, and every living thing we depend upon for food; making everything vulnerable “to a single disease”/ that will invade, and cause the destruction of all we need. Because even where it seems to be working: the reality is they are removing every defense from that living organism/ opening the door, to every form of the same type of life; as would be grasses, or broad-leaf plants; or terrifying destruction of livestock in confinement; as China recently proved. Nope can’t survive that.
  10. They, have bankrupted every nation, making the currency completely worthless by inflating the “dollars” through hidden inflation: claiming assets that don’t exist/ to accumulate debts which cannot be paid. Destroying the life work and expectations of many; which will end as war; with billions of guns/ fire/ bombs/ and worse. “thieves, traitors, cheats, and terrorists”. Nope can’t survive that. It will escape, and consume the earth with war.
  11. They, are emptying the oceans of every life, and every possibility for life/ destroying every environment, and ruining every chain, and worse. Nope can’t survive that.
  12. They, are polluting everything; even the brain of every child with delusions, fantasies, failures, lies, traitorous acts, and the blindfold that cannot even recognize terrorism when they see it; as is true of you. Nope can’t survive that.
  13. They are: discarding the realities of Yellowstone super volcano/ and refusing to take the necessary steps to keep it from exploding. Fully knowing the consequences will be terrible.
  14. Nothing for infrastructure/ nothing for a future/ nothing for life: just the worship of toys, trinkets, and trophies; as the masses shout; “NOT IN MY LIFETIME”, To their true disgrace.
  15. Covid 19 is not a pandemic: it is an insurgency, specifically directed against the middle class, to destroy their participation in democracy; by ending their economic discretion/ the purpose being: by destroying all small business: the universities then control all major business, by having taken control over government (we make the law we want/ you obey it, or we close you down), and evicting constitutional rule; democracy is now dead. With complete media control over every election, “hollywood seizure of brainwashing by mind control”; they close the door. “oh look at the pretty lights”/ to your shame.


how should we then describe “humanity today”? Well we start with university worship, the people who call themselves “born by a monkey’s hand”/ and say of the people who worship them: well they must be the monkey worshipers then. But when we examine all the death that is attributed to their enterprise as monkey worshipers and monkey idols and monkey is god: we must come to the conclusion, “they are devil worshipers”. As devil would mean the workers of hate, as they consume the future; claiming it don’t matter to me. Or in more specific terms: devil worshipers who are attempting to build “their own SATAN”; which means, the intentional: “destroyer of an entire world of life”.

And the people say: WE WANT, what we want/ TO HELL, with the consequences for life beyond ourselves.

Or, in a much more simple framework of behavior: the reality is, SACRED of the possibilities of life/ SACRED of the possibilities of death/ SACRED of what could be beyond the possibilities of death/ and the animals respond with. I WANT SOMETHING, I can control, or only fear in limited ways. None of that occurs: when true knowledge of “our CREATOR” exists.

Fear is a death trap. You MUST accept the limits and boundaries of human existence, while grasping for an understanding that accepts and trusts the truth of our own evidence in life. That miracles prove an existence by thought, and energy. That the love established in all things balanced, disciplined, and orderly that is nature itself: proves we are not just “toys, or trophies”. That JESUS is our guarantor of love not forgotten or left behind. That we will never be “gods”; at least on this earth in time. The value then being: if you leave the human animal behind; and accept the work of claiming your soul, through the journey into thought; as is available to us all. Then the value of being human will be realized; because love is “a treasure worth keeping”.

Even so: beyond the point of no return/ all things, all options, all choices: end.

Many types and kinds of creatures, even plants are gone from my own “little piece” of this world/ most likely never to be seen here again. Like death of all kinds: suddenly, they were gone, and if I had known this would be “the very last one/ the very last time” that life would be found here. I would have had a more profound view of that life. My mothers grave, would support NO plant life of any kind for over a year/ until we finally mixed in “some bacterial compost”; to compensate for all the chemicals used by the graveyard; loss of “ants, worms, gophers, or anything else to loosen the soil”. I planted grass, in a field area which had no chemical applied for over a year, the soil has changed: it grew to an inch, stunted, and died. The water here used to attract people who just wanted a taste, “it was good”. Now, it collects considerable chemical leeching deposits, and is barely drinkable: while I am told “perfectly safe/ not poison yet”. We do all know, that is coming; yet agriculture loves its chemicals; the rich man especially, “make me money”. More distinctly: the impacts of 8 billion people are far greater than you expect/ the realities of choices made, can cause sudden and permanent change. You believe; because that allows you to believe anything you want to believe; but reality is not determined by belief. It is defined by facts. The fact is we stand on probably less than one person per acre of agricultural ground as a world. The ocean life is collapsing; and that can be determined by the loss of creatures, and habitat we can see/ poisons we know have been dumped. The list is long, the reality is simple: this will not continue, and truth says; like so many types and kinds of creatures here that are gone/ your opportunities to change will suddenly disappear too; never to be found again. The elders will shout: NEVER, EVERYTHING IS GREAT/ because they don’t want to pay; and they do know they will die, so they want EVERYTHING they can get for themselves; shouting till the day they die, “its all free/ let the children pay”. The children have been brainwashed by university is god; to believe whatever they are told, to believe whatever media propaganda says; with few exceptions. This government believes that fantasies and lies will last/ while wall street and the rest all believe theft, and subterfuge is all they need to win. The world says “I eat/ I drink whatever I want”; yet neither will be saved from the cost of what you do. While the people shout; we need to be more selfish/ that is our answer. My compensation: “at least I am old, and got to live my life in the grace of what nature used to be”/ unlike those who now follow. While that may sound selfish; I did do, the best I could do. If you did better, congratulations. If you never tried to save this world, that is to your own shame; as it is a gift we owe at least the respect required: NOT to tear it down. The universities failed, and they trained the rest. And the world says, “we want, what we want”.

I am done searching for you; realize your truth and change it/ investigate the evidence and decide by using your brain, rather than believing in your wants/ discard pride, for the sake of life/ and stop using power to destroy this earth. Or you WILL soon be extinct. So says the evidence. So says the realities that assert, “this can be depended upon as true”. As to me: I am certainly NOT your savior. Just a man with a job done; facing my own kind of extinction at 67 years old/ or by whatever change life will make in me. I have no prediction as to what that might become. I refuse to predict your outcome as well; even though the evidence is against you. Hope is hope. Truth will decide!

All of religion says: “he ain’t/ this ain’t” enough, to prove the world is dying, and this is our last chance to change. “They want more”; because the primary element of all religion is, “we paid our dues/ and we want what we want”. But reality says, just like your body: if you refuse the food or water, that is available, to sustain your life; even if you don’t like it/ then you will die, because you need to do that to survive. In terms of my work: I have simply given to this earth and its humanity, “your own evidence” of what you and your universities have been doing. That investigation of the facts: proves the cost of consequences, and you are entirely free to assess the truth of it for yourselves. What you cannot do: is escape the reality of what is true. Therefore to assert: “we believe”/ rather than what life proves: this is true/ is like food you will not eat, thereby starving to death. Or water you will not protect, causing wars and the horrors of war: when there is no time for strategy; only all out force, “with guns blazing, and no option to surrender”. Too late, is too late; you cannot wait and see. Nothing is more certain of that, than those who have built machines, and are deliberately trying to ignite “a nuclear fire” just like on the sun. “everything is fuel”/ it cannot be extinguished or controlled. You, will burn; and even the solar system itself will be changed. By your own choices: you will rise or fall.

I finish with the one warning consistent with my work, and my life: I AM NOT YOUR DECISION to make/ whatever is said about me; is irrelevant! I AM NOT going to be the difference in whether you live or die, or work, or not: that is your choice. The evidence is; as it is your own truth and your own decision. That truth will become your judge; and determine whether you live or die. I am merely “the messenger” who delivered the message: if you will not change/ then you will go extinct. Because the list of threats, and the danger they represent to you and to this world; is extreme!

Just because I desire it: LOVE, is not for cowards, it is a vessel filled with hope, a desire born from discipline, shaped from order, and balanced by the purpose we share, in the treasury of how we care. Passion commits us, “to happiness”, a relationship conceived with heart, as we join each other in soul. The destiny of sexual discovery, shapes desire. But the value of respect grants that we may trust. Trust forms only from truth, and truth lives only in courage. Cherish life, as the miracle GOD gave to you: even if this world, does not cherish you, eternity will. Be as patient, as you can be: release want from your life, and the world is a different place. Search for your soul, and it will be found; as the evidence of your own truth, identifies you. The last evidence of my work is then: FOR LIFE, as it was always intended to be!

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